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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Iowa Enlistees, N - R

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Nartron, Wm Private K, 83 Holdrege Iowa
Nauman, J. G. Private H, 12 North Platte Iowa
Neal, G. W. Private A, 6 Auburn Iowa
Nedrow, J. Private C, 10 Chase Iowa
Neel, Nicholas Private K, 7 Greeley Iowa
Nelson, J. M. Private D, 46 Infantry Trenton Iowa
Nelson, John M. Corporal I, 4 Cavalry Jackson Iowa
Nelson, Joseph W. Private C, 7 Cavalry Sidney Iowa
Nelson, Paul H. Private F, 29 Infantry Plainview Iowa
Newell, Wm Private H, 3 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Nicholas, Sampson Private G, 28 Infantry Western Iowa
Nichols, D. F. 1 Corporal G, 38 Vol Holstein Iowa
Nichols, J. D. Private B, 7 Cavalry Superior Iowa
Nichols, W. R. Private I, 8 Cavalry Bradshaw Iowa
Nicholson, J. B. Private F, 24 Springfield Iowa
Nicholson, William Private M, 8 Cavalry Beaver City Iowa
Nickle, A. Private F, 39 Infantry Hamburg, IA Iowa
Niedham, J. T. Musician 10 Tecumseh Iowa
Nincehelser, A. Corporal H, 19 Vol Peru Iowa
Noel, M. B. Private C, 39 Indianola Iowa
Norris, Wm 3 Sergeant G, 46 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
North, John W. Private H, 32 Sidney Iowa
Norton, Washington Private K, 23 Infantry Orleans Iowa
Nye, Henry Private C, 20 Infantry Emerick Iowa
Ogg, Hiram Private A, 27 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Ogg, Jefferson Private D, 15 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Ogg, W. H. Private G, 31 Shubert Iowa
Ohler, Adam Private C, 32 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Okee, Joseph   23 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Oldham, Geo C. Private C, 13 Infantry Deweese Iowa
Olds, Briggs C. Private F, 16 Infantry Pine Camp Iowa
Oliver, Samuel Private G, 29 Freeport Iowa
Olney, Henry E. Private I, 7 Infantry Stanford Iowa
O'Neal, H. M. Private J, 4 Infantry Bellevue Iowa
Oriatt, E. L. Private D, 5 Liberty Iowa
Ort, John Private F, 9 Infantry Valparaiso Iowa
Orton, W. H. Lieutenant D, 13 Infantry Fullerton Iowa
Osborn, W. H. Private E, 20 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Osborne, Wm Private G, 4 Cavalry South Omaha Iowa
Otteson, John Private G, 23 Decatur Iowa
Owen, J. E. Sergeant D, 23 Kearney Iowa
Owen, O. Private G, 40 Infantry Hay Springs Iowa
Owens, James Private C, 20 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Paddock, O. K. Private B, 46 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Paisley, Isaiah Corporal C, 16 Shelby Iowa
Paist, C. E. Private F, 13 Infantry Elba Iowa
Pakley, Daniel Corporal F, 23 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Palmer, F. H. Corporal G, 21 Infantry Gandy Iowa
Palmer, George W. Private I, 24 Vol Clinton Iowa
Palmer, Harvey Private D, 38, and H, 34 Inf Inavale Iowa
Palmer, R. H. Private F, 9 Infantry Alma Iowa
Palmer, W. L. Corporal D, 36 Infantry Clay Center Iowa
Palmer, Walter W. Private E, 4 Vermillion, SD Iowa
Parish, G. R. Private C, 27 Infantry Alma Iowa
Parker, J. H. Private G, 29 Chambers Iowa
Parker, J. M. Sergeant I, 29 Elba Iowa
Parker, Joshua Private E, 40 Infantry Gordon Iowa
Parker, Samuel Private B, 34 Plattsmouth Iowa
Parkes, Wm Private 3 Battery Red cloud Iowa
Parks, David   A, 36 Infantry Sterling Iowa
Parks, G. W. Private B, 1 Vol Holstein Iowa
Parks, J. L. Private F, 39 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
Parks, John   C, 2 Cavalry Wisner Iowa
Parr, Enoch Private F, 34 Infantry Bloomington Iowa
Parr, J. M. Sergeant F, 34 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Parrish, A. Sergeant I, 1 Cavalry North Bend Iowa
Parson, George B. Captain B, 4 Vol Infantry Hooper Iowa
Parson, Joseph G. Private M 9 Cavalry Guide Rock Iowa
Parsons, John G. Private A, 4 Cavalry Guide Rock Iowa
Pate, Geo W. Corporal F, 2 Tekamah Iowa
Patrick, A. S. Captain 5 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Patrick, Charles Private 3 Battery Alma Iowa
Patrick, M. T. Lieutenant 5 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Patterson, A. B. Private B, 24 Infantry Walnut Grove Iowa
Patterson, Epps Private G, 2 Infantry Holbrook Iowa
Paul, Alex Private G, 47 Infantry Cedar Bluffs Iowa
Paul, Thomas Private D, 2 Infantry Cowles Iowa
Paup, Wm Private K, 31 Infantry Albion Iowa
Payne, J. O. Private G, 36 Lushton Iowa
Pearson, Ira A. Private I, 33 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Pearson, Lute L. Private B, 1 Cavalry Rising City Iowa
Peasley, Mount Private E, 30 Infantry Lawrence Iowa
Peck, Royal Private B St Paul Iowa
Peck, Sheldon Private 1, 6 Cavalry Blair Iowa
Peck, T. J. L. Private E, 8 Infantry Burwell Iowa
Peerson, G. W. Corporal A, 7 Infantry Unadilla Iowa
Pelton, O. H. Private 4 Cavalry Pickrell Iowa
Pentico, Jacob Private D, 24 Infantry Pierce Iowa
Pepper, Hub Private F, 38 Infanty David City Iowa
Pepper, Hub Private F, 34 Infantry David City Iowa
Perdue, J. W. Private D, 18 Infantry Auburn Iowa
Perdue, Thomas Private F, 32 Infantry Beav Crossing Iowa
Perkins, Alonzo Private B, 7 Cavalry Blair Iowa
Perkins, N. J. Private D, 2 Cavalry Kearney Iowa
Perkins, Solomon Private A, 48 Infantry David City Iowa
Perry, B. F. Private F, 31 Infantry Utica Iowa
Peterson, Fred M. Private C, 14 Infantry Tecumseh Iowa
Peterson, G. A. Private C, 4 Cavalry Stromsburg Iowa
Petit, I. L. Private B, 3 Infantry Sargent Iowa
Pflaum, Lawrence Private H, 28 Infantry West Point Iowa
Phelps, F. P. Sergeant M, 8 Cavalry Grand Island Iowa
Phelps, J. H. Private F, 30 Infantry Edgar Iowa
Phelps, M. E. Private G, 8 Infantry St Edward Iowa
Phillip, David Private B, 15 Infantry Meadow Grove Iowa
Phillipp, L. S. Private C, 5 Cavalry Wymore Iowa
Phillips, A. J. Private I, 31 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Phillips, Alex Corporal K, 21 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
Phillips, Andrew Private F, 25 Hope Iowa
Phillips, E. P. Private 26 Infantry Sterling Iowa
Phillips, Francis Sergeant D, 15 Infantry Kenesaw Iowa
Phillips, Henry C. Private B, 4 Cavalry So Sioux City Iowa
Phillips, Joel Private G, 32 Infantry Schuyler Iowa
Phillips, Peter Private I, 58 Knoxville Iowa
Phillips, Stephen D. Corporal I, 9 Cavalry Blair Iowa
Phillips, William Private H, 7 Infantry Superior Iowa
Phinney, Calvin E. Private C, 15 Vol Utica Iowa
Phinney, L dc Private C, 46 Pawnee City Iowa
Pike, G. S. 1 Sergeant D, 39 Infantry Harvard Iowa
Pilgrim, Alfred P. Corporal B, 7 Cavalry So Sioux City Iowa
Pittman, W. G. Corporal G, 4 Cavalry Univ Place Iowa
Platner, W. H. Lieutenant A, 13 Omaha Iowa
Playmate, I. B. Corporal B, 6 Infantry Mead Iowa
Plymesser, S. J. 1 Lieutenant G, 6 Infantry Foster Iowa
Poisall, Geo H. Private B, 18 Infantry Plattsmouth Iowa
Polk, Robert R. Private C, 36 Beaver City Iowa
Pollard, D. H. Private B, 8 Cavalry Ceresco Iowa
Pollock, John G. Drummer E, 30 Infantry Columbus Iowa
Polly, Samuel Private D, 39 Infantry Riverton Iowa
Pool, James Private F, 1 Cavalry Pierce Iowa
Poor, Thomas Private B, 5 Norman Iowa
Poore, Daniel W. Private A, 46 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Pope, L. E. Private 2 Infantry Peru Iowa
Porter, J. F. Private I, 7 Pawnee City Iowa
Porter, J. M. Private C, Infantry Oxford Iowa
Porter, J. S. Brevet Lt Col 15 Infantry Ewing Iowa
Porterfield, I. N. Private I, 40 Liberty Iowa
Post, C. W. Private B, 48 Infantry Elyria Iowa
Post, Geo W. Private D, 45 Infantry York Iowa
Potter, C. R. Corporal F, 19 Wilson Iowa
Powell, William W. Sergeant D, 21 Infantry Bartlett Iowa
Prather, Geo W. 1 Sergeant A, 4 Infantry Bloomington Iowa
Pratt, J. W. Private G, 27 Sterling Iowa
Premer, Samuel Private E, 89 Bartley Iowa
Prentice, Franklin Private M, 9 Cavalry Plainview Iowa
Presho, R. J. Private L, 6 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Primley, W. T. Private E, 9 Infantry Mead Iowa
Prindle, O. I. Private E, 6 Vol Max Iowa
Pringle, Wesley Corporal K, Cavalry Grant Iowa
Proctor, Pleasant H. Sergeant C, 34 Infantry Elkhorn Iowa
Prouty, Levi O. Private 16 Hutchinson Iowa
Pruyn, J. W. Sergeant F, 24 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Puelz, Charles Private I, 28 Danbury Iowa
Pugh, Thomas J. Sergeant F, 1 Fullerton Iowa
Pulsifer, Frank Private A, 5 Cavalry Crowell Iowa
Purcell, Sam Private A, 29 Infantry Irvington Iowa
Purcell, Walter W. Adjutant 10 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Purcell, Walter W. Lieutenant E, 10 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Pursolt, T. B. Private E, 13 Infantry Ashland Iowa
Quigley, E. B. Private I, 1 Indianola Iowa
Quintin, Patrick Private A, 26 Infantry Blair Iowa
Quivvey, W. W. Private C, 12 Infantry Pierce Iowa
Racham, Frederick Private G, 12 Tobias Iowa
Raddick, D. J. Private B, 5 Cavalry Hastings Iowa
Radford, Dennis Sergeant B, 2 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Ramsey, J. H. Sergeant 3 Cavalry Filley Iowa
Ramsey, John P. Private L, 8 Curtis Iowa
Ramsey, W. F. Private I, 2 Cavalry Osmond Iowa
Randall, A. P. Private C, 18 Infantry Fairfield Iowa
Randall, W. N. Private C, 8 Infantry Fairfield Iowa
Ransher, Henry Private D, 25 Infantry Nelson Iowa
Rathburn, George R. Private I, 24 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Rayburn, Thomas D. Sergeant E, 10 Infantry Milford Iowa
Rayburn, Thomas P. Sergeant E, 10 Milford Iowa
Rayman, John Private B, 21 Orchard Iowa
Rayner, Samuel Private D, 2 Infantry Marquette Iowa
Razey, Henry Private B, 2 Infantry Penbrook Iowa
Reasoner, Stephen L. Sergeant G, 17 Infantry Burwell Iowa
Recor, Spencer Private K, 39 Chambers Iowa
Redinger, Wm M. Private K, 35 Infantry Lawrence Iowa
Reed, Alvah T. Private K, 7 Cavalry Red Cloud Iowa
Reed, Emerson Private D, 31 Infantry Cameron Iowa
Reed, H. H. Private E, 6 Infantry Blair Iowa
Reed, James M. Private F, 25 Infantry Springview Iowa
Reeder, Jasper Private 2 Battery Art Bloomfield Iowa
Reeves, A. M. Private B, 46 Maywood Iowa
Regner, Henry C. Private A, 9 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Reichstein, Lois Private C, 1 Cavalry Campbell Iowa
Reichtine, Louis Private C, 2 Vol Holstein Iowa
Reid, Thomas Private C, 11 Infantry Superior Iowa
Reiley, Chas N. Private G, 9 Cavalry Wymore Iowa
Reinhart, John M. Private C, 7 Tecumseh Iowa
Remington, Wm Private A, 28 Danbury Iowa
Renneker, Samuel Private 189 Infantry Grant Iowa
Rense, Abraham Private B, 24 Infantry Springview Iowa
Reod, John A. Sergeant E, 1 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Reome, Charles Private H, 8 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Reynolds, Ed Sergeant K, 1 Cavalry Wayne Iowa
Reynolds, M. G. Private D, 13, & A, 35 Inf Red Cloud Iowa
Reynolds, M. G. Private A, 35 Infantry Wallace Iowa
Reynolds, Nelson Private H, 5 Richfield Iowa
Rhamy, Richard M. Private E, 11, & C, 11 Inf Orleans Iowa
Rhodes, M. P. Corporal C, 10 Infantry Hebron Iowa
Rice, W. J. Corporal L, 8 Cavalry Cliff Iowa
Rich, W. F. Private H, 27 Infantry Paddock Iowa
Richard, Charles Private H, 22 Bartley Iowa
Richards, P. Coursey 1 Lieutenant 5 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Richardson, F. W. 1 Sergeant G, 21 Infantry Madison Iowa
Richardson, Geo E. Private 14 Infantry Linwood Iowa
Rickard, L. M. Private G, 12 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Rickman, W. H. Private L, 4 Cavalry Decatur Iowa
Ridenour, John D. Private D, 44 Miller Iowa
Rider, R. Private A, 27 Vol Infantry Nickerson Iowa
Ridgley, Jacob Private F, 29 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Riggs, H. P. Private H, 29 Infantry Long Pine Iowa
Riley, Alex Sergeant E, 28 Infantry Lawrence Iowa
Riley, J. O. Private E, 28 Infantry Lawrence Iowa
Riley, Peter H. Lieutenant B, 2 Geneva Iowa
Rinehart, J. K. Private E, 9 Infantry Huntley Iowa
Rinehart, J. T. Trumpeter E, 9 Infantry Huntley Iowa
Ripley, Amos Corporal G, 27 Infantry Mullen Iowa
Ritcheson, James Private K, 4 Cavalry Hastings Iowa
Rithem, P. Private C, 9 Beaver City Iowa
Roach, L. D. Private C, 28 Infantry Belgrade Iowa
Robb, E. C. Sergeant I, 3 Infantry Benkelman Iowa
Robbins, E. Private K, 36 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
Robert, A. Lieut Colonel 30 Infantry Rising City Iowa
Roberts, J. T. Private E, 22 Infantry Long Pine Iowa
Roberts, Samuel Private K, 7 Infantry Springbank Iowa
Roberts, Samuel Sergeant G, 15 Infantry Alma Iowa
Robinson, Alonzo Private K, 12 Infantry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Robinson, George Private B, 24 Friend Iowa
Robinson, Harry Private E, 24 Infantry Utica Iowa
Robinson, J. A. Private D, 22 Infantry Ohiowa Iowa
Robinson, S. D. Private G, 24 Indianola Iowa
Robinson, Solomon Private H, 30 Carpenter Iowa
Robinson, W. A. Private G Ainsworth Iowa
Robinson, W. D. Private A, 9 Georgetown Iowa
Roby, F. A.   L, 3 Cavalry Gandy Iowa
Rochhold, Z. C. Private K, 4 Cavalry Wymore Iowa
Rock, Daniel Private D, 19 Oakland Iowa
Rock, R. A. Private E, 8 Cavalry Lyons Iowa
Rodgers, A. Corporal G, 4 Cavalry Wymore Iowa
Rogers, Ed Private F, 32 Vol Nemaha City Iowa
Rogers, F. E. Private I, 21 Cavalry Nesbitt Iowa
Rogers, Jessie Private A, 2 Infantry Ashland Iowa
Rogers, Nelson Corporal I, 2 Infantry Minden Iowa
Rogers, W. L. Private   Hoag Iowa
Rohr, Silas Private A, 10 Infantry Atkinson Iowa
Rolfs, James Private I, 8 Cavalry Elkhorn Iowa
Rollings, John Private H, 23 Georgetown Iowa
Roop, John V. Private K, 7 Infantry Blue Springs Iowa
Root, O. P. Corporal C, 5 Cavalry Auburn Iowa
Rose, A. D. Private A, 11 Infantry Blair Iowa
Rose, A. W. Private M, 1 Cavalry Ponca Iowa
Rose, F. M. Private D, 2 Cavalry Lodge Pole Iowa
Rose, George D. Private E, 14 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Rosman, Noyes Private E, 9 Infantry Superior Iowa
Ross, G. A. Private C, 29 Tekamah Iowa
Ross, James Private E, 2 Clarks Iowa
Roudelbush, Jacob Private A, 7 Cavalry Callaway Iowa
Rouse, George Private B, 1 Cavalry Litchfield Iowa
Roush, F. M. Sergeant C, 39 Beatrice Iowa
Rowe, H. C. Private A, 4 Cavalry Auburn Iowa
Rowland, D. W.   A, 33 Sterling Iowa
Rowland, W. N. Private K, 13 Infantry Avoca Iowa
Rudd, D. F. Sergeant 4 Battery Red Cloud Iowa
Runyon, M. M. Sergeant D, 45 Stockville Iowa
Rupp, Christian D. Private G, 28 Infantry Orleans Iowa
Ruppel, Lewis F. Private I, 47 Infantry Taylor Iowa
Russel, N. F. Private C, 5 Cavalry South Auburn Iowa
Russell, H. C. Private H, 2 Infantry Schuyler Iowa
Russell, J. H. Private C, 14 Lyons Iowa
Russell, Thomas Private F, 23 Infantry Woodruff, Ka Iowa
Russell, Volbert Private C, 19 Ashland Iowa

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