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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
New Jersey Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Boettger, Herman Private A, 1 Artillery Elwood New Jersey
Brooks, J. H. Corporal 22 Infantry Madison New Jersey
Canfield, F. Private K, Cavalry Bennet New Jersey
Conklin, Benjamin F. Private K, 7 Cambridge New Jersey
Culver, Sherwood Corporal C, 27 Infantry Clay Center New Jersey
De Forrest, Augustus Sergeant L, 7 Infantry Leigh New Jersey
Dyer, Jackson Private F, 89 Vol Harrisburg New Jersey
Farber, Lewis Private G, 15 Neligh New Jersey
Fechter, J. H. Private K, 39 Infantry Chloe New Jersey
Fren, James Private C Tekamah New Jersey
Hall, S. P. Private G, 8 Infantry Geneva New Jersey
Henderson, Jos Private A, 31 Infantry Norfolk New Jersey
Hoffman, Ed Private A, 74 Lincoln New Jersey
Hogan, John Private G, 34 Infantry Albion New Jersey
Howe, Frank Sergeant I, 34 Cody New Jersey
Jackson, W. N. Corporal 5 Lt Artillery North Platte New Jersey
Johnson, A. I. Corporal F, 14 Infantry Lexington New Jersey
Kinney, H. W. Private G, 15 Infantry Kearney New Jersey
Krier, B. F. Private D, 3 Infantry Lexington New Jersey
Krier, B. F. Private G, 10 Infantry Lexington New Jersey
Labrow, August Private K, 1 Cavalry Norfolk New Jersey
Luth, Albert Private H, 2 Cavalry Columbus New Jersey
McCloan, Geo W. Private H, 6 Infantry St. Paul New Jersey
McCormick, James Private D, 4 & 6 Infantry Verona New Jersey
McGrady Private K, 35 Zouaves Weep'g Water New Jersey
Miller, Fred Private L, 3 Cavalry Nebraska City New Jersey
Opie, Isaac Corporal D, 35 Infantry Hebron New Jersey
Painter, J. H. Private G, 1 Lakeside New Jersey
Raymond, Samuel Private 16 Infantry Burwell New Jersey
Rithmire, William H. Private 28 Columbus New Jersey
Rockbut, Patrick Private H, 40 Omaha New Jersey
Sapelet, Otto Private K, 3 Valentine New Jersey
Schaffer, A. W. Private G, 10 Thornburg New Jersey
Skinner, S. S. Private E, 8 Tekamah New Jersey
Spencer, William Private D, 5 Infantry Clay Center New Jersey
Strong, A. C. Private I, 38 Infantry Wilcox New Jersey
Tepner, Henry Private H, 29 Savage New Jersey
Thatcher, W. B. Private H, 1 Cavalry Raymond New Jersey
Thompson, W. H. Private B, 22 Lindsay New Jersey
Timmerman, W. J. Private H, 162 Infantry Ord New Jersey
Titus, Charles Sergeant H, 1 Cavalry Saltillo New Jersey
Titus, L. J. Sergeant I, 14 Infantry Holdrege New Jersey
Trott, Jos Private E, 13 Omaha New Jersey
Turner, Charles Corporal D, 25 Vol Harrisburg New Jersey
Turner, J. E. Private B, 2 Bancroft New Jersey
Unangst, Jacob S.   8 Infantry College View New Jersey
Updike, E. Lieutenant I, 14 Infantry Harvard New Jersey
Van Campen, B. Private A, 27 Infantry De Witt New Jersey
Van Horn, Peter Private H, 66 Infantry Leigh New Jersey
Woerner, Christ Private H, 25 McCook New Jersey
Zimmerer, Ferdinand Corporal F, 14 Infantry Lexington New Jersey

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