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Grand Island Business College Graduates
Grand Island Daily Independent
Saturday, August 12, 1916

    "This paper contains the names and positions of a few of our former students. We could print thousands if neccessary, but we consider the following pages sufficient proof. Scarcely a day goes by that we do not hear from some boy or girl who has attended the Grand Island Business College, telling of their success in the Business World. Scarcely a day passes that some graduate of the Grand Island Business College is not placed in a good position in some bank or other business house. As POSITIVE PROOF of our claims, we publish here a list of several hundred of the successful graduates of our school who are now occupying first-class positions. Thousands of others could be added to this list, but for lack of space they are necessarily left out."
(Transcriber's note: Unfortunately, no dates of graduation are given.)

A Brief History of the Grand Island Business College
From the "History of Hall County," pub. 1920 by Buechler, Barr & Stough

    This institution was started in 1885 by Prof. Hargis, Prof. Reicher and Prof. Evans. By 1897 the institution used the whole upper floor of a building at Third & Spruce. A business course, a normal course, and a shorthand course have been the main courses offered by the school. The school has in recent years been quartered in the five-story buliding at South Locust street between Second and Third streets.

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Abbott, O. A., Jr.Grand Island, Nebraska  Court Reporter, 11th Jud. Dist.Grand Island, Nebraska
Abshire, Mollie Loomis  David City, Neb.Instructor, Butte High SchoolButte, Montana
Adams, Chas. E.Ponca, Neb.Mgr. Harris Sarton Fly & Co.Lincoln, Neb.
Adams, John H.Wakefield, Kans.Prop. Gen. Merchandise BusinessBroadwater, Neb.
Aden, MargaretCarleton, Neb.Stenographer, Grd Isld. Nat'l BankGrand Island, Neb.
Aeschlimann, EffieSabetha, Kan.Bkpr. and Steno.; Union Real Estate Co. Lincoln, Neb.
Aeschlimann, J. MarvelSabetha, Kan.Secretary, State Industrial SchoolGeneva, Neb.
Ainsworth, Jessie, Jr.Lyons, Kan.Teller, Com. Trust & Sav. BankLos Angeles, Cal.
Allen, HarryWisner, Neb.Government P. O. ServiceCouncil Bluffs, Ia.
Allerheiligen, Geo.Hanover, Kan.Salesman, The Donald Co.Grand Island, Neb.
Alley, HadleyMercer, Mo.Bankers Ins. Co. of Des MoinesPittsburg, Kan.
Anderson, AlvinNewman Grove, Neb.Salesman, Conrad Erickson Co.Newman Grove, Neb.
Anderson, BeenjaminHaxtom, Colo.Salesman, 1910 Indiana st.San Diego, Cal.
Anderson, E. G.Bertrand, Neb.Mgr. Rose & Anderson, Gen. Mdse.Sacramento, Neb.
Anderson, Fred J.Gothenburg, Neb.Manager, Anderson & AndersonGothenburg, Neb.
Anderson, GustavWahoo, Neb.Bookkeeper, Lamoraux Bros.Omaha, Neb.
Anderson, Theo. W.Brady, Neb.Government P. O. ServiceBrady, Neb.
Arganbright, CarlWaterville, Kan.Clerk, Nebraska Telephone Co.Grand Island, Neb.
Armstrong, EdwinCentralia, Kan.Salesman, Pickinpaugh Clothing Co.Centralia, Kan.
Askren, P. BarneyNetawaka, Kan.Auditor/Stockholder, Wholesale Co.Atchison, Kac.
Atherton, AdaGeneva, Neb.Steno. Edmonds Dry Goods Co.Ft. Collins, Colo.
Axtell, Jas. W.Beaver City, Neb.Partner, General Hardware Co.Beaver City, Neb.
Babcock, Ray A.Rockville, Neb.Asst. Cashier, Potter State BankPotter, Nebraska
Baggaley, George F. Deadwood, S. D.Real Estate & InsuranceDeadwood, S. D.
Baker, Arthur E.Orafino, Neb.PostmasterOrafino, Neb.
Baker, C. C. (Lee)Edall, Kans.Bkpr., Lumber Co.San Pedro, Cal.
Bakewell, Arthur E.Endicott, Neb.Opr. and Steno., UPRRCheyenne, Wyo.
Baldwin, Ralph R.Sterling, Colo.Prop. Baldwin & Co., R. E.Sterling, Colo.
Ball, Frank O.Ord, Neb.Prop., Hdwr & Impl. StoreElyria, Neb.
Bank, Christian A.West Point, Neb.Salesman, L. A. Gas & Elec.Los Angeles, Cal.
Bank, Ludwig N.West Point, Neb.Salesman, Holmes Bed Co.Los Angeles, Cal.
Barbo, GuyLenora, Kans.Mgr. Shoe Dept., J. Barbo Merc.Lenora, Kans
Barbo, VirgilLenora, Kans.Mgr. Clothing Dept., J. Barbo Merc.Lenora, Kans.
Barlow, Robert A.Red Cloud, Neb.Cashier, American BankSidney, Neb.
Barnard, Wilford W.Mitchell, S. D.Salesman, Barnard & MosesMitchell, S. D.
Bartels, C. H.Dakota City, Neb.Steno. & Bkpr., Johnson Bros.Sioux City, Ia.
Baugh, Clarence R.Kincaid, Kans.Oper., A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co.Cedar Point, Kans.
Bauman, AugustGrand Island, Neb.Deputy PostmasterGrand Island, Neb.
Baxter, W. D.Grand Island, Neb.Gen'l Agent, Centl Nat. Ins. Co.Lincoln, Neb.
Beardshear, HarveyHomer, Neb.Mgr. Omadi Co-oper. Grain Co.Homer, Neb.
Beck, F. F.Armour, S. D. Steno., So. Pacific R. R. Oakland, Cal.
Beckmann, D. O.Grand Island, Neb. Sec. & Treas., G. I. Plumbing Co. Grand Island, Neb.
Beckman, Wm. E.Silver Creek, Neb. Salesman, Hardware Co. Rock Port, Mo.
Beery, MonteHoxie, Kan. County Clerk, Sheridan County Hoxie, Kan.
Belchley, Glenn L.Ada, Kan. U. S. Gov't Postal Service Minneapolis, Kan.
Bellamy, Fred Grand Island, Neb.Proprietor of Mdse. Store Morrill, Neb.
Bellis, W. B. Grant City, Mo. Steno., Fairmont Creamery Co. Grant City, Mo.
Bender, Ernest G. Hermosa, S. D. Bookkeeper, Farmers' Merc. Co. Hermosa, S. D.
Benhula, C. F. Alta Vista, Kan. Partner, Real Estate Co. Alta Vista, Kan.
Bennett, Goldie A. Marsland, Neb. Postmaster Marsland, Neb.
Beougher, E. E. Grinnell, Kan. Parner, Grain & Implement Co. Grinnell, Kan.
Berroth, Oscar D. Alma, Kan. Ass't. Treas., N. W. Land & Iron Co. Denver, Colo.
Betts, Harold D. Berwyn, Neb. Bkpr. and Steno, First Nat'l Bank Chappell, Neb.
Bevier, Miller Grand Island, Neb. Manager, Falls City Lumber Falls City, Neb.
Bingham, Guy G. Groton, S. D. U. S. Gov't Postal Service Groton, S. D.
Blork, Selma Ong, Neb. Steno., Paxton & Gallagher Co. Omaha, Neb.
Bleger, Ernest J. Saxman, Kan. Teller, First National Bank Hutchinson, Kan.
Bloom, W. C. Maxwell, Neb. Co. Super., Dawson Co., Neb. Lexington, Neb.
Boardman, Wilma Imperial, Neb. Steno. First National Bank Grand Island, Neb.
Bodwell, Earl Lebanon, Neb. Manager, Boulder Creamery Lebanon, Neb.
Boggs, George E. Elton, Neb. Prop., Real Estate and Broker Hastings, Neb.
Bohrer, D. S. North Loup, Neb. Cashier, Farmers' State Bank North Loup, Neb.
Bonson, J. R. Grand Island, Neb. President, Poole State Bank Poole, Neb.
Bonson, John Grand Island, Neb. Cashier, Citizens' State Bank Ravenna, Neb.
Boyce, W. G. Grand Island, Neb. Treas., U. P. R. R. Co. Green River, Wyo.
Braman, Hazel Thurman, Colo. Ass't Cash., The Lincoln State Bank Ariba, Colo.
Breitung, Wm. Revillo, S. D. Prop., Gen. Merchandise Store Dix, Neb.
Bressler, George Pender, Neb. Clerk, Gov't Reclamation Service Powell, Wyo.
Bright, Glenn A. Thurston, O. Railway Mail Clerk Henson, Neb.
Brinkman, Clara L. Colome, S. D. Ass't Cash., Farmers' Trust & Savings Marion, S. D.
Brodhecker, Cressie Holton, Kan. Steno., Oriental Manufacturing Co. St. Joseph, Mo.
Brown, Earl B. Fort Morgan, Colo. Auditor, Union Pacific R. R. Co. Cheyenne, Wyo.
Brown, Geo. R. Big Stone, S. D. Mgr. Mahon-Robinson Lumber Co. Oswego, Mont.
Brown, Harry J. Albion, Neb. Bkpr. & Cr. Man., J. H. Haney & Co. Hastings, Neb.
Brown, Rose Tobias, Neb. Steno., Boston Lunch Co. Omaha, Neb.
Brownfield, Earl Hershey, Neb. Cash. and Dir., Lincoln Co. Bank Hershey, Neb.
Buchholz, Carl G. Estelline, S. D. Acc't, Red Cliff Brick & Coal Co. Red Cliff, Alberta, Can.
Buell, Frank Chapman, Neb. Prop., General Merc. Store Grand Island, Neb.
Buenz, Richard Grand Island, Neb. Recorder of Deeds, Hall County Grand Island, Neb.
Burrett, Chas. Shelby, Neb. Mgr., Saunders Bros. Lumber Co. Greybull, Wyo.
Bush, Elizabeth Valentine, Neb. Steno. and Head Clerk, W. E. Haley Valentine, Neb.
Butt, J. Edward Grand Island, Neb. Slsn, Detroit Auto. Scale Co. Fremont, Neb.
Canning, Lloyd Munden, Kan. Salesman, Wholesale Furn. Co. Omaha, Neb.
Capsey, Lela A. Soldier, Kan. Bkpr. Mgr., Cox-Adams Com. Co. Kansas City, Mo.
Carlson, C. Louie Olsburg, Kan. Asst. Cash., Olsburg State Bank Olsburg, Kan.
Cassels, Alice Grand Island, Neb Steno., Nebraska Telephone Co. Grand Island, Neb
Chancellor, Joe Endicott, Neb. Mgr., Becker & Chancellor Grg. Fairbury, Neb.
Chandler, Boyd Esbon, Kan. Dept. Mgr., Chandler & Sons Esbon, Kan.
Chapman, George Sterling, Colo. Prop., Coal and Grain Co. Sterling, Colo.
Cheney, Roy C. Grinnell, Kan. Mgr., Cheney & Son Machine Shops Grinnell, Kan.
Clark, I. E. North Loup, Neb. Salesman, Pease Hrdwr Co. Superior, Wis.
Clark, Roy Fairbury, Neb. Bkkpr and Steno., Law Firm Callaway, Neb.
Clark, Roy T. Paxico, Kan. Steno., United States Civil Service Honolulu, Hawaii
Clary, March D. Lewellen, Neb. Auditor, Burlington R. R. Co. Omaha, Neb.
Closman, Conrod Prairieview, Kan. Partner, Gen. Merc. Store Sully, Ia.
Cocklin, Roy E. Axtell, Neb. Cashier, Wauneta Falls Bank Wauneta, Neb
Cole, Carrie Palmer, Neb. Steno., First Nat'l Bank Loup City, Neb.
Coleman, Henry Benson, Neb. Clk. for Div. Supt., U. P. R. R. Co. Omaha, Neb.
Conner, P. W. Porcupine, S. D. Steno., Southern Pacific R. R. Co. Tucson, Ariz.
Conneally, Francis W. Wallace, Neb. Manager, Curtis Milling Co. Wallace, Neb.
Conover, Glen Farnam, Neb. Bkpr., Booth Fisheries Co. Omaha, Neb.
Conroy, Kate Shelton, Neb. Bkpr. & Cash., Boston Store Shelton, Neb.
Cook, Sylvia M. Sioux City, Ia. Bkpr. and Steno., Woodbury Co. Sioux City, Ia.
Cooper, F. M. Richmond, Kan. Bkpr, Lexington Mill & Elev. Co. Lexington, Neb.
Copley, Chas. H. Inavale, Neb. Gen. Secretary, Y. M. C. A. Baraboo, Wis.
Corkin, E. J. Loyalton, S. D. Attorney at Law Gridley, Cal.
Corning, Harry Farlington, Kan. Wells Fargo Express Co. Kansas City, Mo.
Cronland, Albert Schuyler, Neb. Asst. Cashier, Stock Growers Bank Cheyenne, Wyo.
Cosandler, Paul Onaga, Kan. Pres, Citizens' Lumber Co. Wahoo, Neb.
Cox, C. W. Merna, Neb. Ass't Mgr., Park Loan and Trust Co. Cody, Wyo.
Crampton, Earl Kenmare, N. D. Floorwaker, Brandeis Dept. Store Omaha, Neb.
Cross, James Orleans, Neb. Bkpr., First National Bank Lordsburg, N. M.
Crum, J. Onaga, Kan. Prop., Jewelry Company Onaga, Kan.
Cunningham, O. H. Greeley, Kan. Steno., Executive Officer U. S. N. San Francisco, Cal.
Dahlman, John R. Stanton, Neb. Standard Bridge Co. Red Oak, Ia.
Dally, W. E. Bethany, Mo. Mgr., Idaho Land & Invest. Co. Jerome, Idaho
Daniels, O. E. Giddings, S. D. Bkpr. & Steno., Lumber Co. Fruita, Colo.
Darnel, Charles Louisville, Kan. Bkpr. & Steno., Santa Fe R. R. Co. Topeka, Kan.
Dau, Herman Youtan, Neb. Ass't Cashier, First Nat'l Bank Linton, S. D.
Daul, Jacob V. Elm Creek, Neb. Mgr., W. L. Stickel Lumber Co. Overton, Neb.
Davis, Ben F. North Loup, Neb. Traveling Salesman, Mid-West Ins. Co. Grand Island, Neb.
Davis, Ruth Chambers, Neb. Bkpr. and Steno., Real Estate Firm Englewood, Colo
Demel, Henry Grand Island, Neb. Salesman, Fairmont Creamery Co. Grand Island, Neb.
Dempsey, Dennis Blain, Kan. Bkpr., Mobile Plow Co. Kansas City, Mo.
Dencker, Gustave Delmont, S. D. Cashier, Security State Bank Delmont, S. D.
Denman, Albert Grand Island, Neb. Mgr., American Beet Sugar Co. Grand Island, Neb.
De Vaughn, Bertha Harvard, Neb. Accountant, Salt Lake Hdw. Co. Salt Lake City, Utah
DeWulf, Edith Spalding, Neb. Steno., Gilchrest Lumber Co. Kearney, Neb.
Dicknmann, August Talmage, Neb. Bkpr and Steno., Lumber Co. South Omaha, Neb.
Dieleman, Arthur A. Prairie View, Kan. Cashier, Bank of Manville Manville, Wyo.
Diskin, John T. Casper, Wyo. Bkpr, Grand Island Nat'l Bank Grand Island, Neb.
Dobrasky, R. C. Dwight, Neb. Cash., Farmers & Merchants Sav. Bank Grand Island, Neb.
Docher, Roy Waterville, Kan. Ass't Mgr., Nat'l Refining Co Omaha, Neb.
Dodge, E. L. Marion, Neb. Slsmn, Harley Davidson Motorcycle Co. Marion, Neb.
Dodge, Leah Wood River, Neb. Steno., Colo Pkg. & Provision Co. Denver, Colo.
Dolezal, Wm. A. Dwight, Neb. Cr. Man. & Cash., Kennedy & Parsons Omaha, Neb.
Donner, W. E. Doniphan, Neb. Mech. & Elec. Engr. & Draftsman Grand Island, Neb.
Dossett, Charles F. Axtell, Neb. Cashier, Farmers' State Bank Keene, Neb.
Dossett, Nina Thompson Oaks, Neb. Ass't Cashier, Farmer's State Bank Keene, Neb.
Douthet, Earl Winside, Neb. Salesman, Curtis Publishing Co. Lincoln, Neb.
Doney, R. B. Valley City, N. D. Business For Self Minatare, Neb.
Drake, Thomas L. Centerville, Kan. Teacher, Public Schools Centerville, Kan.
Dumpert, Joe Friend, Neb. SSteno. and Bkpr., State Bank Friend, Neb.
Dunn, Grace Grand Island, Neb. Bkpr. and Steno., John Diers Co. Fullerton, Neb.
Dunn, Roy H. Falls City, Neb. Partner, Genl Merc. Business Barada, Neb.
Durand, Fred M. Lewellen, Neb. Twilford & Horn Investment Co. Gering, Neb.
Durham, Walter S. Bunkerhill, Kan. Foundry Clerk, Colo. Fuel & Iron Co. Pueblo, Colo.
Eastlack, Elbert Pierce, Colorado Bkpr. & Steno., Citizens Nat'l Bank Julesburg, Colorado
Eaton, Clarence R.   Diller, Nebraska Deputy, U. S. Treasury Dept. Dubuque, Ia.
Eggert, Alfred Humboldt, S. D. Ass't Cash., Farmers' Bank Humboldt, Neb.
Eggert, Lewis Bloomfield, Neb. County Treasurer, Knox County Center, Neb.
Eicher, L. A. Brush, Colo. Steno. & Clerk, U. P. R. R. Grand Island, Neb.
Ek, B. A. McPherson, Kan. Steno. & Bkpr., Ryan & Horth, Law   Grand Island, Neb.
Elliott, Glen Riverdale, Neb. Steno., F. J. Henderson & Co. Sterling, Colo.
Ellis, Roscoe Havensville, Kan. Prop., Seneca Ice Company Seneca, Kan.
Ellsworth, Guy Doniphan, Neb. Bkpr. & Steno., German Nat'l Bank Hastings, Neb.
Erazim, Adolph E. Hazzard, Neb. Cashier, Citizens' State Bank Ravenna, Neb.
Erazim, Chas. Hazzard, Neb. Prop., Grocery Business Ravenna, Neb.
Erickson, Emil H. Newcastle, Neb. Bkpr. and Steno., Commmission Co. South Omaha, Neb.
Erickson, John Arapahoe, Neb. Private Sec. to Pres., Bankers Life Lincoln, Neb.
Erickson, Gustave Mead, Neb. Bkpr. and Steno., Gate City Fur Co. Omaha, Neb.
Ernstmeyer, J. F. Hayland, Neb. Pres., First State Bank Hayland, Neb.
Ervin, E. F. Danbury, Neb. Salesman, Ford Auto Co. Danbury, Neb.
Evans, Frank O. Grand Island, Neb. Pres., F. O. Evans Piano Co. Chicago, Ill.
Evans, W. H. Grand Island, Neb. Vice Pres., Evans Piano Co. Chicago, Ill.

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