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Christmas Past - Trenton, NE
from the Nebraska Trivia Game on NE Heritage List
December 1999

Trivia question from Sharon:

   Christmas decorations are common in Nebraska towns, so sometimes we take them for granted. In parts of Nebraska, trees can be scarce, so on Christmas Eve 1890, a group of creative young men in Trenton, NE used something very unique for a Christmas tree at the main intersection of town. This object was then decorated with some pine and cedar boughs, along with some barn lanterns. Can you tell me what the object was that they used for the Christmas tree?

Answer from Leona:


Response from Sharon:

   ... it was a windmill frame. It is reported that many onlookers suspected that the young men that dragged the windmill to the center of town, may have had a bit of liquor to motive them. The children and onlookers were grateful recipients and enjoyed the "windmill" christmas tree.


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