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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Kentucky Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Adams, J. D Private I, 10 Cavalry Carleton Kentucky
Adams, J. M. Captain J, 26 Infantry Ravenna Kentucky
Allen, R. I. Captain C, 17 Infantry Kearney Kentucky
Baird, J. T. Private A, 40 Omaha Kentucky
Baugh, Eli Sergeant D, 13 Cavalry Juniata Kentucky
Bennett, Nathan Private I, 34 Inf Byron Kentucky
Blackburn, John T. Sergeant L, 2 Loup City Kentucky
Blivenes, Gains Private I, 30 Inf Rushville Kentucky
Blythe, Thos A. Sergeant A, 23 Inf Cairo Kentucky
Boggs, Hugh Private B, 14 Infantry Lewellen Kentucky
Bowling, J. W. Sergeant K, 45 Inf Princeton Kentucky
Briddle, John Private H, 122 Scotia Kentucky
Brittain, T. H. Private J, 6 Indianola Kentucky
Brown, H. Private B, 1 Colored Inf Mead Kentucky
Coffman, J. H. Captain B, 42 Inf Hastings Kentucky
Conklin, H. H. Corporal G, 35 Inf Barnston Kentucky
Croxton, John Private 40 Cambridge Kentucky
Day, Thos Private H, 14 Cavalry Virginia Kentucky
Dexter, Benjamin Corporal A, 17 Trenton Kentucky
Dodge, Orrin Private C, 3 Infantry Omaha Kentucky
Doyle, J. M. Private F, 4 Cavalry Alexandria Kentucky
Drake, James Private F, 47 Infantry Litchfield Kentucky
East, H. T. Private I, 4 Infantry North Loup Kentucky
Elkins, C. P. Private F, 3 Infantry Omaha Kentucky
Farrall, C. W. Private I, 23 Octavia Kentucky
Filsly, William Private B, 14 Cavalry Hamilton Kentucky
Fitch, J. E. Sergeant C, 14 Lawrence Kentucky
Food, J. R. Private I, 1 Lt Artillery Silver Creek Kentucky
Forget, Chas C. Sergeant A, 1 Lt Artillery Glenalpin Kentucky
Freeman, John Private E, 22 Anselmo Kentucky
French, James R. Private A, 26 Inf Blair Kentucky
Garrison, S. R. Sergeant G, 12 Cavalry EdgarKentucky
Gillespie, G. G. Private A, 14 Cavalry Freeman Kentucky
Goodwin, J. O. Captain F, 22 Infantry Crete Kentucky
Goulding, B. H. Private K, 7 Cavalry Kearney Kentucky
Graham, G. W. Lieutenant C, 19 Inf Gibbon Kentucky
Grant, R. S. Private I, 114 Infantry Lincoln Kentucky
Greer, J. R. Private B, Hayes, Battalion Broken Bow Kentucky
Hall, D. T. Private H, 8 Cavalry Hartwell Kentucky
Hanning, J. A. Sergeant G, 16 Bennet Kentucky
Harber, Elijah Private C, 1 Cavalry Alma Kentucky
Harland, Jesse J. Private B, 23 Inf Upland Kentucky
Harris, R. B. Private D, 10 Cavalry Alda Kentucky
Hawes, P. O. Captain F, 14 Omaha Kentucky
Herman, John Sergeant A, 6 Infantry O'Neill Kentucky
Hiatt, B. F. Corporal C, 19 Infantry Aurora Kentucky
Hiatt, George W. Private B, Halls Gap Bat Hampton Kentucky
Hortman, J. P., Sr. Lieutenant A, 114 Inf Kearney Kentucky
Hortze, C. A. Private H, 54 Indianola Kentucky
Houchin, Francis Captain H, 52 Inf Red Cloud Kentucky
Houchin, G. W. Private H, 52 Infantry Guide Rock Kentucky
Howard, E. E. Sergeant G, 1 Infantry Edgar Kentucky
Hughes, Henry Lieutenant C, 23 Osceola Kentucky
Hurst, J. M. Private H, 8 Infantry Wymore Kentucky
Jackson, D. S. 2 Lieutenant D, 17 Nebraska City Kentucky
Jefferson, T. Sergeant C, 123 Omaha Kentucky
Jones, E. N. Corporal A, Battery Minden Kentucky
Jones, V. A. Lieutenant 17 Cavalry Waverly Kentucky
Kanatcher, Jake Private C, 1 Cavalry Kearney Kentucky
Ketter, G. Private I, 15 Alliance Kentucky
King, Samuel Private H, 14 Cavalry Mason City Kentucky
Kirk, Wm. T. 2 Sergeant G, 16 Inf Plainview Kentucky
Knox, W. E.   B, 14 Cavalry Odessa Kentucky
Lambert, J. E. Private K, 8 Infantry Nemaha Kentucky
Lambert, Wm Waggoner K, 10 Cav Blue Springs Kentucky
Lampher, Joshua L. Private K, 1 Cav Lincoln Kentucky
Lay, A. J. Private A, Vol Juniata Kentucky
Lay, George R. Private C, 19 Infantry Walbach Kentucky
Mardin, W. W. Sergeant F, 13 Infantry Peru Kentucky
May, Frank Sergeant 70 Central City Kentucky
McCort, H. O. Corporal H, 12 Palmyra Kentucky
Meagher, J. R. Colonel Cavalry Columbus Kentucky
Messer, Asa G. Private A, 7 Wakefield Kentucky
Middleton, Albert Corporal I, 108 Wymore Kentucky
Milligan, S. M. Private G, 17 Cavalry Red Cloud Kentucky
Montgomery, J. D. Private I, 19 Omaha Kentucky
Moody, J. T. Private C, 5 Cavalry Friend Kentucky
Mullett, Henry Private B, 39 Infantry St. Dervin Kentucky
Musters, Irvin A. Private E, 6 Cav Loomis Kentucky
Noel, H. B. Private H, 3 Beaver City Kentucky
Pace, James W. Private I, 2 Infantry Beatrice Kentucky
Paddock, John W. Private F, 6 Cavalry Kiowa Kentucky
Pennington, A. J. Sergeant K, 45 Inf Brock Kentucky
Perkins, J. C. Corporal C, 1 Kent Kentucky
Perkins, Joshua Private E, 53 Inf Round Valley Kentucky
Perkins, R. C. Private A, 25 Infantry St. Paul Kentucky
Purdy, Wm Private B, 2 Gothenburg Kentucky
Ragan, Wm Private I, 13 Cavalry Irvington Kentucky
Raney, Elihu M. Private F, 3 Infantry Benkelman Kentucky
Rigsby, James W. Private I, 37 Inf Hebron Kentucky
Robb, S. H. Quar'mr Serg. 1 Gibbon Kentucky
Root, Eleazn Private I & K 65 Beatrice Kentucky
Rummins, Abner Private E, 10 Cavalry Madison Kentucky
Rush, Joseph Private E, 15 Infantry Bloomington Kentucky
Ryan, G. W. Private I, 19 Burbank Kentucky
Sadler, John Private G, 32 Infantry Juniata Kentucky
Sadler, W. G. Corporal D, 13 Cavalry Juniata Kentucky
Sears, John Sergeant F, 11 Hay Springs Kentucky
Seaton, C. H. Private E, 12 Cavalry Alma Kentucky
Shanklin, Gordon Sergeant A, 10 Cav Red Cloud Kentucky
Steiger, C. Private D, 23 Benson Kentucky
Stratman, George E. Private   Not Given Kentucky
Stricklett, James P. 1 Lieut. 45 Inf Blair Kentucky
Teitze, Herman Corporal A, 34 Infantry Cambridge Kentucky
Thark, C. F. Private D, 9 Infantry Liberty Kentucky
Thompson, W. H. Corporal E, 13 Infantry Ord Kentucky
Travis, C. J. Private L, 5 Cavalry Chase Kentucky
Walters, Eli Private A, 6 Cavalry Grant Kentucky
Ware, William F. 2 Lieutenant D, 21 Inf Plymouth Kentucky
Williams, H. D. Corporal L, 9 Cavalry Doniphan Kentucky
Wilson, A. P. Sergeant B, 18 Infantry Milligan Kentucky
Wilson, James Sergeant F, 13 Infantry Walton Kentucky
Woods, John Private B, 14 Infantry Ayr Kentucky
Wymore, Philander Corporal C, 24 Inf Callaway Kentucky
Young, R. Corporal C, 108 Inf Boelus Kentucky

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