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Killed in action, Died of wounds, or Lost lives as result
of Operational Movements in War Zones

	Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Everett H. Andrews, Liberty
CALKINS, Max Arthur Aviation Radioman 3c USN Father: Mr. William Seagle Calkins, 417 S. 11th St., Wymore
CHRISTIE, Burnard Sinclair Chief Signalman USN Wife: Pvt. Lucille Trask Christie, c/o Mrs. and Mrs. Lewis Clair Christie, 2021 W. 5th St., Beatrice
DARNAUER, Henry Frederick Seaman 1c USNR Wife: Mrs. Ida Consent Darnauer, c/o John R. Busboom, Rt. 5, Beatrice
OCHS, Frank Anton Chief Boatswain's Mate USN Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Joseph Ochs, Odell
PETERS, Rudolph J Seaman 1c USNR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Peters, Odell
RAMSEY, Charles Homer Coxswain USN Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Homer Charles Ramsey, 1907 S. 9th St., Beatrice
STRATTON, William Peaver Jr Seaman 1c USN Aunt: Mrs. Vera Belle Huntington, Liberty
SUMMERS, Robert Joseph Pharmacist's Mate 3c USN Father: Mr. John Funk Summers, 1422 Court St., Beatrice
THIES, Martin Eugene Seaman 2c USN Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martin Thies, 901 W. Court St., Beatrice
WOODS, Don Otis Hospital Apprentice 1c USN Mother: Mrs. Hazel Rozilla Woods, 320 N. 10th St., Wymore


BARR, Robert Arthur Pvt USMCR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William J. Barr, Liberty
BREWSTER, Robert Charles Lieutenant (jg) USNR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee Brewster, Beatrice
BROWN, LaWayne D Pvt USMCR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John W. Brown, 1016 N. 13th St., Beatrice
BEST, Henry John Fireman 1c USNR Mother: Mrs. Tena Margaret Kish, Beatrice
COLGROVE, Calvin Clarence Aviation Radioman 2c USNR Mother: Mrs. Della Lena Colgrove, Odell
HEATON, Charles Ray Seaman 1c USNR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Athon Heaton, 600 S. 8th St., Beatrice
HILL, Donald Dean Watertender 1c USNR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jess C. Hill, Rt. 3, Beatrice
LARIMORE, Donald LeRoy Boatswain's Mate 2c USNR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Eugene Larimore, 725 W. Mary St., Beatrice
LOFING, Marvin R Pfc USMCR Parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Lofing, Beatrice
MITTAN, Kenneth Roy Pvt USMCR Wife: Mrs. Verna M. Mittan, 617 S. 11th St., Wymore
MORTON, Robert E Technical Sgt USMC Mother: Mrs. Hattie M. Cockeran, 208 N. 12th St., Wymore
VERMAAS, Martin R Pfc USMCR Wife: Mrs. Martin R. Vermaas, 1800 Hoyt St., Beatrice
WILLIAMS, Charles Raymond Machinist's Mate 2c USN Wife: Mrs. Nellie Williams, 800 S. 9th St., Wymore

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