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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Iowa Enlistees, A - E

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Abrahamson, Otto Private G, 30 Infantry Axtell Iowa
Abrams, Cassius M. O. Private 55 Knoxville Iowa
Abrams, Daniel W. Private I, 15 Pleasanton Iowa
Abrans, Daniel W. Private I, 15 Pleasanton Iowa
Acerman, Ewin Private B, 2 Infantry Liberty Iowa
Adam, Nicholas Private H, 5 Cavalry Lexington Iowa
Adams, Henry H. Sergeant F, 6 Infantry Oxford Iowa
Adams, McC Private I, 15 Omega Iowa
Adams, Noil M. Sergeant H, 13 Infantry Cozad Iowa
Adamson, John B. Private I, 36 Infantry Nora Iowa
Adell, Howell Private A, 19 Infantry Wahoo Iowa
Ahlbright, Fred Corporal I, 65 Cavalry Hansen Iowa
Akers, Wm R. Sergeant G, 7 Infantry Collins Iowa
Alderman, I. N. Corporal K, 32 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Alexander, J. T. Private H, 4 Infantry Trenton Iowa
Alexander, James Private K, 46 Orchard Iowa
Alexander, John Private K, 9 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Alkire, Joseph Private 47 Infantry Edgar Iowa
Allen, B. M. Private K, 27 Infantry Arapahoe Iowa
Allen, D. C. Private H, 32 Infantry Blair Iowa
Allen, L. C. Private E, 44 Howells Iowa
Allen, S. D. Private E, 13 Infantry Norden Iowa
Allen, T. W. Musician H, 26 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Allen, W. H. Corporal B, 39 Indianola Iowa
Allen, Wm M. Private B, 34 Infantry Norden Iowa
Allen, Wm V. Private G, 23 Infantry Madison Iowa
Amerine, D. A. Private H, 54 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Anderson, D. Private C, 4 Cavalry Kearney Iowa
Anderson, F. M. Private K, 40 Infantry Nemaha City Iowa
Anderson, J. V. Corporal B, 45 Wilsonville Iowa
Anderson, John A. Private C, 7 Over Iowa
Anderson, W. H. Captain K, 4 Infantry Beaver City Iowa
Anderson, Wm Private K, 40 Infantry Nemaha City Iowa
Andrews, H. C. Private D, 8 Cavalry Kearney Iowa
Andrews, H. G. Corporal I, 28 Infantry Axtell Iowa
Andrews, J. W. Sergeant D, 4 Cavalry Lushton Iowa
Andrews, W. S. Private F, 20 Infantry Madison Iowa
Angstead, W. F. Lieutenant M, 7 Cavalry Tobias Iowa
Anson, E. T. Private H, 17 Infantry Springfield Iowa
Anspach, John Private 4 Infantry Cambridge Iowa
Applegate, G. W. Private D, 33 Sutherland Iowa
Applegate, John Private D, 18 Infantry Cozad Iowa
Arbuthnot, James Private H, 2 Cavalry South Bend Iowa
Archard, James B. Private H, 13 Atkinson Iowa
Armstrong, J. V. Private D, 28 Infantry Blair Iowa
Arnett, Seth J. Private G, 35 Infantry Madison Iowa
Arnold, A. J. Lieutenant C, 7 Cavalry Columbus Iowa
Ashpole, Rev F. Private C, 26 Infantry Phillips Iowa
Atkinson, A. G. Sergeant 2 Battery Du Bois Iowa
Atwood, H. C. Private B, 45 Infantry Milford Iowa
Atwood, S. S. Sergeant K, 13 Beav Crossing Iowa
Ayers, Allen T. Sergeant G, 31 Infantry Inavale Iowa
Ayers, John W. Private B, 36 Curtis Iowa
Babcock, H. W. Private G, 1 Cavalry Gordon Iowa
Babcock, J. H. Private A, 8 Infantry North Loup Iowa
Backley, G. L. Private D, 39 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
Bagley, John Private A, 5 Cavalry Leroy Iowa
Bailey, Abel Private A, 6 Cavalry Long Pine Iowa
Bailey, C. S. Private C, 10 Infantry Shelton Iowa
Bailey, David Private G, 3 Cavalry Elkhorn Iowa
Bailey, W. R. Private G, 21 Indianola Iowa
Baird, A. N.   F, 2 Cavalry Pleasant Dale Iowa
Baird, Harlan Lieut Col 5 Cavalry Homer Iowa
Baker, C. A. Private E, 7 Cavalry Alexandria Iowa
Baker, C. W. Private K, 32 Orchard Iowa
Baker, F. M. Private H, 44 Infantry Oak Iowa
Baker, G. W. Private I, 40 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Baker, J. W.   D, 21 Gibbon Iowa
Baker, Joseph Private F, 18 Vol Juniata Iowa
Baker, Richards Private F, 39 Infantry Fremont Iowa
Baker, S. K. Private F, 2 Cavalry Bancroft Iowa
Baker, S. P. Sergeant K, 4 Cavalry Curtis Iowa
Balding, John L. Private F, 1 Cavalry Shelton Iowa
Baldwin, Chester Private A, 3 Upland Iowa
Baldwin, John S. Private B, 2 Infantry Ashland Iowa
Baldwin, Wm L. 1 Sergeant K, 12 Infantry Utica Iowa
Bales, D. S. Private K, 7 Sterling Iowa
Bales, R. T. Private E, 13 Omaha Iowa
Ball, B. R. Private A, 3 Omaha Iowa
Ball, Geo E. Private C, 2 Infantry York Iowa
Ball, T. A. Private K, 32 Infantry Superior Iowa
Ballard, M. Private 1 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Ballou, John C. Sergeant H, 2 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Banks, Baxter Private L, 9 Cavalry Wood Lake Iowa
Banks, H. N. Sergeant I, 2 Infantry Nelson Iowa
Bannister, William Private L, 4 Cavalry Ft Calhoun Iowa
Banta, George Private E, 129 Infantry Colten Iowa
Banta, Joseph Private A, 14 Infantry Trumbull Iowa
Barber, Wm C. Private G, 21 Infantry Luella Iowa
Bare, John Private I, 18 Infantry Decatur Iowa
Barger, L. S. Private E, 46 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Barker, Charles E. 1 Lieutenant H, 25 Infantry Tekamah Iowa
Barker, Zina L. Private A, 47 Infantry Moorefield Iowa
Barkhurst, J. E. Private G, 35 Beatrice Iowa
Barleaw, Saml Private C, 32 Infantry David City Iowa
Barnard, W. D. Private K, 34 Infantry Springfield Iowa
Barnes, Eli A. Sergeant G, 9 Cavalry Grand Island Iowa
Barnes, G. W. Private C, 28 I V Univ Place Iowa
Barnes, J. H. Private C, 44 Oakdale Iowa
Barnes, Silas R. Drummer 4 Battery Maywood Iowa
Barnes, Z. Private C, 40 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Barnum, H. S. Private C, 5 Cavalry Blue Springs Iowa
Barrett, W. H. Private E, 11 Infantry Orleans Iowa
Bartholomew, W. C. Corporal F, 7 Stromsburg Iowa
Bartlett, E. H. Vet Surgeon E, 1 Cavalry Hastings Iowa
Barto, C. M. Private G, 1 Cavalry Gordon Iowa
Barton, W. A. Private B, 26 Chappell Iowa
Bartscher, J. Private K, 2 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Bass, William Private H, 40 Infantry Wilsonville Iowa
Battles, Charles Private B, 26 College View Iowa
Bauman, J. C. Private A, 44 Infantry Carleton Iowa
Baumgardner, Nathan Private G, Infantry Brandon Iowa
Baxter, C. J. Private C Creighton Iowa
Bayles, Joseph G. Private C, 30 Infantry Seward Iowa
Bayles, R. W. Corporal K, 4 Cavalry Harvard Iowa
Bayley, Geo Private G, 3 Cavalry Beatrice Iowa
Beach, A. A. Musician F, 14 Infantry Shickley Iowa
Beach, G. M. Private 4 Lt Artillery Eagle Iowa
Beach, T. B. 1 Lieutenant F, 14 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Beake, T. W. Sergeant D, 8 Shelby Iowa
Beale, J. P. Sergeant H, 3 Cavalry Shelby Iowa
Beals, A. J. Corporal H, 44 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Beals, Chester G. Private K, 5 Infantry Thurman Iowa
Beals, Silas Private D, 8 Ortella Iowa
Beaman, Alonzo Private B, 3 Cavalry Bartley Iowa
Beamer, J. M. Corporal G, 36 Burchard Iowa
Bear, John Corporal K, 30 Infantry Bloomington Iowa
Beast, Jesse Private G, 21 Infantry Decatur Iowa
Beatty, Jos T. Private A, 45 Omaha Iowa
Bebb, E. J. Private 4 Cavalry Kearney Iowa
Beckley, Samuel Private H, 27 Creighton Iowa
Beckman, W. H. Private L, 8 Cavalry Davey Iowa
Beebe, E. H. Private K, 8 Pawnee City Iowa
Beemer, Jacob R. Private A, 2 Cavalry Fremont Iowa
Beenger, Christian Private B, 16 Blue Hill Iowa
Beers, S. W. Lieutenant T, 18, I, 2 Art Beatrice Iowa
Beeson, E. L. Sergeant K, 8 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Beeson, Smith 2 Lieutenant R, 8 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Beeteen, Chas W. Private F, 6 Cavalry Douglas Iowa
Beeteen, John T. Private F, 6 Cavalry Douglas Iowa
Beggs, Leonard Private D, 2 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Bell, G. H. Private K, 25 Infantry Liberty Iowa
Bell, L. B. Private I, 12 Infantry Alma Iowa
Bell, W. A. Sergeant D, 5 Cavalry Papillion Iowa
Beller, Elijah Private A, 28 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Beltzer, L. A. Private F, 18 Osceola Iowa
Belville, Joseph Private H, 2 Infantry Hampton Iowa
Benedict, J. W. Corporal H, 12 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Beniscana, John Private H, 1 Artillery Beaver Cross'g Iowa
Bennett, E. W. Private H, 7 Cavalry Saratoga Iowa
Bennett, Jacob Private G, 18 I V Univ Place Iowa
Bennett, M. O. Private A, 3 Infantry Superior Iowa
Bennett, R. M. Private L, 3 Cavalry Doniphan Iowa
Bense, H. F. Private A, 7 Osceola Iowa
Benson, Samuel Private H, 3 Infantry Superior Iowa
Berry, J. B. Private H, 29 Pawnee City Iowa
Berry, Wm G. Private D, 32 Dustin Iowa
Bessey, John Private F, 1 Infantry Fullerton Iowa
Best, Marsee J. Private I, 8 Cavalry Norfolk Iowa
Bick, John Private B, 7 Infantry York Iowa
Bick, Wm Private B, 1 Infantry Neligh Iowa
Biesemier, C. F. Private D, 5 Sterling Iowa
Biley, B. B. Private E, 2 Infantry Eddyville Iowa
Billington, Israel C. Private 13 Infantry Lushton Iowa
Bird, Edward E. Private A, 45 Infantry Stockham Iowa
Bird, W. S. Private E, 33 Infantry Weeping Wtr Iowa
Bishop, Aaron Private D, 2 Cavalry Atkinson Iowa
Bishop, Aaron Private H, 34 Infantry Atkinson Iowa
Bishop, R. B. Private G, 45 Bookwalter Iowa
Bissey, Wm Private B, 3 Infantry Sterling Iowa
Bixby, A. Corporal H, 6 Bassett Iowa
Blackwood, Wm Private B, 5 Cavalry Ft Calhoun Iowa
Blair, John T. Private D, 13 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Blakesley, Abraham Private M, 3 Cavalry Cozad Iowa
Blakesley, J. H. Private G, 8 Cavalry Lomo Iowa
Blathner, Isaac Private B, 24 Infantry Leigh Iowa
Bliss, J. H. Sergeant M, 2 Artillery Hartwell Iowa
Bloyd, C. Private F, 15 Infantry Fairbury Iowa
Blunk, Moses Private D, 10 Lincoln Iowa
Bodenhamer, W. S. Private C, 40 Infantry Stockfield Iowa
Bohannon, Samuel Private H, 21 Infantry Ord Iowa
Bolding, W. R. Private F, 1 Cavalry Ewing Iowa
Bolton, Geo M. Private H, 24 Infantry Dailey Branch Iowa
Bon, A. C. Private D, 18 Infantry Cowles Iowa
Bond, H. L. Private K, 4 Cavalry Rising City Iowa
Bonner, Geo C. Private H, 7 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Bossard, Peter Private E, 2 Cavalry Belgrade Iowa
Bousall, Whitten C. Private C, 7 Infantry Western Iowa
Bowen, Franklin Private E, 22 Bertrand Iowa
Bowen, J. W. Private E, 15 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Bowerman, J. Private K, 9 Beaver City Iowa
Bowlby, L. F. Private D, 44 V I Pella Iowa
Boyce, G. C. Private E, 34 Stratton Iowa
Boyd, Cyrus F. Lieutenant G, 15 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Boyer, J. F. Corporal C, 8 Danbury Iowa
Boyer, William Corporal G, 36 Infantry Bromfield Iowa
Bradshaw, Calvin Private I, 23 North Platte Iowa
Brant, John Henry Private G, 34 Infantry Diller Iowa
Brant, T. J. 1 Sergeant D, 4 Infantry Utica Iowa
Brennen, Wm Private I, 18 Infantry Papillion Iowa
Brewer, E. Private E, 24 Infantry Loup City Iowa
Brewer, W. W. Private F, 9 Omaha Iowa
Brewster, James Private G, 9 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Bridges, James J. Private G, 69 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Briggs, A. J. Private F, 3 Cavalry Superior Iowa
Brisbin, J. Private D, 39 Franklin Iowa
Brock, Isaac Sergeant B, 2 Pawnee City Iowa
Brock, Tobert Private K, 24 Infantry Fairbury Iowa
Bromhall, I. N. Sergeant F, 17 Infantry Tekamah Iowa
Brookhart, Daniel Private H, 11 Infantry Nelson Iowa
Brooks, J. W. Private H, 46 Infantry Avoca Iowa
Brooks, John Fifer B, 26 Infantry Firth Iowa
Brooks, O. S. Sergeant K, 4 Infantry Bancroft Iowa
Broomhall, Thomas   L, 9 Cavalry Belgrade Iowa
Brott, Martin Corporal A, 5 Cavalry Tecumseh Iowa
Brown, 1 Lieutenant H, 8 Burchard Iowa
Brown, A. A. Private G, 34 Infantry Alma Iowa
Brown, A. E. Private F, 12 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Brown, Alba, Sr. Private C, 5 Cavalry Woodlawn Iowa
Brown, G. J. 3 Sergeant F, 45 Infantry Crete Iowa
Brown, G. T. Private C, 47 Infantry Juniata Iowa
Brown, H. Private B, 1 Col Infantry Mead Iowa
Brown, J. G. Private B, 18 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Brown, John M. Private E, 47 Infantry College View Iowa
Brown, L. F. Sergeant K, 32 Hammond Iowa
Brown, Mark Private M, 7 Cavalry Ponca Iowa
Brown, Nelson Private A, 5 Cavalry Waterloo Iowa
Brown, Oscar M. Private G, 8 Cavalry Tekamah Iowa
Brown, R. N. Sergeant I, 13 Cavalry Fairfield Iowa
Brown, R. T. Corporal C, 4 Cavalry Tecumseh Iowa
Brown, Wm Sergeant K, 113 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Brown, Wm S. Sergeant I, 9 Cavalry Fremont Iowa
Brucker, Louis Private E, 25 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Bruckner, L. Private E, 25 Infantry Riverdale Iowa
Brush, J. W. 2 Lieutenant C, 25 Infantry Auburn Iowa
Bucher, W. A. Sergeant D, 14 Infantry North Bend Iowa
Bucler, Louis E. Private E, 19 Infantry Shelton Iowa
Buker, W. E. Private H, 2 Cavalry Negunda Iowa
Bullock, M. Y. Private B, 35 Infantry Edgar Iowa
Bullock, W. F. Private B, 2 Cavalry York Iowa
Bunn, Jos N. Private B, 16 Infantry Brock Iowa
Bunney, Joseph Private H, 13 Infantry Atlanta Iowa
Burch, Henry A. Private A, 18 Vol Infantry Dodge Iowa
Burch, John T. Private B, 3 Infantry Steele City Iowa
Burdick, Alfred Private A, 6 Cavalry Hubbell Iowa
Burditt, John Private K, 15 Infantry Franklin Iowa
Burgan, George Private G, 35 Infantry Johnstown Iowa
Burge, Thos J. Corporal G, 2 Blue Hill Iowa
Burger, Alfred Private K, 2 Cavalry Genet Iowa
Burlingame, S. L. Private E, 2 Osceola Iowa
Burrnett, Andrew H. Private D, 24 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Burrows, Wm H. Private K, 26 Rising City Iowa
Burt, Geo W. Private H, 44 Infantry Indianola Iowa
Burt, Joseph Sergeant A, 8 Cavalry Clay Center Iowa
Burton, John Private K, 38 Infantry Clearwater Iowa
Burton, William T. Private H, 9 Cavalry Lawn Iowa
Butler, F. S. Private G, 17 Infantry Atkinson Iowa
Butler, Francis Private D, 9 Cavalry Milford Iowa
Butler, John H. Private A, 5 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Butman, Asa Sergeant C, 1 & 11 Infantry Paxton Iowa
Butman, George Private B, 126 Infantry Paxton Iowa
Button, Loren Private F, 31 Infantry Wakefield Iowa
Byers, J. T. Private I, 13 Garrison Iowa
Byrd, Sylvanus L. Private B, 4 Battery Guide Rock Iowa
Byrkit, M. L. Private B, 19 Infantry Edgar Iowa
Bysong, John Private C, 12 Infantry West Point Iowa
Cadwallader, C. S. Private K, 32 Infantry Raymond Iowa
Caffer, T. J. Private G, 8 Cavalry Ponca Iowa
Calkin, T. M. Private C, 44 Creston Iowa
Calkins, K. J. Private K, 24 Stromsburg Iowa
Callen, Thomas Private G, 39 Infantry Ohiowa Iowa
Callett, W. J. Private E, 6 Infantry Fairfield Iowa
Calvert, H. K. Private E, 29 Infantry Ashland Iowa
Came, C. F. Private M, 2 Cavalry Riverton Iowa
Campbell, B. R. Corporal G, 30 Infantry Gothenburg Iowa
Campbell, Eldrige Private A, 7 Cavalry Geneva Iowa
Campbell, J. M. Private D, 39 Infantry Nelson Iowa
Campbell, Jacob Private A, 4 Cavalry Gresham Iowa
Campbell, James Sergeant D, 4 Infantry Inavale Iowa
Campbell, L. D. Private F, 28 Infantry Exeter Iowa
Campbell, William Private I, 31 Infantry Central City Iowa
Campble, B. C. Private F, 21 Osceola Iowa
Campion, M. M. Private B, 1 Beav Crossing Iowa
Capp, C. M. Captain C, 1 Cavalry Havelock Iowa
Carberry, P. H. Private I, 29 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Carey, B. F.   H, 25 Infantry York Iowa
Carey, J. Private E, 3 Infantry Ong Iowa
Carkins, Levi   7 Hastings Iowa
Carmichael, A. W. Private I, 2 Cavalry De Witt Iowa
Carnes, J. V. Corporal B, 29 Greenwood Iowa
Carpenter, John Corporal K, 30 Infantry Superior Iowa
Carr, Joseph Private H, 7 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Carr, Wm H. Private A, 34 Infantry Douglas Iowa
Cart, Jacob Private G, 3 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Carter, J. M. Private H, 16 Infantry Wakefield Iowa
Carter, John B. Corporal K, 39 Infantry Avoca Iowa
Cartwright, M. Private E, 6 Infantry Brainard Iowa
Case, W. T. Private B, 2 Infantry Randolph Iowa
Casselman, J. E. Private C, 5 Cavalry Julian Iowa
Casteel, James A. Private E, 25 Infantry Pierce Iowa
Caswell, Warren Private B, 7 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Catlin, L. L. Sergeant G, 13 Fairbury Iowa
Cavin, J. H. Private 4 Infantry Kent Iowa
Chadd, Wesley Private K, 2 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Chamberlain, Andre Private A, 23 Infantry Stanton Iowa
Chambers, Thos L. Corporal C, 24 Cavalry Norden Iowa
Chanes, J. H. Private 9 Cavalry Gothenburg Iowa
Chaney, G. R. Private I, 3 Cavalry Red Cloud Iowa
Channer, T. J. Private L, 5 Cavalry Lexington Iowa
Chapman, J. M. Private G, 44 Infantry Weston Iowa
Chapman, Jackson Private A, 45 Infantry Wood River Iowa
Chapman, S. B. Private C, 13 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Chapman, Samuel M. 2 Sergeant K, 14 Vol Plattsmouth Iowa
Chapman, W. A. Sergeant E, 4 Cavalry Hastings Iowa
Chapman, Wm Private G, 19 Infantry Swift Iowa
Chas, Hazen Sergeant G, 26 Infantry Redington Iowa
Cherry, C. M. Private 3 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Childers, Monroe Private A, 4 Cavalry Grand Island Iowa
Chiles, W. W. Sergeant I, 8 Cavalry Firth Iowa
Christie, Isaac D. Private 4 Battery Hebron Iowa
Church, I. R. Private F, 20 Infantry Meadow Grove Iowa
Church, P. Corporal K, 12 Infantry Arborville Iowa
Churchill, Henry Private D, 8 Infantry Ceresco Iowa
Clapp, C. R. Private F, 3 Cavalry Oshkosh Iowa
Clapp, G. W. Private B, 4 Cavalry Naponee Iowa
Clapp, W. D. Private F, 3 Cavalry Kearney Iowa
Clark, B. F. Private F, 44 Infantry Daykin Iowa
Clark, Ben Private G, 6 Infantry Long Pine Iowa
Clark, Charles A. Private C, 36 Infantry Fairbury Iowa
Clark, Henry Private B, Infantry Grant Iowa
Clark, Judson Private F, 22 Infantry Fairbury Iowa
Clark, W. H. H. Private 3 Lt Artillery Atkinson Iowa
Clark, William Private H, 26 Lincoln Iowa
Clark, Wilson Private G, 1 Cavalry Fairbury Iowa
Clark, Wm Private G, 13 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Clark, Wm H. Private F, 146 Cozad Iowa
Clement, David Private D Oxford Iowa
Cleveland, A. B. Private 1, 24 Cavalry Beatrice Iowa
Clevenger, W. F. Private A, 48 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Cline, Jesse W. Private D, 39 Infantry Newport Iowa
Clinkenbeard, John Private C, 18 Infantry Herman Iowa
Clother, T. L. Private H, 14 Infantry Marquette Iowa
Clough, Geo P. Private H, 29 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Clutter, G. W. Private M, 4 Cavalry Auburn Iowa
Coatney, James J. Private E, 14 Jansen Iowa
Coburn, Wm Private A, 14 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Cocklin, A. Private I, 13 Infantry Axtell Iowa
Cockrell, F. M. Private A, 10 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Coffelt, F. M. Private D, 2 Cavalry Trenton Iowa
Coffman, Victor H. Surgeon 34 Omaha Iowa
Colby, Bert Private F, 5 Cavalry Palisade Iowa
Coldren, L. T. Lieutenant I, 18 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Cole, Daniel Private A, 27 Infantry Fullerton Iowa
Cole, Fones Private I, 20 Infantry Grafton Iowa
Coleman, Alex Private B, 3 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Coleman, E. C. Private F, 17 Infantry Greenwood Iowa
Coleman, Hiram Corporal A, 9 Tekamah Iowa
Coleman, J. M. Private G, 24 Infantry Neligh Iowa
Colman, Chas H. Private F, 24 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Coln, John Private K, 2 Infantry Gandy Iowa
Compton, E. M. Private H, 2 Cavalry Weeping Wtr Iowa
Condron, David Private 2 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Conger, Elias Private H, 8 Chapman Iowa
Conklin, Moses Private I, 8 Infantry Stockville Iowa
Conley, S. Private G, 29 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Conn, A. J. Private B, 142 Vol Springview Iowa
Conner, A. W. Sergeant E, 4 Cavalry Bostwick Iowa
Connor, A. J. Private B, 33 Valparaiso Iowa
Connor, E. P. Private B, 44 Greeley Iowa
Connor, Francis M. Private L, 3 Cavalry Auburn Iowa
Connor, Saml B. Private F, 2 Riverton Iowa
Contal, Benjamin Captain F, 9 Cavalry Blair Iowa
Conyers, W. P. Sergeant M, 2 Artillery Hartwell Iowa
Cook, James P. Private E, 12 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Cook, Sylvester Private E, 12 New Castle Iowa
Cook, Wm Private K, 35 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Cookus, J. D. Private F, 24 Crete Iowa
Coolidge, C. L. Private F, 12 Palmer Iowa
Coolidge, H. P. 1 Lieutenant T, 8 Infantry Columbus Iowa
Coon, George Private F, 16 Infantry Strang Iowa
Coon, Jos Private A, 4 Infantry Cozad Iowa
Coop, W. M. Private E, 2 Infantry Blue Springs Iowa
Cooper, C. W. Private H, 6 Infantry David City Iowa
Cooper, G. H. Private G, 15 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
Cooper, James Private E, 8 Cavalry Harbine Iowa
Coover, F. M. Corporal B, 46 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Corbin, A. C. Private K, 112 Beaver City Iowa
Corbin, D. A. Private G, 2 Cavalry Hay Springs Iowa
Corley, C. Private H, 45 Infantry Nebraska City Iowa
Coroles, H. A. Private E, 40 Infantry Shelby Iowa
Cory, H. W. Private H, 10 Plattsmouth Iowa
Cottrell, Nathan B. Private G, 9 Cavalry South Omaha Iowa
Couch, Calvin B. Private H, 4 Cavalry York Iowa
Couch, Edward J.   B, 10 Infantry Cornlea Iowa
Covalt, John Private 2 Battery Silverthorn Iowa
Coviell, Charles Private B, 44 Fullerton Iowa
Coviell, Charles Private E, 11 Fullerton Iowa
Cowger, John T. Private E, 17 Infantry Springview Iowa
Cox, G. H. Private H, 35 Infantry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Cox, Samuel Private 6 Infantry Litchfield Iowa
Crabb, B. Colonel 19 Infantry York Iowa
Crable, J. J. Private E, 47 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Crabtree, Henry Sergeant B, 23 Indianola Iowa
Crabtree, Matthew Private A, 10 Infantry Ft Calhoun Iowa
Craft, John Private I, 34 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Craig, George Private B, 7 Infantry Verdigre Iowa
Craig, John S. Captain G, 21 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Craig, L. Private D, 7 Cavalry Reynolds Iowa
Craig, S. H. Captain D, 4 Beatrice Iowa
Craig, Seth Private I, 27 Burchard Iowa
Crandall, K. N. Private C, 27 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Crane, Morgan Sergeant D, 9 Infantry Burwell Iowa
Crawford, Otis Corporal A, 9 Infantry Columbus Iowa
Crawley, S. W. Private B, 7 Armour Iowa
Crisman, F. A. Private B, 24 Infantry Leigh Iowa
Crissman, Stanford A. Private B, 24 Infantry Plattsmouth Iowa
Cristal, John Private C, 23 Ravenna Iowa
Cromwell, F. C. Private A, 12 Infantry Minden Iowa
Crosby, A. E. Private K, 23 Bartley Iowa
Crosby, Squire E. Sergeant 17 Cavalry Arborville Iowa
Cross, G. F. Private G, 44 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Cross, Perry Private F, 35 Powell Iowa
Crossley, G. H. Private I, 4 Infantry Central City Iowa
Crossley, T. S. Private I, 21 Infantry Mason City Iowa
Crouch, L. B. Private H, 2 Heavy Artillery Pawnee City Iowa
Crum, James Sergeant B, 4 Cavalry Neligh Iowa
Crumpacker, Benj Private G, 17 Infantry Ewing Iowa
Crumrine, Geo Sergeant I, 16 Infantry Phillips Iowa
Crusenberry, Thos Private I, 13 Infantry Madrid Iowa
Culp, James Private C, 10 Sparks Iowa
Cuming, Amos Private F, 23 Farnam Iowa
Cummings, David Corporal C, 11 Infantry Sumner Iowa
Cummins, J. C. Corporal H, 20 Infantry Tecumseh Iowa
Cunningham, Alonzo Private G, 4 Cavalry Imperial Iowa
Cunningham, J. W.   D, 5 Liberty Iowa
Cunningham, John B. Private H, 33 Infantry Rushville Iowa
Cunningham, L. B. Private A, 3 Cavalry Kearney Iowa
Cunrine, E. G. Private 3 Cavalry South Omaha Iowa
Curas, T. L. Private D, 44 Infantry Battle Creek Iowa
Curry, E. W. Private A, 27 Infantry David City Iowa
Curry, John G. Private C, 15 West Union Iowa
Curtis, Amos Private K, 46 Infantry Hampton Iowa
Curtis, James Private C, 20 Infantry Bertha Iowa
Cutting, H. P. Corporal C, 6 Stromsburg Iowa
Daley, Dennis Private C, 6 Cavalry Wahoo Iowa
Daley, J. C. Sergeant D, 12 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Dalson, John A. Captain G, 21 Infantry Oshkosh Iowa
Darbath, Joseph Private I, 16 Infantry Minden Iowa
Daugherty, L. H. Private E, 15 Infantry Hansen Iowa
Daugherty, Moses R. Private A & K, 34 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Davenport, J. H. Private I, 7 Cavalry Ainsworth Iowa
Davidson, J. H. Corporal C, 4 Cavalry Milford Iowa
Davis, A. M. Private F, 3 Infantry Stamford Iowa
Davis, Allen Private E, 4 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Davis, C. H. Private F, 3 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Davis, I. H. Private 1 Infantry Winside Iowa
Davis, J. A. Private B, 29 Murray Iowa
Davis, J. H. Lieutenant F, 28 Infantry Weep'g Water Iowa
Davis, J. H. Private F, 29 Infantry Nebraska City Iowa
Davis, J. J. Private A, 13 Infantry Hyannis Iowa
Davis, J. N. Private H, 36 Infantry York Iowa
Davis, James R. Private F, 34 Infantry Craig Iowa
Davis, Jesse Private F, 28 Infantry Weep'g Water Iowa
Davis, John Private F, 28 Infantry Mt Clare Iowa
Davis, Merrick Private D, 4 Infantry Bloomington Iowa
Davis, Moses Private E, 22 Infantry Brownville Iowa
Davis, Stephen Private B, 15 Murray Iowa
Davis, Thos H. Private E, 2 Cavalry Geneva Iowa
Davis, V. P. Private B, 18 Osceola Iowa
Davis, W. L. Major A, 5 Cavalry Craig Iowa
Davis, W. R. Private F, 34 Infantry Craig Iowa
Davis, Wm D. Private F, 13 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Davisson, John S. Private I, 9 Infantry Long Pine Iowa
Day, J. V. Private E, 28 Infantry Trumbull Iowa
De La Barre, R. R. Private A, 9 Cavalry Watertown Iowa
Decamp, M. A. Private L, 7 Clearwater Iowa
Decamp, M. A. Private L, 7 Clearwater Iowa
Decker, Dennis Private B, 33 Vol Infantry Fremont Iowa
Decker, Simeon Private E, 3 Cavalry Wahoo Iowa
Dedmore, Elias Private F, 10 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Deigh, J. L. Lieutenant 45 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Delamater, Jacob Private D, 37 Infantry Norden Iowa
Dellinger, Henry Private H, 4 Infantry Hubbell Iowa
Dempcy, I. H. Captain I, 40 Infantry Arapahoe Iowa
Dennis, O. P. Private C, 11 Infantry Litchfield Iowa
Derby, Enos Private L, 5 Cavalry Wayne Iowa
Detch, David   G, 5 Infantry Maxwell Iowa
Detrick, H. M. Private 4 Cavalry York Iowa
Devore, E. D. Private D, 6 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Devore, Elijah Private A, 13 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Dewey, E. H. Private G, 13 Neligh Iowa
Dewey, E. H. Private G, 13 Neligh Iowa
Dewitt, James P. Private K, 2 Infantry Doniphan Iowa
Dey, John B. Private F, 8 Cavalry David City Iowa
Dibble, B. F. Corporal H, 58 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Dietrich, Christ Private G, 2 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Diffendaffer, William Private G, 20 Infantry Sterling Iowa
Dillon, G. W. Private K, 23 Infantry Hiawatha Iowa
Dillon, H. R. Private E, 29 Lowell Iowa
Dimick, W. H. Private D, 19 Infantry Hickman Iowa
Dinnell, Milton Private B, 2 Catharine Iowa
Ditch, David Private G, 5 Infantry Maxwell Iowa
Dixon, Asa Private C, 22 Infantry Blair Iowa
Dixon, Joseph Private G, 8 Wilber Iowa
Dixon, W. E. Private G Oxford Iowa
Dodd, C. R. Private B, 27 Infantry Huntley Iowa
Dodds, J. R. Private A, 14 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Dodds, J. R. Private K, 7 Cavalry Wymore Iowa
Dolan, James W. Corporal C, 18 Infantry Indianola Iowa
Dollarhide, John Private 8 Cushing Iowa
Donaldson, J. Private G, 24 Milldale Iowa
Donnelson, A. W. Private D, 33 Infantry Marquette Iowa
Dooley, J. B.   D, 32 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Dore, James Private 7   Iowa
Dorrance, James H. Private F, 4 Infantry Fairmont Iowa
Dourte, John Private C, 6 Infantry Gandy Iowa
Dovey, John Private A, 21 Infantry Mt Clare Iowa
Dowd, David Private B, 14 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Downer, B. F. Private C, 30 Infantry Arapahoe Iowa
Downing, Elbridge L. Private M 4 Cavalry Nora Iowa
Downs, John Private A, 32 Mars Iowa
Doyle, James Private K, 12 Infantry Friend Iowa
Drabek, J. F. Private I, 6 Cavalry Briggs Iowa
Drain, James F. Private H, 9 Cavalry Nemaha City Iowa
Drancker, A. M. Private B, 2 Infantry York Iowa
Dranker, David Private E, 11 Infantry York Iowa
Draper, T. Private E, 3 Cavalry Ord Iowa
Driskell, John Private B, 19 Infantry Maywood Iowa
Drumm, Jacob Private 37 Infantry Hooper Iowa
Dubois, Walter Corporal G, 21 Tobias Iowa
Dudley, Noah Private I, 29 Infantry Oak Iowa
Dudley, Wm J. Private C, 46 Infantry Oak Iowa
Dufoe, W. O. Private B, 4 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Dufur, Abel Private I, 15 Infantry Ohiowa Iowa
Dufur, Augustus Private H, 29 Infantry Ohiowa Iowa
Dulin, Thos Private L, 2 Cavalry Hay Springs Iowa
Dumfee, John Private D, 2 Infantry Midway Iowa
Duncan, James A. Private C, 3 Cavalry Gandy Iowa
Dunell, John C. Private B, 11 Infantry Fandon Iowa
Dunham, J. S. Private I, 31 Clarks Iowa
Dunlap, John Corporal I, 16 Curtis Iowa
Dunn, John H. Private K, 8 Infantry Ash Grove Iowa
Dunn, Van R. Private G, 12 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Durant, F. Corporal K, 18 Holdrege Iowa
Durisch, F. S. Private B, 8 Infantry Swanton Iowa
Dussell, A. Private C, 9 Cavalry Columbus Iowa
Dutton, Sereno Corporal K, 7 Infantry Plattsmouth Iowa
Eads, J. R. Private D, 10 Infantry York Iowa
Easley, S. R. Private G, 10 Infantry Alexandria Iowa
Easter, Sam Private C, 19 Infantry Cahpman Iowa
Easter, Wm C. Private E, 30 Infantry Chapman Iowa
Eaton, R. T. Sergeant F, 31 Riverton Iowa
Eberhart, A. C. 1 Lieutenant D, 10 Infantry York Iowa
Eby, W. H. Private A, 24 Craig Iowa
Eddy, L. H. Private H, 27 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Edenfield, Samuel Private F, 23 Infantry Superior Iowa
Edington, T. J. Private D, 9 Ayr Iowa
Edwards, David Private B, Light Artillery Hiawatha Iowa
Edwards, E. S. Private E, 24 Infantry Utica Iowa
Edwards, J. D. Private M, 7 Cavalry Stromsburg Iowa
Edwards, Mathias Private B, 7 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Eells, Dan Corporal I, 27 Infantry Elmwood Iowa
Elarton, J. W. Corporal F, 14 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Elder, W. C.   C, 39 Infantry North Platte Iowa
Eller, Cleveland Sergeant K, 9 Cavalry Harvard Iowa
Eller, W. H. 1 Sergeant I, 45 Infantry Blair Iowa
Elliott, J. B. Private F, 10 Infantry Trumbull Iowa
Elliott, Wike Drummer I, 14 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Ellis, H. Private I, 3 Cavalry McCool Iowa
Ellison, G. W. Private K, 9 Infantry St Edward Iowa
Ellison, W. H. Private K, 12 Infantry St Edward Iowa
Elsworth, Allen Lieutenant H, 7 Cavalry Hebron Iowa
Eltz, Peter Private L, 5 Cavalry Roseland Iowa
Elwood, Theodore Private L, 4 Cavalry Wymore Iowa
Emery, Conrad Private L, 3 Cavalry Burchard Iowa
Emery, L. P. Private G, 44 Infantry Woochuff, Kas Iowa
Emint, Geo W. Private K, 9 Infantry Miller Iowa
Enders, Jesse Corporal C, 3 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Endersby, Wycoff Private G, 4 Infantry Homer Iowa
Englehorn, John K. Sergeant E, 9 Cavalry Minden Iowa
Ensign, Gran Private E, 5 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Epley, G. W. Private E, 3 Cavalry Geneva Iowa
Epperly, J. M. Private F, 35 Bartley Iowa
Erdam, F. H. Private K, 9 North Platte Iowa
Ericson, Charles A. Private I, 6 Infantry Norman Iowa
Erwin, James Private D, 39 Infantry Elwood Iowa
Esher, J. W. Private E, 11 Infantry Ansley Iowa
Esley, J. M. Private A, 9 Cavalry Pleasanton Iowa
Esmay, I. N. Private A, 24 Infantry Valley Iowa
Etherton, Stephen Private G, 3 Infantry Bloomington Iowa
Evans, Chas H. Private E, 2 Infantry Stockham Iowa
Evans, E. J. Private K, 2 Infantry Ashland Iowa
Evans, Hamilton Private H, 27 Infantry Pleasant Hill Iowa
Evans, O. Sergeant F, 10 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Eveland, Peter Private 8 Infantry Murdock Iowa
Ewing, Wm G. Private A, 8 Infantry Geneva Iowa

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