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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Pennsylvania Enlistees, A - L

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Ackerman, David Private I, 28 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Adams, G. R. Private B, 22 Cavalry Pleasant Dale Pennsylvania
Adams, Isaac Private C, 17 Cavalry Dodge Pennsylvania
Allen, George W. Private C, 148 Infantry North Platte Pennsylvania
Allen, Isaac E. Lieutenant G, 76 Infantry Carleton Pennsylvania
Allen, J. N. Private H, 98 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Ames, Elias Private C, 178 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Amy, J. A. Private G, 83 Friend Pennsylvania
Anderson, Allen S. Corporal D, 105 Infantry Seward Pennsylvania
Anderson, G. W. Private F, 56 Infantry Seward Pennsylvania
Andreas, F. J. Private C, 147 Infantry Gordon Pennsylvania
Andrus, O. M. Private H, 45 Catalpa Pennsylvania
Armbus, V. Private D, 83 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Arnold, F. Private C, 67 Infantry Palmer Pennsylvania
Arnold, H. S. Private 35 Hastings Pennsylvania
Arnold, J. E. Private E, 45 Infantry Geneva Pennsylvania
Arthur, George Private A, 206 Cozad Pennsylvania
Ashbel, Orton Sergeant F, 111 Infantry Bodarc Pennsylvania
Askwith, J. D. Private M, 21 Cavalry Tilden Pennsylvania
Askwith, Wm. Private D, 11 Cavalry Omaha Pennsylvania
Aughunbaugh, Geo B. Private I, 1 Cavalry Guide Rock Pennsylvania
Augustine, Peter S. Private H, 85 Benedict Pennsylvania
Austin, John Private I, 1 Rifles Ponca Pennsylvania
Bacorn, M. Private B, 104 Pawnee City Pennsylvania
Badgley, John Private E, 11 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Baer, J. D. Private G, 17 Cavalry Bellwood Pennsylvania
Bailey, B. H. Sergeant D, 203 Infantry Brock Pennsylvania
Bailey, B. H. Sergeant I, 124 Brock Pennsylvania
Bailey, R. W. Lieutenant A, 171 Infantry Beaver Cross'g Pennsylvania
Bair, John M. Corporal K, 63 Infantry Bassett Pennsylvania
Baker, Thomas Private E, 62 Infantry Superior Pennsylvania
Barnes, W. H. Private H, 77 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Barry, A. C. Sergeant D, 67 Infantry Maywood Pennsylvania
Barton, Barny Private H, 208 Infantry Gering Pennsylvania
Bartow, W. H. Corporal H, 103 Lincoln Pennsylvania
Bascom, W. Tyrrel Private D, 14 Cavalry Elsie Pennsylvania
Bastain, J. P. Private K, 28 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Batman, P. Private C, 84 Infantry Sutton Pennsylvania
Batman, Philip Private D, 84 Infantry Aurora Pennsylvania
Bayley, John M. Private E, 179 Infantry Gibbon Pennsylvania
Beam, D. C. Sergeant E, 1 Bat Artillery Admah Pennsylvania
Beam, S. W. Private D, 109 Infantry Harbine Pennsylvania
Beatty, Sam'l Sergeant F, 1 Clarks Pennsylvania
Beatty, Sam'l Lieutenant I, 32 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Beer, George Private C, 6 H Artillery Simeon Pennsylvania
Bell, Alexander Private H, 125 Infantry Steele City Pennsylvania
Bender, T. J. Private G, 202 Infantry Fairmont Pennsylvania
Bersdorph, F. E. Private F, 168 Ashland Pennsylvania
Bessor, ---- Sergeant D, 6 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Bessor, Phil Lieutenant K, 20 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Billings, Jacob Private F, 6 Papillion Pennsylvania
Billingsley, Joseph Private F, 137 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Black, T. B. Sergeant F, 21 Cavalry Fremont Pennsylvania
Blair, David G. Private K, 169 Box Butte Pennsylvania
Blanchard, C. D. Private H, 45 Beatrice Pennsylvania
Bloodgood, Jason F. Private F Lowell Pennsylvania
Bobbetts, E. J. Private H, 125 Tuckerville Pennsylvania
Bolkman, Lafayette Sergeant M, 17 Cavalry Nesbit Pennsylvania
Bolles, Chas M. Private H, Lt Artillery Atkinson Pennsylvania
Bomgardner, D. E. Private A, 10 & D, 120 McCook Pennsylvania
Bomgardner, Simon Private B, 165 Box Butte Pennsylvania
Boosinger, A. Private I, 44 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Booze, Wm Private I, 84 Gretna Pennsylvania
Boughner, Daniel Private I, 58 Clarks Pennsylvania
Bounner, George Private B, 126 Paxton Pennsylvania
Bowdish, A. Private B, 105 Infantry DeWitt Pennsylvania
Bowen, Geo K. Lieut Col 188 Infantry Bertrand Pennsylvania
Bowers, M. H. Private M, 184 Infantry Nelson Pennsylvania
Bowers, Sam Private F, 21 Cavalry North Platte Pennsylvania
Bowers, Thomas Private H, 104 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Bowles, J. A. Sergeant K, 21 Cavalry Republican Cy Pennsylvania
Bowman, D. M. Private C, 195 Omaha Pennsylvania
Boyd, John M. Private E, 63 Infantry Hastings Pennsylvania
Boyd, Lester N. 1 Sergeant 28 Infantry Central City Pennsylvania
Boyd, S. D. 2 Sergeant D, 133 Infantry Newport Pennsylvania
Boyd, S. L. Private G, 21 Cavalry Omaha Pennsylvania
Boyer, Joseph Private Cavalry Craig Pennsylvania
Boyle, John Private A, 63 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Boyles, E. H. Lieutenant E, Knaps Battery Gordon Pennsylvania
Braddock, John Private M, 4 Cavalry St Paul Pennsylvania
Brandt, M. Private E, 3 Artillery Republican Cy Pennsylvania
Bricker, Jacob Private A, 1 Battery Dorchester Pennsylvania
Briggs, E. Sergeant K, 11 Cavalry West Point Pennsylvania
Brion, David Private A, 111 Infantry Ewing Pennsylvania
Briton, Joseph A. Private 124 Infantry McCook Pennsylvania
Brock, J. R. Private E, 10 Columbus Pennsylvania
Broden, Orramas P. Private E, 42 and 190 Inf Ewing Pennsylvania
Brown, J. M. Private E, 14 Cavalry Friend Pennsylvania
Brown, L. D. Private F, 149 Vol Ruskin Pennsylvania
Brown, Patrick Private K, 52 Greeley Pennsylvania
Brubaker, I. H. Private 79 Beatrice Pennsylvania
Bruder, J. H. Private K, 213 Infantry Martinsburg Pennsylvania
Brumbaugh, Joseph Private E, 104 Infantry Franklin Pennsylvania
Bruner, C. E. Private A, 3 Cavalry Omaha Pennsylvania
Brunner, T. C. Private C, 128 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Buchanan, Jackson Private L, 54 Clearwater Pennsylvania
Buchanan, Urbin Private D, 18 Cavalry Clearwater Pennsylvania
Bucher, Adam Private G, 133, and 208 Inf Tobias Pennsylvania
Burd, Daniel W. Private H, 7 Cavalry Nelson Pennsylvania
Burger, H. C. Private B, 187 Infantry Loup City Pennsylvania
Burgur, Josiah Private E, 6 Infantry Rogers Pennsylvania
Burlew, Aaron E. 1 Sergeant F, 12 Exeter Pennsylvania
Burns, Thomas Private K, 103 Vol Mayflower Pennsylvania
Burt, H. L. Corporal H, 84 Infantry Grafton Pennsylvania
Burt, J. W. Private H, 95 Infantry Geneva Pennsylvania
Buterbaugh, J. L. Sergeant D, 78 Gothenburg Pennsylvania
Butler, Leroy F. Private A, 187 Ewing Pennsylvania
Byers, H. W. Private K, 101 Infantry Harvard Pennsylvania
Cain, E. Private H, 46 Omaha Pennsylvania
Calhoun, T. W. Private C, 194 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Calhoune, A. G. R. Sergt Maj 61 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Campbell, Eli Private C, 134 Shelton Pennsylvania
Campbell, Leartus Corporal I, 57 Infantry Red Cloud Pennsylvania
Campbell, McFarland Sergeant D, 21 Cavalry Trenton Pennsylvania
Carey, Lyman E. Private 58 Vol Infantry Fairbury Pennsylvania
Carrigan, Sam R. Private A, 12 Cavalry Plattsmouth Pennsylvania
Carup, James H. Private A, 141 Infantry Geneva Pennsylvania
Carver, Alfred Private G, 17 Cavalry Minden Pennsylvania
Casterline, T. E. Private H, 143 Infantry Edgar Pennsylvania
Catlin, D. Sergeant G, 150 Lincoln Pennsylvania
Cattrell, C. C. Private B, 12 Cavalry Auburn Pennsylvania
Cedar, E. Corporal A, 83 Infantry Farnam Pennsylvania
Cell, George Private M, 13 Cavalry Malcolm Pennsylvania
Chalfant, D. Private B, 85 Infantry Neligh Pennsylvania
Chapman, C. D. Corporal A, 1 Battery Archer Pennsylvania
Childs, O. M. Corporal I, 8 Cavalry Ponca Pennsylvania
Christ, Philip Private C, 76 Infantry Day Pennsylvania
Clark, Edward Corporal C, 8 Reserve Cav Columbus Pennsylvania
Clark, O. W. Corporal K, 150 Beaver City Pennsylvania
Clarke, J. T. Private K, 101 Taylor Pennsylvania
Cline, J. S. Sergeant D, 5 Artillery Hastings Pennsylvania
Coder, Ellis Quarterman 106 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Coglizer, Sanford G. Private F, 118 Infantry Weeping Watr Pennsylvania
Cohn, M. G. Private 27 Cottnwd Sprgs Pennsylvania
Coldwell, David Drummer H, 1 Battalion Byron Pennsylvania
Cole, Darwin A. Sergeant K, 58 Infantry Ewing Pennsylvania
Coles, Theodore Private B, 48 Infantry Platte Centre Pennsylvania
Comfert, S. F. Private H, 197 Silver Creek Pennsylvania
Conner, Samuel P. Private F, 175 Infantry Arcadia Pennsylvania
Connoff, Mike Private H, 12 Vol Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Cook, G. L. Corporal 22 Cavalry Wayne Pennsylvania
Cook, Joe S. Private F, 8 Reserves Blair Pennsylvania
Cooke, M. J. Major A, 99 Box Butte Pennsylvania
Cooley, A. H. Private E, 6 Omaha Pennsylvania
Coon, A. F. Private E, 4 Cavalry David City Pennsylvania
Coon, Samuel H. Corporal E, 11 Infantry Hebron Pennsylvania
Copperstone, Joseph H. Sergeant R, 18 Cavalry Agnew Pennsylvania
Corbin, Wm H. Private E, 100 Canton Pennsylvania
Corles, John Private E, 179 Vol Infantry Hooper Pennsylvania
Corner, Henry Private B, 98 Big Springs Pennsylvania
Cottrell, Private B, 130 U S Reg Ashland Pennsylvania
Couffer, G. M. Private H, 3 Battery Pawnee City Pennsylvania
Cover, Jacob Private E, 21 Cavalry Mason City Pennsylvania
Cramer, W. Private K, 4 Cavalry Nelson Pennsylvania
Craven, Matthew Private A, 98 Benkelman Pennsylvania
Crawford, David C. Captain E, 105 Infantry Raymond Pennsylvania
Crawford, Z.T. Private C, 213 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Cress, J. W. Adjutant 138 South Omaha Pennsylvania
Cresswell, Wm Private B, 107 Jewelsbrg, Col Pennsylvania
Crook, J. E. Private B, 14 Infantry Lincoln Pennsylvania
Crosby, John W. Corporal C, 46 Infantry Maywood Pennsylvania
Crosthwaite, A. C. Private D, 103 Infantry York Pennsylvania
Crowell, Dan A. Private I, 137 Buda Pennsylvania
Crowell, Dan A. Private I, 137 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Culp, George Private I, Infantry Princeton Pennsylvania
Cumming, J. B. Bugler L, 9 Cavalry Lebanon Pennsylvania
Cummings, Al Private E, 48 Infantry Redcloud Pennsylvania
Cunningham, A. M. Corporal F, 16 Cavalry Madison Pennsylvania
Cunningham, David Corporal B, 202 Infantry Wayne Pennsylvania
Cunningham, W. J. Captain B, 106 Diller Pennsylvania
Cunningham, Wm O.   F, 16 Cavalry Madison Pennsylvania
Daniels, Mathias Corporal J, 16 Palisade Pennsylvania
Darr, F. D. Private F, 101 Infantry Diller Pennsylvania
Davis, Henry J. Private 48 Mason City Pennsylvania
Davis, Othaniel Private K, 11 Cavalry Plainview Pennsylvania
Davis, W. W. Private E, 8 Ashland Pennsylvania
Dawson, T. B. Captain F, 101 Infantry Sidney Pennsylvania
Day, A. J. Private E, 1 York Pennsylvania
Deardorff, A. B. Private H, 100 Infantry Beatrice Pennsylvania
Debendefer, Henry Private I, 58 Infantry Atlanta Pennsylvania
Deck, H. Private K, 54 Ithaca Pennsylvania
DeKalb, Thomas J. Sergeant I, 2 Cavalry Daykin Pennsylvania
Denton, J. B. Private A, 126 Alliance Pennsylvania
Depue, Dennis Private K, 143 Mead Pennsylvania
Derr, A. Private I, 58 Infantry West Point Pennsylvania
Deviney, E. J. Private B, 11 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Dexter, H. H. Private F, 51 Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Dick, C. P   F & L, 35 Infantry North Platte Pennsylvania
Dickens, William C. Private Sharp Shooters Syracuse Pennsylvania
Diener, John F. Private F, 7 Cavalry Syracuse Pennsylvania
Diller, A. Private K, 201 Fairbury Pennsylvania
Diller, H. H. Private C and L, 58 Culbertson Pennsylvania
Diller, W. H. Private F, 1 Battalion Diller Pennsylvania
Dinsmore, B. F. Private C, 20 Cavalry Lexington Pennsylvania
Dinsmore, B. F. Private I, Ind Bat Art Lexington Pennsylvania
Ditzler, Samuel Private F, 200 Rushville Pennsylvania
Dodendorf, Ed Private H, 176 Infantry West Point Pennsylvania
Donerken, A. H. Private   Omaha Pennsylvania
Donley, James Private B, 100 Clarks Pennsylvania
Dougall, W. J. Private E, 99 Infantry Palmyra Pennsylvania
Doyle, Matthew Private F and H, 51 Bazile Mills Pennsylvania
Drake, S. Private H, Bat L Art Sumner Pennsylvania
Dreher, B. F. Private I, 48 Minden Pennsylvania
Drinkall, C. Private B, 211 Archer Pennsylvania
Drum, Findley Sergeant D, 145 Infantry Minden Pennsylvania
Dull, W. E. Private E, 1 Murray Pennsylvania
Ealer, William Sergeant D, 12 Cavalry Inland Pennsylvania
Eastman, Geo W. Corporal 150 Omaha Pennsylvania
Eaves, Wm   M, 15 Cavalry North Platte Pennsylvania
Eccles, Samuel Private M. 21 Cavalry Beatrice Pennsylvania
Echtemacht, Henry Private 7 Cavalry Shelton Pennsylvania
Eddington, George Private I, 102 Infantry Bassett Pennsylvania
Edmiston, H. Sergeant E, 21 Cavalry Sutton Pennsylvania
Eichelberger, Adam Corporal I, 9 Cavalry Nesbit Pennsylvania
Eisley, L. W. Private D, 1 Cavalry Vermillion, SD Pennsylvania
Elenger, Jacob Private A, 48 Gretna Pennsylvania
Ellis, Samuel Private B, 13 McCook Pennsylvania
Ellsworth, M. L. Corporal D, 141 Infantry Wahoo Pennsylvania
Emery, W. C. Private D, 169 Infantry Garrison Pennsylvania
Emmert, G. W. Private F, 4 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Ensley, Peter Private L, 22 Cavalry Davenport Pennsylvania
Ernest, Jacob Musician F, 130 Infantry South Omaha Pennsylvania
Essick, Rudolph Private I, 1 Infantry Orleans Pennsylvania
Evans, D. T. Private C, 47 Infantry Grant Pennsylvania
Ewalt, Jacob Private K, 37 Infantry Aurora Pennsylvania
Ewing, Thomas H. Corporal C, 206 Gering Pennsylvania
Fageley, James Private G, 198 Infantry West Point Pennsylvania
Fanny, J. E. Orderly G, 155 Infantry Cedar Bluffs Pennsylvania
Fasig, Henry Private G, 18 Infantry Marquette Pennsylvania
Faye, J. C. Sergeant H, 47 Box Elder Pennsylvania
Fell, G. W. Sergeant C, 141 Cavalry Harvard Pennsylvania
Ferguson, A. J. Private B, 67 Scottville Pennsylvania
Ferris, Wm D. Private B, 58 Infantry Republican Cy Pennsylvania
Fieldgrove, Henry Private F, 100 Shelton Pennsylvania
Figard, David Private C, 133 Infantry Seward Pennsylvania
Fillmore, Lott Private D, 136 Infantry Burwell Pennsylvania
Finecy, John Private D, 133 Beulah Pennsylvania
Fink, Uriah Private L, 1 Cavalry Marquette Pennsylvania
Fisher, Geo Corporal E, 85 Arborville Pennsylvania
Fisher, John Private A, 54 Infantry Raymond Pennsylvania
Fisher, Joseph Private A, 77 Lincoln Pennsylvania
Fister, ---- Private K, 3 H Artillery Tekamah Pennsylvania
Fixsen, Feddie Corporal A, 103 Cavalry Inland Pennsylvania
Flannigan, A. D. Sergeant A, 55 Infantry Tecumseh Pennsylvania
Flemming, J. O. Private I, 195 Infantry Spring Green Pennsylvania
Fletcher, J. W. Private B, 47 Central City Pennsylvania
Flick, William Corporal E, 20 Cavalry Raymond Pennsylvania
Foote, O. F. Private G, 7 Cavalry Wood River Pennsylvania
Foster, E. M. Private E, 1 Artillery Ord Pennsylvania
Foster, H. C. Private B, Ind Bat Univ Place Pennsylvania
Found, Daniel Private G, 78 Infantry Gering Pennsylvania
Fox, Jasper C. Private L, 14 Cavalry Newport Pennsylvania
Franklin, Stern F. Private I, 80 Infantry Milford Pennsylvania
Franklin, V. Private H, 198 McCook Pennsylvania
Fraser, A. R. Private F, 122 Infantry Madison Pennsylvania
Fraser, A. R. Corporal H, 186 Infantry Madison Pennsylvania
Frazier, S. L. Private B, 28 Archer Pennsylvania
Frear, Elias Corporal I, 14 Cavalry Republican Cy Pennsylvania
Frear, William M. Sergeant A, 16 Cavalry Bassett Pennsylvania
Frisch, Jacob Private I, 102 Infantry Glenville Pennsylvania
Fry, David F. Private E, 11 Atlanta Pennsylvania
Fry, Joseph Private H, 208 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Fulgroat, John Private C, 77 Mason City Pennsylvania
Fulton, Hugh Sergt Major G, 3 Cavalry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Fulton, L. M. Private F, 142 Infantry Elyria Pennsylvania
Fulton, M. C. Private A, 16 Cavalry Inavale Pennsylvania
Fulton, R. W. Private H, 191 Sargent Pennsylvania
Funk, Jerome T. Sergeant A, 1 Cavalry Madison Pennsylvania
Funk, Z. T. Private I, 8 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Furman, John B. Private A, 188 Infantry Grant Pennsylvania
Galleher, Jas W.   H, Reserves Atkinson Pennsylvania
Gardner, Geo L. Sergeant F, 6 Shelton Pennsylvania
Garey, A. I. Private B, 171 Beaver City Pennsylvania
Gates, Charles Private L and E, 54 Atkinson Pennsylvania
Gates, J. W. Corporal M, 220 Cavalry Maywood Pennsylvania
Gentzler, Phillip Captain H, 87 Infantry Creighton Pennsylvania
Gering, Martin Private M, 4 Cavalry Gering Pennsylvania
Gibson, W. W. Private B, 100 Shelton Pennsylvania
Gill, Thomas Private D, 205 Infantry Tekamah Pennsylvania
Gilmore, R. G. Sergeant D, 88 Beatrice Pennsylvania
Glenn, J. B. Private F, 56 Infantry Norfolk Pennsylvania
Glenn, James Blacksmith 21 Cavalry Glencoe Pennsylvania
Glock, John Private E, 20 Cavalry Millerton Pennsylvania
Goodman, Danl Private I, 49 Infantry Adams Pennsylvania
Goslin, N. Private K, 15 Lincoln Pennsylvania
Graff, Geo S. Private C, 85 Omaha Pennsylvania
Grafins, T. L. Private K, 143 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Graham, Amos Private E, 67 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Graul, L. J. Sergeant K, 21 Goehner Pennsylvania
Graves, C. W. Private H, 199 Ramsey Pennsylvania
Gray, W. R. Private K, 202 Adams Pennsylvania
Greenland, G. T. Private A, 81 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Griffin, John S. Private C, 7 Cavalry Alma Pennsylvania
Griffin, Thomas Private A, 83 Infantry Cedar Bluff Pennsylvania
Griffith, A. K. Private A, 109 Infantry Lincoln Pennsylvania
Griner, Abraham Sergeant 52 Table Rock Pennsylvania
Griswold, Chas A. Private E, 9 Cavalry Upland Pennsylvania
Gross, Wendal Sergeant G, 117 Infantry Gering Pennsylvania
Group, Peter Private B, 103 Infantry David City Pennsylvania
Haak, J. D. Private H, 131 Ravenna Pennsylvania
Hads, H. J. 1 Lieutenant G, 11 Cavalry Spaulding Pennsylvania
Hagadorn, H. K. Private G, 97 Infantry Broken Bow Pennsylvania
Hager, John Corporal 105 Lushton Pennsylvania
Hager, O. P. Private K, 6 Lushton Pennsylvania
Hahn, William Private H, 47 Bellwood Pennsylvania
Haines, Ben Private H, 17 Cavalry Cedar Rapids Pennsylvania
Hair, Green Sergeant A, 85 Infantry Liberty Pennsylvania
Halderman, William J. 1 Sergeant C, 11 Burchard Pennsylvania
Hall, Oliver Private I, 169 Infantry Guide Rock Pennsylvania
Hall, S. E. Musician E, 62 Plattsmouth Pennsylvania
Hall, Wilson Private K, 88 Infantry Pierce Pennsylvania
Hamilton, Saml Private A, 19 Cavalry Omaha Pennsylvania
Hancock, J. R. Private B, 149 Tekamah Pennsylvania
Hanegan, G. L. Private K, 155 Infantry Leigh Pennsylvania
Hannum, James Private I, 197 Infantry Blair Pennsylvania
Hanshan, Peter Private H, 2 Artillery Plattsmouth Pennsylvania
Harght, Wesley Private B, 135 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Harley, J. L. Private C, 105 Gretna Pennsylvania
Harneaw, J. M. Artificer Bat F, 1 Lt Art Shelton Pennsylvania
Harpster, Chas M. Corporal M, 12 Cavalry Omaha Pennsylvania
Harpster, Geo W. Private I, 3 Cavalry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Hart, C. O. Private D, 83 Culbertson Pennsylvania
Harter, Jacob Private F, 184 Infantry Stockham Pennsylvania
Hartigan, M. A. Private 2 Mil Reserves Hastings Pennsylvania
Hassler, A. E. Sergeant F, 12 P R V Pawnee City Pennsylvania
Hauser, H. B. Private K, 90 Neligh Pennsylvania
Hayes, A. Y. Private C, 110 Cavalry Admah Pennsylvania
Hayes, James Private 87 Infantry Wayne Pennsylvania
Hayes, William Private I, 22 Cavalry Admah Pennsylvania
Hazlett, R. M. Private G, 206 Infantry Strang Pennsylvania
Hazlett, Robert C. Captain C, Bltz Ind Lt Art Lincoln Pennsylvania
Hedden, Arthur D. Private A, 52 & E 188 Inf Alma Pennsylvania
Hedge, J. C. Private H, 2 Cavalry Fairfield Pennsylvania
Hefflebower, E. W. Private F, 207 Osceola Pennsylvania
Hefner, J. C. Private 78 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Heikes, Wm Private F, 126 Beatrice Pennsylvania
Heine, A. J. Private L, 198 Vol Infantry Hooper Pennsylvania
Heine, John F. Private D, 198 Vol Infantry Hooper Pennsylvania
Helman, J. F. Private H, 22 Cavalry Republican Cy Pennsylvania
Helmevick, Fred Private E, 11 Stanton Pennsylvania
Hemperley, Geo L. Serg Major 200 Wymore Pennsylvania
Hemphill, R. C. Sergeant F, 13 Beatrice Pennsylvania
Henderson, I. D. Private K, 211 Infantry Arcadia Pennsylvania
Henry, B. F. Private H, 20 Infantry Moulton Pennsylvania
Henry, W. W. Private C, 158 Infantry Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Hensmyer, Charles Private D, 133 Bula Pennsylvania
Hepperlin, John Private C, 5 Cavalry Jansen Pennsylvania
Herb, John Private K, 51 O'Neill Pennsylvania
Herbison, John Private A, 61 Infantry Franklin Pennsylvania
Herron, Lee Private C, 83 Infantry St Paul Pennsylvania
Hershiser, H. J. Private C, 54 O'Neill Pennsylvania
Herzkee, Fred Private O, 28 Omaha Pennsylvania
Hess, C. Private B, 129 Omaha Pennsylvania
Heston, G. W. Private C, 71 Omaha Pennsylvania
Hetaick Private E, 84 Infantry Wahoo Pennsylvania
Hetrick, S. S. Private H, 125 Raymond Pennsylvania
Hetrick, W. Private H, 58 Infantry Kennard Pennsylvania
Hibbert, T. E. Private A, 137 Adams Pennsylvania
Hibbert, T. E. Corporal C, 2 Artillery Adams Pennsylvania
High, R. P. 1 Sergeant H, 213 Lebanon Pennsylvania
Hilliard, John Private H, 155 Infantry Ericson Pennsylvania
Hilliard, John Private H, 155 Infantry Ericson Pennsylvania
Hillier, Harvey   A, 145 North Platte Pennsylvania
Hillman, O. J. Sergeant H, 11 Hayes Centre Pennsylvania
Hilton, M. L. Corporal L, 51 Lincoln Pennsylvania
Hinman, M. H. Corporal D, 171 Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Hirst, F. M. Corporal A, 22 Archer Pennsylvania
Hoagland, J. P. Corporal H, 131 Infantry Hastings Pennsylvania
Hoenshell, David Private B, 142 Infantry Greenwood Pennsylvania
Hoffman, Conrad Private K, 202 Infantry Central City Pennsylvania
Hoffman, John Private H, 88 Infantry Chambers Pennsylvania
Hoffman, Joseph Corporal B, 6 Dodge Pennsylvania
Hoffman, T. B. Private A, 34 Infantry Dannebrog Pennsylvania
Hogue, Lewis Private G, 83 Gordon Pennsylvania
Hohnbaum, C. F. Corporal D, 148 Waco Pennsylvania
Hohnbaum, William Private L, 3 Artillery Waco Pennsylvania
Holder, D. Private Home Guards Butler Pennsylvania
Hollenbeck, C. Private D, 207 Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Holmes, F. W. 1 Sergeant B, 100 Vol Hastings Pennsylvania
Horsh, J. C. Private C, 122 Infantry Eagle Pennsylvania
Horten, Jonathan Private C, 133 Infantry Fairmont Pennsylvania
Houck, D. B. Private E, 84 Omaha Pennsylvania
Houser, W. H. Private H, 97 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Howe, W. H. Private F, 2 & 55 Infantry Howells Pennsylvania
Hower, Chas S.   E, 7 Cavalry Sidney Pennsylvania
Howorth, John   K, 13 Cavalry Odessa Pennsylvania
Hudson, Hosea Lieutenant C, 210 Chappell Pennsylvania
Hughes, J. H. Corporal I, 21 Cavalry North Loup Pennsylvania
Hughes, J. W. Private I, 133 Infantry Hebron Pennsylvania
Humbert, York Corporal A, 83 Infantry Farnam Pennsylvania
Hunt, James Private C, 51 Infantry Douglas Pennsylvania
Hursh, J. R. Private I, & B, 145 Cavalry Hastings Pennsylvania
Hutchman, William Private E, 63 Pawnee City Pennsylvania
Hutsell, Josiah Corporal G, 61 Infantry Hampton Pennsylvania
Ikenburg, Adam Private G, 83 Infantry Jordan Pennsylvania
Ingles, J. W. Private A, 85 Infantry Pleasant Hill Pennsylvania
Irwin, William Private L, 17 Cavalry Mt Clare Pennsylvania
Jacoby, Franklin Private G, 198 Infantry Crawford Pennsylvania
Jacox, John Private B, 105 Infantry Thurman Pennsylvania
Jayne, Wm H. Private C, 6 Reserves Axtell Pennsylvania
Jaynes, J. J. Private I, 201 Omaha Pennsylvania
Jenkins, John Private 44 Omaha Pennsylvania
Johns, L. G. Corporal C, 47 Infantry Seward Pennsylvania
Johnson, J. P. Private A, 1st Bat Art Bladen Pennsylvania
Johnson, John Private F, 178 Infantry Lancaster Pennsylvania
Johnson, W. H. Private H, 2 Cavalry Ceresco Pennsylvania
Johnson, Wm Private G, 52 Infantry Springfield Pennsylvania
Johnston, Simeon Private D, 14 Cavalry Juniata Pennsylvania
Jordan, John J. Private D, 99 Infantry Exeter Pennsylvania
Jordan, Wm T. Private C, 76 Bliss Pennsylvania
Kaley, A. H. Private I, 53 Infantry Red Cloud Pennsylvania
Kasson, H. D. Sergeant B, 52 Infantry North Loup Pennsylvania
Kearns, Delos Private     Pennsylvania
Keefeaver, David Private   Hazard Pennsylvania
Keeley, W. W. Private A, 154 Infantry Goehner Pennsylvania
Keffer, Henry Private K, 12 Cavalry Lincoln Pennsylvania
Keikhaum, C. E. Sergeant   Ceresco Pennsylvania
Keister, Wm A. Corporal I, 125 Infantry Norden Pennsylvania
Keller, Wm Sergeant E, 1 Buck Tails Juniata Pennsylvania
Kelley, D. R. Private H, 208 Diller Pennsylvania
Kelley, Wm Sergeant     Pennsylvania
Kelly, J. R. Private A, 116 Clarks Pennsylvania
Kelso, Joseph Private G, 100 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Kembel, Claus Private   Minden Pennsylvania
Kendall, A. C. Private C, 149 Infantry Bassett Pennsylvania
Kent, H. E. Private H, 3 Artillery Grand Island Pennsylvania
Kepford, John Private     Pennsylvania
Kerkwood, James Private B, 13 Cavalry Raymond Pennsylvania
Kern, W. Private H, 28 Infantry Osmond Pennsylvania
Kerney, F. Private F, 14 Cavalry Silver Creek Pennsylvania
Kerr, Robt Private   Culbertson Pennsylvania
Kessel, Francis J. Corporal G, 98 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Kiester, H. C. Private A, 88 Infantry St Edward Pennsylvania
Kilgore, Wm Private G, 103 Infantry Ulysses Pennsylvania
Kinch, E. S. Private   O'Neill Pennsylvania
King, J. N. Corporal D, 1 Rifles P R V C David City Pennsylvania
Kintsel, S. H. Private D, 169 Infantry Stanford Pennsylvania
Kirkpatrick, M. S. Private C, 105 Alliston Pennsylvania
Kitzmiller, A. Private I, 107 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Kleinsmith, Daniel Private D, 104 Infantry Newport Pennsylvania
Kline, Harmon Private F, 103 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Knittle, James Corporal D, 150 Lincoln Pennsylvania
Knorr, Joseph Private C, 143 Callaway Pennsylvania
Koplin, Samuel Private I, 130 Infantry Syracuse Pennsylvania
Koppenhoper, Jeremiah Private K, 14 Infantry Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Kreitz, W. A. Private 153 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Kretzer, George Corporal   Mayberry Pennsylvania
Krise, P. J. Private E, 2 Artillery Neligh Pennsylvania
Lafferty, J. W. Sergeant G, 12 Cavalry Wisner Pennsylvania
Langenhan, Henry Private D, 107 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Langsdorg, Joseph L. Sergeant H, Light Artillery Davenport Pennsylvania
Lanma, Chittick Private I, 152 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Lantz, Henry Private I, 107 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Lanver, Chas R. Private G, 49 Infantry Rising City Pennsylvania
Larmon, John Musician I, 55 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Larmon, Wm S. Sergeant I, 55 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Lathrop, Hiram Private F, 52 Infantry Burress Pennsylvania
Lawhead, John Private   Oconto Pennsylvania
Laycock, J. B. Lieutenant F, 7 Infantry Chappell Pennsylvania
Leas, Wm Private K, 15 Cavalry   Pennsylvania
Lee, J. C. Sergeant A, 141 Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Leedom, J. B. Private   Columbus Pennsylvania
Lehman, Jesse Private E, 2 Infantry Lincoln Pennsylvania
Leidigh, Aaron N. Private C, 153 Infantry Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Leonard, A. G. Private H, 46 Infantry Geneva Pennsylvania
Lewis, E. H. Private E, 145 Eustis Pennsylvania
Lewis, George Private A, 2 Cavalry   Pennsylvania
Lilley, Joseph Private B, 172 Infantry Prosser Pennsylvania
Linn, A. E. Asst Surgeon 207 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Lippencott, James Private F, 77 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Lippincott, G. Private C, 104 Memphis Pennsylvania
Litterman, Paul Private K, 67 Infantry Gibbon Pennsylvania
Logan, H. C. Corporal H, 125 Cavalry Germantown Pennsylvania
Logan, John A. Corporal A, 5 H Artillery   Pennsylvania
Lohr, Henry Private K, 18 Cavalry   Pennsylvania
Long, J. J.   C, 139 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Longsdorf, H. A. Captain A, 158 Infantry Bellevue Pennsylvania
Lord, John R. Private H, 88 Infantry Milton Pennsylvania
Loucks, Joseph Private K, 211 Blue Springs Pennsylvania
Love, G. Captain A, 48 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Lovell, John R. Private   Bazile Mills Pennsylvania
Lowcumer, George Private C, 195 Farnam Pennsylvania
Lucas, Thos 1 Lieutenant F, 1 Cavalry Central City Pennsylvania
Lucas, W. S. Private B, 105 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Lucke, Wm L. Private K, 106 Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Lucke, Wm M. Private F, 106 Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Luddington, Horace W. Maj Sergeant     Pennsylvania
Lumadue, S. M. Private A, 116 Clarks Pennsylvania
Lydic, R. L. Private K, 84 Infantry Farnam Pennsylvania
Lyman, T. W. Private E, 9 Cavalry Hooper Pennsylvania

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