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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees C, D

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Cady, George W Private C, 104 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
Cahou, H Private H, 57 Vol Omaha Illinois
Cain, David M Private B, 153 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Cain, John Private A, 47 Infantry Friend Illinois
Caldwell, P F Private F 16 Infantry Panama Illinois
Caldwell, S T Private H, 144 Vol Inf Edgar Illinois
Calhoun, Alexander Private G,14 Ogalalla Illinois
Calhoun, N W Private L, 57 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Calkins, D K Sgt I, 34 Infantry Petersburg Illinois
Calkins, J P Corporal G, 2 Cavalry Shelby Illinois
Callison, A F   K, 55 Infantry Daykin Illinois
Callison, Jesse Private I, 83 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Calmes A Sgt A, 21 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Camaham, J. G. Corporal E,9 Beatrice Illinois
Cameron,M Private M, 4 Cavalry Vacoma Illinois
Cameron, Peter Private G, 102 Lincoln Illinois
Cameron, T W Private F, 44 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Cameron, Wm Private H, 65 Vol So Omaha Illinois
Campbell, Alexander B Private B, 16 Scotia Illinois
Campbell, C Private G, 7 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Campbell, Charles Private A, 69 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Campbell, G W Private B, 7 Cavalry Adams Illinois
Campbell, J M Corporal Artificer, B T Bat Atkinson Illinois
Campbell, James Private 37 Infantry Waco Illinois
Campbell, James Private A, 83 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Campbell, John R Private 119 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Campbell, W P W   I, 14 Reg Vol Trumbell Illinois
Campbell, W T Private H, 140 Infantry Smithfield Illinois
Campbell, Wm Private B, 11 Cavalry Auburn Illinois
Campble, John F Private F, 54 Osceola Illinois
Canady, John   D, 65 Infantry Union Illinois
Candy, J R Private K, 145 Infantry Fairfield Illinois
Canfield, L B Private I, 75 Infantry Norman Illinois
Cannon, J C F Private F, 138 Infantry Franklin Illinois
Cannon, M W Lt B, 52 Vets Geneva Illinois
Cantlin, J R Private A, 104 Infantry Webster PO Illinois
Carette, Reuben Private I, 140 Infantry Holmesville Illinois
Caricker, J W Private D, 126 Infantry Bromfield Illinois
Carlock, J A Private F, 3 Table Rock Illinois
Carman, Israel Private K, 33 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Carmon, S O Private K, 144 Infantry Republican Cy Illinois
Carmony, John W Private D, 104 Infantry Endicott Illinois
Carpenter, Friend Private I, 76 Madrid Illinois
Carpenter, S H Private A, 64 Infantry Hildreth Illinois
Carr, Joseph B Private H, 146 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Carricker, I A   D, 126 Infantry Hansen Illinois
Carrier, Frank Sgt K, 31 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Carrigan, James Private B, 44 Culbertson Illinois
Carroll, Thomas Private H, Infantry Hastings Illinois
Carson, J H Corporal F, 124 Infantry Ord Illinois
Carson, W I Private I 42 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Carter, C N Corporal G, 132 Infantry Grant Illinois
Carter, J P Private C, 34 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Carter, W A Sgt K, 126 Jackson Illinois
Carter, T W Private K, 1 Lt Infantry Roseland Illinois
Carter, T W Private K, 106 Infantry Roseland Illinois
Cary, Freeman Corporal D, 78 Parnell Illinois
Case, Edward Sgt A, 84 Vol Infantry Endicott Illinois
Case, F B Private D, 46 Infantry Grant Illinois
Case, J E Sgt B, 75 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Casford, H T Private F, 151 Infantry Elk Creek Illinois
Cashman, E S Corporal E, 92 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Cashman, J G Corporal E, 9 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Cass, Alfred Private B, 155 Cody Illinois
Cassell, Ephraim Sgt H, 20 Infantry Republican Cy Illinois
Cassell, George Private G, 146 Infantry So Sioux City Illinois
Cassell, W H Private D, 77 Stuart Illinois
Cassey, Chas W Private B, 36 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Cassingham, Private A, 65 Infantry St Paul Illinois
Castello, Wm Private D, 185 Infantry Sweedburg Illinois
Caster, H H 2 Lt A, 9 Cavalry Stromsburg Illinois
Castor, Simeon Private K, 4 Friend Illinois
Casy, James S Private L, 16 Cavalry Bartlett Illinois
Casy, William B Messenger H, 15 Cavalry New Port Illinois
Catchcart, Wm C Private N, 37 Infantry Brock Illinois
Cathcart, Geo S Private B, 65 In Benedict Illinois
Cathcart, J M Private H, 37 Talmage Illinois
Caughey, Holbert Private A, 112 Infantry Utica Illinois
Caulfield, A J Officer 69 Veridgre Illinois
Caulk, A M Private D, 7 Catherine Illinois
Cavalryett, J A Private B, 39 Infantry Phillips Illinois
Challinger, Reuben Private D, 6 Cavalry Smartville Illinois
Challis, John F Private 29 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Chamberlain Sgt D, 133 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Chamberlain, T C Private A, 34 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Chambers, William Private H, 8 Cavalry North Platte Illinois
Champe, J M Private K, 10 Cavalry Aurora Illinois
Chaney, W R Corporal C, 133 Adams Illinois
Chapman, George C Private B, 52 Infantry Ashton Illinois
Chapman, L R Sgt H, 16 Infantry Fairfield Illinois
Chapman, Levi Private G, 4 Cavalry Lamar Illinois
Chapman, Simon Musician E, 108 Infantry Blue Springs Illinois
Chapman, W C Lt H, 10 Art Fremont Illinois
Chase, H W Private F, 95 Infantry Shelby Illinois
Chase, Luman Private E, 133 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Chatterton, Samuel Private A, 113 Chambers Illinois
Chidester, J R Private H, 124 Vol Hazard Illinois
Chilvers, Wm B Corporal B, 95 Infantry Pierce Illinois
Chittenden, E F Private B, 14 Infantry York Illinois
Chitwood, J A Corpl H, 2 Cavalry Franklin Illinois
Chitwood, J J Sgt H, 2 Cavalry Macon Illinois
Chrishouse, Peter Private H, 45 Infantry David City Illinois
Christance, Geo W Private F, 1 Lt Artillery Champion Illinois
Christensen, James Private F, 83 Infantry Washington Illinois
Christensen, Louis Private F, 83 Infantry Washington Illinois
Christian, Christ Private G, 20 Crete Illinois
Christie, Wm H Private K, 52 Omaha Illinois
Church, A H   G, 114 Infantry North Platte Illinois
Church, Andrew G Private H Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Church, W D Private E, 113 Cavalry Chester Illinois
Churchill, Hiram R Private 93 Infantry Avoca Illinois
Churchill, John Private K, 39 Infantry Vanango Illinois
Clampett, John Private L, 2 Cavalry Republican Cy Illinois
Clapp, G A 1st Lt I, 125 Infantry Brock Illinois
Clark, A W Sgt Maj 53 Columbus Illinois
Clark, Ben S Private D, 7 Infantry Ashland Illinois
Clark, C M Private H, 88 Lincoln Illinois
Clark, D O Private E, 2 Cavalry Adams Illinois
Clark, I N Corporal G, 25 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Clark, J P Sgt J, 2 Cavalry Chessey Illinois
Clark, James Private H, 77 Infantry Battle Creek Illinois
Clark, James W Private B, 88 Infantry Bartlett Illinois
Clark, John   N, 146 Hansen Illinois
Clark, John Corporal I, 86 Infantry Vesta Illinois
Clark, John K Captain D, 7 Infantry Ashland Illinois
Clark, John L Private C, H Artillery St Paul Illinois
Clark, L O Private L&I, Cavalry Adams Illinois
Clark, R A Private B, 86 Bradshaw Illinois
Clark, T S Private E, 106 Silver Creek Illinois
Clark, Thomas J Private K, 146 Infantry Harbine Illinois
Clarkson, Thaddeus S Adjutant 13 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Clarkson, Thaddeus S Private A, 1 Artillery Omaha Illinois
Clary, W F Sgt E, 85 Reg Imperial Illinois
Clausey, George NCO G, 102 Omaha Illinois
Clayton, I R Private A, 151 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Clayton, M P Private K, 16 Cavalry York Illinois
Clemens, A S Private H, 28 Infantry Creighton Illinois
Clements, James B Private I, 50 Infantry Hay Springs Illinois
Cleveland, A B Private I, 15 Decatur Illinois
Cleveland, J G Sgt C, 10 Infantry Madison Illinois
Clevish, Wm F Private A, 9 Cavalry Turner Illinois
Click, J S Private B, 10 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Clifton, Levi Corporal F, 85 Vol Infantry North Bend Illinois
Cline, A G Private B, 34 Louisville Illinois
Cline, Henry Sgt I, 116 Columbus Illinois
Cline, Presly Corporal B, 57 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Cline, W H Lieut D, 26 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois
Clothier, Salmon Sgt G 2 Cavalry ChampionIllinois
Cloud, Solomon Private G 94 Holbrook Illinois
Clough, Cabal G Private G Stanton Illinois
Clump, J B Sgt G 39 Cliff Illinois
Coats, C A Private H 8 Infantry Stockham Illinois
Cobb, E K Sgt Major B 57 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Cobbey, J E, Sr Lt D 75 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Coffey, James Corporal C 33 Stanford Illinois
Coffman, Harm T Corporal I 73 Mason City Illinois
Cogil, W H Private K 100 Infantry Central City Illinois
Cogill, M Y Private C 28 Infantry Bromfield Illinois
Cokon, August Private H 132 Infantry Oakland Illinois
Colbarn, H C Private B 92 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Cole, I M Private C 1 Artillery Cairo Illinois
Cole, J W Private D 32 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Cole, O W Private H 86 Gresham Illinois
Coleman, Daniel Private 83 Infantry David City Illinois
Coleman, J H Private I 91 Stromsburg Illinois
Coleman, John Private C 17 Cavalry Wymore Illinois
Coleman, R E Private D 36 Vol Greenwood Illinois
Colling, George Private A 52 Hastings Illinois
Collins, George Private D 105 Infantry Ong Illinois
Colling, William Private A 52 Indianola Illinois
Collins, C G Sgt B 1 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Collman, William Private D 45 Infantry Battle Creek Illinois
Colt, Peter H K Private G 93 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Colton, John C Corporal I 65 Earl Illinois
Coltrin, Corporal D 23 Infantry Pauline Illinois
Combs, John T Private C 17 Infantry David City Illinois
Combs, W H Private F 86 Myrtle Illinois
Compton, D H Private D 33 Infantry Ft Calhoun Illinois
Con, Isaiah Private G 129 Galena Illinois
Conant, John   C 11 Maywood Illinois
Conant, Reuben H 2 Sgt H 33 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Conking, A T Sgt C 95 Infantry Norden Illinois
Conklin, J R Adjutant E 20 Infantry Denton Illinois
Conkling, John H Private K 93 Jackson Illinois
Conler, W B Corporal E 142 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Conley, Francis B Private F 10 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Connell, John T Captain A 1 Lt Artillery Grand Island Illinois
Connelly, G D Sgt A 2 Vol Murray Illinois
Conrad, E K Sgt D 86 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Conrad, John H Private G 38 Infantry Craig Illinois
Converse, E H Private H 33 Infantry Hendly Illinois
Conwell, McKinzie Private G 148 Infantry Washington Illinois
Cook, Adrian Private H 88 Culbertson Illinois
Cook, C C Private C 137 Cavalry David City Illinois
Cook, M G Private A 62 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Cooley, S H Doctor E 42 Holdrege Illinois
Cooley, S H Private E 42 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Coon, Isaac Private F 86 Infantry De Soto Illinois
Coon, Peter Private C 104 Eagle Illinois
Coon, Samuel Private D 8 Infantry Manley Illinois
Coon, W A Corporal F 17 Cavalry Hansen Illinois
Coon, Wm Private E 153 Manley Illinois
Coons, A J Private B 154 Infantry Thornburg Illinois
Coons, I J Sgt H 125 Infantry Wayne Illinois
Coons, M H Private H 125 Infantry Thornburg Illinois
Cooper, George W Private B 46 Infantry New Port Illinois
Cooper, Henry Private 11 Cavalry Herman Illinois
Cooper, John Private D 114 Infantry Paxton Illinois
Cooper, R T Captain B 46 Infantry Seward Illinois
Cope, Charles Private M 1 Omaha Illinois
Copeland, P W Musician 45 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Coplen, L W Sgt K 68 Holdrege Illinois
Corbin, B E Private H 75 Infantry Milford Illinois
Corey, S T Private I 44 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Corley, Daniel Private A 1 Lt Artillery Fremont Illinois
Cormany, J H Private D 26 Infantry Bassett Illinois
Cornelius, Private F 65 Infantry Hubbard Illinois
Corney, S P   D 7 Infantry Friend Illinois
Cornish, Amos G Private 47 Infantry Hartman Illinois
Corroll, Alfred     Illinois
Corroll, Thomas Private D 17 West Union Illinois
Cosner, Wm Private I 12 Infantry Clarks Illinois
Coughlin, MIchael Private C 45 O'Neill Illinois
Coulter, J M Private B 93 Infantry Orleans Illinois
Coverly, T E Private A 48 Ravenna Illinois
Cowan, K W Sgt C 144 Infantry Florence Illinois
Cowen, H S Private F 34 Crab Orchard Illinois
Cowles, W W Lieut M 14 Cavalry Broken Bow Illinois
Cox, C C Private A 78 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Cox, C W Private F 117 Infantry Strang Illinois
Cox, James Private I 47 Sterling Illinois
Cox, Oscar J 1st Sgt M 11 Cavalry Fairmont Illinois
Cox, Richard Private G 101 Infantry Schickley Illinois
Cox, Rufus L Private 84 Infantry York Illinois
Cox, Thomas Private H 139 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Cox, W D Sgt Maj 28 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Cox, W M Private D 9 Cavalry Miller Illinois
Cozad, Henry Musician H 83 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Crabill, S W Private H 83 Infantry Bancroft Illinois
Crabtree, N Private F 11 Fullerton Illinois
Crabtree, Oscar S Private I 95 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
Craig, H S Private A 32 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Craig, Henry Bugler K 39 Clearwater Illinois
Craig, J R Private B 10 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Craig, L R 1st Lt H 139 Infantry Pierce Illinois
Craig, T P Private C 145 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Craig, Wm Sgt B 150 Infantry BennetIllinois
Cramer, J E Private B 135 Infantry OhamaIllinois
Crandall, W W Captain F 77 Infantry AuburnIllinois
Crangle, William F Corporal A 42 Infantry Holmesville Illinois
Craven, S N Private I 101 Infantry St Paul Illinois
Crawford, Adam Private C 36 Infantry Seward Illinois
Crawford, James Private E 10 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Crawford, James Private G 64 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Crawford, James Private I 94 Infantry Deweese Illinois
Crawford, W S Private B 12 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Creamer, James Major B 10 Columbus Illinois
Cresswell, Geo W Private K 58 Infantry Strang Illinois
Crigler, R W Private C 112 Vol Nelson Illinois
Crigman, Stephen Private E 6 Infantry David City Illinois
Crinklaw, Robert Private A 95 Infantry Steel City Illinois
Cristler, A S Sgt G 34 Table Rock Illinois
Cristler, O T Corporal F 154 Table Rock Illinois
Crites, Wm H Corporal E 27 Infantry Central City Illinois
Crommett, Chas Private K 112 Beaver City Illinois
Cromwell, Henry D Sgt I 84 Infantry Paxton Illinois
Crooker, J C Captain I 54 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Crosby, William Private C 83 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Cross, Stephen Private K 135 Infantry Guide Rock Illinois
Crouch, E S Private G 142 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Crouch, L P Chaplain 55 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Crouch, T A Private A 3 Cavalry Grafton Illinois
Crouse, Daniel W Private B 11 Cavalry Staplehurst Illinois
Crow, A D Private G 14 Max Illinois
Crow, O M Private A 2 Artillery Hildreth Illinois
Crowder, Oliver Private K 147 Beav Crossing Illinois
Crowley, James T Private A 57 Infantry Battle Creek Illinois
Crownover, F L Private H 119 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Culbertson, J S Sgt L 12 Cavalry Angus Illinois
Culp, Benjamin F Private H 50 Infantry Pleasant Dale Illinois
Cumpston, A R Private B 12 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Cunningham, E M Private B 53 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Curles, John Private G 9 Stratton Illinois
Curran, John Private D 24 Holdrege Illinois
Current, Geo Private D 18 Cavalry Blue HIll Illinois
Current, George Private D 18 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Current, Samuel Private K 37 Infantry Upland Illinois
Currie, John Ord Sgt I 28 Infantry Brock Illinois
Currie, John Private C 24 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Currier, A T Private B 19 Crete Illinois
Currier, Lewis   B 129 Infantry Prosser Illinois
Curry, Abner Private I 92 Vol Ruskin Illinois
Curry, Rolla Private M 2 Cavalry Chester Illinois
Curtis, Edward L Private D 75 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Curtis, H A Private C 99 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Curtis, J F Private D 69 Infantry Orum Illinois
Curtis, Harrison J Private C 99 Infantry Grand IslandIllinois
Curtis, T B Sgt K 145 Lincoln Illinois
Cushman, J B Sgt F 89 Infantry ChapmanIllinois
Cutrell, Chas W Private C 31 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Cypher, S P Private I 140 Stromsburg Illinois
Dailey, L A Private E 83 Volunteers Stratton Illinois
Dailey, Rufus K Private M 4 Cavalry Benkelman Illinois
Daily, James O Private C 84 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Daily, John P Private D 75 Infantry Osmond Illinois
Dalbow, Gideon Private A 91 Infantry Elwood Illinois
Dalee, A Private A 13 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Damann, F A Lieut E 82 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Daniels, T T Private I 2 Cavalry Berwyn Illinois
Dann, J B Private K 20 Infantry De Witt Illinois
Dano, Jerome Private A 127 Infantry OgalallaIllinois
Danson, Thomas Private D 7 Lyons Illinois
Darling, N J Private I 23 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Darling, Wm Private A 7 Cavalry Arborville Illinois
Darnell, H H S Com 48 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Darnell, James Private G 61 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Darnell, Sumuner Private F 86 Infantry David City Illinois
Darr, John Private D 12 Cavalry Scottville Illinois
Darron, James L Private C 117 Fullerton Illinois
Darrow, J D Private C 10 Stormsburg Illinois
Darwall, D C Private K 21 Infantry Dunbar Illinois
Davenport, A A Private B 74 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Daves, C C Private I 150 Infantry Seward Illinois
David, David W Private D 51 Infantry Arcadia Illinois
David, J F Sgt J 12 Cavalry Huntley Illinois
Davidson, John H Private F 12 Cavalry FranklinIllinois
Davidson, R M Corporal A 108 Table Rock Illinois
Davis, Alex Private B&F 3 Cavalry Bladen Illinois
Davis, Chas 2 Sgt D 17 Infantry Page Illinois
Davis, D S Corporal G 126 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Davis, Daniel Private D 8 Cavalry BeatriceIllinois
Davis, G W Private K 28 Volunteers Lushton Illinois
Davis, Hiram W Private M 17 Cavalry So Sioux City Illinois
Davis, J B Sgt L 9 Cavalry Pierce Illinois
Davis, J C Private B 140& 147 IN Minden Illinois
Davis, J H Private I Second Drag Homer Illinois
Davis, J P Private G 33 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Davis, Jas P Private G 23 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Davis, John J Private C 112 Infantry Pierce Illinois
Davis, Joseph Private I 37 Infantry Weeping Water Illinois
Davis, Joseph Private K 64 Infantry North Platte Illinois
Davis, N E Private K 92 Mtd Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Davis, Phillip Private 53 Infantry Brownville Illinois
Davis, W P Private I 5 Cavalry Roseland Illinois
Davis, Wm L Private A 18 Oak Illinois
Davis, William Private B 16 H Artillery Sidney Illinois
Davis, Willis Private C 57 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Davisson, M A Private A 108 Infantry Grand IslandIllinois
Davlin, Hugh Corporal B Light Artillery Spaulding Illinois
Dawley, D F Private A 154 Infantry Seward Illinois
Dawley, H G Private A 154 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Dawson, J M Private C 7 Cavalry Madison Illinois
Dawson, John L Private E 112 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Day, C Private A 118 Infantry Alma Illinois
Day, Enoch Private B 91 Reg Vol Omaha Illinois
Day, Lewis Private G 73 Infantry Riverton Illinois
Day, Wm B Private G 124 Vol Infantry Fremont Illinois
De Long, George W Private D 77 Friend Illinois
De Long, Gibson Private A 3 Cavalry Syracuse Illinois
De Motte, Edwin F Private A 112 Beaver City Illinois
De Wolfe, Ranson Private B 17 Cavalry Albion Illinois
Dean, J Corporal 5 M Battery Pierce Illinois
Dean, J K Private D 11 Infantry Pauline Illinois
Deason, John B Private F 13 Cavalry Kimball Illinois
Deason, N Private A 81 Infantry Cook Illinois
Debolt, Alexander Private C 77Infantry Bassett Illinois
Deck, J J Sgt D 34 Memphis Illinois
Deck, William Private H 10 Infantry Ithaca Illinois
Decker, John H Private A 89 Infantry FairburyIllinois
Decker, L B Private F 100 Infantry Gresham Illinois
Deeder, H H Private H 2 Artillery Harvard Illinois
Deford, Henry Private Henshaws Bat Bellwood Illinois
DeGrafft, Lyman A Private G 72 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Dehart, J W Private J 2 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Deitz, Samuel Private Bat L 2 Lt Artillery Aurora Illinois
Delaney, Patrick Private B 104 Vol Infantry Dodge Illinois
Delay, Robt Private A 12 Cavalry Concord Illinois
Deleman, H L Private K 112 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Demont, M Captain C 145 Infantry Talmage Illinois
Denman, F M Private K 130 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Dennis, Joseph T Private H 146 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Densmore, N N Private C 92 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Depue, N M Corporal F 13 Infantry Grand IslandIllinois
Depuy, I Private K 67 Infantry Springfield Illinois
Desch, Marcus Private D 84 Infantry York Illinois
Deuel, Wilbert Corporal F 17 Cavalry Meadow Grove Illinois
Devine, James Private 115 Infantry Wilcox Illinois
Dew, Robert Private K 17 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Dewery, J C Private N 139 Loomis Illinois
Dewey, J C Musician F 55 Infantry Plato Illinois
Dewey, J C Corporal D 137 Infantry Plato Illinois
Dewey, Iisachas B Private D 86 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
DeWolf, Geo Private K 113 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Dezone, J J Private E 6 Cavalry Chase Illinois
Dible, John Private G 95 Talmage Illinois
Dice, William Private A 65 Hayes Centre Illinois
Dickey, O Corporal I 36 Infantry Page Illinois
Dickson, A B Private L 8 Cavalry Elmwood Illinois
Dickson, G F Private I 7 Cavalry Clay Center Illinois
Dickson, J B Private C 12 Infantry Callaway Illinois
Dickson, J W Private H 30 Infantry Adams Illinois
Dickson, James Corporal K 135 Infantry Custer Illinois
Diehl, J F Corporal G 104 Nelson Illinois
Dier, Andrew Private B 17 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Dillavon, J T Private F 41 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Dillion, Zacariah Private K 46 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Dillon, J A Private E 41 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Dilworth, Brig Gen 85 Infantry HastingsIllinois
Dilworth, W S Private G 8 Infantry Crab Orchard Illinois
Dimmick, J M Private G 16 Infantry Macon Illinois
Dittoe, Daniel U Private H 59 Davey Illinois
Divert, James Private A 77 Dorsey Illinois
Dixon, John Private F 64 Infantry Emerson Illinois
Dixon, R M Private C 12 Infantry Callaway Illinois
Dixon, William Private K 47 Infantry Pierce Illinois
Dobbin, James Private C 91 Infantry Wayne Illinois
Dobbins, Patrick Private A 104 Cheney Illinois
Dobner, Henry Private F 39 Infantry Bertrand Illinois
Dodd, Benjamin Private H 151 Infantry Arcadia Illinois
Dodds, Robert Private B 151 Infantry Lebanon Illinois
Dodson, Epaphrass W Sgt D 10 Infantry Ansley Illinois
Doll, Frank A Private K 146 Benkelman Illinois
Donahoo, Robert Private I 14 Cavalry Dorchester Illinois
Dong, William Private D 94 Eureka Illinois
Donner, G W Private K 114 Indianola Illinois
Dooley, James Private D 1 Artillery Broken Bow Illinois
Dooley, S B Sgt D 14 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Doran, John Private C 53 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Dorn, D H Private E 34 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Dorn, Jacob Private G 83 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Doty, John J Private H 131 Wauneta Illinois
Dougherty, G W Sgt 84 Infantry Vesta Illinois
Douglas, C N Corporal H 66 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Douglas, J W Private L 2 Cavalry York Illinois
Douglas, S V Private D 146 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Dowd, Philander Corporal B 12 Infantry Meadow GroveIllinois
Dowers, James Private E 35 Infantry David City Illinois
Dowes, Jonathan Private A 106 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Dowling, Thos Private G 14 Infantry Atkinson Illinois
Downer, J C Private K 17 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Downey, Wm Private H 37 Infantry Gresham Illinois
Doxsee, H L Private F 97 Infantry Callaway Illinois
Doyle, F Private K 7 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Doyle, James Private K 65 Gretna Illinois
Drake, J D Private B 47 Earl Illinois
Drake, P H Private M 11 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Draper, W T Private G 13 Cavalry Loup Cit Illinois
Drawbridge, Josep W Private D 23 Scotia Illinois
Drew, Jacob S Private D 85 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Drommand, James Private H 47 Infantry Haigler Illinois
Dryden, Robert Private A 54 Stockville Illinois
Dryden, Wm Private G 66 Farnam Illinois
Duffeld, George S Private J 16 Sutherland Illinois
Duffield, A A Trumpeter B 5 Cavalry Wood River Illinois
Duffy, James Private H 95 Infantry Guide Rock Illinois
Dugger, W A Private L Cavalry Redington Illinois
Dunbar, Henry Private A 11 Cavalry Moulton Illinois
Dunbar, J D Private E 33 Rushville Illinois
Dunbar, John Private I 47 Infantry Guide Rock Illinois
Duncan, Frank Private A 2 Artillery Naponee Illinois
Duncan, G B Corporal E 106 Infantry Elk Creek Illinois
Duncan, James W Private W 11 Infantry Wakefield Illinois
Duncan, Thomas Private C 112Infantry Naponee Illinois
Dungan, W O Sgt A 2 Infantry Newark Illinois
Dunigan, M Private D 64 Infantry Bee Illinois
Dunkan, O P Private B 46 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Dunker, Charles Private E 43 Infantry Strang Illinois
Dunker, Fred Private E 43 Infantry Strang Illinois
Dunkle, G M Private D 112 Infantry Elmwood Illinois
Dunlap, M D Private B 147 Infantry Arcadia Illinois
Dunlap, W S Lieut I 56 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Dunn, Elijah Private 171 &156 Omaha Illinois
Dunn, Frank Captain I 50 Infantry Minden Illinois
Dunning, H D Private I 73 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Duran, Alfred Private K 9 Infantry St Edwards Illinois
Durley, J M Private I 47 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Dutcher, Theo Corporal E 148 Infantry ElbaIllinois
Dycus, J F Private G 35 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Dyder, David Private K 54 Infantry Cameron Illinois
Dyer, William W Corporal F 21 Infantry Seward Illinois

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