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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees, BO-BY

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Bobbet, George W Private A, 85 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Boden, A T Private G, 30 Infantry Eddyville Illinois
Bodley, Richard Private A, 12 Cavalry Blue Hill Illinois
Boehme, C Private D, 26 Infantry Atkinson Illinois
Bogenrief, David Private D, 93 Infantry Champion Illinois
Bogenrief, Samuel Private E, 146 Infantry Elmwood Illinois
Boggs, J W Sergeant K, 17 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Boggs, William Private K, 57 Table Rock Illinois
Boheken, D A Private F, 28 Infantry Talmage Illinois
Bohn, J B Private A, 8 Omaha Illinois
Bollinger, A. J Private A, 10 Infantry St Paul Illinois
Bomar, Henry J Private K, 83 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Bombarger, Peter Private G, 83 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Bonser, William B Private G, 17 Cavalry Haydon Illinois
Boon, John A Private A, 85 Infantry Utica Illinois
Booth, R Private F, 1 Artillery Sutton Illinois
Boothe, W. W. Private A, 3 Light Artillery Beatrice Illinois
Bordman, Wm Private B, 124 Infantry Gordon Illinois
Bordon, S R Corporal A, 88 Ayr Illinois
Borgman, George Private B, 43 Infantry Ogalalla Illinois
Borlis, C W Sergeant B, 4 Cavalry Glenville Illinois
Boschutte, Charles Private H, 27 Infantry Fontanelle Illinois
Boshar, John W Private B, 135 Lawn Illinois
Bosholin, Claude Private H, 25 Infantry Cedar Bluffs Illinois
Boslough, C G Private K, 47 Infantry York Illinois
Bosserman, W Private B, 107 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Bostock, F H Sergeant 65 Infantry Galena Illinois
Boston, James Corporal F, 53 Infantry DuBois Illinois
Boston, John W Private B, 75 Infantry David City Illinois
Bosworth, B F Corporal C, 75 Infantry Univ Place Illinois
Boucher, Fred A Private A, 57 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Bourlier, Peter Private I, 43 Infantry Nebraska City Illinois
Bovee, A M Private E, 7 Infantry Vacoma Illinois
Bovee, J W Private E, 7 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Bowen, David Private C, 14 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Bowen, Wm Private G, 112 O'Neill Illinois
Bower, N O Private G, 5 Madrid Illinois
Bowerman, Freeman Private K, 105 Infantry Blair Illinois
Bowers, H W Private A, 10 Infantry Juniata Illinois
Bowker, H H Private G, 15 Infantry York Illinois
Bowman, F W Private M, 9 Cavalry Bruning Illinois
Bowyer, Jas Private K, 110 Maywood Illinois
Boyd, Daniel R Private B, 102 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Boyd, Robert Private D, 69 Vol Roseland Illinois
Boyer, J B Sergeant F, 16 & 84 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Boyer, Joseph Private H, 75 Infantry York Illinois
Bradman, G W Private I, 42 Infantry Fullerton Illinois
Bradt, W H Private G, 2 Vol Infantry Diller Illinois
Brady, James Private B, 24 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Bragg, E N Private H, 18 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Braman, L WPrivate B, 8 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Braman, L W Private H, 1 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Braman, L W Private N, 88 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Brandon, Alexander Captain H, 12 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Brandt, M M Private C, 105 Nemaha City Illinois
Branson, N. T. Private F, 12 Cavalry Springfield Illinois
Branstitre, Jacob Private C, 106 Vol Infantry Edgar Illinois
Brant, A B Private H, 74 Infantry Superior Illinois
Brant, B F Private D, 93 Infantry Unadilla Illinois
Breckon, J W Corporal K, 2 Lt Artillery Central City Illinois
Bremer, John Private H, 86 Infantry Mira Creek Illinois
Brenenstall, R R Private 2 L Artillery Lincoln Illinois
Brewer, Eugene Private D, 34 Oxford Illinois
Brezee, William M Private H, 47 Infantry Indianola Illinois
Bricke, P Private F, 85 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Briggs, Carin Private E, 8 Lincoln Illinois
Briggs, Thomas Private K, 101 Stromsburg Illinois
Briles, Ephraim Private A, 102 Infantry Chester Illinois
Brimblecom, A J Sergeant I, 99 Columbus Illinois
Brinck, John Corporal B, 14 Infantry Hildreth Illinois
Brinckman, Christopher Private D, 88 Infantry Newman Gr've Illinois
Bringer, Peter Private F 50 & K, 10 Infantry Swanton Illinois
Brings, Wm Private 86 Infantry West Lincoln Illinois
Brininger, Peter Private E, 15 Alliance Illinois
Britlain, John Private I, 156 Infantry Daykin Illinois
Britten, N T Corporal B, 107 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Britton, Andrew Private A, 148 Infantry Sidney Illinois
Britton, Andrew Private G, 139 Infantry Sidney Illinois
Brock, C P Private G, 102 Infantry York Illinois
Brock, W H Private K, 124 Infantry Glenrock Illinois
Brockwood, Charles Private D, 12 Cavalry Callaway Illinois
Brodin, P J Private E, 151 Holdrege Illinois
Brooks, George W. Sergeant D, 8 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Brooks, H Private D, 16 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Brooks, H M Private E, 77 Infantry Seward Illinois
Brooks, Jesse Private E, 68 Otto Illinois
Brooks, O S Sergeant K, 4 Infantry Bancroft Illinois
Brooks, Thomas Private E and C, 23 Schuyler Illinois
Broshar, John W Private A, 154 Lawn Illinois
Brothers, Robert A. Private B, 98 Potter Illinois
Brotherton, Miles Private H, 146 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Brover, John Private G, 14 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Brown, C E Private G, 80 Central City Illinois
Brown, Charles Sergeant E, 33 Infantry Brady Island Illinois
Brown, Charles H. Private E, 104 Infantry Ogalalla Illinois
Brown, E A Private I, 86 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Brown, E L Private A, 12 Infantry Ong Illinois
Brown, Elbridge Private E, 74 Ansley Illinois
Brown, Eli Private K, 22 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Brown, F E Private E, 142 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Brown, Geo P Private I, 74 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Brown, George Private F, 140 Infantry Upland Illinois
Brown, George Corporal H, 47 Vol Stratton Illinois
Brown, Isaiah Private B, 74 Rushville Illinois
Brown, J P Private C, 41 Banksville Illinois
Brown, J C Private C, 92 Infantry Nebraska City Illinois
Brown, Joseph Private K, 84 Pawnee City Illinois
Brown, L P Private C, Cavalry Minden Illinois
Brown, Leonard Private B, 65 Infantry Meadow Grove Illinois
Brown, M J Private G, 96 Osceola Illinois
Brown, M S Private D, 93 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Brown, Moses Private D, 26 Infantry Ansley Illinois
Brown, Odin Private 142 Sterling Illinois
Brown, Peter Private H, 28 Talmage Illinois
Brown, Silas Private G, 83 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Brown, T S Private D, 46 Brady Island Illinois
Brown, Thom H Private D, 114 Lomax Illinois
Brown, W A Private C, 30 Murray Illinois
Brown, W A Private C, 66 Haigler Illinois
Brown, W J Private G, 33 Infantry Schuyler Illinois
Brown, Weston Private G, 19 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Brown, William Private L, 7 Cavalry Fairfield Illinois
Brown, Wm Sergeant B, 9 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Brown, Wm H   A, 15 and 140 Friend Illinois
Browning, John M Private E, 151 Infantry Mason City Illinois
Brownlee, D S Private H, 28 Infantry Elsie Illinois
Brownlee, Scott Private C, 36 Infantry Gordon Illinois
Brubaker, I. H. Private 79 Beatrice Illinois
Bruce, A J Corporal I, 19 Vol Smartville Illinois
Bruce, Finch Private F, 86 Infantry Malcolm Illinois
Brucker, A A Private H, 11 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Brunk, Wm Private B, 53 Clarks Illinois
Brunner, George Private G, 8 Cavalry Paxton Illinois
Bryan, Patrick Private K, 57 Vol Infantry Dodge Illinois
Bryan, R F Private D, 145 Infantry Osmond Illinois
Bryan, Thomas Private B, 1 Light Artillery Plattsmouth Illinois
Bryon, S. G. Private C, 117 Reg Infantry Ashland Illinois
Bryson, Robert Corporal H, 102 Infantry Elk Creek Illinois
Buchanan, P Sergeant H, 93 Infantry Spring Ranche Illinois
Buchanan, W C  C, 36 Infantry York Illinois
Buck, C H Private C, 2 Infantry De Witt Illinois
Buck, J S Private L, 14 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Buck, John M Private A, 151 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Buck, R P Sergeant B, 69 Infantry Wilber Illinois
Buckley, John   A, 23 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Buckley, Johnson Corporal K, 47 Infantry Precept Illinois
Buffum, A W Top Eng G, 83 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Buffum, Joseph W Private G, 83 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Buker, Geo W Private A, 8 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Bull, Timothy Private B, 64 Infantry Weeping Wa Illinois
Bullis, W. T. Private C, 34 Infantry Valentine Illinois
Bullock, Edwin E Private H, 47 Infantry Loomis Illinois
Bulock, R J Private H, 105 Infantry York Illinois
Bunce, Charles Surgeon 59 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Burch, Benjamin F. Corporal B, 32 Infantry Dodge Illinois
Burch, F J  C, 2 L Artillery Weisner Illinois
Burchard, Frank Private H, 49 Infantry Nebraska City Illinois
Burdean, Louis Private B, 44 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Burdick, J N Private F, 9 Infantry Berwyn Illinois
Burdick, W E Private F, 42 Infantry Arcadia Illinois
Burgess, Lorenzo S Private A, 8 Cavalry Julian Illinois
Burgett, Wm W. Private 39 Pickrell Illinois
Burk, Oliver P Private H, 47 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Burke, James 1 Lieutenant D & C, 2 Cavalry Imperial Illinois
Burket, H L Private B, 13 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Burkey, John Sergeant C, 139 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Burkhardt, Wm Private 2 Battery West Point Illinois
Burkholder, Samson Private F, Infantry Campbell Illinois
Burks, J P Private H, 114 Infantry Greenwood Illinois
Burling, John Private C, 93 Mayflower Illinois
Burlingim, S C Private G, 124 Infantry Seward Illinois
Burnes, E P Qt Mas Serg 78 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Burnett, C H Sergeant C, 64 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Burnett, J E Private A, 61 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Burns, A S Sergeant D, 42 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Burns, John Private C, 12 Riverton Illinois
Burns, John Corporal H, 57 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Burns, R. C. Private K, 52 Redington Illinois
Burns, Robert C Private 52 Freeport Illinois
Burns, William P Private C, 3 Cavalry Indianola Illinois
Burnside, W S Private S, 3 Dorp Illinois
Burr, B F Private F, 1 Lt Artillery Lincoln Illinois
Burrill, Ed Captain H, 15 Shelby Illinois
Burrows, James Private B, 103 Infantry Platte Centre Illinois
Burt, Thos Private A, 13 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Busey, M. S. Lieutenant B, 76 Infantry Gretna Illinois
Bush, C A Private K, 97 Infantry Ong Illinois
Bush, J. E. Private E, 112 Beatrice Illinois
Bush, Jacob Lieutenant K, 112 Lincoln Illinois
Butler, Charles Sergeant K, 47 Infantry Greenwood Illinois
Butler, M Private H, 151 Dale Illinois
Butler, O D Lieutenant D, 51 Infantry Columbus Illinois
Butt, Thomas B Private I, 12 Central City Illinois
Butterfield, G L Private A, 12 Cavalry Sargent Illinois
Butterfield, S P Corporal I, 93 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Butterfield, Wm Sergeant L, 4 Infantry Spring Ranch Illinois
Button, J F Private K, 65 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Butts, G P Private F, 151 Omaha Illinois
Byerly, C P Corporal A, 37 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Byerly, Geo Private G, 140 Infantry Peterburg Illinois
Bysong, John Private C, 12 Infantry West Point Illinois

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