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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Indiana Enlistees, A - L

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Abbott, A. J. Corporal E, 9 Greenwood Indiana
Abercrombie, S. Private A, 137 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Abernethy, J. J. Private G, 133 Dorsey Indiana
Adams, A. 0. Private E, 58 Infantry Gandy Indiana
Adams, J. E. Private K, 30 Infantry Hastings Indiana
Adams, S E. Private I, 70 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Adams, Stephen Corporal A, 19 Infantry South Auburn Indiana
Adamson, R. Corporal K, 46 Infantry Cowles Indiana
Aiken, David Private B, 80 Tecumseh Indiana
Ailes, F. W. Private B, 37 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Alder, L. K. Private I, 22 Infantry Ainsworth Indiana
Allaway, Lafe Private D, 12 Infantry Oxford Indiana
Allen, F. L. Private A, 74 Infantry Harvard Indiana
Allen, George Private A, 7 Cavalry Inland Indiana
Allen, Loren Private G, 87 Octavia Indiana
Allen, N. J. 2 Lieutenant H, 7 Cavalry Haigler Indiana
Allen, W. C. Sergeant I, 87 Bellwood Indiana
Allison, Frank 1 Lieutenant E, 99 Infantry Lushton Indiana
Allison, Walter S. Private D, 22 Infantry Shelton Indiana
Alyea, Robert Private E, 7 Infantry Meadow Grove Indiana
Amack, James Private B, 123 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Amie, James Private F, 74 Firth Indiana
Anderson, Carl Private F, 11 Infantry York Indiana
Anderson, David Captain I, 6 Cavalry Kearney Indiana
Anderson, S. B. Private K, 128 Infantry Alma Indiana
Andrews, C. L. Corporal G, 19 Infantry Bladen Indiana
Andrews, J, H. Private B, 72 Infantry Alda Indiana
Antles, Hanison H. Private C, 39 Stanton Indiana
Appegate, J. Private C, 10 Cavalry Whittier Indiana
Applegate, J. M. Private E, 33 Gibbon Indiana
Arbuckle, Daniel Private K, 16 Infantry York Indiana
Armstrong, C. W. Private C, 26 Infantry Champion Indiana
Arnold, F. C. Private C, 24 Vol Washington Indiana
Arnold, J. H. Private K, 140 Infantry Gandy Indiana
Ash, J. M. Corporal 3 Walworth Indiana
Asher, Edward Private I, 73 Vol Infantry Fremont Indiana
Ashton, B. E. Private K,120 Danbury Indiana
Aukerman, William Private I, 12 Infantry Woodlawn Indiana
Ault,John Private H, 29 Infantry Blue Springs Indiana
Austin, J. W. Private H, 89 Bellwood Indiana
Avery, Seth Private A, 12 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Avery, W. H. Private E, 115 Infantry Reynolds Indiana
Ayers, B. F. Private A, 48 Infantry Amherst Indiana
Bailey, G. S. Private B, 9 Cavalry Nehawka Indiana
Bailey, John A. Private I, 6 Cavalry Gordon Indiana
Baker, James H. Private H, 33 Infantry Stanton Indiana
Baker, Samuel Private D, 119 Infantry Ainsworth Indiana
Baker, W. R. Private C, 138 Atkinson Indiana
Bales, Daniel Private E, 57 Infantry Dwight Indiana
Bales, Thomas H. Private E, 57 McCook Indiana
Ball, Calvin Private A, 26 Infantry Juniata Indiana
Ball, D. R. Sergeant K, 46 Juniata Indiana
Ball, Robert Private C, 138 Rushville Indiana
Baltin, A. H. Private D, 84 Infantry Kearney Indiana
Banks, E. B. Private D, 30 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Banmann, John Private G, 83 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Bansen, John Private E, 66 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Banta, M. V. Sergeant I B Oxford Indiana
Barber, Calvin L. Private A, 20 Infantry Newport Indiana
Barber, M. F. Private A, 20 Stromsburg Indiana
Barker, I. M. Private 116 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Barlow, Milton T. Corporal E, 133 Omaha Indiana
Barnaby, William Private F, 7 Cavalry Mullen Indiana
Barnett, William Private I, 89 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Barnett, William Private I, 89 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Barrett, Jacob Private C, 9 Infantry Shelton Indiana
Barrett, John Private G, 9 and 121 Blue Hill Indiana
Barton, E. M. Sergeant H, 67 Infantry Kearney Indiana
Barton, Joshua Private C, 12 Vol Brownville Indiana
Bates, Silas Captain I, 1 Heavy Artillery Carleton Indiana
Batle, R. A. Private C, 82 Infantry Norfolk Indiana
Bayliss, Platt Private H, 11 Cavalry Woodlawn Indiana
Beach, J. T. Private I, 10 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Beach, W. H. Private B, 46 Lincoln Indiana
Beam, James Private E, 11 Denton Indiana
Beard, George W. Sergeant B, 3 Cavalry Kimball Indiana
Beardshear, M. W. Private F, 137 Infantry Homer Indiana
Beaty, S. F. Corporal A, 9 Pawnee City Indiana
Beaver, C. C. Private 18, Light Artillery Pawnee City Indiana
Beaver, David   C, 146 Infantry York Indiana
Beaver, Samuel Corporal H, 50 Leonia Indiana
Beck, Richard Private G, 142 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Becker, George Private H, 47 Infantry Richfield Indiana
Becker, J. F. 2 Lieutenant 153 Infanty Repbulican City Indiana
Becker, J. F. Com Serg C, 34 Infantry Republican City Indiana
Becker, J. F. Private 118 Republican City Indiana
Beebe, John Private F, 4 Vol Gibbon Indiana
Beeker, J. P. Private C, 52 Infantry David City Indiana
Behm, J. G. Captain A, 58 Infantry Springfield Indiana
Behthold, Lewis Corporal F, 13 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Beightel, David Private D, 145 Infantry Grant Indiana
Bell, A. H. Private B, 46 Indianola Indiana
Bell, Dr. H. S. Private F, 1 Cavalry Kearney Indiana
Bell, O. C. Private B, 10 Cavalry Red Cloud Indiana
Bell, Silas Private C, 59 Wallace Indiana
Bell, W. J. Private F, 78 Davey Indiana
Bells, W. G. Private C, 156 Infantry Norfolk Indiana
Belt, James Private B, 153 Infantry Rising City Indiana
Benedict, James E. Private H, 74 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Benjamin, G. W. Private 128 Vol Trenton Indiana
Bennett, D. O. Private K, 100 Infantry Bladen Indiana
Bennett, Frank Private B, 1 Heavy Artillery Tilden Indiana
Bennett, W. H. Private G, 73 Infantry South Auburn Indiana
Bergener, John Private K, 87 Vol Hamburg, Ia Indiana
Berkey, F. A. H. Private G, 63 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Besack, Joseph Private E, 17 Stratton Indiana
Bickell, John D. Private G, 8 Cavalry Wymore Indiana
Billingsley, L. W. Captain A, 44 Lincoln Indiana
Bishop, John Corporal F, 2 Cody Indiana
Bishop, Milton B. Private H, 70 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Black, A. M. Private G, 36 Infantry Fairmont Indiana
Black, J. M. Private I, 58 Plymouth Indiana
Blackman, N. W. Private C, 22 Infantry Elwood Indiana
Blake, Madison Private C, 6 Lincoln Indiana
Blakely, James M. Private G, 31 Infantry Dorchester Indiana
Blakeslee, Charles Private D, 103 Infantry DeSoto Indiana
Blevins, J. H. Private E, 1 Infantry Central City Indiana
Bley, Luis G. Wagoner K, 89 Infantry Madison Indiana
Blowers, L. J. Sergeant G, 44 Osceola Indiana
Blue, D. T. Private 35 Infantry Shelton Indiana
Blue, William J. Private E, 29 Infantry McCook Indiana
Boggs, James O. Corporal C, 18 Vol Infantry Endicott Indiana
Bohart, C. W. Private A, 129 Infantry Yale Indiana
Booth, C. B. Corporal A and C, 7 Cavalry Juniata Indiana
Booth, James Private M, 71 Lincoln Indiana
Bosh, N. G. Private R, 99 Crab Orchard Indiana
Boudinot, C. T. Private C, 11 and G 85 Inf Omaha Indiana
Bowen, Benton Private B, 73 Infantry Fletcher Indiana
Bowers, Samuel J. Private I, 23 Infantry Wakefield Indiana
Bowlby, W. H. Private B, 22 Stromsburg Indiana
Bowman, W. H. Private A, Bracketts Bat Fullerton Indiana
Boyd, Charles Private C, 59 McCook Indiana
Branson, Jonathan Sergeant B, 51 Infantry Elwood Indiana
Bray, John Private F, 152 Campbell Indiana
Brazellon, John B. Surgeon 134 Infantry Fairmont Indiana
Breden, S. M. Private I, 35 Infantry Belvidere Indiana
Brenton, Henry Private G, 58 Freeport Indiana
Brewer, Thomas Private G, 72 Infantry Ainsworth Indiana
Bridgeford, J. J. Private C, 39 Indianola Indiana
Bridgeford, Washington Private C, 39 Indianola Indiana
Bridget, J. C. Private I, 4 Stromsburg Indiana
Bright, James Private A, 85 Infantry Cameron Indiana
Brooks, Benj Private F, 140 Infantry Elwood Indiana
Brooks, J. W. Private A, 51 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Brothwell, David E. Private Bat A, 1 H Artillery Belgrade Indiana
Brower, H. A. Private H, 138 Sterling Indiana
Brown, B. F. Private E, 40 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Brown, B. F. Private F, 8 Osceola Indiana
Brown, D. J. Private H, 132 Infantry Seward Indiana
Brown, F. M. Private B, 14 Infantry Sutton Indiana
Brown, George Private G, 48 Infantry York Indiana
Brown, J. D. Private D, 144 Creston Indiana
Brown, J. M. Private H, 35 Infantry Grant Indiana
Brumbaugh, Wash Corporal M, 12 Cavalry Coburgh Indiana
Buckley, John R. Private H, 36 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Buckner, E. D. Sergeant K, 132 Osceola Indiana
Buddemeyer, Diedrick Corporal A, 68 Infantry Lawn Indiana
Buddin, S. P. Private E, 21 Infantry Arapahoe Indiana
Bumstead, J. A. Private I, 20 Lincoln Indiana
Burch, G. Private G, 42 Cavalry Whittier Indiana
Burcham, Frank Sergeant C, 70 Hickman Indiana
Burchard, H. Private F, 18 Havelock Indiana
Burden, Richard Private K, 16 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Burden, Thomas Private D, 73 Infantry Bladen Indiana
Burge, H. J. Sergeant D, 6 Infantry Reynolds Indiana
Burgess, Green Private D, 22 Infantry Nemaha City Indiana
Burley, Alfred 1 Lieutenant 43 Omaha Indiana
Burns, James Private E, 99 Oxford Indiana
Burris, A. M. Private A, 139 Infantry Alma Indiana
Burris, Wesley Private D, 72 Infantry Precept Indiana
Burson, Thos C. Fifer H and E, 46 Crawford Indiana
Burton, R. D. Corporal H, 67 Infantry Hastings Indiana
Burton, Thos J. Private 101 Infantry York Indiana
Burton, Wm. R. Private E, 23 Vol Hastings Indiana
Bush, Andrew Sergeant H, 97 Infantry Marquette Indiana
Bush Andrew Sergeant H, 97 Infantry Marquette Indiana
Bush, James G. Private 15 Battery Marquette Indiana
Bush, James G. Private 15 Battery Marquette Indiana
Bush, John Private I, 19 Infantry Thornton Indiana
Buss, W. H. Private B, 153 Fullerton Indiana
Butler, J. C. Private G, 120 Infantry Powell Indiana
Butler, Sims Private I, 97 Pawnee City Indiana
Butler, T. J. Private I, 97 Pawnee City Indiana
Byer, L. J. Private C, 36 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Callott, James W. Corporal H, 130 Infantry Valentine Indiana
Campbell, Andrew S. Private A, 59 Wauneta Indiana
Campbell, Jesse Private D, 32 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Campbell, N. A. Private K, 47 Infantry Harvard Indiana
Campbell, W. F. Private C, 138 Infantry Palmer Indiana
Capper, A. Private G, 55 Infantry Lexington Indiana
Cardwell, A. B. Private I, 128 Infantry Minden Indiana
Carleton, W. R. 1 Lieutenant B, 67 Infantry Chester Indiana
Carlin, W. C. Private A, 44 Edison Indiana
Carmichael, J. W. Sergeant C, 97 Infantry Doniphan Indiana
Carney, S. S. Private E, 1 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Carpenter, Jonathan Private B, 1 Cavalry Beatrice Indiana
Carr, Geo W. Bugler D, 7 Cavalry St Michael Indiana
Carr, Lafayette Private D, 100 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Carter, J. M. Private A, 26 Infantry Moulton Indiana
Carter, T. J. Private H, 22 Infantry Elwood Indiana
Carter, William F. Private K, 101 Infantry Nelson Indiana
Cartwright, Neil Private H, 9 Geneva Indiana
Carver, John Private I, 15 Cavalry Wellfleet Indiana
Case, Thos D. Sergeant M, 5 Cavalry Broomfiled Indiana
Caster, Gabriel Private 68 Orafino Indiana
Caswell, G. H. Private H, 29 Infantry Fullerton Indiana
Chambers, W. H. Private A, 149 Pawnee City Indiana
Chancellor, William H. Private C, 6 Fairbury Indiana
Chandler, T. S. Private 44 Infantry Ceresco Indiana
Chapman, H. Private H, 13 Reg Omaha Indiana
Chapman, J. T. Private K, 67 Oakdale Indiana
Childre, William Private B, 10 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Chittick, Stephen Private C, 1 Infantry Stanton Indiana
Chruch, E. L. Private F, 6 Cavalry Clarks Indiana
Chruch, Eli Private I, 21 Clarks Indiana
Clark, D. M. Private K, 66 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Clark, James W. Private I, 9 Cavalry Hebron Indiana
Clark, M. M. Private H, 19 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Clark, Newton Private H, 74 Infantry Alexandria Indiana
Cline, J. H. Private E, 30 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Cline, John Private E, 38 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Clinger, A. B. Private I, 128 Infantry Minden Indiana
Cloyd, Robert Private A, 43 Moorefield Indiana
Cloyd, William W. Private G, 72 Infantry Battle Creek Indiana
Clynes, M. F. Private B, 25 Infantry Moulton Indiana
Cochren, J. T. Private C, 80 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Coe, W. O. Private I, 12 Cavalry Alma Indiana
Coffman, Jonas Private E, 75 Infantry Froid Indiana
Cole, Azra Private K, 23 Silver Creek Indiana
Cole, Seymour Sergeant F, 100 Infantry Bloomington Indiana
Coleman, A. D. Private K, 150 Infantry Hebron Indiana
Colvert, Alexander Sergeant A, 10 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Conard, John Ord Sergeant D, 123 Mission Creek Indiana
Conger, G. L. Private A, 2 Heavy Artillery Inman Indiana
Conley, D. C. Private A, 24 Infantry Seward Indiana
Connor, J. H. D. Private H, 73 Infantry Central City Indiana
Conway, Joseph Private C, 7 Infantry Alba Indiana
Conwell, W. F. Private 17 Battery Neligh Indiana
Conwell, W. F. Private F, 118 Infantry Neligh Indiana
Cook, G. F. Private B, 100 Gresham Indiana
Cook, Henry Private I, 129 Infantry Tilden Indiana
Cool, David Private 5 L Artillery Prairie Center Indiana
Cooley, Isaac Private H, 9 Cavalry Naponee Indiana
Cooly, J. B. Private H, 16 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Coon, C. M. Private D, 3 Cavalry Osceola Indiana
Coon, John Teamster E, 40 Infantry Guide Rock Indiana
Cooper, I. C. Private C, 6 Infantry Benkelman Indiana
Copeland, J. W. Private B, 139 Ellis Indiana
Copeland, L. M. Private I, 69 Infantry Minden Indiana
Copeland, S. W. Private A, 37 Stanford Indiana
Copeland, Thomas Private 21 Lt Artillery Diller Indiana
Corell, A. B. Private A, 26 Infantry Springfield Indiana
Corey, D. W. Private G, 11 Anselmo Indiana
Coryell, Lewis 1 Sergeant 9 Infantry Kimball Indiana
Cost, A. S. Private 7 Cavalry Omaha Indiana
Couchman, D. S. Private A, 151 Lyons Indiana
Cox, John R. General 4 Omaha Indiana
Cramer, B. W. Private D, 73 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Crandell, Clark C. Private D, 138 Vol Sargent Indiana
Crawford, C. T. Private A, 55 Broken Bow Indiana
Crawford, Geo E. Private K, 151 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Crawford, H. C. Private G, 52 Gates Indiana
Crawford, R. M. Private G, 149 Violet Indiana
Criss, Simpson Private D, 35 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Critser, L. W. Private B, 150 Vol McCook Indiana
Crockett, H. T. Private A, 46 North Platte Indiana
Cromwell, Henry Private E, 134 Infantry Strang Indiana
Crowder, John H. Private I, 17 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Cunningham, -- Private K, 19 Wayne Indiana
Custer, C. Private 7 Cavalry York Indiana
Daffin, Anthony Private E, 83 Infantry Lamar Indiana
Dailey, Wm Corporal C, 36 Infantry Irvington Indiana
Dangler, Daniel Private H, 79 Infantry Doniphan Indiana
Danhauer, J. E. Private D, 115 Infantry Central City Indiana
Danson, J. H. Private C, 26 Battery Orafino Indiana
Davenport, J. H. Private H, 145 Whittier Indiana
Davey, George R. Private L, 7 Cavalry Sutton Indiana
Davidson, O. E. Private B, 149 Infantry O'Neill Indiana
Davis, Chris Corporal A, 9 Infantry Ulysses Indiana
Davis, Gilford D. Private D, 37 Ansley Indiana
Davis, H. G. Private A, 59   Indiana
Davis, Jas N. Sergeant A, 58 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Davis, John A. Sergeant I, 65 Wellfleet Indiana
Davis, John B. Private D, 72 Infantry York Indiana
Davis, Julias H. Private H, 21 Bayard Indiana
Davis, Lewis Private E, 12 & 142 Orchard Indiana
Davis, Lewis Private E, 12, 142 Orchard Indiana
Davis, M. W. Private I, 65 Wellfleet Indiana
Day, E. H. Corporal B, 40 Infantry Western Indiana
De Lion, Henry Private F, 129 Infantry Carrico Indiana
Dean, B. A. Sergeant H, 53  Indiana
Deaver, H. N. Private I, 39 Infantry Norfolk Indiana
Decker, John Private G, 83 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Deffenbaugh, A. W. Private S, 88 Cheney Indiana
Deford, Henry Private Battery Bellwood Indiana
Deihl, W. A. Private F, 44 Infantry Milligan Indiana
Demoss, Peter Private L, 12 Cavalry Central City Indiana
Dennis, Abram Private F, 57 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Dennis, B. A. Private F, 51 Infantry Dike Indiana
Denton, John W. Private I, 115 Infantry Pine Ridge Indiana
DeWitt, Chas E. Private B, 66 Infantry Gandy Indiana
Dey, Richard D. Private G, 20 Infantry Bladen Indiana
Dickover, G. Private G, 42 Omaha Indiana
Dietz, Henry Private A, 151 Infantry Firth Indiana
Dike, F. M. Private G, 63 Infantry Swanton Indiana
Dill, R. S. Private C, 155 Cheney Indiana
Diltz, Thos C. Private A, 124 Stromsburg Indiana
Dixon, Wm Private A, 33 Infantry Bodaic Indiana
Dobson, David Private C, 66 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Dodd, John W. Lieutenant C, 7 Cavalry Fairbury Indiana
Dodds, Samuel Private E, 11 Howe Indiana
Doman, Oliver Sergeant A, 18 Infantry North Loup Indiana
Donaldson, J. N. Private G, 29 Infantry Palmer Indiana
Doremus, C. J. Corporal B, 87 Stromsburg Indiana
Doudna, W. F. Private I, 89 Friend Indiana
Douglas, J. E. Corporal 5 Battery Madison Indiana
Douglass, E. A. Sergeant D, 38 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Douglass, F. E. Private B, 136 Infantry Gandy Indiana
Dow, C. H. Sergeant D, 59 Majors Indiana
Downey, William Private F, 150 Infantry Cambridge Indiana
Downs, Will Private H, 7 Infantry Alma Indiana
Doyle, J. E. Private E, 59 Regular Liberty Indiana
Drak, B. F. Private 16, Lt Battery Tecumseh Indiana
Drake, H. E. Private B, 30 Infantry Juniata Indiana
Draper, Slolman Hosptl Stwrd H, 47 Niobrara Indiana
Dressler, J. F. Private I, 9 Infantry Central City Indiana
Drown, Jonn W. Sergeant B, 73 Infantry Wakefield Indiana
Dudley, George Private F, 7 Cavalry Norfolk Indiana
Duffy, John S. Asst Surgeon 145 Curtis Indiana
Dunlap, Chas Private C, 48 Infantry Arapahoe Indiana
Dunn, David Corporal B, 185 Infantry Roseland Indiana
Dunn, Lewis Private G, 83 Nebraska City Indiana
Dunton, A. B. Private G, 129 Cavalry Pleasant Dale Indiana
Dunton, W. S. Private A, 9 Cavalry Pleasant Dale Indiana
Dunwoody, E. R. Private D, 72 Infantry Auburn Indiana
Durk, William Private A, 88 Infantry Litchfield Indiana
Dutton, Geo C. Sergeant A, 99 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Dye, W. C. Private F, 134 Infantry Woodruff, Kan Indiana
Dye, W. W. Private B, 6 Infantry Kearney Indiana
Dye, Wilson Corporal I, 48 Infantry Sargent Indiana
East, H. T. Private K, 149 Infantry North Loup Indiana
Eastman, C. R. Private H, 120 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Eaton, C. W. Sergeant 16 L Bat Davenport Indiana
Eaton, Henry Private H and G, 9 Infantry Diller Indiana
Eaton, I. W. Private I, 75 Arapahoe Indiana
Eble, Charles Private 2 Battery Norfolk Indiana
Edminston, T. G. Private 18 Bat Belvidere Indiana
Edmunds, Ed Private H, 40 Infantry David City Indiana
Edwards, J. B. Private A, 33 Infantry Benkelman Indiana
Elliott, J. R. Private H, 10 Cavalry Bruning Indiana
Elliott, Theo F. Private A, 9 Infantry South Omaha Indiana
Elliott, Zimri Private D, 145 Tekamah Indiana
Elrod, Wm D. Private A, 37 Omaha Indiana
Ely, J. W. Private 1st Battery Wilsonville Indiana
Emmerson, Charles Corporal H, 84 Infantry Tamora Indiana
Emmerson, William Private L. 1st Artillery North Platte Indiana
Engleman, L. C. Private E, 50 Litchfield Indiana
Enyeart, John W. Private G, 153 Culbertson Indiana
Ervin, Bennett Private B, 58 Infantry Exeter Indiana
Erwin, William Private G, 129 Sutherland Indiana
Etchison, Samuel Private F, 65 Vol Infantry North Bend Indiana
Evans, B. T. Private 4th O Cavalry Beatrice Indiana
Evans, E. A. Sergeant F, 48 Pawnee City Indiana
Evans, George Corporal G, 12 Cavalry Harvard Indiana
Evans, Jacob H. Private C, 117 McCook Indiana
Everet, John Private L, 15 Infantry Hyannis Indiana
Ewing, J. P. Private C, 7 Cavalry Ong Indiana
Ewing, J. T. Private H, 108 Infantry Reynolds Indiana
Ewing, James Q M Sergeant 67 Infantry Harbine Indiana
Faist, George Private C, 53 Infantry Fremont Indiana
Fallis, Wm H. H. Private F, 16 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Farmer, I. Y.   B, 20 Bower Indiana
Farmer, T. J.   A, 73 Bower Indiana
Farrar, W. H. Private D, 2 Infantry Genoa Indiana
Farrens, M. W. Private D, 57 Infantry Wymore Indiana
Farrens, M. W. Private F, 140 Infantry Wymore Indiana
Faust, Wm T. Private A, 147 Goehner Indiana
Faux, Charles Private K, Infantry Brownville Indiana
Favinger, H. Private E, 100 Infantry Roseland Indiana
Fells, Christian W. Private 51 Infantry Friedensau Indiana
Ferguson, Jesse J. Private B, 10 Infantry Syracuse Indiana
Ferris, Chas Private 18 Battery Stockham Indiana
Fessenden, M. Private G, 87 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Fetters, W. H. Private B, 30 Stromsburg Indiana
Fightmaster, Jas A. Private K, 115 Infantry Arborville Indiana
Finley, J. D. 1 Sergeant I, 22 Sargent Indiana
Fisher, J. W. Private K, 135 Pawnee City Indiana
Fisher, James Private C, 72 Vol Benkelman Indiana
Fisher, James A. Private G, 37 Infantry Greenwood Indiana
Fisher, L. Private B, 97 Infantry Firth Indiana
Fitch, J. T. Corporal F, 17 Infantry Herman Indiana
Flack, H. Private I, 93 Infantry Minden Indiana
Fleming, Abraham Private F, 118 Infantry Ansley Indiana
Fleshman, Daniel W. Private E, 144 Infantry Avoca Indiana
Fletcher, James M. Private H, 36 Infantry Seward Indiana
Flick, D. Private I, 42 Omaha Indiana
Flory, William Private B, 142 Infantry St. Edward Indiana
Flory, William Private K, 138 Infantry St. Edward Indiana
Forbes, Lealdas Private K, 116 Regular Anselmo Indiana
Ford, John M. Private A, 128 Cdr Bluff, Kan Indiana
Forsythe, John A. Private D, 38 Infantry Keene Indiana
Forsythe, Joseph Private G, 26 Stanton Indiana
Fosher, Wm Private V, 57 I N F Culbertson Indiana
Foster, John Private C, 17 Howe Indiana
Fouts, H. H. 1 Lieutenant E, 57 Infantry Schuyler Indiana
Fowler, George Private C, 24 McCook Indiana
Fowler, J. M. Private H, 27 South Omaha Indiana
Fowler, Wm Sergeant G, 66 Infantry Ravenna Indiana
Foxworthy, P. E. Private H, 33 Gibbon Indiana
France, Geo B. Private 21 Battery York Indiana
France, John Private B, 87 Grant Indiana
Francis, -- Private E, 12 Cambridge Indiana
Francis, R. H. Private E, 12 Cambridge Indiana
Frankenberger, John Private B, 129 Sterling Indiana
Franklin, R. V. Sergeant K, 79 Hickman Indiana
Franz, Alpheus J. Private I, 3 Infantry   Indiana
Frazee, --- Private A, 42 Infantry Alma Indiana
Frederick, George Private F, 146 Infantry Cameron Indiana
French, B. F. Private A, 44 Infantry Fremont Indiana
French, George Private B, 100 Infantry Ewing Indiana
Frendenberg, Henry Private C, 54 Infantry Douglas Indiana
Fribig, Herman (poss. Fiebig) Corporal K, 32 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Friel, R. T. Private A, 46 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Frye, Wm Private H, 9 Cavalry Fremont Indiana
Fueston, James Private 18 Infantry Emerson Indiana
Fuller, G. W. Private F, 74 Sterling Indiana
Fuller, H. D. Sergeant Cavalry Crete Indiana
Funk, Larkin Private B, 3 Cavalry Minden Indiana
Furgeson, J. Y. Corporal F, 88 Infantry Ainsworth Indiana
Furguson, Frank Corporal C, 7 Cavalry Blue Springs Indiana
Furguson, H. C. Lt. Colonel 144 Infantry Julian Indiana
Gaddis, John W. Private 48 Infantry Burbank Indiana
Gaitwood, Joel Private F, 51 Decatur Indiana
Gardiner, E. J. Private E, 20 Infantry Fairfield Indiana
Garrett, H. M. Private D, 8 Cavalry Pawnee City Indiana
Garrett, John Private D, 27 Infantry Burr Indiana
Garrison, Logan Private 17 Bat V Hastings Indiana
Gaskill, B. W. Private K, 148 Ragan Indiana
Gastinean, Henry Private G, 97 Infantry Brandon Indiana
Gatewood, James Private C, 51 Papillion Indiana
Gay, Joseph Private I, 51 Infantry Wymore Indiana
Geer, C. H. Private B, 10 Lincoln Indiana
Getter, M. E. Private I, 129 Infantry Ord Indiana
Gher, Samuel Private I, 100 Infantry Stanton Indiana
Gibbons, Andrew Private D, 129 Infantry Campbell Indiana
Gibson, N. E. Private D, 29 Juniata Indiana
Gifford, Will M. Sergeant G, 89 Lewiston Indiana
Gilbert, W. M. Private E, 89 Alliance Indiana
Gillett, Henry J. Private A, 21 Artillery Fairbury Indiana
Giwits, Wm H. Private B, 127 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Glasford, W. M. Private C, Cavalry Berwyn Indiana
Glasgow, Hubert Private F, Lt Artillery Odell Indiana
Glenn, James Private 23 Battery Gladstone Indiana
Gloss, Thos Corporal E, 123 Osceola Indiana
Glover, Samuel G. Sergeant K, 1 Cavalry Arlington Indiana
Godard, Harrison R. Private D, 30 Alliance Indiana
Godfrey, A. J. Private B, 17 Infantry Thornburg Indiana
Golding, Eli Private I, 118 and 154 Inf Clay Center Indiana
Goldsmith, Joel S. Private B, 18 Infantry Bingham Indiana
Gooden, W. F. Private C, 142 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Goodrich, Joel P. Private I, 121 Infantry Cameron Indiana
Gookins, Elisha Private A, 6 Cavalry Kearney Indiana
Goow, G. W. Private A, 118 Beatrice Indiana
Gordon, C. M. Art 21 Bat Bee Indiana
Gordon, Sylvester Private I, 9 Curtis Indiana
Gore, Frank Private G, 11 Vol Utica Indiana
Gorely, Robert Private C, 136 Tyrone Indiana
Goudie, J. A. Private B, 37 Stamford Indiana
Gould, C. H. Lieutenant D, 151 Lincoln Indiana
Graham, George W. Private G, 11 Vol Dorsey Indiana
Graham, Laban Private K, 71 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Graig, W. W. Corporal G, 72 Infantry Battle Creek Indiana
Granger, C. A. Private B, 151 Wescott Indiana
Granger, Henry Private B, 151 Infantry Elyria Indiana
Graves, H. Private H, 100 Infantry Hebron Indiana
Gray, J. E. Private A, 14 Cavalry Ansley Indiana
Gregg, D. M. Sergeant D, 2 Cavalry Bloomington Indiana
Gregg, Martin Private I, 9 Cavalry Omaha Indiana
Gregory, J. Private H, 128 Infantry Fairfield Indiana
Gregory, Peter   17, Army Corps Pickrell Indiana
Gregory, Peter Private C, 25 Inf 3d Brig Pickrell Indiana
Griffith, J. F. Private C, 26 Pawnee City Indiana
Griggs, Thomas J. Sergeant C, 10 Mission Creek Indiana
Grikin, Wm Private F, 17 Infantry Valley Indiana
Grove, Lyman Private A, 74 Infantry Harvard Indiana
Growcock, Robert Private F, 152 Infantry Valley Indiana
Grubbs, R. A. Private F, 1 Heavy Artillery Clearwater Indiana
Gue, F. A. Private G, 86 Elk Creek Indiana
Gue, I. L. Private G, 86 Elk Creek Indiana
Guthridge, A. J. Captain E, 5 Cavalry Lincoln Indiana
Haag, Aug Private E, 51 Infantry Shelton Indiana
Hacker, David G. Private I, 70 Infantry Auburn Indiana
Hadden, J. C. Private I, 27 Infantry Wymore Indiana
Hagar, Wilson P. Private D, 149 Infantry Holdrege Indiana
Haines, W. S. Private K, 29 Mason City Indiana
Hale, C. J. 1 Liutenant A, 53 Infantry Admah Indiana
Hale, J. M. Private E, 151 Berwyn Indiana
Hall, J. G. Corporal D, 72 Infantry Bennett Indiana
Hall, J. M. Private I, 27 Vol Infantry Nelson Indiana
Hall, T. S. Private A, 11 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Halley, Albert Private L, 4 Cavalry Grand Island Indiana
Hamblin, A. A. Private A, 97 Madrid Indiana
Hammer, Jacob Private G, 47 Infantry Ayr Indiana
Hammond, A. B. Private A, 86 Infantry Overton Indiana
Hancock, Jonathan P. Private E, 130 Inman Indiana
Hancock, O. C. Private D, 70 Infantry Shelton Indiana
Hancock, Samuel Sergeant H, 97 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Handley, John M. Private F, 79 Cozad Indiana
Hanna, J. H. Private E, 59 Infantry Lamar Indiana
Hanshaw, A. L. Private D, 29 Infantry Arapahoe Indiana
Hanshon, John W. Private D, 29 Infantry Arapahoe Indiana
Harbaugh, H. C. Private H, 1 Cavalry Miller Indiana
Harbough, John H. Private K, 72 Dorsey Indiana
Harden, Isaac Corporal I, 27 Infantry Barnston Indiana
Harding, J. W. Captain B, 9 Infantry Lexington Indiana
Harding, S. L. Sergeant I, 73 Beaver City Indiana
Hardy, Gilderoy M. Private G, 147 Rushville Indiana
Harmon, David Private A, 37   Indiana
Harper, E. C. Private B, 57 Infantry Valley Indiana
Harrell, H. Private G, 120 Clinton Indiana
Harrier, Chas Corporal 2 Cavalry Valley Indiana
Harrier, Chas Corporal H, 41 Regt Valley Indiana
Harrier, Wm Private A, 132 Infantry Valley Indiana
Harris, George M. Private F, 9 Infantry Ord Indiana
Harris, J. H. Private F, 85 Infantry Fairbury Indiana
Harris, J. P. Private F, 85 Infantry Fairbury Indiana
Harrold, A. H. Private E, 75 Infantry Albion Indiana
Hart, John H. Private F, 44 Vol Elmwood Indiana
Harvey, R. Private D, 74 St. Paul Indiana
Haskins, Joseph A. Private G, 29 Creighton Indiana
Hatfield, D. Private L, 47 Cheney Indiana
Hauser, Leopold Private K, 156 Infantry Broken Bow Indiana
Hawkins, C. Sergeant A, 9 Alma Indiana
Hawkins, J. H. Corporal I Beaver City Indiana
Hawkins, W. H. Musician H, 25 Infantry Arcadia Indiana
Hawley, S. L. Private A, 115 Infantry York Indiana
Haworth, J. C. Private H, 73 Infantry Elwood Indiana
Hazelbaker, Christopher Private 36 Infantry Abbey Indiana
Head, D. P. Private S, 69 Infantry North Bend Indiana
Hearne, John P. Private B, 128 Infantry Hubbell Indiana
Heaton, James Private D, 135 Lincoln Indiana
Hecter, E. W. 1 Lieutenant B, 32 Firth Indiana
Hedley, James Private 13 Battery Stockville Indiana
Hedley, Thomas J. Private Battery Light Art Stockville Indiana
Hedley, Thomas J. Private Battery Lt Art Stockville Indiana
Hedley, Thomas J. Private C Stockville Indiana
Hedley, Thomas J. Private G Stockville Indiana
Heiges, David Sergeant H, 30 Infantry Springview Indiana
Helm, John F. Private E, 16 Red Willow Indiana
Helt, Henry Private A, 120 Lebanon Indiana
Helton, J. H. Lieutenant B, 7 Infantry Fairfield Indiana
Hemsworth, E. A. Private K, 63 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Hendee, George Private F, 151 Panama Indiana
Hendrickson, -- Private B, 42 La Peer Indiana
Henry, William Private A, 40 Sidney Indiana
Hensley, W. F. Q M Sergeant 8 Cavalry Lincoln Indiana
Henton, George Private G, 15 Infantry Charleston Indiana
Hepp, Anton Private G, 20 Greeley Indiana
Herbaugh, F. W. Private Home Guards Hazard Indiana
Herbaugh, John W. Private F, 81 Infantry Hazard Indiana
Herrig, Frank Private A, 60 Shelby Indiana
Herrold, J. L. Private B, 147 Infantry Alexandria Indiana
Herrold, J. R. Private D, 34 Infantry Alexandria Indiana
Hess, A. P. Sergeant A, 101 Infantry Harvard Indiana
Hiatt, J. W.   Infantry Campbell Indiana
Hiatt, John H. Private G, 153 Infantry Wahoo Indiana
Hickleberg, P. Private G, 42 Infantry North Loup Indiana
Hickman, Thomas Private G, 151 Howe Indiana
Hill, W. H. Private K, 33 Bennett Indiana
Hilligas, F. M. Private C, 11 Infantry Hampton Indiana
Hilligas, James Sergeant H, 97 Infantry Hampton Indiana
Hilligas, Samuel Private H, 97 Central City Indiana
Hilligas, Thos Private H, 23 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Hinshaw, John Private I, 101 Chappell Indiana
Hinson, F. N. Private D, 70 Beaver City Indiana
Hodges, F. Private Battery A H A 1 Belgrade Indiana
Hoffman, Ezra Private E, 135 Infantry Grant Indiana
Hoffman, Jacob Private C, 26 Clearwater Indiana
Holden, J. L. Private A, 16 Madrid Indiana
Holliday, John Corporal I, 9 Infantry Seward Indiana
Hollman, Fred Private 82 Cramer Indiana
Holloway, J. D. Private F, 84 Infantry Geranium Indiana
Honeycutt, M. Private G, 31 Infantry North Loup Indiana
Honeycutt, Moses Private 31 Scotia Indiana
Horton, Hampton Sergeant L, 120 Lebanon Indiana
Houk, Wm Private A, 16 Cozad Indiana
Houser, H. Private H, 53 Infantry Petersburg Indiana
Howell, Samuel Corporal H, 150 Infantry Hebron Indiana
Hubartt, William Corporal 14 L A T North Platte Indiana
Huckelberry, Alonzo Private F, 38 Infantry Broken Bow Indiana
Huddleson, S. D. Private D, 66 Infantry Blair Indiana
Huff, J. H. Private Sergt E, 72 R Vol Beatrice Indiana
Hugh, Geo D. Private 11 & 18 Battalion Benson Indiana
Hughes, C. T. Sergeant K, 17 Mtd Infantry Ames Indiana
Hughes, J. H. Private I, 47 Garfield Indiana
Hull, Adam Private C, 104 Infantry Ogalalla Indiana
Hunchman, J. V. Ord Sergeant B, 9 Cavalry Omaha Indiana
Hunniebright, T. J. Private D, 20 Mason City Indiana
Hunter, Geo W. Musician I, 73 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Huntsinger, S. K. Private A, 72 Lincoln Indiana
Hurlbut, J. G. Private F, 153 Bethany Indiana
Huston, Armstrong 2 Lieutenant D, 38 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Huston, James O. 2 Lieutenant A, 66 Infantry Schickley Indiana
Hutchins, T. E. Sergeant H, 20 Beatrice Indiana
Hutchinson, A. Private 134 Broken Bow Indiana
Hutton, Lewis K. Private H, 57 Infantry Paxton Indiana
Ike, John W. Private C, 123 Infantry Callaway Indiana
Iron, J. H. Sergeant E, 59 Table Rock Indiana
Irvin, R. B. Private H, 59 Stratton Indiana
Isbell, G. W. Private F, 7 Holdrege Indiana
Jackman, James H. Sergeant M, 7 Cavalry Julian Indiana
Jacks, Francis M. Private A, 6 Cavalry Callaway Indiana
Jackson, J. M. Private B, 47 Crete Indiana
Jaco, W. R. Private C, 63 Ewing Indiana
Jacobs, E. M. Private 128, Infantry Elmwood Indiana
Jacques, John W. Private G, 91 Brock Indiana
Jagger, Z. J. Corporal A, 29Infantry Gothenburg Indiana
James, George C. Sergeant D, 7 Cavalry Blyville Indiana
James, Morgan Private B, 36 Osceola Indiana
Jay, H. B. Private C, 73 Infantry Ainsworth Indiana
Jay, James Private 3 Battery Elwood Indiana
Joens, Louis Corporal A, 30 Duncan Indiana
John, J. R. Private H, 18 Lincoln Indiana
John, W. O. Private 3 Lt Artillery Cambridge Indiana
Johns, F. 1 Lieutenant G, 63 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Johnson, Isaac E. Private H, 14 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Johnson, Joseph   M, 39 Maywood Indiana
Johnson, W. H. Private E, 79 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Johnson, Wm Com Serg I, 15 Cavalry Trenton Indiana
Johnston, James W. Private D, 67 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Jones, Beverly Private D, 28 Col Infantry Aurora Indiana
Jones, Geo W. Private D, 21 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Jones, John G. Private C, 4 Battery Aurora Indiana
Jones, Marshall Private E, 42 Beatrice Indiana
Jones, R. H. Private F, 147 Vol Oak Indiana
Jones, S. P. Private B, 12 Cavalry Beatrice Indiana
Jones, T. Private F, 20 Infantry Bennet Indiana
Jones, T. D. 1 Lieutenant G, 63 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Jordan, J. R. Private A, 7 Cavalry Gordon Indiana
Judd, Jacob Private A, 24 Platte Centre Indiana
Junken, Charles Private D, 68 Bancroft Indiana
Keefe, Daniel O. Private I, 11 Cavalry Brainard Indiana
Keehn, M. Private F, 8 Cavalry Gresham Indiana
Kegerris, Jonathan Corporal E, 36 Madrid Indiana
Keime, G. W. Private I, 30 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Keith, William Private K, 42 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Keller, A. J. Private Cavalry Cushing Indiana
Kellogg, Wm Private B, 100 Infantry Chapman Indiana
Kelly, J. E. Lieutenant G, 34 Bloomington Indiana
Kelly, Lewis Private I, 46 Wallace Indiana
Kelso, J. A. Private K, 129 Infantry Hebron Indiana
Kennedy, E. S. Drummer B, 47 Vet Vol Nelson Indiana
Kerr, D. C. Musician A, 14 Infantry Juniata Indiana
Kerr, L. C. Private F, 6 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Kester, Wm Private C, 31 & 131 Infantry Burwell Indiana
Ketchmark, John Private A, 35 Infantry Ft. Calhoun Indiana
Kierstead, J. H. Captain B, 73 Infantry Tilden Indiana
Kindred, M. R. Private K, 67 Infantry Herman Indiana
King, H. F. Captain H, 44 Infantry Guide Rock Indiana
King, J. H. Private I, 7 Beatrice Indiana
King, James Private A, 35 Infantry Tekamah Indiana
King, John N. Private E, 10 Infantry Edgar Indiana
Kinment, Wm F. Private F, 129 Infantry Ord Indiana
Kinsey, Wm T. Private F, 147 Infantry Blue Hill Indiana
Kipling, Thomas Private E, 128 Vol South Auburn Indiana
Kirk, E. H. 1 Lieutenant E, 80 Vol Infantry Nelson Indiana
Kirk, T. J. Private C, 14 Infantry Reynolds Indiana
Kirk, Thomas 1 Lieutenant A, 37 Gibbon Indiana
Kirkman, L. R. Corporal E, 26 Infantry Ceresco Indiana
Kirtley, B. F. Private C, 134 Infantry Bloomington Indiana
Kisler, Henry Corporal B, 152 Arborville Indiana
Kitchen, J. B. Corporal I, 57 Infantry Farnam Indiana
Klepser, A. Captain A, 72 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Klingerman, C. Private K, 30 Infantry Edgar Indiana
Kluze, August Private H, 55 Saltillo Indiana
Knapp, A. W. Sergeant F, 30 Infantry Palmer Indiana
Knonles, W. H. Private 9 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Knowles, William B. Private F, 44 Infantry Long Pine Indiana
Koeplin, Philip Drummer I, 25 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Konkright, John Private G, 155 Infantry Juniata Indiana
Koonty, William Private H, 75 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Kramer, Anthony Corporal E, 32 Infantry Bassett Indiana
Krebs, R. R. Corporal L, 7 Scotia Indiana
Krick, Edward Private H, 91 & 12 Infantry Minden Indiana
Kronkright, H. D. Private B, 155 Infantry Petersburg Indiana
Kuehuz, W. (poss. Kuehnz) Corporal K, 322 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Kuhn, J. B. Private G, 128 Infantry David City Indiana
La Rue, Geo N. Private G, 37 Infantry Union Indiana
Lacy, Turner Private D, 6 Cavalry Fairmont Indiana
Lange, Henry Private K, 27 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Lanonon, Lemuel 1 Lieutenant H, 2 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Larkin, William Private A, 48 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Larndson, Joseph Private C, 80 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Laughlin, T. B. Private K, 9 Infantry Elwood Indiana
Lawrence, J. J. Private L, 4 Cavalry Elwood Indiana
Lawrence, John Private C, 151 Infantry Ericson Indiana
Layman, J. B. Corporal M, 5 Cavalry Champion Indiana
Leach, Wm. M. Sergeant E, 150 Tekamah Indiana
Leak, John Private 16 Indianola Indiana
Lee, Joseph Private E, 34 Infantry Gandy Indiana
Lehmer, Jacob Private 13 Battery Petersburg Indiana
Lemmon, E. O. Private H, 74 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Lenon, Chas Private D, 67 Infantry Wilcox Indiana
Leonard, I. N. 1 Lieutenant B, 9 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Leslie, John Private D, 129 Arborville Indiana
Letten, Michael L. Private B, 27 Infantry Central City Indiana
Levi, Thomas Private L, 3 Cavalry Osceola Indiana
Lewis, John S. Private H, 1 Infantry Wheeler Indiana
Lewis, O. B. Private B, 38 Tekamah Indiana
Libby, W. M. Private 73 Infantry South Omaha Indiana
Lidgard, Johnson Private H, 46 Infantry Dewitt Indiana
Light, James Private B, 83 Wallace Indiana
Likens, J. D. Corporal C, 30 Infantry Bassett Indiana
Likens, S. H. Private F, 13 Vet Bassett Indiana
Lindsey, Amet Private D, 29 Pawnee City Indiana
Lininger, Jacob   D, 99 Vol Omaha Indiana
Lithell, Daniel L. Private D, 2 V Cavalry Endicott Indiana
Littell, Geo R. Private D, 4 Infantry Milton Indiana
Little, John R. Private D, 139 Pawnee City Indiana
Little, Luke Private F, 11 Lewiston Indiana
Livingston, Moses Sergeant A, 7 Cavalry Guide Rock Indiana
Lloyd, G. D. Private E, 43 Infantry Fairbury Indiana
Lloyd, Loammi Private D, Brockett Gandy Indiana
Logan, A. 1 Lieutenant H, 87 Creighton Indiana
Loghry, James F. Corporal K, 152 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Loney, Henry Private G, 26 Infantry Plainview Indiana
Loney, Wesley Sergeant I, 11 Stanton Indiana
Long, Jacob Private I, 74 McCook Indiana
Long, Jerry B. Corporal J, 70 Infantry Madison Indiana
Long, Noah, S. Private C, 44 Infantry Fairbury Indiana
Loper, W. L. 1 Sergeant C, 33 Infantry Palmyra Indiana
Lord, D. C. Private G, 5 Sutherland Indiana
Lore, George Private B, 33 Infantry Hemmingford Indiana
Louderback, Thomas Private F, 33 Wallace Indiana
Loudon, Jas S. Private I, 58 Infantry Gandy Indiana
Love, Wm M. Private E, 81 Infantry York Indiana
Lowe, N. J. Private G, 132 Infantry Kearney Indiana
Lowley, Geo M. Private F, 11 Infantry Seward Indiana
Lynch, J. B.   H, 53 Infantry Odessa Indiana
Lyon, A. Private B, 92 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Lyons, Dennis Private E, 4 Cavalry O'Neill Indiana
Lyons, John Private I, 10 Cavalry Grand Island Indiana

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