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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Colorado Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Alexander, S. J. Private C, 1 Cavalry Lincoln Colorado
Amy, Chauncey W. Private B, 2 Cavalry Burress Colorado
Anderson, George W. Private A, 120 Inf. Ragan Colorado
Barrett, Wm B. Corporal M, 1 Cavalry Seward Colorado
Beacom, Michael Private I,2 Infantry Jackson Colorado
Bleick, Adolph Private I, 2 Benson Colorado
Bridkin, Issac Private E, 1 Cav Grand Island Colorado
Brown, Thomas Private E, 1 Infantry Greenwood Colorado
Carroll,J. J. Private A, 1 Cavalry South Omaha Colorado
Coleman, Allen Private C, 1 Cavalry Weeping W Colorado
Conklin, Dyer Private H, 2 Cavalry Niobrara Colorado
Conover, B. Private R, 1 Crab Orchard Colorado
Crawford, James Private F, 2 Cavalry South Bend Colorado
Crawford, Wm H. Private H, 3 Cavalry Belgrade Colorado
Dunlap, I. T. Private E, 1 Cavalry Bertha Colorado
Emery, Marcus L. Private D, 3 Cavalry Champion Colorado
Gerber, Anthony Private K, 2 Infantry Hastings Colorado
Gibson, Arthur Sergeant B, 3 Cavalry Fremont Colorado
Gift, Daniel Private 2 Cavalry Chalco Colorado
Grant, B. Private I, 2 Cav Nebraska City Colorado
Gray, Thomas Private E, 2 Murray Colorado
Green, P. Teamster 2 Omaha Colorado
Harris, Edgar V. Private 2 Tekamah Colorado
Herron, George Private K, 3 Cavalry Alma Colorado
Hill, R. D. Private C, 1 Cav Grand Island Colorado
Hinkle, H. M. Private M, 3 Cavalry Springfield Colorado
Kelso, James T. Private E, 2 Cavalry Beatrice Colorado
Kennedy, V. A. Private C, 34 Infantry Plattsmouth Colorado
Kinnison, J. W. Private C, 1 Cavalry Nelson Colorado
Kirchafolt, A. Private 79 Infantry Omaha Colorado
Knight, Jesse Sergeant K, 2 Cavalry Seward Colorado
Mahanna, R. N. Sergeant H, 1 Beatrice Colorado
Mann, Jacob Musician G, 5 Cav Nebraska City Colorado
Maxson, H. C. Private Indp Battery Burwell Colorado
McCleery, Daniel Private E, 2 Cavalry Hastings Colorado
McWade, James Private G, 1 Infantry Hastings Colorado
Murray, Maxwell G. Private G, 1 Kearney Colorado
Myers, W. B. Corporal G, 3 Cavalry Geneva Colorado
Oates, Henry Corporal 2 Cavalry Grafton Colorado
Osborne, David J. Private G, 1 Cavalry Osborne Colorado
Pollock, Joseph Wagner F, 1 Cavalry Arlington Colorado
Pulver, C. M. Private D, 8 Cavalry Osceola Colorado
Pulver, C. M. Private D, 8 Cavalry Osceola Colorado
Pyzer, A. Private G, 2 Cavalry Elmwood Colorado
Reese, D. C. Private M, 2 Cavalry Grand Island Colorado
Samson, J. W. Corporal B, 1 Cavalry Oconto Colorado
Saville, J. J. Surgeon 2 Cav Omaha Colorado
Sherman, C. H. Private I, 6 Inf Grand Island Colorado
Smith, Donald Private I, Battery North Platte Colorado
Snyder, Naaman D. Private D,1 Not Given Colorado
Tompson, John Private L, 1 Cav Ponca Colorado
Tuttle, Myron Private 3 Cav Alliance Colorado
Wieschendorff, Wm Private 1 Reg Plum Valley Colorado
Wiles, Charles Private K, 1 Cavalry Philips Colorado
Wilson, Aaron Private B, 3 Tekamah Colorado
Young, G. Teamster 2 Omaha Colorado

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