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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees, S, T, U, V

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Sackerson, J P Private H 40 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Sackett, W C Private I 154 Infantry Smithfield Illinois
Sagese, James W Private F 45 Infantry Chambers Illinois
Salle, W G Private B 102 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
Salsbury, N Private E 156 Infantry Wisner Illinois
Sanborn, D B Private E 14 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Sanders, H K Corporal G 14 Pawnee City Illinois
Sanders, J M Private D 32 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Sanders, John Private E 18 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Sanders, S F Private I 137 Holdrege Illinois
Sanders, Wm P Private 77 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Sanderson, G H Private B 138 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Sann, Jacob Private D 152 Alliance Illinois
Sapp, C C Private B 28 Infantry Brock Illinois
Sargent, T B Private H 83 Vol Infantry Nelson Illinois
Sasse, August Private A 28 Infantry Orleans Illinois
Sauls, J H 1 Lieut; Act Adj H 133 Infantry Hampton Illinois
Saum, W L Private J 95 Maywood Illinois
Saunders, G W Captain I 17 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Saunders, H H Sgt F 5 Cavalry Seward Illinois
Saunders, L W Private H 8 Cavalry Fairbury Illinois
Saunders, Samuel Private F 140 Infantry Red CloudIllinois
Saunders, Wm Private B 146 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Savage, Geo Private C 57 Vol Stratton Illinois
Sawyer, D H Private B 141 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
Scaverns, G W Private K 140 Infantry Holdrege Illinois
Schaber, Fred Private L 15 Cavalry Rockford Illinois
Schafersman, G G Private H 16 Infantry Telbasta Illinois
Schannell, M J Private C 156 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Schanot, Jacob Private G 57 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Schell, Wm A   E 138 Elk Creek Illinois
Schell, Wm A Private A 65 Infantry Seward Illinois
Scherr, Anton Private C 77 Infantry Cairo Illinois
Schick, R R Corporal F 1 Artillery Seward Illinois
Schlatter, John Private H 28 Stromsburg Illinois
Schmale, W H Private F 153 Infantry Malcolm Illinois
Schneider, Ernest Private K 32 Infantry Lodi Illinois
Schooley, Levi Private A 5 Cavalry Harrisburg Illinois
Schrier, A Private F 20 Infantry Chambers Illinois
Schulz, Josiah M Private D 12 Cavalry Ogalalla Illinois
Schuman, Robert Private K 82 North Platte Illinois
Schund, Max Corporal B 82 Infantry St Michael Illinois
Schwab, P H Corporal B 52 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Schwingle, G Private B 52 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Scott, A J Private A 105 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Scott, A N Private B 14 Cavalry St Paul Illinois
Scott, F E Private A 102 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois
Scott, R R Private B 19 Pawnee City Illinois
Scott, S W Private 113 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Scott, T M Captain 78 McCook Illinois
Scoville, D A Sgt A 46 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Scripter, M R Private F 114 Lewellen Illinois
Scudder, Albert Private C 7 Cavalry Clarks Illinois
Seaton, U C Private K 146 Infantry Grant Illinois
Seaward, Orlando Private C 16 Infantry Gering Illinois
Seberg, John Private H 28 Infantry Upland Illinois
Secord, Robert A Private G 126 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Seed, A J Private M 14 Cavalry Beaver Crossing Illinois
Seelmire, H B Private B 7 Cavalry Bellevue Illinois
Seick, J J D Corporal B 32 Infantry Huntley Illinois
Sellers, Cyrus Private I 8 Infantry Douglas Illinois
Senseny, James Private C 107 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Sewell, Thos Captain B 48 & G 147 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Sexton, T M Private A 83 Bartley Illinois
Shaffer, Robert Private B 24 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Shane, William E Private E 46 Infantry S. Sioux City Illinois
Shanks, B F Private I 29 Infantry Wescott Illinois
Shannon, Aaron Private C 16 Harvard Illinois
Shaplan, John Private D 104 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Shapland, R H Private E 26 Infantry Ono Illinois
Shappherd, L C Private C 10 Omaha Illinois
Sharp, A P Private I 12 McCook Illinois
Sharp, Peter A Private C 9 Cavalry Humboldt Illinois
Shartzer, Joseph Private H 53 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Shattuck, G M Corporal I 2 Artillery Norden Illinois
Shaul, Menzo Private A 53 Wood Lake Illinois
Shaw, John Private D 33 Infantry St Paul Illinois
Shaw, Joseph Private O 45 Infantry Brayton Illinois
Shaw, L D Private B 125 Lincoln Illinois
Shea, Cornelius Private F 63 Infantry Hubbard Illinois
Shea, Cornelius Private J 45 Infantry Hubbard Illinois
Shearer, George Private C 20 Infantry Yale Illinois
Sheep, John Private H 44 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Sheets, Chas A Corporal K 26 Infantry David City Illinois
Sheets, Solomon Private A 12 Cavalry Herman Illinois
Shelden, Geo N Private E 9 Infantry Johnston Illinois
Sheldon, Chauncey H 1st Sut Agt 150 Infantry Columbus Illinois
Sheldon, Henry Private L 8 Cavalry Geneva Illinois
Shellenberger, A Private K 85 Hendley Illinois
Shellenberger, I W Private K 85 Beaver City Illinois
Shelter, Jeremiah Private A 115 Infantry LitchfieldIllinois
Shelton, J B Bugler L 11 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Shepard, James F Sgt I 18 Hay Springs Illinois
Shephard, A P Private B 106 Infantry Fremont Illinois
Shepherd, George Private D 117 Infantry Charleston Illinois
Sherman, Darius Private M 13 Cavalry Ponca Illinois
Sherman, Silas H Private G 15 Infantry Elba Illinois
Sherman, Wm Private B 53 Infantry Sargent Illinois
Sherrer, H J Private G 28 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Sherwin, J O Private C 83 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Shick, Wrias Private G 118 Cavalry Holmesville Illinois
Shields, Charles Private E 76 Infantry Hildreth Illinois
Shields, John Private F 106 Infantry Warnerville Illinois
Shierman, John Private D 21 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Shinbur, N P Private D 139 Oakland Illinois
Shinnauld, Jacob Private H 91 Infantry Guide Rock Illinois
Shipherd, Corwin Private H 14 Infantry Swanton Illinois
Shipman, Wm O Private E 4 Cavalry Alma Illinois
Shires, Thomas J Private A 93 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Shirley, H B Sgt C 145 Infantry Ord Illinois
Shobar, Frank M Private B 113 Freeport Illinois
Shoemaker, Albert Corporal B 47 Stromsburg Illinois
Shompert, W B Private O 47 Infantry Wisner Illinois
Short, C Private H 104 Infantry Phillps Illinois
Showers, J R Private O 27 Infantry Galena Illinois
Shrer, Clark Private G 9 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Shultz, Eli Corporal F 39 Keen Illinois
Shumway, C C Private B 122 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Shupe, Daniel Private C&E 123 Infantry Yutan Illinois
Shurchell, Corporal K 39 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Sickafoose, M M Private E 44 Holdrege Illinois
Siddens, James H Corporal C 98 Infantry Malcolm Illinois
Siders, C W Private M 9 Cavalry Fremont Illinois
Sides, J L Private D 126 Infantry Boomfield Illinois
Sidle, G H Private E 92 Infantry Sergeant Illinois
Sidner, Wm H Private F 96 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Siefkin, H S Sgt G 10 Infantry Trumbull Illinois
Silert, Andrew Private G 104 Infantry Waterloo Illinois
Silvers, John Private K 112 Vol Infantry Fremont Illinois
Simmons, J F Private A 127 Infantry Beaver City Illinois
Simmons, J H Private E 73 Kenesaw Illinois
Simmons, W A Corporal B 127 In Fremont Illinois
Simms, G W Corporal B 11 Cavalry Strang Illinois
Simons, Charles Private H 95 Fullerton Illinois
Simonton, Richard Private C 94 Creston Illinois
Simpkins, G W Private G 45 Neligh Illinois
Simpkins, Wm Private E 57 Reg Infantry Millerton Illinois
Simpson, Charles Private B 156 Infantry North PlatteIllinois
Sipherd, J M Sgt E 83 Infantry Papillion Illinois
Sisson, H H Private A 33 Infantry Stoddard Illinois
Skags, H H Private F 12 Cavalry Aurora Illinois
Skeels, A L Private G 92 Hardy Illinois
Skiles, L B Private K 16 Infantry Moline Illinois
Skinkle, H A Private I 12 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Skinner, H J Private I Springview Illinois
Slade, George E Private E 113 Infantry Palmyra Illinois
Slatswell, William Private F 15 Geneva Illinois
Slawson, Randolph E Corporal C 95 Infantry DavenportIllinois
Slingbaum, J A Private B 11 Vol Banner Illinois
Slosson, E B Private B 34 Infantry Denton Illinois
Slumbaugh, John Private E 50 Infantry Milford Illinois
Smalldon, John Sgt K 26 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Smedley, Geo W Private F 51 Infantry Brock Illinois
Smiler, D F Corporal F 118 Nemaha City Illinois
Smirl, K K Drummer C 124 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Smith, A H Private A 33 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Smith, C H Private F 132 Greeley Illinois
Smith, C P Private G 9 Cavalry Liberty Illinois
Smith, D M Private C 106 Infantry Carleton Illinois
Smith, D O Private B 132 Infantry Platte Center Illinois
Smith, D P Private I 11 Infantry Reynolds Illinois
Smith, E L Private E 113 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Smith, Edwin Private G 153 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Smith, Frank Private K 12 Infantry Milford Illinois
Smith, Fred Private 17 Tecumseh Illinois
Smith, J K Private F 55 Infantry Sumner Illinois
Smith, J M W Private F 86 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Smith, J P Private D 146 Infantry Weeping Water Illinois
Smith, J P Sgt 95 Infantry Bellevue Illinois
Smith, J T Sgt G 16 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Smith, James H Private E 12 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Smith, John J Corporal E 42 Infantry Emporia Illinois
Smith, Joseph H Corporal I 52 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Smith, Judehiah Private D 83 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Smith, L M Private K 7 Cavalry Bassett Illinois
Smith, Myron C Private I 77 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Smith, O B Private E 77 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Smith, Robert Private I 76 Infantry Jordan Illinois
Smith, Royster Private B 152 Infantry Ceryl Illinois
Smith, Samuel Private I 83 Infantry Rising Illinois
Smith, Samuel Private C 84 Alliance Illinois
Smith, Thomas 3 Sgt A 69 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Smith, W A Private 57 Infantry West Lincoln Illinois
Smith, W A Private I 106 Infantry Schuyler Illinois
Smith, W C Private H 8 Cavalry Fairbury Illinois
Smith, W V Private D 96 Lincoln Illinois
Smith, W G Private B 2 Cavalry Stratton Illinois
Smith, William Private K 11 Tyrone Illinois
Smock, Isaac N Private G 69 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Sneck, Seymour Private H 28 Infantry Pleasant Dale Illinois
Snee, H R Private E 39 Hayes Centre Illinois
Snee, N W Private I 23 Infantry Franklin Illinois
Snell, A A Private F 77 Infantry Page Illinois
Snell, George G Private L 3 Cavalry Ansley Illinois
Snelling, John A Private H 15 Infantry Wahoo Illinois
Snider, Sam Private E 12 Infantry Avoca Illinois
Snow, A J Private K 93 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Snowball, Robert Private D 38 Stockville Illinois
Snowdon, J W Private 11 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Snure, C W Private A Infantry Madison Illinois
Snyder, E A Private B 86 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Snyder, H M Corporal A 15 Omaha Illinois
Snyder, J M Captain D 83 Infantry Verdurette Illinois
Snyder, James M Private B 74 Infantry Arapahoe Illinois
Snyder, John Private E 118 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Snyder, John F Private A 34 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
Solace, C L Private H 28 Infantry Palisade Illinois
Sondrutter, Henry Sgt A 11 Cavalry Blue Springs Illinois
Songster, Calvin Sgt G 55 Infantry Exeter Illinois
Soucey, Amos Private I 113 College View Illinois
Soule, Edwin Private 118 Mtd Infantry Pickrell Illinois
Sovereigh, M Private A 39 Infantry York Illinois
Soverign, Lewis Musician F 83 Fullerton Illinois
Spaid, William W Private K 66 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Spaids, C C Captain A 4 Cavalry Kearney Illinois
Spangler, Josiah Corporal H 27 Infantry Underwood Illinois
Sparks, W H Private G 4 Cavalry Hazard Illinois
Spaulding, James S Private G 83 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Spaulding, Moss W Private A 48 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Spear, L B Private K 151 Hull Illinois
Spear, R B Private I 42 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Spears, John B Private K 39 Infantry Allston Illinois
Speers, G W Private   Taylor Illinois
Spek, Y L Private G 118 Cavalry Holmesville Illinois
Spelbrink, Musician 7 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Spellman, Abraham G Color Bearer E 93 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Spelts, G A Private K 26 Infantry Milford Illinois
Spelts, S G Private K 26 Infantry David City Illinois
Spence, G A Private F 102 Infantry Atkinson Illinois
Spence, George Private A 10 & K, 106 Infantry Schuyler Illinois
Spieth, Benj Corporal K 73 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Spiker, Samuel R Private G 10 & H 28 Infantry Spiker Illinois
Spivey, J N Private K 58 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Spooner, Chas Sgt G 116 Infantry Hartwell Illinois
Spragin, John D 1 Lieut E 45 Wauneta Illinois
Sprague, H Sgt F 116 Portal Illinois
Sprague, Wallace J Private A 7 Infantry Scottville Illinois
Sprinkle, J H Sgt G 11 Cavalry Phillips Illinois
Sprout, John A Private I 153 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Sprout, William Private H 141 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Spurbeck, Andrew Private D 47 Infantry David City Illinois
Squires, C S Private C 37 McCook Illinois
Squires, Nathan Corporal G 59 Infantry Nebr CIty Illinois
Squires, Orrin Private A 36 Infantry Utica Illinois
St. Clair, J L   B 110 Infantry Madison Illinois
Staace, J F Private C 92 Mtd Infantry Mullen Illinois
Stackhouse, J H Private A 9 Cavalry Carleton Illinois
Stafford, A J Private C 78 Infantry David City Illinois
Staker, Jas Private I 106 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Staley, John N Private B 129 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
Staltsmith, J B Corporal A 34 Wayne Illinois
Standidge, Thomas Private K 141 Vol Imperial Illinois
Stanley, A W Private C 106 Infantry Minden Illinois
Stanley, Joel Private 105 Infantry Denton Illinois
Stanter, Louis Private B 154 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Stapes, F M Private E 118 Mtd Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Star, Charlels   16 Infantry Wahoo Illinois
Stark, Charles H Private F 134 Vol McCool Illinois
Starks, Thomas Private E 99 Infantry Trumbull Illinois
Starr, John Private B 145 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Stauffer, Henry Corporal B 7 Pawnee City Illinois
Stauffer, Jacob Private F 112 Over Illinois
Stearns, John Sgt B 37 Infantry Elba Illinois
Stedman, C R Sgt D 75 Infantry Unadilla Illinois
Steele, C F Sgt A 2 Cavalry Fairbury Illinois
Steele, W M Sgt A 94 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Steeley, J M Private B 134 Infantry Cowles Illinois
Steinman, Jacob Private H 47 Infantry Ansley Illinois
Stephens, Private A 77 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Stephens, W H Private B 53 Infantry Rockville Illinois
Stephenson, Chas P Sgt D 117 Infantry Tamora Illinois
Stephenson, D B Private B 14 Infantry Elmer Illinois
Stevens, A H Private I 153 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Stevens, Edward Private C 67 Stratton Illinois
Stevens, Henry Private A 99 Genoa Illinois
Steverson, R M Private E 83 Infantry Superior Illinois
Stewart, A M Private D 96 North Loup Illinois
Stewart, Clark W Sgt D 5 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Stewart, Daniel Private 85 Creighton Illinois
Stewart, F M Private G 148 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Stewart, Geo Private K 84 Infantry Petersburg Illinois
Stewart, I C Private I 83 Bookwalter Illinois
Stewart, J C Private D 47 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Stewart, J W Major 64 Beatrice Illinois
Stewart, R J Private G 77 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Stewart, W H Private K 33 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Stewart, W N Private D 1 Sharpshooters Univ Place Illinois
Stilegebouer, S W Private B 14 Danbury Illinois
Stillwell, John Captain F 33 Lewiston Illinois
Stilson, S E Private Cavalry Hyannis Illinois
Stinehalver, Conrad Private K 112 Infantry Pleasant DaleIllinois
Stinson, J W Private I 3 Cavalry Bloomington Illinois
Stock, T F Private E 142 Hastings Illinois
Stockton, R E Private E 106 Vol Riverton Illinois
Stockton, S J Private H 11 Indianola Illinois
Stoddar, Wm Private H 842 Infantry David City Illinois
Stoddard, Albert M Private D 102 Infantry North Platte Illinois
Stoddard, Wm Private C 149 Cavalry Auburn Illinois
Stone, Geo G Corporal F 112 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Stone, H S Private F 112 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Stone, Nelson Private C 140 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Stonebarger, D D Private I 63 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Stouen, A T Private G 57 Clarks Illinois
Stout, Thomas W Private G 92 Sumrfld, KS Illinois
Stove, R G Private F 112 Infantry Beaver City Illinois
Stove, W H Sgt K 34 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Stowe, I M Private A 8 Beaver City Illinois
Stowe, W S Private 1 Cavalry Stanton Illinois
Stowell, L E Private A 86 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Stowell, R W Corporal K 113 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Strange, James A Private K 48 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Strathdn, George Private C 100 Infantry Arcadia Illinois
Strathern, Charles Sgt B 1 Artillery Long Island, KS Illinois
Stratton, W P Private D 122 Infantry Bloomington Illinois
Straw, T V Private E 149 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Streator, Henry C Sgt G 129 Infantry Cameron Illinois
Street, Ellison Private E 42 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Street, John Private A 21 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Street, W L Private F 134 Infantry Weeping Water Illinois
Street, Wesley Private B 116 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Streigel, Benedict Private I 81 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Stricker, D Private & Lieut K 68 Hickman Illinois
Strode, Jese B Lieut G 50 Lincoln Illinois
Strong, Jonas D Private K 17 Cavalry Aurora Illinois
Strong, N J Private J 28 Infantry St Paul Illinois
Stronsnider, Micheal Private A 129 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Stuart, Virgil A Private D 129 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Stubbert, Thomas M Sgt H 3 Cavalry Pleasant Valley Illinois
Studley, H H Private K 125 Scotia Illinois
Stull, John S Private K 3 Cavalry Auburn Illinois
Stultz, Geo W Private H 45 Haigler Illinois
Sturm, John T Sgt G 77 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Suley, W H Private H&B 62 Dickinson Illinois
Sullivan, Dennis   B 55 Spaulding Illinois
Sullivan, P F O Corporal C 22 West Point Illinois
Sultan, Smith Private J 113 Ashland Illinois
Sumpter, I M Private B 4 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Sunigley, O H Lieut   Beatrice Illinois
Surratt, Amos B Private A 10 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Surren, I Private H Infantry Mascot Illinois
Sutherland, Ed H Private E 113 Infantry Bertrand Illinois
Sutton, J J Private K&D 58 &114 Chapman Illinois
Sutton, S Private K 114 Infantry Chapman Illinois
Sutton, Smith Private F 113 Infantry   Illinois
Swallow, J P Private E 91 Burchard Illinois
Swan, W H Private C 15 Cavalry Horace Illinois
Swanson, Alfred Private H 112 Infantry Wakefield Illinois
Swanson, Charles G Private G 57 Wakefield Illinois
Swartwood, Charles Private H 17 Infantry Atlanta Illinois
Swartwood, James Private K 33 Infantry Upland Illinois
Swearingen, J W Private I 113 Infantry Stockham Illinois
Sweeley, M M Corporal H 14 Infantry Deweese Illinois
Swenson, John Corporal D 65 Infantry Sartoria Illinois
Swift, A O Private A 45 Infantry Nebr City Illinois
Swiggard, Private K 83 Holdrege Illinois
Swinton, Richard Private C 94 Creston Illinois
Swisher, C C Private F 2 Cavalry Pauline Illinois
Sykes, Tracy P Sgt A 124 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Symonds, Robert Private C 8 Banksville Illinois
Tahn, Chas Private H 139 Infantry WymoreIllinois
Talbot, I Private G 1 Cavalry Harvard Illinois
Talbot, John Private H 77 Infantry Brainard Illinois
Tangard, Benjamin Private F 84 Western Illinois
Tanner, Albert Private   Hoag Illinois
Tarble, J A Private G 112 Shelby Illinois
Tary, B F Private C, S Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Tathill, Richard Private H 51 Davey Illinois
Taylor, B Z Private I 135 Infantry Wood River Illinois
Taylor, Danford Lieut D 12 Atkinson Illinois
Taylor, E R Private K 25 Infantry Paxton Illinois
Taylor, Franklin Private G 83 Infantry Tescumseh Illinois
Taylor, J M Private D 45 Infantry Rising City Illinois
Taylor, J N Private D 152 Infantry Rising City Illinois
Taylor, James A Private C 106 Infantry Charleston Illinois
Taylor, John P Private F 38 Infantry Ashton Illinois
Taylor, G W Private K 17 Cavalry Holdrege Illinois
Taylor, M D Private D 118 Infantry Palmyra Illinois
Taylor, N A Private G 8 Infantry Woodlawn Illinois
Taylor, W B Lieut F 114 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Taylor, W H Private D 20 Blue Valley Illinois
Taylor, W H Private F 15 Infantry Ceresco Illinois
Taylor, Wm 2 Corporal H 37 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Taylor, Wm J 1 Lieut I 54 Vet Infantry Hastings Illinois
Teach, Wm Private K 51 Infantry Turlington Illinois
Teale, Joseph Private E 15 Infantry Dorchester Illinois
Tebbett, A G Private K 42 Liberty Illinois
Teeter, Joseph Captain I 34 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Teft, Frank R Private B 9 Cavalry Alma Illinois
Temple, W W Private H 100 Beatrice Illinois
Teter, Samuel Private E 115 Infantry Shickley Illinois
Thain, Alex R Private D 96 Omaha Illinois
Thaler, W M Private A 73 Infantry Palmyra Illinois
Thamer, C G Private B 47 Infantry York Illinois
Tharp, L R Corporal 72 Infantry Carroll Illinois
Thatcher, Thos H Private F 9 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Thayer, Charles Private A 124 Infantry Wahoo Illinois
Thill, N C Private 15 Infantry West Lincoln Illinois
Thomas, Eugene Private I 46 Infantry Litchfield Illinois
Thomas, J Private F 64 Golden Springs Illinois
Thomas, J E Private D 30 Infantry Seward Illinois
Thomas, N Private E 5 Cavalry Indianola Illinois
Thomas, V J Private F 1 Light Artillery North Loup Illinois
Thomas, Wm A Private 84 Vol Lushton Illinois
Thomas, William Private K 26 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Thomas, Wilson Private C 102 Columbuis Illinois
Thompson, A J Private F 146 Crab Orchard Illinois
Thompson, E C Private D 7 Cavalry Elk Creek Illinois
Thompson, F M Private D 7 Cavalry Elk Creek Illinois
Thompson, Hamilton Private B 115 Infantry Nebraska City Illinois
Thompson, I N 1 Sgt A 79 Infantry Thompson Illinois
Thompson, J Private A 7 Col Culbertson Illinois
Thompson, J B Sgt C 79 Infantry Stockville Illinois
Thompson, J M Private G 58 Infantry Elk Creek Illinois
Thompson, Samuel Corporal H 85 Infantry Ord Illinois
Thompson, Samuel Private J 146 Infantry Lakeside Illinois
Thompson, W H Private I 89 Infantry Sutton Illinois
Thornburg, Geo Corporal B 3 Cavalry Overton Illinois
Thornton, L R Sgt B 140 Infantry Virginia Illinois
Thornton, L R   F 52 Infantry Virginia Illinois
Thornton, Thomas Private K 64 Infantry Platte Centre Illinois
Thurber, A A Private C 120 Infantry Atlanta Illinois
Thurman, Isaac Private B 72 Infantry Eylria Illinois
Tiffany, N B Private 138 Beaver City Illinois
Tilton, Geo W Private H 92 Hayes Centre Illinois
Timm, Christopher Private K 39 Osceola Illinois
Timmerman, Sid Private B 9 Cavalry Nelson Illinois
Timmons, W H Private E 107 Infantry Raymond Illinois
Tindall, George Private D 17 Cavalry Pleasant Dale Illinois
Tippetts, J O Private D 34 Campbell Illinois
Tipton, J H Private C 72 Infantry Benedict Illinois
Tisdell, J M Captain B 95 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Tivis, J C Private I 3 Cavalry Aurora Illinois
Tobias, I C Private G 86 Sargent Illinois
Tobias, L Private T 153 Sargent Illinois
Tompkins, J D Private E 105 Infantry Avoca Illinois
Toof, Henry Private C 14 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Tooker, G W Private B 153 Infantry Ong Illinois
Toole, E T Private 46 Infantry Murdock Illinois
Towns, W J Private G 64 Infantry Franklin Illinois
Townsend, A W Private A 148 Vol Infantry Glencoe Illinois
Towslee, D J Private K 139 Silver Creek Illinois
Tracey, A A Private I 52 Atkinson Illinois
Tracy, Geo H Corporal A 14 Infantry Wilber Illinois
Tracy, Thos Sgt I 8 Cavalry Norfolk Illinois
Tramble, Benj Ord Sgt E 53 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Transue, H A Private I 52 Atkinson Illinois
Trapp, P M Private E 112 Infantry Elmwood Illinois
Traux, S M Private E 65 Infantry Brainard Illinois
Tredwell, Charles Private C 74 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Trent, J B Private I 113 Infantry Grant Illinois
Trent, W P Private E 14 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Trites, W H Captain F 67 Culbertson Illinois
Trollope, Wesley Private H 115 Waco Illinois
Troner, Dan Corporal E 44 Plum Valley Illinois
Troyer, Wm Sgt A 112 Vol Dorchester Illinois
Trumercliff, Merit Private F 147 Infantry So Sioux CityIllinois
Tubbs, O B Private H 11 Vol So Omaha Illinois
Tucker, Ephram Private H 97 Yutan Illinois
Tucker, J M Private K 11 Cavalry York Illinois
Tucker, Thomas C Private H 102 Infantry Seward Illinois
Tullis, Henry C Private A 132 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Tunks, A A Private G 147 Infantry Central City Illinois
Turner, Sgt 25 Cambridge Illinois
Turner, Christopher Private A 99 Infantry Seward Illinois
Turner, B F Private C 133 Infantry Phillips Illinois
Turner, S B Private A 133 Infantry Ainsworth Illinois
Turner, T E Sgt E 34 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Turnipseed, S S Private H 70 Infantry Ceryl Illinois
Tuster, Nathaniel Private A 96 Infantry Bartlett Illinois
Tweed, Wm Private E 10 Infantry Carns Illinois
Twiggs, Private G 108 Sargent Illinois
Tylee, A A Corporal H 45 Beg Vol South Omaha Illinois
Tyler, C C Sgt G 132 Vol Infantry Nelson Illinois
Tyler, H H Private K 52 Infantry Newport Illinois
Uhler F M Private H 78 Lincoln Illinois
Ulfrets Rinehart Private F 16 Infantry Alexandria Illinois
Ulry L C Private F 118 Infantry Tilden Illinois
Umberhower Francis M Private K 133 Infantry Amherst Illinois
Unger J W Private C Infantry Oxford Illinois
Unland Geo F Private A 114 In Arlington Illinois
Urban Frank Private B 38 Little Illinois
Utterback J T Private F 46 Infantry Arapahoe Illinois
Uzzell Wm F Private C 26 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Valentine, C B 2nd Lieutenant I 118 Vol Infantry Endicott Illinois
Valentine, E K Lieutenant G 67 Infantry West Point Illinois
Valentine, L C Private A 93 Infantry Majors Illinois
Valentine, Miller Captain I 103 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Van Buren, E E Major 147 Vol Infantry Hooper Illinois
Van Cleave, C R Private H 137 Infantry Chapman Illinois
Van Ness, W G Corporal A 153 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Van Omaer, ---- Private G 28 Infantry Norfolk Illinois
Van Patten, W W Private A 151 Sutton Illinois
Van Patten, William Private I 151 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Van Vleck, De Forrest Private F 64 Rushville Illinois
Vance, Jerome Private B 91 Infantry Guide Rock Illinois
Vanderbergh, A H Private K 42 Infantry Inavale Illinois
Vandervort, Isaac Private G 140 Indianola Illinois
Vandervort, Paul Sgt M 16 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Vandolah, B F Sgt K 45 Lincoln Illinois
Vanfeldon, H H Private E 114 Infantry South Auburn Illinois
VanHouten, J D Private B 5 Cavalry Norman Illinois
Vannostran, J W Private H 66 Infantry Leigh Illinois
Vaughn, J M Sgt H Infantry Omaha Illinois
Vaughn, J M Sgt H Ill Infantry Omaha Illinois
Vaughn, J S Private E 14 Infantry Oconee Illinois
Vaughn, Vin D Private C 8 Cavalry Guide Rock Illinois
Vedder, N A Private B 134 Sparks Illinois
Vertrees, S D Private   Hoag Illinois
Vertz, John W Private F 16 Infantry Blair Illinois
Vest, Wm H Private F 17 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Vifquain, Victor General   Lincoln Illinois
Vincent, H C Private H 66 Infantry Elyria Illinois
Vinson, George Private B 46 Infantry Colbergen Illinois
Vinton, S T Private D 65 Infantry Nelson Illinois
Von, Samuel Private   Raymond Illinois
Vreeland, G G Private D 36 Infantry Juniata Illinois
Vulgamore, Wm Private F 67 Infantry Beaver City Illinois

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