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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees, E, F, G, H

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Earl, George Private D 7 Infantry Lindsay Illinois
Earls, W D Private H 104 Waco Illinois
Easom, W Farrier C&A 7 Cavalry Morse Bluff Illinois
Easter, Frank Corporal G 108 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Easterday, M V Lieut F 126 Infantry   Illinois
Eastman, J O Corporal I 93 Infantry S. Omaha Illinois
Eastman, John Private D 114 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Easton, C M Private F 141 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Eastwood, D D Private 6 Ind Bat Vol Riverton Illinois
Eatinger, Wm J Private I 146 Infantry Seward Illinois
Eaton, Clark Private D 53 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Eaton, O D Private D 34 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Eaton, William N Private K Infantry Sidney Illinois
Eberhart, Joseph C Sgt H 27 Infantry Liberty Illinois
Echart, Augustus Private H 4 Cavalry Pawnee City Illinois
Echtencamp, Fred Private I 10 Cavalry Arlington Illinois
Echtencamp, Herman Private H 43 Infantry Arlington Illinois
Eddy, Anthony Private K 64 O'Kay Illinois
Eddy, Eruin Lieut G 2 Redwing Illinois
Eddy, Levi Private C 7 Cavalry Hastings Illinois
Edgington, M S Sgt E 34 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Edwards, Geo W Private C 29 Infantry Fullerton Illinois
Edwards, John R Corporal K 54 Infantry Julian Illinois
Edwards, Orrin Private I 29 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Eggert, Jacob Private D 34 Belgrade Illinois
Ehlers, Henry Private I 146 Infantry Buchanan Illinois
Ehlers, W H Private C 96 Infantry Berlin Illinois
Ehrhardt, John Musician F 52 Stanton Illinois
Elam, A H Drummer C 15 Infantry Seward Illinois
Elder, J M Private B 117 Infantry Fairfield Illinois
Elder, R R Sgt G 76 Infantry Verona Illinois
Elder, S M Private B 143 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Eley, J H Private K 129 Infantry Emporia Illinois
Ell, J C Private B 92 Infantry Bennet Illinois
Elledge, Wm H Private F 137 Mt Clare Illinois
Ellermeier, E L       Illinois
Elling, Charles Private A 22 Infantry Fontanelle Illinois
Ellingsworth, W Private A 9 Cavalry Gothenburg Illinois
Elliott, F M Corporal F 28 Infantry Auburn Illinois
Elliott, Joseph Private C 74 Campbell Illinois
Ellis, E E Private B 87 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Ellis, Joseph Private B 47 Beatrice Illinois
Ellis, T J Private E 7 Cavalry Wymore Illinois
Ellis, W A Private K 112 Infantry Odell Illinois
Ellwood, Isaiah Private H 5 Infantry Allston Illinois
Elwell, William E Private D 7 Cavalry Hubbell Illinois
Embody, E H Private B 62 Infantry Ithaca Illinois
Emel, W A Private C 8 Cavalry Norman Illinois
Emery, Perry Private E 83 Cavalry Diller Illinois
Emery, Wm C Private B 153 Infantry Albion Illinois
Emest, Albert Private B 12 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Empie, J H Corporal B 134 Infantry Haydon Illinois
Endsley, C W Private K 135 Infantry Redington Illinois
Enlow, Frank Private C 118 Cambridge Illinois
Enslow, C C Corporal C 77 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Enslow, J H Private I 47 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Epperson, J L Private L 7 Cavalry Clay Center Illinois
Ernst, Jacob Private F 43 O'Neill Illinois
Erret, H C Private H 45 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Erwin, C G Private   Beatrice Illinois
Ess, John Private E 47 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Essex, T D Private K 140 Infantry Holmesville Illinois
Estabrook, Geo J Private B 64 Infantry Overton Illinois
Esterbrook, A A Private G 142 Infantry Cushing Illinois
Evans, E M Private G 8 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Evans, J J Private G 2 Cavalry Waco Illinois
Evans, John Corporal D 48 Infantry Stockham Illinois
Evans, Joshua G Private C 98 Infantry Callaway Illinois
Evans, T A Private D 152 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Evans, William J Captain F 118 McCook Illinois
Everett, Chas L Corporal H 11 Bellevue Illinois
Everett, J J Sgt C 146 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Everett, Jas Corporal G 84 La Platte Illinois
Ewing, Lloyd Private C 106 Reg Oak Illinois
Ewing, Samuel Private K 84 Genoa Illinois
Fabinger, Nicholas Private F 96 Infantry Gandy Illinois
Fabrique, M D Sgt A 134 Infantry Chester Illinois
Fagot, M Private D 39 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Fagot, M Private D 39 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Fairfield, W A Private B 15 Pawnee City Illinois
Fairman, Frank Private C 37 Infantry Axtell Illinois
Fairman, G H Captain F 37 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Faith, T J Private A 7 Cavalry Chester Illinois
Falby, Timothy Private I 19 Infantry Pullman Illinois
Falkner, William Private H 119 Friend Illinois
Farlely, B F Private F 141 Infantry York Illinois
Farmer, W H Private K 33 Infantry Kenesaw Illinois
Farnham, W C Corporal B 138 Archer Illinois
Farnsworth, Moses Private I 15 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Fay, Thomas Corporal B 42 Infantry Albioin Illinois
Fellows, William Corporal C 39 Infantry Amherst Illinois
Fenner, Roselle Private C 44 Alliance Illinois
Ferguson, F C Captain C Cavalry Haigler Illinois
Ferguson, F J Private H 4 Cavalry Hastings Illinois
Ferguson, H T Private 1 Light Artillery Orleans Illinois
Ferguson, John Private B 107 Infantry Guide Rock Illinois
Ferguson, N M Private G 15 Infantry York Illinois
Ferguson, Samuel Private E 4 Cavalry Bromfield Illinois
Fessler, Henry Corporal H 55 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Fetterly, M D Corporal C 15 Infantry Bennet Illinois
Fetterman, Cyrus Private B 33 Infantry Germantown Illinois
Feusner, Henry Corporal K 28 Infantry Huntley Illinois
Field, W B Private F 59 Omaha Illinois
Fierling, G W Private I 17 Infantry Hudson Illinois
Fillmore, John H Lieut K 55 Infantry Grant Illinois
Finkle, R R Private H 15 Infantry Creighton Illinois
Fish, Warren Private 64 Infantry Central City Illinois
Fisheer, Luke Private I 47 Vol Stella Illinois
Fisher, E F Private E 48 Infantry Atkinson Illinois
Fisher, E T Private F&E 47 & 48 Infantry Atkinson Illinois
Fisher, J L Corporal H 115 Pawnee City Illinois
Fisk, S A Private E 104 Infantry Elwood Illinois
Fiss, T J Private D 46 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Fitzer, M C Corporal C 95 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Fitzgerald, John H Private I 26 Infantry Callaway Illinois
Fitzgerald, Patrick Private B 57 Infantry St Edwards Illinois
Fitzpatrick, B Corporal D 91 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Fitzpatrick, John Private G 32 Infantry Plattsmouth Illinois
Fitzpatrick, Michael Corporal F 131 Infantry Shickley Illinois
Flagle, Caleb H Private C 19 Infantry Reynolds Illinois
Flanagan, Thomas Private H 9 Cavalry Luston Illinois
Flansburg, Joseph Private H 139 Infantry Plattsmouth Illinois
Flemming, A J Private D Inman Illinois
Fleming, J A Private G 21 Infantry Culbertson Illinois
Fleming, James B Private A 76 Roten Illinois
Fleming, Thomas C Private F 44 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Fleming, Wm Private F 130 Beaver City Illinois
Fletcher, J C Private A 96 Infantry Loup City Illinois
Fletcher, William Private K 15 Cavalry Friend Illinois
Flickinger, Charles Private E 45 Infantry Firth Illinois
Flint, J B Private I 142 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Flood, W S Private I 129 Infantry Hay Springs Illinois
Florom, Wm Private C 15 Cavalry Stockville Illinois
Foot, E J Private K 105 Infantry Superior Illinois
Foote, C E Comm Dept 122 Infantry So Omaha Illinois
Foote, Charles Private A 86 Infantry Seward Illinois
Forbes, A N Private I 46 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Forbes, John A Private F 42 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Ford, J C Private H 36 Infantry Utica Illinois
Forebaugh, Wm Private G 88 Infantry Reynolds Illinois
Foreman, Alfred Private E 15 Vol Friend Illinois
Forneyi, Geo H Private A 12 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Forrest, James M Private A 16 Infantry Oxford Illinois
Foskett, William M Private B 2 Cavalry Hemingford Illinois
Fosler, George   B 46 Infantry Seward Illinois
Foss, Ransom Sgt B 34 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Foster, F B Private C 132 Infantry Sterling Illinois
Foster, Fred Private E 147 Infantry Milford Illinois
Foster, George Private E 8 Cavalry Clark Illinois
Foster, I G Sgt G 112 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Foster, Jonathan Lieut K 49 Infantry Bromfield Illinois
Foster, Joshiah H Sgt G 54 Infantry Sidney Illinois
Foster, T E Private B 41 V V Dorchester Illinois
Foster, T J Private C 138 Infantry Beaver Crossing Illinois
Foster, W Private G 80 Infantry Central City Illinois
Fountain, Isaac Private K 85 Infantry Upland Illinois
Fountain, James Private C 12 Cavalry York Illinois
Fowler, Willilam Private F 77 Aurora Illinois
Fox, Edgar Corporal 95 Rising City Illinois
Fox, Egbert Corporal 95 David City Illinois
Fox, F P Comm Sgt O 13 Infantry Republican City Illinois
Fraham, J C Sgt B 43 Malmo Illinois
Fraka, Henry Private A 111 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
France, August Private C 63 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
France, B K Private K 84 Infantry Allston Illinois
Frankisco, Levi Corporal K 126 Jackson Illinois
Franklin, Ebenezer Private A 100 Infantry Linwood Illinois
Frantz, W M Private D 145 Infantry Roseland Illinois
Franz, Ernest Private K 51 Infantry Hampton Illinois
Franzen, A J Private B 137 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Frayelle, S R Private L 12 Cavalry Wayne Illinois
Fread, Ezra Private E 21 Infantry Sartoria Illinois
Frederick, Robert Private A 36 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Fredrick, John Private F 82 Adams Illinois
Freed, John Private K 83 Atkinson Illinois
Freeman, Dan Private I Hoag Illinois
Freeman, F J Private I 5 Cavalry Yutan Illinois
Freeman, M L Private B 73 Neligh Illinois
Freeman, R C Private C 11 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Freeman, R C Private C 39 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Freeman, W DeL Private B 134 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Freemole, Samuel Private A 14 Tecumsch Illinois
French, George Private E 147 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
French, J W Sgt A 2 Artillery Haravard Illinois
French, James Private C 92 Paddock Illinois
French, William Private K 7 Mtd Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Frey, Samuel Private H 11 Cavalry Doniphan Illinois
Fried, Wm   1 Engineers Fremont Illinois
Friend,   Private 76 Madrid Illinois
Friend, H B Private B Syracuse Illinois
Friend, Howard Private G 17 Cavalry Syracuse Illinois
Frisbie, D C Lieut E 142 Infantry Neligh Illinois
Frison, H C Private Cavalry Waverly Illinois
Fritazzell, J B Private F 103 Bartley Illinois
Fritchioff, P J Private A 43 Celia Illinois
Fritz, H J Private A 75 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Froelid, J Musician 10 Infantry Loup City Illinois
From, James Corporal B 46 Infantry David City Illinois
Frost, Augustus H  A 80 Western Illinois
Frost, Enos Private A 2 Artillery Wymore Illinois
Fry, Theodore Private A 142 Infantry Chester Illinois
Fryar, L F Private A 37 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Fuller, A A Private I 53 Infantry Gering Illinois
Fuller, C M Private G 31 Infantry Angus Illinois
Fuller, George W Corporal C 75 Infantry Seward Illinois
Fuller, J M Private H 147 Infantry Nemaha City Illinois
Fuller, Wm J Private F 13 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Fuller, William Private D 7 Cavalry Elk Creek Illinois
Fuller, William J Corporal F 13 Scotia Illinois
Fulliton, Willis Private C 59 Infantry Staplehurst Illinois
Fulton, A A Private G 53 Burchard Illinois
Funnity, John H Private C&I 13 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Furlong, Moses Sgt I 96 Infantry Auburn Illinois
Furr, John A Private D 94 Infantry Champion Illinois
Furrows, Geo W Private D 77 Hayes Centre Illinois
Fye, B F Private H 67 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Fye, Daniel Private H 26 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Fye, J D Lieut F 2 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Gager, Richmond D Private A 153 Dorsey Illinois
Gail, John L Private H 153 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Gaines, W T Private B Infantry Kennard Illinois
Galbraeth, Joseph Private G 92 Howells Illinois
Galer, George Private B 57 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Galer, Reasoner Private C 47 Max Illinois
Galitz, Charles Private I 23 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Gallagher, Robert Com Sgt K 15 Cavalry Emporia Illinois
Galley, Alvin Private F 124 Vol Infantry Nelson Illinois
Galley, Jake Corporal A 72 Vol Infantry Nelson Illinois
Galley, P S Private B 19 Infantry Greenwood Illinois
Galley, Springer Corporal B&K 19 & 42 V Infantry Nelson Illinois
Galligan, J K Private 9 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Gannon, Thomas Corporal D 9 Silver Creek Illinois
Gano, R Corporal G 15 Infantry Bertrand Illinois
Gantz, J Sgt A 124 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Gardner, Earlis Burr Private T 113 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Gardner, George Private E 17 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Gardner, Henry Private C 3 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Gardner, J N Private 2 Artillery Broken Bow Illinois
Gardner, John Private E 153 Infantry Oxford Illinois
Gardner, L D Corporal D 83 Infantry Loup City Illinois
Gardner, W P Lieut F 116 Infantry Bromfield Illinois
Gareett, Jacob Private E 29 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Garis, John B Private F 83 Vol McCool Illinois
Garlick, G P Private C 113 Omaha Illinois
Garner, Benj T Sgt I 15 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Garner, Frank Private B 100 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Garner, J D Private G 15 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Garner, W C Sgt G 54 Infantry Wilcox Illinois
Garnsey, Francis D Private C 95 Vol Infantry Endicott Illinois
Garrels, G A Corporal K 119 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Garrett, James Private D 93 Infantry Lowell Illinois
Garrison, J W N Private G 75 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Gates, Henry Private G 92 Bertha Illinois
Gates, Wm Private D 20 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Gauldrie, Wat Private I 39 Infantry Blair Illinois
Gay, Jerry Sgt T 9 Cavalry Fremont Illinois
Gehrig, E Sgt D 24 Infantry Orleans Illinois
Gelrick, Philip Private I 34 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Gentert, N N Private R 44 Infantry Holstein Illinois
George, Crhisty Private D 64 Infantry Garrison Illinois
George, James W Private F 5 Cavalry Sparks Illinois
George, Jesse A Private 89 Vol Stanton Illinois
George, S M Private C 103 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Gerber, Fred A   H 52 Infantry Duncan Illinois
Gerner, John D Corporal I 98 Cdr Blff, Kan Illinois
Getter, B O Private K 2 Lt Artillery Madison Illinois
Gettle, John H Sgt H 74 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Gibbon, D H Private E 89 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Gibbon, Wm Private H 52 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Gibbons, Geo Private H 4 Cavalry Inavale Illinois
Gibbs, J F Private L 2 Infantry Geranium Illinois
Gibon, George W Private K 37 Infantry Taylor Illinois
Gibson, S S Sgt I 4 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Gierhan, Joseph Private A 141 Infantry Utica Illinois
Giffin, B B Corporal G 7 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Gilchist, Private B 2 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Gill, G W Private K 40 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Gilligan, Thos Private L 11 Cody Illinois
Gillispie, Robert Corporal F 119 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Gillman, J W Private C 74 Infantry Minden Illinois
Gilmore, Cyrus H Lieut H 9 Infantry Fullerton Illinois
Gilmore, J R Captain I 53 Infantry Valley Illinois
Gilmore, Robert H Private C 36 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Gilmore, W M Private F 41 Lincoln Illinois
Gilson, P D Private B 23 Infantry Randolph Illinois
Giltner, Conrad Private G 15 Infantry Tekamah Illinois
Glasze, Isaac Private C 86 Infantry Pierce Illinois
Glaze, Wm A Private M 11 Cavalry Crawford Illinois
Gleason, Eliza Sgt G 106 Infantry Utica Illinois
Gleason, Joseph Private C 112 Infantry Central City Illinois
Gleason, M G Sgt 106 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Glenn, James M Private H 50 Infantry Hildreth Illinois
Glenn, Robert A Captain E 16 Infantry Hildreth Illinois
Glenn, T W Corp H 126 Gothenburg Illinois
Glenn, Wm Private F 28 Infantry Cedar Bluffs Illinois
Goble, Ayres Private D 34 Ayr Illinois
Goble, F E Private C 58 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Goddard, L W Corporal C 92 Infantry Valentine Illinois
Godfey, D C Private C 84 Plato Illinois
Goiot, Henry Private H 66 Creston Illinois
Goldburg, O M Corporal G 102 Hayes Center Illinois
Golly, John A Private A 136 Infantry So Sioux City Illinois
Golway, Hugh Musician H 47 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Goodell, B H Private C 10 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Goodheart, John Private F 102 Omaha Illinois
Goodrich, O C Private C 17 Cody Illinois
Goodrich, U W Corporal K 87 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Goodsell, Ira Private H 3 Cavalry Craig Illinois
Goozee, Samuel   G 8 Infantry North Platte Illinois
Gordon, Nathan Captain I 93 So Omaha Illinois
Gorse, Wm H Private 6 Cavalry Fremont Illinois
Gorton, George W Private K 7 Infantry Maywood Illinois
Gossard, P J Private E 7 Infantry Vacoma Illinois
Gould, W J Private C 105 Infantry North Platte Illinois
Gowin, E W Private A 454 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Gowin, J M Private A 54 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Grady, John Private M 8 Cavalry O'Neill Illinois
Graham, Edward Private K 96 Infantry Savage Illinois
Graham, J G Private H 133 Vol Edgar Illinois
Graham, J G Private I 144 Vol Edgar Illinois
Graham, Saml Private A 138 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Graham, Thomas Private H 71 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Grant, J L Private D 39 Infantry Madison Illinois
Grant, J L Private M 8 Cavalry Madison Illinois
Grant, W J Private F 13 North Platte Illinois
Graves, H J Private A 142 Infantry Wisner Illinois
Graves, Judson Private B 58 Neligh Illinois
Graves, Julius J Private A&H 132 & 8 Infantry Humphrey Illinois
Graves, R Corporal K 93 Infantry Peru Illinois
Graves, S A Private G 86 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Gray, Clark Captain L 93 N M Columbus Illinois
Gray, James Private B 147 Infantry Blue Springs Illinois
Gray, James F Private F 7 Cavalry Lamar Illinois
Gray, John Corporal D 10 Infantry Blair Illinois
Gray, John M Private G 50 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
Gray, Robert Corporal J 26 Infantry Bromfield Illinois
Gray, T K Corporal E 53 Infantry Elsie Illinois
Green, A Private D 30 Infantry Somerset Illinois
Green, G W 1 Sgt C 66 Inman Illinois
Green, Job Private I 147 Infantry Albion Illinois
Green, Martin Private 94 Infantry Waco Illinois
Green, S J Private E 151 Infantry St Edwards Illinois
Greenfield, Henry Private H 47 Sterling Illinois
Greenhalgh, John Private L 45 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Greenhalgh, John Sgt I 18 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Greenwood, Joseph W Private C 11 Cavalry Beaver City Illinois
Greenwood, N A Private K 8 Cavalry Wymore Illinois
Gregg, G W Private C 112 Osceola Illinois
Gregg, William Private E 138 Infantry Fletcher Illinois
Gregory, S C Private A 105 Infantry Talmage Illinois
Grewell, Christopher H Private D 78 Vol Bodaic Illinois
Grey, J M Private D 107 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Griffith, Peter Private K 102 Infantry Juniata Illinois
Grigsby, Samuel Private K 46 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Grimm, Jonathan Private G 83 Infantry Tescumseh Illinois
Griswold, David M Private B 129 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Groate, D Private A 15 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Grobe, Henry Private I 15 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Groesbeck, W D Private G 39 Infantry Unadilla Illinois
Gron, Charles Lieut I 27 Omaha Illinois
Grossman, C M Private G 101 Infantry Angus Illinois
Grothe, Herman Private C 34 Decatur Illinois
Grube, Otto Private H 144 Infantry Franklin Illinois
Grummon, Judas M Private E 15 Elsie Illinois
Gruver, Joseph C Private A 75 Infantry Wahoo Illinois
Guenin, August Private D 9 Infantry Froid Illinois
Gummere, John Corporal I 10 Sutherland Illinois
Gunn, J W Private I 58 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Guring, Theodore Private G 14 Holdrege Illinois
Gustus, John Sgt I 112 Infantry Shickley Illinois
Gutchess, I J Private H 9 Cavalry Grafton Illinois
Guy, Sam K Private F 107 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Hagarity, M M Private B 45 Infantry AuroraIllinois
Hageman, A W Private D 103 Infantry Seward Illinois
Hageman, G V Corporal D 103 Infantry Milford Illinois
Hagerman, James Private G 13 Cavalry Hudson Illinois
Hagerty, Jas Private E 90 Infantry Brule Illinois
Hagey, W H H Private B 13 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Hair, John Private C 7 Cavalry Pleasant Valley Illinois
Hale, C A Private H 94 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Hale, Henry A Private 17 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Hall, Albert N Sgt D 52 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Hall, George 2 Lieut G 41 Pawnee City Illinois
Hall, H O Corporal J 105 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Hall, P J Private D 34 Memphis Illinois
Hall, S O Private B 17 Cavalry Lexington Illinois
Hall, Sam B Corporal F 41 Infantry Ashland Illinois
Hall, T J Private D 61 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Hall, W D Private K 150 Infantry North Bend Illinois
Hall, William Private F 124 Pawnee City Illinois
Hallett, Wm K Musician D 135 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Halstead, C H Private A 52 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Halstead, Johathan Private H 99 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Halstead, Otis Sgt I 4 Cavalry Sumner Illinois
Halstead, Wm Private D 26 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Halt, A Private 54 Herman Illinois
Ham, Perry Private C 152 Infantry Mullen Illinois
Hamilton, A A Private C 1 Artillery Wymore Illinois
Hamilton, Alex Private C Tesumseh Illinois
Hamilton, Johnston Corporal K 5 Cavalry Ives Illinois
Hamilton, Thomas Sgt G 80 Infantry Benkelman Illinois
Hamlin, J J Sgt C 86 Infantry Seward Illinois
Hamly, R D Sgt F 101 Infantry Julian Illinois
Hammer, John G Corporal G 4 Infantry Imperial Illinois
Hampton, W S Private F 132 Infantry Grant Illinois
Hanbrock, ---- Private H 43 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Hand, C Corporal F 107 Vol Infantry Angus Illinois
Haner, John Private K 43 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Haney, August Corporal F 43 Infantry Big Springs Illinois
Hanger, E P Private I 143 Neligh Illinois
Hankins, H S Private C 33 Vol Bradshaw Illinois
Hanna, J S Private A 3 Artillery Minden Illinois
Hanthorn, James Corporal K 55 Infantry Nora Illinois
Harbour, Martn V Private K 106 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Hard, G H Corporal B 37 Lincoln Illinois
Hardin, Robert C Sgt A 30 Infantry Whittier Illinois
Hardin, Wm C Private I 139 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Harding, G W Corporal C 1 Artillery Minden Illinois
Harding, J F Private B 23 Infantry Lett Illinois
Harding, Samuel Private L 10 Cavalry Pleasant Hill Illinois
Hards, E   K 139 Infantry Central City Illinois
Hardy, A Private K 100 Infantry University Place Illinois
Harkness, S E Private 14 Infantry Benkelman Illinois
Harlan, M N Private C 14 Infantry Sumner Illinois
Harmon, John Private C 78 Inman Illinois
Harper, J L Private F 22 Max Illinois
Harper, J A Sgt G 129 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Harper, John Teamster 108 Infantry Bennet Illinois
Harrick, Oakley E Private H 46 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Harrigan, Daniel Private B 23 Infantry O'Neill Illinois
Harrington, E C Private G 72 Infantry Fairfield Illinois
Harrington, H H Private B 12 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Harris, E E Corporal A 33 Infantry Bethany Hts Illinois
Harris, James Private D 50 Weyerts Illinois
Harris, James N Private C 62 Infantry Phillips Illinois
Harrison, A Private B 70 Danbury Illinois
Harrison, Charles J Private T 13 Infantry Wahoo Illinois
Harrison, Charles P Private F 124 Lebanon Illinois
Harrison, E W Private L 111 Infantry Minden Illinois
Harrison, Henry Private K 10 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Harrison, Thos B Private F 50 Infantry Black Bird Illinois
Harritt, M A Private A 64 Infantry Alma Illinois
Harrod, Wm Private D 74 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Harrop, Thomas Private D 36 Roca Illinois
Harter, T J Private A 41 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Hartzel, S Private 93 Infantry West Lincoln Illinois
Harvey, Dow Private F 16 Culbertson Illinois
Harvey, John Sgt A 3 Cavalry O'Neill Illinois
Harvey, W H Private G 8 Infantry Carns Illinois
Haskell, O S Corporal D 33 Infantry Ord Illinois
Hatch, T C Private B 73 Holdrege Illinois
Hatchell, J J Private A 130 Infantry Leigh Illinois
Hatfield, I B Private B 72 Infantry Loomis Illinois
Hatfield, J D Corporal H 53 Neligh Illinois
Hathron, J L Private A 64 Infantry Raymond Illinois
Hawkins, F M Private G 47 Infantry Elba Illinois
Hawkins, S Y Private H 133 Infantry Holmesville Illinois
Haworth, George Private E 39 McCool Illinois
Hay, W H Private E 5 Cavalry Wabash Illinois
Hayes, G W Private G 114 Odell Illinois
Hayes, J D Private E 122 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Hayes, Levi Private H 64 Haigeler Illinois
Haynes, G B Private K 26 Saratoga Illinois
Haynes, Wm Private B 47 Infantry David City Illinois
Haywood, Ed Sgt K 38 Infantry Tufford Illinois
Hazens, C B Private D 13 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Hazlett, J H Lieut D 9 Cavalry Edgar Illinois
Head, T Private B 8 Cavalry Alma Illinois
Heather, William Y Private C 8 Cavalry Syracuse Illinois
Heaton, E M Private A 13 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Heden, John J Private G 5 Cavalry Shelton Illinois
Hedge, John T Corporal E 5 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Heffner, Geo Private B 66 Infantry Talmage Illinois
Heiler, Jacob Private B 26 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Heinrich, Fritz Private E 59 R G T Plattsmouth Illinois
Heise, Daniel Private 132 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Heitter, M M Private K 46 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Heitz, Joseph Private K 27 Infantry Jordan Illinois
Helficker, Henry Private A 95 Infantry Gering Illinois
Helm, Charles Private F 24 Infantry Lindsay Illinois
Hemmenway, C E Private C 153 Clearwater Illinois
Henderson, H C Private C 73 Vol Gibbon Illinois
Henderson, J S Captain A 14 Infantry Seward Illinois
Henderson, N Private C 73 Gibbon Illinois
Henderson, Noel Private K 41 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Henderson, S J Sgt C 81 Infantry Deweese Illinois
Henderson, Uriah Private B 46 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Henderson, W Private B 139 Creighton Illinois
Henderson, W L Private B 139 Creighton Illinois
Henderson, William Private K 45 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Henricks, J W Private I 86 Infantry Diller Illinois
Henry, David Private A 34 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Henry, James Private K 17 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Henry, William J Private F 61 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Herbert, Dorsey Private E 11 Cavalry Byron Illinois
Herbert, J W Captain F 16 Infantry Homesville Illinois
Herbst, Henry Private C 24 Infantry Miller Illinois
Hermeir, John Private B 14 Cavalry Strang Illinois
Herner, Eli B Private B 7 Moomaw Illinois
Herrick, A Private H 92 Infantry Ong Illinois
Herrick, Oscar Private K 9 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Herriman, Joseph L Private I 138 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
Herrington, George B Private H 64 Infantry Bassett Illinois
Herron, John Private B 118 Vol Infantry North Bend Illinois
Hess, Aaron Private B 46 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Hewitt, Dain Private K 92 Infantry Rising City Illinois
Heywood, G W Private G 65 Violet Illinois
Hibbard, Richard Private B 147 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Hickerson, P T Private K 789 Infantry Milford Illinois
Hickman, James F Private I 133 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Hicks, J A Private G 102 Cambridge Illinois
Higgins, W W Sgt F 5 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Highlands, S A Private A 3 Cavalry Tamora Illinois
Higley, M L Corporal C 74 Lincoln Illinois
Hill, F A Private E 151 Infantry Oakland Illinois
Hill, H B Private G 76 Infantry Champion Illinois
Hill, J V Private E 48 Infantry Seward Illinois
Hill, James Private E 2 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Hill, John Private C, B 41 R Mt Clare Illinois
Hill, John Private K 137 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Hill, Sin Clair Sgt B 100 Reg Vol Trenton Illinois
Hills, Ralph Private A 8 Phoenix Illinois
Hilyard, W L Private A 25 Infantry Superior Illinois
Hinman, L E Sgt E 124 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Hinthorn, James N Private D 94 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Hitch, C J Sgt B 4 Cavalry Oxford Illinois
Hitchcock, Charles Corporal I 61 Vol Infantry Plymouth Illinois
Hitchcock, R H Private A 65 Infantry Eustis Illinois
Hite, Simon P Sgt H 108 Infantry Walnut Grove Illinois
Hoag, L J Private H 112 Axtell Illinois
Hoagland, George Private E 166 Palisade Illinois
Hoagland, H V Lieut F 7 Lincoln Illinois
Hodge, A J Private E 36 Infantry Crawford Illinois
Hodges, J G Private E 46 Infantry Friend Illinois
Hodges, J L Private H 133 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Hoerner, David G Private E 12 Cavalry Talmage Illinois
Hoferer, Care Private K 42 Infantry Creighton Illinois
Hoffland, Alexandria Private A 43 Alliance Illinois
Hoffman,---- Captain H 12 Cavalry Tekaman Illinois
Hoffman, Ferd Private B 2 Cavalry Ragan Illinois
Hoffman, Peter Private K 77 Infantry Kiowa Illinois
Hoffman, Wm Private A 61 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Hofmeister, Andrew Sgt B 27 Omaha Illinois
Hogan, John Private F 156 Hartwell Illinois
Hogen, Zenas E Private K 21 Infantry Dunbar Illinois
Hogne, John Private B 83 Burchard Illinois
Hogue, T P Private B 52 Infantry Garrison Illinois
Hokey, S T Private A 89 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Holden, C A Private E 95 Campbell Illinois
Holderness, E Private B 8 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Holderness, T Private H 13 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Holdridge, D M Private G 105 Infantry Tilden Illinois
Hole, Henry F Lieut K 17 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Hollenback, John T Private I 16 & 17 Lowell Illinois
Hollenbeck, C B Sgt A 36 Cavalry Ash Grove Illinois
Hollett, H B Private I 125 Infantry Brainard Illinois
Hollis, Henry Private 66 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Holroyd, J B Private C 15 Infantry Rising City Illinois
Holt, Peter Private C 2 Cavalry De Witt Illinois
Honts, S W Private S 50 Infantry Endell Illinois
Hoopper, Robert W Private 41 Infantry Thayer Illinois
Hopkins, M G Private C 72 Cody Illinois
Hopkins, M G Private C 72 Cody Illinois
Hopping, George W Corporal K 85 Beaver City Illinois
Horan, Martin Private I&A 18 Infantry Schuyler Illinois
Horan, Martin Private 149 Infantry Schuyler Illinois
Horey, Osborn R Sgt I 16 Infantry Hildreth Illinois
Horkenberry, Jacob Private G 77 Infantry Hampton Illinois
Hornby, Geo C Private K 57 Infantry Newport Illinois
Horne, O O Adjt & Lieut G 100 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Horney, J M Private H 106 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Horricks, Francis Private B 49 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Horton, Thomas D Private B 195 Bartley Illinois
Hosic, Allen T Private K 28 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Hough, Perry C Sgt G 113 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Houghton, Samuel N Private C 8 Vol Infantry Dodge Illinois
Houland, A C Private I 34 Infantry Adams Illinois
Houseman, George W 1 Sgt H 134 Infantry Chester Illinois
Howard, B D Private I 11 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Howard, Samuel T Private I 47 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Howe, George Sgt K 101 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Howe, O P Private 55 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Howe, S A Private F 63 Infantry York Illinois
Howell, Israel Sgt C 47 Neligh Illinois
Howell, W H Private H 80 Infantry Oxford Illinois
Howell, William Private F 52 Wilcox Illinois
Howerton, S W Private C 70 Genoa Illinois
Howland, W A Corporal A 75 Vol Omaha Illinois
Howser, H L Private 66 Infantry Hoskins Illinois
Hoyle, E Private A 75 Raymond Illinois
Hoys, John A Private F 78 Kilmer Illinois
Hoyt, D W Private K 119 Infantry York Illinois
Hoyt, E B Musician K 127 Rushville Illinois
Hoyt, H T Private D 146 Infantry Springfield Illinois
Hoyt, J M Private E 27 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Hoyt, Jefferson F Sgt K 68 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Hoyt, Joseph K Teamster I 45 Atlanta Illinois
Hubbard, Daniel Private E 9 Infantry Valentine Illinois
Hubbard, G E Private Bat I Chambers Illinois
Hubbard, S O Corporal G 112 Infantry Ord Illinois
Hubbell, Wm H Corporal D 176 Infantry AlliannceIllinois
Hubbell, Wm H Private K 9 Cavalry Alliance Illinois
Huckins, Samuel L Private G 17 Calvert Illinois
Huff, Silas Sgt J 53 Burchard Illinois
Huff, Thos J Private C 17 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Huff, Walter Musician F 89 Infantry Central City Illinois
Huffman, L D Private C 142 Infantry Lamar Illinois
Hughes, J W Private I 17 Cavalry Hebron Illinois
Hukebner, Carl Private T 14 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Hulen, W B Private I 84 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Huling, G W Private G 85 Infantry Bromfield Illinois
Hull, Jacob C Private C 11 Cavalry Utica Illinois
Hull, M B Sgt H 93 Infantry Grant Illinois
Hull, N B Private K 96 Infantry De Witt Illinois
Hull, Nathan H Private A 2 Cavalry Ives Illinois
Hull, W C Private H 9 Cavalry Ord Illinois
Hull, Thos Corporal K 16 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Hullett, L D Private B 147 Omaha Illinois
Hunt, J H Private K 138 Infantry Republican City Illinois
Hunter, C E Corporal C 4 Cavalry Wakefield Illinois
Hunter, Enoch Private I 4 Cavalry Hoskins Illinois
Hunter, G W Private K 15 Adaton Illinois
Hunter, S H Captain C 141 Infantry Nebraska CityIllinois
Hunting, A L Private A 11 Arapahoe Illinois
Huntoon, S A   C 14 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Huntoon, W H Private 14 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Hurlburt, George T Private G 14 Infantry Utica Illinois
Huston, John W Private C 31 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Hutcheson, Daniel S Corporal G 86 Louisville Illinois
Hutchinson, Frank Sgt I 17 Cavalry Hebron Illinois
Hutchinson, George B Sgt K 14 Cavalry Edgar Illinois
Hyde, B F Lieut I 4 Cavalry Fairfield Illinois
Hyde, H H Private I 4 Cavalry Spring Ranche Illinois
Hyde, Hiram A Corporal H 92 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Hyers, Reuben W Private B 108 Vol Plattsmouth Illinois

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