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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Minnesota Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Allyn, Augustus Private I, 4 Cleveland Minnesota
Alworth, Robt Private 13 Lt. Battery Atkinson Minnesota
Amman, Ed Private D, 10 Infantry St. Paul Minnesota
Anderson, James Private K, 11 Dorsey Minnesota
Applegarth, Henry W. Private G, 3 Orlando Minnesota
Applegartts, R. G. Private D, 11 Infantry North Loup Minnesota
Babcock, W. W. Private D, 10 Infantry Geneva Minnesota
Beast, A. J. Private D, 8 Infantry Decatur Minnesota
Beaudet, J. G.   A, 31 Cavalry Union Minnesota
Beerman, August Private Infantry Brady Island Minnesota
Bell, N. W. W. Private B & R, 7 Infantry Crete Minnesota
Bergen, C. C. Musician I, 10 Infantry Fullerton Minnesota
Beymor, James W. Private B, 10 Infantry Grand Island Minnesota
Billings, Isaac F. Private C, 1 Cavalry Ewing Minnesota
Blaine, Barley Private D, 1 Cavalry Ewing Minnesota
Bonser, Uriah Private C, 2 Infantry York Minnesota
Bowden, R. E. Private C Agee Minnesota
Breooster, Leyman Private D, 2 Infantry Ericson Minnesota
Brown, U. R. Corporal A, 8 Infantry Fairfield Minnesota
Burgess, Harry Private D, 9 Lebanon Minnesota
Callender, A. Private L, 2 Cavalry Oxford Minnesota
Carns, E. C. Sergeant E, 1 Heavy Artillery Seward Minnesota
Carpenter, E. W. Private C, 1 Heavy Artillery Majors Minnesota
Caulkins, A. A. Private A, 7 Indianola Minnesota
Chase, Justus Private G, 3 Infantry Bloomfield Minnesota
Clark, A. J. Corporal D,7 Inman Minnesota
Classen, J. G. Private K, 6 Infantry Orchard Minnesota
Coen, W. G. Private G, 1 Infantry Walworth Minnesota
Cole, J. F. Private H, 1 Clarks Minnesota
Cooper, Chas D. Private H, 6 Orchard Minnesota
Cowley, Charles Private B, 1 Artillery Johnstown Minnesota
Cravath, Austin Private A,2 Luella Minnesota
Dahlberg, O. S. Private E, 11 Infantry Closter Minnesota
Daniels, J. D. Private B, 7 Infantry Clarks Minnesota
Davis, F. F. Private E, 10 Infantry Ord Minnesota
Dawyer, John W. Corporal A, 2 Infantry North Platte Minnesota
Dewey, Asa, Sr. Private K, 7 Fullerton Minnesota
Donaldson, Allen B Private H, 3 Infantry Ewing Minnesota
Dooley, A. J. Lieutenant I, 8 Ashford Minnesota
Dorathy, Charles F. Private C,1 Madrid Minnesota
Early, John F. Sergeant C, 3 Infantry Wilber Minnesota
Eldrige, Thomas Private F, 10 Miller Minnesota
Elkin, Thos J. Private K, 2 Hemingford Minnesota
Emerson, John Private Heavy Artillery Dorsey Minnesota
Ewing    Wahoo Minnesota
Farley, J. M. Private F, 2 Infantry Fairfield Minnesota
Fate, J. C. Corporal C, 3 Infantry Weeping Water Minnesota
Felix, Dana Private A, 6 Niobrara Minnesota
Felix, Peter Private A, 6 Niobrara Minnesota
Freeman, P. M. Private 14 Lt Bat Artillery Arcadia Minnesota
Frost, J. W. Private I, 7 Infantry Blue Springs Minnesota
Fry, A. L. Private K, 1 Cavalry Auburn Minnesota
Fuffer, L. R. Private A, 1 South Omaha Minnesota
Ganett, L. F. Sergeant E, 11 Infantry Precept Minnesota
Gay, C. H. Private E, 1 Infantry Gordon Minnesota
Glade, H. A. Private C, 8 Alda Minnesota
Going, W. H. Private K, 4 Lyons Minnesota
Gould, N. N. Private A, 9 Inman Minnesota
Green, Francis Private F, 10 Infantry South Bend Minnesota
Grover, J. B. Corporal B, 4 College View Minnesota
Hagerty, Patrick Private A, 1 O'Neill Minnesota
Haslip, W. B. Private C, 11 Infantry Charleston Minnesota
Hodges, D. W. Private I, 1 Infantry Bassett Minnesota
Hopkins, Geo N. Private H, 1 Artillery Platte Centre Minnesota
Howard, Silas Private 2 Lt Artillery South Bend Minnesota
Howell, E. D. Private I, 2 Stratton Minnesota
Hunter, O. M. Corporal H, 2 Cavalry Utica Minnesota
Huntington, E. J.   C, 4 Infantry North Platte Minnesota
Hurd, Mathias Private C, 3 St. Dewin Minnesota
Hursh, A. C. Private K, 4 Haigler Minnesota
Ingalls, H. W. Private F, 9 Infantry Cedar Rapids Minnesota
Irons, David Private G, 11 Madrid Minnesota
Johnson, John F. Corporal F, 1 H A Fullerton Minnesota
Johnson, Ole Private D, 3 Infantry Round Valley Minnesota
Jones A. M. Private I, 2 Infantry Elm Wood Minnesota
Jones, Thomas Private I, 2 Cavalry Syracuse Minnesota
Kennedy, L. C. Private C, 7 Infantry Phillips Minnesota
Kinney, W. S. Sergeant H, 6 Lyons Minnesota
Knight, G. W. Captain E, 3 Inavale Minnesota
Lattimer, F. J. Private C, 11 Infantry Hebron Minnesota
Laughlin, Peter Private A, 1 Infantry Columbus Minnesota
Little, John Private K, 3 Infantry Hazard Minnesota
Lundburg, Peter Sergeant C, 3 Infantry Wayne Minnesota
Lyle, E. Sergeant H, 1 Mtd Rangers Wahoo Minnesota
Magner, John Private M, 2 Cavalry Palmer Minnesota
Mais, Bernard Private B, 10 Infantry Bellwood Minnesota
Mamman, Sam Private D, 8 Memphis Minnesota
Martindale, E. L. Private G, 2 Cavalry Exeter Minnesota
McGill, A. 1 Lieutenant H, 2 Cavalry Creighton Minnesota
McGowen, George Sergeant I, 11 Infantry Blackbird Minnesota
McMullien, A. Private F, 7 Lincoln Minnesota
McRoberts, W. E. Corporal G, 1 Lt Artillery Leonie Minnesota
Miller, Hiram Private M, 1 Artillery Tekamah Minnesota
Miller, John M. Private B, 7 Infantry Ashland Minnesota
Mills, A. W. Private M, 1 Heavy Art Minatare Minnesota
Mills, S. S. Sergeant B, 7 Infantry Creighton Minnesota
Mott, Samuel Private F, 9 Infantry Weston Minnesota
Nolze, F. N. Private C, 4 Infantry Clearwater Minnesota
Oleson, Nels Private H, 2 Infantry Lime Grove Minnesota
Patchen, Andrew, Sr. Private H, 4 Infantry Cedar Rapids Minnesota
Patterson, Martin Corporal G, 1 Infantry Boone Minnesota
Plonard, George Corporal C, 2 Cavalry Lime Grove Minnesota
Pratt, Jerome Private B, Matches Bat Calv. Bromfield Minnesota
Preston, L. F. Private H, 1 Mtd Rangers Beaver City Minnesota
Preston, Smith Private C, 1 Vol Oconto Minnesota
Reno, Sidner Private B, 11 Adaton Minnesota
Resler, John Private F, 2 Cavalry Genoa Minnesota
Resseguie, D. C. Private H, 5 Stanton Minnesota
Reynolds, Chas Private F, 7 Infantry David City Minnesota
Rhodes, Jacob Private Hutches Bat Wakefield Minnesota
Rinoehl, Geo R. Private I, Infantry Stuart Minnesota
Rocek, Joseph Private B, 2 Infantry Cushing Minnesota
Rye, Knut T. Private A, 1 Infantry Wakefield Minnesota
Salter, John I. 1 Lieutenant R, 8 Infantry Lincoln Minnesota
Sanders, Benj Private A, 1 Infantry Scottville Minnesota
Shadinger, C. Corporal F, 2 Cavalry So Sioux City Minnesota
Shafner, Fay Private B, 29 Cavalry Beatrice Minnesota
Shumuay, J. Private A, 5 Lyons Minnesota
Slocum, W. B. Private G, 1 Infantry So Sioux City Minnesota
Springer, Alfred Corporal H, 4 Infantry North Loup Minnesota
Srouf, George Private K, 6 Orchard Minnesota
Staples, D. K. Private K, 10 Neligh Minnesota
Stephens, H.       Minnesota
Stubbs, Oscar A. Private I, 9 Bradshaw Minnesota
Sturtevan, Harrison A. Private K, 14 Madrid Minnesota
Talmon, David Private G, 15 Wymore Minnesota
Talmond, David Private H, 6 Wymore Minnesota
Taylor, William Private G, 6 Infantry Fairbury Minnesota
Teeters, E. E. Private H, 1 H A Litchfield Minnesota
Terry, George Private B, 2 Infantry Hubbell Minnesota
Thede, Carsten Private F, 3 Infantry Bartlett Minnesota
Thurston, D. W. Private 5 Infantry Hyannis Minnesota
Trux, Henry Private E, 2 Infantry So Sioux City Minnesota
Tschudy, Ballasar Corporal G, 2 Infantry Columbus Minnesota
Warner, John M. Private 1 and 2 Reg Niobrara Minnesota
Warring, J. R. S. Private K, 8 Lillian Minnesota
Webster, S. Private H, 2 Cavalry Juniata Minnesota
Welton, B. Private A, 1 Cavalry O'Neill Minnesota
Wench, S. J. Private D, 9 Infantry Ansley Minnesota
Westcott, J. E. Private F, 9 Infantry Geneva Minnesota
Westover, Alex Private C, 11 Infantry Hay Springs Minnesota
Whiting, George L. Private A, 4 Waterbury Minnesota
Willis, R. A. Sergeant D, 8 Infantry Omaha Minnesota
Withrow, H. B. Private H, 3 Infantry Calloway Minnesota
Wright, S. Private B, 39 Infantry Gering Minnesota
Zeigler, J. F. Private E, 2 Infantry Alma Minnesota

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