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Special offer on Certificates

I have some marriage licenses that do not belong to my family and
would sure like to get them to family members!
Please let me know if any of these are of your family so I can mail
them to you!  I'm cleaning my genealogy room out!

These are from Grant County, Nebraska as follows:

Morris Evans b Indiana, age 28,  and Minnie Hall, age 32  married 9
Sept 1900, parents are Louis Evans and Eliza Evans, James Hall and Emma Hall.

George W. Hall, b Illinois, age 24, married to Kate Eberwin (very
hard to read), age 22, b Illinois, married 28 Apr 1895, parents Jacob
Hall and Elevura? Dean, Edwin E. Eberwin

Oscar Gilbert Cox age 23, b Washington, married Mattie Hazel French,
19 yrs, b Nebraska, married 23 Dec 1935, parents Fred W. Cox, and
Flora Keller, William H. Franch and Jennie Smith.

Raymond L. Phipps, age 25, b Missouri, married Lela Lillian Jay, 20
yrs old, b Nebraska, married 26 Sept 1921, parents Luther Phipps and Matilida ?

Gomer? Phipps, age 53, b Illinois, married Adelia ? Corey age 55, b
Illinois, married 20 March 1909, parents William Phipps and Emily,
John Gear, and Mary Sabboah? (this is another one that's very hard to
read the writing!)

William Albert Hall, 21 yrs, b Ringold, NE, married Grace Elenore
Cherry, age 21, b Diller NE, married 22 April 1933, parents, William
Hall and Rose Fritz, John D. Cherry and Bella Bevens..

Glen Hall 25 yrs, b Kansas, married Velma Newernt? 16 yrs, b
Nebraska, married 6 Nov. 1920, parents William Hall, and Lucy? Stark
, Martin Newenn? Nellie Smith.  (again this was very hard to read so
the names may be way off!)

I would appreciate on the misspelled names that you could help me
correct them!

Please Contact me for further information

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