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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Iowa Enlistees, J - M

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Jack, David Private L, 1 Cavalry Peru Iowa
Jackson, Andrew Private C, 7 Cavalry Fullerton Iowa
Jackson, Wm E. Private B, 27 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Jackson, Z. E. Private K, 3 Infantry Fullerton Iowa
Jacobs, H. C. Private K, 9 Infantry Highland Iowa
Jacoby, Samuel R. Private G, 4 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Jahawk, Winslow Private I, 24 Weston Iowa
James, T. H. Private G, 10 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
Jarvis, J. M. Private A, 14 Howells Iowa
Jasperson, Peter Private G, 14 Infantry Ashland Iowa
Jeffers, F. M. Private G, 28 Infantry Beaver City Iowa
Jenkins, E. Private K, 29 Infantry Louisville Iowa
Jennings, John A. Private A, 38 Endell Iowa
Jennings, W. H. Private C, 11 Infantry Davenport Iowa
Jett, Henry Private 31 Infantry Univ Place Iowa
Jewett, C. F. Corporal 2 Central City Iowa
Johnson, A. Private L, 4 Valentine Iowa
Johnson, Alex Private F, 23 Infantry Tobias Iowa
Johnson, J. Sergeant B, 2 Vols Holstein Iowa
Johnson, J. C. Private D, 38 Infantry Savage Iowa
Johnson, J. G. Private K, 7 Wayland Iowa
Johnson, John I. Corporal A, 33 Hay Springs Iowa
Johnson, John P. Private C, 18 Thedford Iowa
Johnson, R. O. Sergeant B, 45 Summrfld, Kas Iowa
Johnson, Sylvanus Private H, 15 McCann Iowa
Johnson, W. D. Private G, 1 Cavalry Wilsonville Iowa
Johnson, W. S. Lieutenant I, 36 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Johnston, James L. Private K, 36 Bronson Iowa
Jones, Albert Private B, 21 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Jones, Chester Private F, 30 Clarks Iowa
Jones, J. Z. Private D, 2 Infantry Angus Iowa
Jones, John M. Corporal F, 33 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Jones, John O. Private B, 38 Cody Iowa
Jones, P. T. Private 9 Infantry Normal Iowa
Jones, S. Private I, 30 Ceresco Iowa
Jones, W. T. Private 25 Infantry Stockville Iowa
Jordan, Daniel Private H, 5 Cavalry Waterloo Iowa
Jordon, D. C. Private G, 40 Infantry David City Iowa
Joyce, George Private E, 46 Infantry Woodruff, Kan Iowa
Joyce, Granville Private B, 2 Infantry Shickley Iowa
Juett, C. M. Private K, 4 Cavalry Bromfield Iowa
Junct, D. P. Private A, 15 Shelton Iowa
Justice, John Private F, 12 Infantry Peru Iowa
Keckley, Chas R. Private E, 22 Infantry York Iowa
Keech, Edgar   U S Navy Ainsworth Iowa
Keith, Wm B. Private K, 12 Infantry Precept Iowa
Kelley, Wm Captain B, 24 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Kellogg, W. F. Private E, 5 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Kelly, James Private K, 40 Infantry Wayne Iowa
Kelly, Wm H. Private I, 33 Infantry Champion Iowa
Kemp, S. W. Private H, 13 Infantry Crawford Iowa
Kemper, J. M. Private C, 18 Infantry Fairmont Iowa
Kemple, James Private A, 6 New Port Iowa
Kenison, S. S. Private E, 44 Mason Iowa
Kenkendall, C. G. Private K, 36 Infantry Blue Springs Iowa
Kennard, H. W. Private F, 10 Osceola Iowa
Kennedy, E. R. Captain F, 6 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Kent, John Corporal B, 24 Infantry Juniata Iowa
Kenyon, James Private E, 2 Infantry Clay Center Iowa
Kenyon, Ralph A. Private H, 4 Cavalry Hebron Iowa
Kepler, L. Monroe Private F, 24 Infantry Dorchester Iowa
Kerle, R. J. Private H, 21 Infantry Newman Gr Iowa
Kessler, Henry Private C, 35 Infantry Nebraska City Iowa
Kessler, Peter Private H, 40 Tekamah Iowa
Kesterson, Thomas J. Private D, 29 Thedford Iowa
Keyes, S. K. Private L, 12 Cavalry Cambridge Iowa
Keys, C. N. Private A, 34 Infantry Southerland Iowa
Kilko, John Private E, 6 Lodge Pole Iowa
Kimball, Hollis S. Private D, 3 Cavalry Verdigre Iowa
Kimball, Jerome Private K, 35 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Kimberly, W. L. Private L, 9 Cavalry Hubbell Iowa
Kindcher, Jacob Private K, 16 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
Kine, J. M. Private 4 West Union Iowa
King, A. D. Private K, 4 Culbertson Iowa
King, B. Private K, 3 Infantry Blair Iowa
King, C. P. 1 Lieutenant K, 14 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
King, George Sergeant H, 17 Infantry Trumbull Iowa
King, I. W. Corporal C, 12 Infantry Emerick Iowa
King, M. V. Private F, 29 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Kiniston, C. O. Private G, 31 Infantry Seward Iowa
Kinkaid, John Com Serg A, 8 North Platte Iowa
Kinkaid, S. W. Sergeant A, 14 Infantry Colbergen Iowa
Kinkead, John Private H, 24 Wilsonville Iowa
Kinnick, R. R. Private K, 7 McCook Iowa
Kirkpatrick, John Private F, 38 Infantry Fairfield Iowa
Kleber, J. A. Private 14 Infantry Wilcox Iowa
Kleber, J. A. Private D, 14 Infantry Wilcox Iowa
Klingaman, W. Private E, 1 Cavalry Pauline Iowa
Klinker, J. M. Sergeant B, 40 Infantry Ord Iowa
Kloos, Adam Private B, 10 Infantry Nebraska City Iowa
Knapp, Joe Private C, 31 Wauneta Iowa
Knapp, W. H. Private D, 28 Infantry Loup City Iowa
Knerr, Jacob Private I, 17 Wayland Iowa
Knights, H. G. Private E, 32 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Kramer, Andrew G. Private G, 38 Infantry Paul Iowa
Kuhlman, John H. Private K, 31 Infantry South Auburn Iowa
Kuhn, John Private C, 16 Vol Lutes Iowa
Lacy, G. W. Private A, 48 Infantry Phillips Iowa
Ladhoff, Fred Private C, 8 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Laflen, W. A. Private F, 4 Infantry Deloit Iowa
Laird, Wm Private D, 46 Infantry Crab Orchard Iowa
Lamb, Curtis 2 Lieutenant E, 6 Cavalry Plainview Iowa
Lane, C. H. Private B, 9 Myrtle Iowa
Lane, J. M. Private A, 12 Infantry Imperial Iowa
Lane, J. M. Private D, 16 Infantry Max Iowa
Lane, John T. Sergeant H, 33 Infantry Stockville Iowa
Lane, Thos Private H, 24 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Lane, Thos D. Private K, 4 Infantry Bellevue Iowa
Lanman, James Private C, 36 Infantry Plainview Iowa
Larkin, C. W. Private C, 34 Cavalry York Iowa
Larkin, J. A. Private D, 6 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Larkin, John Sergeant B, 40 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Larne, B. F. Private K, 14 Endell Iowa
Lashbrook, Royal Private I, 14 Infantry Fairmont Iowa
Latta, J. W. Corporal A, 24 Tekamah Iowa
Laufer, L. Corporal H, 35 Infantry Gordon Iowa
Laughlin, B. F. Corporal B, 25 Greenwood Iowa
Laurent, Ciril J. Private A, 8 Infantry Ceryl Iowa
Lawrence, Andrew Private G, 21 Ewing Iowa
Leach, P. E. Private A, 2 Cavalry Pierce Iowa
Leach, William D. Private I, 29 Infantry Hendley Iowa
Leaming, W. J. Private 2 Battery Kimball Iowa
Lee, C. H. Corporal F, 4 Cavalry Fairfield Iowa
Lee, F. D. Sergeant G, 18 Infantry Elwood Iowa
Lee, John Private B, 33 Cavalry Chappell Iowa
Lee, T. M. Private H, 10 Infantry Wellfleet Iowa
Lee, W. H. Private D, 8 Cavalry Shickley Iowa
Leech, James Private F, 32 Wilcox Iowa
Leffler, Henry Private K, 7 Thornton Iowa
Lefler, J. H. Private A, 14 York Iowa
Lehue, J. R. Private G, 42 Univ Place Iowa
Leland, D. W. Private I, 24 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Lemon, James Private C, 42 Univ Place Iowa
Lenrunyan, Thomas J.   M, 29 Heavy Art Tate Iowa
Leonard, James Private E, 29 Infantry Gering Iowa
Lepper, J. J. Private A, 16 Brayton Iowa
Leslie, James Private C, 24 Infantry Belvidere Iowa
Lessig, William Private B Ainsworth Iowa
Lett, John Corporal E, 11 Infantry Benedict Iowa
Levee, Geo L. 1 Sergeant G, 4 Cavalry Grand Island Iowa
Lewis, Chas G. Corporal E, 29 Infantry Smithfield Iowa
Lewis, Daniel Private D, 6 Cavalry Broken Bow Iowa
Lewis, Hiram Sergeant A, 29 Infantry Springview Iowa
Lewis, O. K. Private K, 14 Infantry Arlington Iowa
Lichty, Jacob P. Private H, 24 Infantry Diller Iowa
Light, J. A. Private H, 12 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Light, Robert W. Sergeant H, 12 Tekamah Iowa
Limes, E. T. Private I, 33 Infantry Superior Iowa
Linch, Wm A. Private D, 4 Cavalry Alvo Iowa
Lincoln, Daniel B. Private F, 44 Infantry Champion Iowa
Lindon, John Private B, 2 Infantry Exeter Iowa
Lindsey, A. Private C, 13 Seward Iowa
Link, S. N. Private H, 17 Curtis Iowa
Linn, A. J. Private   Florence Iowa
Linton, H. B. Private I, 6 Surprise Iowa
Linville, John W. Private 11 Infantry Utica Iowa
Littell, Geo W. Private A, 9 Infantry Pierce Iowa
Littell, Hiram B. Private A, 9 Infantry Pierce Iowa
Little, E. H.   A, 32 Pawnee City Iowa
Little, T. H. Private C, 15 Myrtle Iowa
Livingston, Wm H. Private A, 9 Infantry Tilden Iowa
Long, Chas 3 Sergeant I, 5 Knoxville Iowa
Long, S. R. Private D, 31 Infantry Springview Iowa
Long, W. D. Private F, 3 Cavalry Ord Iowa
Long, Wm Private G, 12 Cavalry Cordova Iowa
Longstreth, J. Corporal G, 7 Infantry Sutton Iowa
Loomis, Edwin Private E, 10 Hayes Centre Iowa
Loomis, Elliot Musician F, 2 Cavalry Grand Island Iowa
Loomis, N. B. Private E, 24 Infantry Blair Iowa
Loomis, T. J. Corporal F, 45 Infantry Fairfield Iowa
Losey, C. B. Private D, 3 Cavalry Naponee Iowa
Loucks, George Private G, 14 Arapahoe Iowa
Lowe, N. H. Private I, 45 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Lubert, W. R. Sergeant 1 Battery Archer Iowa
Lucas, Dehart C. Private G, 24 Alliance Iowa
Lucas, H. D. Private B, 34 Infantry Steele City Iowa
Luce, H. M. Hosp Steward 9 Cavalry McCool Iowa
Luchuer, E. Le Private F, 27 Infantry Miller Iowa
Lucore, H. R. Private H, 20 Infantry Republican Cy Iowa
Luddington, J. W. Private K, 15 Infantry Palmer Iowa
Ludlow, S. V. N. Private D, 31 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Ludlow, William O. Corporal D, Cavalry Sidney Iowa
Lute, G. D. Private 4 Battery Overton Iowa
Lutes, Wm H. Private E, 10 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Lutz, David Private I, 2 Cavalry Red Cloud Iowa
Lux, J. R. Sergeant C, 10 Shelton Iowa
Lyon, C. A. Sergeant H, 18 Infantry Bazile Mills Iowa
Lyons, W. W. Captain B, 21 Infantry Inland Iowa
Lytle, R. M. 1 Lieutenant C, 20 York Iowa
Mackey, G. C. Private I, 39 Herndon Iowa
Mackey, James W. Private H, 47 Infantry Stanton Iowa
Mackey, Washington Private D, 39 St Dervin Iowa
Macklin, H. B. Corporal K, 39 Infantry Tobias Iowa
Macy, D. W. Private E, 4 Cavalry Normal Iowa
Macy, W. R. Private K, 19 Infantry Carleton Iowa
Madison, C. C. Private B, 11 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Madison, J. F. Private B, 46 Infantry Superior Iowa
Madison, James Private F, 2 Cavalry Phillips Iowa
Magee, J. L. Private E, 3 Valparaiso Iowa
Magee, James Private E, 7 Infantry Wilsonville Iowa
Mahaffey, I. N. W. Private D, 32 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Mann, W. W. Private F, 12 Infantry Cairo Iowa
Mannen, Frank Private E, 28 Infantry Superior Iowa
Mansfield, E. L. Private E, 7 Cavalry Gandy Iowa
Maple, Wm Private E, 20 Infantry Weep'g Water Iowa
Mara, J. Sergeant A, 15 Ceresco Iowa
March, D. A. Private D, 3 Cavalry Weston Iowa
March, W. T. Private E, 3 Cavalry Ceresco Iowa
Maring, Alex Private D, 6 Infantry O'Neill Iowa
Maris, Jehu Private C, 15 Infantry Albion Iowa
Marks, Andy Private K, 10 Kennedy Iowa
Marks, David L. Private D, 10 Infantry Reynolds Iowa
Marks, N. W. Sergeant H, 8 Ashland Iowa
Marlenee, Wm W. Private I, 29 Infantry Angus Iowa
Marrell, Jas W. Private K, 13 Infantry Atkinson Iowa
Marshall, Geo W. Private D, 5 Cavalry Valparaiso Iowa
Marshall, J. S. Private H, 23 Infantry Republican Cy Iowa
Marshman, Alexander Private G, 24 Infantry Blue Springs Iowa
Mart, Marion I. Private G, 15 Infantry Mirage Iowa
Martin, A. W. Sergeant D, 28 Pawnee City Iowa
Martin, J. C. Sergeant G, 5 Cavalry Craig Iowa
Martin, John W. Private H, 22 Infantry Dorchester Iowa
Martin, L. P. Private H, 28 Brownville Iowa
Martin, Robt E. Lieutenant C & B, 34 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Mason, A. M. Private B, 4 Cavalry North Platte Iowa
Mason, Albert Private E, 24 Lushton Iowa
Mason, John E. Private I, 24 Tekamah Iowa
Massow, Henry Private G, 1 Infantry Wisner Iowa
Masterman, A. F. Private B, 28 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Masterman, Henry Sergeant G, 28 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Mather, Daniel Private E, 40 Infantry Western Iowa
Mathews, Arch Private M, 1 Cavalry Plattsmouth Iowa
Mathews, Jas S. Private G, 5 Infantry Plattsmouth Iowa
Mathews, O. J. Private E, 40 Omaha Iowa
Mathis, E. J. Private F, 37 Infantry Greenwood Iowa
Mathis, W. R. Private I, 1 Omaha Iowa
Matson, Daniel Private G, 24 Lincoln Iowa
Matt, Manford Private G, 35 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Mattern, W. S. Private M, 8 Cavalry Bromfield Iowa
Matteson, A. Private H, 9 Infantry Osmond Iowa
Matthew, C. L. Corporal G, 15 Verdigre Iowa
Mattox, John W. Corporal 2 Battery Aurora Iowa
Mattox, John W. Lieutenant A, 23 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Mavity, L. Private E, 29 Cook Iowa
Maxon, John R. Private H, 45 Infantry Minden Iowa
Maxwell, A. B. Private F, 3 Cavalry Broken Bow Iowa
Maxwell, Jackson Private K, 36 Liberty Iowa
Maxwell, W. W. Private F, 3 Gresham Iowa
Maxwell, William Private F, 34 Infantry Dunbar Iowa
May, James Private B, 27 Alliance Iowa
McAfee, Jacob Private C, 106 Infantry Loomis Iowa
McAllister, Ira Corporal A, 22 Infantry Berwyn Iowa
McAlpine, L. B. Sergeant F, 23 Infantry Superior Iowa
McArthur, H. C. Major 15 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
McBeth, William Private B, 5 Infantry Shickley Iowa
McBride, B. F. Private B, 4 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Iowa
McCain, A. B. Private H, 13 Pleasanton Iowa
McCall, John W. Private C, 12 Infantry Auburn Iowa
McCallum, John Sergeant B, 4 Cavalry Bladen Iowa
McCann, G. W. Corporal R R, 29 Crete Iowa
McCartney, W. F.   E, 44 Sterling Iowa
McClanahan, Elijah Private H, 15 Infantry Tekamah Iowa
McClure, Simon T. Sergeant I, 4 Cavalry Plainview Iowa
McColn, W. G. Private H, 46 Concord Iowa
McConaughey, A. J. Private F, 40 Infantry Aurora Iowa
McConaughy, A. J. Private G, 29 Infantry Superior Iowa
McConnaughy, Samuel   4 Cavalry Benedict Iowa
McConnell, B. Private F, 11 Infantry Superior Iowa
McConnell, Jas Private I, 23 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
McConnell, John C. Sergeant G, 27 Earl Iowa
McCool, John Sergeant B, 2 Infantry Majors Iowa
McCord, D. N. Private F, 1 Cavalry Schuyler Iowa
McCord, James J. 1 Sergeant I, 31 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
McCord, Wm D. Sergeant E, 37 Infantry Colon Iowa
McCormick, Wm M. Lieutenant C, 17 Madrid Iowa
McCowan, W. H. Corporal E, 3 Curtis Iowa
McCoy, G. W. Private 24 Infantry Omaha Iowa
McCoy, J. C. Corporal D, 4 Cavalry Beaver City Iowa
McCoy, James Corporal K, 32 Pawnee City Iowa
McCoy, Wm W. Private C, 18 Infantry Blanche Iowa
McCullough, W. L. Sergeant D, 9 Infantry Superior Iowa
McCutchew, W. A. Private K, 21 Infantry St Edwards Iowa
McDade, James Private A, 48 Infantry Superior Iowa
McDaniel, James Private C, 20 Tekamah Iowa
McDaniels, D. A. Private K, 24 Infantry Albion Iowa
McDaniels, Wm.   C, 36 Infantry York Iowa
McDivitt, Geo Sergeant H, 8 Infantry Geneva Iowa
McDonald, Chas G. Serg Major 8 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
McDonald, L. A. Private F, 29 Infantry Wellfleet Iowa
McElderry, J. L. Private G, 30 Infantry Wood Lake Iowa
McElhaney, James R. Private I, 3 Infantry Sidney Iowa
McElroy, Isaiah Private A, 13 Infantry Wilber Iowa
McFarland, Samuel Private E, 46 Infantry Creighton Iowa
McGlasson, ------ Musician B, 36 Infantry Wood River Iowa
McGonigle, Alvi C. Private H, 27 Vol Infantry Steele City Iowa
McGowen, Thos Lieutenant C, 16 Infantry Ulysses Iowa
McGrew, J. P. Private F & K, 1& 25 Omaha Iowa
McGurnes, J. F. Private C, 3 Beatrice Iowa
McKenney, Stewart Private H, 27 Dickens Iowa
McKillip, D. C. Private L, 1 Infantry Seward Iowa
McKillip, Dennis Private A, 35 Infantry Thornburg Iowa
McKinney, A. J. Private A, 34 Infantry Douglas Iowa
McLaughlin, Augustine Private I, 18 Infantry Marsland Iowa
McMahon, Richard Private C, 7 Bloomington Iowa
McMaster, W. R. Private F, 8 Cavalry Alda Iowa
McNees, Samuel Private B, 34 Infantry Orleans Iowa
McOwen Corporal B, 18 Infantry Oconto Iowa
McOwens, H. Corporal B, 18 Infantry Oconto Iowa
McPherson, Joseph Private K, 7 Infantry Trenton Iowa
McReynolds, A. H. Private D, 19 Infantry Fairfield Iowa
McVay, J. H. Private K, 3 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
McVay, William Corporal D, 9 Infantry Fairbury Iowa
McVey, E. A. Private E, 4 Cavalry Sutton Iowa
Mead, E. P. Private D, 16 Vim Iowa
Mead, G. H. Private H, 10 Infantry Tobias Iowa
Mead, James Corporal E, 24 Infantry Herman Iowa
Mead, James H. Private E, 24 Infantry Blair Iowa
Mears, R. A. Musician C, 31 Infantry Shelton Iowa
Meeker, G. S. Private G, 5 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
Mefford, James M. Private D, 36 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
Mellick, A. Private H, 12 Vol Infantry Nelson Iowa
Melroy, William Private H, 40 Infantry Exeter Iowa
Mendenhall, J. W. Private B, 3 Cavalry Chester Iowa
Merrill, William Private B, 17 Infantry Geneva Iowa
Merritts, B. F. Captain 3 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
Meyer, J. Private B, 3 Omaha Iowa
Mickey, John H. Private D, 8 Osceola Iowa
Miles, J. D. Asst Surg 11 Infantry Schuyler Iowa
Miller, Andrew J. Corporal A, 11 Infantry Hubbell Iowa
Miller, C. B. Sergeant C, 36 Infantry Grant Iowa
Miller, Earl G. Private C, 38 Clearwater Iowa
Miller, Henry Corporal F, 40 Infantry Alma Iowa
Miller, J. B. Private C, 4 Infantry Ansley Iowa
Miller, J. E. Private B, 2 Infantry Majors Iowa
Miller, J. H. Corporal I, 4 Infantry Tekamah Iowa
Miller, J. M. Private G, 32 Pawnee City Iowa
Miller, J. S. Private K, 18 Infantry Edison Iowa
Miller, Jacob B. Artificer 4 Battery Odell Iowa
Miller, Jas P. Private D, 4 Cavalry York Iowa
Miller, Michael Private B, 40 Turner Iowa
Miller, O. M. Corporal E, 30 Infantry Benedict Iowa
Miller, Paul Musician 22 Infantry Rockville Iowa
Miller, Robert K. Sergeant D, 4 Cavalry Mason City Iowa
Miller, Samuel Private K, 46 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Miller, Stillman C. Private H, 5 Cavalry Ansley Iowa
Miller, W. L. Private I, 30, & C, 6 Infantry Tobias Iowa
Miller, William K. Private E, 3 Cavalry Ansley Iowa
Mills, A. S. Private E, 44 Lincoln Iowa
Mills, R. W. Private B, 46 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Milner, H. J. Private K, 24 Infantry Bostwick Iowa
Milner, Samuel L. Private E, 25 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Miner, P. Private I, 33 Friend Iowa
Minnick, S. S. Private I, 29 Infantry Hamburg, IA Iowa
Minter, James N. Private F, 8 Infantry Allen Iowa
Minter, W. H. Private D, 9 Cavalry Central City Iowa
Mitchell, Daniel H. Private C, 2 Cavalry Pauline Iowa
Mitchell, J. W. Private K, 3 Cavalry Superior Iowa
Mitchell, M. C. Private G, 34 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Moline, Frederick Corporal I, 6 Infantry Froid Iowa
Monk, William Private F, 6 Wakefield Iowa
Montgomery, S. B. Sergeant F, 33 Infantry Miller Iowa
Moody, Joeph Private L, 1 Cavalry Auburn Iowa
Moohat, Peter Private 13 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Moon, Jessie N. Private E, 8 Cavalry Ashland Iowa
Moon, Walter Sergeant H, 21 Infantry Loup City Iowa
Mooney, George Private 11 South Omaha Iowa
Moore, Charles Private T, 21 Cedar Bluffs Iowa
Moore, David Sergeant K, 24 Scotia Iowa
Moore, E. V. Sergeant I, 32 Infantry Arapahoe Iowa
Moore, Henry H. Private G, 27 Infantry Orleans Iowa
Moore, Jacob Private C, 4 Infantry Deweese Iowa
Moore, James Private G, 34 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Moore, James B. Private C, 20 Infantry Blair Iowa
Moore, John W. Private H, 11 Infantry Orleans Iowa
Moore, R. E. Private I, 3 Box Elder Iowa
Moore, T. E. Private C, 4 Cavalry Sumner Iowa
Moore, W. F. Private H, 40 Infantry Emerald Iowa
Moredick, David H. Private B, 10 Infantry Fairbury Iowa
Morford, Joseph Private G, 2 Cavalry DeWitt Iowa
Morgan, Jacob Sergeant K, 44 Kearney Iowa
Morgan, James Private C, 23 Clarks Iowa
Morgan, Lewis Private K, 33 Hemmingford Iowa
Morledde, R. R Sergeant K, 4 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Morris, Jas P. Corporal K, 35 Infantry Albion Iowa
Morrow, B. F. Private D, 12 Georgetown Iowa
Morrow, Wm Musician I, 15 Murray Iowa
Mortimore, Dan T. Private L, 9 Cavalry Fairbury Iowa
Morton, John Hostler 5 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Mosier, Alfred N. Sergeant C, 16 Infantry Dorchester Iowa
Moulton, G. H.     Nebraska City Iowa
Mount, J. L. Private D, 8 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Moyer, C. J. Private F, 28 Infantry Ceresco Iowa
Muck, Joseph Private I, 7 Cavalry Weep'g Water Iowa
Mueller, H. H. Private E, 2 Cavalry Norfolk Iowa
Mulick, E. E. Private 27 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Mullen, W. J. Private A, 2 Infantry Superior Iowa
Muller, J. Private I, 47 Infantry Oxford Iowa
Mulligan, Wm J. Private M, 5 Cavalry North Loup Iowa
Mullin, Joseph Private I, 9 Cavalry Elmwood Iowa
Mundorf, I. T. Private G, 31 Tekamah Iowa
Munger, Silas O. Corporal E, 40 Infantry Fairbury Iowa
Munger, W. H. Private F, 9 Vim Iowa
Muntz, Peter Private A, 15 Cambridge Iowa
Murphy, Jesse B. Drummer K, 19 Infantry Wahoo Iowa
Murphy, T. J. Private M, 2 Cavalry David City Iowa
Murphy, Thomas Corporal G, 25 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Murphy, Wm T. Private B, 13 Infantry Plainview Iowa
Murray, J. B. Corporal A, 6 Cavalry La Platte Iowa
Murrill, P. J. Private C, 3 Battery Wayne Iowa
Murry, Z. P. Private H, 1 Cavalry College View Iowa
Musser, C. O. Sergeant A, 29 Infantry Miller Iowa
Myers, A. A. Sergeant C & F, 10 Artillery Beav Crossing Iowa
Myers, A. W. Private     Iowa
Myers, C. A. Private A, 13 Infantry David City Iowa
Myers, C. C. Private H, 20 Infantry St Paul Iowa
Myers, E. Private L. 4 Infantry Mullen Iowa
Myers, Ezra W. Musician E, 22 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Myers, F. S. Corporal H, 23 Infantry   Iowa
Myers, John Private A, 11 Infantry Bellwood Iowa
Myers, S. H. Corporal C, 24 Cavalry   Iowa
Myers, W. H. Private H, 9 Cavalry Burwell Iowa
Myers, W. H. Private   Osceola Iowa

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