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Business Directory and Farmer list

for 1890-1891

J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1890, by J.M. Wolfe & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.



Abbuhl Jacob, Beverly.
Ahrent Geo, Beverly.
Alexander J T, Beverly.
Allison Ira, Palisade.
Anderson A, Culbertson.
Anderson M, Trenton.
Armstrong D A, Cornell.
Ashbaugh H C, Stratton.
Atwater John, Stratton.
Averill P H, Beverly.


Acharat E C, Trenton.
Akers Mart, Trenton.
Allen I S, Stratton.
Allison Mart, Palisade.
Anderson J C, Stratton.
Anderson P O, Stratton.
Armstrong J, Trenton.
Ashley A D, Culbertson.
Atwater Scott, Stratton.

Adams Geo, Culbertson.
Akers W M, Trenton.
Alley Mathew, Stratton.
Ammons Cyrus, Stratton.
Anderson J W, Culbertson.
Anderson R E, Stratton.
Armstrong L B, Trenton.
Athia G H, Trenton.
Avard G W, Trenton.


Babcock V E, Trenton.
Bailey J D, Stratton.
Baker N S, Trenton.
Bales G E, Beverly.
Ballard James R, Stratton.
Barger N V, Culbertson.
Barley A J, Culbertson.
Barnes Roger, Culbertson.
Bart Jacob, Culbertson.
Baxter W F, Cornell.
Beck W B, Culbertson.
Beeney Jesse, Beverly.
Beigh Levi, Beverly.
Benedict D M, Culbertson.
Benjamin G W, Trenton.
Bennett W C, Palisade.
Bergold George, Stratton.
Besack James E, Stratton.
Betz John, Culbertson.
Blank Carl, Trenton.
Blount L C, Beverly.
Boston Robert W, Stratton.
Bowersock Joshua, Beverly.
Boyce Chas H, Stratton.
Boyle Jos, Culbertson.
Brady M F, Stratton.
Breman Wm, Cornell.
Brickey W T, Palisade.
Bright J H, Culbertson.
Briney F W, Stratton.
Britton T H, Trenton.
Brouse John L, Stratton.
Brown George, Stratton.
Brown L B, Cornell.
Brunt Lorenzo, Beverly.
Bullard W C, Palisade.
Burmaster Wm, Trenton.
Burton Fred, Culbertson.
Bymer Wm, Culbertson.


Bacon Ira, Palisade.
Baker George, Stratton.
Baker W M, Stratton.
Ball James W, Cornell.
Ballas A E, Trenton.
Barger W H, Culbertson.
Barnes Frank, Stratton.
Barnett Alvin, Stratton.
Bauer Adam, Culbertson.
Beach Isaac, Stratton.
Beckwith T, Culbertson.
Beigh Ezra, Beverly.
Beldin B T, Stratton.
Benedict D M, Palisade.
Benjamin S M, Trenton.
Benson R C, Culbertson.
Berkert John, Culbertson.
Besack Joseph, Stratton.
Bickford A, Trenton.
Blank T, Trenton.
Borback John, Beverly.
Bower Henry, Culbertson.
Bowles Elwin, Stratton.
Boyd R J, Trenton.
Braden Clark, Stratton.
Bratton John, Palisade.
Brennon Daniel, Beverly.
Briggs Wm C, Stratton.
Bright John, Culbertson.
Bristoe F E, Cornell.
Brott F A, Cornell.
Brown C T, Trenton.
Brown H S, Trenton.
Brown Lyman, Culbertson.
Bryant Oscar, Trenton.
Burghardt I, Stratton.
Burnhart D G, Trenton.
Burton G G, Trenton.

Bailey F H, Stratton.
Baker Michael, Trenton.
Baldwin N J, Culbertson.
Ball John, Cornell.
Ballas A H, Trenton.
Barkley W P, Trenton.
Barnes M A, Stratton.
Barnhart C J, Trenton.
Baughman F, Trenton.
Beardslee Lewis, Trenton.
Beckwith T C, Culbertson.
Beigh John, Beverly.
Bends Joseph P, Stratton.
Benedict H C, Culbertson.
Bennett Eli, Trenton.
Benton C D, Trenton.
Besack C A, Stratton.
Besack R S, Culbertson.
Black W L, Trenton.
Bloom J B, Stratton.
Boston G H, Stratton.
Bowers John J, Stratton.
Bowman H M, Palisade.
Boyle James, Stratton.
Braden R A, Stratton.
Bree C J, Culbertson.
Brennon J A, Beverly.
Bright Elmer, Beverly.
Bright Levi, Culbertson.
Briston J W, Stratton.
Brouse J A, Stratton.
Brown Geo E, Culbertson.
Brown Jas F, Cornell.
Brumly Melvern, Stratton.
Bulger John W, Cornell.
Burk John L, Stratton.
Burton Charles, Culbertson.
Busby D J, Trenton.


Cady Frederick, Palisade.
Carlson A L, Trenton.
Carmody M, Trenton.
Carter Geo A, Palisade.
Chaney John, Culbertson.
Chestnust Wm, Cornell.
Christie H C, Culbertson.
Clark B B, Stratton.
Clemmens J, Culbertson.
Cleveland J, Trenton.
Coapland T L, Trenton.
Cochran G, Trenton.
Colby David, Palisade.
Cole George, Culbertson.
Collins Albert C, Beverly.
Conley James, Cornell.
Cooper E J, Stratton.
Cooperrider L, Trenton.
Coswell J B, Trenton.
Cox Frank, Trenton.
Crain Dan, Culbertson.
Craw W E, Stratton.
Crawford Jno, Culbertson.
Cron Geo W, Stratton.
Crow A D, Stratton.
Crum G W, Culbertson.
Currence L D, Cornell.


Calfee H H, Stratton.
Carlson August, Cornell.
Carrington L, Culbertson.
Cauffman A, Culbertson.
Charles W F, Trenton.
Childers John, Stratton.
Church A W, Stratton.
Clark C B, Stratton.
Cleveland A, Trenton.
Cleveland Robt, Stratton.
Coapland W S, Trenton.
Coffett F M, Trenton.
Cole C S, Cornell.
Collier Chas, Stratton.
Collins C H, Beverly.
Conley John, Cornell.
Cooper T I, Palisade.
Cornutt W S, Culbertson.
Covell H H, Culbertson.
Cox H J, Trenton.
Craner James, Culbertson.
Crawford A, Stratton.
Crews J M, Culbertson.
Crookshank M J, Trenton.
Crowell W E, Culbertson.
Cruts John, Culbertson.

Campbell Mac F, Trenton.
Carlson John, Culbertson.
Carter G W, Trenton.
Cauffman S E, Culbertson.
Chase Abner, Culbertson.
Chorn A B, Culbertson.
Churchfield John, Trenton.
Clark E, Trenton.
Cleveland Geo, Stratton.
Cleveland W R, Stratton.
Cobb Wm C, Stratton.
Colby Albert, Beverly.
Cole Garrett, Cornell.
Collier Morris, Stratton.
Combs L L, Cornell.
Cooper Chauncy, Stratton.
Cooper Tracy, Stratton.
Correll J O, Beverly.
Cox C A, Trenton.
Cox O J, Trenton.
Craw E D, Stratton.
Crawford Hugh, Stratton.
Crews L F, Culbertson.
Cross E T, Culbertson.
Croxen E D, Stratton.
Curran Dennie, Stratton.


Dahlke Aug, Trenton.
Dahnke Wm, Stratton.
Dale Asel, Stratton.
Dale O M, Palisade.
Danford C M, Trenton.
Darch G W, Culbertson.
Davenport H W, Culbertson.
Davis Chas, Culbertson.
Davis J, Stratton.
Davis S T, Cornell.
Dayton G S, Culbertson.
Debolt Jno C, Stratton.
Delfman Jos, Trenton.
Dennis B A, Trenton.
Diehl C B, Stratton.
Dille Chas E, Stratton.
Dillon M A, Trenton.
Dobler Stephen, Culbertson.
Doniphan A, Trenton.
Downar M M, Cornell.
Drain C, Culbertson.
Drennen G A, Palisade.
Dunbar J A, Culbertson.
Dunn J D, Trenton.
Dykes J sr, Trenton.


Dahnke Chas jr, Stratton.
Daighton J A, Palisade.
Dale G W, Palisade.
DaLee Wm, Palisade.
Daniels Solomon, Beverly.
Darling Jos T, Stratton.
Davies Jno G, Stratton.
Davis G W, Cornell.
Davis Jno H, Trenton.
Davis W A, Trenton.
Dean Wm M, Stratton.
DeFord A F, Cornell.
Deloney Jno, Trenton.
Devere Jas W, Stratton.
Dikeman Wm, Culbertson.
Dillon Benj S, Palisade.
Dippel Daniel, Culbertson.
Dodge Howard, Stratton.
Dout Chris, Beverly.
Downing G H, Culbertson.
Drake Albert E, Stratton.
Dudley Edward, Palisade.
Dunbar John J, Stratton.
Dutton A W, Palisade.
Dynes S C, Cornell.

Dahnke Chas sr, Stratton.
Dailey L A, Stratton.
Dale Mathew, Palisade.
Damin Lewis, Stratton.
Dansdill Wm, Stratton.
Daugherty John, Stratton.
Davis C A, Stratton.
Davis Geo, Trenton.
Davis M E, Trenton.
Day Wm, Trenton.
Deats Isaac, Culbertson.
Degarmo G A, Palisade.
Demmit E C, Cornell.
Dexter Geo, Trenton.
Dillay Jos, Trenton.
Dillon Chas, Trenton.
Dobler John, Culbertson.
Dodson F E, Stratton.
Downar A W, Cornell.
Downing Jno M, Stratton.
Drake W F, Stratton.
Dunbar Bert A, Stratton.
Dunn J, Cornell.
Dye Geo R, Culbertson.


Eakin R A, Cornell.
Ebel Louis, Culbertson.
Edwards J, Culbertson.
Eisenach J, Culbertson.
Elledge S E, Culbertson.
Elliott M A, Trenton.
Engles M, Palisade.
Ernest E M, Stratton.
Evans J, Stratton.


Earnest J H, Stratton.
Echart L, Cornell.
Edwards J, Cornell.
Eldridge Harvey, Beverly.
Elledge W R, Trenton.
Ellison Daniel, Trenton.
English R H, Trenton.
Evans C, Trenton.
Evans Lewis, Stratton.

Easley W R, Trenton.
Edmunds L, Culbertson.
Edwards S, Cornell.
Elledge E B, Culbertson.
Ellers Henry, Trenton.
Elwell W E, Cornell.
Erickson A, Trenton.
Evans David, Stratton.
Everist C E, Cornell.


Faatz Andrew, Stratton.
Feagan J C, Trenton.
Felker David W, Stratton.
Fields Pulaski, Stratton.
Filbert William, Stratton.
Fitzgerald E, Trenton.
Flanagan J F, Cornell.
Fleming F F, Culbertson.
Flemming David, Trenton.
Foerste J A, Culbertson.
Ford C M, Cornell.
Foster Charles, Stratton.
Frakes J L, Cornell.
Frank John, Culbertson.
Freeman B L, Trenton.
French Joseph, Culbertson.
Fuel F M, Palisade.


Faatz Fred, Stratton.
Fees Frank J, Culbertson.
Fellows F R, Culbertson.
Filbert J D, Stratton.
Finn J J, Beverly.
Fitzgerald J M, Cornell.
Flans Emil, Trenton.
Fleming J A, Culbertson.
Flemming S M, Trenton.
Foerste William, Culbertson.
Fordyce J W, Culbertson.
Fowler R C, Cornell.
Frame Edward, Cornell.
Franklin Thos, Culbertson.
French A H, Trenton.
Fresche Wm, Culbertson.
Fuel R G, Palisade.

Fairbanks F A, Culbertson.
Felker Bert, Stratton.
Ferris Charles, Culbertson.
Filbert M A, Stratton.
Fisher Chas E, Cornell.
Fitzgerald Patrick, Stratton.
Flasche William, Stratton.
Fleming W A, Culbertson.
Fletcher E F, Palisade.
Follett Ralph, Palisade.
Fosher William, Culbertson.
Fox J C, Stratton.
Frank Bloisus, Cornell.
Franklin V, Culbertson.
French Alva, Culbertson.
Frey J W, Trenton.


Gaarder C E, Culbertson.
Gallagher Geo, Stratton.
Garrison A V, Trenton.
George John, Trenton.
Gibbs W L, Stratton.
Gillogey E W, Culbertson.
Glantz John, Culbertson.
Godfrey A J, Palisade.
Gorlin M J, Palisade.
Grandstaff H, Stratton.
Graves Henry, Palisade.
Graves W S, Palisade.
Gull S A, Trenton.
Gunter R L, Cornell.


Gaarder Samuel, Culbertson.
Galloway Martin, Stratton.
Gates Joseph, Stratton.
Gesselman C A, Culbertson.
Gibson Archibald, Cornell.
Girdner Joseph M, Stratton.
Glen T M, Palisade.
Godfrey D E, Palisade.
Gossman Max, Palisade.
Grandstaff M A, Stratton.
Graves W L, Palisade.
Gross August, Stratton.
Gummere J E, Stratton.
Gurkin Wesley, Palisade.

Gale H F, Palisade.
Gardner Robert, Trenton.
Gee M D, Trenton.
Gibbons W H, Stratton.
Gibson Wihelm, Culbertson.
Gisler Conrad, Palisade.
Goddard N L, Cornell.
Goet George, Palisade.
Graham W T, Stratton.
Graves B M, Palisade.
Graves W M, Palisade.
Grovert Henry, Trenton.
Gunter G W, Stratton.


Haase C C, Stratton.
Haegen Peter, Trenton.
Hagerman T C, Stratton.
Hail Scott, Culbertson.
Hall Ira S, Stratton.
Hannah C H, Culbertson.
Hapner G A, Beverly.
Hardy G G, Stratton.
Harlan Order, Culbertson.
Harris E, Stratton.
Harrison G C, Cornell.
Hart C O, Culbertson.
Hart R M, Culbertson.
Haskett T E, Culbertson.
Hawkanson N, Stratton.
Hay E P, Cornell.
Hazelhorst Fred, Culbertson.
Heeney John, Stratton.
Hein Geo, Culbertson.
Heitzenrider H, Culbertson.
Henderson W M, Trenton.
Herter Henry, Culbertson.
Hibbard F J, Trenton.
Highland R, Culbertson.
Hiltzen Geo, Culbertson.
Hinkle J H, Cornell.
Hoagan H H, Culbertson.
Hogan M B, Culbertson.
Holston A C, Trenton.
Holton John, Palisade.
Homer W A, Culbertson.
Houghton E W, Stratton.
Howard J B, Palisade.
Howell E D, Stratton.
Hudson H R, Culbertson.
Hughes D J, Trenton.
Hull V E, Culbertson.
Hunter G V, Culbertson.
Hurt C C, Stratton.
Hutton John, Palisade.


Hadkey Fred, Cornell.
Haeverson John, Culbertson.
Haggard W T, Trenton.
Haining A R, Cornell.
Hanel A, Trenton.
Hannah George, Stratton.
Harcourt F B, Trenton.
Hardy Geo, Palisade.
Harmon F A, Stratton.
Harris J E, Stratton.
Harrison J F, Stratton.
Hart Daniel, Stratton.
Hartley B F, Palisade.
Hassler J, Trenton.
Hawkins F, Beverly.
Hayse J C, Culbertson.
Head E A, Palisade.
Heeney Michael, Stratton.
Heinzeman F A, Palisade.
Heitzenrider P, Culbertson.
Hepler M D, Stratton.
Herzel Jacob, Culbertson.
Hicks J W, Stratton.
Hildabrand J, Stratton.
Hine A, Culbertson.
Hiskman E, Cornell.
Hoff C S, Stratton.
Holm W H, Cornell.
Holston J G, Trenton.
Homer J O, Culbertson.
Honey Albert, Stratton.
House S P, Stratton.
Howard M R, Palisade.
Hubbard J N, Stratton.
Huffman C W, Culbertson.
Hughes H O, Trenton.
Humbarger L A, Palisade.
Hunter John, Culbertson.
Hustan W R, Palisade.
Hyatt A J, Trenton.

Hadley Chas, Culbertson.
Haffy I, Cornell.
Hagt J L, Culbertson.
Hall B P, Trenton.
Hank Carl, Palisade.
Hapner Charley, Beverly.
Hardy E, Palisade.
Harfst Henry, Culbertson.
Harrah S G, Palisade.
Harrison D M, Cornell.
Harrison Jacob, Stratton.
Hart Isaac, Cornell.
Hartman J D, Stratton.
Hatcher A J, Culbertson.
Hay A D, Cornell.
Haywood O, Palisade.
Head Thos, Palisade.
Heiber Ed, Stratton.
Heitz Jno W, Trenton.
Helvie Lewis, Culbertson.
Hershfield G, Cornell.
Herzinger G P, Stratton.
Hieber Jacob, Stratton.
Hill Geo, Culbertson.
Hinkle A C, Cornell.
Hoagan Chris, Culbertson.
Hoffman A, Culbertson.
Holmes E R, Stratton.
Holston Wm H, Trenton.
Homer R W, Culbertson.
Honstine L, Culbertson.
Howard C L, Culbertson.
Howe W W, Cornell.
Hudnet P T, Palisade.
Huffman W C, Palisade.
Hughes J W, Trenton.
Hunt John, Stratton.
Hunter T J, Trenton.
Huston Geo, Stratton.


Irwin R B, Palisade.


Isaac H A, Palisade.


Jackson L W, Stratton.
Jensen L, Trenton.
Johns Chas, Palisade.
Johnson Chas, Stratton.
Johnson G E, Cornell.
Johnson W B, Cornell.
Johnston I A, Palisade.
Jones C E, Trenton.
Jones E O, Palisade.
Jones Hugh, Stratton.
Jones Jesse, Stratton.
Jones O R, Stratton.
Jordan D Z, Stratton.


Jacobson J S, Palisade.
Job L R, Culbertson.
Johnson A, Culbertson.
Johnson F C, Culbertson.
Johnson L, Trenton.
Johnson Wm, Trenton.
Jones A H, Palisade.
Jones C W, Trenton.
Jones Geo F, Stratton.
Jones J E, Stratton.
Jones John A, Stratton.
Jones W H, Stratton.
June John, Palisade.

Jansson C A, Culbertson.
Jobes Carbey, Culbertson.
Johnson A A, Stratton.
Johnson Frank, Stratton.
Johnson L M, Stratton.
Johnston Fred, Cornell.
Jones C B, Stratton.
Jones E D, Trenton.
Jones H L, Stratton.
Jones J O, Trenton.
Jones L D, Trenton.
Jones W S, Cornell.


Kammerer J, Culbertson.
Kaylor S H, Stratton.
Keiser John V, Stratton.
Kellogg J M, Stratton.
Kercher John, Culbertson.
Kerns Edward, Culbertson.
Kibby F, Stratton.
Kieffer Frank, Cornell.
Kirk J A, Culbertson.
Kithcart C B, Stratton.
Kleinsmidt F, Culbertson.
Kline Peter, Beverly.
Knolls Phillip J, Stratton.
Koch Oswald, Culbertson.
Kontz Adam, Culbertson.
Kontz John, Culbertson.
Krieger N E, Culbertson.
Kyle J W, Stratton.


Kay George, Stratton.
Kays James B, Stratton.
Keleven B, Culbertson.
Kenney B L, Trenton.
Kercher Peter, Culbertson.
Kerns James, Trenton.
Kieffer E W, Cornell.
King A D, Culbertson.
Kirkbride F W, Stratton.
Kithcart M J, Stratton.
Kleven E M, Culbertson.
Knobbs C B, Cornell.
Knowles David, Culbertson.
Koch Peter, Culbertson.
Kontz George, Culbertson.
Korf A, Trenton.
Krohn John, Trenton.
Kyle Lewis, Stratton.

Kaylor F C, Stratton.
Keading John, Culbertson.
Keller Frank, Culbertson.
Kenyon C H, Culbertson.
Kern Henry, Culbertson.
Ketchum Robert, Stratton.
Kieffer Emil, Cornell.
Kinton Thomas, Cornell.
Kirkpatrick L, Stratton.
Kithcart W B, Palisade.
Kline George J, Beverly.
Knobel Wihlm, Culbertson.
Knowles R, Culbertson.
Kohtz F R, Trenton.
Kontz Henry, Culbertson.
Krieger J L, Culbertson.
Kunkleman M L, Culbertson.


Lacey B, Culbertson.
Lairmore W M, Palisade.
Lampman C H, Culbertson.
Lawhead M, Trenton.
Layler R M, Trenton.
Leech A P, Palisade.
Lenhart Jno, Culbertson.
Leopold D W, Stratton.
Leopold S A, Stratton.
Leutfer Jno, Trenton.
Ley W G, Stratton.
Lincoln C S, Culbertson.
Lingren Jno, Culbertson.
Little J M, Trenton.
Long Saml, Stratton.
Lowe Jno W, Stratton.
Lyon S B, Trenton.


Lady S H, Palisade.
Lamp M J, Beverly.
Larned H M, Palisade.
Lawrence S H, Trenton.
Layson B, Stratton.
Leming A W, Culbertson.
Leonard M F, Culbertson.
Leopold Jos, Stratton.
Lessor John, Culbertson.
Lewis J W, Stratton.
Leyson M, Stratton.
Lindgrove Jno, Culbertson.
Little H C, Palisade.
Lone F W, Beverly.
Loop E W, Stratton.
Lower And, Stratton.
Lyons J M, Culbertson.

Lage Claus, Trenton.
Lampman A, Culbertson.
Larson Andrew, Culbertson.
Lawyer O, Stratton.
Lee Josiah, Stratton.
Lench Conrad, Trenton.
Leopold A E, Stratton.
Leopold M D, Stratton.
Leutfer Albert, Cornell.
Ley D A, Stratton.
Likes Geo, Trenton.
Lines Grant, Stratton.
Little J J, Palisade.
Long Jos, Stratton.
Losey W L, Stratton.
Lynch A F, Cornell.


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