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1910 Downtown Whitman

(picture courtesy of Brian Garner)
Downtown Whitman - 1910

A postcard of Whitman, NE.  postmarked August 13th, 1910.  From Julius Larsen, he mentions to his brother that he works for John Alden and that Bill Alden works in Hyannis.  The building to the far left is the lumberyard.
Alden's store is the closest building.  The next building was L.B. Weaver's store.  All three buildings are still standing in Whitman.

Whitman, Nebraska  -  taken in approx. 1913-1914.  The man standing in the wagon is John Klase.  He was supposedly moving his new wife's things from Colorado to the Reimer Ranch, where he was the foreman.

John Klase - Whitman, NE

Photo curtesy of Christy Griffith

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