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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Miscellaneous Enlistees A - L

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Abrams, Wm J. Private G, 7 Peru Miscellaneous
Adams, C. H. Private     Miscellaneous
Adams, James   C Elba Miscellaneous
Aeker, N. E. Private Sturgeon Rifle South Omaha Miscellaneous
Akins, Alva D. Corporal H Neligh Miscellaneous
Alberts, Henry Private     Miscellaneous
Aldeman, Hic     Johnson Miscellaneous
Aldrich, B. A.     Mullen Miscellaneous
Allen, Horatio Private A, 17 Infantry Davey Miscellaneous
Allen, J. W. Private H Savage Miscellaneous
Allen, William J. Private E, 116 Infantry Ft Niobrara Miscellaneous
Alley, J. A. Private E, 5 Cavalry Univ Place Miscellaneous
Allison, M. V. Private   Stanton Miscellaneous
Allison, Martin Private   Palisade Miscellaneous
Ames, L. E. Private   Boone Miscellaneous
Anderson, J. T.     Kearney Miscellaneous
Anderson, John H. Private   Osceola Miscellaneous
Anderson, Samuel H.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Anderson, W. C. Private   Orchard Miscellaneous
Andre, Jefferson Private K, 6 P R C Hendley Miscellaneous
Armstrong, C. Private   Culbertson Miscellaneous
Arnold, N. H. Lieutnenant C Fullerton Miscellaneous
Arnold, Stephen Corporal D Arapahoe Miscellaneous
Ashley, B. L. Private A Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Auppertel, John Private   Wymore Miscellaneous
Austin, John Private   Boone Miscellaneous
Ayars, J. R. Private D, 142 Infantry Crookston Miscellaneous
Bacon, Ira Private K Palisade Miscellaneous
Bagley, William L. Private A, 8 I C Arapahoe Miscellaneous
Bailey, Samuel Private E Newcastle Miscellaneous
Baker, Harry 2 Lieutenant G, 53 Pa Stromsburg Miscellaneous
Baker, W. A.       Miscellaneous
Ball, Amon A. Private   Burwell Miscellaneous
Ballard, Henry L. Sergeant H, Vt Oxford Miscellaneous
Ballard, Nathaniel Private F Cody Miscellaneous
Banning, H. P. Private A Loomis Miscellaneous
Banta, L. Private K Holdrege Miscellaneous
Barber, Emory Musician 4 Reg Cavalry Kearney Miscellaneous
Barbur, John Private 2 Artillery Exeter Miscellaneous
Barnes, C. S. Private 1 N E and M B Elba Miscellaneous
Barnes, J. H. Private 18 Infantry Omaha Miscellaneous
Barnett, C. M. Captain I, Bat 2 Artillery Grafton Miscellaneous
Barton, H. M. Private   Bruning Miscellaneous
Baxter, T. J. Private C Big Springs Miscellaneous
Beekmann, Robt Private   Shelton Miscellaneous
Bell, G. W. Private C Gallop Miscellaneous
Bentley, J. H. Private K, 6 H Artillery Kearney Miscellaneous
Bernett, Wm Private 6 Infantry Ceresco Miscellaneous
Beyers, Jacob Private L Miller Miscellaneous
Bird, W. D. Private F Rock Falls Miscellaneous
Bisher, Lewis Corporal G Taylor Miscellaneous
Bixler, Samuel Private G & B Harlan Miscellaneous
Blachart, G. W. Private   Adams Miscellaneous
Black, Samuel A.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Blackburn, P.T. Private E, 7 Cavalry Estes Miscellaneous
Blackburn, Thomas     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Blair, Alfred Private   Burwell Miscellaneous
Blanchard, M. V. Private   Waverly Miscellaneous
Blauvelt, E. S. Teamster   Hardy Miscellaneous
Blauvelt, S. L. Private D, 3 Mi C Edison Miscellaneous
Blinde, August     Johnson Miscellaneous
Blood, John 1 Lieutenant I, 8 Edison Miscellaneous
Bloom, Jake     Bellwood Miscellaneous
Blue, J. L. Private   Nantasket Miscellaneous
Bodman, E. Surgeon   Kearney Miscellaneous
Borgeson, Andrew C. Private H Holdrege Miscellaneous
Bosserman, Ed Sergeant B, 107 I V I Superior Miscellaneous
Botkin, Ira B. Private K, Cavalry Nebraska City Miscellaneous
Bowers, George Private Chicago B T Bat York Miscellaneous
Bowler, J. A. Sergeant E, 7 Infantry Omaha Miscellaneous
Box, James     Dorchester Miscellaneous
Boyer, John Private K Camp Clarke Miscellaneous
Bradley, L. H. Major   Omaha Miscellaneous
Breithaupt, Charles Private C, 13 R I C Edison Miscellaneous
Brewer, J. H. Private Infantry Eustis Miscellaneous
Briddle, John Private H Scotia Miscellaneous
Brink, C. D.     Kearney Miscellaneous
Brink, Chas     Omaha Miscellaneous
Broadfoot, James Private F, 137 Infantry Amherst Miscellaneous
Brodohl, Olof Private A, 23 Infantry Ashland Miscellaneous
Brown, Henry Private A, 10 Infantry Kearney Miscellaneous
Brown, John Sergeant A Cozad Miscellaneous
Brown, Lyman Private F, 75 Champion Miscellaneous
Brown, S. S. Private I, 14 Decatur Miscellaneous
Bucanon, F. M.     Bloomfield Miscellaneous
Buffington, Charles Sergeant I, 2 Battery Verdigre Miscellaneous
Bugbee, C. H. Private A, 3 Bloomfield Miscellaneous
Bullard, Martin L. Private I Camp Clarke Miscellaneous
Burk, J. R. Private H Palmer Miscellaneous
Burkfield, Samuel Captain F O V I Omaha Miscellaneous
Burnett, J. E. Sergeant   Saltillo Miscellaneous
Burnham, Harrison Private B Cozad Miscellaneous
Burson, O. H. Private 14 &2 Battalion Wayne Miscellaneous
Butler, John H. Private B, 1 D C Reg Omaha Miscellaneous
Button, M. D. Private 1 Indep't Col Batt Crawford Miscellaneous
Button, Nathan P. Private C, 9 New England Lincoln Miscellaneous
Campbell Lieutenant I, 9 Reg Omaha Miscellaneous
Campbell, D. J. Sergeant L, 74 & B, 135 Inf Axtell Miscellaneous
Campbell, J. M. Artificer Board Trade Bat Atkinson Miscellaneous
Campbell, John H. Private H, 74 Jackson Miscellaneous
Campbell, W. S. Private K Taylor Miscellaneous
Canaday, G. W.     Morillville Miscellaneous
Cannon, John H. Orderly   Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Canothus, James Private   Decatur Miscellaneous
Carger, C. H. Sergeant E, 103 Bucktails Omaha Miscellaneous
Carpenter, D. L. Private   Omaha Miscellaneous
Carpenter, Daniel   K, 122 Loup City Miscellaneous
Carson, W. G. Private   Simeon Miscellaneous
Carter, G. W. Private A, 21 Infantry Dike Miscellaneous
Carter, John G. Private A & H Quick Miscellaneous
Case, Merit B. 1 Lieutenant A Morillville Miscellaneous
Castle, L. M. Private K Fullerton Miscellaneous
Cauble, P. G. Corporal E, 5 Bat 90 R O'Neill Miscellaneous
Cavanaugh, M. Private Ordinance Deputy O'Neill Miscellaneous
Chambers, Geo N. Sergeant C Rising Miscellaneous
Chapin, W. Lieutenant   Tecumseh Miscellaneous
Charter, Samuel Private I, 8 V T Infantry Roseland Miscellaneous
Chase, C. H. Corporal B, 32 Infantry Schuyler Miscellaneous
Child, E. R. Captain Battery A Palisade Miscellaneous
Childers, John Private H, R 116 Infantry Crete Miscellaneous
Childuston Private D, Stewart's Batt Fairfield Miscellaneous
Christy, H. R. Sergeant K, 40 Infantry Wilber Miscellaneous
Church, Wm Sergeant B Pilger Miscellaneous
Clark, George     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Clark, Orrin W. Private F, 104 Curtis Miscellaneous
Clark, W. S. Private L, 2 Beatrice Miscellaneous
Clark, Wm H. Private F, 146 Regt Cozad Miscellaneous
Clarke, W. H.   N, 2 Cavalry Johnson Miscellaneous
Clausen, Samuel Private D, 2 Ken Cavalry Chambers Miscellaneous
Clay, F. S. Private G Lexington Miscellaneous
Clayton, S. H. Private M, 1 Mtd Infantry Brownville Miscellaneous
Clevenger, David Private   Stewart Miscellaneous
Cload, W. H.     Mullen Miscellaneous
Cobb, Edgar M. Private D, 2 Bat Infantry Bennet Miscellaneous
Colby, David Private B Palisade Miscellaneous
Coleman, John Private E, Texas Rangers Wymore Miscellaneous
Coles, E. W. Signal Service   Burchard Miscellaneous
Comstock, F. A. Private E Camp Clark Miscellaneous
Connell, Geo D. Lieutenant   Omaha Miscellaneous
Connor, L. P. Private A, 101 Eustis Miscellaneous
Cooley, H. Private D McCook Miscellaneous
Cooper, David Private E Taylor Miscellaneous
Cooper, J. Private G Palisade Miscellaneous
Corbin, O. A. Private   Tecumseh Miscellaneous
Cornwell, C. W. Private E Com Shell Creek Miscellaneous
Corvin, J. J. Private Capt Staff Ind Odell Miscellaneous
Cox, Oscar J. Corporal   Trenton Miscellaneous
Crable, D. P. 2 Sergeant G, 76 P V K Z Kearney Miscellaneous
Crane, A. S. Private   Box Butte Miscellaneous
Cratly, W. N. Private E McCook Miscellaneous
Crombe, Moses Private C, 7 Ponca Miscellaneous
Cross, B. L. Sergeant A Creighton Miscellaneous
Cross, Levi     Wausa Miscellaneous
Crow, J. K.     North Platte Miscellaneous
Cummings, Joseph Private   Red Cloud Miscellaneous
Cunningham, C. G. Captain   Omaha Miscellaneous
Currie, G. V. Private A, 25 I O V I Superior Miscellaneous
Curtis, L. O. Sergeant K, 8 Y H Art Broken Bow Miscellaneous
Cushman, R. S.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Daily, H. B. Private E Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Dale, P. W. Private Chicago Mitchell Bat York Miscellaneous
Daley, J. H. Private E, 9 Infantry Hastings Miscellaneous
Daly, Geo H. Q M Dept A of C Elba Miscellaneous
Darnell, S. R. Private G Mineola Miscellaneous
Dart, --- Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Daugherty, F. M. Private F, 15 Infantry Guide Rock Miscellaneous
Davis, --- Private C, 19 S Richmond Inf Pauline Miscellaneous
Davis, Edward Q. Serg Col Bear   Omaha Miscellaneous
Davis, Harvey Corporal C, 71 Ashton Miscellaneous
Davis, J. H. Private C, 19 Richmond Inf Pauline Miscellaneous
Davis, J. J. Teamster   Bennet Miscellaneous
Davis, O. G. Lieutenant K, Infantry Virginia Miscellaneous
Davis, S. Clark Private A, 6 K S M Geneva Miscellaneous
Dawes, W. J. Captain   Omaha Miscellaneous
Dean, R. F. Musician H, 2 N T H A Elmwood Miscellaneous
Dearinger, J. L. Private I Camp Clark Miscellaneous
DeBois, S. T. Captain C   Miscellaneous
Decker, A. Private B, 56 Nat'l Guards Omaha Miscellaneous
Decker, Thomas   I Battle Creek Miscellaneous
Deiter, John Private C Madison Miscellaneous
Delano, James H. Private E Alliance Miscellaneous
Dennis, E. G.     Battle Creek Miscellaneous
Dennis, J. W. Private   Tecumseh Miscellaneous
Denton, Isaac B. Private F, V V Vc Oxford Miscellaneous
Digby, John     Omaha Miscellaneous
Dillon, Payton, D. Private C Lexington Miscellaneous
Doggett, W. A.     Lincoln Miscellaneous
Dollarhide, A. H. Private H Sterling Miscellaneous
Dommer, W. M.     Norfolk Miscellaneous
Donalds, W. B. Captain   Omaha Miscellaneous
Donham, G. H. Surg Steward N S St Cayerga Schuyler Miscellaneous
Donovan, Michael Sergeant 214 Reg P Omaha Miscellaneous
Douglas, Dannie     Johnson Miscellaneous
Dowling, Daniel Private   Creighton Miscellaneous
Dunham, Thos A. Corporal   Kearney Miscellaneous
Dye, R. Private I, 1 Cavalry Craig Miscellaneous
Eagleson, W. H.     York Miscellaneous
Easton, A. M. Lieutenant   Cambridge Miscellaneous
Eaton, H. Private I Gallop Miscellaneous
Edmondson, H. F. Lieutenant F, Ark Infantry Talmage Miscellaneous
Eggleston, John Private G, 187 Tekamah Miscellaneous
Elliott, John Sergeant F, Mtd Rifle, N Mex Columbus Miscellaneous
Ellis, Joseph     De Witt Miscellaneous
Ellwanger, Henry Private H Pine Ridge Miscellaneous
Eman, J. M. Private I Eddyville Miscellaneous
Ender, Christian Private G, 51 Infantry Elba Miscellaneous
Enslow, John E. Private J Big Springs Miscellaneous
Epley, H. V. Captain M, 9 V C Omaha Miscellaneous
Erwin, Allen B. Private G, 156, I V I Hardy Miscellaneous
Escher, William Captain E Beaver City Miscellaneous
Etzelmiller, John     Minden Miscellaneous
Evans, Joseph Captain A, 40 W C Wheeler Miscellaneous
Evans, William J.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Everett, William Private F, 83 Harrisburg Miscellaneous
Evert, Fred     Johnson Miscellaneous
Fairbrother, G. W. Private C, S M Brownville Miscellaneous
Fales, Amos E. Private   Kent Miscellaneous
Feavy, S. P. Private D, 9 Big Springs Miscellaneous
Fender, Jacob Private H Julsburg, Col Miscellaneous
Feuring, F. C.     Taylor Miscellaneous
Finney, L. A.     Omaha Miscellaneous
Fisher, Laban Private B, 16 Infantry   Miscellaneous
Fitch, W. S. Sergeant   McCook Miscellaneous
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Sergeant F, 9 Infantry Omaha Miscellaneous
Fleming, W. H.     Wisner Miscellaneous
Folks, Andrew J. Private F, 44 V V Inf Crookston Miscellaneous
Ford, C. R. Chaplain   Kearney Miscellaneous
Ford, Daniel     O'Connor Miscellaneous
Ford, N. C. Private D Omaha Miscellaneous
Forehand, L. D. Sergeant 16, 2 Bat V K C Kearney Miscellaneous
Foster, Ed Private A, 16 Bloomington Miscellaneous
Freet, Jonas       Miscellaneous
French, Geo Private K Rising City Miscellaneous
French, W. Private 9 Auburn Miscellaneous
Frick, A. M.       Miscellaneous
Frool, Joel Private E, 14 Ericson Miscellaneous
Frymire, B. J. Corporal C, 162 O M G Bloomfield Miscellaneous
Furr, John A. Private K, 4 Cavalry Champion Miscellaneous
Gakely, Emanuel Private E, 44 Crawford Miscellaneous
Gakley, Emanuel Private H, 140 Crawford Miscellaneous
Gale, H. Corporal A McCook Miscellaneous
Gamble, W. O. Sergeant F S R Cavalry Wayne Miscellaneous
Gardner, W. H. Captain E, 30 Omaha Miscellaneous
Garrison, B. F. Corporal   Cozad Miscellaneous
Garrison, J. Private D, 7 Cavalry Brownville Miscellaneous
Gibbs, W. T. Private   Elk Creek Miscellaneous
Gift, A. K.     Lexington Miscellaneous
Gillett, E. H. Private G, 15 Reg Nelson Miscellaneous
Gilliliand, Wm Captain E, 83 Precept Miscellaneous
Gilna, Hugh Corporal Ordinance Hastings Miscellaneous
Gleason, H. W. Lieutenant C, Reg E M M South Omaha Miscellaneous
Gleason, Michael Constr Corps Army Cumberland Omaha Miscellaneous
Glen, T. W. Private I Palisade Miscellaneous
Glover, J. V. Private Bat Cap Artillery Gordon Miscellaneous
Goble, Horace   26 Infantry Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Goble, James Private K   Miscellaneous
Godfrey, David Private I, 30 Infantry Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Goodier, Isaac 1 Lieutenant I, R 34 Infantry Crete Miscellaneous
Graham, W. R. Private 10 Bat H Art Nebraska City Miscellaneous
Grant, James A. Private E De Witt Miscellaneous
Graves, H. C.     Arborville Miscellaneous
Green, John J. Corporal H, 2 R T Nemaha Miscellaneous
Green, Lucian L.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Green, Samuel Private K Elba Miscellaneous
Grier, J. S. Corporal K Rising City Miscellaneous
Grier, Peter Private H Rising City Miscellaneous
Griffin, A. P. Private   Belvidere Miscellaneous
Griffith, A. T. Private   Cozad Miscellaneous
Griggs, John O.   H, 31 Oxford Miscellaneous
Grom, John Private   Minden Miscellaneous
Guinan, Andrew Private   Lincoln Miscellaneous
Guldin, J. W. 1 Sergeant F, 56 R P V V Hastings Miscellaneous
Guynn, Thomas Private H Holdrege Miscellaneous
Haas, Henry Private H, 48 Saltillo Miscellaneous
Hackney, W. L. Private G Big Springs Miscellaneous
Hagerty, John Private F Camp Clark Miscellaneous
Haggard, L. G. Corporal K, 2 M S M Colon Miscellaneous
Haggard, L. J. P. Corporal K, 2 M S M Colon Miscellaneous
Hall, Reuben T. Private H, 152 Orchard Miscellaneous
Hamilton, J. W. Private J Big Springs Miscellaneous
Hamilton, T. H. Private A, H Infantry Schuyler Miscellaneous
Harbaugh, J. M. Private H Holdrege Miscellaneous
Harding, J. E. Private   O'Neill Miscellaneous
Hardy, George Private B Palisade Miscellaneous
Hare, Samuel     Gilead Miscellaneous
Harless, Nathaniel Private D, E S G T Cavalry Union Miscellaneous
Harper, S. C.     Kearney Miscellaneous
Harrey, J. A. 2 Lieutenant B, 50 Infantry Cordova Miscellaneous
Harris, C. F.   C, 2 Cavalry Johnson Miscellaneous
Harris, George Corporal E, 4 N Atkinson Miscellaneous
Harris, Perry Private   Gering Miscellaneous
Harris, Robley D.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Harry, Robert Captain D, 60 A V I Precept Miscellaneous
Harryman, J. P     Crete Miscellaneous
Hartley, George Private K Beatrice Miscellaneous
Harvey, James H. Private K Taylor Miscellaneous
Haslip, W. V. Private B, Mounted Rangers Charleston Miscellaneous
Hathaway, C. A. Private B Neligh Miscellaneous
Hathorn, J. E. Private M, 101 Bartley Miscellaneous
Hatten, Mm Private   Crookston Miscellaneous
Hawes, Stephen   F, 19 Regt Omaha Miscellaneous
Hayes, William       Miscellaneous
Hazard, W. H. 1 Corporal   Omaha Miscellaneous
Hazelwood, Joe Private H, 94 Infantry Eustis Miscellaneous
Heck, B. F. Private   Omaha Miscellaneous
Heim, N. B. Private G, 12 Omaha Miscellaneous
Helemcamp, Jos Private   Burwell Miscellaneous
Henry, David     Beatrice Miscellaneous
Henry, Hugh Private   South Omaha Miscellaneous
Henry, J. C. Private B, 1 Reg O Sharps Omaha Miscellaneous
Henry, R. Private   Ravenna Miscellaneous
Henry, Sam       Miscellaneous
Henshman, A. Private S, 4 W S Cavalry Hendley Miscellaneous
Hensley, M. W. Private F Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Heyhes, Joseph Surgeon   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Hickman, I. H. Captain   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Higginbothom, W. H. Private E, Home Guards So Sioux City Miscellaneous
Hilderbrand, J. G. Corporal A O V C Portal Miscellaneous
Hill, J. S. Private C Bellwood Miscellaneous
Hill, James B. Private F P V C Omaha Miscellaneous
Hill, Jesse R. Private   Rising City Miscellaneous
Hill, John W. Private   Atlanta Miscellaneous
Hill, N. O. Private E, 9 In C Arapahoe Miscellaneous
Hils, Matees Private C, 35 J T Wilber Miscellaneous
Hindman, James Private   Wood Lake Miscellaneous
Hine, Charles     Johnson Miscellaneous
Hines, John F.   A, 19 Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Hinton, John Private E, 2 Brownville Miscellaneous
Hoffman, John Private   Stewart Miscellaneous
Hogeboom, R. Private Black Hawk War La Platte Miscellaneous
Holliday, Thomas Private F Loomis Miscellaneous
Holloway, S. P. Private C Plattsmouth Miscellaneous
Holmes, J. S. Captain G McCook Miscellaneous
Holmes, John Serg Major 14 V R C Ash Grove Miscellaneous
Holmes, R. M. Private B, 2 O V C Elba Miscellaneous
Holzhauer, Conrad Private G Harrisburg Miscellaneous
Holzhauer, Nick Private G Harrisburg Miscellaneous
Hood, J. R.       Miscellaneous
Hooker, Adam Private K Norfolk Miscellaneous
Hooper, Henry Private F Taylor Miscellaneous
Hoover, Frank   A Davenport Miscellaneous
Hoover, John S. Colonel Staff   Blue Hill Miscellaneous
Hoover, John S. Colonel Staff Blue Hill Miscellaneous
Hoover, S. A.     Bethany Hts Miscellaneous
Hoss, G. W.   K, 104 Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Hostetter, D. C. Private   Kearney Miscellaneous
House, W. W. Private H, 4 Artillery Lincoln Miscellaneous
Houser, M. T. Private   Waverley Miscellaneous
Howard, D. B.     Lincoln Miscellaneous
Howell, R. B.     Rosebud Miscellaneous
Hudnet, P. T. Private H Palisade Miscellaneous
Humphrey, D. Q. A. Private R, 16 J N Cedar Bluffs Miscellaneous
Hurley, John Duty Serg Infantry, Bat, Cavl South Omaha Miscellaneous
Hutson, Chaney Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Hyatt, B. F. Private A, Infantry Alvo Miscellaneous
Ickes, Adam Private     Miscellaneous
Idle, Sunders Sergeant   Ashland Miscellaneous
Ireland, D. S.   G, 4 Maywood Miscellaneous
Irish, C. L. Private F Loomis Miscellaneous
Ittner, John   B, Fremont's Bdy G. York Miscellaneous
Jackson, J. T. Private K, 4 Cavalry Broken Bow Miscellaneous
Jacobs, E. A. Private   Lexington Miscellaneous
Janney, W.     Halestown Miscellaneous
Jay, E. T. Private   Eustis Miscellaneous
Jay, Jaeze Private F Belvidere Miscellaneous
Jenkins, M. Sergeant F, 4 Reg Omaha Miscellaneous
Jewell, Zardus Sergeant K Lexington Miscellaneous
Joakem, Will Private     Miscellaneous
Job, A. B. Private A, 51 Tekamah Miscellaneous
Johns, Charley Private D Palisade Miscellaneous
Johnson, A. J. Corporal B, of Mont Vol Friend Miscellaneous
Johnson, C. H.       Miscellaneous
Johnson, H. Private H Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Johnson, Jas H. Captain A O V I Omaha Miscellaneous
Johnson, John Private F, 44 Colored Inf York Miscellaneous
Johnson, W. H.     Minden Miscellaneous
Jones, H. C. Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Jones, J. D. Captain 2 M D Harvard Miscellaneous
Jones, W. E.   K, Cavalry Montrose Miscellaneous
Jorgenson, C. N. 1 Lieutenant   Hastings Miscellaneous
Joy, M. B. Private G O V V Infantry Herman Miscellaneous
Kean, Joseph     Republican Cy Miscellaneous
Kearns, Delas Private I, 141, & B, 151, I V I Mead Miscellaneous
Keith, C. G.   3 Artillery   Miscellaneous
Kelley, John D. Private B Richland Miscellaneous
Kelsey, A. H. Private B Lexington Miscellaneous
Kelso, Joseph Private C Madrid Miscellaneous
Kennedy, H. A. Private   Kearney Miscellaneous
Kennedy, Michael Private   Norfolk Miscellaneous
Keyser, Leonard     Kearney Miscellaneous
Kilgore, J. N. Private A, 13 R Madrid Miscellaneous
Kimball, J. H. 2 Lieutenant   Crete Miscellaneous
Kincaid, Thomas     Riverton Miscellaneous
Kines, Louis Sergeant D Bloomfield Miscellaneous
King, H. B. Private On detached service Crete Miscellaneous
Kingsbury, W. Private G, 2 J V Quick Miscellaneous
Kinney, Geo Sergeant E, 2 N S Cavalry Omaha Miscellaneous
Kline, Emanuel Private 14 Light Artillery Plattsmouth Miscellaneous
Klingman, William Sergeant 2 P C Eustis Miscellaneous
Knapp, George E. Private G, 1 Ore Kearney Miscellaneous
Knobbs, C. B. Private K, 1 Light 26 Art Culbertson Miscellaneous
Kohl, Jacob Private C, 46 I V I Hardy Miscellaneous
Kramp, Henry Private 7 Com 86 Reg Davenport Miscellaneous
Kring, Jos     Lexington Miscellaneous
Krummack, John     Lincoln Miscellaneous
La Munyon, W. W. Private E Rising City Miscellaneous
La Rue, Alexander S. Private   Kent Miscellaneous
Landy, John Private B, 55 Reg South Omaha Miscellaneous
Lane, W. H.   Light Artillery Potter Miscellaneous
Larrie, Casper Hosptl Stwrd 15 Army Corps Omaha Miscellaneous
Larson, John Private   Holdrege Miscellaneous
Lauderdale, James Private   Ashford Miscellaneous
Lauver, E. Private 202 P V I Bloomfield Miscellaneous
Layton, I. R. Private I Pilger Miscellaneous
Leichseuring, Chas L. Private A, 11 of O V South Omaha Miscellaneous
Leigh, W. H. Private E, 147 Vol Infantry Hardy Miscellaneous
Lemnerd, Charles Private M, 1 Merrill Cavalry Grand Island Miscellaneous
Lewis, C. J.     Mullen Miscellaneous
Lomis, Jules Private   Kent Miscellaneous
Loughridge, George Private     Miscellaneous
Lovett, William Private K Creighton Miscellaneous
Lowder, James D. Private 21 Reg Com B Stanton Miscellaneous
Lowe, W. E.     Ashford Miscellaneous
Lukcert, J. Private B Loomis Miscellaneous

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