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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Connecticut Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Bacon, M. Sergeant 1st L B Chapman Connecticut
Becker, H. E. Corporal I, 10 Inf Madison Connecticut
Broatch, W. J. Private A, 8 Omaha Connecticut
Broatch, W. J. 1st Lieut A, 8 Omaha Connecticut
Burrill, J. J. Private G, 22 Inf Fremont Connecticut
Cotton, James T. Sergeant D, 8 Inf Deloit Connecticut
Darman, E. L. Private D, 22 Litchfield Connecticut
Davis, Ed F. Private E, 9 Inf Hastings Connecticut
Decker, George 2d Sergeant F, 2 Beatrice Connecticut
Doolittle, John B. Chaplain 15 Inf Farnam Connecticut
Fenton, Geo A. Drummer B, 6 Inf Cedar Rapids Connecticut
Hawley, G. H. Private I, 14 Benedict Connecticut
Hili, Chas E. Captain C, 5 Avery Connecticut
Howard, H. H. Corporal A, 2 Holdrege Connecticut
Kelley, A. J. Private A, 10 Cavalry Creighton Connecticut
Lathrop, A. M. Corporal E, 18 Inf Inland Connecticut
Lewis, Richard Private G, 9 Inf Blue Hill Connecticut
Loker, Chas A. Private A, 7 Hershey Connecticut
Lounsberry, S. R. Private G, 10 Inf Aurora Connecticut
Lynch, Henry Private G, 17 Infantry Ord Connecticut
McAllister, James Private 1 Inf Alliance Connecticut
McDonald, R. Sergeant A and B, 9 D G Burchard Connecticut
Morgan, F. J. Captain H, 14 Haigler Connecticut
Nerwin, H. F. Corporal A, 10 Beaver City Connecticut
Newhouse, Fred Private D, 22 Inf Red Cloud Connecticut
Pease, J. A. Private E, 7 Infantry Rockford Connecticut
Richards, W. S. Private E, 3 Inf Herman Connecticut
Ruby, Eli W. Private D, 13 Hilton Connecticut
Scott, G. T. Captain A, 9 Lewellen Connecticut
Smith, D. A. Sergeant I 23 Inf Fairfield Connecticut
Stoddard, H. H. Musician I, 5 Inf Kearney Connecticut
Todd, G. W. Private A, 28 Neligh Connecticut
Tuttle, Earl Sergeant B, Heavy Art Bromfield Connecticut
Walker, C. H. A. Private B, 11 Inf Stuart Connecticut

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