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1885 NE Census for
Hitchcock and Dundy Counties


1. The spelling and handwriting on the original census is terrible. When possible, Paul has included the correct name in the index. On some names it was impossible to figure out the correct name.

2. Check under every possible varient spelling. Check line by the names of wives or children, because…

3. Wives and children are not indexed. Heads of households, those living alone, and individuals of a different last name of the head of household are the only names indexed.

4. If the real name is far different than the transcribed spelling, Paul has bracketed the correct spelling on the transcription page.

Should you find a name of interest, please contact Brenda Lawless Daniel for a lookup in Mr Riley's book.

Index to names   23 Dec 1998 (late at night) - a Christmas gift for all of you!

Abrahams, Hannah           Ainsley, Frank                      Armstrong, J. 
Achobock, I.               Ake, W.C.                           Armstrong, Lonson 
Ackarat, Ann               Alden, W.M.                         Ashburn, George 
Ackarat, Esther A.         Alexander, G.B.                     Ashburn, Samuel 
Ackarat, John              Allen, Anna                         Asher, John 
Ackisman, E.D.             Allen, Charles                      Ashmore, Charles 
Adams, A.M.                Allison, Martin                     Atkinson, Lumbry 
Adams, John                Amann, Hugh                         Atwood,  
Adams, R.                  Anderson, Andrew                    Atwood, Ira 
Ain, Greeley               Anderson, John                      Atwood, Scott 
Badger, Frank              Bevell, James                       Briston, Anton 
Bailey, Charles            Berryman, William                   Britton, Thomas Shugley 
Bailey, John               Bickford, Abram                     Britton, William H. 
Bailey, Justin             Bittles, Eliza Jane                 Brogan, Frank 
Bailey, Mary               Blank, Marion                       Brotsman, Fill 
Baker, Frank               Bleakly, John                       Brouse, (see Brause) 
Baker, William             Blount, Levi C.                     Brown, George 
Balaing, George            Bobbin, George                      Brown, Hal 
Baldwin, A.                Boles, John                         Brown, Hattie 
Baldwin, Alex              Bomgardner, W.                      Brown, James 
Baldwin, John              Bond, William                       Brown, Joseph 
Baldwin, William           Bonnell, Oscar                      Brown, L.M. 
Bales, Frank               Bonny, W.H.                         Brown, Stephen 
Bales, James               Booth, Nathan                       Brown, Thomas 
Baller, Albert H.          Borage, Martin                      Brown, William 
Balor, John                Borbach, John                       Brown, William W. 
Banker, George             Borchert, Julius                    Buell, Charles 
Barley, Fred               Bostock, T.H.                       Bulgar, J.M. 
Barnes, Roger              Boston, G.H.                        Bullard, William 
Bast, Jacob                Boured, Jules                       Bumgarten, Lewis 
Baster, Charles            Bowden, George                      Burgchers, Frank 
Batchelor, George          Bowers, orange                      Burkhart, (see Burkhast) 
Batting, George            Bowersox, Joshua                    Burkhaust, Joseph 
Bayles, J.M.               Bowman, H.                          Burn, Nelson 
Baylor, John               Boworth, A.L.                       Burndick, Emma 
Beam, O.M.                 Boyd, Robert James Sr.              Burney, George 
Beaxer, William            Bradd, G.W.                         Burney, George L. 
Beckwith, Tom              Bradshaw, J.W.                      Burns, Dick 
Beeler, William H.         Brady, Michael                      Burns, Callaway 
Beeney, Charles,           Braman, Joseph                      Burns, Eda 
Beeney, James              Brannan, Joseph  (also see Braman)  Burns, George 
Beigh, John                Branigan, Austin                    Burns, J.H. 
Beigh, Levi                Brasanhan, Thomas                   Burton, Edward 
Benedict, David            Brause, J.A.                        Burton, Garrett G. 
Benedict, Hiram            Brennen, William (also see Brannan) Busby, David 
Benedict, John             Briggs, Alvina                      Bush, Henry 
Benining, William          Bright, Alfred                      Bush, Robert 
Benner, Leury              Bright, Caleb                       Busney, J.E. 
Bennett, Elmer             Bright, Henry                       Butler, Ann 
Bennett, Walter            Bright, Lew                         Butler, William 
Bern, Nelson               Bright, Timothy                     Butter, Charles 
                                                               Byron, George 
Callander, James           Clancy, D.                          Cook, Charles 
Callaway, Burns            Clark, David                        Cook, Eliza 
Calvin, Peter              Clark, George                       Cook, Frank (see Koch) 
Camp, William              Clark Harry                         Cooper, Thomas 
Campbell, MacFarland       Clark Jess                          Cooper, Tracy 
Cannon, Vardemath          Clements, George                    Coos, Charles 
Capps, John                Cleveland, William                  Corlett, Bird 
Carn, Abram                Clime, Rebecca (Cline?)             Cornutt, Wiley 
Carr, Charles              Clint, Henry                        Cornell, F.W. 
Carr, Walter               Close, Thomas                       Corran, Frank 
Carrington, Leonard J.     Clyne, Cora                         Cortland, Mart 
Carter, Ann                Clyne, Joseph                       Cowles, William 
Casey, George              Cobbs, Washington                   Cox, Clay 
Cassel, Charles            Cochran, C.J.                       Cracker, Samuel 
Caufman, Asher             Coffey, Charles                     Craw, C.C. 
Chadwick, Charles          Cole, Garrett                       Craw, Epaphio Devereaux 
Chadwick, James            Cole, John                          Craw, William 
Chamberlain, John          Cole, Joseph (see Kohl)             Crawford, John 
Chapman, J.                Coles, William                      Crawford, M. 
Chase, Abner               Collier, Abraham                    Crews, Charles Gillison 
Chester, Wesley            Collier, Frank                      Crockett, A.B. 
Choate, Charles            Collier, James                      Cross, Peter 
Chrader, Edw.              Collier, Joshua                     Crosses, E.W. 
Christiansen, Joseph       Collins, Moses                      Crowell, John 
Christner, John            Colwell, John                       Curran, Dennis 
Christner, N.M             Conly, Frank                        Curran, Thomas 
Christner, Phoebe          Connolly, P.F.                      Cutherbertson, Elmer 
                                                               Cutterback, Alvin 
Dalrymple, Theo            Dean, J.F.                          Douglas, Grant 
Daly, James                Dean, James                         Douglas, John 
Damm, Lue                  Dehilch, August                     Dowling, Mahala 
Daniels, G.W.              Dehilch, John                       Downing, George 
Danner, A.                 Deitman, Ben                        Drake, Henry 
Daugherty, William         Deitman, William                    Duds, Walter 
Dave, Jacariah             Delay, John                         Dufor, Frank 
Davenport, H.              Dencent,  Albert                    Duncan, Scott 
Davenport, Hendrick W.     Derby, Frank                        Dungan, Elias 
David, James               Derese, Rese                        Dungan, Pearly 
Davis, Elizar              Dice, W.C.                          Dungan, Wayne 
Davis, George              Diffy, Dan                          Dunlap, Mary 
Davis, Tom                 Dill, Christie                      Dunn, Benjamin 
Day, Frank                 Dill, Fred                          Dunn, Jacob 
Day, Joe                   Dill, J.D.                          Dunning, John 
Dayton, C.L.               Dill, Mary                          Dye, George 
Dayton, G.L.               Dillon, Charles                     Dyson, Anna 
Dean, Frank                Dinan, William                      Dyson, Sarah 
Dean, Ida                  Doran, Owen                          
Ebel, Louis                Ellethorpe                          Ely, James 
Eisenach, John Sr.         Ellis, Benjamin                     Emerson, James 
Eisenach, John Jr.         Ellis, Frank                        Englis, Mortimer 
Eisenmeyer, Fred           Ellis, Herbert                      Erickson, Andrew 
Elerchlon, Julius          Ellison, Daniel                     Ernhart, Anna 
Elledge, Edward            Elsmore, Dorg                       Evans, George 
Elledge, Frank             Ellsmore, James                     Everist, Charles 
Faicis, William            Filley, Sanford                     Frank, John 
Fairbanks, John            Finley, Oliver                      Franklin, Tom 
Faiser, William            Fletcher, Frank                     Frasier, (see Faiser) 
Fallett, Haller            Flinn, A.F.                         Frazier, Joseph 
Fallett, William           Follett, Ralph                      Freeman, Margaret 
Farey, Orion (see Ferry)   Follett, William                    French, A.H. 
Fargert, David             Foots, S.                           Fruts, Robert 
Farmer, Richard            Ford, Charles Mayhew                Fuel, Francis 
Fasley, H.A.               Formsworth, M.                      Fuel, robert 
Felerham, George           Foster, A.R.                        Fuller, Cash 
Felker, David              Foster, Charles                     Fulton, M. 
Fellows, Frank             Fouty, Leonard                      Funk, Henry 
Ferry, Edward (see Farey)  France, L.                           
Gaarder, Christian         Gilbert, Charles                    Graham, Thera 
Gallagher, Jeff            Gilbert, David                      Graham, William 
Gardner, Robert            Gilligan, Kate                      Grandstaffe, Ben  
Gargin, (see Goggin)       Gillin, John                        Gransley, C.L. 
Garner, Eldora             Gillison, John                      Grant, Albert 
Garrett, Alford Sr.        Gilmore, Lafey                      Greenlee, James 
Garrett, Alford Jr.        Gladwill, Sarah                     Griffin, Oscar 
Garrison, George           Glansey, John                       Grisby, William 
Gasman, Maxell             Goddard, Eliza                      Grosbeck, Martin 
Gass, James                Goddard, Sarah                      Guernsey, Charles 
Gay, George                Goggin, John                        Guernsey, Frank 
Gees, Harris               Good, John G.]                      Gull, Andrew 
George, J. E.              Gorman, Keeran                      Gummere, David 
George, William            Gott, William                       Gunder, G.A. 
Gessleman, Charles         Gould, James                        Gunder, H.S. 
Gifford, B.                Graham, Frank                       Gurney, F.C. 
                                                               Guthlen, Emil 
Haegan, John               Haselhorst, T.                      Holman, Lender 
Haegan, Peter              Haus, Ezra                          Holmes, J. 
Haffey, James              Haus, Henry                         Homer, Robert 
Hagan, Anna                Haus, Joshua                        Honey, Albert 
Haining, Alexander         Hawkins, Alvin                      Honey, John 
Haining, Anais             Hawks, Robert                       Honeybelt, John 
Hale, L. J.                Head, Anderson                      Honstine, Louis 
Hall, Greenlaw             Henry, Jennie                       Honstine, William 
Hall, Jene                 Hefferman, Henry                    Hoover, James 
Hall, Nathan               Hein, Adam                          Hopkins, J.R. 
Hall, Newton               Heizenreter, Hans                   Horn, John 
Halstead, J.H.             Heizenreter, Peter                  Horrick, Joe 
Hammond, Almund            Helivig, Charles                    Hostin, william 
Hand, Charles              Henry, Harry                        Hougen, Hans 
Hand, Edward               Henry, Jennie                       House, March M. 
Hand, James                Henry, Mike                         Hovell, James 
Hand, William A.           Herman, David                       Howard, E.S. 
Hanna, Lena                Herman, Jake                        Howard, Frank 
Hannah, G.                 Hersodo, Arthur                     Howard, James 
Hansen, Charles            Hiatt, Arthur                       Howard, Milton 
Hardy, Thomas              Hickman, Andy                       Howell, A. Sr. 
Harlen, William            Hickman, Charles                    Howell, A. Jr. 
Harman, Jennie             Hierman, George                     Hoyt, James 
Harney, Charles            Hilder, George                      Hudson, Henry 
Harper, James              Hilesndun, Henry                    Hughes, Jacob 
Harry, Jud                 Hill, George                        Hull, Harry 
Hart, Charles              Hillcher, W.H.                      Hunt, Bena 
Hart, George               Hillihan, William                   Hunt, John 
Harter, Jessie             Hinkley, William                    Hunt, W.W. 
Hartman, Adam              Hoff, Henry                         Hunter, Gallant V. 
Hartman, G.                Hogg, Edd                           Hunter, John 
Hartman, J.D.              Hogg, Edwin                         Hunter, Joseph 
Hartman, W.D.              Hogg, Isabella                      Huntsburger, A. 
Hartwig, William           Hoggins, W.S.                       Huston, Dan 
Haselhorst, Ferdinand      Holliday, A.B.                       
Ingram, David              Ingram, George                      Isaacs, James 
Ingram, G.T.               Isaac, Jackson                      Israel, Frank 
                                                               Israel, John 
Jackson, John              John, Jackson                       Johnson, Lewis 
Jackson, S.A.              Johnson, Andrew                     Jones, Arthur 
Jacobson, Jackson          Johnson, Charles                    Jones, Joseph 
Jeffrey, Frank             Johnson, Dave                       Jonson,  
Jobes, Carby               Johnson, Israel                     Jonson (see Johnson) 
John,                      Johnson, Landas                      
Kalls, Robert              Kiney,  Mary                        Knowland, J.E. 
Kautz, George              Kiney,  (see Kimsey, Kinsey)        Knox, Ella 
Kautz, Henry               King, Aden D.                       Koch, Fred 
Kautz, John                King, D.H.                          Koch, Henry 
Kautz (see Kounts)         King, John                          Koch, Kate 
Kay, Albert                Kinsey, Bertha                      Koch, Valentine 
Kay, James                 Kinsey, John                        Koch, (see Cook) 
Keeney, James              Kinsey (see Kimsey, Kiney)          Kohl, George 
Keller, Frank              Kinsinger, S.M.                     Kohl, William 
Kelly, J.H.                Kirby, Frank                        Kohl, (see Cole) 
Keper, Henry               Kirkbride, Stacey                   Kounts, William 
Kern, (see Carn)           Kirkpatrick, C.                     Kounts (see Kautz) 
Kimsey, Thomas             Kirkpatrick, William                Kowns, William 
Kimsey, Thomas             Klein, George                       Kubso, Henry 
Kimsey, Walter             Klein (see Clyne)                   Kuchute, Frank 
Kimsey (see Kiney, Kinsey) Kleven, Bertha                      Kurry, Dama 
Kiney, Bertha              Knobbs, Charles                     Kyle, John 
Lahne, E.B.                Leopold, Addison                    Lomes, Nicholas 
Laird, Thomas              Leopold, James                      Loomis, (see Lomes) 
Lamp, John                 Lesser, John                        Loop, D.D. 
Lange, Henry               Lewellen, Christian                 Love, Robert 
Larson, Andrew             Likes, P.P.                         Lowe, Frank 
Larson, Frank              Lincoln, C.S.                       Lowe, Fred 
Lawrence, Samuel Huntley   Lindgren, John                      Lowe, John 
Leach, Martin              Lindgrove, John                     Lunn, George 
Leagree, J.H.              Liskis, Phillip                     Lunn, Lora 
Lecor, William             Little, Henry                       Luther, Martin 
Lehman Henry               Little, John                        Lutz, Andrew 
Leighton, Ed               Little, Frank                       Lutz, John 
Lenhart, Sam               Loing,                              Lutz, Robert 
                                                               Lyon, James Martin 
McAvar, John               Manvoisin, Max                      Moore, Asa 
McCallister, James         Manwarren, Charles                  Moore, Ben 
McCarter, james            Maple, James                        Moore, Ed 
McCaskell, W.R.            Marquis, John                       Moore, Leslie 
McClaine, (see McLaine)    Marr, Lorenzo                       Moore, Peter 
McClelland, William        Marr, Sarah                         Moore, Rebecca 
McClintock, George         Marr, W.F.                          Moore, Theodore 
McClinton, G.R.            Marshall, Harry                     Mopinsnigle, W.H. 
McConnell, Andrew          Martin, Edward                      Morgan, Daniel 
McCormick, Farley          Martin, John                        Morgan, James 
McCormick, James           Matson, John                        Morgan, Thomas 
McCowskey, John            Matt, Herbert                       Morgan, Wat 
McCoy, John                Meter, John                         Morgan, William 
McDonald, donale           Meyers, John                        Morlage, Bob 
McDonald, Eliza            Miles, Harry                        Morrison, (see Mirsin) 
McEvoy, James              Miles, James                        Morse, Connelia 
McIntyre, William          Millbanks, G.E.                     Morse, Leonard 
McKee, George              Millburn, J.D.                      Morse, Susan 
McKelvey, Tom              Miller, Mara                        Mourning, James 
McKinney, William          Miller, con                         Moury, Joca 
McKinsey, Eli              Miller, Elmer                       Moyer, J. 
McKinsey, J.               Miller, George                      Mudget, D. B. 
McKinsey, Moses            Miller, John (wife Elizabeth)       Mullegar, Pat 
McKnight, Aaron            Miller, John (wife Katie)           Mulligan, (see Mullegar) 
McKnight, George           Mills, William                      Murdock, Frank 
McLaine, Frank             Millsap, J.M.                       Murdock, Orison 
McLaine, John              Mirsin, S.R.                        Murphy, A. 
McLaine, Joseph            Mishler, Noah                       Murphy, James 
McNeal, Boaz               Mitchell, Isaih                     Murphy, Richard 
McNeale, Charles           Mitchell, John                      Murray, Joca 
McPherson, John            Mitchell, T.G.                      Murray (see Moury?) 
McPherson, Wesley          Moffin, John                        Murson, (see Mirsin) 
Maag, John                 Moffler, John                       Murtha, Owen 
Major, A.P.                Montandon, August                   Myers, George 
Magoni, Paul               Moody, A.P.                          
Neal, Gus                  Nelson, W.R.                        Nichols, Henry 
Neal, (see Neill)          Nesbit, A.T.                        Nichols, Sue 
Neifert, William           Nesbit, James                       Nilson, Frank 
Neighbor, Elihu            Nesser, O                           Noll, B.F. 
Neill, Maria               Newberry, william                   Nolls, Robert 
Neill, Mary                Newcomb, J.S.                       Nou, Lewis 
Neill (see Neal)           Newcomb, Peter                       
O'Donald, John             Okeman, J.K.                        Osborn, Andy 
O'Donnell, (see O'Donald)  Olander, Frank                      Osborn, J. 
O'Neal, Felix              Olds, August                        Ostamie, Vena 
Oaks, Robert               Olinger, Emma                       Ostrum, Hiram 
Obest, John                Olson, Herman                       Oswis, S.B. 
Ohaver, John               Orr, Robert                         Ough, William 
Paddock, Charles           Pearson, George                     Phinas, Sam 
Padget, Robert             Pearson, Louie                      Pierce, G.M. 
Page, Stephen              Peefer, Henry                       Pierce, Levi 
Palace, A.T.               Pelikan, John                       Pinkerton, John 
Park, Leonard              Pelikan, Wesley                     Piper, John 
Parker, Charles            Pennell, John                       Piper, Frederick 
Parks, Samuel              Perial, T.                          Pitney, Fred 
Parker, Samuel             Perkins, Martin                     Plassayer, August 
Parlon, Lizzie             Perry, Myrtle                       Pollis, H.H. 
Parrish, Charles           Perry, Robert                       Porter, James 
Pate, Chesley              Peterson, Carol                     Post, John 
Patrick, John              Peterson, John                      Potter, Ira 
Paul, Frank                Pfrimmer, Francis Marion            Powell, James 
Pawne, James               Pettit, John                        Powell, Stephen 
Paxon, Jane                Pharson, Leonard                    Powers, A. 
Paxton, John               Phyllip, Charles                    Pratt, Charles 
Pay, Frank                 Phillip, D.D.                       Prindle, Owen 
Payne, Charley             Phillip, Mandell                    Pryor, Amon 
Payne (see Pawne)          Phillip, William                     
Radcliff, G.               Rich, Charles                       Robinson, Charles 
Rafston, John (Ralston?)   Rich, Frank                         Robidioux, Joseph 
Ray, Geroge                Richards, Frank                     Romine, William 
Reader, John (see Reeder)  Richardson, George                  Rommisch, John 
Redfield, Abraham          Richardson, J.A.                    Rooth, John 
Reeber, Samuel             Richeson, Sam                       Ross, Henry 
Reece, Tallig              Richey, John                        Ross, James (wife Elnora) 
Reed, Charles              Richter, Frank                      Ross, James (single) 
Reed, Hattie               Ridnour, John                       Ross, Louis 
Reed, Jacob                Ridnour, Solomon                    Ross, Thomas 
Reed, Jeff                 Rieber, (see Reiber)                Rossmiller, Albert 
Reed, William              Ringer, John                        Rossmiller, J. 
Reeder, J.M. (see Reader)  Roa, Stella                         Rosworth, A.S. 
Reiber, Valentine          Roach, Dallas                       Row, Lucy 
Relz, Fred                 Roach, John                         Rowland R. 
Ribbett, Jacob             Roach, Pat                          Rowley, Arthur 
Rice, Andrew               Roach, Thomas                       Ruland, James 
Rich, Abner                Roberts, Polly                      Ryan, Edmond 
Sailors, George            Sheeks, Denton P.                   Sprague, John 
Sailors, Henry             Sheet, Henry                        Spray, Eli 
Sailors, James             Shirley, John,                      Springestin, Bert 
Sally, B.D.                Short, Frank                        Springham, Alfred 
Sampson, Ed                Shuler, J.H.                        Srutz, John 
Sanderson, Carrie          Siglinger, George                   Stark, Anthony 
Sanderson, Eliza           Siglinger, Mary                     Starkey, Jane 
Satterthwait, Lewis        Simmons, Ida                        Starkey, Jesse 
Sawer, P.                  Simmons, Robert                     Starkey, John 
Scanlan, Louis             Skinner, G.W.                       Stearns, Robert 
Scannell, George           Skinner, John                       Steinhaus, John 
Schermerhorn, Charles      Skinner, Phinias                    Steinhaus, Madilda 
Schlegel, George           Skinner, Remy                       Steinhaus, William 
Schlegel, Sam              Skinner, Simion                     Stewart, William 
Schlegel William           Slade, Benaj                        Steine, B.F. 
Schlieske, Julius          Smail, John                         Stine, Henry (wife Tracy) 
Scholfield, George         Smith, Ada                          Stine, Henry (wife Mary) 
Schwabauer, J.             Smith, Charles (wife Stella         Stine, Phil 
Scott, Francis             Smith, Charles (wife Fredona)       Stings, Charles 
Scott, John                Smith, Charles (single)             Stock, Frank 
Scott, Joseph              Smith, Clara                        Stockton, J. 
Scott, Louis               Smith, Edward                       Stout, Walter 
Scott, Washington          Smith, Frank                        Strable, John 
Scprom, Joseph             Smith, Henry                        Straut, Hooper B. 
Scribbins, J.              Smith, J.A.F.                       Strehlaw, Julius 
Sears, Lucy                Smith, James                        Strouckes, Jacob 
Seechlitner, George        Smith, Joe W.                       Stucks, John 
Seechlitner, James         Smith, John                         Stump, Henry 
Seghuman, Mary             Smith, W.G.                         Stutt, James 
Seneff, J.H.               Smith, William                      Sudridge, John 
Seydell, Samuel            Snoder, John                        Suiter, Anthony Wayne 
Shrader, Edw.              Snodgrass, James                    Suiter, James 
Shrader, Gus               Snyder, Edgar                       Sullivan, Dan 
Schrader, John             Snyder, Marfect                     Suntherden, Charles 
Schrader, (see Chrader)    Solomon, Samuel                     Sutton, Charles 
Shadrack, John             Spady, George                       Sutton, George 
Shaffer, Abner             Spahn, John                         Swartz, Conrad 
Sheehan, John              Spencer, Roscoe                     Swifer, Henry 
Sheehan, Thomas            Sprague, James                      Swisher, J.H. 
                                                               Swisher, John 
Taylor, Edwin S.           Terwilliger, Adel                   Topham, William 
Taylor, James              Thatcher, Pa,                       Toppives, Sidney 
Taylor, John               Thomas, J.P.                        Trites, William 
Taylor, Joseph             Thomas, John                        Troxel, Loreno 
Taylor, Royal O.           thompson, Francis                   True, Samuel 
Taylor, William Zachariah  Thompson, G.E.                      True, William 
Tayton, Eugene             Thompson, J.C.                      Trumbo, Asa 
Teal, Oliver               Thompson, William                   Tubbs, Jackson 
Templeton, William         Thornhill, William Henry            Tucker, John 
Terose, David              Telershour, G.T.                    Turner, William 
Underhill, Sarah                                                
Valentine, O.              Vanpetten, Delos                    Verio, John 
Van Buskirk, Alonzo        Vansickle, Abraham                  Vincent, David 
Vain, John                 Vansickle, Margaret                 Vincent, Sib. 
Vandey, Elmer              Vestine, Benjamin M.                 
Wacker, Conrad             Warner, John                        White, Dell 
Wacker, George (age 27)    Warner, Mort                        White, John 
Wacker, George (age 42)    Waterman, Edward                    Whitney, Phoebe 
Wacker, Henry              Watson, William                     Whitten, J.M. 
Wacker, John               Way, Newton                         Whittington, Benjamin F. 
Wade, Thomas               Waynard, Ed                         Whoreing, William 
Wagle, Gus                 Webb, John                          Wibley, Chester 
Wagner, Conrad             Webb, Sissie                        Widesca, Sam 
Wagner, John               Weldon, Erant                       Wilber, Jacob 
Wagner, Magdalena          Wells, H.T.                         Wilburn, John 
Wailford, Phillip          Welne, Louis                        Wilburn, Johnson 
Wake, John                 Welton, Henry                       Wilcox, Frank 
Walcott, Anna              Wentz, Henry                        Wilcox, Joseph 
Walcott, Frank             West, Lee                           Wildman, William D. 
Walker, George             Westfall, James (wife Alzina)       Williams, Benjamin 
Walker, Joseph             Westfall, James (wife Esther)       Williams, Brosdel 
Walker (see Wacker)        Westfall, Simion                    williams, John Marshall 
Walkings, John             Westfall, Wesley                    Williams, Lewis 
Wall, Adam                 Whaley, William                     Williams, Miles 
Walsh, W.W.                Wheaton, Walter                     Williams, Walter 
Walte, James               Wheeler, John                       Wilmont, John 
Walters, John              Wheeler, John (wife Lydia)          Wilson, Edward 
Walters, Joseph            Wheeler, Joseph                     Wilson, Harry 
Ward, John                 Wheeler, Lafayette                  Wilson, Marion 
Warner, E.                 Whisman, Brayton                    Wilson, T.H. 
Warner, James              Whisman, Thomas                     Wilson, William 
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