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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Michigan Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Abley, Fred Corporal A, 6 H Artillery Nonpareil Michigan
Ackerman, P. Private I, 9 Infantry Beatrice Michigan
Adams, G. B. Private A,8 Omaha Michigan
Adamson, David Private A, 9 Infantry Madrid Michigan
Alexander, James Private 13 Cavalry Amherst Michigan
Allen, Derick P. Corporal I, 2 Infantry Benedict Michigan
Allen, Nathan S. Private B, 1 S S Etna Michigan
Andrus, A. Private A, 1 Cavalry Ceresco Michigan
Armour, Peter Private A, 19 Infantry Central City Michigan
Arms, R. F. Private I, 48 Holstein Michigan
Armstrong, A. L. Sergeant G, 3 InfantryMiller Michigan
Arndt, August F. Private K, 7 Lilac Michigan
Austin, George Private C, 1 Engineers Aurora Michigan
Austin, H. J. Private C, 1 Engineer Tekamah Michigan
Austin, M. V. Private L, 6 Cavalry Aurora Michigan
Austin, Mathias Private C, 14 Infantry Golden Sp'ngs Michigan
Avery, Z. Private 23 Infantry Prosser Michigan
Babbitt, D. H. Private K, 5 McCook Michigan
Babcock, A. H. Captain E, 18 Beatrice Michigan
Bacon, A. S. Private D, 1 Engineers Elizabeth Michigan
Balcom, W. R. Private F, 4 Orleans Michigan
Ball, G. R. Private B, 1 Cavalry Sargent Michigan
Barber, Chauncy Corporal F, 6 Vol Bostwick Michigan
Barber, W. Private E, 1 S S Omaha Michigan
Barnes, F. A. Private I, 28 Infantry Pierce Michigan
Barnes, J. C. Private E, 10 Cavalry Colbergen Michigan
Barnes, Rockwell Private F, 11 Infantry Reynolds Michigan
Barr, C. Private K, 24 Infantry Superior Michigan
Battishill, H. B. Private C, 4 Lancers Sutton Michigan
Beale, W. C. Private E, 9 Infantry Hastings Michigan
Becraft, Geo W. Private G, 1 Cavalry Blair Michigan
Bell, J. M. Private B, 6 Infantry Nebraska City Michigan
Belner, Alex Sergeant E, 7 Infantry Neligh Michigan
Benson, A. J. Private A, 1 Light Artillery Schuyler Michigan
Bierce, Sidney Sergeant F, 13 Infantry Hastings Michigan
Blackburn, J. N. Private G, 1 Light Artillery Harmon Michigan
Bonton, A. A. Private B, 12 Bellwood Michigan
Booth, John O. Private K, 3 Infantry Orleans Michigan
Botsford, A. Private D, 14 Infantry Unadilla Michigan
Bowen, A. H. Private 4 Infantry Hastings Michigan
Bower, N. O. Private G, 5 Madrid Michigan
Bowman, Chas F. Private H, 13 Infantry Lincoln Michigan
Boyce, Chas B. Private K, 11 Omaha Michigan
Brach, James Private 1 Light Artillery Juniata Michigan
Bradley, C. S. Private E, 12 Reg Harvard Michigan
Brass, N. L. Private D, 1 Cavalry Juniata Michigan
Brass, S. L. 1 Lieutenant L, 1 Cavalry Juniata Michigan
Bray, C. W. Private K, 10 Infantry Syracuse Michigan
Brayman, Thos Private F, 27 Infantry Carleton Michigan
Bristol, Luther Private E, 25 Infantry Aurora Michigan
Brotherton, David Private D, 17 Tilden Michigan
Brown, B. F. Private B, 12 Vol Infantry Fremont Michigan
Brown, C. L. Corporal K, 11 Cavalry Elwood Michigan
Brown, E. P. Private E, 28 Chappell Michigan
Brown, Ezra Sergeant K, 4 Infantry Harvard Michigan
Buck, Henry Private H, 1 Infantry Decatur Michigan
Buckingham, Abel Corporal L, 1 Cavalry Plainview Michigan
Bunce, George   G, 1 Light Artillery Gibbon Michigan
Bunn, Val Private A, I Infantry Blair Michigan
Bunting, W. M. Private C, 21 Infantry David City Michigan
Burdick, Geo D. Private L, 6 Cavalry Amhurst Michigan
Burgess, Ruben   L, 1 Cavalry Allen Michigan
Burgh, Nelson Corporal K, 29 Campell Michigan
Burkhart, Chas Private K, 3 Cavalry Osceola Michigan
Burnap, Geo W. Private B, 15 Infantry Orleans Michigan
Burnett, E. R. Private A, 9 Chapman Michigan
Burns, Edward C. Corporal B, 4 Infantry Scribner Michigan
Burroughs, W. D. Private B, 9 Infantry Hansen Michigan
Buss, Julius Corporal A 2 Infantry Hayestown Michigan
Calby, L. L. Private H, 17 Infantry Tekamah Michigan
Cargill, G. B. Private 29 Infantry St. Paul Michigan
Carnes, Jas C. Sergeant A, 15 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Carpenter, Albert Private F, 4 Infantry Gothenburg Michigan
Carter, J. R. Private C, 17 Vol Campbell Michigan
Chadwick, W. H. Private C, 20 Infantry Hastings Michigan
Chambers, R. H. Private E, 25 Table Rock Michigan
Chambers, R. H. Private E, 25 Infantry Norman Michigan
Champ, William Private B, 1 Juniata Michigan
Chandler, A. H. Private M, 4 Cavalry St. Paul Michigan
Chapman, C. H. Private G, 18 Infantry Cozad Michigan
Chubbuck, J. T. Private C, 3 Cavalry Ord Michigan
Cissue, James Private I, 13 Infantry Atkinson Michigan
Clark, Anson Private E, 5 Minden Michigan
Clark, Henry Lieutenant 8 Infantry Tekamah Michigan
Cleason, Wm Private B, 36 Ansley Michigan
Cleveland, E. Private F, 1 Cavalry Omaha Michigan
Close, W. E. Private 1, 1 Cavalry Fairfield Michigan
Coats, John D. Private A, 12 Infantry Waterloo Michigan
Cobler, Eli Private M, 10 Cavalry Neligh Michigan
Cole, A. V. Sergeant C, 4 Infantry Juniata Michigan
Cole, George C. Private E, 19 Infantry Stamford Michigan
Collar, Jos G. Private C 6 South Omaha Michigan
Colman, N. A. Private C, 2 London Michigan
Colton, O. W. 1 Lieutenant B, 5 Table Rock Michigan
Comstock, Richard E. 2 Lieutenant A, 4 Cavalry Lincoln Michigan
Converse, Perry Private R, 28 Sterling Michigan
Cooley, W. G. Private A, 10 Infantry Blair Michigan
Cooper, Henry Private F, 7 Table Rock Michigan
Cornell, George H. Private T, 18 Infantry Wahoo Michigan
Cornell, George H. Private A, 1 S S Wahoo Michigan
Covert, Truman Private C, Light Art Bat Byron Michigan
Crabb, B. W. Private D, 6 Infantry Lexington Michigan
Crawford, John S. Sergeant I, 16 Infantry Wahoo Michigan
Crisp, William Private D, 18 Osceola Michigan
Crockford, William Private D, 26 McCook Michigan
Croft, William Private J, 6 Infantry Hastings Michigan
Crow, William Corporal B, 4 Cavalry Elba Michigan
Curtis, C. H. Private I, 21, Infantry Bassett Michigan
Curtis, J. E. Private K, 12 Infantry Blair Michigan
Davey, George R. Private H, 2 Cavalry Sutton Michigan
Davis, J. Private D, 28 Omaha Michigan
Davis, Wm Private I, 1 Artillery Sargent Michigan
Day, A. P. Private 14 Bat Light Art Rising City Michigan
De Graw, Isaac Private A, 6 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Michigan
De Vries, Jellie Corporal C, 9 Cavalry Hickman Michigan
Dean, E. R. Private C, 4 Infantry David City Michigan
Dean, George P. Private H, 10 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Deuel, James P. Private D, 3 Cavalry Alliance Michigan
Dickey, James W. Corporal C, 22 Infantry Brandon Michigan
Dixon, William Private M, 1 Cavalry Red Cloud Michigan
Dodge, Sidney Wagoner F, 18 McCook Michigan
Dooley, Patrick Corporal M, 2 Cavalry Shelton Michigan
Doty, O. M. Private F, 4 Infantry York Michigan
Drake, W. D. Private H, 27 Max Michigan
Duncan, J. M. Private D, 19 Infantry Ainsworth Michigan
Dunning, Horace C. Q M Sergeant I and L, 1 Cavalry Brule Michigan
Durning, J. T. Sergeant 17 Yutan Michigan
Eagle, Henry Private K, 1 Engineers Grand Island Michigan
Elder, Joseph Private A, 8 MChester Michigan
Emery, Irwin H. Private E, 4 Cavalry Valentine Michigan
Ensign, George G. Private L, 13 Artillery North Platte Michigan
Everhard, Robert Private G, 9 Infantry Nemaha Michigan
Fairbanks, James R. Sergeant D, 9 Lincoln Michigan
Farrington, E. F. Private E, 6 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Feather, B. F. Sergeant C, 25 Infantry Wayne Michigan
Fetherly, Charles Private I, 4 Cavalry Long Pine Michigan
Finley, A. M. Private H, 10 Infantry Ord Michigan
Fisher, W. F. Sergeant K, 8 Cavalry Fairbury Michigan
Foster, Silas Sergeant C, 12 Infantry Blair Michigan
Fowler, George M. Sergeant I, 26 Infantry Hebron Michigan
Fox, Laster Sergeant C, 6 Infantry Nemaha Michigan
Fox, R. S. M. Lieutenant G, 12 Infantry Neligh Michigan
Francis, C. Private I, 2 Cavalry Hastings Michigan
Frazer, Wm Private G, 10 Cavalry Neligh Michigan
Freeman, D. H. Private I, 13 Juniata Michigan
Frees, Peter Private E, 11 Infantry Nebraska City Michigan
Freese, William Private E, 11 Infantry Turlington Michigan
French, Albert Private B, 19 Infantry Tekamah Michigan
Frost, O. Sergeant F, 16 Bartley Michigan
Fuller, Cash D. Sergeant F, 11 Infantry Imperial Michigan
Fuller, W. R. Corporal A, 19 Infantry Edgar Michigan
Furgeson, A. L. Sergeant 6 Cavalry Long Pine Michigan
Garman, W. Private C, ArtilleryWallace Michigan
Garmon, Oscar Private E, 19 Infantry Hastings Michigan
Geiger, William H. Private F, 8 Infantry Waco Michigan
Getchel, L. N. Private K, 1 Bassett Michigan
Gilbert, Stephen Sergeant C, 19 Infantry Nemaha Michigan
Girmus, Gotlieb Private L, 16 Infantry Milligan Michigan
Glynn, C. W. Private I, 20 South Omaha Michigan
Goodell, Oliver E. Private C, 3 Cavalry Lincoln Michigan
Gorsuch, John Private C, 8 Kenesaw Michigan
Gould, L. W. Private F, 11 Infantry Ainsworth Michigan
Gragg, John A. Private I, 5 Indianola Michigan
Granger, H. H. Private F, 19 Decatur Michigan
Grant, W. L. Sergeant B, 4 Cavalry Sumner Michigan
Graves, Ira Private A, 2 Cavalry Callaway Michigan
Grayson, Charles Private F, 3 Cavalry Rushville Michigan
Greenman, E. E. Sergeant E, 19 Infantry Schuyler Michigan
Griffin, C. Private I and B, 1 Cavalry Wymore Michigan
Griffith, S. J. Private C, 12 Infantry Chambers Michigan
Hagaboom, Isaac Private C, 11 Infantry Broken Bow Michigan
Hagberg, C. G. Private I, 29 Malmo Michigan
Haladay, N. M. Private C, 1 Cavalry Arizona Michigan
Hall, J. W. Private A, 29 Infantry Hendley Michigan
Hall, Josiah Corporal A, 8 Infantry Cairo Michigan
Hall, W. F. Private D, 24 Infantry Ansley Michigan
Hallock, H. K. Private F, 10 Cavalry Glenville Michigan
Halstead, S. W. Private E, 1 Orchard Michigan
Hampton, I. B. Sergeant I, 1 Cavalry Guide Rock Michigan
Handy, Cortez B. Private B, 14 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Hardy, Robt Private K, 12 Infantry St. Edward Michigan
Hart, Eber Private B, 12 Infantry Cozad Michigan
Hawkins, Joseph Private G, 12 Infantry Kearney Michigan
Hayden, Betsey Nurse 12 Wymore Michigan
Haynes, John S. Private 9 Artillery Sutherland Michigan
Hazard, M. D. Corporal C, 11 Infantry Bassett Michigan
Hazen, Samuel Private C, 12 Infantry Tecumseh Michigan
Herlan, George L. Private C, 13 Axtell Michigan
Herrick, A. J. Private G, 11 Cavalry Shelton Michigan
Herrington, J. B. Private G, 2 Cavalry Rising City Michigan
Herrington, J. B. Private F, 11 Cavalry Rising City Michigan
Herriott, Aron C. Private K, 6 Infantry Fairmont Michigan
Hinds, Seth Private F, 8 Cavalry Schuyler Michigan
Hines, A. A. Captain G, 9 Cavalry Beatrice Michigan
Hollowbaugh, E. Sergeant G, 1 North Bend Michigan
Hopper, J. E. Corporal B, 6 Infantry Fairfield Michigan
Houck, George Private C, 1 Artillery Hastings Michigan
Houghton, C. L. Private D, 3 Infantry St. Paul Michigan
Howard, J. G. Private K, 5 Cavalry Milford Michigan
Hudson, O. Private E, 1 Cavalry Hayes Centre Michigan
Hull, Peter Private F, 8 Infantry York Michigan
Hunt, W. W. Sergeant 1 EngineerGrant Michigan
Hurd, Gilbert Corporal H, 2 Cavalry Cairo Michigan
Huth, William Private C, 9 Infantry St. Paul Michigan
Ingling, John C. Private F, 12 Atkinson Michigan
Inks, Thomas Private l, 11 Lt Artillery Loup City Michigan
Isaacs, George Private K, 2 Ashland Michigan
Jackson, C. H. Private A, 17 Decatur Michigan
Jackson, W. M. Private K, 30 Dragoon Taylor Michigan
Jenner, Charles Private D, 5 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Jennings, E. Private C, 28 Friend Michigan
Johnson, A. B. Private E, 15 Infantry Ohiowa Michigan
Johnson, W. E. Private G, 12 Infantry Superior Michigan
Johnson, W. H. 1 Sergeant G, 13 Vol Infantry Harrisburg Michigan
Jones, Andrew Private I, 12 Infantry Herman Michigan
Jones, Charles H. Sergeant A, 3 Cavalry Burwell Michigan
Joy, A. A. Private D, 10 Cavalry Oak Michigan
Joy, G. W. Private D, 10 Cavalry Oak Michigan
Kanouse, James M. Private A, 1 McCook Michigan
Kavlm, August Private A, 11 P G Cabneg Michigan
Kelly, W. H. Private B, 4 Gibbon Michigan
Kemp, Albert Private H, 7 Cavalry Bassett Michigan
Kemp, Arthur Vet Surgeon E, 7 Cavalry Bassett Michigan
Kenouse, M. Private F, 7 Cavalry Omaha Michigan
Kent, Chas Sergeant D, 5 Infantry Inavale Michigan
Kidder, M. L. Private K, 13 Norfolk Michigan
Killpatrick, C. J. Private C, 18 Lincoln Michigan
Kinch, M. C. Sergeant H, 1 Engineer Grand Island Michigan
King, John R. Private H, 24 Benkelman Michigan
Kingsbery, D. T. Private A, Bat U S Eng Blue Springs Michigan
Kingsbery, D. T. Private D, 8 Infantry Blue Springs Michigan
Kingsbery, D. T. Private I, 5 U S V V Blue Springs Michigan
Kingsley, Hiram Private K, 1 Lt Artillery Lexington Michigan
Kingston, J. W. Private G, 19 Infantry Arborville Michigan
Kinney, --- 1 Lieutenant I, 24 Omaha Michigan
Kirk, Jos S. Private B, 16 Artillery Norden Michigan
Kyte, M. T. Lieutenant K, 14 Wilsonville Michigan
Laing, Seymour P. Private D, 1 Cavalry Redington Michigan
Lamberson, James P. Drummer C,6 Hooper Michigan
Lapham, W. B. Private I, 4 Infantry Albion Michigan
Lease, Richard R. Private 1 Lt Artillery Morrillville Michigan
Lee, Geary Sergeant Ind'p't Brady S S Nelson Michigan
Lefever, D. W. Private D, 7 Benkelman Michigan
Lester, W. W. Private A,1 Tekamah Michigan
Lewis, Alonzo Sergeant B, 4 Infantry Stockham Michigan
Lewis, Charles Private B, 11 Infantry Schuyler Michigan
Lilley, Wm Private H, 19 Infantry Virginia Michigan
Linduman, Theodore Captain A, 13 Tekamah Michigan
Lyndon, E. J. Private C, 13 Infantry Clay Center Michigan
Macomber, A. L. Serg Major 10 Cavalry Norfolk Michigan
Maker, Patrick Private A, 5 Cambridge Michigan
Mallay, John   F, 19 Infantry Creston Michigan
Manchester, E. H. Private F, 1 Cavalry Hastings Michigan
Mann, G. S. Private C, 4 Infantry York Michigan
Mappes, Jeremiah Private C, 24 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Marble, C. F. Private K, 24 Infantry Shelton Michigan
Marcy, Stephen B. Private L, 1 Engineer Omaha Michigan
Marsh, C. Sergeant B, 11 Infantry Trenton Michigan
Martin, James Private E, 8 Infantry Dannebrog Michigan
Maxan, H. W. Private   Palmyra Michigan
McCard, Frank Musician E, 15 Curtis Michigan
McCrea, James Corporal F, 6 Light Artillery Berwyn Michigan
McDerby, David Private E, 6 Valparaiso Michigan
McDonald, E. E. Sergeant B, 8 Infantry Bellwood Michigan
McDonald, Sylvester Private D, 25 Infantry Bellwood Michigan
McGea, C. A. Private F, 11 Cavalry Elk Creek Michigan
McGraw, J. H. Corporal A, 6 Infantry Lett Michigan
McIlreevey, John Private A, 1 Infantry Nebraska City Michigan
McKay, T. A. Private H, 12 Infantry Aurora Michigan
McKinney, T. J. Sergeant C, 4 Cavalry Fremont Michigan
McKnight, Thomas Corporal I, 18 Infantry Auburn Michigan
McNitt, M. B. Corporal G, 19 Infantry Red Cloud Michigan
Means, Andy J. Private A, 19 Infantry Red Cloud Michigan
Meil, Charles H. Private F, 21 Infantry Red Cloud Michigan
Mensing, A. V. Private G, 1 Light Artillery Ord Michigan
Merrill, H. W. Sergeant I, 6 Cavalry St. Paul Michigan
Mickel, J. Private I, 20 I V Univ Place Michigan
Miller, Nate Private E, 10 Infantry Talmage Michigan
Miller, S. D. Private L, 1 Artillery Bellwood Michigan
Mills, H. M.   126 Osceola Michigan
Mills, Leonard Private H, 17 Rock Bluffs Michigan
Mitchell, E. Private A, 15 Infantry Creighton Michigan
Moe, H. S. Private D, 12 Du Bois Michigan
Moon, Zenas E. Private C, 12 Infantry Schuyler Michigan
Moore, Thos A. Private A, 24 Silver Creek Michigan
Morgan, A. E. Private I and E, 8 Cavalry Beaver Cross'g Michigan
Mottinger, E. Private C, 12 Infantry St. Paul Michigan
Mullen, Wm T. Private D, 19 Plattsmouth Michigan
Munger, A. D. Private 812 Infantry Bennet Michigan
Nash, N. N.   G, 1 Engineer Bower Michigan
Nelson, D. Private F, 8 Cavalry Harvard Michigan
Newhoff, William Private I, 5 Creston Michigan
Nicholas, William J. Q M Serg 6 Battery Wahoo Michigan
Nicholas, William J. Q M Serg F, 1 Lt. Artillery Wahoo Michigan
Nichols, R. S. Private D, 9 Infantry Roseland Michigan
Nickerson, Ira Private F, 13 Fremont Michigan
Nieman, Louis Private G, 25 Millard Michigan
Novel, Thos V. Private C, 12 Infantry Chambers Michigan
Novotny, Frank M. Private G, 5 Richland Michigan
Noyes, E. Private D, 7 Infantry Blair Michigan
Null, W. H. Private I, 2 Infantry Myrtle Michigan
O'Sullivan, P. F. Corporal C, 22 West Point Michigan
Oakes, W. G. Sergeant D, 19 Stromsburg Michigan
Olcott, B. F. Private G, 10 McCook Michigan
Olmstead, Horace Private C, 12 DeBolt Michigan
Olmstead, L. C. Private E, 5 Infantry Inavale Michigan
Osgood, Elander P. Corporal B, 12 Vol Sidney Michigan
Page, D. C. Private A, 28 Friend Michigan
Palmer, J. A. Private C, 18 Infantry Stamford Michigan
Parker, Samuel Sergeant H, 18 Newark Michigan
Parr, M. H. Private G, 28 Holdrege Michigan
Past, S. E. Sergeant Maj D, 1 Lincoln Michigan
Patter, I. M. Blacksmith M, 5 Cavalry Sumner Michigan
Pearsoll, Ira F. Private H, 24 Infantry Hastings Michigan
Pierce, C. H. Private K, 1 Cavalry Waterbury Michigan
Plank, John Corporal H, 8 Vol Hastings Michigan
Platt, Nathan Private I, 9 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Ploof, J. W. Private G, 12 Decatur Michigan
Pohnateer, Joseph Private 1 Artillery Tekamah Michigan
Ponoyer, W. H. Private F, 16 Omaha Michigan
Porter, John F. Private K, 30 McCook Michigan
Porter, N. G. Private D, 12 Infantry Central City Michigan
Post, Samuel Sergeant H, 7 Cavalry Rushville Michigan
Price, G. D. Lieutenant A, 20 Benkelman Michigan
Price, James Private C, 14 Infantry Norman Michigan
Quick, W. E. Private B, 4 Infantry Creighton Michigan
Quinn, L. W. Musician E, 128 Infantry Nebraska City Michigan
Rack, P. L. Private C, 11 Cavalry Arizona Michigan
Ramsdell, William Private L, 6 Cavalry Exeter Michigan
Ray, John Private G, Light Artillery Schuyler Michigan
Reese, Geo Private 24 Lexington Michigan
Ren, Sylvester Sailor   Dickens Michigan
Reynolds, D. C. Private E, 1 Infantry David City Michigan
Rhoads, John Private G, 3 Cavalry Norden Michigan
Rice, A. D. Sergeant I, 1 Engineers Kearney Michigan
Rice, Alonzo Sergeant H, 9 Mirage Michigan
Rice, W. H. C. Private C, 11 Infantry Central City Michigan
Richman, A. J. Private I, 3 Cavalry Wilsonville Michigan
Ries, Henry Private 5 Regulars Miller Michigan
Robbins, L. D. Private B, 15 Battery Nebraska City Michigan
Robinson, Geo Private E, 1 Infantry Perch Michigan
Rogers, J. W. Sergeant B, 8 Cavalry Trenton Michigan
Root, H. D. Private G, 19 Lincoln Michigan
Rouse, A. F. Private E, 1 Light Artillery Blackbird Michigan
Rumsey, Nathan Private K, 7 Infantry Creighton Michigan
Ruppert, Wm Private H, 2 Cavalry Hooper Michigan
Russell, D. B. Private 23 Stuart Michigan
Russell, Philo M. Private G, 29 Infantry Tilden Michigan
Rutherford, Geo M. Corporal C, 10 Infantry Strang Michigan
Ryan, William Private G,4 Pawnee City Michigan
Sanborn, William Private K, 1 Cavalry Grand Island Michigan
Sargent, E. L. Private D, 22 Infantry Cedar Rapids Michigan
Sargent, E. L. Private D, 29 Infantry Cedar Rapids Michigan
Sawyer, Ira B. Private F, 1 Light Artillery Kimball Michigan
Sayles, William H. Private L, 6 Cavalry Hampton Michigan
Scott, H. M. Private A, 17 Kent Michigan
Sharp, Robert Sergeant C, 2 Scotia Michigan
Sheldon, C. M. Private G, 15 Infantry Bellwood Michigan
Shepardson, K. A. Private F, 18 Infantry Julian Michigan
Shepardson, Milton C. Private G, 30 Infantry Julian Michigan
Sherman, A. E. Corporal D, 3 Infantry Gresham Michigan
Simmons, J. H. 1 Lieutenant A, 1 Cavalry Seward Michigan
Sixberry, Charles H. Private A, 15 Infantry Newport Michigan
Slatter, S. Private C, 25 Omaha Michigan
Slote, James Corporal E, 11 Infantry Litchfield Michigan
Sluzter, I.   E, 1 Auburn Michigan
Smith, A. H. Corporal 11 McCook Michigan
Smith, B. F. Private H, 1 S S Juniata Michigan
Smith, C. H. Private C, 4 Cavalry Shelton Michigan
Smith, Jefferson Private E, 11 Infantry Fairbury Michigan
Smith, L. C. Private 6 Light Artillery Schuyler Michigan
Smith, M. O. Private A, 2 Infantry St. Edward Michigan
Smith, N. A. Private A, 12 Infantry Rock Bluffs Michigan
Smith, Walter Private M, 4 Cavalry Grand Island Michigan
Smtih, E. A. Private F, 12 Chappell Michigan
Sonnaband, John Private O, 29 Omega Michigan
Southwick, H. H. Hosp Steward 8 Infantry Wymore Michigan
Spaulding, Joel Private A, 19 Infantry Pauline Michigan
Sprague, H. Private G, 6 Cavalry Grand Island Michigan
Squires, H. G. Private E, 15 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Stainbech, Morgan K. Private E, 24 Infantry Stanton Michigan
Starr, H. H. Private E, 1 Infantry Glenville Michigan
Stephenson, C. C. Private A, 9 Infantry Exeter Michigan
Stevens, C. H. Private G, 2 Holdrege Michigan
Stibley, John Private E, 27 Infantry Kalamazoo Michigan
Stimpson, Abner B. Chief Bugler L, 2 Lodge Pole Michigan
Stockwell, David Private F, 19 Univ Place Michigan
Stowell, Joseph B. Private K, 7 Infantry Seward Michigan
Stuck, F. A.   G, 30 Infantry Johnson Michigan
Sutherland, Geo E. Private G, 3 Scotia Michigan
Sutton, W. C. Sergeant Maj 1 Lancers St. Edward Michigan
Taylor, T. A. Private B, 25 Infantry Cozad Michigan
Tenant, D. F. Private A, 21 Infantry Red Cloud Michigan
Terwilliger, Chas F. Private E, 14 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Thebadeau, Paul Private C, 11 South Omaha Michigan
Thompson, F. M. Sergeant A, 19 Infantry Rushville Michigan
Thorn, W. T. Private G, 11 Infantry Minden Michigan
Thrasher, W. P. Farrier K, 4 Cavalry Loup City Michigan
Timm, Fred   A, 11 Osceola Michigan
Timm, Lewis   A, 11 Osceola Michigan
Traynor, A. Corporal D, 1 Cavalry Omaha Michigan
Trowbridge, C. D. H. Private K, 12 Heath Michigan
Trowbridge, Oliver D. Private K, 12 Heath Michigan
Turdale, William Corporal F, 9 Cavalry Juniata Michigan
Urwiller, Jacob Corporal E, 6 Nantasket Michigan
Van Brockline, Daniel Private 15 Verdigre Michigan
Van Horn, C. A. Private H, 16 Infantry Hay Springs Michigan
Vanberg, Charles Sergeant B, 5 Cavalry Aurora Michigan
Vanderhoof, Henry Private F, 12 Infantry Seward Michigan
Vanhousen, John Private F, 19 Univ Place Michigan
Vase, S. R. Private B, 6 Cavalry Ord Michigan
Vaughn, D. O. Private A, 1 Infantry Long Pine Michigan
Vetter, Joshua Private R, 12 Infantry Tecumseh Michigan
Wakefield Private J, 7 Holdrege Michigan
Wakelin, Wilson Private A, 1 E and M Brock Michigan
Waldo, Miles Private D, 4 L Artillery Bellwood Michigan
Walsworth, H. J. Sergeant A, 28 Cambridge Michigan
Wamsley, C. C. Private G, 2 Cavalry Silver Creek Michigan
Ward, Spencer Private D, 1 Engineers Belvidere Michigan
Warn, R. R. Private L, 2 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Michigan
Warner, E. A.   I, 5 Cavalry York Michigan
Washington, Honey Private H, 11 Cavalry Wood Lake Michigan
Waterman, D. Sergeant F, 5 InfantryHomer Michigan
Webb, J. E. Private K, 1 Cavalry Beatrice Michigan
Weller, W. H. Private I, 11 Bellwood Michigan
Wells, A. E. Private I, 27 Juniata Michigan
Wells, G. W. Sergeant B, 9 Lawrence Michigan
Welton, W. E. Private B, 3 Cavalry Harvard Michigan
West, J. A. Private A, 1 L Artillery Bellwood Michigan
Whaley, John 1 Lieutenant K, 19 Pawnee City Michigan
Wheaton, Alonzo Private K, 7 Infantry Orleans Michigan
Wheeler, William W. Private D, 4 Cavalry Bradshaw Michigan
White, G. W. Private E, 5 Infantry Valentine Michigan
Whitford, A. D. Private A, 13 Allen Michigan
Whiting, Geo W. Private E, 8 Cavalry Seward Michigan
Whitman, E. A. Private F, 4 Cavalry Madison Michigan
Whitney, R. B. Private H, 6 Cavalry Bassett Michigan
Whittaker, J. C. Private D, 12 Pawnee City Michigan
Whitten, J. D. Captain F, 12 Valparaiso Michigan
Wilcox, A. E. Private H, 8 Cavalry Arborville Michigan
Wilcox, R. Private F, 24 Infantry St. Paul Michigan
Williams, R. F. Captain L, 2 Cavalry St. Edward Michigan
Wilson, John P. Private G, 21 Infantry McCann Michigan
Wilson, W. H. Private K, 26 Infantry Grand Island Michigan
Woerich, Frank Private K, 29 Campbell Michigan
Wood, S. H. Private A, 11 Creighton Michigan
Woodard, A. P. Private K, 19 Infantry Weep'g Water Michigan
Woodard, Warren Private F, Infantry Exeter Michigan
Woodward, Elisha E. Private K, 19 Infantry Guide Rock Michigan
Wooster, Chas Private G, 2 Silver Creek Michigan
Wright, A. D. Private D, 23 Infantry Hardy Michigan
Wright, W. W. Private A, 2 Cavalry Dustin Michigan
Young, C. H. Private D, 1 S S Arborville Michigan

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