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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Massachusetts Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Anderson, Lafayette Private F, 2 Artillery Omaha Massachusetts
Armstrong, James Private D, 11 Burwell Massachusetts
Atwood, F. C. Private G, 22 Infantry Nebraska City Massachusetts
Ayer, Osborne Corporal L, 2 Cavalry Guide Rock Massachusetts
Bang, Chas W. 2 Lieutenant M, Cavalry Lincoln Massachusetts
Birney, J. H. Private H, 57 Infantry Fullerton Massachusetts
Blake, H. N. Musician 24 Beatrice Massachusetts
Bradley, Orin S. Private D, 10 InfantryWallace Massachusetts
Brewster, E. C. Private A, 27 Infantry Creighton Massachusetts
Burns, W. M. Private G, 1 Cavalry Gothenburg Massachusetts
Buzzell, O. A. Corporal F, 33 Juniata Massachusetts
Cannon, C. C. Private A, 1 Schuyler Massachusetts
Cannon, James Private K, 28 Infantry Bromfield Massachusetts
Canterbury, J. Private E, 55 Omaha Massachusetts
Carliss, S. H. Private I Orchard Massachusetts
Carrier, Wm. C. Private G, 4 Infantry Ft. Calhoun Massachusetts
Chesbro, A. W. Private D, 61 Omaha Massachusetts
Chrisholme, A. W. Sergt Major A, Vol Infantry North Bend Massachusetts
Clapp, J. H. 1 Lieutenant B, 32 Infantry Nebraska City Massachusetts
Cole, David Private A, 17 Infantry Lexington Massachusetts
Cook, Brad P. Sergeant F, 56 Lincoln Massachusetts
Cook, Geo S. Private I, 47 Infantry York Massachusetts
Cook, J. E. Private E, 13 Infantry Lincoln Massachusetts
Corey, John Private A, 31 Alliston Massachusetts
Davis, Jas H. Private B 52 Gibbon Massachusetts
Day, U. A. Quartermaster 36 Infantry Kearney Massachusetts
Divine, James Private A, 21 Infantry Grand Island Massachusetts
Donforth, G. H. Private K, 35 Infantry Alexandria Massachusetts
Douse, Lewis R. Private F, 60 Vol Wescott Massachusetts
Dry, Daniel Sergeant H, 4 CavalryChester Massachusetts
Dunnell, Franklin Private F, 51 InfantryHomer Massachusetts
Dutton, S. D. Corporal H, Infantry Dustin Massachusetts
Everett, Geo E. Private A, 44 Infantry Grand Island Massachusetts
Fellows, D. C. Private 43 Infantry Lincoln Massachusetts
Fennell, John Sergeant M, 4 Yutan Massachusetts
Fisher, H. L. Private D, 31 Infantry Blair Massachusetts
Frizzell, Wm H. Private B, 3 Cavalry Grand Island Massachusetts
Frost, Wm S. Sergeant E, 36 Infantry Blair Massachusetts
George, H. W. Corporal 6L, B I Georgetown Massachusetts
George, J. R. Sergeant E, 3 H Artillery Kearney Massachusetts
Geuinne, George   4 Cavalry Oakland Massachusetts
Gibson, A. A. 2 Lieutenant 53 De Bolt Massachusetts
Gleason, Chas F. Private F, 10 Columbus Massachusetts
Gross, Wm G. Private E, 3 Cavalry Blair Massachusetts
Grout, William G. Private D, 25 Infantry Bloomington Massachusetts
Gushee, L. A.     Osceola Massachusetts
Hadley, Albert Corporal B, 16 Infantry Libby Massachusetts
Hall, Eph Private F, 1 Omaha Massachusetts
Hallenbeck, A. P. Private A, 61 Lincoln Massachusetts
Harington, A. M. Private F, 42 InfantryHomer Massachusetts
Hart, J. W. Bugler E, 4 Cavalry Wahoo Massachusetts
Hiller, A. Private E, 3 Infantry Milford Massachusetts
Hodgkin, H. Corporal K, 13 Leonia Massachusetts
Hooker, E. W. Lieutenant D, 37 Maple Creek Massachusetts
Hooker, W. C. Private G, 4 Cavalry Milford Massachusetts
Howard, Moses Private A, 4 Omaha Massachusetts
Howe, Church Private 6 Howe Massachusetts
Howe, Church Captain 16 Howe Massachusetts
Hunter, J. W. Private I, 19 Infantry Bodarc Massachusetts
Hunter, William Private B, 41 Infantry Hubbell Massachusetts
Jenkins, W. F. Captain I, 3 Infantry Beatrice Massachusetts
Jewell, H. G. Private I, 6 Inman Massachusetts
Johnson, H. S. Private H, 25 Infantry Benson Massachusetts
Johnson, J. H. Musician F, 15 Infantry Irvington Massachusetts
Johnson, Webster Private B, 55 Lincoln Massachusetts
Juhnke, Charles Sergeant C, 2 Infantry Grand Island Massachusetts
Kilburn, Charles Sergeant H, 23 Infantry Juniata Massachusetts
Leach, M. G. Sergeant H, 18 Infantry Hebron Massachusetts
Linn, W. F. Private G, 1 Cavalry Gothenburg Massachusetts
Little, John Private C, 13 Infantry Lexington Massachusetts
Lombard, --- Private I, 21 InfantryGrant Massachusetts
Macomber, L. S. Private G, 29 Infantry North Platte Massachusetts
McMahon, Michael J. Private Heavy Artillery Omaha Massachusetts
Merrill, J. W. Corporal F, 4 Cavalry Blue Springs Massachusetts
Nelson, Edward Private I, 7 Infantry Waterloo Massachusetts
O'Dane, James Corporal I, 3 Cavalry Schuyler Massachusetts
Palmer, Ishman Private K, 54 Niobrara Massachusetts
Payton, Wm. B. Reg Sutler 55 Omaha Massachusetts
Poor, John S. Private K, Infantry Cedar Rapids Massachusetts
Ridhardson, C. D. Q M Sergeant C, 30 Eagle Massachusetts
Robinson, James Private C, 17 Infantry Grand Island Massachusetts
Sargent, C. H. Private E, 8 InfantryGarrison Massachusetts
Savage, G. W. Private 25 Infantry Bartlett Massachusetts
Seibert, J. Private I Havelock Massachusetts
Short, Charles A. Corporal B, 2 Cavalry Lincoln Massachusetts
Smith, M. H. Private A, 8 InfantryDivide Massachusetts
Soloman, J. J. Asst Physician R, 47 South Omaha Massachusetts
Stoddard, E. Private F, 24 InfantryBenson Massachusetts
Sucha, Frank Private E, 51 InfantryFulton Massachusetts
Sutfin, Jno Private 55 Omaha Massachusetts
Swallow, A. Private I, 12 Infantry Harvard Massachusetts
Terry, C. D. Private I, 1 Heavy Artillery Tilden Massachusetts
Thomas, R. W. Private E, 2 Artillery Bronson Massachusetts
Tidd, C. L. Private A, 48 Infantry Palmer Massachusetts
Towle, A. L. Private B, 5 Infantry O'Neill Massachusetts
Towne, Chas E. Private C, 36 Infantry Wood River Massachusetts
Valentine, E. A. Private E, 6 Infantry Imperial Massachusetts
Whitman, L. H. Private 8 Waterbury Massachusetts
Whitman, T. W. Private A, 16 Infantry Schuyler Massachusetts
Wilkins, Geo Private H, 6 Infantry West Point Massachusetts
Willsey, B. M. Private C, 10 Infantry Blair Massachusetts
Winn, A. G. Private B, 1 Artillery Neligh Massachusetts

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