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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees, P, Q, R

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Paden, James L Private O 12 Infantry Rogers Illinois
Page, James Private C 28 Miller Illinois
Pages, John Private I 65 Beatrice Illinois
Pages, John Private K 92 Beatrice Illinois
Paine, B W Private A 138 Infantry Elwood Illinois
Paine, Phelps Captain G 9 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Palmer, B B Private C 77 Infantry Bassett Illinois
Palmer, Eli Private G 30 Vol Infantry Fremont Illinois
Palmer, Ely Private G 30 Infantry Cedar Bluffs Illinois
Palmer, G K Private G 134 Infantry Elm Creek Illinois
Palmer, L J Private H 15 Infantry Liberty Illinois
Palmer, W J Private E 53 Infantry Blair Illinois
Pangburn, E D Private H 88 Creighton Illinois
Paradis, J S Private F 85 Hemmingford Illinois
Pardue, A C Private L 8 Cavalry Geneva Illinois
Parish, B R 1 Lieut O 41 Table Rock Illinois
Parker, C G Sgt G 86 Stromsburg Illinois
Parker, J H Corp H 44 Infantry Bethany H'ts Illinois
Parker, Sterling L Private 45 Infantry Central City Illinois
Parker, W J Private G 86 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Parkhurst, B F Lieut H 37 Infantry Ravenna Illinois
Parkhurst, Chas Private G 9 Veridgre Illinois
Parkhurst, J E Private D 13 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Parkhurst, Wm Private G 9 Cavalry Norlolk Illinois
Parks, George S Private D 118 Infantry Prosser Illinois
Parks, R B Private D 140 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Parrish, L L Private E 74 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Parsons, Henry H Private B 126 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Parsons, R D 2 Lieut 4 Cavalry York Illinois
Partridge, Z B Private T 138 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Parvin, Henry B Corporal L 7 Fullerton Illinois
Pasley, J B Sgt H 155 Infantry Princeton Illinois
Pate, G W Private F 112 McCook Illinois
Pate, T J Corporal C 94 McCook Illinois
Patterson, Barton Private I 57 Atkinson Illinois
Patterson, Joseph F Private D 153 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Patterson, Thomas C   E 19 Infantry North Platte Illinois
Patterson, W H Private E 100 Vol Infantry Fremeont Illinois
Pauley, R A Private G 95 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Paxton, J K Private L 1 Lt Artillery Carrico Illinois
Paxton, John C Private D 78 Richfield Illinois
Payne, H J Private C 159 Infantry Springs Green Illinois
Peabody, V P Sgt H 77 Nemaha City Illinois
Peacock, John Private O 137 Burchard Illinois
Pearl, W H Private F 57 Infantry Carleton Illinois
Pearse, R R Private C 11 Crab Orchard Illinois
Pearson, George Sgt O 3 Cavalry Palisade Illinois
Pearson, S W Private F 88 Infantry Estelle Illinois
Pease, A S Private G 61 Infantry Crab Orchard Illinois
Pease, D W Private H 4 Infantry Gandy Illinois
Peck, A V B Private A 46 Infantry Broomfield Illinois
Peck, Z E Bugler G 9 Cavalry Palmer Illinois
Peckham, P P Lieut Major B 44 Infantry Avoca Illinois
Peedon, W H Private B 65 Infantry Brownville Illinois
Pefrman, S Private B 129 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Pelen, Charles Private H 13 Infantry Stockham Illinois
Pembleton, Wm Private K 86 Infantry Franklin Illinois
Pembroke, Charles A Private E 34 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Pembroke, Charles A Private I 41 Harvard Illinois
Pendarvis, John F Private B 91 Vol Friend Illinois
Penington, F M Private I 11 Lebanon Illinois
Pennington, Jos S Private I 11 Cavalry Fremont Illinois
Pennington, W W Private I 11 Lebanon Illinois
Pense, H J Private D 138 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Peray, Joseph C Private C 138 Infantry Broomfield Illinois
Perbaugh, G Private A 75 Lincoln Illinois
Percival, Judison Private B 8   Illinois
Perigo, R D Corporal L 156 Stanton Illinois
Perrine, E Private B 23 Infantry Creighton Illinois
Perry, James H Private K 15 Infantry Meadow Grove Illinois
Perry, James K Private B 11 Infantry Reynolds Illinois
Perry, Noah Private I 63 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Perry, Wm J Private E 1 Cavalry Trumbull Illinois
Persels, S S Corporal B 129 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Peters, John Private D 10 Infantry Albion Illinois
Peterson, G W Private F 51 Eagle Illinois
Peterson, M J Corporal E 75 Infantry Phillips Illinois
Peterson, S M Private A 43 Oakland Illinois
Pethrick, T M Private A 42 Silver Creek Illinois
Petit, Frank Private C 15 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Petit, Joseph Private D 15 Vol Louisville Illinois
Pettit, J B Sgt E 12 Infantry Blair Illinois
Pettit, William Private E 86 Over Illinois
Pettuck, S N Drummer E 48 Silver Creek Illinois
Phelps, Calvin A Private B 139 Infantry Elsie Illinois
Phelps, Charles Sgt K 113 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Phelps, F E Corporal B 104 Infantry Atlanta Illinois
Phelps, John L Coropral D 85 Infantry Cadams Illinois
Phelps, Joseph Private C 9 Cavalry Central City Illinois
Phelps, John W Private B 118 Vol Infantry Hooper Illinois
Philleo, E A Corporal G 37 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Philleo, N A Private E 156 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Philleo, W W Private A 37 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Phillip, Leornard Private F 146 Clearwater Illinois
Phillips, A J Private 7 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Phillips, Benj Private E 104 Decatur Illinois
Phillips, G G Private E 46 Filley Illinois
Phillips, George N Private G 96 Infantry Chester Illinois
Phillips, James A Private J 66 Infantry Leigh Illinois
Phillips, L D Private H 77 Infantry Shickley Illinois
Phillips, S R Private D 151 Vol Gresham Illinois
Philson, John W Private H 104 Vol Infantry Dodge Illinois
Phily, A N Private G 71 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Pholbus, C C Private I 48 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Piatt, John H Corporal D 107 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Pickard, D D Private K 104 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Pickerel, C C Private A 14 Cavalry Seward Illinois
Pickering, A L Private G 50 Holdrege Illinois
Pickrel, Harvey Private 14 Cavalry York Illinois
Pickring, Jesse Private G 50 Infantry Gering Illinois
Pierce, Alfred B Private J 89 Infantry Willard Illinois
Pierce, C W Lieut C 85 Wavery Illinois
Pierce, Franklin Corporal D 28 Infantry Palmer Illinois
Pierce, J P Private D 51 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Piersol, J M Private C 102 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Pierson, Isaac Private H 89 Vol Friend Illinois
Pifer, W H Sgt 1 Artillery Adams Illinois
Pike, Davis Private G 115 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Pinckney, C M Private H 47 Vol Friend Illinois
Pinkerton, J F Col Bearer J 91 Infantry Shickley Illinois
Piper, E T Private E 34 Infantry Bennet Illinois
Pitt, William C Private B 9 Cavalry Ogalalla Illinois
Plastos, John Private D 85 Blue Springs Illinois
Platt, James Private D 100 Infantry Pella Illinois
Plowman, Eli Private I 177 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Plumb, F M Private C 69 Infantry Riverton Illinois
Plummer, J N Sgt G 150 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Plummer, J W Captain A 108 Infantry Loup City Illinois
Pluss, J C Captain D 47 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Poe, Thomas B Private O 101 Odell Illinois
Pohlman, J H   C 47 Infantry Johnson Illinois
Pointsett, John G Private A 28 Vol Infantry Hooper Illinois
Polack, John M Private G 153 Waverly Illinois
Pollard, James Private C 59 Infantry Malmo Illinois
Pool, Aaron Private B 86 Anselmo Illinois
Pope, Abraham Private F 92 Infantry Hamilton Illinois
Porter, F H Private H 17 Infantry David City Illinois
Porter, John Jr Private C 65 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Porter, T J Private F 129 Infantry Trumbull Illinois
Porter, Thomas Private F 44 Infantry Loup City Illinois
Potts, Chas Sgt H 28 Infantry Atkinson Illinois
Potts, Z T Private D 78 Infantry Grant Illinois
Powell, M E Corporal I 152 Infantry Ragan Illinois
Powers, A F Private H 11 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Powers, I Private B 126 Curtis Illinois
Powers, J H Private D 104 Infantry Cornell Illinois
Pracht, Wm Private I 106 Infantry Brock Illinois
Prague, John Private 102 Holdrege Illinois
Pratt, E T Private 66 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Pratt, George J Private K 91 Infantry Battle Creek Illinois
Pratt, James Private B 26 Infantry Prosser Illinois
Pratt, Lyman Captain E 33 Osceola Illinois
Prescott, Charles Private M 8 Cavalry Fairmont Illinois
Pressinger, Fred Private H 77 Infantry Reynolds Illinois
Price, R D Corporal D 53 Infantry Ashland Illinois
Price, William Private A 14 Cavalry Grant Illinois
Pridemore, Jeremiah Private B 48 Scotia Illinois
Pringel, Robert Private A 4 Cavalry Hemmingford Illinois
Pritchard, J J Private L 77 Infantry Beaver City Illinois
Procunier, Fred Mc Private E 7 Cavalry Crawford Illinois
Pruitt, W D Sgt E 57 Infantry Arapahoe Illinois
Pugh, E M Private C 156 Ulysses Illinois
Purcell, Jacob Private E 10 Cavalry Central City Illinois
Purcell, W D   E 10 Cavalry York Illinois
Purdy, S A Private D 71 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Quick, L V Private D 7 Cavalry Gothenburg Illinois
Quick, Peter V Private L 7 Cavalry Gothenburg Illinois
Quiggle, Robert H Private A 46 Infantry Rosemont Illinois
Quincy, Lemon Private D 91 Infantry Newport Illinois
Radley, Frank Private A 75 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Ragan, George Private G 45 Infantry Bradshaw Illinois
Ragan, H W 1 Sgt K 33 Infantry Utica Illinois
Ragland, J T Private D 48 Holstein Illinois
Rake, A W Private B B1BT Gates SS Creighton Illinois
Ralph, John B Private C 104 Omaha Illinois
Ramsey, R S Private H 66 Beaver City Illinois
Randall, O Private C 138 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Randall, T J Private H 52 Infantry Bellwood Illinois
Rankins, Peter High Private E 138 Infantry Lindsay Illinois
Ransdall, W F Private C 156 Infantry Ragan Illinois
Ransom, I Private G 74 Infantry Fairfield Illinois
Ransom, J F Corporal C 14 Cavalry Floreance Illinois
Raper, F A Private K 84 Infantry York Illinois
Rarsons, S Private K 36 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Raworth, G W Private 64 Sharp Shooters South Omaha Illinois
Ray, Geo C Private K 137 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Rayles, Jacob Private F Vol Greenwood Illinois
Raymer, C F Private B 26 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Raymer, J A Private B 26 Infantry Milford Illinois
Raymour, C Private I 148 Maywood Illinois
Razee, S R Private F 127 Curtis Illinois
Reahm, Fred Private 1 Lt Artillery Elgin Illinois
Real, P S Captain K 90 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Reap, Jacob Private E 9 Cavalry Ponca Illinois
Reasor, William S Private D 151 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Reber, Levi M Private K 46 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Records, John Private C 124 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Reddy, J C Private A 12 Cavalry Fremont Illinois
Redfern, Chas W Sgt C 75 Lodi Illinois
Redfield, F A Private I 77 Infantry Crab Orchard Illinois
Reed, B W Private E 12 Cavalry Hardy Illinois
Reed, Charles C Private A 10 Cavalry Chester Illinois
Reed, E H Private 93 Artillery Filley Illinois
Reed, Henry B Private F 8 Infantry Angus Illinois
Reed, Henry C Corporal D 5 Cavalry Cozad Illinois
Reed, P P Private K 154 Infantry Page Illinois
Reed, William Private B 103 Infantry Waverly Illinois
Reeder, John Private I 105 College View Illinois
Reeves, Robert Private H 92 Infantry York Illinois
Reeves, Sam Private A 53 Infantry Beverly Illinois
Reid, M B Corporal E 76 Infantry Elwood Illinois
Remley, Harry Private D 92 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Reneau, Wm D Private G 49 Max Illinois
Rentfrow, James Private H 139 Infantry Loup CityIllinois
Rentzel, George Private B 64 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Retzman, John Sgt C 45 Infantry Woodruff, KS Illinois
Reynolds, Amos Corporal P 102 Indianola Illinois
Reynolds, D C Private B 148 Lomax Illinois
Reynolds, J P Musician 91 Infantry Mullen Illinois
Reynolds, R A Private A 38 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Reynolds, Reuben A Private A 38 Infantry Ravenna Illinois
Reynolds, Robert Private 21 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Rhea, D V Lieut A 7 Wilber Illinois
Rheinhart, Geo W Private D 139 Infantry Grand IslandIllinois
Rhode, Carl Private C 9 Infantry Hampton Illinois
Rhykert, E W Private D 102 Lincoln Illinois
Rice, Bissell P Private E 1 Artillery Nora Illinois
Rice, Henry Private C 83 Infantry Wilsonville Illinois
Rice, Henry Sgt D 4 Cavalry Odell Illinois
Rice, I H Private K 106 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Richard, Henry   B 52 Infantry Odessa Illinois
Richards, J W Private E 44 Infantry Juniata Illinois
Richardson, Daniel Private A 102 Infantry Crab Orchard Illinois
Richardson, Ole Private G 104 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Richardson, Paris Sgt H 14 Infantry Deshler Illinois
Richardson, W N Sgt D 70 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Richmond, John S Captain D 26 Infantry Johnstown Illinois
Richter, August Private G 24 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Richter, Charles Private Henshaws Bat 6 Artillery North Loup Illinois
Richter, Wm Private G 50 McCool Illinois
Ricker, Wm Private K 145 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Rickmeyer, William Private A 27 Infantry Fontanelle Illinois
Riddell, Jas L Private A 30 Infantry David City Illinois
Ried, D N Private H 51 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Riegal, William Private D 8 Infantry Ashland Illinois
Riepe, B J Private I 10 Cavalry Fontanelle Illinois
Rife, S L Corporal F 138 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Riggins, A B Private K 123 Infantry Bladen Illinois
Riley, Chas Private G 112 Infantry Albion Illinois
Rinker, Fred Private A 64 Vol Hastings Illinois
Rise, George W Corporal F 74 Vol Infantry Endicott Illinois
Risley, S M Private E 140 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Riso, Joseph Private H 73 Axtell Illinois
Risor, W H Private D 7 Cavalry Chambers Illinois
Ritchie, Wm E Private D 146 Infantry Seward Illinois
Rithalle, Mike Private E 82 Freemont Illinois
Rittenburg, James Private A 101 Bartley Illinois
Ritz, Adam Private B 36 Infantry Arapahoe Illinois
Roads, David Sgt K 8 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Robb, Wm Private 48 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Robbins, D C Private I 104 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Robbins, W G Corporal I 10 Cavalry Bromfield Illinois
Robbins, W K Sgt and Corp B 33 Infantry Overton Illinois
Roberts, G W Private E 37 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Roberts, Johnston F Sgt B 11 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Roberts, S S Private G 155 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Roberts, W H Private I 47 Infantry Gothenburg Illinois
Robertson, Clark Private H 129 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Robertson, J G Private I 11 Infantry Ogalalla Illinois
Robertson, W M Corporal D 141 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Robinson, A G Sgt 56 Vol Infantry Nelson Illinois
Robinson, Charles Private A 15 Infantry Arnold Illinois
Robinson, G D Private K 54 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Robinson, Geo P Corporal 14 Cavalry Exeter Illinois
Robinson, Geo P Corporal E 33 Infantry Exeter Illinois
Robinson, Isaac Private E 103 Lyons Illinois
Robinson, J B Private B 34 Infantry David City Illinois
Robinson, J L Private 101   Illinois
Robinson, L G Private E 8 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Robinson, Ransom Private D 17 Cavalry Cambridge Illinois
Robinson, Robert Teamster B 126 Vol Ravenna Illinois
Roby, James Private M 8 Cavalry Adaton Illinois
Roby, T A Sgt C 90 Infantry Rising City Illinois
Roche, Jacob Private H 94 Hickman Illinois
Rockwell, S A Private C 151 Infantry Havelock Illinois
Rodgers, Michael Private H 85 Infantry Platte Center Illinois
Roe, J E Private I 72 Jansen Illinois
Roe, Thomas Private D 52 Sargent Illinois
Rogers, Alex Sgt B 54 Infantry Roseland Illinois
Rogers, G W Sgt B 126 Vol Imperial Illinois
Rogers, H C Lieut 37 Infantry Millerton Illinois
Rogers, J A Private B 147 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Rogers, J F Private B 32 Infantry Hoag Illinois
Rogers, James Private K 84 Summerfield, KS Illinois
Rogers, T F Corporal 40 Infantry Millerton Illinois
Rogers, Reuben T Private I 106 Rushville Illinois
Roggers, Oliver C Sgt G 44 Infantry Ayr Illinois
Roggy, J R Private A 139 Infantry Trumbull Illinois
Rohren, Henry Corporal E 43 Infantry Tamora Illinois
Rolf, A G Private B 23 Infantry Palestine Illinois
Rolfes, H J Private I 2 Cavalry Elkhorn Illinois
Rollins, Jos M Private A 45 Stockville Illinois
Rooutz, F S Private T 96 Hickman Illinois
Rose, G W Private F Cavalry North Platte Illinois
Roseman, F W Private G 36 Fremont Illinois
Ross, George H Corporal G 101 Wilber Illinois
Rossiter, George Private H 7; C 106 Infantry York Illinois
Rouse, George Private B 37 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Rouse, J D Corporal C 57 Vol Infantry Nelson Illinois
Rouse, James Private K 153 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Rouse, Robert E Private A 34 Infantry Tilden Illinois
Roush, J J Private K 11 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Rowding, Sylvester Private S 8 Reg Sargent Illinois
Rowe, Harry P Private E 49 Infantry Imperial Illinois
Rowe, W H Dispatcher K 10 Cavalry Benkelman Illinois
Rowland, John H Private C 11 Cavalry Hastings Illinois
Royal, Jarvis Private G 52 Infantry Ord Illinois
Royce, B R Private C 34 Infantry Deweese Illinois
Royer, O A Private G 92 Vol Infantry   Illinois
Ruby, James A Private M 7 Cavalry Marquette Illinois
Ruch, P J Corporal E 8; D 17 Infantry Arborville Illinois
Rudman, Olof Private D 57 Clarks Illinois
Ruechee, Henry Private J 58 Infantry Verdigre Illinois
Rumelhart, Geo Private L 8 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Rundall, Reuben W Private B 86 Infantry Alma Illinois
Runion, Warren Private G 83 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Rush, J W Private K 129 Vol McCool Illinois
Rush, Nichols Private L Lt Artillery Burr Illinois
Russell, Dexter Corporal C 74 Vol Trenton Illinois
Russell, J L Private G 23 Geneva Illinois
Russell, John Private I 111 Infantry FairfieldIllinois
Russell, W J Sgt D 88 Infantry Charleston Illinois
Russell, W P Private D 59 Infantry Madison Illinois
Rusterholtz, L Private C 74 Vol Murray Illinois
Ruwe, August Private A 27 Infantry Fontanelle Illinois
Ryan, Cornelius Private K 58 Vol Infantry Ames Illinois
Ryckman, C W Private F 36 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Ryder, Wm H Private F 70 Penbrook Illinois

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