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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees, A

Abbott, M. R. Corporal G, 95 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Abbott, O. A. 1st Lieut I, 9 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Abbott, Thomas Private E, 104 Infantry Oxford Illinois
Able Chas Private C, 53 Infantry Hooper Illinois
Achenback, L. Corporal I, 17 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Acree, Joseph W. Private H, 125 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Adair, W. B. Surgeon 153 Vol Kearney Illinois
Adams, Alex Lieutenant D, 7 Cavalry North Platte Illinois
Adams, G. W. Private E, 22 Murray Illinois
Adams, George Private F, 106 Fullerton Illinois
Adams, John Private K, 112 Daily Branch Illinois
Adams, John Private I, 80 Ulysses Illinois
Adams, John D. Private H, 151 Infantry Palmer Illinois
Adams, S. L. Private I, 9 Cavalry Franklin Illinois
Adams, W. R. Chaplain 133 Vol Utica Illinois
Adams, Wm Corporal A, 64 Clarks Illinois
Adamson, T. W. Private D, 54 Infantry Cambridge Illinois
Adeock, Jas Jefferson Private E, 33 Stockville Illinois
Adkins, Alvin Private E, 138 Garrison Illinois
Adkins, V. H. Private I, 83 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Agler, J. W. Private K, 75 Infantry Wayne Illinois
Aikin, R. M. Private B, 33 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Akins, H. L. Private H, 11 Cavalry Pawnee City Illinois
Albro, John M. Private H, 115 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Albro, John M. Private H, 115 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Aldridge, Richard Corporal A, 11 Cavalry Geneva Illinois
Alexander, A. D. Private K, 113 Hemingford Illinois
Alexander, Ashely H. Sergeant A, 12 Cavalry Red Cloud Illinois
Alexander, Ashley H. Sergeant A, 12 Cavalry Red Cloud Illinois
Alexander, S. A. Private A, 156 Liberty Illinois
Alford, G. P. Private I, 27 Infantry Grant Illinois
Allen, A. B. Private I, 37 Hickman Illinois
Allen, A. M. Sergeant K, 57 Infantry Leigh Illinois
Allen, A. T. Private A, 138 Infantry York Illinois
Allen, Almerion Private A, 153 Infantry Waverly Illinois
Allen, Charles Private A, 73 Minden Illinois
Allen, D. L. Private E, 7 Infantry Tilden Illinois
Allen, D. M. Corporal F, 45 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Allen, J. M. Private D, 106 Infantry Oak Illinois
Allen, James K. Sergeant 39 Infantry Ogalalla Illinois
Allen, John Private C, 44 Vol Infantry Geneva Illinois
Allen, R. C. Private H, 54 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Allen, S. C. Corporal 2 and 14 Bassett Illinois
Allender, Phesley Private G, 58 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Allington, J. Steward G, 124 Cliff Illinois
Allison, A. J. Private A, 50 Wallace Illinois
Althouse, Geo K. Private 45 Haigler Illinois
Alves, Louis Corporal D, 58 Infantry Juniata Illinois
Amos, A. H. Corporal 1 Bat Yates S S Vol Kimball Illinois
Anderson, A. Private I, 8 Cavalry Republican C Illinois
Anderson, A. A. Private H, 33 Cubertson Illinois
Anderson, D. A. Sergeant C, 81 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Anderson, G. W. Private K, 92 Infantry Loretto Illinois
Anderson, H. B. Private D, 104 Box Elder Illinois
Anderson, I. W. Lieutenant I, 119 Pawnee City Illinois
Anderson, John Corporal A, 119 Infantry Woodlawn Illinois
Anderson, Joseph Private I, 118 Bookwalter Illinois
Anderson, Lars W. Private D, 57 Infantry Minden Illinois
Anderson, Nels Private F, 89 Vol Infantry Shickley Illinois
Anderson, S. L. Captain H, 134 Infantry Crete Illinois
Anderson, Thomas Lieutenant D, 48 North Platte Illinois
Anderton, G. N. Sergeant H, 32 Curtis Illinois
Andrew, W. R. Private G, 77 Infantry Tilden Illinois
Andrew, Wm Private D, 10 Vol Friend Illinois
Andrews, A. Private A, 172 Bellwood Illinois
Andrews, Addison Private C, 21 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Andrews, Chester Captain I, 47 Infantry Steele City Illinois
Andrews, F. W. Private C, 10 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Andrews, G. L. Captain H, 134 Infantry Crete Illinois
Andrews, John Private I, 12 Vol Infantry Dodge Illinois
Andrews, Joseph Private C, 106 Infantry Milligan Illinois
Anman, Edward Private E, 146 Infantry Firth Illinois
Anthony, C. R. Private F, 146 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Antren, Morgan Private I, 11 Infantry   Illinois
Appleby, S. Private E, 142 Infantry Adams Illinois
Applegate, Elias Private E, 107 Fullerton Illinois
Arbuckle, Daniel Private B, 137 Infantry York Illinois
Archer, G. L. Private A, 93 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Arkey, William B. Private I, 47 Infantry Oxford Illinois
Armagost, J. C. Corporal A, 92 Rising City Illinois
Armstrong, Elston Private B, 94 Infantry Vanango Illinois
Armstrong, John W. Private H, 48 Infantry Ponca Illinois
Armstrong, Wilson Private D, 22 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Arnold, I. A. Captain A, 46 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Artley, Chas Private K, 46 Maywood Illinois
Artlip, David Private D, 102 Infantry Sumerset Illinois
Ashton, Samuel J. Corporal A, 13 Infantry Seward Illinois
Ashton, w. M. H. Private D, 140 Infantry Seward Illinois
Asterhour, Jesse Private D, 15 Cavalry North Platte Illinois
Atkins, A. B. Private G, 11 Sterling Illinois
Atkins, A. B. Private G, 11 Sterling Illinois
Atkinson, I. J Private H, 141 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Atkinson, J. H. Private D, 22 Bellevue Illinois
Atlig, George Private F, 77 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Attebery, Willis Private K, 14 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Attison, L. O. Private B, 7 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Atwood, Elias Private G, 2 Artillery Albion Illinois
Augustus, Johh C. Private A, 8 Infantry Fullerton Illinois
Austin, E. Sergeant F, 124 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Austin, E. B. Private B, 4 Zimmer Illinois
Austin, I. E. Corporal C, 11 Holdrege Illinois
Austin, Silas Private H, 42 Infantry Valley Illinois
Austine, John Private K, 28 Infantry Belgrade Illinois
Avery, G. W. Sergeant C, 104 Infantry Fairfield Illinois
Avery, Isaac Private B, 12 Vol Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Avery, Samuel Private F, 34 Huntley Illinois
Axen, A. Private E, 60 Stanton Illinois
Axtell, John E. Private 9 Cavalry Cambridge Illinois
Ayars, Robinson Private 132 Infantry Hindley Illinois
Ayars, Robinson Private D, Hindley Illinois
Ayers, D. B. Private E, 92 Vol Infantry Geneva Illinois

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