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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees, E

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Maack, John H Corporal D 24 Omaha Illinois
Maarshall, Frank Private B 34 Friend Illinois
Mabin, Ezekiel Private V 48 Infantry Hemmingford Illinois
Mabray, David Private B 94 Oketo, KS Illinois
Mabray, David Private F 37 Infantry Oketo, KS Illinois
Mabry, Geo W Private F 7 Cavalry Blue Springs Illinois
Mabry, Geo W Sgt H 8 Infantry Blue Springs Illinois
Machamer, T J Private E 45 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Mack, H J Lieut F 23 Infantry   Illinois
Mackey, Louis J Private E 116 Alliance Illinois
Mader, Adam Private G 58 Leigh Illinois
Madison, Eugene Private A 153 Infantry Ord Illinois
Madison, Grandville Private D 85 Infantry Blue Springs Illinois
Magee, A H Sgt E 77 Infantry Greenwood Illinois
Magee, William Private E 77 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Mahaffle, James Private B 34 Infantry Stoddard Illinois
Mahan, W Q Private G 33 Infantry Gandy Illinois
Mahood, Eduard Private F 96 Du Bois Illinois
Mahr, John Private F 9 Malmo Illinois
Makinson, Jos Private K 71 Infantry Cambridge Illinois
Malcom, G T Private F 126 Infantry Dixon Illinois
Mall, Joseph A Private H 51 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Mallery, L H Sgt C 44 Scotia Illinois
Mallorry, A H Private F 70 Infantry Julian Illinois
Mallory, C W Private A 95 Cambridge Illinois
Mallory, Frank Musician G 36 Infantry Ord Illinois
Mallory, R H Private A 95 Vol Wilber Illinois
Malloy, David Private E 75 Platte Centre Illinois
Malone, Wm Private D 7 Cavalry Bellwood Illinois
Maloney, Wm M Private E 132 Infantry York Illinois
Malony, J B Sgt, Saddler 7 Cavalry Madison Illinois
Malony, R A Private K 32 Infantry Madison Illinois
Maltby, Frank Private A 152 Infantry Strang Illinois
Mancher, V Private J 113 Minden Illinois
Manchester, O O Private 2 Lt Artillery North Loup Illinois
Manley, E R Lieut C 44 Infantry David City Illinois
Mann, Joseph Private A 102 Gibbon Illinois
Mansfield, M S Private C 25 Infantry Homer Illinois
Manville, F W Private B 9 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Maranville, Eli Private H 17 Infantry Lamar Illinois
Maravel, George Private B 2 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Marcellus, C O Private D 104 Stockville Illinois
March, F S Private K 9 Cavalry Lexington Illinois
Marco, Peter Private C 92 Infantry Bellevue Illinois
Marcy, O J Sgt K 153 Hay Springs Illinois
Margrave, Thomas E 1 Sgt H 20 Infantry Gordon Illinois
Marian, J Private E 46 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Mariane, Charles S Musician D 18 Infantry Marsland Illinois
Marsh, D C Private I 89 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Marsh, Geo F Private E 20 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Marshall, David Private E 5 Wayne Illinois
Marshall, F M Private G 64 Talmage Illinois
Marshall, John W Private M 4 Cavalry Edgar Illinois
Marshall, John W Sgt B 4 Cavalry Edgar Illinois
Marshall, John W Sgt I 12 Cavalry Edgar Illinois
Marshall, W H Private H 140 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Marston, Ira D Musician B 42 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Martie, Frederick Private B 4 Cavalry Kearney Illinois
Martin, Alex Private G 51 Infantry Blair Illinois
Martin, Charles Private F 8 Sharp-Shooters York Illinois
Martin, D P Lieut C 8 Cavalry Minden Illinois
Martin, Frank Private F 76 Infantry Berea Illinois
Martin, G W Captain H 129 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Martin, H H Private F 7 Cavalry Geneva Illinois
Martin, H T Private B 74 Infantry David City Illinois
Martin, I O Drummer G 103 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Martin, James Private L 37 Infantry Newman Grove Illinois
Martin, John Private 93 Alliance Illinois
Martin, M F Sgt M&C 10 Farnam Illinois
Martin, Medore Private D 76 Lincoln Illinois
Martin, S S Private H 129 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Martin, W J Private I 106 Table Rock Illinois
Martin, Wm Private B 13 Cavalry Bellevue Illinois
Mason, Alfred     Lincoln Illinois
Mason, John Private H Infantry Utica Illinois
Mason, O S Private E 129 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Marvel, Robert Private C 103 Infantry Exeter Illinois
Mason, S M Private C 105 Infantry Ord Illinois
Mason, Thomas Private T 129 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Mason, William Corporal E 137 Infantry Univ Place Illinois
Mason, Stephen Corporal F 104 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Massey, W C 1 Lieut F 36 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Masters, Samuel Private Q 132 Bartley Illinois
Masterson, H C Private E 14 Infantry Precept Illinois
Mastin, F C Private G 153 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Mastin, Joel Private A 124 Infantry Alexandia Illinois
Mather, David Corporal A 59 Infantry Bassett Illinois
Mathers, John C Private C 15 Infantry Douglas Illinois
Mathews, C S Private B 72 Infantry York Illinois
Mathews, Wiley Private E 5 &I 135 Dickens Illinois
Matney, Daniel Private H 103 Infantry Aspinwall Illinois
Matthews, John Sgt I 88 Cordova Illinois
Maurice, David Private B 17 Infantry Bassett Illinois
Mavitz, L T Private B 57 Infantry Crab Orchard Illinois
Maxfield, Geo C 2 Lieut F 112 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Maxfield, James K Private C 133 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Maye, David Sgt F 103 Infantry Cambridge Illinois
Mayers, Lewis T Corporal G 37 Osco Illinois
Maynard, George Private C 17 Cavalry Tilden Illinois
Mayo, G W Private A 7 Cavalry Bradshaw Illinois
McAllister, James Private G 5 Cavalry Stratton Illinois
McAndrew, P D Private K 9 Cavalry Ainsworth Illinois
McAuley, Henry Private J 16 Pallisade Illinois
McBride, James E Private H 57 Infantry Aurora Illinois
McBroom, Joseph Private E 73 Infantry Norden Illinois
McCabe, Stephen Private D 139 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
McCaig, David 1 Lieut G 74 Infantry Wabash Illinois
McCaig, Wm Private H 15 Infantry Wabash Illinois
McCall, D W Private E 72 Infantry Ord Illinois
McCandles, P S Private E 18 South Omaha Illinois
McCarger, Tynes H Private M 8 Cavalry Ansley Illinois
McCarty, John Private F 18 Infantry Precept Illinois
McCashland, E S Private F 104 Infantry Sutton Illinois
McCashland, John Private A 53 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
McCaughan, J Private F 80 Infantry Superior Illinois
McCay, N S Sgt F 73 Infantry Central City Illinois
McClailn, James Private B 59 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
McClary, John S Lieut B 13 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
McClaly, O Private I 37 Fullerton Illinois
McClay, J H Lieut B,G 47 Lincoln Illinois
McClay, Peter Private F 36 Infantry Arcadia Illinois
McClelland, Robert Sgt A 119 Infantry Omaha Illinois
McClemans, Richard Corporal F 151 Infantry Burwell Illinois
McClung, James Blacksmith S 112 Indianola Illinois
McConnell, Geo B Private A 93 Infantry Deweese Illinois
McConnell, Samuel Captain H 119 Stromsberg Illinois
McCormick, J R Private B 104 Palisade Illinois
McCormick, J W Private B 18 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
McCoy, S L Private K 19 Infantry Columbus Illinois
McCoy, James Private K 133 Infantry Bladen Illinois
McCoy, Joseph Private K 132 Vol Bladen Illinois
McCoy, Joseph W Private F 55 Vol Benedict Illinois
McCoy, Thos Private A 137 Infantry Elk Creek Illinois
McCoy, W W Private C 4 Cavalry Cairo Illinois
McCreedy, James Sgt H 55 Infantry Tobias Illinois
McCrosson, Robert Corporal C 149 Infantry Seward Illinois
McCulley, Geo Corp E 73 Infantry Bellwood Illinois
McCullough, C F Captain C 77 Summerfield Illinois
McCune, Hugh Private C 65 Infantry Glenville Illinois
McCune, W F   E 118 Gresham Illinois
McCurdy, D Private J 84 Infantry Campbell Illinois
McDaniel, J W Private H 50 Infantry Sidney Illinois
McDaniels, Wm Private B 12 Cavalry Cario Illinois
McDermott, John Private A 129 Infantry Ord Illinois
McDill, D St Corporal G 84 Lewiston Illinois
McDonald, Frank Corporal D 13 Infantry Ayr Illinois
McDonald, Wm W Private F 89 Infantry Juniata Illinois
McDonough, Chas Private G 50 Infantry Bloomfield Illinois
McDougal, Leander Corporal E 94 Infantry Techumseh Illinois
McElhose, Sgt D 100 Pawnee City Illinois
McElroy, John Private C 54 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
McFadden, J G Sgt A 42 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
McFadden, Wm Private C 44 McCool Illinois
McGaffey, William Private H 107 Infantry Maitland Illinois
McGill, Frank W Private I 92 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
McGin, F F Private 1 Pickrell Illinois
McGooden, Samuel Private B 129 Infantry Galena Illinois
McGrale, Anthony Private A 48 Infantry LodgePole Illinois
McGrath, John Private C 103 Cozad Illinois
McGrew, C M Private I 72 Infantry Palmyra Illinois
McGrew, J L Private G 33 North Platte Illinois
McGrew, Thomas O Private I 28 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
McHuay, Ed Private E 92 Infantry Crete Illinois
McIntosh, J Private H 29 Orchard Illinois
McIntosh, James M Private 113 Lincoln Illinois
McIntyre, Wm Private K 75 Infantry Unadilla Illinois
McKay, Samuel Corporal H 37 Infantry Meadow Grove Illinois
McKay, Wm H Private K 74 Infantry Omaha Illinois
McKee, James Sgt D 64 Infantry David Dity Illinois
McKee, Samuel W Private G 129 Lewiston Illinois
McKinney, Albert Sgt D 86 Wymore Illinois
McKinnie, W A Private E 133 Vol Friend Illinois
McLain, Jerome Private C 91 Infantry Univ Place Illinois
McLain, John Private C 103 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
McLaughlin, Perry Private H 102 Cozad Illinois
McLean, W A Private B 117 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
McLentic, John Private G 46 Clarks Illinois
McLoughlin, J B Private F 68 Infantry Hamilton Illinois
McMahill, Wm H Private C 138 Omaha Illinois
McMiller, Richard Private H 4 Cavalry Doniphan Illinois
McMokin, S H Sgt 11 Wayne Illinois
McMullen, Private H 4 Cavalry Doniphan Illinois
McNally, Wm Private I 83 & 61 Infantry Rogers Illinois
McNamara, W Private D 8 Cavalry Ragan Illinois
McNeil, T L Private 96 Infantry West Lincoln Illinois
McPherren, James R Private E 61 Infantry Geneva Illinois
McPherson, James Private D 23 Infantry Rockford Illinois
McPherson, William Captain F 124 Vol Infantry Webster PO Illinois
McQueen, O P Private J 11 Cavalry Ogalalla Illinois
McSay, James W Private 14 Cavalry Ogalalla Illinois
McVey, J R Private D 12 Murray Illinois
Meacham, J W Private D 106 Silver Creek Illinois
Meachan, Fadiar Private D 106 Infantry Cedar Bluffs Illinois
Mecham, Albert Private K 1 Lt Artillery Juniata Illinois
Meckets, W W Private R B 80 Ithaca Illinois
Medlar, J L   K 92 Infantry York Illinois
Meils, Private F 8 R Roseland Illinois
Mellinger, J B Private E 46 Infantry Octavia Illinois
Meloy, David Private B 107 Infantry York Illinois
Melson, Geo W Com Sgt E Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Melton, Benj B Corporal F 7 Cavalry Davenport Illinois
Mengle, E M Corporal K 124 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Mercer, Josehp J Private G 86 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Merchant, C W Private H 144 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Merrill, Henry N Private H 58 Infantry Mirage Illinois
Meserve, J B Private C 7 McCook Illinois
Messner, J B Private E 92 Infantry Hartwell Illinois
Meter, Lewis Private E 4 Cavalry Nebr City Illinois
Meyer, Fred Corporal F 9 Cavalry Greeley Illinois
Meyers, D J Private I 50 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Micham, W E Private G 12 Infantry Creighton Illinois
Michie, John Private F 37 Ravenna Illinois
Michie, John Private K 12 Ravenna Illinois
Middletown, Z D Private B 93 Infantry Bancroft Illinois
Miles, C C Private A 124 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Miles, C R Private I 112 Pawnee City Illinois
Miles, H A Corporal E 74 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Miles, Reeves Private E 134 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Miller, A Private B 11 Infantry Bellwood Illinois
Miller, A C Private B 59 Pawnee City Illinois
Miller, A M Private F 76 Infantry Hemmingford Illinois
Miller, F H Private C 72 Infantry York Illinois
Miller, G W Private H 68 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Miller, H H Private D 112 Infantry Gresham Illinois
Miller, Henry A Private C 50 Ogalalla Illinois
Miller, J C Private N 67 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Miller, J H Private A 155 Vol Friend Illinois
Miller, J O Private F 67 Infantry Crab Orchard Illinois
Miller, J P Private C 98 Stromsburg Illinois
Miller, J T Private H 92 Infantry Superior Illinois
Miller, Jacob C Sgt G 113 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Miller, John Private D 140 Infantry Friend Illinois
Miller, Jonathan Private E 93 Shelby Illinois
Miller, L J Private H 129 Infantry Hartwell Illinois
Miller, Michael Private I 45 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Miller, O O Private K 95 Infantry Sprague Illinois
Miller, Samuel Private F 54 Osceola Illinois
Miller, T W H Captain K 6 Cavalry Tecumseh Illinois
Miller, W H Private K 5 Cavalry York Illinois
Miller, W P Private C 34 Infantry Franklin Illinois
Miller, William Private E 15 Infantry Ansley Illinois
Millet, S T Private A Infantry Diller Illinois
Milligan, Joseph O Sgt C 93 Infantry Wakefield Illinois
Milliman, W M Major 39 Infantry Silver Creek Illinois
Mills, F H Private A 9 Atkinson Illinois
Mills, G H Private K 102 Infantry Trumbull Illinois
Mills, J H Orderly G 23 Infantry Springfield Illinois
Mills, J T Private E 77 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Mills, James Private E 38 Omaha Illinois
Mills, John Private E 57 Infantry Grant Illinois
Mills, M H Lieut K 84 Waverly Illinois
Miltner, August Private I 147 Waco Illinois
Miner, Wm Private I 42 Neligh Illinois
Minner, Wm 2 Lieut G 44 Cordova Illinois
Mirsney, Charles Private H 99 Cavalry Ohiowa Illinois
Misner, Hiram Private A 142 Infantry Stockham Illinois
Mitchell, George Private K 13 Infantry Hammond Illinois
Mitchell, J B Captain C 112 Infantry Milford Illinois
Mitchell, Jabez Private B 30 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Mitchell, James A Corporal F 59 Table Rock Illinois
Mitchell, John B Lieut B 126 Osceola Illinois
Mittan, D C Private I 34 Infantry Homesville Illinois
Moats, H H Private D 12 Infantry Adams Illinois
Moats, Tobias Private K 47 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Mocroft, Wm Private A 124 Waverly Illinois
Moeller, Herman F Private D 140 Infantry Friend Illinois
Moffatt, David N Private B 12 Infantry Gordon Illinois
Moffatt, Geo C Private C 104 Infantry Armstrong Illinois
Moffitt, Andrew Sgt I 104 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Mohler, Geo W Private I 50 Infantry Hay Springs Illinois
Monfort, L M Private I 78 Infantry Ponca Illinois
Monhan, Henry   F 4 Cavalry Odessa Illinois
Montgomery, F M Private K 28 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Montgomery, G H Private C 83 Pawnee City Illinois
Montgomery, Henry Private B 34 Curtis Illinois
Moody, S B Captain D 100 Infantry Newport Illinois
Moon, J R Private F 86 Infantry Garrison Illinois
Mooney, David Sgt D 53 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Moor, J Private B 98 Gordon Illinois
Moore, Alexander Private F 2 Cavalry Ansley Illinois
Moore, B F Private K 59 Infantry Marsland Illinois
Moore, C B Private M 17 Cavalry Benson Illinois
Moore, Emmit Private I 4 Cavalry Betrand Illinois
Moore, Francis   G 14 Cavalry Colon Illinois
Moore, George Private D 104 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Moore, Jesse D Private G 74 Lincoln Illinois
Moore, John W Private H 28 Infantry Nebr Cit Illinois
Moore, Lewis F Private F 140 Tyrone Illinois
Moore, Lranze N Private D 12 Infantry Cedar Bluffs Illinois
Moore, Thomas Private K 154 Vol Infantry Dodge Illinois
Moore, W H Corporal B 133 Infantry Wilsonville Illinois
Moreland, H A Private K 39 Hastings Illinois
Morgan, D A Drummer D 41 Infantry Madrid Illinois
Morgan, Edward Private A 1 Cavalry Wakefield Illinois
Morgan, Harv N Private G 105 Infantry Belvidere Illinois
Morgan, Isaac Private H 2 Cavalry Friend Illinois
Morgan, John S Lieut A 15 Infantry Wilsonville Illinois
Morgan, William H Private D 41 Infantry Ansley Illinois
Morison, David Private E 129 Ravenna Illinois
Morley, M Private G 9 Cavalry St Paul Illinois
Morrell, W A Sgt C 113 Shelby Illinois
Morrill, J V Private A 2 Cavalry Belvidere Illinois
Morris, B J Private F 73 Berwyn Illinois
Morris, B S Private 3 Cavalry Creston Illinois
Morris, D M Private F 33 Hansen Illinois
Morris, George E Private A 105 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Morris, I N Private J 133 Infantry Norman Illinois
Morris, J B Private B 122 Infantry Hartwell Illinois
Morris, John H 2 Lieut I 106 Infantry Seward Illinois
Morris, Patrick Private B 46 Infantry Ponca Illinois
Morris, R Private D 91 Infantry Cambridge Illinois
Morris, William Private C 113 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Morrison, John G Sgt Maj D 101 Lincoln Illinois
Morrison, Marlon Chaplain 9 Mission Creek Illinois
Morrow, John Corporal I 70 Brayton Illinois
Morrow, John Sgt I 148 Brayton Illinois
Morse, A L Private D 95 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Morse, E N Private H 2 Artillery Fremont Illinois
Morse, F C Private D 75 Eddville Illinois
Morton, Wm H Private E 8 Cavalry Pierce Illinois
Mosher, Jeptha Private H 1 Artillery Geneva Illinois
Moshier, J W Private C 85 Infantry Chester Illinois
Mossey, S L Corporal K 97 Vol Haigler Illinois
Most, Conrad Private D 9 Cavalry Ohiowa Illinois
Mott, Darius Private I 64 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Moulton, Ira Private C 2 Lt Artillery Swanton Illinois
Moulton, L M Private B 11 Infantry Taylor Illinois
Mount, H Private K 111 Infantry Republican Cy Illinois
Mueller, Franz Private E 44 Clearwater Illinois
Muffy, C T Private K 46 Infantry Meadow Grove Illinois
Mullen, Dan Private F R 15 Crete Illinois
Mullen, W C Private L 14 Cavalry Alda Illinois
Mullenix, Arch Private E 7 Infantry Greenwood Illinois
Muller, Frederick Private G Stanton Illinois
Muller, Geo E Private F 10 Reg Vol South Omaha Illinois
Mullery, L F Sgt C 37 Indianola Illinois
Mullhollen, John M Private L&H 12 Cavalry Odell Illinois
Mundarf, Z T Private H 11 Decatur Illinois
Mundorf, H E 1 Lieut, Adjt D 11 Cavalry Fletcher Illinois
Munshaw, J J Private F 124 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Munson, B F Private F 96 Infantry Spring Ranche Illinois
Munt, John Private F 154 Infantry Dustin Illinois
Muntz, Peter Private F 12 Cavalry Nemaha City Illinois
Murphy, A N Private F 144 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Murphy, Francis Private A 57 Omaha Illinois
Murphy, Geo Private H 79 Infantry Raymond Illinois
Murphy, John Private B 15 Infantry Cairo Illinois
Murphy, Wm   A 90 Omaha Illinois
Murray, Thomas Private F 96 Liberty Illinois
Murry, J Private B 2 Franklin Illinois
Murry, James Private E 53 Infantry Gordon Illinois
Musick, John R Private B 2 Cavalry Edgar Illinois
Musser, R Private D 46 Atkinson Illinois
Mussy, Ira A Private C 11 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Mutton, R B Private D 17 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Myers, B F Private C 151 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Myers, D J Private I 50 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Myers, David Private I 64 Infantry Coffman Illinois
Myers, H C F Private K 84 Pawnee City Illinois
Myers, H H Corporal C 154 Cliff Illinois
Myers, J W Private C 116 Newark Illinois
Myers, James Captain F 19 Infantry Akron Illinois
Myrick, M N Corporal I 137 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Myrick, M N Private B 16 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Nabb, Hamilton Captain E 62 Vol Seward Illinois
Nablen, J H Private E 91 Lincoln Illinois
Nace, John Private   Amelia Illinois
Nace, John Private 95 Amelia Illinois
Nagle, Henry Private E 11 Cavalry Minden Illinois
Nall, B F Private A 32 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Nall, J H Private I 14 Infantry Elwood Illinois
Nasan, Jesse A Corporal G 4 Vol Infantry Scribner Illinois
Nash, W A Private H 47 Liberty Illinois
Nayengar, George Private A 10 Cavalry Howells Illinois
Neal, J B  C 2 Lt Artillery Odessa Illinois
Neal, Wm M Private H 143 Infantry South Auburn Illinois
Neff, Daniel Private F 4 Madrid Illinois
Nelson, John Private A 108 Infantry Battle Creek Illinois
Nelson, D J Private F 146 Infantry Ponca Illinois
Nelson, J D Private G 5 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Nelson, John Private 124 Cavalry Filley Illinois
Nelson, Nels Private 20 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
Nelson, W A Private A 8 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Nelson, Wm R Private C 2 Lt Artillery De Witt Illinois
Nesbitt, James B Lieut B 12 Nelson Illinois
Netteton, James Corporal G 98 Infantry Allen Illinois
Nettleton, D M Corporal I 4 Cavalry Spring Ranche Illinois
Netzer, Geo Sgt C 9 Cavalry Petersburg Illinois
Neuman, Malden C Private I 141 Infantry Odell Illinois
Neumann, V V Private B 42 Oakland Illinois
Nevins, S G Private C 122 Infantry Adams Illinois
Nevitt, H C Private A R 14 Cavalry Crete Illinois
Newberry, John Private H 4 Danbury Illinois
Newbold, James W Private K 57 Minden Illinois
Newmann, A A Private H 112 Clearwater Illinois
Nicholas, Samuel Corporal B 18 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Nichols, Ira B Private G 17 Merriman Illinois
Nichols, Joseph Corporal H 76 Infantry Creston Illinois
Nicholson, Lewis Sgt B 106 Infantry Ithaca Illinois
Nickerson, M H Private K 47 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Nicklous, Samuel Corporal D 18 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Noble, A B   E 46 Sterling Illinois
Noll, B F Private C 20 Stratton Illinois
Noonan, Thomas Private A 15 Broken Bow Illinois
Norman, G W Private G 38Infantry Lamar Illinois
Norton, C O Private A 43 Stromsburg Illinois
Norton, Frank Private B 142 Infantry Berwyn Illinois
Norris, R L Private G 50 Vol Stratton Illinois
Norton, Francis W Sgt K 93 Infantry Carleton Illinois
Norton, R D Private H 107 Infantry York Illinois
Norton, W W Private A 84 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Norton, Zina Private C 53 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Noyes John N Sgt I 92 Mtd Infantry Stockville Illinois
Noyes, L A Sgt B 7 Cavalry Clay Center Illinois
Nugent, Ed Captain A 107 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Num, Milton Private I 77 Infantry Shelton Illinois
O'Bannon, O F Sgt C 62 Infantry SewardIllinois
O'Brien, Patrick Private K 148 Friend Illinois
O'Connell, J G Corporal I 69 Infantry Tesumseh Illinois
O'Kane, James 1st Sgt E 92 Infantry Kearney Illinois
O'Kane, John W Private E 92 Mtd Infantry Ithaca Illinois
O'Kones, C J Private C 46 Infantry Firth Illinois
O'Neil, J B Private A 17 Clearwater Illinois
O'Leary, Michael Private A 53 Indianola Illinois
Oatmans, C E Private B 34 Infantry Leroy Illinois
Oberkotter, Henry Private Bat F 1 Artillery Geneva Illinois
Ogan, A Private I 12 Infantry West Hill Illinois
Ogan, Granville Private B 57 Vol Infantry Dodge Illinois
Ogden, William Private D 112 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Ogg, G W Private G 3 Cavalry Geneva Illinois
Oglesby, Wm H Captain I 137 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Ohmart, Geo W Private B 73 Infantry Ord Illinois
Olmstead, N W Private G 84 Reg Waco Illinois
Olmsted, Aaron F Private I Infantry Waco Illinois
Olney, E W Sgt F 13 Infantry Germantown Illinois
Olney, J D Private C 105 Infantry Univ Place Illinois
Olthoff, A Private C 46 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Olthoff, William Private C 46 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Omey, Edward Private G 106 Infantry Cameron Illinois
Ong, Joseph E Private C 44 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Ong, W Private C 44 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Ornne, George Private H 124 Infantry Wahoo Illinois
Orr, Chas Private I 151   Illinois
Ort, Jacob Private E 1 Artillery Wahoo Illinois
Orvis, E F Private C 145 Infantry Roseland Illinois
Orvis, H C Private C,D 12 Cavalry West Union Illinois
Osborn, Isaiah Private K 129 Infantry Staplehurst Illinois
Osborn, John M Private F 36 Infantry York Illinois
Osborn, Oliver Private H Infantry Crab Orchard Illinois
Osgood, Z T Private A 39 Infantry Pauline Illinois
Ost, Fred Private K 134; I 147 Inf Avoca Illinois
Otten, Private A 7 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Overholser, J B Private A 140 Infantry David City Illinois
Owen, A R Private K 46 Memphis Illinois
Owen, E Private I 50 Burchard Illinois
Owen, E J Musician G 93 Memphis Illinois
Owen, M Sgt B 77 Infantry West Point Illinois
Owens, Enoch J Private I 117 Infantry Ansley Illinois

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