Palisade School Alumni

The records below were from records of the county and school and combined to hopefully make more accurate records. The first students listed were 8th grade graduates. Then for several years graduates were 10th graders and then 11th grade in 1914. You will find duplicate names on some when the school added a grade level especially in the 1914-1916 years. 1916 was the first 12th grad graduating class. For example my grandmother graduated in 1914, taught school for a year and went back and graduated from 12th grade in 1916. Other information includes other names this person could of been know by or a different spelling. Some instances will have a married name, or if step-parent is involved, the child would sometimes be known by the step-parents last name also. If there are any questions feel free to email me and I will try to answer or find out what you need to know. Brenda Daniel <>

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