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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
New York Enlistees, A - N

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Abbott, W. D. Private 1 Battery Peru New York
Abram, Sullivan Private H Maple creek New York
Ackerman, Wm H. Sergeant I, 186 Hastings New York
Ackmoody, John Private D, 140 Infantry Berlin New York
Adams, G. O. Private G, 22 Firth New York
Adams, R. G. 2 Lieutenant H, 4 Heavy Artillery Hastings New York
Adams, William M. Private F, 15 H Artillery Lincoln New York
Albert, Gottlieb Private B, 33 Infantry Wood River New York
Allen, C. S. Corporal G, 117 Infantry Grafton New York
Allen, Daniel Private K, 16 Infantry Fairbury New York
Allen, Ethan Private A, 35 Infantry Franklin New York
Allen, Jerome Sergeant D, 98 Benson New York
Allen, Nathan Private R, 15 Cavalry Enfield New York
Allen, T. Artificer H, 50 Engineers Spring Ranche New York
Allen, William Private H, 154 Infantry Eagle New York
Anderson, F. E. Private C, 142 Infantry Burress New York
Andrews, Byron D.     Seward New York
Andrews, Nelson K. Private I, D, 4 Artillery Seward New York
Angel, Byron D. Sergeant I, 9 Cavalry Omaha New York
Ansel, Lawrence Private B, 10 H Artillery Lincoln New York
Anthony, Wm Sergeant A, 81 Infantry Central City New York
Applegate, Henderson Private H, 9 Cavalry Dorchester New York
Arehart, Amos Private H, 59 Infantry David City New York
Atherton, John Private F, 88 McCool New York
Atherton, John Private K, 15 Engineers Tekamah New York
Atkinson, W. K. Private C, 27 Bradshaw New York
Austin, E. A. Private G, 188 Orchard New York
Austin, John H. Private C and F, 56 Infantry Golden Springs New York
Austin, W. A. Private D, 109 Clarks New York
Avery, J. L. Private I, 65 Infantry Battle Creek New York
Aylesworth, G. W. Private B, 98 Infantry Juniata New York
B-------, J. H. Private D, 23 Infantry Hoskins New York
Babbitt, V. M. Sergeant H, 1 Dragoons Pawnee City New York
Babcock, Burdette Private F, Infantry Kearney New York
Babcock, N. S. Major 77 Exeter New York
Bacon, J. C. Private I, 14 Decatur New York
Bagley, Jay Private I, 21 Cavalry Cedar Rapids New York
Bailey, O. G. Private F, 169 Infantry Bloomington New York
Baker, D. A.   D, 8 Cavalry North Platte New York
Baker, R. R. Private K, 17 Callaway New York
Baker, Richard Private G, 3 Lt Art Litchfield New York
Baker, Wheaton Private H, 13 Cavalry Albion New York
Balcomb, Jas L. Private C, 110 Cambridge New York
Balduff, Charles Private B, 15 Artillery Fremont New York
Ballard, Richard Private I, 157 Infantry Kalamazoo New York
Banzette, Henry Private K, 61 Axtell New York
Barnes, Ambrose Private B, 32 Infantry Hubbell New York
Barnes, Richard 2 Lieutenant D, 21 Infantry Madison New York
Barnum, W. H. Private M, 15 H Artillery Nelson New York
Barry, Patrick H. Private E, 63 Infantry Greeley New York
Barton, R. W. Private H, 109 Berwyn New York
Bassett, J. J. Corporal F, 160 Infantry Hastings New York
Bassett, S. C. Private E, 142 Infantry Gibbon New York
Bates, C. W. Private K, 65 Infantry Ponca New York
Bates, Delevan Colonel 30 U S C T &B B GI Aurora New York
Bates, Delevan 2 Lieutenant I, 121 Infantry Aurora New York
Bates, George W. Private M, 9 H A Lodge Pole New York
Bates, W. C. Private D, 100 Infantry Carleton New York
Bates, William T. Private 8 & 1 Sharpshootrs Bloomington New York
Baykerk, C. Private I, 187 Infantry Hickman New York
Beagle, F. A. Private A, 23 Infantry Fullerton New York
Beardlsey, S. W. 1 Lieutenant E, 154 Infantry Bennet New York
Beck, A. Private E, 15 Riverton New York
Becker, Chas Lieutenant D, 6 Papillion New York
Becktle, John Private G, 154 Infantry Aurora New York
Beckwith, C. C. Private H, 71 Cavalry Gandy New York
Beebe, David Private G, 75 Infantry Tobias New York
Beeman, M. N. Private B, 23 Infantry Superior New York
Beeman, S. P. Private C, 137 Infantry Fullerton New York
Beers, John B. Corporal E, 146 Concord New York
Belcher, William Private I, 4 Artillery Taylor New York
Bellows, Hiram B. Private B, 112 Infantry Wahoo New York
Bemis, W. E. Private D, 115 Infantry Sutton New York
Benjamin, A. F. Private A, 15 Infantry Hastings New York
Benjamin, A. R. Corporal 6 Artillery Clarks New York
Benjamin, John S. Sergeant 64 Infantry Broken Bow New York
Benjamin, W. H. Private I, 107 Vol Banksville New York
Benson, H. N. Private C, 27 Infantry Bradshaw New York
Benson, John Corporal 21 Light Artillery Schuyler New York
Bentley, J. H. Private K, 6 H Artillery Kearney New York
Bentley, Philetus P. Private F, 93 Infantry Alma New York
Bentley, W. H. Private F, 16 Artillery Shelton New York
Benton, C. S. Private I, 5 Artillery Cameron New York
Benton, E. A. Hosptl Stwd 51 Central City New York
Benton, J. W. Private E, 50 Trenton New York
Benz, J. C. Private B, 72 Infantry Eagle New York
Bergen, J. E. Lieutenant I, 109 Infantry Omaha New York
Bernet, Paul Corporal B, 117 Infantry Nantasket New York
Bernett, W. W. Corporal F, 8 Artillery Barneston New York
Bettinger, W. H. Drummer C, 14 Kearney New York
Bevier, Henry K. Private D, 72 Infantry Grand Island New York
Bickert, Joseph Private E, 8 Pawnee City New York
Bicknell, John Corporal D, 20 Infantry Fairfield New York
Bigelow, Alfred Private A, 1 Dragoons Norfolk New York
Bills, E. J. Private C, 9 Cavalry Steele City New York
Bingell, D. Private D, Artillery Lexington New York
Bishop, H. D. Private F, 97 Infantry Nebraska City New York
Bishop, I. C. Private E, 91 Infantry St Paul New York
Bishop, Peter Sergeant G, 4 Pawnee City New York
Bislee, T. J. Private D, 114 Infantry Franklin New York
Blampied, Samuel Private I, 141 infantry Republican Cy New York
Blanchard, -- Private A, 184 Wellfleet New York
Bleckman, O. J. Private E, 189 Infantry Cozad New York
Blomer, Lyman Private E, 109 Infantry Beatrice New York
Bloomer, Dan Private F, 120 Infantry Syracuse New York
Blount, L. C. Private A, 3 Palisade New York
Bly, James M. Private B, 44 Infantry Wood River New York
Bogart, A. G.   8 Battery Benedict New York
Bolles, Julian Private D, 13 Infantry Grand Island New York
Bonesteel, John Private F, 120 Infantry Dickens New York
Bonnean, -- Private E, 15 Cavalry Tekamah New York
Bonta, Chas Private A, 3 Artillery South Omaha New York
Booth, C. W. Private F, 136 Broken Bow New York
Boston, John I. Private K, 106 Plattsmouth New York
Boulls, Stephen H. Private K, 45 Atkinson New York
Bowker, W. H. Drummer C, 76 Neleigh New York
Bran, Frederick Sergeant D, 2 Art and 97 Inf North Platte New York
Brand, J. H. Private I, 26 Ansley New York
Brannard, H. H. Corporal K, 186 Infantry Cedar Bluff New York
Brennan, William Private K, 35 Infantry Culbertson New York
Brewster, Anias Private L, 15 Infantry Hamilton New York
Bridges, H. C. Lieutenant D, 8 Cavalry Beatrice New York
Briggs, B. R. Private H, 100 Schuyler New York
Brisco, A. Private A, 1 Engineers Cushing New York
Broadfoot, James Private F, 137 Infantry Amherst New York
Brommelmire, Henry Private 1 Cavalry South Omaha New York
Brooks, Daniel Private D, 1 Cavalry Humphrey New York
Brown, Brainard Private C, 16 Infantry Plattsmouth New York
Brown, C. L. Private E, 13 Berwyn New York
Brown, H. W. Sergeant G, 65 Lincoln New York
Brown, N. E. Private E, 22 Osceola New York
Brown, Thomas Private G, 152 Infantry Stafford New York
Brown, W. H. Private B, 20 Cavalry Omaha New York
Brown, Wm H. Sergeant F, 147 Infantry Ashton New York
Bull, Stephen Sergeant C, 186 Beatrice New York
Bullock, G. K. Sergeant I, 17 Infantry St Edward New York
Bump, Charles Private E, 22 Cavalry Edgar New York
Burch, G. K. Private D, 150 Archer New York
Burhaus, Herman Corporal F, 4 Infantry Bartlett New York
Burke, Wm Private E, 106 Infantry Central City New York
Burkett, Luther T. Private A, 16 H Artillery Wahoo New York
Burleson, Ira J. Corporal G, 144 Infantry Atkinson New York
Burnham, C. A. Private E, 21 Infantry Wymore New York
Burnham, C. A. Corporal E, 22 Infantry Wymore New York
Burr, John Private G, 29 Infantry Wisner New York
Burr, W. H. Corporal K, 26 Infantry Juniata New York
Burston, D. W. Private B, 91 Friend New York
Burton, James M. Private B, 91 Deweese New York
Cady, Oscar L. Private K, 146 Lincoln New York
Cain, W. C. Private A, 104 Infantry Omaha New York
Calkins, E. C. Private B, 10 Cavalry Kearney New York
Calkins, John Private 9 McCook New York
Callaghan, L. S. Captain E, 1 Dragoons Germantown New York
Cameron, James   56 Battery Hastings New York
Cameron, W. H. Sergeant G, 10 Cavalry Chester New York
Campbell, H. J. Private B, 189 Martinsburg New York
Campfield, S. S. Sergeant F, 40 Stanton New York
Canfield, Alfred Sergeant A, 2 Cavalry Tecumseh New York
Canham, William Private D, 38 Bellwood New York
Carleton, P. E. Private H, 8 Artillery Grand Island New York
Carly, John Private G, 144 Infantry Sidney New York
Carpenter, F. M. Private 16 Inf & 7 Artillery Orleans New York
Carpenter, Judson Private D, 188 Bellwood New York
Carpenter, R. C. Sergeant I, 27 Bellwood New York
Carpenter, S. W. Private I, 20 Farnam New York
Carr, James H. Private 77 Bartley New York
Carroll, John Private 30 Light Artillery Broken Bow New York
Case, James F. Private E, 27 Cavalry DeWitt New York
Casey, John 2 Lieutenant C, 35 Pawnee City New York
Cash, Reuben Private 4 Battery Niobrara New York
Chappell, H. H. Sergeant H, 122 Infantry Plainview New York
Charsell, J. P. Corporal 3 Nebraska City New York
Chase, W. E. Sergeant A, 9 Cavalry Tekamah New York
Chassell, J. P. Corporal 3 Nebraska City New York
Chavileer, John F. Sergeant C, 70 Carrico New York
Cheney, M. B. Captain G, 154 Lincoln New York
Chesebro, Ezra Private M, 10 Artillery Doniphan New York
Clark, Alonzo B. Corporal K, 77 Infantry Blair New York
Clark, W. J. Sergeant K, 100 Riverton New York
Clayton, J. B. Private H, 28 Infantry Dickens New York
Cleland, Robert Private B, 142 Infantry Bellwood New York
Clement, George W. Private E, 175 Alliance New York
Clemonds, C. L. Sergeant J, 49 Holdrege New York
Cleveland, B. F. Private A, 3 Light Artillery Ewing New York
Cleveland, Wm Private G & H, 8 H Artillery Shelton New York
Colburn, Lewis Private C, 10 Infantry Hazard New York
Coldwell, James Private H, 50 Infantry Hooper New York
Cole, L. W. F. Private 19 Sargent New York
Coleman, John Private C, 8 Gray Mix Wymore New York
Collins, R. J. Private H, 130 Infantry Ord New York
Comstock, D. W.   B, 7 Cavalry Wescott New York
Comstock, D. W.   G, 184 Infantry Wescott New York
Conger, W. H. Sergeant F, 118 Infantry Loup City New York
Conley, Joseph Sergeant H, Cavalry Auburn New York
Connaughton, Michael Private B, 16 Infantry Dorsey New York
Coolen, John H. Lieutenant H, 2 Tecumseh New York
Cooper, James A. Private G, 35 Infantry Mariaville New York
Cooper, Theo Private E, 46 Infantry Hooper New York
Cope, R. M. Corporal F, 1 l & G Wilcox New York
Corbin, L. H. Corporal B, 5 Cavalry Beaver City New York
Corby, Leonard Private F, 27 Infantry Phebe New York
Corcoran, J. C. Private C, 69 Militia South Omaha New York
Cornan Corporal F, 21 Harrisburg New York
Cornish, George T. Sergeant I, 81 Plum Valley New York
Cornne, C. H. Private D, 157 Infantry Garrison New York
Correy, Calvin Private H, 105 & G, 95 Brady Island New York
Cottle, James Private H, 78 Infantry Edgar New York
Coughlin, David Private E, 4 O'Neill New York
Countryman, Jacob Private G, 20 Cavalry Wescott New York
Covell, Walter K. Bugler H, 3 Bat Lt Art North Platte New York
Cowan, John   D, 10 H Artillery Prosser New York
Cowles, S. K. Major 10 Artillery So Sioux City New York
Cowlin, M. Sergeant A, 76 Box Butte New York
Coy, Chauncey P. Private E, 123 Infantry Waterloo New York
Coy, L. R. Private K, 123 Infantry York New York
Craine, Desmond Private G, 49 Infantry Hubbell New York
Crandall, E. S. Corporal C, 110 Infantry North Loup New York
Crane, W. J. Private H, 85 Infantry Arlington New York
Crary, A. J. Private K, 111 Infantry Red Cloud New York
Craus, J. D. Private A, 5 Artillery Red Cloud New York
Crawford, M. M. Corporal B, 20 Cavalry Pleasant Dale New York
Creighton, Henry Corporal E, 154 Infantry Seward New York
Creusdall, W. B. Corporal F, Infantry Winetoon New York
Crick, Thomas Private C, 9 Cavalry North Platte New York
Crippen, George Sergeant G, 121 Benkelman New York
Crosby, C. L. Sergeant C, 116 Infantry Hastings New York
Crosier, Charles   D, 3 Cavalry Juniata New York
Crosier, Frank E. O S D, 3 Cavalry Juniata New York
Cross, Geo E. Private G, 15 Engineers Broken Bow New York
Crozier, W. H. Private A, Artillery St Paul New York
Cuddington, Minor Private C, 3 H Artillery Central City New York
Cumming, D. W. Private K, 44 Lincoln New York
Curtain, M. Seaman New York Navy Phillips New York
Curtiss, H. M. Corporal I, 57 Infantry Glenrock New York
Dall, Robt Private C, 20 Infantry Gothenburg New York
Damon, J. G. Private E, 7 Artillery Tilden New York
Daniels, Geo Private 13 Artillery Gibbon New York
Davis, C. P. Prin Music 60 North Platte New York
Davis, Charles Private 5 Heavy Artillery Gates New York
Davis, John W. Private E, 97 Infantry Omaha New York
Davis, William Private B, 16 H Artillery Sidney New York
Dean, C. E. Private I, 75 Infantry Arapahoe New York
Dean, L. D. Private B, 97 Infantry South Omaha New York
DeCastro, F. H. Sergeant C, 17 Sidney New York
DeClark, Peter Corporal C, 124 Infantry North Bend New York
Delamater, M. C. Corporal E, 102 Charleston New York
Delaney, J. Private K, Infantry Omaha New York
Denning, Wm H. Corporal F, 71 Infantry Maple Creek New York
Dennis, T. W. Private M, 10 H Artillery Neligh New York
Dennon, Joseph R. Private A, 24 Infantry Grand Island New York
Dethlefs, John Private D, 20 Lincoln New York
Devine, John Private C St Edward New York
DeWolf, James K. 1 Lieutenant D, 1 Dragoons Genoa New York
Dexter, R. Lieut Col 4 H Artillery Ashland New York
Diehl, George Sergeant I, 34 Infantry Gandy New York
Dillenbeck, John S. Lieutenant L, 20 Cavalry Milford New York
Dilley, S. C. Private F, Artillery Hastings New York
Dinsmore, J. B. Lieutenant I, 9 Cavalry Sutton New York
Dishau, Louis Private A, 4 Artillery O'Conner New York
Doll, C. Private F, 67 Infantry Grand Island New York
Donahue, Daniel Private A, 186 Hendley New York
Doran, Edmund Musician G, 60 Sidney New York
Doty, Reuben Private F, 124 Infantry Plainview New York
Dougherty, Martin Private D, 77 Lincoln New York
Douglas, Geo E. Private E, 15 Infantry Hastings New York
Dow, Orvill Private E, 9 Springfield New York
Downer, A. J. Corporal E, 10 H Artillery Ashland New York
Doyle, James Private H, 71 Infantry Wallace New York
Draper, S. H. Private H, 117 Ashland New York
Drew, G. M. Private C, 6 H A Wisner New York
Driscoll, John Wagoner G, 64 Craig New York
Duke, Chas Corporal H, 116 Infantry Neligh New York
Dumas, Simeon Private G, 14 H Artillery Lexington New York
Dunn, Gibson Private B, 27   New York
Dutcher, Aaron Private A, 120 Indianola New York
Dwyer, Patrick O. V S 42 Cavalry South Omaha New York
Dykeman, J. Private D, 109 Clarks New York
Eaton, R. H. Private 6 Sharp Shooters Kearney New York
Ebbs, John, Sr. Major 3 Cavalry St Dervin New York
Ebener, F. W. Major 103 Millard New York
Edwards, L. S. Private F, 97 Infantry Cambridge New York
Edwards, W. H. Corporal F, 97 Infantry Cambridge New York
Effle, Nicholas Private E, 20 Cavalry Richling New York
Eighmy, Amos Private H, 126 Hiawatha New York
Elenes, A. B. Private A, 108 Beatrice New York
Ellard, Martin Private G, 116 Infantry Gordon New York
Ellis, John Sergeant M, 2 Omega New York
Ellsworth, L. D. Captain C, 98 Infantry Aurora New York
Elston, Wm R. Private H, 42 Infantry Waterloo New York
Ely, James F. Private B, 24 Cavalry Auburn New York
Emerich, John Private I, 14 Artillery Fairfield New York
Emerson, A. A. Private 27 Lt Battery Schuyler New York
Emerson, Charles D. Hos Steward 94 Infantry Lincoln New York
Evans, C. A. Corporal B, 109 Infantry Swanton New York
Evans, S. C. Corporal 1 Battery Clarks New York
Evans, Williard M. Private F Marsland New York
Eveland, John Sergeant A, 40 Infantry Fairbury New York
Ewing, George P. Sergeant G, 108 Infantry Chappell New York
Failing, H. O. Hosptl Stwd A, 126 Infantry Central City New York
Fair, D. I. Corporal A, 101 Infantry Boelus New York
Fair, S. J. Corporal A, 101 Infantry Rockville New York
Falkner, M. A. Private K, 112 Cavalry Mullen New York
Farmer, S. T. Private E, 95 Infantry Albion New York
Farrell, Jno D. Private B, 114 Infantry St Edward New York
Faulkner, H. H. Corporal A, 16 Cavalry Friend New York
Felt, G. W. Private H, 72 Infantry Superior New York
Ferguson, Charles J. Sergeant H, 18 Cavalry Tecumseh New York
Fetterm Joshua Sergeant A, 1 Engineers Tekamah New York
Filmore, John Private G, 13 Omaha New York
Finney, James Corporal E, 102 Infantry Columbus New York
Fish, F. M. Corporal E, 1 Dragoon Richfield New York
Fisher, Chas Reg Sutler 58 Omaha New York
Fisher, Jos Private B, 91 Infantry Albion New York
Fisher, K. Private D, 112 Infantry Perch New York
Fitchett, Geo H. Corporal D, 128 Omaha New York
Fitzpatrick, Matt Corporal C, 44 Omaha New York
Flack, Joseph H. Private E, 18 Cavalry Champion New York
Flanagan, P. Sergeant C, 140 Infantry Omaha New York
Fleck, Joseph Private E, 77 Infantry Lincoln New York
Foland, James H. Private G, 134 I V Beaver City New York
Foote, M. B. Sergeant E, 115 Infantry Ayr New York
Forbes, J. B. 1 Lieutenant G, 157 Infantry Republican Cy New York
Forsyth, Joseph Corporal D, 186 Infantry Pierce New York
Foster, John Bugler G, 16 Cavalry North Platte New York
Fowler, E. M. Private H, 15 Cavalry Omaha New York
Fowler, L. D. Corporal D, 124 I V Lincoln New York
Fox, Peter Private F, C, 26 Vol Kenesaw New York
Fradenburg, Alonzo Corporal A, 122 Infantry Acadia New York
French, Geo B. Captain F, 25 Cavalry Fremont New York
Fritton, John Private F, 91 Infantry Dodge New York
Fuller, D. S. Private C, 4 Artillery Tekamah New York
Fuller, Evi Corporal I, 64 Infantry Long Pine New York
Fuller, James Private C, 10 H Artillery Bromfield New York
Gabel, Frank Sergeant F, 20 Infantry Kearney New York
Gaily, James Private M, 16 H Artillery Sprague New York
Galusha, John Private A, 91 Vol Ruskin New York
Gannon, Joseph P. Private H, 64 Infantry Seward New York
Gard, C. E. Private E, 11 Omaha New York
Gard, David Private B, 2 Infantry Ord New York
Gardels, George Sergeant C, 5 Cavalry Nebraska City New York
Gardner, T. Private C, 9 Mars New York
Garrison, E. L. Private C, 8 Cavalry Elizabeth New York
Garrison, George W. Private C, 120 Huntley New York
Gilbert, H. W. Private A, 1 Engineer Weeping Watr New York
Gilling, G. Artificr, Priv 5 H Artillery Kearney New York
Gillott, E. S. Sergeant G, 24 Cavalry Blue Springs New York
Gillott, E. S. Private G, 24 Infantry Blue Springs New York
Goff, J. N. Sergeant G, 146 Infantry Fremont New York
Goltry, L. H. Private C, 5 Stuart New York
Goodenough, M. A. Private A, 20 Hemingford New York
Gordon, John W. Lieutenant H, 100 Infantry Minden New York
Gould, A. H. Private E, 86 Infantry Alma New York
Graham, John Private D, 60 Thedford New York
Graham, Theo N. Sergeant A, 109 Infantry Springfield New York
Grant, C. G. Sergeant I, 117 Infantry Winfield New York
Graves, Joseph Private L, 28 Steele City New York
Gray, Alvin Private E, 123 Infantry Harvard New York
Gray, Sabin M. Private B, 137 Indianola New York
Green, A. D. Private G, 1 Artillery Republican Cy New York
Green, George Private K, 44 Juniata New York
Green, Philo Private K, 94 Infantry North Loup New York
Green, Philo Private M, 24 Infantry North Loup New York
Greggslein, W. H. Private H, 10 Zouaves St Paul New York
Grieg, George Sergeant E, 2 Artillery Blue Hill New York
Grinell, A. Private M, 14 H Artillery Richfield New York
Griswold, R. Private M, 14 Waverly New York
Gumair, R. L. Corporal H, 8 H Artillery Liberty New York
Gusselman, H. W. Private H, 8 Omaha New York
Hadcock, Frank Private A, 176 Infantry Bellwood New York
Hagerman, T. C. Sergeant A, 40 Stratton New York
Hagin, Daniel Sergeant G, 109 Infantry Ansley New York
Hale, James H. Private A, 21 Cavalry Seward New York
Haley, Luke Private F, 72 Infantry North Platte New York
Hall, I. A. Private B, 101 Infantry Hastings New York
Hall, Wm Private H, 68 Infantry Cambridge New York
Hallet, Warren Captain I, 13 Davey New York
Hamilton, C. W. Private I, 9, & E, 129 I V Univ Place New York
Hamilton, N. A. Private C, 134 Pawnee City New York
Hammond, Thos Private D, 12 Haydon New York
Hanchett, E. J. Private F, 2 Cavalry Juniata New York
Handy, H. C. Private I, 71 Douglas New York
Hannen, S. P. Sergeant K, 12 Cavalry Omaha New York
Hare, John Private G, 94 Infantry Albion New York
Harrold, William Private L, 1 Infantry Geneva New York
Hart, Charles B. Private G, 3 Cavalry Grand Island New York
Hart, Richard Corporal B, 153 Infantry Creston New York
Hasford, W. A. Sergeant B, 24 Infantry Albion New York
Hawley, W. E. Private K, 144 Infantry Kearney New York
Hay, W. H. Private B, 4 Artillery Auburn New York
Hayes, H. H. Private I, 124 Vol Holstein New York
Hayward, M. L. Private H, 5 Cavalry Nebraska City New York
Head, Moses Private G, 142 Infantry Madison New York
Hedley, Thos J. Private 1 Stockville New York
Heisterman, C. Private F, 15 Infantry West Point New York
Hendee, H. U. Private E, 10 H Artillery Albion New York
Henderson, C. P. Private F, 37 Mil Grand Island New York
Hendricson, Marcus Private 2 Battery Clarks New York
Henry, James C. Private C, 136 Infantry Guide Rock New York
Henry, Walter C. Sergeant G, 3 Heavy Artillery Fairmont New York
Hermance, J. L. Col Sergeant A, 188 Infantry Raymond New York
Hershey, D. W. Asst Surgeon 98 Infantry Nebraska City New York
Heyatt, N. Secor Lieut & Adjt 95 President New York
Hicks, H. G. Private L, 10 Cavalry Peru New York
Hill, M. V. Private E, 15 Cavalry Rising City New York
Hill, M. V. Private E, 28 Infantry Rising City New York
Hill, Marvin Private D, 1 Artillery Bloomington New York
Hill, Truman T. Private C, 146 Infantry Ohiowa New York
Hilles, G. W. Private F, 187 Infantry Callaway New York
Hiscock, Hp Private G, 12 Infantry Marquette New York
Hoag, B. S. Private F, 128 Palmyra New York
Hober, Hiram Private 12 Artillery Central City New York
Hoey, John Private E Brayton New York
Hogg, Alexander Private G, 67 Williamsburg New York
Holbrook, A. L. Private H, 14 Artillery Papillion New York
Holden, John Private K, 43 and 5 Brayton New York
Holmes, J. B. 2 Lieutenant B, 101 Rock Bluffs New York
Holmes, L. K. Q M Dept   Lincoln New York
Holmes, Thomas Private 40 Infantry Rock Bluffs New York
Homer, Stephen Private A, 107 Redington New York
Hooghkirk, C. H. Private I, 149 Inf & B 102 Inf Page New York
Hoover, W. H. Private G, 1 Vet Cavalry Benkelman New York
Hopt, Charles Private F, 15 Bartley New York
Horn, Elijah Private H, 88 Infantry Marquette New York
Horth, C. H. Private H, 77 Infantry Shelton New York
Hosford, H. G. Sergeant I, 44 Infantry Marysville New York
Houghton, Lester Private I, 144 Infantry Cameron New York
Houston, J. A. Private G, 20 Infantry Majors New York
Howe, Church Brevet   Howe New York
Hoyt, J. L. Private L, 9 Artillery McCook New York
Hubbard, A. C. Private D, 6 Cavalry Omaha New York
Hughes, Delve   D, 10 H Artillery Johnson New York
Hughes, L. E. Corporal B, 21 Cavalry Grand Island New York
Hulce, G. C. Sergeant G, 89 Infantry Central City New York
Hull, V. J. Sergeant B, 24 Cavalry Lexington New York
Humpert, Frank Private G, 7 South Omaha New York
Hunt, Silas Private Engineers Bloomfield New York
Hunter, W. L. Private L, 10 Heavy Art Blue Springs New York
Hyde, C. E. Private D, 1 Cavalry Geneva New York
Hyland, John Private E, 156 Infantry Bladen New York
Jackson, E. C. Captain B, 125 Infantry Blair New York
Jackson, F. A. Private 5 Cavalry Bartley New York
James, R. Private 8 Omaha New York
Japhet, Nathan       New York
Japhet, William   B, 64 Infantry York New York
Jeffries, John Private F, 81 Clearwater New York
Jenkins, J. H. Private H, 10 Cottonwood Spgs New York
Jewett, George H. Private E, 142 Infantry Arlington New York
Johnson, H. H. Sergeant A, 75 Infantry Bertrand New York
Johnson, Nathan Sergeant D, 49 York New York
Johnson, T. J. Private 3 Lt Artillery   New York
Jones, A. Private D, 16 Infantry Riverton New York
Jones, James E. Sergeant D, 91 Infantry Dorchester New York
Jones, O. F. Private D, 107 Fort Omaha New York
Jones, Stephen Corporal 153 Infantry Wood River New York
Jonston, Napoleon B. Private M, 3 Lt Artillery Kewanee New York
Judd, Adison Corporal B, 157 Pleasant Dale New York
Judson, DeJay   F, 3 Lt Artillery Red Cloud New York
Judson, DeJay Private I, 26 Infantry Red Cloud New York
Justin, Fred Private 116 Infantry Clarks New York
Kain, James Private C, 11 Cavalry Brayton New York
Kaiser, Peter Private F, 45 Bellevue New York
Kanouff, Jacob Private G, 16 Infantry Grand Island New York
Kearney, Frank Sergeant D, 106 Infantry Norfolk New York
Keeney, Jason O. Private B, 157 & 154 Infantry Orleans New York
Kellogg, J. E. Private K, 136 Infantry Bellwood New York
Kelly, E. Private B, 1 Dragoons Loomis New York
Kelsey, F. S. Private C, 1 Light Artillery North Loup New York
Kelsey, J. E. Lieutenant K, 60 Gibbon New York
Kendall, W. K. Corporal E, 154 Danbury New York
Kennedy, Thomas Private A, 150 Infantry Deloit New York
Kimball, Levi Sergeant H, 28 Wakefield New York
Kimball, W. E. Corporal H, 15 Cavalry Madison New York
King, Chas W. Private G, 4 Omaha New York
King, J. S. Private B, 94 Infantry Grand Island New York
Kinney, Chas Private G, 108 Infantry Petersburg New York
Kinney, W. Private 23 Inft Bat L Art V Nelson New York
Kipp, Theodore Private G, 128 Infantry Tekamah New York
Knapp, J. C. Corporal K, 85 Infantry Palmer New York
Kneeland, James Private D, 23 Infantry Fairfield New York
Koepke, Charles Private G, 112 Farnam New York
Korb, Jacob Private A, 86 Danbury New York
Kruse, Chas Private E, 22 Infantry So Sioux City New York
La Selle, H. A. Private 114 Beatrice New York
Ladun, Henry Private A, 2 Infantry Callaway New York
Lafountain, Robt Sergeant I, 12 Cavalry Kearney New York
Lancaster, Chas Private K, 144 Infantry Marquette New York
Lathrop, Albert Private L, 24 Cavalry Guide Rock New York
Lathrop, W. S. Private G, 76 Vol Infantry Hardy New York
Lawrence, F. B. Lieutenant B, 99 Omaha New York
Lawrence, James A. Corporal A, 77 Infantry Tecumseh New York
Lawyel, Orlander Private 193 Stratton New York
Ledwich, R. T. Private 2 Cavalry Broken Bow New York
Lee, George Private C, 75 Infantry Beatrice New York
Lee, Harlow W. Private 5 Artillery Clarks New York
Lehman, George Private H, 148Infantry Hampton New York
Leonard, Joshua Private F, 70 Emerson New York
Lewis, Ralph Corporal 9 Infantry Lutes New York
Lewis, Ralph Corporal D, 64 Lutes New York
Lewis, Seth Sergeant 13 Heavy Artillery Hastings New York
Lewis, W. H. Private E, 13 Infantry Columbus New York
Lindsley, Almon W. Private F, 1 Infantry Bellwood New York
Little, F. H. Private B, 148 Infantry Sacramento New York
Lobdell, C. Private D, 5   New York
Lockner, A. Private H, 21 Cavalry Omaha New York
Lockner, John J. Private C, 18 Artillery Linwood New York
Lodefield, Justus Private K, 1 Infantry Dodge New York
Lohmeier, John H. Captain B, 94 Pleasant Dale New York
Longstreet, T. E. Private E, 126 Infantry Lincoln New York
Loomis, Alex Sergeant A, 76 Box Butte New York
Loomis, James H. Private B, 193 Infantry So Sioux City New York
Lortz, Charles 1 Sergeant L, 1 Light Artillery Utica New York
Lowe, William Private D, 9 Artillery Battle Creek New York
Lozier, Ira S. Private M, 1st Lt Artillery Omaha New York
Luckert, John C.   K, 146 Kemma New York
Lybalt, James Private E, 107 Neligh New York
Lyons, John Private H, 2 Artillery Wood River New York
Mack, Warren Lieutenant 34 & 152 Colon New York
Magher, Chas Private C, 69 Infantry Tobias New York
Magill, Hugh   L, 6 H Artillery Wisner New York
Magill, William H. Private A, 21 Cavalry Ainsworth New York
Maginn, L. F. Private H, 16 Infantry Omaha New York
Maguire, J. H. Private C, 4 H Artillery Blair New York
Mahan, John Private G, 14 St Paul New York
Mallon, J. P. Private B, 136 Infantry Fremont New York
Manahan, W. T. Private K, 148 Arapahoe New York
Mangold, John Private F, 100 Infantry St Paul New York
Mann, J. C. Private F, 10 H Artillery Albion New York
Manuel, James Private D, 1 Cavalry St Paul New York
Markley, Jas Private A, 15 Engineer South Omaha New York
Marshall, Henry Private C, 56 Danbury New York
Martin, Albion P. Captain K, 81 Infantry Lincoln New York
Martin, C. J. Sergeant Independent Co Cav Clay Center New York
Martin, Everard Private C, 38 Vol Jansen New York
Martin, Lain Private H, 28 Infantry Wood River New York
Mastin, H. Private F, 150 Clarks New York
Mathews, John Private E, 75 Infantry Grand Island New York
Mathewson, J. B. Corporal B, 111 Infantry David City New York
Matturn, George W. Sergeant F, 76 Infantry Blair New York
Mayborn, Thomas Private A, 14 Infantry Farnam New York
McAleer, Pat Corporal F Overton New York
McAleer, Pat Private H, 48 Infantry Overton New York
McAllister, Julius Private H, 34 Infantry Fullerton New York
McCarger, David Private 17 Ind Battery Litchfield New York
McCarter, James Private I, 60 Infantry Cozad New York
McCarty, James Com Artillery Bradshaw New York
McClellan, C. L. Private D, 22 Infantry Beatrice New York
McCloud, Duncan Private C, 14 H Artillery Moorefield New York
McComley, Jas Private A, 128 Infantry Richfield New York
McCone, C. W. Sergeant I, 14 Stratton New York
McCormick, A. Private K, 8 Artillery Harvard New York
McCormick, John Private G, 8 Infantry Elkhorn New York
McCormick, W. H.   E, 116 Tekamah New York
McCoy, Richard Sergeant I, 64 Cavalry Pawnee City New York
McDonnall, Thos Private D, 161 Infantry Grand Island New York
McGowen, Albert Private D, 33 Lincoln New York
McIntyre, Harrison Artificer G, 10 H Artillery Friend New York
McKelvey, James Lieutenant A, 14 H Artillery Juniata New York
McLean, W. C. Maj Sergt 123 Infantry Omaha New York
McMindes, Charles Private H, 86 Infantry Ainsworth New York
McMindes, Charles Private H, 86 Infantry Ord New York
McMullen, R. R. Brvt Maj 35 & 186 Infantry Ponca New York
McMurphy, John A. Private 1 Mtd Rifles Omaha New York
McNeill, Allen Private G, 94 Infantry Gandy New York
McPherson, Wm Musician A, 79 Lemley New York
McWhinney, Bernard Private B, 40 Kenesaw New York
Mead, A. Musician H Crete New York
Meikle, Allan Sergeant 65 Infantry Diller New York
Meitz, Charles Private G, 147 Brownville New York
Merrill, John F. Sergeant G, 75 Infantry Holstein New York
Metzger, Charles Private A, 4 Infantry Alexandria New York
Meyer, David Private 8 Cavalry Jackson New York
Meyer, Frederick   B, 9 Artillery Lincoln New York
Meyers, J. A. Sergeant C, 11 Cavalry Kearney New York
Miffit, E. W. Sergeant E, 69 O'Neill New York
Miller, Albert Private A, 85 Fullerton New York
Miller, Henry E. Private M, 15 Engineer Stockville New York
Miller, James Private C, 90 Infantry Blair New York
Miller, S. S. Private A, 99 Infantry Lexington New York
Miller, W. H. Corporal F, 150 Infantry Clarks New York
Miller, Zeba C. Private K, 80 Fullerton New York
Milliken, John A. Private H, 124 Infantry Unadilla New York
Mills, D. C. Reg H, 189 Angus New York
Mills, James H. Private H, 122 I V Univ Place New York
Millspaugh, Isaac Private F, 56 Atkinson New York
Milroy, W. C. Private C, 128 Infantry Shickley New York
Miser, Theodore F. Private B, 5 H Artillery North Platte New York
Moffitt, Oliver J. Corporal M, 2 H Artillery Exeter New York
Monroe, Henry Private E, 5 Cavalry Tekamah New York
Moore, Albert   B, 4 H Artillery Odessa New York
Moore, Byron Private 110 Vol Ruskin New York
Moore, Levi Private H, 2 Cavalry Alda New York
Moore, T. A. Private I, 1 Friend New York
Moore, Thomas Sergeant K, 79 Macon New York
Morgan, C. H. Quartermaster 112 Infantry Hebron New York
Morgan, David Corporal D, 13 Infantry Minden New York
Morgan, F. J. Private A, 21 Cavalry Shelton New York
Morgan, L. E. Corporal H, 20 Cavalry Utica New York
Morrill, B. S. Sergeant B, 64 Infantry Hastings New York
Morrison, James Private B, 50 Engineer Wahoo New York
Morse, Elmer Private G, 104 Infantry Gering New York
Morse, John Private F, 94 Clarks New York
Moses, F. S. Private M, 9 Infantry Arcadia New York
Mosher, J. M. Private I, 185, & F, 5 Lincoln New York
Mott, John F. Private F, 14 Infantry Prosser New York
Moyer, H. H.   19 Lt Artillery Blue Valley New York
Mudge, Allen M. Sergeant 25 Battery Amherst New York
Mudge, S. C. Private 83 Benkelman New York
Mulford, C. M. Private D, 18 Stuart New York
Mullen, George Private F, 8 Ashton New York
Murphy, Jeremiah Private F, 37 Greeley New York
Myers, Adi Private A, 13 Artillery Orleans New York
Myers, Edward Farrier I North Platte New York
Myers, J. J. Private H, 2 Cavalry North Platte New York
Naracong, W. B. Private K, 3 Lt Artillery David City New York
Nash, C. E. Private K, 27 Infantry Aurora New York
Neely, Wm Sergeant E, 157 Infantry Cedar Rapids New York
Neleen, Andrew Private L, 3 Cavalry Dorchester New York
Nelson, Edward Private A, 2 Cavalry Waterloo New York
Nelson, Edward Private A, 7 Cavalry Waterloo New York
Newton, William Private G, 56 Infantry Harvard New York
Nichols, H. W. Private K, 126 Infantry St Paul New York
Nickerson, Andrew Private F, 189 Hayes Centre New York
Nickerson, R. K. Captain H, 147 Hayes Centre New York
Nies, John Private H, 187 Neligh New York
Norton, N. B. Lieutenant B, 9 Artillery Davey New York
Norvell, William Private H, 10 Artillery Columbus New York
Norwood, Job Lieutenant K,76 Curtis New York
Nutting, Simon Private D, 20 Cavalry Ord New York

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