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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Iowa Enlistees, S - Z

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Sadler, Samuel Private G, 3 Cavalry Alma Iowa
Salter, G. W. Private D, 3 Cavalry Bromfield Iowa
Sammons, Thomas Private G, 3 Cavalry Redington Iowa
Sample, J. N. Private B, 3 Cavalry North Loup Iowa
Sanders, John L. Private D, 17 Stockville Iowa
Sanderson, W. A. Private K, 34 Infantry York Iowa
Sanford, Geo Private A, 3 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Sank, John E. Private A, 14 Infantry Beatrice Iowa
Satchell, N. M. Private F, 10 Infantry Elmwood Iowa
Saunders, Henry A. Private A, 3 Infantry Woodville Iowa
Saunders, W. S. Private 4 Cavalry Hartman Iowa
Sawyer, G. A. Private I, 34 Infantry Davey Iowa
Sawyer, John Private C, 10 Infantry Hebron Iowa
Sawyer, John W. Private I, 5 Knoxville Iowa
Sawyer, Wm H. Corporal F, 32 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
Schaeffer, Theo Captain F, 28 Weeping Wa Iowa
Schaffer, Jacob Private K, 7 Infantry O'Neill Iowa
Schamp, W. A. Private H, 9 Cavalry Goehner Iowa
Schannamann, Fred Private L, 6 Cavalry Cortland Iowa
Schell, J. F. 1 Lieutenant B, 14 Infantry Lawrence Iowa
Schlater, Joseph Private 21 Kowanda Iowa
Schlecht, John Private H, 5 Cavalry South Auburn Iowa
Schmidt, John Private R, 27 Infantry Emerald Iowa
Schnitz, Henry Private K, 26 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Schollian, George Private F, 21 Alliance Iowa
Schuster, A. E. Private D, 9 Omaha Iowa
Schyler, Wm V. Sergeant K, 45 Infantry Spring Green Iowa
Scott, Alfred Private A, 16 Infantry Elba Iowa
Scott, C. O. Private F, 7 Seneca Iowa
Scott, H. A. Corporal G, 9 Osceola Iowa
Scott, H. W. Private D, 45 Infantry Waverly Iowa
Seamonds, S. R. Private M, 2 Banksville Iowa
Seaton, M. D. Private G, 6 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Seavey, W. S. Private H, 5 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Sedam, T. R. Corporal B, 126 Arborville Iowa
Seeley, H. B. Private 2 Cavalry Trenton Iowa
Seick, F. L. Corporal S, 3 Infantry Huntley Iowa
Selby, H. Private E, 23 Infantry Elwood Iowa
Severance, F. H. Private G, 1 Cavalry Central City Iowa
Shaarer, A. J. Private B, 8 Cavalry Tilden Iowa
Shaff, Marshall Z. Corporal G, 22 Infantry Orleans Iowa
Shaffer, Franklin Ord Sergeant C, 32 Infantry Alma Iowa
Shaffer, Joseph Private G, 38 Infantry Plainview Iowa
Shaffer, R. W. Private G, 29 Longwood Iowa
Shane, Ellis Private 4 Artillery Denton Iowa
Shannon, G. H. Private F, 39 Infantry Wescott Iowa
Shappell, Wm H. Private I, 40 Infantry Minden Iowa
Sharp, Casville Private B, 38 Ifnantry Arnold Iowa
Sharp, Oliver Private E Logan Iowa
Shaul, Ira H. Private K, 37 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Shaw, E. D.   G, 7 Infantry Central City Iowa
Shaw, John Private G, 7 Infantry Burchard Iowa
Sheeks, D. P. Private F, 8 Palisade Iowa
Sheeks, I. H. Private F, 36 Infantry York Iowa
Sheeley, Michael Private F, 35 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
Sheik, Frederick Private C, 6 Cavalry Purdum Iowa
Shellhart, V. Private M, 8 Cavalry O'Neill Iowa
Sheperdson, M. J. Sergeant F, 15 Infantry Stratton Iowa
Sheperdson, Raswell Private E, 22 Bertrand Iowa
Shepherd, Isaac W. Private F, 23 Infantry Osburn Iowa
Shepherd, Solomon Private C, 34 Infantry Silver Creek Iowa
Sheppard, G. W. Private L, 4 Infantry Bloomington Iowa
Shepperd, Lashley Private H, 29 Infantry Hayes Centre Iowa
Sherman, A. A. Private H, 4 Cavalry Litchfield Iowa
Shill, J. Corporal L, 4 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Shindler, Mike Private 8 Hemingford Iowa
Shirley, Peter V. Private A, 7 Infantry Wellfleet Iowa
Shobe, Chas W. Private H, 32 Ewing Iowa
Shockey, W. C. Private F, 5 Danbury Iowa
Shoemaker, J. L. Sergeant K, 4 Wilsonville Iowa
Showalter, Benj F. Corporal A, 25 Infantry Brainard Iowa
Shrader, Casper Private D, 25 Infantry Ravenna Iowa
Shultz, Charles Private L, 2 Cavalry Wood River Iowa
Shutts, David Private E, 43 Infantry Redington Iowa
Sibbitt, B. F. Corporal B, 25 Indianola Iowa
Siemiller, Cyrus Private A, 39 Redington Iowa
Siemiller, I. Private D, 4 Infantry Gothenburg Iowa
Silvers, E. M. Private H, 36 Infantry St Edward Iowa
Simmons, B. A. Private C, 2 Battery York Iowa
Simmons, David Private B, 14 Beaver City Iowa
Simmons, James B. Sergeant E, 8 Tekamah Iowa
Simmons, Stephen Private C, 24 Infantry Sterling Iowa
Simpson, Nelson Private H, 21 Tate Iowa
Sims, A. T. Private D, 2 Cavalry Berwyn Iowa
Skelton, J. Private H, 17 Infantry La Platte Iowa
Skiles, R. H. Sergeant G, 4 Cavalry Wayne Iowa
Skirving, John Private F, 10 Infantry O'Neill Iowa
Skrabal, Albert Private 22 Infantry Odell Iowa
Slade, C. M. Private L, 1 Cavalry Lincoln Iowa
Slade, W. W. Sergeant I, 1 Cavalry Ceresco Iowa
Slattery, Thomas Private C, 12 Infantry Hammond Iowa
Sloan, Josiah W. Private K, 24 Infantry Pierce Iowa
Small, Cyrus Private A, 3 Cavalry Grant Iowa
Small, P. C. Fife Major K, 23 Pawnee City Iowa
Smart, W. S. Private H, 22 Pleasant Hill Iowa
Smiley, L. H. Private C, 9 Cavalry Milford Iowa
Smiley, W. C. Private C, 19 Cavalry Milford Iowa
Smith, A. C. 1 Lieutenant E, 45 Infantry Blair Iowa
Smith, B. H.   H, 3 Cavalry Wymore Iowa
Smith, B. H. Lieutenant H, 5 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Smith, C. H. Private A, 4 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Smith, C. L. Private E, 30 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Smith, F. M. Private I, 2 Vol Omaha Iowa
Smith, G. L. Private F, 7 Infantry Ulysses Iowa
Smith, H. P. Private B, 7 Infantry Trenton Iowa
Smith, H. R. Private I, 8 Infantry Bellwood Iowa
Smith, Ira Corporal A, 2 Cavalry Franklin Iowa
Smith, J. A. Private A, 22 Infantry Republican Cy Iowa
Smith, J. H. Private C, 44 Infantry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Smith, J. W. Sergeant 9 Cavalry Bartley Iowa
Smith, J. W. Private G, 11 Infantry Ong Iowa
Smith, James E. Private B, 47 Infantry Edgar Iowa
Smith, John T. Private M, 2 Fullerton Iowa
Smith, L. H. Private I, 7 Cavalry Ponca Iowa
Smith, M. Private E, 2 Cavalry Valparaiso Iowa
Smith, Martin Private J, 31 Infantry Doniphan Iowa
Smith, Mordecai Private G, 28 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Smith, Moses Private F, 40 Milford Iowa
Smith, N. P. T. Private D, 22 Talmage Iowa
Smith, N. T. Private F, 1 Infantry York Iowa
Smith, O. C. Private K, 7 Cavalry Agee Iowa
Smith, T. V. Musician C, 10 Infantry Sprinview Iowa
Smith, Thomas J. Private T, 27 Infantry Douglas Iowa
Smith, W. H. Private K, 8 Cavalry Sutton Iowa
Snider, Daniel Private F, 4 Litchfield Iowa
Sniff, Amos Sergeant F, 16 Infantry Elmwood Iowa
Snigley, John A. 3 Corporal L, 8 Cavalry Blanche Iowa
Snook, John G. Private B, 19 Infantry Ashford Iowa
Snook, John G. Corporal I, 9 Cavalry Ashford Iowa
Snook, W. W. Private H, 1 Cavalry Nebraska City Iowa
Snow, James M. Private E, 24 Infantry Bladen Iowa
Song, Henry Private D, 40 Memphis Iowa
Soper, Allen Private K, 5 Cavalry Grand Island Iowa
Soul, Isaac Private 1 Cavalry Wahoo Iowa
Soules, T. M. Private F, 29 Infantry Superior Iowa
Southard, W. R. Private A, 32 Infantry St Paul Iowa
Southwick, M. H.   8 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Spain, Sanford Q. Private A, 9 Kennedy Iowa
Sparks, J. C. Private E, 11 Dixon Iowa
Spaulding, James Private F, 9 Box Elder Iowa
Spaulding, S. K. Private K, 2 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Spearman, A. J. Wagon Mstr 4 Cavalry Papillion Iowa
Speering, George Private A, 21 Infantry Central City Iowa
Spellman, J. P. Private A, 9 Clarks Iowa
Sperry, James W. Private H, 3 Cavalry Weeping Wa Iowa
Spethman, Leopoldt Private B, 15 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Spire, M. L. Private C, 29 Infantry Holmesville Iowa
Sprague, K. S. Sergeant A, 12 Infantry Blair Iowa
Springer, J. H. 1 Lieutenant I, 1 Cavalry Shickley Iowa
Spry, Milton J. Private B, 25 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Spry, Milton J. Private B, 25 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Squires, Charles E. Captain D, 20 Omaha Iowa
Staeks, G. W. Private C, 17 Infantry Bloomfield Iowa
Stafford, A. N. Sergeant H, 7 Stromsburg Iowa
Stalcup, N. J. Corporal E, 22 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Stall, J. H. Corporal K, 23 Pawnee City Iowa
Standish, R. A. Private B, 5 Cavalry Scotia Iowa
Stanton, James Private I, 24 Mineola Iowa
Stanwood, Sabin C. Private H, 15 Infantry Seward Iowa
Stark, W. G. Private B, 2 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Starnes, G. A. Private B, 38 Milton Iowa
Stauffer, John D. Private G, 44 Infantry Gordon Iowa
Stayner, Cyrus Private C, 2 Infantry Hayes Centre Iowa
Steadwell, A. Private C, 4 Cavalry Kearney Iowa
Steel, Geo K. Private F, 2, & K, 15 Inf Blair Iowa
Steele, S. G. Private E, 15 Cavalry David City Iowa
Steen, Henry Corporal G, 12 Lyons Iowa
Steen, John Q M Sergeant G, 12 Wahoo Iowa
Stein, H. L. Private K, 26 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Stephens, E. M. Private A, 27 Infantry David City Iowa
Stephens, J. R. Corporal H, 23 Valparaiso Iowa
Stephenson, Thomas Private B, 13 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Sterret, Robt Private 3 Cavalry West Lincoln Iowa
Stevens, Amos Private H, 24 Infantry St Edward Iowa
Stevens, D. L. Private C, 16 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Stevens, Geo P. Corporal I, 19 Eustis Iowa
Stevens, Henry R. Private C, 8 Cavalry Cozad Iowa
Stevens, I. W. Sergeant 1 Battery Bartley Iowa
Stevens, V. F. Private A, 13 Infantry St Edward Iowa
Stewart, Andrew J. Private E, 22 Infantry Albion Iowa
Stewart, H. C. Private F, 6 Infantry Tekamah Iowa
Stewart, J. H. Private D, 22 Infantry Osmond Iowa
Stewart, James Private B, 40 Osceola Iowa
Stewart, John H. Private L, 7 Cavalry Day Iowa
Still, Oliver Private C, 4 Infantry Doss Iowa
Stirk, J. W. Private H, 38 Infantry Battle Creek Iowa
Stockdale, J. W. Private I, 18 Infantry Sartoria Iowa
Stockdale, John W. Private D, 3 Infantry Hay Springs Iowa
Stone, Melville W. Private A, 7 Infantry Wahoo Iowa
Stone, W. G. Private C, 1 Crab Orchard Iowa
Stonehocker, Jonas Private C, 46 Vol Infantry Endicott Iowa
Stong, Wesley A. Private L, 8 Cavalry Redington Iowa
Stopher, E. A. Private C, 14 Infantry Elwood Iowa
Storey, J. N. Private K, 8 Neligh Iowa
Stover, G. W. Private K, 22 Holdrege Iowa
Strain, D. M. 2 Sergeant 15 Verdigre Iowa
Strain, John A. Private G, 23 Danbury Iowa
Strain, William N. Private B, 15 Infantry Niobrara Iowa
Strain, Wm S. Private 1, 10 Infantry Mills Iowa
Strawn, Winfield S. Private A, 45 Omaha Iowa
Street, J. A. Private E, 19 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Streeter, Augustus L. Private C, 5 Cavalry Laclede Iowa
Streeter, G. D. Sergeant B, 31 Infantry Crete Iowa
Streight, Henry J.   E, 6 Cavalry Plattsmouth Iowa
Strond, O. W. Private B, 29 Infantry David City Iowa
Strong, J. B. Private C, 12 Holman Iowa
Strow, W. P. Private D, 9 Cavalry Stoddard Iowa
Strunk, A. D. 1 Lieutenant E, 9 Pawnee City Iowa
Strunk, Mortimer Private D, 21 Infantry Burwell Iowa
Struthers, A. Private H, 12 Craig Iowa
Stuart, Roy   H, 6 Infantry North Platte Iowa
Stucke, Larnin Private C, 13 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Stults, W. W. Private K, 4 Cavalry Douglas Iowa
Stump, Francisco Private C, 3 Cavalry Crookston Iowa
Stury, E. D. Private F, 21 Infantry Westerville Iowa
Styles, David Private G, 3 Infantry Harvard Iowa
Suit, S. B. Private 3 Battery Oshkosh Iowa
Suiter, Frank M. Captain B, 2 Infantry Wilber Iowa
Suiter, Joseph Private H, 33 Infantry DeWitt Iowa
Sullenberg, C. C. 2 Lieutenant H, 13 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Sullenberger, O. P. Corporal G, 1 Infantry Ponca Iowa
Sumner, E. Private C, 36 Infantry Clay Center Iowa
Sumner, P. Private C, 36 Infantry Clay Center Iowa
Sumner, Thomas Private B, 6 Infantry Clay Center Iowa
Surber, A. H. Private E, 4 Emerson Iowa
Sutton, S. C. Private I, 9 Franklin Iowa
Swan, C. G. Private C, 4 Cavalry Sumner Iowa
Swearengen, G. M. Private I, 9 Infantry Guide Rock Iowa
Sweeney, C. W. Private 1 Battery Alexander Iowa
Swiggert. S. E. Private 6 Infantry West Lincoln Iowa
Tabler, George H. Private K, 3 Cavalry Valley Iowa
Talbott, D. L. Private G, 28 Crab Orchard Iowa
Talbott, Joseph Private K, 25 Infantry Benedict Iowa
Talbott, R. J. Private C, 33 Infantry North Platte Iowa
Talbott, R. J. Private C, 33 Infantry North Platte Iowa
Tate, D. H. Corporal D, 9 Infantry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Tate, D. O. Private A Berlin Iowa
Tatman, E. Sergeant E, 10 Infantry Spring Ranche Iowa
Taylor, Chesley   H, 7 Wilber Iowa
Taylor, E. B. Private K, 3 Infantry David City Iowa
Taylor, E. T. Sergeant 31 Infantry Nelson Iowa
Taylor, George Private C, 25 Infantry Cairo Iowa
Taylor, J. M. Corporal A, 11 Infantry Nebraska City Iowa
Taylor, J. M. Corporal H, 9 Infantry Nebraska City Iowa
Taylor, John W. Private A, 11 Infantry Blair Iowa
Taylor, Sylvanus Private C, 27 Infantry Wayne Iowa
Taylor, W. E. Private A, 11 Infantry Blair Iowa
Taylor, W. Z. Private K, 26 Culbertson Iowa
Taylor, William Private F, 28 Infantry Ord Iowa
Teeters, Samuel Private E, 89 Bartley Iowa
Templeton, W. G. Private B, 8 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Templin, C. Private C, 4 Cavalry Hoskins Iowa
Templin, Cyrill Corporal C, 4 Cavalry Box Elder Iowa
Terry, Frank M. Sergeant K, 3 Cavalry Swight Iowa
Thayer, E. M. Musician B, 7 Infantry David City Iowa
Thayer, F. M. Private D, 27 College View Iowa
Thomas, Albert Private D, 8 Infantry DeWitt Iowa
Thomas, J. R. Private A, 44 Infantry Madison Iowa
Thomas, L. B. Corporal I, 15 Infantry Elwood Iowa
Thomas, Nathan Private B, 18 Pawnee City Iowa
Thomas, S. C. Private I, 15 Infantry Elwood Iowa
Thome, Berry T. Corporal E, 30 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Thompson, David Sergeant M, 4 Cavalry Davenport Iowa
Thompson, J. J. Private I, 13 Infantry Swanton Iowa
Thompson, James L. 1 Lieutenant I, 12 Infantry Franklin Iowa
Thompson, John B. Private G, 20 Infantry Libby Iowa
Thompson, R. Private B, 14 Maywood Iowa
Thompson, Stewart Private 25 Beaver City Iowa
Thornburg, W. C. Private H, 46 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Thornby, Edward Private C, 15 Maywood Iowa
Thornton, S. W. Sergeant C, 8 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Thorp, A. Private I, 34 Halsey Iowa
Throstle, Jewel Private C, 19 Infantry Firth Iowa
Tibbles, James Private E, 44 Cavalry Craig Iowa
Tidball, D. A. Corporal H, 3 Cavalry Grand Island Iowa
Tillard, John M. Private H, 11 Infantry Paxton Iowa
Tinsley, P. R. Private B, 36 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Todd, G. S. Private B, 24 Infantry Burwell Iowa
Toliver, J. C. Private H, 10 Infantry Ainsworth Iowa
Tollobbt, Abraham Sergeant G,M 7 Infantry Strang Iowa
Tolten, Johnson Sergeant C, 15 Infantry Boelus Iowa
Tomlinson, John, Sr Private K, 15 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Torbee, J. L. Private K, 6 Infantry Elwood Iowa
Torrence, B. S. Private A, 4 Infantry Weeping Watr Iowa
Torrence, O. M. Private B, 46 Infantry Weeping Watr Iowa
Tower, Wm H. Private E, 28 Curtis Iowa
Townsend, David M. Private I, 19 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Townsend, John R. Private H, 4 Cavalry David City Iowa
Trace, T. F. Private A, 5 Infantry Stuart Iowa
Trask, C. B. Private D, 8 Cavalry Homer Iowa
Triggs, T. M. Private E, 34 Infantry Barneston Iowa
Triplitt, Thomas Private 3 Battery Sumner Iowa
Tripp, W. R. Private E, 9 Cavalry Beatrice Iowa
Troop, Robert Corporal E, 20 Eight Mile Gr Iowa
Trotter, M. W. Private I, 10 Infantry Belgrade Iowa
Trucks, M. Sergeant C, 2 Cavalry Wisner Iowa
Tuffs, J. O. Private D, 15 Infantry Kearney Iowa
Turner, H. H. Private H, 27 Infantry Harvard Iowa
Turner, Joseph Private K, 8 Cavalry Tekamah Iowa
Turner, William Private I, 8 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Turton, H. A. Private K, 45 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Tyler, William E. Private E, 27 Infantry Doniphan Iowa
Uhler, Henry C. Private I, 1 Cavalry Emmett Iowa
Underwood, John Private H, 46 Alliance Iowa
Unger, Fred Private F, 5 Cavalry Humphrey Iowa
Updike, William H. Private G, 24 Infantry Bartlett Iowa
Upton, David Private B, 40 Infantry Tobias Iowa
Valentine, J. H. Private F, 32 Lincoln Iowa
Van Anda, J. A. Sergeant H, 12 Cavalry Fremont Iowa
Van Cleave, J. H. Corporal I, 4 Cavalry Jackson Iowa
Van Doren, A. L. Sergeant 4 Cavalry Freenwood Iowa
Van Duyn, J. N. Sergeant I, 14 Wilber Iowa
Van Horn, W. N. Private E, 4 Infantry Walnut Grove Iowa
Van Scoyoc, S. Private I, 2 Infantry Valley Iowa
Van Trump, I. C. Private G, 45 Infantry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Vancleave, Albert Private C, 33 Alvo Iowa
Vancleave, Henry Private C, 15 Infantry Grant Iowa
Vancleave, J. B. Sergeant C, 15 Infantry Grant Iowa
Vanderbilt, W. H. Sergeant C, 27 Infantry Silver Ridge Iowa
Vandervort, John Private F, 35 Infantry York Iowa
Vandervort, John Private F, 35 Infantry York Iowa
Vandyke, Wilbur Private G, 3 Danbury Iowa
Vanhoosen, L. J. Sergeant D, 7 Osceola Iowa
Vanhoosen, Wm Private I, 1 Cavalry Beaver City Iowa
Vanloon, Chas Private F, 19 Crete Iowa
Vannice, W. M. Sergeant M, 8 Cavalry Broken bow Iowa
Vanstine, B. M. Private F, 6 Culbertson Iowa
Varney, A. P. Private G, 2 Cavalry Bennet Iowa
Vascay, Johansen P. Private F, 16 Omaha Iowa
Vastine, William Private C, 8 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Vaughn, Elsworth Private H, 8 Cavalry Berea Iowa
Vesey, Joseph Sergeant B, 4 Red Wing Iowa
Vestal, A. L. Private P, 40 Plattsmouth Iowa
Virgin, Alex C. Ord Sergeant C, 4 Utica Iowa
Vollbehr, John L. 2 Sergeant E, 26 Blue Springs Iowa
Voorhis, J. W. Corporal E, 6 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Vorhees, C. C. Private K, 21 Infantry Norfolk Iowa
Vorhies, L. E. Private I, 14 Infantry Kennard Iowa
Vosburg, M. J. Private H, 21 Infantry Belgrade Iowa
Wadling, Jacob Private H, 33 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Waldo, H. H. Private E, 5 Cavalry Reynolds Iowa
Walker, Eli Private E, 40 Infantry Bertrand Iowa
Walker, Geo M. Captain D, 1 Cavalry Seward Iowa
Walker, J. D. Private 24 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Walker, James A. Private K, 33 Taylor Iowa
Walker, M. K. Ord Sergeant   Bookwalter Iowa
Walker, Ransom Private E, 1 Cavalry Utica Iowa
Walkup, A. Sergeant H, 4 Infantry Ord Iowa
Walkup, David Private D, 19 Infantry York Iowa
Walkup, James H. Private B, 19 Infantry Fremont Iowa
Walkup, John Private D, 19 Infantry York Iowa
Wall, G. S. Private B, 44 Infantry La Platte Iowa
Wall, J. Quatermaster D, 3 Valparaiso Iowa
Wall, W. H. Lieutenant A, 47 Infantry Bostwick Iowa
Wallace, W. M. Corporal I, 28 Infantry Tobias Iowa
Walling, A. M. Captain A, 8 Infantry Leigh Iowa
Walling, W. I. 1 Sergeant M, 1 Infantry Leigh Iowa
Ward, A. 1 Lieutenant A, 48 Infantry Mira Creek Iowa
Ward, J. Private A, 33 Infantry Wallace Iowa
Ward, N. M. Corporal I, 17 Infantry Ashton Iowa
Ward, Robert Private C, 4 Cavalry Meadow Grove Iowa
Ware, George Private K, 44 Infantry   Iowa
Warner, John F. Private D, 24 Infantry Rosemont Iowa
Warner, O. A. Corporal F, 15 Infantry Syracuse Iowa
Warren, Joseph W. Private H, 11 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Warrick, Amos Corporal A, 9 Tekamah Iowa
Warthen, J. H. Private F, 6 V I Panama Iowa
Warthen, W. E. Private F, 18 Infantry Shickley Iowa
Waterhouse, Jas Private H, 34 Infantry North Bend Iowa
Waterman, D. A. Lieutenant F, 44 Lebanon Iowa
Waters, W. S. Private G, 45 Infantry Ord Iowa
Watson, Chas F. Sergeant C, 5 Cavalry Burwell Iowa
Watters, Geo W. Private G, 28 Infantry Imperial Iowa
Way, W. R. Officer's Cook F, 33 Infantry Haigler Iowa
Weathers, J. L. Private D, 16 Infantry Greenwood Iowa
Weaver, Levi E. Private D, 28 Infantry Steel City Iowa
Webb, Gilbert Private H, 33 Riverton Iowa
Webber, W. C. Private H, 20 Infantry Creighton Iowa
Webster, Chas A. Sergeant K, 29 Infantry Weep'g Water Iowa
Webster, J. W. Private H, 46 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Weed, Ed S. Private E, 6 Cody Iowa
Weeks, John W. Sergeant D, 4 Infantry Collins Iowa
Weideman, Adam Private F, 18 Infantry Inavale Iowa
Weintz, P. Private B, 18 Osceola Iowa
Weiser, Peter Private K, 2 Shelby Iowa
Welch, H. C. Private K, 15 Infantry Tobias Iowa
Welch, John Private G, 26 Infantry South Omaha Iowa
Welch, Peter Corporal A, 15 Infantry Hardy Iowa
Welch, Robert Private F, 15 Infantry Newport Iowa
Welch, S. E. Private L, 9 Cavalry Stratton Iowa
Wellman, Lorenzo D. 2 Lieutenant B, 4 Cavalry Niobrara Iowa
Wellons, D. H. Private B, 34 Infantry Smithfield Iowa
Wells, Clarence J. Private D, 4 Cavalry Miller Iowa
Wells, E. D. Private B, 3 Infantry Madison Iowa
Wells, James A. Private H, 20 Infantry Endicott Iowa
Wells, Johnathan Private G, 3 Infantry Niobrara Iowa
Wemple, E. A. Captain I, 26 Infantry Gresham Iowa
Wescoatt, Riley Captain H, 1 Cavalry Wood River Iowa
Wesson, D. B. Corporal F, 35 Vol Infantry Fremont Iowa
West, I. J. Private L, 9 Cavalry David City Iowa
West, John Private E, 3 Thedford Iowa
West, N. S. Private H, 9 Lebanon Iowa
West, Samuel Private G, 12 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Wetmore, H. Sergeant C, 29 Cambridge Iowa
Wheatcraft, J. F. Private E, 40 Infantry North Loup Iowa
Wheeler, G. Private K, Infantry Fullerton Iowa
Wheeler, Henry Private G, 8 Western Iowa
Wheeler, John Private G, 23 Infantry Minden Iowa
Wheeler, Sam Private C, 3 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
White, A. M. Private K, 2 Thornton Iowa
White, Abner C. Private K, 18 Infantry Wood River Iowa
White, D. O. Private B, 2 Valparaiso Iowa
White, G. J. Private G, 21 Infantry Pleasant Dale Iowa
White, Geo J. Private C, 31 Decatur Iowa
White, J. B. Private C, 31 Infantry Central City Iowa
White, J. E. Private K, 20 Infantry Orleans Iowa
White, Lewis M. Private K, 26 Infantry Tekamah Iowa
Whiteman, Milo I. Private H, 8 Infantry Cambridge Iowa
Whitman, Geo Private K, 26 Infantry Strang Iowa
Whitmore, Thos Sergeant A, 35 McCook Iowa
Whitstiern, John Private I, 18 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Whittemore, A. B. Private K, 12 Infantry Long Pine Iowa
Whittemore, A. B. Private H, 31 Infantry Marquette Iowa
Whitten, Warren Private C, 7 Infantry Nemaha City Iowa
Wiatt, William Private B, 3 Infantry Steel City Iowa
Widell, Jas A. Corporal F, 31 Infantry Burwell Iowa
Wightman, Wilson 1 Lieutenant H, 20 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Wiker, Albert Private 11 Infantry Alliance Iowa
Wilcox, J.C. Major 5 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Wilcox, William Private F, 15 Infantry Wheeler Iowa
Wildman, Ira H. Private F, 1 Cavalry Central City Iowa
Wiles, Thos J. Private B, 29 Plattsmouth Iowa
Will, Jerry H. Private M, 1 Infantry Harrison Iowa
Willcock, Stephen Captain B, 40 Infantry Stockham Iowa
Williams, Albert J. Private C, 3 Cavarly Hastings Iowa
Williams, Daniel Private G, 37 Infantry Republican Cy Iowa
Williams, Frederick Private F, 13 Infantry Long Is, Kan Iowa
Williams, Geo Private D, 6 Cavalry Georgetown Iowa
Williams, Jesse Private K, 7 Infantry Waterbury Iowa
Williams, John S. Private 13 Infantry Rescue Iowa
Williams, Josephus Private G, 47 Infantry Kenesaw Iowa
Williams, R. P. Private A, 7 Cavalry Waterbury Iowa
Williams, S. F. Private F, 12 Decatur Iowa
Williams, Thomas M. Private B, 4 Beaver City Iowa
Williams, W. J. Private I, 13 Infantry Bloomington Iowa
Williams, W. T. Private G, 7 Infantry Alda Iowa
Willson, A. R. Private H, 9 Cavalry Hebron Iowa
Wilmeth, W. H. Private C, 25 Infantry Stockville Iowa
Wilson, A. J. Private A, 1 Cavalry   Iowa
Wilson, Alfred Private H, 25 Infantry Curtis Iowa
Wilson, C. W. Corporal A, 8 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Wilson, E. H. Sergeant F, 1 Cavalry Omaha Iowa
Wilson, Erastus Private B, 7 Harmon Iowa
Wilson, G. B. Private F, 21 Infantry Bennet Iowa
Wilson, John Private 6 Cavalry Creighton Iowa
Wilson, Robert H. Private H, 27 Infantry Red Cloud Iowa
Wilson, W. A. Private D, 46 Franklin Iowa
Wilson, W. P. Lieutenant I, 10 Infantry Wymore Iowa
Wilson, W. W. 1 Lieut & Q M 29 Infantry Lincoln Iowa
Wilson, Wm Private K, 4 Omaha Iowa
Wiltse, Chauncy Private A, 44 Infantry Fullerton Iowa
Wimberly, T. M. Private H, 1 Cavalry Ulysses Iowa
Wimderlich, J. C. Private C, 35 Infantry David City Iowa
Winch, Fred Private D, 27 Roca Iowa
Winchel, H. C. Private K, 8 Cavalry Bloomfield Iowa
Winslow, C. T. Private B, 48 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Wintermute, Alex Corporal A, 2 Plato Iowa
Wise, Milton Private K Minden Iowa
Wisegarver, Wm S. Private H, 12 O'Neill Iowa
Wiseman, John Private K, 22 Henderson Iowa
Wison, John L. Private B, 24 Tekamah Iowa
Witte, August Private C, 16 Infantry Elkhorn Iowa
Wolcott, M. P. Private B, 46 Infantry Cedar Rapids Iowa
Wolf, P. A. Private D, 15 Ashland Iowa
Wolford, Lewis E. Private F, 8 Cavalry Houston Iowa
Wolley, C. W. Private 1 Infantry Hoskins Iowa
Womeldurf, J. H. Private G, 12 Neligh Iowa
Wonderlick, E. A. Private D, 28 Infantry Blue Springs Iowa
Wood, A. Private C, 21 Infantry Ashland Iowa
Wood, Hartford Private B, 23 Infantry Ohiowa Iowa
Woods, Daniel Private K, 29 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa
Woods, E. M. Private G, 33 Danbury Iowa
Woods, Henry Private G, 34 Infantry Aurora Iowa
Woods, Samuel E. Private F, 13 Infantry Central City Iowa
Woodward, James B. Corporal A, 47 Infantry Minden Iowa
Woodworth, Philander Corporal D, 39 Infantry Wahoo Iowa
Work, D. C. Private K, 28 Infantry Seward Iowa
Work, George F. Private B, 5 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Workman, James Private L, 6 Infantry Republican Cy Iowa
Works, Orville Sergeant M, 3 Cavalry Stockville Iowa
Wortman, D. D. Private D, 7 Cavalry Burwell Iowa
Wright, A. C. Private D, 9 Cavalry Milford Iowa
Wright, Geo C. Private M, 6 Cavalry Plainview Iowa
Wright, Geo D.   H, 147 Infantry Hastings Iowa
Wright, James H. Private H, 33 Infantry Goehner Iowa
Wright, M. V. Private K, 39 Infantry Sargent Iowa
Wright, W. M. Private I, 28 Infantry Gandy Iowa
Wyman, H. C. Private E, 8 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Wyman, J. H. Private E, 8 Infantry Lexington Iowa
Yale, Francis B. Corporal G, 8 Infantry Waco Iowa
Yoakam, Michael Private K, 22 Infantry Hyannis Iowa
York, Moses Private K, 7 Infantry Nebraska Iowa
Young, A. D. Sergeant K, 30 Culbertson Iowa
Young, Benjamin Private B, 23 Infantry Hebron Iowa
Young, John A. Private J, 28 Infantry Grand Island Iowa
Youst, Samuel B. Private C, 15 Infantry Hampton Iowa
Yusem, Boston Cook C, 26 Infantry Omaha Iowa
Yutzy, Samuel Private E, 28 Infantry Bartley Iowa

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