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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
New York Enlistees, O - Z

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
O'Brien, John Private K, 1 Dragoons Jamestown New York
O'Brien, William Sergeant B, 120 Infantry Benedict New York
O'Neill, Edward   B, 16 Battery Benkelman New York
Oatman, J. H. Private F, 110 Infantry Pauline New York
Odunnell, Joe Private A, 165 McCook New York
Ohlheiser, Joseph Private F, 21 Infantry Juniata New York
Olmstead, O. K. Private L, 4 Artillery Orleans New York
Orcutt, S. D. Private   Atkinson New York
Ormsbee, David Private K, 18 Cavalry Litchfield New York
Orton, S. W. Private F, 13 H Artillery Weeping Wa New York
Orvill, Don     Springfield New York
Osborn, C. A. Private A, 24 Cavalry Beatrice New York
Osborn, L. W. Private E, 142 Infantry   New York
Osbourne, J. M. Private 8 Artillery Lincoln New York
Osburn, Volney Private   Tobias New York
Ostrunder, J. W. Private F, 27 Vol Rushville New York
Otis, J. T. Private C, 12 Cavalry Irvington New York
Otten, H.   A, 103 Infantry North Platte New York
Otto, Fred K. Private A, 43 Infantry Grand Island New York
Ozman, W. L. Private G, 109 Infantry Beatrice New York
Palmatier, A. J. Private B, 77 Infantry Moorefield New York
Palmer, A. H. Private C, 146 Arapahoe New York
Palmer, James E. Sergeant   Danbury New York
      Sidney New York
Parker, A. M. Private A, 7 Artillery So Sioux City New York
Parker, J. H. Private K, 44 Infantry Bloomington New York
Parks, Loren Private G, 187 Infantry Grand Island New York
Patrick, C. A. Private M, 9 H Artillery Hebron New York
Patterson, C. F. Private A, 8 Artillery Valley New York
Patterson, W. W. Colonel   Kearney New York
Paul, James Private G, 56 Infantry   New York
Pearson, J. A. Private     New York
Pedley, Wm H. Sergeant C, 97 Infantry Bertrand New York
Perkins, J. R. Private L, 1 Mtd Rifles   New York
Perry, Phil Blacksmith   Raymond New York
Peters, Henry Private C, 28 Infantry Gothenburg New York
Peters, John Sergeant I, 68 Infantry Fullerton New York
Petrie, A. E. Private 95 Infantry   New York
Pettibone, G. W. R. Private D, Artillery Lincoln New York
Pflug, Jacob Corporal M, 2 H Artillery Exeter New York
Phelps, C. L. Private L, 16 H Artillery Marlbank New York
Phelps, Charles Private B, 86 Infantry Lawrence New York
Phelps, John G. Private Morrison's Ind Bat   New York
Phelps, W. Private K, 5 H Artillery Kearney New York
Philps, Douglas R. Sergeant C, 1 Dragoons   New York
Phoain, R. Private Infantry   New York
Pickering, Wm Sergeant C, 100 Ashland New York
Pickle, Lorenzo Corporal L, 96 Infantry Fairbury New York
Pierce, David Private F, 50 Engineers Pawnee City New York
Pierce, W. H. Private E, 50 Engineers Clarks New York
Pierce, W. W. Private C, 9 Cavalry Seward New York
Piercy, D. A. Captain L, Heavy Art Kennedy New York
Pilgrim, Friedrich Private B, 8 Cavalry Scribner New York
Pilgrim, M. Corporal     New York
Pittman, C. Private A, 135 Gibbon New York
Place, S. S. Private H, 125 Infantry Raymond New York
Place, Willard Private   Hazard New York
Platte, Wm H. Private   Grand Island New York
Plumb, H. C. Private     New York
Pollard, E. F. Private F, 8 Artillery Elwood New York
Pond, Dwight L. Private A, 90 Infantry   New York
Pond, H. E. Private B, 2 Rifles Red Cloud New York
Porter, Lamar Private D, 1 Cavalry Humphrey New York
Potter, A. H. Private D, 6 Infantry Litchfield New York
Pritechett, Geo E. Lieutenant E, 26 Infantry   New York
Probasco, U. T. Private D, 148 Infantry Arapahoe New York
Purdy, Geo E. Private G, 120 Infantry Central City New York
Putman, P. J. Private D, 186 Infantry Thurman New York
Putman, W. E. Lieutenant G, 18   New York
Radish, A. C. Private H, 9 Cavalry Lincoln New York
Redfield, L. E. Private F & D, 7 Heavy Art   New York
Reed, Thomas Private D, 2 Heavy Artillery Waterloo New York
Remington, A. D. Lieutenant     New York
Retchless, Wm Private 19 Ind Bat Liberty New York
Reynolds, Harmon D. Private G, 154 Infantry Central City New York
Reynolds, William Private A, 8 H Artillery Pleasanton New York
Rice, N. Corporal   Madrid New York
Rice, Pliny S. 1 Lieutenant A, 49 Infantry Lincoln New York
Richards, Charles T. Private 50 Engineers Sutherland New York
Richardson, ---- Private Infantry Grand Island New York
Rickason, G. Private M, 5 Artillery Harvard New York
Roats, A. Corporal K, 10 Artillery Red Cloud New York
Robbins, F. F. Corporal G, 129 Infantry Fairmont New York
Robbins, F. F. Corporal G, 8 Heavy Artillery Fairmont New York
Robbins, F. M. Sergeant B, 20 Cavalry North Loup New York
Robbyer, S. D. Private F, 1 Light Artillery Taylor New York
Roberts, J. T. Musician E, 193 Curtis New York
Roberts, R. S. Private E, 1 Light Artillery Nelson New York
Robertson, Levi Private A, 143 Infantry Bloomington New York
Robinson, Jay C. Private E, 24 Infantry Ainsworth New York
Roblyer, Jacob H. Private F, 1 Light Artillery Almeria New York
Rockwell, S. G. Private   Arapahoe New York
Rogers, F. M. Private I, 15 Engineers Kearney New York
Rogers, Fred J. Private M, 2 I U Lincoln New York
Rogers, H. P. Private K, 161 Gibbon New York
Rollins, L. W. Private   Grand Island New York
Romein, Peter T. Private G, 100 Vol Pullman New York
Root, Levings, W. Private I, 37 Infantry Osmond New York
Rowland, James     Battle Creek New York
Rowley, R. B. Private E, 1 Cavalry Wilcox New York
Royce, William   G, 22 Cavalry Bennet New York
Rumsey, John Private D, 1 Cavalry Lexington New York
Rundell, C. J. Musician C, 104 Infantry Hoskins New York
Ryan, A. W. Private   Grand Island New York
Rydar, William Private C, 15 Infantry Nebraska City New York
Ryder, S. M. Private F, 3 Light Artillery Indianola New York
Sabin, G. W. Private E, 148 Infantry Tecumseh New York
Sage, E. H.     Maywood New York
Sampson, Matthew Private K, 5 H Artillery Albion New York
Sasenbury, Henry Private K, 189 Infantry Gordon New York
Saunders, E. L. Private 72 Infantry Minden New York
Saunders, T. H. Private   Osceola New York
Saunders, Thos     Georgetown New York
Saxton, William Captain C, 137 Infantry   New York
Schnoor, John H. Private B, 23 Cavalry Kearney New York
Schueler, Conrad Private   Stratton New York
Scott, O. M. Private F, 13 Artillery North Bend New York
Seager, Geo H. Sergeant C, 137   New York
Searles, Mortimer Artificer I, 50 Engineers Curtis New York
Sears, R. M. Private 1 Ind Battery Plainview New York
Seery, Andrew Private H, 16 H Artillery St Michael New York
Seymour, S. A. Corporal E, 189 Beatrice New York
Seymour, Silas A. Private E, 189 Infantry Fairbury New York
Shafer, Sanford Private   Central City New York
Shaffer, Wm. Private   Central City New York
Shaw, Harley Private F, 3 L Artillery Holmesville New York
Shaw, James R. Private L, 3 Cavalry Farnam New York
Shaw, John S. Private K, 124 Bancroft New York
Sheffrey, Thomas Private A, 20 Cavalry Oxford New York
Shipley, A. J. Private   Litchfield New York
Shraltz, W. H. Private     New York
Shultz, Eli Private D, 102 Dorsey New York
Simmons, D. B. Private D, 179 Infantry Madison New York
Simons, L. G. Private A, 1 Dragoons Colbert New York
Simpson, F. W. 1 Sergeant     New York
Simpson, F. W. Lieutenant     New York
Simpson, F. W. Captain     New York
Sims, Wm Sergeant   Clarks New York
Skinner, L. S. Private H, 123   New York
Sliter, Uriel Private B, 7 Cavalry Lincoln New York
Slocum, Albert J. Sergeant F, 160 Gordon New York
Smith, Augustus   D, 16 Artillery North Platte New York
Smith, F. A. Sergeant   Culbertson New York
Smith, F. J. Corporal E, 71 V V I Schuyler New York
Smith, Gilbert T. Private A, 144 Infantry   New York
Smith, Irving D. Lieutenant     New York
Smith, J. D. Corporal H, 136 Infantry   New York
Smith, J. H. Private   Clearwater New York
Smith, John Private H, 136 Infantry Cedar Bluffs New York
Smith, John H. Private G, 150 Infantry Grand Island New York
Smith, Jos Private D, 14 Brooklyn Lexington New York
Smith, L. Private E, 121 Kearney New York
Smith, Nathan Private B, 118   New York
Smith, Oliver Sergeant H, 9 Cavalry Fremont New York
Smith, Simeon Sergeant E, 121 Infantry Huntley New York
Smith, W. H. Private F, 123 Infantry Wallace New York
Smith, W. W. Private B, 13 Infantry   New York
Smith, Watson Private G, 5 Heavy Artillery   New York
Smtih, Gabriel Private C, 5 Heavy Artillery Endicott New York
Snider, Lawrence Private   Table Rock New York
Snyder, H. W. Private     New York
Soden, J. H. Private B, 14 Heavy Art Wisner New York
Soules, Anson Private D, 1 Dragoons Harvard New York
Southard, W. M. Corporal L, 96 H Artillery Crab Orchard New York
Spear, Marshall D. Private B, 50 Engineers Niobrara New York
Spencer, Geo J. Lieutenant E, 137 Infantry Grand Island New York
Spencer, N. O. Sergeant G, 5 Cavalry Ash Grove New York
Spencer, O. Musician 4 H Artillery Petersburg New York
Spohn, Joseph Private L, 14 Artillery Newman Grve New York
Sprague, E. A. Private H, 1 Cavalry   New York
Sprague, E. A. Private I, 93, & K, 4 Cavalry Republican Cy New York
Squars, B. M. Private G, 50 Infantry Beatrice New York
Standard, David Private A, 186 Infantry O'Neill New York
Standish, N. L. Sergeant E, 10 Heavy Art Tobias New York
Starks, John Private   Lincoln New York
Stearns, T. J. Corporal   Clarks New York
Stenzel, Jacob Corporal K, 41 Infantry   New York
Stephens, John Private G, 144 Infantry Wolbach New York
Stephens, T. L. Private L, 10 Cavalry Holbrook New York
Sterling, R. H. Private Bat D, L Artillery Shelton New York
Sternes, A. L. Private A, 110 Infantry Grand Island New York
Stevenson, C. W. Corporal H, 152 Infantry Fremont New York
Stever, O. Sergeant   Juniata New York
Stewart, Geo W. Private B, 2 Cavalry Newman Gr've New York
Stillson, L. D. Private     New York
Stimson, Thomas Corporal 8 Heavy Art North Platte New York
Stone, Bradford Private D, 16 Infantry   New York
Stone, E. J. Private H, 1 Artillery Harvard New York
Stowell, Charles H. Corporal M, 6 Infantry Francis New York
Streeter, DeWitt C. Private F, 1 Artillery Clarks New York
Striker, Frederick Corporal I, 145 Infantry   New York
Strong, Hayden 1 Lieutenant A & F, 94 Infantry North Loup New York
Sturgeon, Thomas Sergeant F, 20 Infantry Bloomington New York
Sturgis, Loren Private E, 58 Infantry North Platte New York
Sturtevant, S. L. Sergeant C, 142 Fullerton New York
Suchy, Chas Private B, 47 Infantry Wymore New York
Sullivan, John Private L, 2 M R Ainsworth New York
Sutton, Charles Private     New York
Sutton, Robert B Private B, 126 Monroe New York
Swan, S. J. Private D, 189 Infantry North Loup New York
Sweet, C. A. Private 2 Cavalry Creighton New York
Swift, Jacob Private E, 117 Juniata New York
Taft, John Private D, 26 Infantry Auburn New York
Tagg, T. C. Private     New York
Talcott, C. A. Private C, 39 Infantry Elwood New York
Tarbell, F. W. Captain E, 159 Infantry   New York
Tatroe, C. B. S. Private G, 142 Infantry   New York
Taylor Leavitt Private K, 325 Infantry Fullerton New York
Taylor, O. H. Orderly C, 2 Cavalry   New York
Tegtmeyer, Henry Private K, 119 Infantry Abbott New York
Templeteon, David Sergeant E, 4 Infantry Arcadia New York
Thayer, F. A. Private     New York
Thayer, Floyd A. Private D, 10 Infantry Cedar Rapids New York
Thomas, David S. Private H, 15 Engineers North Platte New York
Thomas, John H. Private I, 5 H Artillery Valentine New York
Thompson, Chester P. Private   Benkelman New York
Thompson, H. Sergeant E, 44 Infantry Gibbon New York
Thompson, John Sergeant L, 2 Cavalry Kearney New York
Thornton, A. W. Sergeant 3 Ind Battery Beaver City New York
Thornton, John Private E, 79 Infantry Guide Rock New York
Thurman, L. H. Private L, 5 Artillery Creighton New York
Thurston, William J. Private   Columbus New York
Timmerman, M. A. Private H, 161 Infantry   New York
Tobin, W. H. Private F, 7 Infantry Dwight New York
Tomblins, H. F. Private D, 151 Arapahoe New York
Tompson, David Private K, 6 H Artillery   New York
Totman, A. M. Private K, 161 Infantry Long Pine New York
Totman, A. M. Private K, 161 Infantry Long Pine New York
Towers, H. S. Private M, 26 Cavalry Gibbon New York
Travis, Z. Private C, 14 Infantry Bromfield New York
Treat, C. H. Corporal G, 117 Infantry   New York
Treat, J. B. Private F, 8 Cavalry Ash Grove New York
Trupeniry, D. Private A, 156 Tekamah New York
Turner, D. Private G, 16 Infantry Osmond New York
Turrill, Thomas Private F, 30 I V Schuyler New York
Tuyl, Ebenezer Van Captain G, 1 Reg Infantry   New York
Twichell, A. S. Corporal F, 116 Infantry Sutton New York
Uhig, Simon Private K, 39 Infantry Kearney New York
Underhill, Isaac Private C, 46 Infantry   New York
Van Alstine, A. L. Private     New York
Van Brockline, M. Lt Colonel 50 Engineers Elizabeth New York
Van Buskirk, R. Private C, 21 Infantry Juniata New York
Van Camp, Edw B. Private H, 61 Infantry Grand Island New York
Van Etten, David Captain     New York
Van Every, Chas Private 18 Battery Wabash New York
Van Vleck, Robert Private F, 110 Clearwater New York
Van Vracken, E. A. Private   Trenton New York
Van Wyck, C. H. Brig Genl 56 Infantry Wyoming New York
Vanscoy, Egbert Private E, 112 Infantry Loup City New York
Vanscoy, Egbert Private E, 112 Infantry Loup City New York
Varney, Edgar Private D, 4 H Artillery Ansley New York
Veeder, James A. Lieutenant A, 153 Infantry   New York
Vodra, John M. Sergeant C, Reg Bd, 35 Inf Geneva New York
Vogt, J. H. Private   Clarks New York
Vosburg, M. E. Private B, 15 Cavalry Orleans New York
Vosburg, M. E. Private D, 76 Infantry Orleans New York
Vosburgh, Jacob Sergeant 1 Lincoln Cavalry Farmers Val'y New York
Wade, George Sergeant H, 9 Cavalry Dorchester New York
Wade, W. H. Private   Trenton New York
Waffle, Wm Private B, 153 Gibson New York
Wait, Stephen Private B, 23 Infantry Fullerton New York
Walley, J. J. Sergeant C, 152 Infantry   New York
Walling, Jas Private F, 149 Infantry   New York
Walrath, Archibald Private I, 68 and A, 121 Atkinson New York
Wampole, A. Private A, 141 Infantry   New York
Warner, B. F. Private     New York
Warner, C. W. Private L & D, 2   New York
Warner, Joseph W. Private H, 11 Infantry St Paul New York
Warren, C. H. Sergeant G, 8 Cavalry   New York
Washburn, L. C. Corporal C, 106 Cavalry Norfolk New York
Washburn, S. A. Private I, 2 H Artillery Shelton New York
Watson, J. D. 1 Lieutenant 3 Infantry   New York
Watson, W. Z. Private 15 Cavalry Amelia New York
Watters, George Private   Clarks New York
Waufle, Albert Private E, 153 Infantry Bladen New York
Way, Daniel Drum Maj   South Omaha New York
Weaver, William Private 94 Infantry Prosser New York
Weller, A. A. Sergeant H, 184 Infantry Syracuse New York
Wells, A. P. Sergeant   McCook New York
Wells, H. C. Private K, 81 Infantry Palmer New York
Welstead, Jas Private I, 136 Infantry Fremont New York
Wescott, J. H. 1 Lieutenant H & C, 10 Artillery Malcolm New York
Wescott, M. H. Private B, 20 Cav and 10 Art Malcolm New York
West, B. F.   7 Cavalry Wilcox New York
West, B. F. Private A, 1 Mtd Rifles Wilcox New York
West, Daniel P. Private   Precept New York
Weygint, W. B. Private D, 10 Cavalry Neligh New York
Wheaton, Private 23 Vol Infantry Nelson New York
Wheeler, J. S. Private C, 154 Creston New York
Wheeler, S. S.       New York
Whitbeck, John Private I, 18 Infantry St Paul New York
White, D. M. Captain F, 161 Infantry   New York
White, G. A. Private   Table Rock New York
White, Robert S. Private C, 17 Infantry Hartwell New York
White, W. C. Private     New York
Whiting, L. H. Private A, 160 Infantry Albion New York
Whitman, J. J. Sergeant D, 87 Infantry   New York
Whitman, L. H. Private   Waterbury New York
Whitney, Josiah S. Private I, 16 H Artillery Ansley New York
Wilber, H. L. Private E, 109 Gibbon New York
Wilcox, Justin A. 1 Lieutenant A, 128 McCook New York
Wilcox, Z. T. Private H, 100 Infantry Fremont New York
William, Lyle D. 1 Sergeant 5 Ind Battery North Platte New York
Wilson, A. H. Private C, 126 Walton New York
Wilson, Jno Private H, 147 Infantry Elwood New York
Wines, Charles E. Private E, 104 Lowell New York
Winslow, S. A. Private     New York
Winspear, J. H. Lieutenant I, 1 Artillery   New York
Wisner, J. R. Private Unassigned 15 Hansen New York
Wolcott, Geo W. Private B, 146 Vol Kenesaw New York
Wood, John A. Private E, 89 Infantry   New York
Wood, Truman Private C, 111 Bartley New York
Woodruf, A. Private D, 123 Stamford New York
Woods, Edward Private G, 48 Infantry Grand Island New York
Woods, Frank B. Blacksmith E, 10 Cavalry Enterprise New York
Woods, O. E. Private H, 21 Cavalry Juniata New York
Woods, S. K. Captain D, 176 Infantry Seward New York
Woodward Robert H. 2 Lieutenant H, 2 Battery Lincoln New York
Woodward, R. H. Private   Lincoln New York
Wooster, T. K. Private D, 2 Cavalry Nebraska City New York
Worden, David Sergeant E, 97 Vol Infantry   New York
Worker, Charles 1 Lieutenant D, 122 Infantry Pierce New York
Worley, D. B.   K, 96 Infantry   New York
Wothington, George Private H, 4 Artillery Battle Creek New York
Wright, John Private G, 111   New York
Wright, Philander Private H, 9 H Artillery Cedar Rapids New York
Yoemans, Samson Private   North Platte New York
Young, A. F. Lieutenant M, 1 Vet Cavalry Berlin New York
Young, Chas H. Corporal   Columbus New York
Yugter, Frederick Private E, 15 Engineers Florence New York
Zeis, John Private 27 Heavy Artillery Valley New York

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