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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees, B-BL

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Baartz, August Private H, 146 Infantry Phillips Illinois
Babb, William Private D, 30 Infantry Endicott Illinois
Babbett, Wm C Private 12 Cavalry Cambridge Illinois
Babbitt, George N Teamster F, 39 North Platte Illinois
Babcock, George W Private H, 15 Greeley Illinois
Babcock, W H Private A, 95 Chappell Illinois
Backer, James A Private D, 65 Infantry O'Kay Illinois
Backus, J Corporal D, 34 Pleasanton Illinois
Bagley, H C Private K, 7 Cavalry St Paul Illinois
Bailer, W A Private H, 29 Infantry Germantown Illinois
Bailey, Austin Private H, 17 Cavalry Culbertson Illinois
Bailey, Cyrus W Private B, 73 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Bailey, D B Private E, 108 Infantry, A, 138 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Bailey, J Private H, 113 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Bailey, Samuel Corporal F, 81 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Bain, J A Private C, 52 Lincoln Illinois
Baird, C N Captain 129 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Baird, J A Private E, 40 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Baird, James Private C, 90 Clarks Illinois
Baird, James M Corporal D, 112 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Baird, Robert G Private H, 22 Infantry Central City Illinois
Bakeman, J Private G, 58 Infantry Belvidere Illinois
Baker, A. E. Corporal D, 127 Pawnee City Illinois
Baker, B F Private E, 34 Hastings Illinois
Baker, Francis H Private C, 8 Cavalry Creston Illinois
Baker, R W Corporal K, 10 Infantry Mullen Illinois
Baker, S K Private F, 2 Cavalry Bancroft Illinois
Baker, W P Private B, 41 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Bakewell, George C. Sergeant E, 10 Cavalry Wood Lake Illinois
Baldridge, J. F. Private I, 150 Infantry Arapahoe Illinois
Baldwin, A. T. Private E, 151 Oxford Illinois
Balfour, William Private I, 45 Swift Illinois
Ball, J G Private A, 148 Pleasanton Illinois
Ball, Sam Private H, 104 Pleasanton Illinois
Ball, T. T. Private B, 124 Springfield Illinois
Ball, T. T. Private B, 124 Springfield Illinois
Ball, W. L Private A, 97 Infantry Hartwell Illinois
Balliett, Jacob Private A, 92 David City Illinois
Balliman, W H Private K, 13 Infantry St Paul Illinois
Baly, Ira M Private A, 11 Cavalry Hershey Illinois
Bangs, George A. Private B, 96 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Barber, Jacob Private H, 30 Infantry Underwood Illinois
Bardwell, David Private G, 36 Vol Omaha Illinois
Barger, W M Private H, 34 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Barker, E. Private I, 94 Vol Wabash Illinois
Barker, Henry F. Lieutenant 7 Cavalry Sparks Illinois
Barker, John Captain I, 96 Infantry Scribner Illinois
Barker, S V Corporal F, 31 Infantry Tekamah Illinois
Barlow, N C Private A, 95 Vol Hastings Illinois
Barnard, William A Private K, 13 College View Illinois
Barnd, John Corporal C, 20 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Barnes, A Corporal C, 114 Table Rock Illinois
Barnes, A L. Private L, 7 Infantry Seward Illinois
Barnes, F M Private H, 37 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Barnes, Seth Corporal I, 52 Infantry Homer Illinois
Barnes, T F Captain G, 132 Univ Place Illinois
Barnes, T F   124 Univ Place Illinois
Barnes, W A Corporal E, 7 Infantry Battle Creek Illinois
Barnett, John Private A, 110 Infantry Hildreth Illinois
Barnett, M J Corporal R, 33 Veterans Fremont Illinois
Barney, H T Private C, 132 Infantry Warnerville Illinois
Barney, R E  E, 108 Infantry Odessa Illinois
Barnhard, Jacob Private A, 48 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Barnhouse, Nelson Private C, 74 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Barnica, Benj Private G, 118 Ray Illinois
Barr, James Private E, 65 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Barr, L C Sergeant H, 22 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Barr, William Private F, 96 Liberty Illinois
Barrett, J H Corporal K, 69 Infantry Gothenburg Illinois
Barrick, David Sergeant G, 88 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Barrick, Elias Private B, 92 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Barsby, John Lieutenant B, 106 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Barsh, A Private F, 139 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Barthelman, G C Private D, 7 Cavalry Harvard Illinois
Bartholomew, A C Private G, 44 Lebanon Illinois
Bartlett, G M Sergeant C, 101 Infantry Hiawatha Illinois
Bartlett, Jos L Corporal F, 49 Infantry Raymond Illinois
Bartlett, K C Private I, 5 Shelby Illinois
Bartlett, Mary A Hospit'l Nurse 101 Infantry Hiawatha Illinois
Barton, Henry Private H, 12 Infantry Friend Illinois
Barton, James Corporal C, 42 Infantry Superior Illinois
Barton, John Corporal K, 148 Infantry Wilber Illinois
Bartow, H N Private I, 27 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Bartram, R W Private A, 85 Infantry Fairfield Illinois
Barwick J S Corporal C, 3 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Bascom, W C Private C, 2 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Bascue, J N Private E, 101 Infantry Republican Cy Illinois
Bashford, J H Sergeant 8 Infantry Naponee Illinois
Bassett, Wm E Private H, 18 Infantry Norden Illinois
Bates, Edward Private B, 16 Infantry York Illinois
Bates, Edwin Private I, 156 Infantry Plattsmouth Illinois
Bates, George E Private I, 9 Cavalry Bassett Illinois
Bates, L D Private E, 74 Infantry Bassett Illinois
Bates, W. H. Sergeant E, 5 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Bates, William Private D, 78 Infantry Bee Illinois
Batheall, T M Corporal F, 26 Vol Juniata Illinois
Bathrick, J. H. Private J, 141 Infantry Arapahoe Illinois
Batten, James P Private L, 15 Vol Cavalry Endicott Illinois
Battershall, Moses Private G, 134 McCook Illinois
Battis, J H Sergeant B, 99 Infantry Auburn Illinois
Batty, R A Private F, 33 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Bauer, Frank Private A, 11 Cavalry Alliance Illinois
Baumbaugh, Geo Bugler D, 46 Cavalry Pleasant Dale Illinois
Bays, Wm Lieutenant F, 149 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Beach, Benjamin Private D, 68 Infantry Steele City Illinois
Beach, C B Private K, 70 Lincoln Illinois
Beach, E L Corporal 7 Nora Illinois
Beach, H A Private L, 16 Cavalry Ulysses Illinois
Beackman, Daniel Private A, 7 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Beanblossom, Geo W Private E, 152 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Bear, Geo H D Private H, 55 Infantry Orleans Illinois
Bear, Orange Private I, 14 Cavalry Guide Rock Illinois
Beardsley, William H Private C, 17 Cavalry Fairbury Illinois
Beck, C Private E, 21 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Beck, Charles W Private L, 10 Cavalry Indianola Illinois
Beck, G K Private H, 12 Indianola Illinois
Beck, H W Private C, 124 Infantry Upland Illinois
Beck, J D Private F, 14 Infantry Ong Illinois
Beck, Logan Private A, 154 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Beck, S C Private C, 124 Infantry Ong Illinois
Becklam, William Private B, 105 O'Kay Illinois
Beeman, W H Private D, 62 Infantry Atkinson Illinois
Beetley, E W Private C, 50 Infantry Daykin Illinois
Beezley, W J Private D, 145 Infantry Orleans Illinois
Beghtol, E W Corporal I, 137 Holdrege Illinois
Behr, Henry Private C, 13 Cavalry Wood River Illinois
Beland, Eugene Private G, 25 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Belden, Geo C Private D, 64 Infantry Thedford Illinois
Belden, L E 1 Sergeant F, 36 Vol Harrison Illinois
Belgrin, S W Private G, 77 Infantry South Omaha Illinois
Belknap, Irvin M Private B, 92 Infantry Wakefield Illinois
Bell, J. M. Sergeant B, 8 Calvalry Beatrice Illinois
Bell, Thomas Corporal E, 10 Infantry Wilsonville Illinois
Bell, Thos Corporal I, 3 Cavalry Carroll Illinois
Belt, T B Private A, 47 Max Illinois
Benalkin, Frank Private A and K, 13 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Bender, James T Sergeant D, 77 West Point Illinois
Benedict, Abe Private I, 65 Ayr Illinois
Benjamin J A Private W, 4 Cavalry Fremont Illinois
Benjamin, George Private D, 150 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Benlerbaugh, Sam Private B, 34 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Bennett, C C Private C, 27 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Bennett, Eli Private K, 15 Stromsburg Illinois
Bennett, F H Private E, 18 Infantry Dannebrog Illinois
Bennett, Geo W Sergeant I, 72 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Bennett, Henry Private F, 154 Infantry Sherwood Illinois
Bennett, J D Private H, 112 Infantry South Omaha Illinois
Bennett, James Private I, 156 Bookwalter Illinois
Bennett, Porter Private A, 45 Infantry Waverly Illinois
Benson, Daniel Corporal G, 96 Scotia Illinois
Benson, David Captain D, 12 Omaha Illinois
Benson, J H Private D, 77 Infantry Superior Illinois
Bentley, Charles F. Com Sergeant 142 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Bereridge, J R Corporal I, 112 Lincoln Illinois
Berger, John Private A, 75 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Berlin, E D Private K, 93 London Illinois
Berney, Jas Corporal F, 57 Infantry St Edward Illinois
Bernhardt, E L Private G, 154 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Berry, D M Private D, 36 Infantry Auburn Illinois
Berry, H H Private E, 145 McCook Illinois
Berry, N. H. Private C, 112 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Berry, W L Private I, 5 Cavalry Madison Illinois
Bessey, George Private I, 8 Cavalry Miller Illinois
Best, Edward N    Lime Grove Illinois
Bets, John Private D, 106 Infantry Culbertson Illinois
Betts, N I Private I, 142 Cumro Illinois
Betts, W H Private G, 99 Infantry Avoca Illinois
Beuterbaugh, Levi Private B, 34 Beav Crossing Illinois
Bible, T. A. Private K, 155 Infantry Cambridge Illinois
Bice, J M Private A, 112 Clarks Illinois
Bicknell, B H Private Chic Bd Trd Batry Kearney Illinois
Bierbower, Jonathan Private B, 39 Infantry Bromfield Illinois
Bigler, John Private K, 80 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Billings, C S Private D, 1 Light Artillery Omaha Illinois
Billings, D W Private A, 153 Infantry Ord Illinois
Billings, Simeon Private D, 105 Indianola Illinois
Bilyen, Jesse Private E, 130 Scotia Illinois
Bimis, Henry C Sergeant E, 28 Infantry Venango Illinois
Bingham, G W Private B, 94 Infantry Bennet Illinois
Bishoip, Rusley Lieutenant A, 26 Infantry Yutan Illinois
Bishop, George Private 113 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois
Bishop, I W. Private K, 139 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Bishop, J C Private B, 95 Infantry Cairo Illinois
Bitzer, Asad T Private B, 107 Lincoln Illinois
Bivens, William A Private K, 7 Infantry Exeter Illinois
Bixby, J M Corporal F, 79 Waverly Illinois
Black, D B Private A, 126 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Black, Joseph Captain K, 55 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Black, R S Private 62 Ragan Illinois
Black, R V Captain H, 114 Infantry Brock Illinois
Blackburn, James Private H, 47 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
Blackburn, John Private G, 104 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Blackburn, Joseph D Corporal D, 11 Infantry Seward Illinois
Blackson, J C Private 11 Bartley Illinois
Blackwell, John Private F, 148 Infantry Springfield Illinois
Blain, F M Private E, 26 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Blaine, John Captain K, 65 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Blaine, Richard Private F and R, 28 Crete Illinois
Blaine, Richard Private F, R 28 Crete Illinois
Blair, Cyrus Private C, 11 Infantry Thayer Illinois
Blake, R W Private G, 39 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
Blakely, Thomas Private G, 47 Purdum Illinois
Blakeslee, James N Private B, 106 Infantry Diller Illinois
Blakesley, Geo H Sergeant G, 129 Infantry Lomax Illinois
Blalock, W H Private B, 6 Cavalry Orchard Illinois
Blender, E Private G, 57 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Blevins, Geo W Private I, 125 Infantry Albion Illinois
Block, Martin Private F, 151 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Blodgett G O Corporal G, 96 Duncan Illinois
Blodgett, Dad Private C, 77 Infantry York Illinois
Blodgett, E A Private I, 15 Infantry Ft Calhoun Illinois
Bloom F P Private B, 19 Garrison Illinois
Bloom, John Private D, 132 Haigler Illinois
Bloomer, James Private E, 112 Infantry Belvidere Illinois

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