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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Miscellaneous Enlistees M - Z

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Macker, John F. Private C Waterloo Miscellaneous
Maddison, Geo A. Private A Lexington Miscellaneous
Maddock, J. R. Private Dubuque Bat Bellevue Miscellaneous
Mahaffey, Jonas L.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Mahar, Philip     Alma Miscellaneous
Malone, J. H. Private B Lexington Miscellaneous
Manley, M. V. B. Private B Edison Miscellaneous
Mann, Archibald Private   Bartley Miscellaneous
Mann, J. M. Lieutenant C, 67 Indianola Miscellaneous
Mannix, W. W. Private N, Ord Rajt Kearney Miscellaneous
Marquissee, P. O. Private A Palisade Miscellaneous
Marshall, Wm Private   Kearney Miscellaneous
Marshman, Alexander Private B, Vet Reserve Corps Blue Springs Miscellaneous
Martin, W. B. Private C, 9 C M S M Edison Miscellaneous
Martin, Wellington Private A Dunbar Miscellaneous
Martz, August Private B, McLaughlin's Sq Omaha Miscellaneous
Matheson, D. Private I Pilger Miscellaneous
Mattson, N. C.       Miscellaneous
McAllister, J. A. Corporal F, Infantry Summerford Miscellaneous
McBride, D. L. Private G McCook Miscellaneous
McCauley, William Private I, 124 Plattsmouth Miscellaneous
McClennen, John B. Private 18 W S Infantry Stanton Miscellaneous
McCord, T. T. Captain D Taylor Miscellaneous
McCormick, J. A. Captain E Palisade Miscellaneous
McCree, Edgar Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
McDermott, John Private L, 11 Cavalry Ryno Miscellaneous
McDougall, A. J. Private F, 123 Reg South Omaha Miscellaneous
McGinnis, J. J. Private Dept of Mongahala Rushville Miscellaneous
McKay, Geo B. Sergeant B, 1 Cavalry Texas Lexington Miscellaneous
McKim, Philip Chaplain St. Louis Hospital Norfolk Miscellaneous
McLaughlin, James Private K Vailton Miscellaneous
McMains, Atrahan P. Private   Liberty Miscellaneous
McNair, J. C. Quartermaster Cap Ben Gazen Lincoln Miscellaneous
McNamar, C. W. Captain   Lexington Miscellaneous
McPherson, Adam Private H, 110 R P Jackson Miscellaneous
McTygne, P. Private E, Rich Island Eddyville Miscellaneous
Meeker, Lyman Private A, 2 & I O V I Superior Miscellaneous
Menke, Hermen Private F Lexington Miscellaneous
Mercer, William Private H Palisade Miscellaneous
Merriam, J. I. Private   Omaha Miscellaneous
Merrill, George W. Sergeant B Taylor Miscellaneous
Merritt, R. W. Private 3, Indpt Batt Odell Miscellaneous
Metcalf, G. C. Private   Omaha Miscellaneous
Meyers, Gottleib Private   Lincoln Miscellaneous
Miles, Archibald Lieutenant I, 11 Col Troops Kearney Miscellaneous
Miller, G. W. Private A, 7 Infantry Valentine Miscellaneous
Miller, Henry S. Private B Curtis Miscellaneous
Miller, James Corporal F, 57 Odell Miscellaneous
Miller, M. E. High Private C, 9 Heavy Artillery Omaha Miscellaneous
Miller, Silas     Stromsburg Miscellaneous
Mills, William H. Private H, 4 Cavalry Stockwell Miscellaneous
Milton, W. A. Private E Miller Miscellaneous
Minard, A. Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Minnix, H. C. Sergeant F, 125 Bladen Miscellaneous
Modie, A. C. Private M McCook Miscellaneous
Mong, W. H. Private E Wilber Miscellaneous
Monroe, S. C. Captain H, 61 U C T Hastings Miscellaneous
Moore, G. W. C Private   Gresham Miscellaneous
Moore, N. L. Private E, 11 R R C Farnam Miscellaneous
Moore, W. H. Private   Kearney Miscellaneous
Morford, John       Miscellaneous
Morgan, C. S. M. Private B, 1 Cavalry Omaha Miscellaneous
Morgan, M. Corporal   Kearney Miscellaneous
Morgan, Wm H. Private G Lexington Miscellaneous
Morris, James Private K Cozad Miscellaneous
Morrow, H. C. Private B, Brdn's S Shoot'rs Atkinson Miscellaneous
Morse, I. D. Sergeant 84 & 177 O V I Crofton Miscellaneous
Morzerd, A. Corporal I Pilger Miscellaneous
Munag, Patrick Private L, 1 & 2 D C Inf Leigh Miscellaneous
Murdock, O. C. Private D Palisade Miscellaneous
Murphy, Wm Private 2 N S Cav Omaha Miscellaneous
Myers, Joseph Private H, 5 H Art Curtis Miscellaneous
Nash, Daniel C. Private G Oxford Miscellaneous
Nelson, Feanto Sergeant J Emerson Miscellaneous
Newcomb, K. S. Private     Miscellaneous
Newton, G. W. Private H Blair Miscellaneous
Nicholas, J. A. Corporal I, C V H A Univ Place Miscellaneous
Nida, William Private G Union Miscellaneous
Niles, Gardner Private   Kearney Miscellaneous
Nissen,----- Private B, 15 Vis Ric U Hastings Miscellaneous
Norris, Oswald Sergeant D, 35 Beaver City Miscellaneous
Nunn, Thomas Private G, 92 Infantry Brock Miscellaneous
Nute, Charles M. Corporal G, 2 D C Infantry Hastings Miscellaneous
O'Connor, Thomas Private I, 77 I V I Lexington Miscellaneous
Oden, I. H.     Beatrice Miscellaneous
Oliver, J. J. Private E Trenton Miscellaneous
Ollinger, A. W. Private   Kearney Miscellaneous
Olson, John P. Private G Trenton Miscellaneous
Oney, Bedford Private G M S Cavalry Riverton Miscellaneous
Oney, Bedford Corporal K, 7 M S Cavalry Riverton Miscellaneous
Osgood, H. B. Captain On the Staff Omaha Miscellaneous
Oster, John Private B, 1 Cavalry Valley Miscellaneous
Ottoman, John     Loup City Miscellaneous
Overman, J. Q. Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Oversteak, --- Private   Cambridge Miscellaneous
Pace, John L.     Lincoln Miscellaneous
Palmer, W. M. Private Ind Camp Duty Petersburg Miscellaneous
Pardee, W. E.     Eustis Miscellaneous
Parish, Isaac S.     Cook Miscellaneous
Patterson, W. H. Private C Sumner Miscellaneous
Patterson, Wm Private R Neligh Miscellaneous
Pennington, J. J. Private Morgans Lincoln Miscellaneous
Pense, A. L. Private B Hay Springs Miscellaneous
Peters, Henry Private C   Miscellaneous
Phelps, E. K. Private A Lexington Miscellaneous
Phelps, R. M.     Mullen Miscellaneous
Phillips, Cyrus     Cook Miscellaneous
Phillips, W. H. Private C McCook Miscellaneous
Pierce, C. E. Private   Weeping Wa Miscellaneous
Pierce, P. F. Private I, 102 Infantry Riverton Miscellaneous
Pierce, S. M.     Lodi Miscellaneous
Pine, Jas H. Private   Dorsey Miscellaneous
Porter, Alvin Private W V C Infantry Valparaiso Miscellaneous
Potter, J. F. Private B, 1 Infantry Florence Miscellaneous
Potts, Levy Private   Loomis Miscellaneous
Pounds, Henry Private I, Infantry Wilber Miscellaneous
Powers, Chester B. Private M. Artillery Mayblower Miscellaneous
Pullen, J. M. Private E, 85 Wakefield Miscellaneous
Pulver, William     North Platte Miscellaneous
Pursons, D.     Norfolk Miscellaneous
Queen, Amos     Odell Miscellaneous
Queen, Frank Private A 56 N C Oak Miscellaneous
Randall, Alonzo   E, 1 Art, 1 Reg Pleasant Vly Miscellaneous
Randall, Riley Private F, 11 Heavy Art Blue Springs Miscellaneous
Reed, J. L. Private     Miscellaneous
Reed, Robert   A, Infantry Emerson Miscellaneous
Reed, Samuel   Pioneer C D Dpt McCook Miscellaneous
Reilly, William       Miscellaneous
Rema, Hiram F.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Rhodes, Charles Private M, 152 3rd Artillery Benedict Miscellaneous
Rice, William W. Private H Columbus Miscellaneous
Richardson, W. R. Private A, 2 Infantry David City Miscellaneous
Ricks, Jas A. Private F Omaha Miscellaneous
Riddle, Geo H. Private K Rushville Miscellaneous
Risdon, M. R.     Omaha Miscellaneous
Roberts, R. Q.       Miscellaneous
Roskie, W. F. Private   Omaha Miscellaneous
Ross, Thomas F. Private D Nebraska City Miscellaneous
Rotts, Hugh Private HomeGuards Tekamah Miscellaneous
Rowder, Jonas Private B Emerson Miscellaneous
Rudolph, Chas Private F Rising City Miscellaneous
Ryan, Robert     Lincoln Miscellaneous
Sage, E. A.     Creston Miscellaneous
Sailor, A. J. Private K Palisade Miscellaneous
Sailors, James A. Private F Palisade Miscellaneous
Salisbury, J. S. Private   Ravenna Miscellaneous
Sanders, J. Private F Nebraska City Miscellaneous
Sawyer, J. D. Private   South Omaha Miscellaneous
Schilling, E. Major Cf Eng, 20 Corps Crete Miscellaneous
Schoonover, M.     Omaha Miscellaneous
Schultz, J. W. Private A, M Schuyler Miscellaneous
Schwartz     North Platte Miscellaneous
Scott, James A. 1 Sergeant I, 1 Brig, New M Columbus Miscellaneous
Scott, Samuel Corporal F Fullerton Miscellaneous
Scott, Thomas M. Private C, 144 Maywood Miscellaneous
Scoville, D. T. Private Trumbull Guards Hebron Miscellaneous
Seaman, H. L. Sergeant B, 29 Reg Infantry Kearney Miscellaneous
Searle, Edwin M. Private   Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Searls, D. D. Private M Lexington Miscellaneous
Shaffer, Joseph Private G Creighton Miscellaneous
Shannon, D. W. Private 5, P C C S A Elba Miscellaneous
Shannon, Jake Private B, 1 U S C T Blair Miscellaneous
Shedd, C. F.     Lincoln Miscellaneous
Sheffer, Burr H. Signal Corps A of C Brodie Miscellaneous
Sherman, W. H.     Sterling Miscellaneous
Shies, Joseph   G, 124 Bloomfield Miscellaneous
Shively, William T. Captain H, 10 Kent Infantry O'Neill Miscellaneous
Shoemaker, J. J. Private C Lt Artillery West Union Miscellaneous
Sholes, J. F. Private   Rising City Miscellaneous
Shuler, James C. Private I Cozad Miscellaneous
Shultz, D. H. Private F, Unorg Inf Reg Dix Miscellaneous
Shuman. Wm Private A Level Miscellaneous
Simmerman, G. H. Private C McCook Miscellaneous
Sims, T. L. Private F, 46 Infantry Neligh Miscellaneous
Singer, Walter A. Private 1 Indpt Battery Fairbury Miscellaneous
Skiles, Joseph     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Smith, Ashbury Private   Kearney Miscellaneous
Smith, David Corporal A Rising City Miscellaneous
Smith, Joseph Private K, 11 P R C Leigh Miscellaneous
Smyth, Henry Private K Dorsey Miscellaneous
Snaveley, Silas Private   Dorchester Miscellaneous
Snelling, John A. Lieutenant D, 1 Ala Wahoo Miscellaneous
Snowden, Trester R. Corporal H Gallop Miscellaneous
Souder, Joseph G. Private A Gallop Miscellaneous
Southwich, Eli C. Private C McCook Miscellaneous
Spade, Abraham Private   Sparta Miscellaneous
Speer, M W.   Signal Corps Sumrfield, Kan Miscellaneous
Spindler, Isreal   F, 28 Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Squires, A. W. Private     Miscellaneous
Stack, Gideon Private 103 Winnetoon Miscellaneous
Stack, T. B. Private C Beaver City Miscellaneous
Staley, G. S. Private L Swanton Miscellaneous
Stalker, John Private Heavy Artillery McCook Miscellaneous
Stall, R. M. Corporal   Bennet Miscellaneous
Standeven, J. H. Drummer   Omaha Miscellaneous
Stanley, J. A. Lieutenant 32 Mi McCool Miscellaneous
Steavens, E. A. Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Steel, Samuel R. Corporal G, 144 Infantry Tecumseh Miscellaneous
Steffens, Frederick Private E Neligh Miscellaneous
Stevens, Wiber J. Private 1 Hartwell Miscellaneous
Stevenson, P. J. Private C Rising City Miscellaneous
Stewart, William Private 1 Burdon S S Talmage Miscellaneous
Stiegermier, J. F. Private Ft No 9, St Louis Res Lewiston Miscellaneous
Stine, John Scout under Major Thos Mockett Lincoln Miscellaneous
Stirlm, C.       Miscellaneous
Stockner, ---     Holdrege Miscellaneous
Stone, C. L. Private Chi Mercht Bat Hastings Miscellaneous
Stone, J. O. Private C, 14 N H V Wilsonville Miscellaneous
Stoney, Geo J. Com Serg   Omaha Miscellaneous
Storey, S. S. Private 4 Artillery Friend Miscellaneous
Stoute, John Private F Palmer Miscellaneous
Stowers, John J.     Valentine Miscellaneous
Straube, F. M. Private F, 9 Stg Schuyler Miscellaneous
Strode, Jesse B     Lincoln Miscellaneous
Strong, A. S. Private K, 6 Cavalry Ft. Niobrara Miscellaneous
Stuart, D. Private   Bellwood Miscellaneous
Stuht, Charles Private J, 28 Richmond Vol. Bancroft Miscellaneous
Styles, G. W. Private A, 13 Reg Inf Nelson Miscellaneous
Sunger, T. M. Private K, 5 Gibbon Miscellaneous
Sutton, Wm N. Private K, 67 Oakdale Miscellaneous
Swenson, Swen Private E Fullerton Miscellaneous
Sykes, Joseph Private Not Given   Miscellaneous
Tarble, Frederick       Miscellaneous
Tawney, I. Private   Ravenna Miscellaneous
Taylor, E. H. Private   Taylor Miscellaneous
Taylor, George     Friend Miscellaneous
Taylor, J. D. Corporal C, 2 Prov Pac Gibbon Miscellaneous
Taylor, J. W.   H, 140 N G Union Miscellaneous
Taylor, Nelson Corporal G, 102 Univ Place Miscellaneous
Taylor, W. A. Private Home Militia Rock Bluffs Miscellaneous
Teach, Mant Private F Fullerton Miscellaneous
Tempelton, J. Private C & S, 13 & 6 W Wahoo Miscellaneous
Thavenet, E.   B Madison Miscellaneous
Thomas, Hiram Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Thornton, --- Corporal 4 Cavalry Gering Miscellaneous
Throop, Silas Private G, 4 U S Art Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Thurman, J. D.     Oconto Miscellaneous
Tibbitt, S. E.       Miscellaneous
Todd, W. J. Private Regular Army Savage Miscellaneous
Tolman, U. C.     Lincoln Miscellaneous
Towne, R. W.     Valentine Miscellaneous
Traver, George Private I, Infantry Greenwood Miscellaneous
Treadway, D. P. Private R Rising City Miscellaneous
Trumbull, G. I. Major   Omaha Miscellaneous
Turner, E. J. Private A, 16 W S Plato Miscellaneous
Turner, J. A. Private C, 2 Friend Miscellaneous
Turney, Richard Private D, 43 DeWitt Miscellaneous
Twedell, Simon Sergeant Battery B, 2 Art Vesta Miscellaneous
Tyler, Archibald G.     Ogalalla Miscellaneous
Tyler, George     Hastings Miscellaneous
Uhlman, John Sergeant G Arapahoe Miscellaneous
Uhlrich, John     Johnson Miscellaneous
Van Osdol, N. W. Private   Crab Orchard Miscellaneous
Vanderveer, George F.     Enfield Miscellaneous
Vandusen, P. J. Private   Burwell Miscellaneous
Vanhouten, Ralph Private   Kent Miscellaneous
Vanness, Dan Corporal I Pilger Miscellaneous
Varney, James Private   Ravenna Miscellaneous
Vincent, John Private H, & G Lexington Miscellaneous
Vincent, Thomas Private G Lexington Miscellaneous
Vinton, Seth J. Private D R Infantry Bronson Miscellaneous
Wagers, S. M. Private H, 1 O'Neill Miscellaneous
Wagner, Joseph Private A, 2 and 16 Bat Inf South Bend Miscellaneous
Walker, Walter Drummer I, Vol Infantry Omaha Miscellaneous
Wallace, D. Private C, 2 Cavalry Grant Miscellaneous
Wambold, Samuel Private   Creighton Miscellaneous
Warner, Michael Private B, S S Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Watkins, Edward Corporal H, 17 Cavalry Cambridge Miscellaneous
Wattles, E. Corporal A Western Miscellaneous
Waymire, A. W. Corporal B Swanton Miscellaneous
Webb, John Corporal I Palisade Miscellaneous
Webster. O. J. Private A, 32 Avoca Miscellaneous
Wells, W. B. Private B Pilger Miscellaneous
Welshanes, J. L. 1 Sergeant G, 7 M S M Cavalry Omaha Miscellaneous
Wense, A. V. D. Sergeant C, 7 Cav Florida Burchard Miscellaneous
Wharton, J. W. Adjutant   Bethany Hghts Miscellaneous
White, Herman Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
White, J. T. Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
White, W. R. Private D Holdrege Miscellaneous
Whitt, John M. Corporal K, S M Olive Miscellaneous
Whittiker, W. B. Private G Belvidere Miscellaneous
Wickkizr, Daniel Private Heavy Artillery Lushton Miscellaneous
Wickwire, M. R. Corporal B, 2 Dist Columbia Kearney Miscellaneous
Wilber, Henry Sergeant F, 18 Vet Reserves Gordon Miscellaneous
Wilber, J. C. Corporal J Big Springs Miscellaneous
Wilder, George F. Private A Kirk Miscellaneous
Wilke, William G. Private   Wilcox Miscellaneous
Willas, James Corporal K Palisade Miscellaneous
Williams, J. H. Corporal A Fullerton Miscellaneous
Wilson, J. G. Private C and E, 149 Morse Bluff Miscellaneous
Wilson, James Private B, Louden Va Rang. Alma Miscellaneous
Wilson, R. M. Corporal B, 9 Texas Cavalry Wyoming Miscellaneous
Winger, A. Corporal B Hubbard Miscellaneous
Wishman, August Private     Miscellaneous
Wite, --- Private D, 47 Pomdrone Inf. Pauline Miscellaneous
Wood, L. V. Private D Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Woodward, John C. Private D, M S M Liberty Miscellaneous
Wright, J. S.   C Ashford Miscellaneous
Wright, O. H. Private B, 12 Vol Kenesaw Miscellaneous
Wright, S. I. Private   Hemingford Miscellaneous
Wright, S. M. Private   Beatrice Miscellaneous
Yarborough, W. A.   K, 2 N C Infantry York Miscellaneous
Yates, B. D.     Gering Miscellaneous
Yost, A. N. Private A Norfolk Miscellaneous
Young, C. H. Private H   Miscellaneous
Young, R. W. Private A Columbus Miscellaneous
Young, Samuel Private D Rock Falls Miscellaneous
Ziegler, Peter   7 Cavalry Bloomfield Miscellaneous

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