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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Indiana Enlistees, M - Z

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Mack, J. L. Sergeant E, 4 Cavalry O'Neill Indiana
Magill, P. H. Corporal B, 78 Infantry Palmyra Indiana
Magill, S. H. Private I, 115 York Indiana
Mahler, J. G. Private A, 26 Juniata Indiana
Maholm, J. W. Private E, 132 Wayne Indiana
Mahon, J. C. Sergt Major C, 59 Infantry Malcolm Indiana
Majors, Alexander   C 33 Sterling Indiana
Mallatte, Charley 1 Lieutenant B, 51 North Platte Indiana
Mallory, R. S. Private I, 144 Infantry Edgar Indiana
Mandeville, D. B. Private B, 73 Infantry Seward Indiana
Manley, A. T. Private E, 83 Mission Creek Indiana
Manning, John Private E, 88 Infantry So Sioux City Indiana
Maple, D. F. Private I, 87 Beaver City Indiana
Marquardt, Gustav A. Private B, 15 Infantry Brandon Indiana
Marsh, Wm Private H, 12 Infantry Bloomington Indiana
Marsters, Saul Private A, 22 Infantry Taylor Indiana
Mason, O. W. Private E, 72 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Mastin, Elias Private A, 44 Infantry Bassett Indiana
Matheney, John M. Colonel 82 Infantry Greenwood Indiana
Mathews Private E, 12 Infantry Hyannis Indiana
Mathews, S. T. Private D, 134 Tekamah Indiana
Mathox, S. Private G, 151 Infantry Tecumseh Indiana
Matlock, Samuel S. Private F, 29 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Matthews, W. W. 2 Lieutenant G, 22 Infantry Geneva Indiana
McBride, Chas H. Corporal E, 59 Infantry Rushville Indiana
McBride, Lewis C. Private H, 12 Cavalry Lincoln Indiana
McCandless, E. P. Private D, 49 Rest Indiana
McCandless, M. W. Private C, 66 Infantry Rest Indiana
McCarter, Aaron S. Private D, 16 Infantry Wymore Indiana
McCartney, David Private F, 12 Adams Indiana
McCartney, M. V. Private D, 4 Infantry Stuart Indiana
McCarty, Robert Private H, 3 Bat Mex War Bellevue Indiana
McClees, J. H. Private G, 8 Cavalry York Indiana
McClellen, J. E. Private A, 33 Infantry Alexandria Indiana
McClure, S. H. Private A, 25 and C, 54 Fullerton Indiana
McConaha, David Corporal H, 84 Infantry Norden Indiana
McCord, John Corporal C, 80 Wallace Indiana
McCormick, J. J. Private J, 118 Vol Lawrence Indiana
McCory, -- Private B, 22 Atlanta Indiana
McCracken, J. E. Private E, 124 Infantry Blair Indiana
McFarland, S. R. Private F, 154 Stanton Indiana
McFarland, W. F. Private K, 10 Stanton Indiana
McGraw, Geo W. Corporal G, 84 Infantry Arapahoe Indiana
McGraw, James Private 14 Gates Indiana
McHenry, N. R. Private E, 29 Infantry Hebron Indiana
McIntosh, J. E. Private G, 35 Infantry Emerick Indiana
McKee, N. D. Private I, 150 Danbury Indiana
McKennie, G. Private E, 8Omaha Indiana
McKim, J. L. Private C, 72 Clearwater Indiana
McLoughlin, Herman Private D, 73 Infantry Tecumseh Indiana
McManigal, Vance Sergeant L, 7 McCook Indiana
McNaMee, G. F. Private B Union Indiana
McNett, James G. Private C, 48 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
McNutt, James Private K, 123 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
McQuitta, V. B. Private I, 10 Cambridge Indiana
McSoy, J. F. Private B, 72 Infantry Ulysses Indiana
McVey, Perry Private K, 53 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
McWilliams, James Private G, 110 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Mead, Joseph M. Private E, 42 Infantry Long Pine Indiana
Mead, L. T. Private C, 63 Infantry Exeter Indiana
Megrue, Joseph F. Sergeant 5 Ohio Ind Bat Harvard Indiana
Megrue, Joseph F. Private H, 146 Infantry Harvard Indiana
Meihart, Wm C. Private H, 87 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Menagh, R. J. Private E, 72 Infantry Bloomington Indiana
Merles, Thomas N. Private H, 8 Berwyn Indiana
Merrit, B. W. Private 3 Battalion Odell Indiana
Merritt, Rolland    Peru Indiana
Merryfield, Orrin Corporal G, 30 Farnam Indiana
Merton, Jacob   G, 120 Bower Indiana
Metcalf, C. P. Private 22 BatteryOmaha Indiana
Metcalf, Edward W. Captain E, 129 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Metz, Francis Private H, 84 Infantry So Sioux City Indiana
Meyers, W. H. Musician A, 11 Infantry Kearney Indiana
Millage, Aaron Private B, 25 Midway Indiana
Millard, V. W. Private I, 20 Infantry Fairfield Indiana
Miller, C. P. Private C, 10 Mission Creek Indiana
Miller, J. J. Private E, 154 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Miller, J. L. Private H, 20 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Miller, J. M. Private M, 1 Artillery Stromsburg Indiana
Miller, James Private B, 85 Infantry Bassett Indiana
Miller, Joseph W. Captain E, 145 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Miller, Wm Private K, 9 Infantry York Indiana
Millikin, J. W. Private K, 18 Infantry Ohiowa Indiana
Mills, C. W. Sergeant K, 10 Cavalry Harvard Indiana
Mills, J. M. Private G, 16 Infantry Litchfield Indiana
Miner, J. R. Private D, 54 Infantry Bertrand Indiana
Minhouse, J. H. Corporal K, 18 Infantry Summer Indiana
Mishler, A. Private D, 54 Infantry Edeson Indiana
Mishler, Noah Private D, 18 Culbertson Indiana
Mitchell, Allen Private F, 132 Indianola Indiana
Mitchell, Eli Private B, 21 Heavy Art Wellfleet Indiana
Mitchell, John P. Corporal I, 79 Hendley Indiana
Mitchell, Robert S. Teamster H, 13 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Mock, Peter B. Private C, 29 Infantry Arlington Indiana
Modlin, J. P. Private E, 9 Cavalry Ulysses Indiana
Moler, Henry Private E, 34 Infantry Bee Indiana
Mon, Philip Private 12 Vol Kimball Indiana
Mong, R. P. Private E, 150 Infantry Upland Indiana
Monroe, W. H. Private F, 148 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Monroe, W. H. Private K, 32 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Montgomery, John T. Private A, 117 Infantry Brandon Indiana
Montgomery, T. G. Corporal E, 63 Wilber Indiana
Montgomery, Wm Sergeant E, 63 Infantry Guide Rock Indiana
Moore, John M. Private E, 47 Infantry Gering Indiana
Moore, R. S. L T Col 13 Cavalry Elsie Indiana
Moore, Sam B. Private I, 150 Infantry Franklin Indiana
Moore, W. H. Private I, 20 Sargent Indiana
Morris, I. R. Private A, 128 Culbertson Indiana
Morrow, C. W. Sergeant B, 136 Wilcox Indiana
Morss, J. M. Private 90 Reg 5 Cavalry Lamar Indiana
Mounts, S. A. Private F, 35 Infantry Upland Indiana
Muhr, John Private I, 58 Freeport Indiana
Muir, R. D. Corporal A, 145 Infantry Milford Indiana
Mullin, L. D. Private I Cavalry Alvo Indiana
Mulvany, John Private C, 66 Mason City Indiana
Munford, John Private E, 47 Infantry Springfield Indiana
Munroe, W. F. Private I, 2 Neligh Indiana
Murphy, J. H. Private C, 147 Infantry Kearney Indiana
Murphy, Wm Sergeant H, 34 Infantry Arapahoe Indiana
Murphy, Wm T. Private K, 53 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Mustard, Ed Private A, 59 Silver Creek Indiana
Myers, Jas Private F, 17 Vol Florence Indiana
Neely, J. M. Surgeon 120 Infantry Elmwood Indiana
Neill, John A. Private I, 10 Cavalry Pawnee City Indiana
Nelson, Isaiah Private E, 153 Infantry Burwell Indiana
Nelson, James M. C. 1 Lieutenant H, 48 Infantry Chester Indiana
Nesbitt, W. O. Private H, 85 Infantry Fairbury Indiana
Neu, J. P. Corporal G, 83 Infantry Seward Indiana
Nevils, Pat Private B, 15 Infantry Wood River Indiana
New, Frederick Sergeant G, 83 Infantry Dunbar Indiana
Newcomb, Peter Private G, 129 Stratton Indiana
Newell, James Corporal K, 30 Vol Kimball Indiana
Newkirk, Clifton Corporal K, 52 Infantry Spiker Indiana
Newman, Geo S. Captain K, 38 Vol York Indiana
Newsham, Enoch H. Private C, 69 Infantry Westerville Indiana
Nicholson, Benj Private G, 7 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Nicholson, Isaac Private G, 123 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Niehardt, Daniel B. Private C, 15 Infantry Seward Indiana
Nodding, Oliver Private D, 48 Shelby Indiana
Noddings, Benj F. Private G, 142 Infantry Rising City Indiana
Noddings, W. A. Sergeant C, 44 Infantry Rising City Indiana
North, Jacob Private G, 83 Pawnee City Indiana
Northaway, D. L. Private A, 29 Infantry Ulysses Indiana
Northway, D. B. Private A, 29 Cavalry Ulysses Indiana
Norwood, John Private 81 Battery Clearwater Indiana
Notz, E. A. Private F, 137 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Nourse, R. E. Private E, 13 Lyons Indiana
Nusbaum, Joseph Private A, 89 Eustis Indiana
Nutt, Wm N. Private F, 88 Indianola Indiana
Nutter, R. W. Private G, 59 Infantry Nelson Indiana
Nyce, John F. Private A, 72 Infantry Underwood Indiana
O'Brien, John Private D, 24 Infantry Wymore Indiana
O'Brien, John Private H, 24 Infantry Wymore Indiana
Ocker, Henry Private A, 151 Infantry Hampton Indiana
Ohngemack, John Private H, 3 Cavalry Friend Indiana
Ohrey, M. V. Private A, 142 Infantry Bellwood Indiana
Oldham, M. Private A, 134 Infantry Taylor Indiana
Oliver, E. W. Private D, 33 Culbertson Indiana
Oliver, R. W. Private A, 1 Cavalry Kearney Indiana
Olmstead, Henry J. Corporal C, 9 Infantry Bertrand Indiana
Osborn, M. Lieutenant 3, Artillery Eustis Indiana
Osborne, S. H. Private H, 1 U S Engineers Bayard Indiana
Oslorn, J. M. Sergeant I, 97 Pawnee City Indiana
Otis, W. H. Private I, 6 Vol Trenton Indiana
Outhwait, W. J. Private A, 151 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Owen, John J. Private I, 37 Lincoln Indiana
Owen, Wm Private G, 16 Infantry Milford Indiana
Owens, Nathaniel Private G, 6 Freeport Indiana
Owings, C. Private H, 123 Infantry Bethany Indiana
Paddock, S. Sergeant C, 128 Tekamah Indiana
Paige, E. G. Sergeant E, 88 Infantry Ashland Indiana
Parker, C. M. Private A, 46 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Parks, M. E. Private 12 Cavalry Germantown Indiana
Patrick, John Private D, 7 Infantry Fletcher Indiana
Patrick, Reuben Sergeant K, 84 Infantry Blair Indiana
Patten, P. M. Private F, 3 Cavalry Dike Indiana
Patton, Geo W. Private C, 40 Infantry Exeter Indiana
Paul, E, M. Private I, 124Omaha Indiana
Payne, A. L. Private F, 9 Alliance Indiana
Peak, John Private 16, Lt Artillery Indianola Indiana
Pedigo, James A. Private G, 79 Infantry Highland Indiana
Peebles, J. S. Private H, 150 Infantry Hastings Indiana
Pennington, L. Private A, 83 Infantry Phillips Indiana
Petty, Joshua Private C, 6 Reg Vet Res Blue Springs Indiana
Petty, Joshua Private G, 53 Infantry Blue Springs Indiana
Pfunder, J. F. Private K, 150 O'Neill Indiana
Phelps, Abraham Private R, 3 Beatrice Indiana
Phillips, J. W. Private I, 51 Pleasanton Indiana
Phillips, Theodore Private G, 155 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Pichnell, B. F. Private 77 Infantry Summer Indiana
Pickeral, David Private H, 57 Infantry Kearney Indiana
Pickett, Jas H. Private H, 23 Infantry Ravenna Indiana
Pickett, Wm O. Sergeant H, 23 Infantry Ravenna Indiana
Pierce, Chas C. Sergeant E, 106 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Pierson, J. W. Private 40 Haigler Indiana
Pitz, William Private G, 74 Daykin Indiana
Plants, G. W. Private F, 30 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Platte, Peter 1 Sergeant C, 7 Cavalry Tecumseh Indiana
Platte, Purdy Private E, 16 Cook Indiana
Polen, C. W. Sergeant K, 13 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Pollman, Wm Private C, 3 Cavalry David City Indiana
Pond, John Private F, 8 Infantry Norfolk Indiana
Porter, D. S. Corporal I, 130 Vol Liberty Indiana
Potter, M. V. Private C, Infantry Indianola Indiana
Powell, Gideon Private 6 Vol Wisner Indiana
Powell, J. E.   Infantry Elwood Indiana
Powell, Levi Private I Wolback Indiana
Powell, W. P. Sergeant B, 73 Infantry Norfolk Indiana
Powell, Wm V. Private A, 39 Benedict Indiana
Poynter, Jesse S. Private A, 79 Craig Indiana
Prescott, John Private C, 5 Cavalry Carns Indiana
Preston, J. McC Captain G, 30 Infantry Orleans Indiana
Preston, L. Z. Private B, 12 & 48 Infantry Champion Indiana
Price, Francis C. Private A, 57 Infantry Ansley Indiana
Price, John S. Private B, 37 Infantry Fairbury Indiana
Price, Leander H. Private F, 153 Infantry Deweese Indiana
Price, William Private H, 67 Infantry Moorefield Indiana
Probet, John G. Private D, 32 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Pruett, W. H. H. 1 Sergeant G, 20 Infantry Humphrey Indiana
Pyke, Jacob S.   63 Infantry Loup City Indiana
Quante, August 1 Corporal M, 1 Cavalry Brock Indiana
Quick, C. D. Private D, 9 and B, 44 Schuyler Indiana
Radley, H. D. Sergeant K, Light Artillery Angus Indiana
Ragains, David Private C, 97 Madrid Indiana
Rainbolt, N. A. Private H, 7 Infantry Norfolk Indiana
Rains, James Private 20 Infantry Stamford Indiana
Randolph, Wesley Private E, 149 Infantry Cameron Indiana
Rank, Newson Private 13 and 15 Farnam Indiana
Ratcliff, J. R. Sergeant B, 43 Infantry Central City Indiana
Ray, Geo W. Private F, 17 Infantry Rogers Indiana
Ray, H. Private E, 50 Infantry David City Indiana
Ray, Wm H. Private C, 80 Infantry Marquette Indiana
Read, Geo W. Corporal 55, 10 Cavalry Rushville Indiana
Read, W. H. Private C, 138 Hay Springs Indiana
Reaser, Cornelius Private K, 75 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Reckard, Barrett Private E, 44 Infantry Long Pine Indiana
Record, Willis 2 Lieutenant 70 Paxton Indiana
Reed, Thomas Private K, 101 Vol Infantry Fremont Indiana
Rees, I. W. Corporal E, 147 Infantry Phebe Indiana
Reid, Ransom W. Private I, 17 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Relph, William Corporal C, 72 McCook Indiana
Reves, Avren Private 11, 8 Vol Stratton Indiana
Reynold, Robert M. Private C, 1 Heavy Artillery Kearney Indiana
Reynolds, William Private F, 16 Infantry St. Paul Indiana
Rhodes, A. J. Private E, 134 Pawnee City Indiana
Rice, Jacob Private I, 2 Infantry Valley Indiana
Richards, A. L. Private I, 8 Infantry South Bend Indiana
Richards, Chas H. Private H, 42 Infantry Beaver City Indiana
Richardson, F. N. Private K, 46 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Richardson, William Sergeant E, 52 Infantry Auburn Indiana
Richey, J. P. Private H, 57 Infantry Arapahoe Indiana
Riley, John Corporal F, 13 Infantry Wymore Indiana
Riley, M. J. Sergeant E, 134 Infantry Madison Indiana
Ritchson, W. H. Private L, 13 Daykin Indiana
Robbins, Enoch Private C, 5 Cavalry Harbine Indiana
Robbins, Montraville Private K, 68 McCool Indiana
Robert, Joseph Private F, 1 Artillery Edgar Indiana
Roberts, Jacob J. Sergeant K, 34 Infantry Amherst Indiana
Robinson, Geo A. Private D, 152 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Robinson, Gus A. Private F, 138 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Robinson, J. E. Private C, 154 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Robinson, John D. Private E, 135 Swanton Indiana
Robinson, Milo 1 Lieutenant G, 7 Infantry Elwood Indiana
Robinson, W. H. Private I, 12 Infantry Juniata Indiana
Robinson, W. N. Private A, 34 Pawnee City Indiana
Rockwell, J. H. Private C, 30 Homer Indiana
Rohrbaugh, Charles N. Private B, 87 and 42 Jansen Indiana
Romine, Rolandus Corporal D, 86 Vol Waterloo Indiana
Ross, Henry I. Private E, 87 Infantry Shelton Indiana
Ross, J. T. Private K, 46 Infantry Wood River Indiana
Roth, Gregory Private T, 80 Vol Roseland Indiana
Rowden, C. D. Private K, 84 Omaha Indiana
Rowlett, E. Z. Private H, 100 Infantry Warnerville Indiana
Rowlett, Edwin Private H, 100 Infantry Warnerville Indiana
Royce, J. W. Corporal C, 23 Infantry Sutton Indiana
Rubottom, P. L. Private K, 43 Vol Trenton Indiana
Rudisil, Geo Private E, 12 Infantry Fairmont Indiana
Ruley, A. T. Private B, 12 Cozad Indiana
Runyon, John H. Corporal F, 68 Infantry Wellfleet Indiana
Russell, W. H. Private F, 35 Infantry Gates Indiana
Rutherford, John Private E, 53 Infantry Auburn Indiana
Rutter, G. S. Private E, 42 Infantry Long Pine Indiana
Ryker, Wm R. Private A, 6 Infantry Guide Rock Indiana
Salamand, L. R. Private L, 10 Cavalry Beatrice Indiana
Sandilands, Jas Private I, 9 Infantry Petersburg Indiana
Sands, T. H. B. Private 10 Bat Arborville Indiana
Saunders, George L. Private E, 73 Infantry Almeria Indiana
Sautler, Martin Private H, 128 Scotia Indiana
Sawyer, Thomas Private G, 85 Western Indiana
Sayler, George Sergeant I, 7 Cavalry Fairmont Indiana
Scamahorn, John A. Major 42 Reg Vol Gordon Indiana
Schmalzried, J. F. Private 16 Battery North Platte Indiana
Schmid, Jacob Private A, 60 Risings Indiana
Schumate, A. W. Private I, 115 Infantry Univ Place Indiana
Scofield, John F. Private B, 29 Infantry South Auburn Indiana
Scott, B. S. Private E, 25 Infantry Brandon Indiana
Scott, J. W. Private F, 54 Infantry Greenwood Indiana
Scott, W. C. Sergeant G, 120 Clinton Indiana
Seilig, William Private I, 130 Infantry Clay Center Indiana
Shadle, Samuel Private E, 18 Regular Mason City Indiana
Sham, John Private K, 99 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Shamp, Jerome Private H, 12 Cavalry Lincoln Indiana
Shankland, O. D. Corporal F, 135 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Shankland, O. D. Corporal I, 10 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Sharp, W. W. Private C, 10 Cavalry Kearney Indiana
Shattuck, Wm C. Private D, 43 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Shaw, George Private B, 79 Infantry Wayne Indiana
Shaw, John E. Private H, 49 West Union Indiana
Shaw, L. Private B, 155 Infantry Bromfield Indiana
Shaw, Owen L. 1 Lieutenant C, 44 Infantry Hayes Centre Indiana
Sheets, Jacob Private A, 40 Infantry Battle Creek Indiana
Shepherd, J. N. Private A, 10 Pawnee City Indiana
Shepherd, John Private K, 115 Vol Infantry Endicott Indiana
Sherman, J. D. Private F, 27 Lincoln Indiana
Sherwin, Harlan P. Private C, 12 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Sherwood, C. W. Private G, 17 Infantry Ulysses Indiana
Shipman, James O. Private C, 83 Bloomfield Indiana
Shippee, Geo W. Private B, 73 Infantry Tilden Indiana
Shivley, S. H. Corporal A, 130 Infantry Rosemont Indiana
Shoemaker, W. A. Private F, Bat Stromsburg Indiana
Sholl, Jacob S. Private B, 151 Infantry Hubbell Indiana
Shore, O. M. Private D, 87 Prairie Home Indiana
Short, George Private E, 134 Infantry Kenesaw Indiana
Short, J. H. Private G, 151 Indianola Indiana
Shoul, R. A. Private B, 89 Neligh Indiana
Shoup, George Corporal H, 9 Infantry Hubbell Indiana
Showalter, Sol Private E, 29 Juniata Indiana
Shreve, Caleb Private B, 9 Hones Legion Kearney Indiana
Shreve, Cyrus D. Sergeant E, 4 Cavalry So Sioux City Indiana
Shrode, J. W. Private B, 91 Infantry St. Edwards Indiana
Shull, D. A. Private D, 72 Mtd Infantry Syracuse Indiana
Shultz, David Private K, 23 St. Paul Indiana
Shultz, John Private C, 34 Mason City Indiana
Sibert, F. A. Private F, 47 Miller Indiana
Silver, J. S. Private C, 34 Infantry Superior Indiana
Silvers, Wm Private G, 40 Infantry Akron Indiana
Simmerman, Alex Sergeant C, 10 Cavalry Pleasanton Indiana
Simon, C. A. Sergeant A, 69 Infantry Nebraska City Indiana
Simpson, John H. Private B, 10 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Sims, J. M. Sergeant I, 24 Oak Indiana
Sinclair, Asa Private F, 16 Infantry Swan Indiana
Skelton, J. D. Captain F, 42 Infantry Page Indiana
Skelton, Joseph W. Major F, 7 Cavalry Phillips Indiana
Slater, Jay Private A, 138 Infantry Fairbury Indiana
Slavens, Milt Private A, 51 Infantry Pleasant Hill Indiana
Sloan, David Corporal K, 26 McCool Indiana
Slusser, O. B. Private E, 48 Hildreth Indiana
Smallwood, Alex Private G, 31 Infantry Geranium Indiana
Smith, Adam Private B, 26 Infantry Geranium Indiana
Smith, C. D. Private 15 Battery Fandon Indiana
Smith, Chas E. Private H, 147 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Smith, D. W. Corporal H, 145 Infantry Syracuse Indiana
Smith, D. W. Private H, 89 Edgar Indiana
Smith, Geo A. Private A, Infantry Clarks Indiana
Smith, Henry Private B, 12 Lebanon Indiana
Smith, Herman W. Private E, 73 Adams Indiana
Smith, Hiram Sergeant H, 26 Infantry Syracuse Indiana
Smith, Jacob Private A, 67 Infantry Venango Indiana
Smith, Jacob Private H, 30 Infantry Pauline Indiana
Smith, John Private D, Cavalry Florence Indiana
Smith, Stover Corporal F, 134 Infantry Endicott Indiana
Snider, John Private L, 1 Cavalry Springview Indiana
Snyder, A. W. Private G, 7 Infantry Adams Indiana
Snyder, Carlisle Musician F, 130 Infantry Maywood Indiana
Snyder, John Quartermaster 13 Battery Cadams Indiana
Snyder, P. Private E, 13 Juniata Indiana
Snyder, W. F. Private K, 83 Omaha Indiana
Soiset, O. P. Corporal A, 7 Cavalry Stromsburg Indiana
Soules, Oscar Private D, 1 Cavalry Peckham Indiana
Sparks, Calvin Private C, 97 Infantry Elsie Indiana
Speas, John C. Private I & A, 19, 7, & 20 V Crawford Indiana
Spencer, Marcus Private E, 13 Liberty Indiana
Spicknall, G. W. Sergt Major 7 Cavalry Bladen Indiana
Spicknall, J. H. Private C, 52 Infantry Sidney Indiana
Spicknall, R. S. Ord Sergeant C, 52 Infantry Bladen Indiana
Spousler, A. W. Private B, 139 Infantry Heborn Indiana
Spraggins, Geo W. Private I, 58 Daykin Indiana
Sprague, John Corporal H, 71 Infantry Kimball Indiana
Sprague, Lewis Sergeant H, 8 Cavalry Hubbell Indiana
Sprague, Wm Private F, 36 Infantry Cozad Indiana
Spray, John T. Private I, 132 Infantry Palmer Indiana
Squires, N. I. Private I, 29 Maywood Indiana
Stafford, Joseph R. 2 Lieutenant D, 16 Artillery Omaha Indiana
Staley, W. H. Private A, 20 Infantry DeWitt Indiana
Stanley, W. A. Private D, 8 Infantry Prairie Home Indiana
Starbuck, Isaac Private A, 10 Infantry Shelton Indiana
Starbuck, W. H. H. Private A, 139 Infantry Ulysses Indiana
Stark, J. J. Private E, 53 Fullerton Indiana
Starr, G. W. Private K, 9 McCook Indiana
Statler, Jacob Private F, 9 Omaha Indiana
Steepleton, F. M. Private C, 17 York Indiana
Steepleton, Fred Private C, 66 Infantry York Indiana
Steffy, Harry Private D, 86 Central City Indiana
Stephens, D. V. Private C, 118 Vol Juniata Indiana
Stephens, Wm. Private L, 11 Cavalry Juniata Indiana
Stevens, J. M. Private F, 42 Infantry Page Indiana
Stevenson, J. W. Private F, 124 Vol Friend Indiana
Stewart, Almon Private I, 9 Infantry Minden Indiana
Stewart, W. H. Private B, 134 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Stiffler, George B. Private F, 101 Lexington Indiana
Stone, B. F. Private M Dorrington Indiana
Storm, George J. Private A, 3 Cavalry Peru Indiana
Storm, J. D. Lieutenant A, 55 Peru Indiana
Story, William Private D, 33 Kilgore Indiana
Stottler, A. Private I, V Havelock Indiana
Stout, David H. Private G, 7 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Stroman, Saml Private A, 1 Cavalry Ulysses Indiana
Studebaker, Daniel Private A, 8 Moomaw Indiana
Studebaker, E. Private E, 14 Infantry Boelus Indiana
Suddith, F. L. Private C, 124 Vol Friend Indiana
Sullivan, Jesse Private I, 146 Harbine Indiana
Sullivan, Josiah Private 146 Infantry Stockville Indiana
Summerville, -- Private G, 2 Cavalry Ansley Indiana
Sumner, Jerome Private E, 15 Infantry Albion Indiana
Sutherland, A. Private E, 22 Infantry Blair Indiana
Sutton, George Private 22 Alliance Indiana
Sutton, William G. Private B, 11 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Swalley, Dan Sergeant A, 2 Cavalry Stromsburg Indiana
Swalley, John Private D, 17 Stromsburg Indiana
Swiggart, H. M. Private D, 129 Vol Roseland Indiana
Talbert, Harrison Private 3 Battery Trumbull Indiana
Tally, John G. Private A, 115 Wauneta Indiana
Talmadge, Joseph W. Sergeant A, 21 Heavy Art Fairmont Indiana
Talver, John Private D, 40 Vol Sargent Indiana
Tannehill, A. F. Captain C, 110 Infantry Norfolk Indiana
Tata, John H. Private G, 133 Infantry Omaha Indiana
Tattersman, John W. Private A, 1 Cavalry Kearney Indiana
Tavver, David Private F, 14 Brady Island Indiana
Taylor, Alfred Private D, 40 Tekamah Indiana
Taylor, Amos Private G, 53 Infantry Shickley Indiana
Taylor, F. M. Private 10 Battery Cozad Indiana
Taylor, J. J. Private A, 59 Infantry Minden Indiana
Taylor, Wilson Private I, 84 Vol Henry Indiana
Taylor, Wm B. Private C, 12 Cavalry Blair Indiana
Tebbls, John H. Private I, 10 & 58 Infantry North Platte Indiana
Terry, W. R. Private E, 6 Cavalry Strang Indiana
Teter, M. L. Private A, 130 Curtis Indiana
Tham, Peter C. Private H, 86 Infantry Virginia Indiana
Thomas, A. N. 1 Lieutenant C, 73 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Thomas, C. L. Sergeant 55 Infantry Valley Indiana
Thomas, Dexter L. Captain H, 88 Infantry Omaha Indiana
Thomas, Giles S. Corporal K, 99 Infantry Fairmont Indiana
Thomas, J. W. Private G, 41 Indianola Indiana
Thomas, Wm H. Private F, 16 Infantry Hastings Indiana
Thompson, Wm Private A, 117 Lyons Indiana
Thompson, Wm H. Private E, 37 Infantry Auburn Indiana
Thorlton, J. H. Private K , 85 Libby Indiana
Thornton, E. W. Private G, 88 Infantry Reynolds Indiana
Thurber, E. Private G, 15 Infantry Fairfield Indiana
Tibbetts, Wm W. Private B, 87 Infantry Grant Indiana
Tilson, M. W. Private I, 70 Vol Infantry Hooper Indiana
Tilton, S. Lieutenant B, 46 Panama Indiana
Timmons, R. M. Private C, 29 Infantry Lexington Indiana
Tingley, G. W. Corporal A, 124 Infantry Fairfield Indiana
Tipton, John F. Private G, 2 Cavalry Hardy Indiana
Tobey, S. W. Private B, 6 Cavalry Fairfield Indiana
Tont, John Corporal D, 8 Wymore Indiana
Totten, I. I.   F, 155 Vol Beatrice Indiana
Totten, Jasper Private E, 72 Murray Indiana
Towne, Wm W. Private A, 49 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Tracy, Dennis Private D, 26 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Tracy, Victor Private G, 1 Infantry Elk Creek Indiana
Tramp, I. C. Private H, 11 Summerford Indiana
Treeblood, Jesse Lieutenant I, 17 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Treherne, T. Private H, 133 infantry Beaver City Indiana
Trendell, John Private H, 123 Infantry Taylor Indiana
Trevin, James Private 87 Infantry Lushton Indiana
Trueblood, B. A. Private B, 15 Clyde Indiana
Tucker, J. Wesley Lieut Col 80 Infantry Valentine Indiana
Tulley, F. M. Private E, 138 Infantry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Tuttle, Hiram C. Private F, 100 Infantry Red Cloud Indiana
Tweedy, John Corporal H, 18 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Twis, Chas S. 1 Sergeant A, 33 Infantry Plattesmouth Indiana
Tyner, W. H. Private L, 11 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Indiana
Urlan, F. G. Corporal B, 32 Infantry Omaha Indiana
Vail, William T. Sergeant F, 9 Big Springs Indiana
Van Horn, Geo W. Private D, 30 Infantry Bartlett Indiana
Van, George Corporal I, 50 Infantry Litchfield Indiana
Vanderhoof, U. Private I, 155 Infantry St. Edwards Indiana
Vanlier, J. W. Sergeant B, 63 Infantry Palmer Indiana
Vannatta, William T. Private E, 99 Infantry Buchanan Indiana
Vanover, Samuel M. Private D, 86 Infantry Auburn Indiana
Vanskike, James Private H, 12 Scotia Indiana
Vanzaub, James Private I, 51 Infantry Smithfield Indiana
Venker, Henry Private A, 12 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
Vorris, David Private E, 13 Infantry Holdrege Indiana
Waddell, Harrison Private D, 134 Infantry Alma Indiana
Waddell, Jackson Private D, 134 Infantry Alma Indiana
Wadley, J. S. Private K, 146 Vol Harbine Indiana
Wagner, Henry Corporal K, 75 Infantry Gothenburg Indiana
Walker, John Private I, 29 Infantry Champion Indiana
Walker, W. A. Private 147 Omaha Indiana
Wallace, E. O. Sergeant E, 38 Cavalry Clay Center Indiana
Walls, Elza 1 Lieutenant E, 43 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Walls, Solomon Private D, 31 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Walton, M. Private K, 82 Infantry Fairfield Indiana
Waltz, M. W. Private G, 124 Infantry Elmwood Indiana
Ward, J. A. Private I, 50 Pawnee City Indiana
Ware, William Private B, 7 Cavalry Hershey Indiana
Warner, B. L. Private E, 130 Infantry Kimball Indiana
Waters, Albertus A. 2 Lieutenant A, 100 Infantry Bartlitt Indiana
Watson, Arthur Private C, 11 Cavalry Mason City Indiana
Watson, C. Private F, 13 Infantry Superior Indiana
Watts, Daniel H. Private B, 10 Light Artillery Davenport Indiana
Watts, Reuben A. Corporal G, 89 Infantry Hyannis Indiana
Waymire, H. Private L, 54 Infantry Wilber Indiana
Weathers, Hamilton Private K, 123 Infantry Peckham Indiana
Weaver, Samuel Private F, 81 Mason City Indiana
Weber, Jacob Private K, 7 Pawnee City Indiana
Weber, Lewis C. Private H, 65 Infantry Arlington Indiana
Webster, J. R. Private C, 88 Lincoln Indiana
Weintz, Charles Sergeant C, 7 McCook Indiana
Weir, James H. Sergeant D, 21 Infantry Gordon Indiana
Welch, S. S. Private C, 43 Infantry Hastings Indiana
Wells, Harvey Private A, 59 Infantry Overton Indiana
West, J. O. Private F, 20 Infantry Grand Island Indiana
West, John W. Sergeant F, 17 Infantry Herman Indiana
West, Miles Corporal F, 13 Infantry Herman Indiana
Wetherly, Edward J. Private H, 11 Infantry Central City Indiana
Wetzel, Clark P. Private B, 143 Infantry Curtis Indiana
Wheeler, J. Q. Captain K, 87 Trenton Indiana
Whips, F. N. Private I, 34 Infantry Octavia Indiana
Whitaker, James Private G, 82 Mason City Indiana
Whitcomb, M. Private E, 100 Infantry Wisner Indiana
White, H. Private A, 11   Indiana
White, Lee Private A, 11 Murray Indiana
White, N. T. Private F, 99 Lincoln Indiana
White, S. M. Private F, 87 Infantry Geneva Indiana
White, William A. Private G, 54 Infantry Hebron Indiana
White, William J. Private E, 38 Infantry Martinsburg Indiana
Whitesel, Leander Private D, 1 Heavy Art Minden Indiana
Whitherspoon, Thos M. Private Band, 58 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Widaman, Jacob Captain G   Indiana
Wiebke, C. F. Corporal T, 88 Infantry Burr Indiana
Wilcox, J. M. Private R, 7 Infantry Beatrice Indiana
Wilcoxen, Joseph Private E, 147 Infantry Aurora Indiana
Wildman, W. D. Captain G, 88 Lincoln Indiana
Wiliever, W. L. Private B, 6 Cavalry Kearney Indiana
Willard, Lewis D. Private F, 140 Infantry Strang Indiana
Williams, C. M.   1, Light Artillery Sterling Indiana
Williams, G. H. Corporal B, 84 Franklin Indiana
Williams, J. L. Private C, 99 Infantry Palmyra Indiana
Williams, J. W. Captain D, 20 Filley Indiana
Williams, Jefferson Private B, 75 West Union Indiana
Williams, Louis C. Private H, 128 Infantry Blue Hill Indiana
Williamson, Hiram H. Private A, 89 Infantry Cadams Indiana
Williamson, Preston Private A, 89 Infantry Nelson Indiana
Willoughby, L. B. Private C, 31 Infantry Central City Indiana
Wills, David W. Private A, 8 Kennedy Indiana
Wilson, C. G. Sergeant A, 47 Infantry Blue Hill Indiana
Wilson, David K. Private G, 26 Omaha Indiana
Wilson, J. Private F, 1st Cavalry Beatrice Indiana
Wilson, J. C. Private B, 117 Infantry Trumbull Indiana
Wilson, John W. 2 Lieutenant H, 59 Infantry Paxton Indiana
Wilson, Peter   26 Infantry Beemer Indiana
Winchell, N. C. Lieutenant L, 13 Cavalry Stanton Indiana
Windbigler, V. M. Private E, 138 Infantry Univ Place Indiana
Wineland, G. W. Private K, 137 Infantry Univ Place Indiana
Winner, A. S. Private H, 149 Infantry Cambridge Indiana
Winters, T. J. Private D, 6 Cavalry Shickley Indiana
Wirt, D. B. Private E, 46 Infantry Lewellen Indiana
Wise, Perry Private K, 89 Infantry Republican City Indiana
Wisley, G. H. Private D, 149 Osceola Indiana
Wisong, J. H. Corporal G, 34 Infantry Wood River Indiana
Witcher, G. A. Private A, 46 Infantry Newman Grove Indiana
Witham, J. S. Private F, 137 Miller Indiana
Wohlgamuth, Jas   C, 118 York Indiana
Wolf, A. L. Private H, 153 Lyons Indiana
Wolfe, William S. Private H, 74 Williamsburg Indiana
Wood, John W. Private F, 10 Cavalry North Platte Indiana
Woods, Henry C. Private 25 Battery Lexington Indiana
Woods, J. D. Private B, 132 Infantry Lincoln Indiana
Woodworth, H. S. Private B, 100 Infantry Chapman Indiana
Worden, Sanford Corporal D, 44 Vim Indiana
Wright, J. S. Private E, 27 Omaha Indiana
Wright, T. M. Sergeant H, 66 Vol Cook Indiana
Yates, J. W. Private I, 137 Ifnantry Geneva Indiana
Yates, W. J. Private G, 137 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Yoam, F. S. Private G, 14 Infantry Huxley Indiana
Youman, F. F. Private B, 33 Gresham Indiana
Young, Claus Sergeant G, 19 Infantry Madison Indiana
Young, F. M. Private D, 11 Infantry Bellwood Indiana
Young, Horace W. Private D, 11 Cavalry Chester Indiana
Young, J. M. Private B, 129 Infantry De Witt Indiana
Young, John Private G, 129 Bartley Indiana
Young, John J. Private M, 5 Bartley Indiana
Young, Matthew Corporal G, 89 Infantry Geneva Indiana
Young, S. S. Private I, 10 Cavalry Bethany Indiana
Younkin, A. S. Private C, 5 Cavalry Beatrice Indiana
Zea, Geo W. Private H, 9 Infantry Fairbury Indiana

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