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Business Directory and Farmer list

for 1890-1891

J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1890, by J.M. Wolfe & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.



Maag John, Culbertson.
Madson J E, Culbertson.
Maltrsk H, Culbertson.
Marr F J, Culbertson.
Marsh F C, Culbertson.
Matthes Emil, Trenton.
McCabe John, Stratton.
McCarty Leroy, Palisade.
McCormick B, Palisade.
McCormick Jas, Palisade.
McDowell W S, Stratton.
McIntosh W C, Cornell.
McKenney Wm, Stratton.
McNamara Geo, Culbertson.
McNeil D W, Cornell.
McShane James, Stratton.
Meguire W A, Stratton.
Mercer L J, Cornell.
Merritt Chas, Stratton.
Middleton J A, Trenton.
Miles W F, Palisade.
Miller John, Culbertson.
Miller S C, Stratton.
Mills W M, Culbertson.
Mitchell David, Stratton.
Mitchell R G, Culbertson.
Mohr Henry, Trenton.
Monroe F M, Stratton.
Moore E, Trenton.
Moran Pat, Stratton.
Morgan N H, Trenton.
Moses John, Trenton.
Murdock O F, Palisade.
Murphy Owen, Culbertson.
Myers C T, Beverly.


Mader Edward, Stratton.
Major A P, Cornell.
Marquisse P O, Palisade.
Marr Lorenzo, Culbertson.
Marsh W H, Stratton.
Mayers J L, Stratton.
McCabe L, Stratton.
McCarty Morgan, Cornell.
McCormick F, Palisade.
McDonald J H, Stratton.
McGillan W J, Stratton.
McIntosh W H, Cornell.
McKinzie R, Cornell.
McNeal D, Trenton.
McNett Wm, Cornell.
Mealey John, Palisade.
Meixell E C, Stratton.
Merchant I J, Culbertson.
Meyer J C, Trenton.
Middleton Jas, Trenton.
Miller C J, Trenton.
Miller Laureny, Culbertson.
Miller W F, Palisade.
Minear Geo, Stratton.
Mitchell Elmer, Stratton.
Mitchell Thomas, Stratton.
Mohr Peter, Trenton.
Moody Geo B, Stratton.
Moore J F, Stratton.
More E W, Cornell.
Morgan T D, Trenton.
Muchmore E, Stratton.
Murphy Geo, Palisade.
Murphy W F, Palisade.
Myers W K, Culbertson.

Maderis Frank, Palisade.
Maloney J P, Trenton.
Marr E T, Stratton.
Marsh Clark, Culbertson.
Matson John, Culbertson.
Maynard H A, Palisade.
McCarty A P, Cornell.
McCone C W, Trenton.
McCormick J R, Palisade.
McDowell A E, Stratton.
McIntosh G D, Cornell.
McKee G W, Culbertson.
McMillan Peter, Stratton.
McNeice Wm, Culbertson.
McQuay Wm, Culbertson.
Meam A, Cornell.
Mercer Allen, Cornell.
Merrills Oliver, Culbertson.
Meyers John, Cornell.
Miles Thos, Trenton.
Miller Henry, Culbertson.
Miller Peter, Culbertson.
Mills H N M, Stratton.
Mishler Noah, Culbertson.
Mitchell G E, Culbertson.
Mohr Claus, Trenton.
Molkentin Julius, Stratton.
Moore C S, Trenton.
Moore J H, Trenton.
Morey J V, Beverly.
Morrow C J, Stratton.
Murdock J R, Palisade.
Murphy Jas, Palisade.
Myer R A, Palisade.
Myres Wesley, Palisade.


Neill Alfred, Cornell.
Neill R H, Cornell.
Nelson J M, Trenton.
Nettleton J M, Palisade.
Newton E F, Culbertson.
Nies J B, Stratton.
Noil B F, Stratton.


Neill M, Cornell.
Nelson Caleb, Trenton.
Nelson O F, Stratton.
Nettleton Wm, Palisade.
Nichols Wm, Trenton.
Noel Charles, Palisade.
Nooner J B, Culbertson.

Neill M J, Cornell.
Nelson J D, Trenton.
Nelson W A, Trenton.
Newcomb Peter, Stratton.
Niefert M S, Cornell.
Noel S, Palisade.
Norman George, Stratton.


O'Brien John, Stratton.
O'Sheridan J R, Cornell.
Oliver J J, Beverly.
Ophart Gerhart, Trenton.
Owens R R, Trenton.


O'Rourke Thos, Culbertson.
Olander Frank, Culbertson.
Olson Herman, Culbertson.
Owens G F, Palisade.

O'Sheridan D, Cornell.
Olds Grant, Stratton.
Olswold Andrew, Culbertson.
Owens J C, Trenton.


Paddock C H, Cornell.
Page A E, Stratton.
Palmer W A, Cornell.
Parker A W, Stratton.
Pate J R, Culbertson.
Paulson E, Culbertson.
Payton V C, Trenton.
Peck W A, Cornell.
Pennell Frank, Cornell.
Penner Jacob, Trenton.
Petenger John, Cornell.
Peterson John, Beverly.
Pevoy Joseph, Cornell.
Phillips D D, Culbertson.
Pierce Jasper N, Cornell.
Pohl C A, Trenton.
Poteet J W, Trenton.
Powell Thos, Trenton.
Powers E E, Trenton.
Pratt W H, Palisade.


Paddock M J, Cornell.
Palmer F H, Cornell.
Palmer W J, Stratton.
Parrish C G, Culbertson.
Patter Ira, Palisade.
Paulus A A, Stratton.
Pearson J W, Cornell.
Pember Mart, Trenton.
Pennell Geo, Cornell.
Perkins J H, Culbertson.
Petenger Nicholas, Cornell.
Petman G W, Stratton.
Phenice C, Stratton.
Pickening E, Stratton.
Pierce Levi, Cornell.
Post Judson, Stratton.
Powell H W, Palisade.
Powell W J, Stratton.
Powers Harmon, Trenton.
Pressnoll J M, Trenton.

Padget R D S, Stratton.
Palmer S J, Trenton.
Park L T, Trenton.
Parson Henry, Cornell.
Patterson W S, Culbertson.
Payton P M, Trenton.
Pearson T B, Trenton.
Pember R H, Trenton.
Pennell Jonathan, Cornell.
Perry R L, Beverly.
Peterson C A, Stratton.
Pettit A J, Culbertson.
Phenice S C, Stratton.
Pierce J I, Stratton.
Pierson B E, Stratton.
Poteet J F, Trenton.
Powell S S, Stratton.
Powers C R, Cornell.
Powers J H, Cornell.
Price J P, Stratton.


Racine E, Trenton.
Randall F M, Culbertson.
Randall Joseph, Stratton.
Randall Y W, Trenton.
Rawles Frank, Stratton.
Reed Saml, Culbertson.
Reeve John, Stratton.
Reiber V, Culbertson.
Reinhardt C, Palisade.
Reinhart Henry, Stratton.
Reynolds O E, Culbertson.
Rice E, Palisade.
Rich A T, Beverly.
Richards A J, Palisade.
Ridnour J, Stratton.
Rife Jesse, Stratton.
Ritchie J H, Stratton.
Roach John, Cornell.
Roberts P C, Trenton.
Robinson C C, Culbertson.
Rogers Ernest, Culbertson.
Rolt August, Trenton.
Roose A, Palisade.
Ross James, Culbertson.
Roth G H, Palisade.
Rowley Curt, Culbertson.
Rubotton F E, Stratton.
Russell Dexter, Trenton.
Ryerson J W, Stratton.


Ramer J F, Stratton.
Randall H C, Trenton.
Randall N D, Culbertson.
Rasmassen Jacob, Cornell.
Reed A J, Stratton.
Reese A L, Cornell.
Reeve Saml, Culbertson.
Reimer Chas, Culbertson.
Reinhardt F J, Palisade.
Revel A B, Stratton.
Riasdam M J, Cornell.
Rice Henry, Culbertson.
Rich Chas, Culbertson.
Richards S J, Stratton.
Ridnour J W, Trenton.
Rife Simon, Stratton.
Ritchie W W, Stratton.
Roach M, Cornell.
Roberts W F, Trenton.
Roesler Carl, Culbertson.
Rogers Everett, Culbertson.
Romine W T, Palisade.
Rose E B, Stratton.
Ross John, Culbertson.
Rothermel E, Culbertson.
Rowley T H, Stratton.
Rundle J E, Culbertson.
Ryan M, Trenton.

Randall A E, Culbertson.
Randall Isaac, Stratton.
Randall S M, Culbertson.
Ratcliff W R, Stratton.
Reed F A, Trenton.
Reese J, Cornell.
Reeve W C, Stratton.
Reimer R, Culbertson.
Reinhardt M, Palisade.
Reynolds A E, Palisade.
Rice A T, Palisade.
Rice L D, Culbertson.
Rich O P, Beverly.
Richmond D J, Culbertson.
Ridnour M W, Cornell.
Riskert John, Cornell.
Ritter John, Culbertson.
Roach Patrick, Cornell.
Robinson A M, Culbertson.
Rogers Alonzo, Culbertson.
Rogers R, Culbertson.
Ronabough J, Trenton.
Rose F M, Culbertson.
Ross Louis, Culbertson.
Rowland James, Stratton.
Rubottom P L, Trenton.
Russell C M, Culbertson.
Ryerson G W, Stratton.


Sadler J A, Cornell.
Sailors Geo, Palisade.
Sailors Peter, Palisade.
Salmen John, Stratton.
Sandstrum S A, Stratton.
Sauer Henry, Culbertson.
Savage George, Stratton.
Scanlan P, Culbertson.
Schlagel D, Culbertson.
Schmultz G, Cornell.
Schoonover M, Stratton.
Schwalm W, Cornell.
Scott M, Beverly.
Seemann Henry, Trenton.
Selby V D, Stratton.
Seydel S, Culbertson.
Shank John, Stratton.
Shanor A W, Stratton.
Sheeks D P, Beverly.
Siemke F W, Trenton.
Skinner F, Beverly.
Slagle Wm, Culbertson.
Smith Conrad, Cornell.
Smith Edward, Stratton.
Smith H C, Stratton.
Smith J F, Cornell.
Smith M, Trenton.
Snail John, Trenton.
Snyder F B, Stratton.
Solace C S, Stratton.
Spray Chas, Cornell.
Sproat A, Cornell.
Starkey J A, Stratton.
Stengel Lewis, Trenton.
Stock F A, Culbertson.
Stockton R C, Cornell.
Stoller W H, Trenton.
Strayer J W, Stratton.
Strine David, Culbertson.
Strine H B, Culbertson.
Stringer Grant, Culbertson.
Sullivan Michael, Trenton.
Swanson J P, Cornell.
Swayze D H, Stratton.
Sydel M A, Culbertson.


Sailors Frank, Palisade.
Sailors J A, Palisade.
Sailors R H, Palisade.
Salmen Wm, Stratton.
Sapp J W, Stratton.
Sauer Jacob, Culbertson.
Savage R, Trenton.
Schaal W D, Cornell.
Schlagel S, Culbertson.
Schmultz J, Cornell.
Schuler C, Stratton.
Scott A B, Stratton.
Sears R, Culbertson.
Seibold C, Trenton.
Sellars J M, Trenton.
Shaffer A W, Culbertson.
Shank Joseph, Stratton.
Sharismith Carl, Culbertson.
Sherman Daniel, Stratton.
Siglinger Geo, Culbertson.
Skinner S, Cornell.
Smaley O C, Trenton.
Smith Daniel, Culbertson.
Smith Gasper, Stratton.
Smith Heber, Stratton.
Smith Jas, Culbertson.
Smith W G, Stratton.
Snaufer Henry, Culbertson.
Snyder J A, Trenton.
Speer S A, Culbertson.
Spray Grant, Trenton.
Stalter J C, Trenton.
Starkey J N, Stratton.
Stewart J H, Cornell.
Stock William, Culbertson.
Stokesberry J, Palisade.
Straub J G, Culbertson.
Strehlow Julius, Culbertson.
Strine E F, Culbertson.
Strine John, Culbertson.
Stringer Peter, Culbertson.
Sullivan Michael jr, Trenton.
Swart J D, Cornell.
Swedeberg C O, Culbertson.
Sydon R, Cornell.

Sailors G W, Palisade.
Sailors Orna, Palisade.
Salloway Wm, Stratton.
Sanderson S, Culbertson.
Sauer Geo, Culbertson.
Sauer N, Culbertson.
Scanlan Claude, Culbertson.
Schermerhorn C, Stratton.
Schmidt Frank, Cornell.
Schneyer H W, Stratton.
Schwalm Henry, Cornell.
Scott F W, Stratton.
Seeley H B, Culbertson.
Selby C M, Stratton.
Severns B L, Cornell.
Shank Frank, Stratton.
Shank L G, Stratton.
Sharps Joseph, Palisade.
Shute Henry, Stratton.
Sittner William, Culbertson.
Slade Benj, Trenton.
Smith Charles, Stratton.
Smith E M, Stratton.
Smith George, Stratton.
Smith Isaac, Culbertson.
Smith Lemon, Stratton.
Smith W J, Beverly.
Snodgrass M M, Stratton.
Snyder W E, Trenton.
Spencer R M, Culbertson.
Spray J T, Trenton.
Stark Anthony, Culbertson.
Stearnes R H, Culbertson.
Stiles John, Culbertson.
Stockton J D, Cornell.
Stoller G, Stratton.
Strayer D N, Stratton.
Strine Arthur, Culbertson.
Strine Edward, Culbertson.
Strine Phillip, Culbertson.
Stull V, Beverly.
Sullivan William, Trenton.
Swartz A F, Trenton.
Sydel Elsworth, Culbertson.
Sydon W F, Cornell.


Tapping A L, Cornell.
Tarvin R W, Trenton.
Taylor A L, Trenton.
Taylor J A, Cornell.
Tengate Chas, Palisade.
Thomas D O, Trenton.
Thompson Ely, Palisade.
Thompson S, Trenton.
Titler G M, Palisade.
Tracy H, Stratton.
Trimpey Geo W, Culbertson.
Trumbo Asa, Cornell.
Twilegar R D, Culbertson.


Tapping G W, Cornell.
Taunton Wallace, Stratton.
Taylor Daniel, Palisade.
Taylor R O, Cornell.
Terrell Jesse, Cornell.
Thompson A C, Trenton.
Thompson J C, Culbertson.
Thompson W S, Palisade.
Todd Thos, Culbertson.
Treadway C L, Trenton.
Trout W M, Stratton.
Tschabrun Jos, Culbertson.

Tapping S L, Trenton.
Tawton Robt, Stratton.
Taylor H S, Stratton.
Taylor W T S, Stratton.
Thimer Benj, Stratton.
Thompson E, Cornell.
Thompson J E, Palisade.
Thompson Y R, Palisade.
Townsend J F, Stratton.
Treadway J L, Trenton.
True S L, Palisade.
Tubbs Jackson, Culbertson.


Underhill Isaac, Cornell.


Urtz J P, Cornell.


VanSycoe Wm, Trenton.
Vastine W M, Culbertson.
Voss J W, Culbertson.


Vanvanken E A, Trenton.
Vaullone E W, Culbertson.
Vought J S, Culbertson.

Varner W A, Culbertson.
Vinnemler G, Culbertson.


Wacker Conrad, Culbertson.
Wacker Jacob, Culbertson.
Wagner David, Culbertson.
Waits Edward, Stratton.
Walker Jacob, Trenton.
Wall Adam, Stratton.
Ward Chas, Stratton.
Washburn Collins, Beverly.
Wayson Samuel, Stratton.
Webb John, Palisade.
Wellman T E, Stratton.
Wentz F E, Palisade.
West John W, Palisade.
Whalahan A, Cornell.
Wharton J V, Culbertson.
Whisman C, Beverly.
White E, Stratton.
White Robert, Stratton.
Wiggs W A, Trenton.
Wilkinson E S, Stratton.
Williams J M, Culbertson.
Willis Frank, Palisade.
Wills A H, Stratton.
Wineberger J, Culbertsone.
Wood C W, Stratton.
Wray George, Stratton.
Wyss Fred, Trenton.


Wacker Geo, Culbertson.
Wacker John, Culbertson.
Wagner John, Culbertson.
Walford John, Stratton.
Walker Jas E, Culbertson.
Wallace Jonathan, Cornell.
Warmock G W, Culbertson.
Waterman Evans, Beverly.
Webb Frances A, Culbertson.
Webster E D, Stratton.
Welsh W J, Stratton.
Werley H A, Cornell.
West S A, Palisade.
Whalahan John, Cornell.
Wheeler C A, Culbertson.
Whisman Mary, Palisade.
White J E, Stratton.
Whitington B F, Trenton.
Wilcox J I, Palisade.
Williams B L, Palisade.
Williams R A, Stratton.
Willis George, Palisade.
Wills C, Trenton.
Winner E E, Stratton.
Wood J C, Stratton.
Wright B T, Palisade.
Wyss G, Stratton.

Wacker Henry, Culbertson.
Wade W H, Trenton.
Wait D E, Trenton.
Walker G E, Beverly.
Walker John, Palisade.
Wansch Henry, Culbertson.
Warren J W, Stratton.
Waterman O D, Trenton.
Webb J R, Culbertson.
Welch S E, Stratton.
Welsh Wm, Stratton.
Wescott S E, Palisade.
Westrope Charles, Palisade.
Whalahan Michael, Cornell.
Wheeler G L, Culbertson.
Whitaker J H, Cornell.
White M M, Stratton.
Wiedman J W, Stratton.
Wilcox L, Palisade.
Williams E D, Stratton.
Williams S, Trenton.
Willis J D, Palisade.
Wills J M, Trenton.
Wolf John, Stratton.
Workman S, Culbertson.
Wright N, Stratton.


Yepson Chas, Trenton.
Youmans H E, Palisade.
Younce Chas, Palisade.


Yocum E W, Cornell.
Youmans J H, Palisade.
Young J A, Stratton.

Yocum J M, Cornell.
Youmans S A, Stratton.


Zastrow A, Cullbertson.


Ziegler J D, Palisade.

Zorn John, Culbertson.


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