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Trenton's G. A. R. Veterans

   Trenton is honored to have among her citizens five veterans of the Civil War. There is probably no other small town in the state that has as many G. A. R. veterans, as large numbers of their comrades have departed from their ranks during the last few years.
   These Trenton soldiers are all members of the old Gettysburg Post 145 and all were in the battle of the Cumberland, one of the outstanding engagements of the Civil War.

   Because of their advanced years, none are so hale and hearty as they once were, but all enjoy fairly good health. They took part in the Decoration Day excercises Saturday, and were accorded proper tribute in the services of the day.
   From left to right in the picture their names and ages are: Sergeant S. H. Lawrence, 88; G. W. Carter, 86; G. W. Benjamin, 83; Sergeant Clark Marsh, 87; and L. D. Hovey, 86.

Photo & article from Richard B. Sheldon who believes it was printed about 1932. Thank you!

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