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I'm looking for information on my great grandfather John N. BARKER. He lived in Hayes Center in 1884 and died there April 1898. I'm interested in obtaining his death certificate and also that of his wife Helena Barker. Thank you for any help that you can give me.
Janet Caulk <Janc924@aol.com> 4 Feb 2001


My Great Uncle Wallace W. Davis married Blance Snyder of Hayes County, NE, circa 1895. I would like to know the exact date of their marriage. Am also curious to know what family of Snyders she was from and where they lived in Hayes Co.
Judy Berreth <edjudyjudy@hotamil.com> 20 Mar 2001

Looking for information on the Delong family. William Delong married to Amanda Boyle had two children. Edna Delong is in the Hayes Center Cemetery. born 1881 died 1887. I believe they left Hays Center shortly after this. William also had a brother named Henry Delong who lived just outside of Hayes Center. Looking for the Boyle side of the family.
Jay <mpi@zoomtown.com> 19 Mar 2002


I'm looking for information on Col. Andrew Geddes, who had served in the First Iowa Inf. and the Eighth Iowa Infantry during the Civil War, served as Chief Clerk in the Agriculture Dept. in Washington, DC, from the 1880s until his death in 1921. After the war, he served in the Regular Army until Dec. 1879. He is listed in the Hayes Co. census for 1890 as being a farmer near Galena. Although not listed with the census info, his wife was Florence Towers. I would appreciate any information on him. Thank you.
Sue Trout Reisdorph <suetrout@aol.com> 28 Jul 2001

Marie Elvira Goodrich...I have a Hayes Center High School dipolma dated May 29, 1925..This is the original..If anyone has any info please email me.. She was my Grandmother..My parents are Robert & Leura (Cary) Nitsch...I also have an original marriage license dated July 3,1898..Groom was a Goodrich from Red Oaks...The rest has faded..any info on that would be greatly appreciated...Also if there is a way to get a copy of the marriage license I would appreciate that..Thank you for any help....Roberta
Roberta (Nitsch) Seidschlaw <bj1@westtelco.com> Jan 29 2001


Graves Family in/around Hayes County 1900 - 1930? Emma F. Graves b. about 1870 Boone Co., MO. She was marr. to JEFFRIES & COLE?? She (Emma) signed her father John Graves d.c. in 1916 Emma STURGEON of Hamlet, NE. Some say Emma & Bill Jeffries lived north of Palisade near water ditch?? On the obit. of her mother Mrs. John Graves (Harriet), Emma is listed as Mrs. Emma Balcom of Llewelyn, NE., in Feb. 1926. /s/ Billy E. Green born 1922 Hamlet, NE. My mother was Lily Graves Green and Emma was her elder sister along with Della Graves Gardner, also of Hamlet, NE. I just keep on diggin' up roots.
Billy E. Green <bgreen@theriver.com> 6 Feb 2001
24 Mar 2001 Added: GRAVES, JEFFRIES, COLE, BALCOM - Seek any information relating to Emma F. Graves b. to John & Harriet Graves about 1867. She with her parents migrated to Hayes Co., from MO. Emma reportedly had marr. to both Jeffries and Cole. On d.c. of father in 1916 she signed as E.Sturgeon of Hamlet and in 1926 she signed d.c. of mother Harriet Graves, Mrs. Emma Balcom of Lewelyn, NE. /s/ Billy E. Green 1922 vintage b. Hamlet, NE. now residing s/w Arizona.
Billy E. Green <bgreen@theriver.com> Mar 24 2001


I found a listing for D.F. GRUVER (Dock F. Gruver) Born about 1872, and W. GRUVER (Weasley W. Gruver) on the Hayes Co. listing of Neb. State Gazetteer 1890-1891 farmer list. If this the right Gruver family there father was Enos Gruver and mother Mary A. Phillips Gruver. If you can help with any information on these two brothers please let me know.
Gary Honts <jh12687@cedarnet.org> 29 Jan 2000

I have many ancestors from Hayes County and I am trying to find out as much as I can so any help will be greatly appreciated. I am a great great granddaughter of Della GRAVES who died in the late 1960's in Imperial Nebraska, she lived in Hamlet Nebraska. I am also related to Grey GARDNER who was brother to my grandfather who owned a large farm in Hamlet Nebraska. His name was Alvin Willie GARDNER. When he left Nebraska for Oregon in the early 1930's Grey took over the property. I understand the property is still owned by a GARDNER heir. I am trying to research when the HARMON connection (Albert and Myrtle), the GRAVES, and the GARDNER family moved into the Hayes county area. Thank you for any assistance you can give me, I understand my father Vaughn Alton GARDNER was born in Hamlet Nebraska July 7, 1920. Thanks again
Susan Crom <motherbuffalo@home.com> 1 Nov 2000

I am a descendent of William Hayes who was born in 1778-79. I have no idea what happened to his siblings or know their names. It has been said that they left home and were never heard from again. William Hayes' wife's name is Mary Waters. She was born in 1806. This was William's 2nd wife. We don't know what happened to the first wife, Bethena Heaton. He had what we believe to be 2 daughters by her, and then in 1838 had 7 more children of which 5 were boys. I am going to list their first names: Armstead C.bn 1838; Baxter bn.1839; Calloway bn. 1839; Drew bn. 1846 and my great-grandfather - James Bryant Hayes bn. 1846. Two girls were born in between there. They are: Sarah bn.1842; Parintha Jane bn. 1844. Calloway may be a girls name. I believe it is used as both. If you have any information on a William Hayes who may have had siblings in that area, I would appreciate any contact. William lived in Anderson, South Carolina and died in South Carolina. But as I said, my dad said that William's brothers left SC and were never heard from again. (Do you blame them? Kidding.) I know I may be hitting in the dark, but I have run into a brick wall. I cannot find anything else about William or his wife Mary Waters. I do have records of when he was in the War of 1812. But no mother, father or siblings listed. I found out from those records that neither he nor his wife could read or write. He was a farmer. Thank you for reading this. If you see any connection what so ever, don't hesitate to email me. These siblings had to go somewhere. How did Hayes get its'county name? That is why I went to your site thinking they or some of them may have been in that area. Again, thank you.
Deborah Hayes Patterson <gndpatterson@carol.net> 27 Feb 2000

I am wondering if anyone would have any information on the surname Hudson. great, great grandfather William Ferdinand Hudson and his wife Jane lived here at one time during the late late 19th century. I understand he died earily of an horse accident.
Brent Hudson <hudb@nebi.com 18 Feb 2002


I'm looking for family of Louis or Lewis Oliver JOHNSON born in Atchison KS.1895 married Maragert Ellen JENNER in 1917 Hayes NE. Their childern are Oliver Charles JOHNSON b May-23-1916, Ralston NE. d:Nov-28-1971. Jesse Frank JOHNSON b Nov 1-1917 Grand Island NE.still living. Ralph Raymond JOHNSON b Oct-27-1919 Lincoln NE, d Jan-26-1997. Effie Viola JOHNSON b Mar-18-1927 Ralston NE. d: OR.
Bonnie Johnson <pknupp@hotmail.com> 22 Apr 2000

Granddaughter seeking birth family of Grandfather, born Arthur Marion Keezer on Sept. 12, 1888 POB unknown). Birth parents Lyman Keezer and Lucy Potter Keezer. Taken to orphans home in Lincoln, NE at age of 7 with two brothers Louis and Alfred. Mother left family after sister Minnie died and father couldn't keep them. Arthur was taken in by a William Christner to Hayes County, NE to work, stayed there until he was 14. Louis and Alfred taken by two seperate families. Arthur married Amy Belle Counce on which I do have information.
Terri Trotti <tltrotti@aol.com> 17 Mar 2001


Hi there-- I am searching for information on the children and descendents of Harry Bruce McKibbin (b. 26 May 1879). He was married to Hazel Metzer in 1908. Children are Lyndell w., Adilene, Vonda, Mona, and Leona I.. I am looking to elaborate my notes on this branch of the family. I have good ancestral information available. Thanks,
Thomas McKibbin, of Pennsylvania  <stomach17@hotmail.com> 15 Dec 2001
URL: http://www.genealogy.com/users/m/c/k/Thomas-L-Mckibbin/


Looking for information or the grave of William PORTER born May 1829. His daughter Minerva Porter married Jacob KORELL and came to Hays County in Feb. of 1886. His wife Margaret Porter is buried in Highland Cemetery. Found W.L. Porter in both the cemetery notes of Highland Cemetery and the Nebraska State Gazetter, Farmer List for 1890-1891. Seemed to always be close to his son-inlaw, Jacob Korell. Would like to find relatives or any info.
Bill Baumbach <baumbach@swnebr.net> Jan 17 2001


I am looking for birth records for Nellie Jane SEARS, born September 20, 1889, and Estola Grace SEARS, born June 24, 1891 in Hayes Center. Their parents are William Israel SEARS and Mary Eunice KIRK.
Kay Wilson <mossdrive@worldnet.att.net> 7 Aug 2000

I am looking for information on Joseph SHEPHERD who arrived in Seward Co. approx. 1887 and married Sara Jane RADER on Sept 24, 1887. They had met in Bridgon Mich. Their first child Wm. SHEPHERD was born 19 July 1888 in Seward Co. They had 6 children in Hayes Co. NE: Laura (3 July 1890), George C. (19 June 1892), Joseph R. (9 Oct 1893), Beatrice (19 Sept 1894), John (29 Sept 1898), Fred (7 Oct 1900). The family moved on to Wyo. in 1899. I would appreciate any assistance you could offer to me. Thanks,
Hal McDonald <mckell@mts.net> 20 Feb 2000

I am interested in the John R. and Emily (Emma Drake) Showers family that homesteaded in Hayes County around the turn of the century. A son named William Showers lived with his parents there, and there was a step-daughter and step-son of John's. Any information would be appreciated.
Lisa <dshow@positech.net> 13 Dec 2001


I'm looking for Wilhelm Friedrich WITTWER and family ancestors. They came from Silesia/Germany to NE via Chikago about 1885. W. was a farmer. Any help welcome!
Matthias Kuntze <mk@klick24.de> 10 Jun 2001
NOTE: This email address is bouncing! Please contact Brenda Daniel with correction!

If you knew John Zumhingst or Amanda Zumhingst or any Zumhingst , I'm trying to find out about how they came to America and Hayes County...Thankyou
Jon Zumhingst <kidglove@hsonline.net> 9 Jan 2000

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