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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Maryland Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Albaugh, B. H. Private A, 1st Nebraska City Maryland
Andrews, W. H. Sergeant A Summertord Maryland
Barker, J. D. Corporal C, 4 Infantry Fairfield Maryland
Bennewies, Lewis Private E, 2 Stanford Maryland
Bowers, Jacob Private H, 1 Odell Maryland
Browers, Samuel Private C, 1 Cavalry Brock Maryland
Day, Sylvester Sergeant A Red Cloud Maryland
Deremer, Wm Private 5 Infantry Utica Maryland
Draper, John W. Private G Beav Crossing Maryland
Fenton, John Private F, 3 Cavalry Burchard Maryland
Fletcher, Henry Private 1st Cavalry Beaver City Maryland
Gild, W. J. Private A, Infantry Ceresco Maryland
Hardy, Joseph Private A, 16 Infantry Geranium Maryland
Hoffer, John Private F, 3 Wayland Maryland
Hoffer, Michael Private F, 3 Wayland Maryland
Kaspari, C. W. Private C, 5 Infantry Duff Maryland
Keedy, Thomas J. Corporal A, 1 Infantry Auburn Maryland
Lightner, Isaiah Captain F, 7 Infantry Monvol Maryland
McCane, Calmer Corporal K, 1 Cavalry Stromsburg Maryland
McDonald, John Private A, 2 Omaha Maryland
McDuffer, David Sergeant D, 2 Cavalry Columbus Maryland
McGregor, William Corporal D, Cole's 1 P H B Cav Fairbury Maryland
McMonegal, Francis Private J, 5 Infantry Stafford Maryland
Miller, Thomas Private D and C 2 Overton Maryland
Mitchell, Clinton Private C, 5 Infantry Duff Maryland
Moore, B. F. Lieutenant A, 12 Infantry Adams Maryland
Munson, J. Private H, 3 Cavalry Blue Springs Maryland
Orendorff, Jermial. Sergeant D, 1 Cavalry Red Cloud Maryland
Pense, B. F. Private G, 8 Infantry Fremont Maryland
Pittman, J. K. 2 Lieutenant 3 Cavalry Filley Maryland
Roberts, H. Private J, 11 Lena Maryland
Roby, J. S. Sergeant H, 1 Cavalry Juniata Maryland
Saunders, John Private A, 13 Valley Maryland
Smith, J. D. Captain 6 Omaha Maryland
Smith, Thomas Private I, 4 Infantry Darch Maryland
Sunee, Lewis E. Driver 1 Sumner Maryland
Swope, Thos E. Private F, 13 Infantry Blue Springs Maryland
Troxell, O. Private G, 3 Neligh Maryland
Uphouse, Herman H. Private H, 1 Cavalry Davenport Maryland
Veazie, Chas B. Private G, 2 Infantry Fremont Maryland
Wetherel, H. B. Corporal F, 5 Infantry Ashland Maryland
Whitaker, J. C. Private A, 21 Osceola Maryland
Wilhelm, Jerry Drummer A, 3 Infantry Dorchester Maryland
Wright, Sam Private I, 3 Juniata Maryland

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