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Grant County, NE

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The whole purpose of this list is to help you in your research. If you should find something that you think would help others, please send me a note and I will post the link here.

Nebraska Sites

Andreas Project - Find out what our state looked like from the beginning.  This book was published in 1882 so Grant wasn't even a county yet.  Find out how Nebraska came to be and read some of the adventures of the Real Buffalo Bill Cody, the First Governor's Ball and some of the wild events that lead to the settlements of the area.  Andreas Project Map

National Sites

USGenWeb Project - Find out how this all got started

USGenWeb Project Archives  - Search for all the names you are looking for on a national level.

WorldGenWeb Project - This is a good place to start looking "Across the pond" for the origins of your family.

Cyndi's List - this is the full blown site and has everything on it.
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