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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Maine Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Austin, C. A. Private L, 31 Sargent Maine
Bango, Rosco K. Private L, 1 Cavalry Wescott Maine
Barry, James Private I, 25 Infantry Lawn Maine
Barry, James Private I, 30 Infantry Lawn Maine
Bates, Q. Private B, 21 Pawnee City Maine
Bent, Isaac A. Corporal K, 24 Infantry Kimball Maine
Bickfore, E. C. Private H, 2 Infantry Nebraska City Maine
Brande, H. G. 2 Lieutenant I, 2 Cavalry Pierce Maine
Brewer, Ira E. Private D, 28 Infantry De Witt Maine
Chamberlain, Isaac Private M, 1 Cavalry Plainview Maine
Colby, Spencer Private H, 14 Infantry Marquette Maine
Crosby, Thomas Corporal I, 16 O'Neill Maine
Curtis, M. G. Private D, 20 Infantry Albion Maine
Dixon, T. L. Private G, 12 Infantry Clarks Maine
Dodge, W. T. Lieutenant A, 16 Clarks Maine
Drew, F. L. Private B, 1 Guard Grand Island Maine
Dyer, A. T. Private 27 Palisade Maine
Dyer, E. G. Private B, 15 Infantry Leroy Maine
Ellis, C. C.   K, 7 Sterling Maine
Emery, E. E. Private D, 14 Infantry Madison Maine
Fish, James Private E, 30 Infantry Syracuse Maine
Folsom, Charles H. Private C, 20 Infantry Plainview Maine
Gale, A. H. Corporal A, 25 Infantry Bassett Maine
Getchell, C. S. Sergeant C, 28 Infantry Neligh Maine
Gibson, John H. Corporal H, 12 Infantry Omaha Maine
Gowe, L. A. Private 31 Infantry Lincoln Maine
Hackett, K. Private K, 31 Stuart Maine
Hewett, Anson Private B, 2 Battery Arlington Maine
Hills, B. B. Private L, 2 Cavalry Osceola Maine
Hockell, J. R. Private B, 15   Maine
Holden, S. M. Farrier B, 1 Cavalry Weeping Water Maine
Holt, B. G. Private B, 32 Infantry Creighton Maine
Jones, S. Bugler D, 2 Cavalry Madison Maine
Keith, James A. Private B, 26 Vol Loraine Maine
Kendall, J. F. Lieutenant H, 12 Infantry Superior Maine
Kimball, H. J. Private B, 1 H Artillery Creighton Maine
Locke, Josiah Private H, 11 Infantry Gresham Maine
Lord, G. W. Private D, 2 Infantry Ulyssis Maine
Mathews, J. F. Sergeant D, 22 Infantry Madison Maine
Maxim, Leander E. Private D, 13 Norman Maine
Merrill, A. K. P. Corporal M, 3 Infantry Blue Springs Maine
Mills, H. F. Private G, 6 Infantry Nebraska City Maine
Mossman, A. F. Sergeant E, 19 Carrico Maine
Mundt, Charles Private D and G, 14 Infantry Hastings Maine
Nevers, William M. Private B, 23 Infantry Ainsworth Maine
Newell, J. S. Private P, 12 Cody Maine
Norris, Chas B. Corporal E, 19 Cavalry Grand Island Maine
Palmer, Thos L. Private F, 19 Rogers Maine
Patch, H. L. Private L, 1 Cavalry Zimmer Maine
Pettingill, W. D. Private G, 31 Infantry Blair Maine
Pherburn, L. M. Private E, 14 Infantry Wilsonville Maine
Pillsbury, W. H. H. Private I, 17 Infantry Fullerton Maine
Plant, Lewis Private H, 13 Florence Maine
Rice, John M. Sergeant 14 Omaha Maine
Richardson,------- Corporal A, 1 Vet Alda Maine
Ricker, Andrew Private B, 20 Infantry Fairfield Maine
Rose, Joseph Private B, 1 Infantry Bellwood Maine
Sawyer, B. S. Sergeant I, 5 Infantry Brewster Maine
Scribner, C. L. Private H, 1 Cavalry Staplehurst Maine
Smith, Andrew M. Private A, 13 Infantry Western Maine
Smith, Frank Private C, 1 Infantry Inland Maine
Stevens, Will Private E, 1 Waco Maine
Sturtevant, W. H. Private 63 Beaver City Maine
Thompson, W. H. Private F, 17 Infantry Minden Maine
Thorndike, A. P. Private F, 1 Infantry Munt Maine
Thorndike, Levi Private F, 7 Infantry Admah Maine
Townsend, H. G. Corporal D, 16 Infantry David City Maine
Tyler, C. H. Private B, 7 Arapahoe Maine
Waite, Harrison Private A, 28 Lyons Maine
Waite, Oliver Private A, 17 Lyons Maine
Ward, A. H. Private D, 1 Cavalry Omaha Maine
Watson, J. W. Sergeant H M R Bancroft Maine
Weeks, Croin H. Private 3 Cotton Springs Maine
Whitford, L. Private F, 1 Beaver City Maine
Whitney, E. B. Private B, 15 Infantry Omaha Maine
Whitney, J. W. Private C, Light Artillery Kearney Maine
Whitten, L. D. Private C, 25 Hendley Maine
Wilder, Jos P. Private C, 42 Ayr Maine
Wills, E. K. Captain B, 1 Regiment South Omaha Maine
Wiswell, C. A. D. Private H, 25 Infantry Ainsworth Maine
Wood, J. V. Private 1 Cavalry David City Maine
Worcester, E. P. Private A, 1 Cavalry Tekamah Maine

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