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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
California Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Abbott, Benjamin Private A, 6 Infantry Bromfield California
Adams, A. S. Private A, 1 Infantry Elyria California
Almond, Not Given   De Witt California
Ammon, Rufus Private H, 1 Cavalry Hammond California
Bennett, Thomas Private D, 1 McCook California
Brown, Ira Private 5, K F Hastings California
Burgers, Almond Private G, 2 De Witt California
Burgers, William Private G, 2 De Witt California
Camp, Harvey E. Private E, 5 Hampton California
Crow, W. J. Corporal N, 1 Infantry Creighton California
Darnall, G. A. Private A, 1 Indianola California
De Long, F. D. Sergeant A, 1, Cavalry Lincoln California
Doremus, Edw W. Sergeant C, 2 Cavalry Hastings California
Dorman, A. R. Private B, 2 Cavalry Sargent California
Douning, J. R. Private M, 4 Infantry Beaver City California
Drain, Thomas M. Private C, 4 Infantry Carnes California
Farley, Wm Private M,2 Wisner California
Finnegan, Michael Sergeant G, 2 Art. Bartley California
Foster, Patrick Private   Mascot California
French, Columbus P. Sergeant H, 220 Cambridge California
Harris, Edgar V. Private K, 1st Inf. Tekamah California
Hill, Edgar S. Private G, 4 Infantry Indianola California
Hoyt, E. W. Private D, 1st Cavalry Omaha California
Hull, G.A. Private G, 7 Infantry Edgar California
Jackson, J. A. Private F Crete California
Lomax, J. H. Private F, Infantry Wilsonville California
London, John P. Private F, 2 Cavalry Diller California
McDonald, E. Private K,1 Cavalry Valentine California
McElroy, S. C. Corporal A, 1 Infantry Imperial California
Olcott, L. C. Private G, 1 Merna California
Palmer, E. O. Private H, 2 Infantry Cameron California
Richard, David Private E, 2 De Witt California
Roll, J. P. Private C, 7 Cavalry Alma California
Sloat, B. R. Corporal B, 2 Cavalry Harvard California
Sovernine, Geo Private G, 2 Cavalry Gering California
Watson, James Private K, 7 Kearney California
Weyant, James A. Private C, 8 Infantry Lincoln California
Winship, Jefferson Private G, 1 Cavalry Gordon California
Zinn, William Private E, 7 Infantry Strang California

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