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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Illinois Enlistees X, Y, Z

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Wachter, John C Corporal F 82 Infantry Herman Illinois
Waddell, J M Private E 115 Pawnee City Illinois
Wade, Samuel Drummer 7 Beaver City Illinois
Wagner, J O Private L 11 Cavalry Franklin Illinois
Wainwright, G W Chaplain 52 Infantry Blair Illinois
Wait, Chas Private D 72 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Wakleger, Herman Private C 9 Cavalry Snyder Illinois
Walden, G W Private G&B 47 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Walden, Geo W Sgt B 47 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Waldron, I H Private C 105 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Wale, John Private D 90 Infantry Nebraska City Illinois
Wales, H B Private I 4 McCook Illinois
Walker, Andrew Private T 125 Infantry Stop Illinois
Walker, Delos D Private D 7 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
Walker, Enoch Private E 21 Infantry Davenport Illinois
Walker, J H Private J 137 Infantry Tamora Illinois
Walker, John Sgt K 115 Infantry Doniphan Illinois
Walker, Moses Private G 107 Infantry Brock Illinois
Walker, Thos   G 9 & E, 139 Infantry Howells Illinois
Wallace, A Private A 9 Cavalry Walworth Illinois
Wallace, George W Private G 126 Infantry Bassett Illinois
Wallace, John Sgt C 42 V Omaha Illinois
Wallick, Jacob J Lieut A 77 Infantry Albion Illinois
Wallton, James G Private M 12 Cavalry Wausa Illinois
Walroth, A N Private F 34 Infantry Edgar Illinois
Walsh, James Private H 95 Infantry Prairie Home Illinois
Walsh, John Private F 17 Infantry Blue Splrings Illinois
Walsh, W L Sgt H 19 Vol Infantry Fremont Illinois
Walter, Richard C Corporal F 86 Infantry David City Illinois
Waltermire, Michael Corporal 66 Infantry Omaha Illinois
Walters, D N Private H 84 Lyons Illinois
Walther, F F Private F 65 Infantry Battle Creek Illinois
Walton, A D Private H 67 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Walton, Jas G Private M 12 Cavalry Wausa Illinois
Walton, N Private B 65 Tyrone Illinois
Walverton, Charles Private H 70 Stanton Illinois
Wambaugh, I B Private H 62 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Wanzer, B L Asst Surgeon 124 Allen Illinois
Waples, John Private C 44 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Ward, Geo W Private E 5 Infantry Curtis Illinois
Ward, George Private I 94 Osceola Illinois
Ward, T T Private D 47 Infantry Wallace Illinois
Warfield, J W Private G 68 Infantry Univ Place Illinois
Warfield, John H Corporal D 152 Infantry Univ Place Illinois
Warner, C A Sgt F 34 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Warner, Charles H Private B 104 Infantry Meadow Grove Illinois
Warner, David 1 Corporal B 42 Infantry Geneva Illinois
Warner, H H Corporal A 108 Infantry Warnerville Illinois
Warner, Jessa Private F 1 Cavalry Edgar Illinois
Warner, Thomas Private A 135 Infantry Overton Illinois
Warner, Wm H Sgt G 8 Creighton Illinois
Warnock, S W Private B 104 Infantry Cottonwood SpgIllinois
Warnock, Wm Private I 126 Infantry Emerson Illinois
Warren, C Y Private I 4 Cavalry Lushton Illinois
Warren, G F Private A 4 Cavalry Harvard Illinois
Warren, Geo F Private G 61 Infantry Hastings Illinois
Warren, Geo W Private G 16 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Warren, George Sgt B 119 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Washburn, Erastus Private C 64 Schuyler Illinois
Washburn, George Private F 39 Infantry Norman Illinois
Watempaugh, A Private M 15 Gibbon Illinois
Watsbaugh, John Private G 73 Clarks Illinois
Watson, B G Private I 21 Enfield Illinois
Watson, Corneilius B Private I 11 Cavalry Aurora Illinois
Watson, John Sgt D 2 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Watson, John H Corporal H 111 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Watson, Joseph Private 12 Hemingford Illinois
Watson, Wellington Private K 93 Hemingford Illinois
Watt, Henry E Private G 1 Cavalry Guide Rock Illinois
Watt, Thomas Sgt H 66 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Watters, James J Private K 8 Cavalry Shelton Illinois
Watters, W W Musician F 36 Infantry Shelton Illinois
Watts, J H Lieut D 88 Infantry Cedar Rapids Illinois
Watts, James H Private F 116 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Wauser, William Corporal D 47 Infantry Plainview Illinois
Way, Jacob Private D 7 Cavalry Rising City Illinois
Weaver, Charles E Private A 64 Infantry North Loup Illinois
Weaver, Geo Private F 46 Ashland Illinois
Weaver, Geo W Private A 74 Infantry Whitmore Illinois
Webber, Anthony Private H 62 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Weber, John C Private A 53 Cavalry Sargent Illinois
Weber, Peter   A 44 Humphrey Illinois
Webster, A L Private E Goehner Illinois
Webster, Cahro Private E 113 Infantry Beaver Crossing Illinois
Webster, Charles Private I 45 Hancock Illinois
Wedeking, Christ Private A 20 Infantry Ohiowa Illinois
Wedge, Benjamin Private R 9 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
Weiner, E Private H 34 Vol South Omaha Illinois
Weitzel, Wm Lieut T 139 Infantry Albion Illinois
Welch, F P Sgt D 74 Infantry Seneca Illinois
Welch, Jacob Private H 79 Infantry Waco Illinois
Welch, John H Private H 79 Infantry Seward Illinois
Welch, Michael Private D 37 Infantry Columbus Illinois
Welch, William Private A 37 Infantry Nora Illinois
Wellington, Horace Private K 7 Cavalry Waco Illinois
Wells, C E Private B 74 Infantry Fairmont Illinois
Wells, D R Private K 23 Infantry Miller Illinois
Wells, Frank S Private H 45 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Wells, Henry J Private G 18 Infantry Ord Illinois
Wells, Lucian H Private E 72 Infantry Redington Illinois
Wells, Oliver C Sgt H 45 V V Wellfleet Illinois
Wells, Oliver C Sgt H 45 Infantry Bruning Illinois
Wells, W J Private I 59 Infantry York Illinois
Welton, Major Private K 51 Greenwood Illinois
Welty, John S Private B 7 Cavalry Gresham Illinois
Wenat, F Private J 139   Illinois
Wendeln, Matthias Private A 97 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Wentworth, Milton H Private D 130 Infantry Ansley Illinois
Werhum, Andrew Private E 15 Infantry Wilsonville Illinois
Werner, G C Private 45 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Wertz, S S Private F 14 Infantry Sumner Illinois
Wesh, Joseph Corporal J 112 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Westbrook, Amos N Private G 74 Infantry Somerford Illinois
Westbrook, Richard Private C 55 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Westerfield, Frank Private Cavalry Wahoo Illinois
Western, George Private G 100 Infantry Marquette Illinois
Westfare, W R Captain D 18 Infantry Eustis Illinois
Weston, P E Private G 20 Infantry Bennet Illinois
Westrope, Thompson Private E 99 Infantry Russell Illinois
Wetherell, Richard T Private B 93 Clarks Illinois
Wetzel, J J Bugler B 12 Cavalry Scotia Illinois
Weville, William   H 142 Infantry North Platte Illinois
Whaley, Chas D Private G 129 Infantry Calloway Illinois
Whaley, E B Private K 156 Infantry Calloway Illinois
Wheeler, Dan Private L 11 Crete Illinois
Wheeler, Henry C Sgt F 105 Infantry Waterloo Illinois
Wheeler, L E Private H 20 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Wheeler, M Private A 55 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Wheeler, Sterling J Corporal E 74 Infantry Champion Illinois
Wheeler, Wm Private 144 Infantry Butler Illinois
Wheeler, William Private B 105 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Wheeling, John Private G 41 Infantry Tilden Illinois
Wheller, Henry C Corporal D 8 Cavalry Waterloo Illinois
Whiffin, T U Private A 124 Infantry DeWitt Illinois
While, Alvin P Private K 156 Infantry Montrose Illinois
Whitaker, Jas M Private K 85 Infantry Beaver City Illinois
White, A J Private C 74 Infantry David City Illinois
White, Albert Private D 114 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
White, C C 1 Sgt D 9 Cavalry Crete Illinois
White, D B Private D 65 Infantry McCann Illinois
White, E E Private F 103 Infantry Valparaiso Illinois
White, F T Private A 139 Vol Waco Illinois
White, Harry S Sgt I 8 Cavalry Lexington Illinois
White, James H Private M 17 Cavalry Lincoln Illinois
White, James S Private H 28 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
White, John E Private K 86 Stratton Illinois
White, W H Private A 30 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Whitmore, H H Corporal G 2 Franklin Illinois
Whitmore, W B Private A 83 Farnam Illinois
Whitner, James Sgt F 99 Infantry Grand Island Illinois
Whittsett, W L Private F 82 Ponca Illinois
Wiatt, A A Corporal G 16 Holdredge Illinois
Widdersheim, Henry Private D 108 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Widrick, A J Private B 116 Infantry Elwood Illinois
Wiese, Peter Private E 12 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Wiese, Peter Private M 4 Cavalry Grand Island Illinois
Wight, W K Private H 112 Gibbon Illinois
Wilcott, J Private I 106 Purdum Illinois
Wilcox, A A Private C 142 Infantry Ord Illinois
Wilcox, John Private L 2 Cavalry Oxford Illinois
Wilcox, Levi Sgt M 2 Cavalry Burr Illinois
Wilcox, Thornton F Private K 42 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Wilcox, W M Private I 95 Infantry Gandy Illinois
Wilder, O H Corporal G 14 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Wilder, T G Private C 8 Cavalry Cowles Illinois
Wiley, C P Private F 38 Infantry Carlton Illinois
Wilgas, C W Private H 5 Cavalry Mullen Illinois
Wilhite, Wm C Corporal 30 Infantry Gordon Illinois
Wilkenny, Henry Private E 144 Infantry Paul Illinois
Wilkenson, H M Private H 11 Cavalry Aurora Illinois
Wilkes, Alonzo W Private C 156 Infantry Chester Illinois
Wilkie, David 2 Lieut G 95 Infantry Talmage Illinois
Wilkins, James H Private K 14 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Wilkinson, George Private I 93 Infantry Blue Splrings Illinois
Wilkinson, H B Private B 17; I, 8 Infantry Tobias Illinois
Wilkinson, L B Musician E 53 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Wilkinson, Louis Private G 102 Infantry Chester Illinois
Wilkinson, Robt Private D 7 Cavalry Avoca Illinois
Willett, James L 1 Sgt G 116 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Willhelm, Noah Private D 34 Memphis Illinois
Williams, Geo A Private G 61 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Williams, Geo M Private E 105 Allston Illinois
Williams, J E Private D 46 Eagle Illinois
Williams, J E Private F 15 Bellwood Illinois
Williams, J E R Private F 89 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Williams, J S Private M 8 Cavalry Campbell Illinois
Williams, James F Private E 9 Infantry Lodi Illinois
Williams, John Private E 126 Infantry Stockham Illinois
Williams, John H Private H 71 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Williams, Joseph W Private E 84 Infantry Long Pine Illinois
Williams, Robert G Musician A 124 Infantry Burress Illinois
Williams, Ross O Private H 52 Adaton Illinois
Williams, T T Private K 152 Infantry Ansley Illinois
Williams, William Private B 64 Infantry Hubbell Illinois
Williamson, F Private C 14 Infantry Nebraska City Illinois
Williamson, F L Private F 139 Infantry Nebraska City Illinois
Williamson, H F Private C 112 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Williamson, W S Private B 65 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Williamson, William Private F 96 Infantry Syracuse Illinois
Willis, J C Private K 17 Cavalry Omaha Illinois
Willits, Charles Private M 9 Cavalry Stromsburg Illinois
Willits, H Private G 27 Thornton Illinois
Willoughby, W W Private D 130 Infantry Reynolds Illinois
Wills, John Corporal 77 Vol Omaha Illinois
Wills, Joshua C Corporal K 75 Infantry Wakefield Illinois
Wills, William D Private I 137 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Wilsey, Albert Private C 147 Infantry Moorfield Illinois
Wilsey, E P Private I 138 Infantry Bertrand Illinois
Wilson, A J Private A 1 Lt Artillery Litchfield Illinois
Wilson, A P Private C 135 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Wilson, A P Private I 98 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Wilson, A P Private N 61 Infantry Wymore Illinois
Wilson, Alexander Private B 99 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Wilson, C S Private F 26 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Wilson, H Sgt D 101 Infantry Central City Illinois
Wilson, Henry R Sgt A 119 Madrid Illinois
Wilson, J O Private 4 Cavalry Beatrice Illinois
Wilson, John Blacksmith D 7 Thedford Illinois
Wilson, John Private B 15 Neligh Illinois
Wilson, John Private F 12 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Wilson, John Private G 5 Cavalry Aurora Illinois
Wilson, John C Sgt D 85 Infantry Elk Creek Illinois
Wilson, L M Private 12 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Wilson, M P Private B 41 Infantry Seward Illinois
Wilson, Martin A Private C 40 Infantry Franklin Illinois
Wilson, O D Sgt H 45 Infantry Burress Illinois
Wilson, O F Private G 17 Cavalry Weeping Water Illinois
Wilson, Perly Private D 39 Infantry Lexington Illinois
Wilson, R G Private D 26 Infantry Clay Center Illinois
Wilson, W C Private B 83 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Wilson, William Private D 143 Infantry Blair Illinois
Wilson, G H Private 2 Cavalry Pawlet Illinois
Wilson, Henry Private C 90 Clarks Illinois
Wilson, William H Private B 57 Lincoln Illinois
Winchell, John Private B 132 Infantry Blair Illinois
Wineteer, T S Private C 65 Infantry Unadilla Illinois
Wing, Harrison Private A 95 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Winke, George Private B 85 Hamburg, IA Illinois
Winn, Wm A Private H 93 Berwyn Illinois
Winter, George Private A 65 Sterling Illinois
Wise, C Private K 97 Infantry Arapahoe Illinois
Wiseman, John Private H 10 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Wiser, C F Private K 97 Arapahoe Illinois
Wiser, S L Private Infantry Central City Illinois
Withers, A J Private I 14 Cavalry Lodge Pole Illinois
Witlemeyer, John Corporal M 11 Infantry Somerford Illinois
Witter, Geo E Private G 55 Infantry Grafton Illinois
Wittstruck, C M   M 11 Cavalry Firth Illinois
Wohlheter, Valentine Private H 127 Infantry GilchristIllinois
Wolf, August Private L 2 Lt Artillery Deshler Illinois
Wolf, Henry C Private K 76 Infantry Red Cloud Illinois
Wolf, Washington Private B 2 Cavalry Burr Illinois
Wolrod, Wm Private B 124 Bradshaw Illinois
Wonderly, D H Private A 47 Infantry Belvidere Illinois
Wood, F P Private G 27 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Wood, Frank A Corporal A 69 Infantry Oxford Illinois
Wood, Ira B Private L 9 Cavalry Diller Illinois
Wood, Israel Private E 95 Maywood Illinois
Wood, M M C Corporal F 94 North Platte Illinois
Wood, Orson Private G 124 Reg Kearney Illinois
Wood, Thomas Private K 46 Decatur Illinois
Woodard, D Private I 151 Infantry Weeping Water Illinois
Woodberry, Artemas Private A 53 Infantry Hansen Illinois
Woodman, John H Private K 75 Infantry Daykin Illinois
Woodruff, O D Private F 79 Tecumseh Illinois
Woodruff, W M Private C 8 Cavalry Kearney Illinois
Woods, Allen Private C 112 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Woods, D M Private C 41 Infantry Dannebrog Illinois
Woods, F A Private G 27 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Woods, G H Private A 140 Infantry Weeping Water Illinois
Woods, J A Private K 10 Cavalry Trumbull Illinois
Woods, James W Private D 139 Infantry Seward Illinois
Woods, Joseph D Corporal G 83 Infantry Seward Illinois
Woods, John W Corporal F 99 Infantry Stockham Illinois
Woods, Martin V Private M 8 Cavalry Wabash Illinois
Woods, Wm Private K 153 Infantry Burwell Illinois
Woodward, William H Captain A 67 Lincoln Illinois
Woodworth, O H 1 Sgt D 4 Cavalry Ragan Illinois
Woolridge, S Private I 2 Cavalry Kimball Illinois
Woolsey, Alonzo A Private F 125 Infantry Aurora Illinois
Woolsey, George Private D 7 Cavalry Superior Illinois
Woolsey, James Private E 83 Gordon Illinois
Woolsey, Wm Private D 7 Cavalry Elk Creek Illinois
Words, F M Private 5 Elgin Battery Lincoln Illinois
Work, William Private B 1 US Infantry Aurora Illinois
Workman, W W Private G 10 Cavalry Juniata Illinois
Worley, Major W Lieut C 12 Infantry Albion Illinois
Wornacks, A T Private A 93 Infantry Elsie Illinois
Wornum, J T Private C 83 Hemingford Illinois
Wright, Amos Private E 10 Allen Illinois
Wright, C C Private C 91 Thedford Illinois
Wright, E W Private B 154 Infantry Deloit Illinois
Wright, O J Sgt I 45 Scotia Illinois
Wright, S A Private D 78 Pawnee City Illinois
Wright, Spenser M Private H 126 Infantry Kearney Illinois
Wright, W W Private B 14 Infantry Benkelman Illinois
Wurdeman, J H Corporal D 39 Boheet Illinois
Wyckoff, A D Private 64 Infantry York Illinois
Wygint, William Private D 66 Infantry Ord Illinois
Wyham, J C Private G 91 Infantry Beatrice Illinois
Wylie, James E Private D 106 Minden Illinois
Wylie, Wm Private A 95 Vol Friend Illinois
Wynager, D A Sgt G 147 Infantry Ulysses Illinois
Yamo, Ezra Private F 156 Infantry Central City Illinois
Yarger, Martin Private A 15 McCook Illinois
Yates, John C Sgt A 28 Infantry Lincoln Illinois
Yecgh, L W Private D 93 Infantry Unadilla Illinois
Yeoman, Wm Private E 8 Cavalry Silver Creek Illinois
York, P C Private K 138 Infantry Cozad Illinois
Young, A Private L 4 Cavalry Central City Illinois
Young, Charles M Corporal C 86 Litchfield Illinois
Young, Elial Private F 92 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Young, George E Corporal E 137 Infantry Hebron Illinois
Young, L R Private C 28 Oak Illinois
Young, M F Private I 57 Infantry Arborville Illinois
Young, Robert Private D 1 Cavalry Genoa Illinois
Young, Simon Private D 93 Infantry Tecumseh Illinois
Young, Solomon Corporal B 115 Infantry Bladen Illinois
Young, Wm Private I 113 Infantry Boelus Illinois
Youngquest, John Private C 28 Oak Illinois
Yountz, Edwin A Sgt Major 92 Infantry Fairbury Illinois
Zellers, John Corporal B 144 & K, 68 Elmwood Illinois
Zergler, William Private B 21 Infantry Spring Ranch Illinois
Ziegler, M Private H 146 Infantry Seward Illinois
Zimmerman, Phillip Private I 36 Infantry Blue Hill Illinois
Zook, William Private C 103 Infantry Harvard Illinois
Zook, William Private E 57 Infantry Hampton Illinois
Zwerfel, Albert Corporal K 46 Infantry Steele City Illinois

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