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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Pennsylvania Enlistees, M - Z

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Maer, James Private E, 142 Infantry Brainard Pennsylvania
Mahaffey, J. M. Private C, 1 Bat, Art Bennet Pennsylvania
Maker, Matthew T. Private K, 205 Vol Endicott Pennsylvania
Mank, Jacob F. Private C, 3 Artillery Broken Bow Pennsylvania
Marely, D. E. Private B, 101 Decatur Pennsylvania
Marks, John A. Private G, 12 Infantry Bromfield Pennsylvania
Marks, Jonas Private   Benedict Pennsylvania
Marr, Lorenzo Private D, 166 Culbertson Pennsylvania
Marshall, Jas S. Corporal D, 169 Infantry Garrison Pennsylvania
Martin, Adam Private G, 14 Infantry Brownville Pennsylvania
Mason, Joseph Private L, 3 Heavy Art Newport Pennsylvania
Matchett, Edward Private G, 91 Infantry Pheobe Pennsylvania
Matthews, Edw Corporal D, 106 Infantry   Pennsylvania
McCall, Oliver 2 Lieutenant A, 103 Infantry Red Cloud Pennsylvania
McCall, Silvester Private A, 103 Infantry Red Cloud Pennsylvania
McCann, Thomas Private K, 100 Richland Pennsylvania
McCarnnon, John S. Private Bat H. 6 Art Kearney Pennsylvania
McCartney, J. S. Private   Lowell Pennsylvania
McClay, James Private B, 26 Infantry Aurora Pennsylvania
McCleanland, R. T. Sergeant M, 9 Cavalry Lincoln Pennsylvania
McClure, H. W. Private   Holman Pennsylvania
McCoy, P. R. Sergeant I, 18 Cavalry   Pennsylvania
McCready, R. J. Private K, 10 Reserves Pawnee City Pennsylvania
McCreary, James Sergeant F, 100 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
McCulley, William Private H, 4 Cavalry Plattsmouth Pennsylvania
McCune, J. W. Private E, 105   Pennsylvania
McCurdy, Wm J. Lieutenant E, 2 Vet Artillery Waterloo Pennsylvania
McCutchen, ---- Captain   Box Butte Pennsylvania
McDonard, Alex Private   Harmony Pennsylvania
McDowell, C. F. Private A, 169 Infantry Gordon Pennsylvania
McElhoes, J. S. Corporal K, 14 Cavalry Madson Pennsylvania
McFarling, Josiah Private   Columbus Pennsylvania
McGrew, Geo S. Private E, 105 London Pennsylvania
McGugin, David Private   Wolworth Pennsylvania
McGuown, W. L. Private   Columbus Pennsylvania
McGuown, W. L. Sergeant C, 1 Cavalry Columbus Pennsylvania
McGuown, W. L. Sergeant C, 206 Columbus Pennsylvania
McIntyre, Jesse Private D, 136 Burwell Pennsylvania
McIntyre, William H. Private K, 14 Cavalry Raymond Pennsylvania
McKain, Joseph Private B, 123 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
McKean, J. S. Private A, 139 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
McKee, John H. Captain A, 105 Beaver City Pennsylvania
McKernan, John Private   O'Neill Pennsylvania
McKinney, J. C. Corporal I, 141 Infantry Minden Pennsylvania
McMichael, Alonzo   G, 155 Infantry North Platte Pennsylvania
McNamara, A. J. Private K, 111 Infantry Wabash Pennsylvania
McQuillan, Mr. Private     Pennsylvania
McShindle, George Private H, 140   Pennsylvania
Mellott, Hiram Private H, 222 Cavalry Arborville Pennsylvania
Mentzee, Charles Private   Schuyler Pennsylvania
Merrick, H. J. Private B, 111 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Messorly, Jacob Private E, 4 Infantry Prosser Pennsylvania
Meyer, Isaac S. Private A, 7 Cavalry Hendley Pennsylvania
Meyer, John L. Private C, 137 Infantry Lublin Pennsylvania
Meyer, Joseph Private F, 99 Infantry Glenville Pennsylvania
Meyer, Joseph Private I, 26 Infantry Glenville Pennsylvania
Meyers, Henry P. Corporal   Wilsonville Pennsylvania
Mikesell, S. P. Private A, 26 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Milford, G. W. Sergeant C, 40 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Millard, W. W. Sergeant B, 353 Beaver City Pennsylvania
Miller, Alfred Private K, 1 Cavalry West Point Pennsylvania
Miller, J. M. 2 Lieutenant     Pennsylvania
Miller, Lyman S. Private D, 140 McCook Pennsylvania
Miller, Robert Private A, 62 Infantry Aurora Pennsylvania
Miller, Samuel Sergeant I, 7 Reserves Swanton Pennsylvania
Miller, William Sergeant H, 93 Infantry Benedict Pennsylvania
Miller, William Private K, 1 Cavalry West Point Pennsylvania
Mingle, E. J. Private H, 213 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Minnick, J. W. Private C, 130 Raymond Pennsylvania
Minor, A. J. Private H, 15 Cavalry Nelson Pennsylvania
Mitchell, H. H. Private E, 168 McCook Pennsylvania
Mitchell, Thomas Private D, 29 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Mock, William Private I, 91 Infantry Fairfield Pennsylvania
Montgomery, A. C. Private B, 83 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Montgomery, Saml Private F, 188 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Montgomery, Wm M. Private I, 139 Sumrfld, Kan Pennsylvania
Moore, C. E. Private K, 202 Cropsey Pennsylvania
Moore, Frank Private C, 16 Cavalry Arlington Pennsylvania
Moore, J. M. Private A, 11 Cavalry Elwood Pennsylvania
Moore, J. M. Private B, 147 Cavalry   Pennsylvania
Moore, J. W. Private   Pawnee City Pennsylvania
Moore, Jno W. 2 Sergeant   Waterloo Pennsylvania
Moore, Oscar J. Private F, 125 Infantry Palmyra Pennsylvania
Morgan, T. D. Private   Trenton Pennsylvania
Morre, C. W. Surgeon   Sterling Pennsylvania
Morris, James S. Corporal A, 22 Vol Cav Endicott Pennsylvania
Moser, Geo W. Private F, 153 Infantry Rising City Pennsylvania
Moses, A. H. Private F, 168 Infantry St Paul Pennsylvania
Mullhollan, D. B. Private   Brady Island Pennsylvania
Mullihan, G. D. Sergeant D, 17 Light Art Paddock Pennsylvania
Mullin, S. C. Private E, 107 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Muman, L. H. Corporal L, 102 Infantry Tobias Pennsylvania
Murphy, M. Private H, 177 Spaulding Pennsylvania
Murphy, Thos Corporal H, 67 I V Univ Place Pennsylvania
Murray, John 1 Sergeant G, 90 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Murry, J. P. Private   Beatrice Pennsylvania
Musselman, A. M. Private   Rushville Pennsylvania
Myers, G. H. Private H, 21 Cavalry Crab Orchard Pennsylvania
Myers, John E. Private     Pennsylvania
Nace, W. H. Teamster Bailey Wagon Mastr.   Pennsylvania
Neeley, David Private   Atkinson Pennsylvania
Neighbor, E. G. Sergeant   Benkelman Pennsylvania
Nelson, Joseph Private   Shelby Pennsylvania
Newberry, John S. Private   Allison Pennsylvania
Newcomer, Clark Corporal B, 22 Cavalry Central City Pennsylvania
Newkirk, Ferdinand Private D, 5 Artillery Fremont Pennsylvania
Nichols, F. W.   B, 202 Odessa Pennsylvania
Nichols, John W. Private K, 150 Cavalry   Pennsylvania
Nisley, J. A. Private   Lexington Pennsylvania
Noble, C. J. Private I, 6 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Nutcher, John Private A, 9 Res Kearney Pennsylvania
O'Brien, P. Private I, 118 Hastings Pennsylvania
O'Rourke, J. J. Private   Cottonw'd Sps Pennsylvania
Ohtwiler, John     Germantown Pennsylvania
Olliver, Samuel J. Lieutenant C, 29 Infantry Maywood Pennsylvania
Olliver, Samuel J. Lieutenant C, 29 Infantry Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Olliver, W. J. Private I, 84 Infantry Wilsonville Pennsylvania
Osborn, J. A. Lieutenant C, 29 Infantry   Pennsylvania
Ottemiller, Fred Private K, 166 Infantry Thornburg Pennsylvania
Overton, M. V. Private G, 2 Artillery Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Overton, S. C. Private 11 H Artillery Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Paden, James Private C, 84 Infantry Cowles Pennsylvania
Pardoe, J. H. Private 141 Infantry Republican Cy Pennsylvania
Park, Samuel Corporal E, 11 Infantry Norfolk Pennsylvania
Park, Wm Private H, 140 Infantry Petersburg Pennsylvania
Parks, T. B. Lieutenant G, 149 Raymond Pennsylvania
Patterson, A. W. Sergeant A, 1 Cavalry Milford Pennsylvania
Patterson, J. J. Captain D, 148 Infantry Milford Pennsylvania
Peale, Franklin Private G, 118 North Platte Pennsylvania
Pearce, M. H. Private K, 203 Ives Pennsylvania
Peck, J. M. Private C, 102 Friend Pennsylvania
Peck, Thos J. Private D, 8 Cavalry Shelton Pennsylvania
Pell, Henry H. Private B, 9 Cavalry North Platte Pennsylvania
Pembleton, M. L.   A, 104 Infantry York Pennsylvania
Pennington, Daniel Private H, 130 Imperial Pennsylvania
Pentico, Matthew Private F, 5 H Artillery Weep'g Water Pennsylvania
Person, Edwin Corporal K, 47 Infantry Dodge Pennsylvania
Person, Stephen Private A, 15 Infantry West Point Pennsylvania
Peter, Frederick Private G, 5 H Artillery Moorefield Pennsylvania
Peterson, John Private D, 1 Cavalry Unadilla Pennsylvania
Peterson, John Private E, 47 Infantry Hastings Pennsylvania
Peterson, Nathan O. Private B, 102 Infantry Plainview Pennsylvania
Petty, G. M. Sergeant C, 15 Infantry North Loup Pennsylvania
Phelps, George Private H, 17 Cavalry Cambridge Pennsylvania
Phenice, S. C. Private F, 57 Trenton Pennsylvania
Phillipi, Wm F. Private H, 1 Bat Davenport Pennsylvania
Phillips, Charles H. Private K, 149 Infantry Exeter Pennsylvania
Pinkerton, J. T. Private A, 34 Hemingford Pennsylvania
Pinkerton, Joseph Private E, 105 Infantry Marquette Pennsylvania
Piper, Ezra Private I, 198 Lyons Pennsylvania
Piper, Jonathan Private I, 9 Lyons Pennsylvania
Piper, Louis Private I, 198 Lyons Pennsylvania
Pixler, Wm Private A, 87 Regular Garrison Pennsylvania
Pletcher, J. C. Private D, 105 Neligh Pennsylvania
Plummer, T. J. Private B, 139 Pawnee City Pennsylvania
Porter, A. J. 2 Lieutenant H, 55 Infantry Sawyer Pennsylvania
Posterwait, Samuel Private B, 47 Wakefield Pennsylvania
Powell, David Private K, 134 Infantry Vermillion, SD Pennsylvania
Powers, J. F. Sergeant K, 10 Infantry Hay Springs Pennsylvania
Powers, Thomas Private E, 63 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Price, Jacob Private E, 138 Infantry Arlington Pennsylvania
Pryor, Lewis W. Corporal G, 81 Infantry Fairbury Pennsylvania
Raber, Lew W. Private D, 194 Omaha Pennsylvania
Rafferty, M. H. Private K, 129 Creighton Pennsylvania
Ralston, E. D. Private F, 21 Cavalry Schuyler Pennsylvania
Ramich, William Sergeant G, 88 Minden Pennsylvania
Raum, Wm J. A. Private A, 22 Crawford Pennsylvania
Raum, Wm J. A. Private D, 2d Artillery Crawford Pennsylvania
Ray, J. M. Private F, 76 Eagle Pennsylvania
Rebucks, S. F.   K, 172 Howe Pennsylvania
Reed, B. E. Sergeant I, 30 Infantry Norfolk Pennsylvania
Reed, David Private I Omaha Pennsylvania
Reed, E. H. Private C, 214 Infantry Paul Pennsylvania
Reed, J. E. Corporal C, 199 & H, 130 Inf Bennet Pennsylvania
Reisinger, E. Private D, 149 Infantry York Pennsylvania
Remaly, E. Private H, 153 Palmyra Pennsylvania
Resh, Jeremiah Private 153 Vol Lawrence Pennsylvania
Reynolds, Chas F. Private C, 88 Infantry Cowels Pennsylvania
Reynolds, Jas D. Private C, 88 Infantry Blue Hill Pennsylvania
Rhoades, S. A. Private G, 63 Infantry Norden Pennsylvania
Rhodes, D. E. Private C, 150 Infantry St Paul Pennsylvania
Rhodes, D. J. Captain C, 42 Omaha Pennsylvania
Rice, S. H. Sergeant H, 7 Cavalry Milford Pennsylvania
Richardson, Geo S. Private F, 145 Inf and 53 Alliance Pennsylvania
Rider, J. W. Private H, 47 Artillery Arborville Pennsylvania
Ring, H. E. Private H, 2 Cavalry Raymond Pennsylvania
Rish, Joseph Private C, 47 Creighton Pennsylvania
Roach, John   H, 23 Infantry Odessa Pennsylvania
Robb, W. C. Sergeant C, 134 Infantry Carlisle Pennsylvania
Robinson, Elijah Sergeant F, 41 Niobrara Pennsylvania
Robinson, James K. Private A, 22 Cavalry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Robinson, Jno A. Private A, 111 Infantry Guide Rock Pennsylvania
Robinson, L. Sergeant I, 141 Infantry Riverton Pennsylvania
Rodgers, Madison 1 Lieutenant K, 152 Infantry Geneva Pennsylvania
Rogers, A. Musician 149 Elmwood Pennsylvania
Rogers, Henry Private L, 3 Cavalry Fremont Pennsylvania
Rohrbach       Pennsylvania
Rohrer, John H. Private Infantry Cedar Rapids Pennsylvania
Rordocker, Geo Sergeant C, 41 Infantry Gothenburg Pennsylvania
Royce, Benjamin A. Private A, 5 Vol Cavalry Fairbury Pennsylvania
Royer, Joel B. Private 149 Elmwood Pennsylvania
Rugg, W. F. Private D, 143 Infantry Newport Pennsylvania
Rumbarger, David Private D, 188 Infantry Alda Pennsylvania
Rupert, John G. Private C, 159 Infantry Bassett Pennsylvania
Ruple, Joseph Private A, 47 Beaver City Pennsylvania
Samuel, Walker   F, 75 Crete Pennsylvania
Samuel, Walker   F, 75 Crete Pennsylvania
Schisler, Samuel Corporal D, 202 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Schittler, Otto Private 129 Reg Plattsmouth Pennsylvania
Schittler, Otto Private 27   Pennsylvania
Schlegel, B. F. Private H, 46 Kenesaw Pennsylvania
Schlopman, Joseph Private H, 184 Infantry Arnold Pennsylvania
Schmidt, Carl Corporal I, 75 Springfield Pennsylvania
Schreckengast, Samuel Private K, 127 Infantry Sutton Pennsylvania
Scofield, R. H. Private Infantry Madison Pennsylvania
Scott, R. W. Private D, 6 Cheney Pennsylvania
Scott, R. W. Private D, 6 Cheney Pennsylvania
Scrantz, Samuel Private F, 153 Belgrade Pennsylvania
Shall, J. H. Sergeant I, 103 Infantry Unadilla Pennsylvania
Shamberger, Philo H. Private A, 7 Infantry Fairbury Pennsylvania
Shane, Timothy Private H, 13 Orchard Pennsylvania
Shanlis, Ed M. 5 Corporal C, 67 Pa U I Hardy Pennsylvania
Shawl, Simon Private G, 63 Infantry Beaver City Pennsylvania
Shelby, A. S. Sergeant G, 47 Infantry Stockville Pennsylvania
Sheldon, E. C. Private B, 137 Infantry St Paul Pennsylvania
Shenberger, William W. Private M, 1 Pro M Vol Aurora Pennsylvania
Shenberger, William W. Private M, 20 Cavalry Aurora Pennsylvania
Shepard, C. A. Private E, 12 Cavalry Shickley Pennsylvania
Sherer, James W. Sergeant F, 167 Infantry West Point Pennsylvania
Sherman, R. M. Private I, 38 Ashland Pennsylvania
Sherrick, J. H. C. Private F, 201 Infantry Inland Pennsylvania
Shiebley, T. J. Private B, 1 Rifles Ponca Pennsylvania
Shiley, S. L. Private B, 208 Thayer Pennsylvania
Shoemaker, B. H. Sergeant B, 132 Raymond Pennsylvania
Shoemaker, B. H. Sergeant B, 132 Raymond Pennsylvania
Short, A. M. Private C, 211 Infantry Gibbon Pennsylvania
Showers, Saml H. Private E, 15 Cavalry Linwood Pennsylvania
Shriver, I. T. Corporal F, 116, & H, 74 North Bend Pennsylvania
Shuable, Jeremiah Private H, 3 Bookwalter Pennsylvania
Shuch, G. W. Private A, 2 Cavalry Alexandria Pennsylvania
Shuman, J. Private 137 Cavalry Lushton Pennsylvania
Silbert, Solomon Private 144 Beaver City Pennsylvania
Simons, H. V. Private C, 4 Cavalry Red Cloud Pennsylvania
Simons, Thomas Private K, 54 Infantry O'Neill Pennsylvania
Simpson, M. Private H, 97 Infantry Elwood Pennsylvania
Singleton, John   E, 136 Infantry North Platte Pennsylvania
Singley, William Private K, 194 Cambridge Pennsylvania
Sinil, W. F. Private M, 3 Cavalry Gandy Pennsylvania
Sisson, Geo W. Private F, 169 Raymond Pennsylvania
Sisson, George W. Private F, 169 Raymond Pennsylvania
Skadden, W. S. Private D, 149 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Skinner, John Private G Gresham Pennsylvania
Slack, J. R. Corporal K, 22 Cavalry Minden Pennsylvania
Slack, Joseph M. Private K, 22 Cavalry Hartwell Pennsylvania
Smead, P. F. Private F, 46 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Smith, Aaron Private 49 Infantry Central City Pennsylvania
Smith, August Private K, 28 Platte Centre Pennsylvania
Smith, B. C. Private A, 184 Omaha Pennsylvania
Smith, Edwin Private A, 132 Infantry Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Smith, F. M. Private C, 131 Vol Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Smith, Fred Private D, 45 Infantry Atkinson Pennsylvania
Smith, George Private H, 107 Tekamah Pennsylvania
Smith, H. W. Private E, 93 Infantry Ord Pennsylvania
Smith, Henry D. Private B, 100 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Smith, J. B. Private K, 12 Jackson Pennsylvania
Smith, J. N. Private A, 207 Infantry Colon Pennsylvania
Smith, J. P. Private I, 17 Cavalry York Pennsylvania
Smith, John Private F, 100 Infantry Shelton Pennsylvania
Smith, M. I. Private I, 2 Infantry Boone Pennsylvania
Smith, Samuel Private 142 Franklin Pennsylvania
Smith, Willard R. Private L, 3 Artillery Tate Pennsylvania
Smithson, William Private E, 3 H Artillery Shickley Pennsylvania
Smtih, Isaac Private C, 128 Juniata Pennsylvania
Smullen, R. S. Private D, 103 Raymond Pennsylvania
Smullen, R. S. Private D, 103 Raymond Pennsylvania
Sneath, R. Private G, 2 Reserves Omaha Pennsylvania
Sneath, Robert Private A, 191 Cavalry Pender Pennsylvania
Snively, S. H. Private I, 21 Cavalry Hastings Pennsylvania
Snively, Samuel H. Private 1 Infantry Hastings Pennsylvania
Snoke, Samuel Private H, 3 Cavalry Highland Pennsylvania
Snyder, Alem Private C, 2 Cavalry St Paul Pennsylvania
Snyder, F. L. Private C, 53 Tekamah Pennsylvania
Solmon, John Private K, 4 Welch P O Pennsylvania
Sorrick, L. L. Private I, 3 Cavalry Geneva Pennsylvania
Sotler, Robert D. Private G, 4 Cavalry Ives Pennsylvania
Southwell, W. B. Private H, 143 Gibbon Pennsylvania
Sowle, D. W. Private B, 3 Reserves Pawnee City Pennsylvania
Spade, William Private G, 147 Juniata Pennsylvania
Spanoyle, D. B. 2 Lieutenant I, 49 Infantry Red Cloud Pennsylvania
Spencer, Samuel Private G, 143 Infantry Ord Pennsylvania
Spotswod, M. L. Private B, 105 Infantry Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Sreeves, Daniel Private G, 76 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Stabler, J. M. Private F, 138 Neligh Pennsylvania
Staley, F. M. Private A, 74 Infantry York Pennsylvania
Stanley, John S. Private D, 11 Pa Reserves Nora Pennsylvania
Steadman, Dow Private 18 Cavalry Prosser Pennsylvania
Stear, John K. Private A, 78 Cozad Pennsylvania
Steen, N. T. Private D, 18 Silver Creek Pennsylvania
Sterns, John Private B, 28 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Stewart, David Private B, 158 Infantry Swanton Pennsylvania
Stewart, Robert Private F, 82 Infantry Phillips Pennsylvania
Stinger, Peter Private C, 98 Culbertson Pennsylvania
Stoke, D. A. Sergeant D, 103 Infantry Douglas Pennsylvania
Stonerook, Aron B. Private B, 110 Infantry Fairmont Pennsylvania
Stover, Geo W. Private 151 Infantry Kenesaw Pennsylvania
Strayer, A. K. Private G, 111 North Bend Pennsylvania
Strayer, Daniel Private F, 11 Cavalry Vermillion, SD Pennsylvania
Strayer, S. L. Private A, 148 Infantry Shickley Pennsylvania
Strickler, J. B. Lieutenant C, 2 Infantry Auburn Pennsylvania
Strobridge, Henry A. Private E, 58 Champion Pennsylvania
Stroop, John L. Private C, 100 Benkelman Pennsylvania
Stuckey, John S. Private D, 138 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Sturdevant, D. G. Private F, 52 Gibbon Pennsylvania
Sumny, John T. Private G, 140 Beaver City Pennsylvania
Swank, E. Private E, 133 Infantry Marquette Pennsylvania
Swartz, F. Private D, 35 Infantry Seward Pennsylvania
Swartzlander, Jacob Private 104 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Sweet, Franklin Captain E, 62 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Swisher, D. M. Private C, 2 Cavalry Kearney Pennsylvania
Swisher, D. M. Private L, 14 Cavalry Kearney Pennsylvania
Switzer, James H. Private H, 24 V R C Emerick Pennsylvania
Switzer, James H. Private K, 148 Infantry Emerick Pennsylvania
Sykes, William Teamster F, 4 H Artillery Hebron Pennsylvania
Sylvis, James Private D, 105 Tekamah Pennsylvania
Sypher, Abraham Private D, 36 Lushton Pennsylvania
Taggert, Milton Private G, 100 Hay Springs Pennsylvania
Taver, J. S. C. Private 23 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Taylor, A. J. Private B, 85 Infantry Newport Pennsylvania
Taylor, J. M. Private K, 100 Omaha Pennsylvania
Taylor, John W. Corporal H, 186 Curtis Pennsylvania
Taylor, Thomas A. Private F, 8 Vol Grand Island Pennsylvania
Taylor, W. M. Sergeant M, 3 Bartley Pennsylvania
Templeton, T. A. Corporal C, 139 Vol Kenesaw Pennsylvania
Tennant, John V. Private F, 141 Minden Pennsylvania
Thomas, I. Private K, 165 Infantry Alexandria Pennsylvania
Thomas, John Private A, 101 Infantry Ansley Pennsylvania
Thomas, Joseph Captain H, 77 Infantry Ohiowa Pennsylvania
Thompson, F. M. Private I, 6 Reserves Juniata Pennsylvania
Thompson, J. C. Corporal D, 187 Reg Trenton Pennsylvania
Thompson, John S., Jr. Private F, 55 Infantry Fairmont Pennsylvania
Thompson, S. F. Private A, 100 Infantry Wood River Pennsylvania
Thompson, Silas B. 1 Sergeant A, 124 Infantry Fairmont Pennsylvania
Thorp, John Private I, 179 Infantry Verona Pennsylvania
Tiffany, Cyrus Private E, 188 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Tonkinson, John Private A, 7 Cavalry Havelock Pennsylvania
Townsend, A. H. Private A, 11 Cavalry Stratton Pennsylvania
Townsley, Thomas Private Knapp's Ind Bat Bromfield Pennsylvania
Townsley, Wm Private A, 101 Infantry Harvard Pennsylvania
Trine, Daniel Private G, 145 Infantry Blue Hill Pennsylvania
Trivilpiece, Wm Private B, 2 H Artillery Butler Pennsylvania
Trout, E. P. Private G, 58 Lucile Pennsylvania
Truax, Daniel Private C, 82 Cody Pennsylvania
Turner, J. S. Private A, 211 Crab Orchard Pennsylvania
Ulch, George Private F, 16 Cavalry Palmyra Pennsylvania
Unger, M. L. Private K, 21 Vol Cavalry Nelson Pennsylvania
Upugh, S. W. Private A, 2 Artillery North Loup Pennsylvania
Van Dusen, Thomas Private E, 141 Lowell Pennsylvania
Vance, Alexander Private A, 85 Infantry Milford Pennsylvania
Vickroy, Orin G. Sergeant D, 55 Infantry Omaha Pennsylvania
Waggoner, A. Private C, 158 Diller Pennsylvania
Wagoner, John Bugler M, 9 Cavalry Central City Pennsylvania
Walker, C. T. Private C, 49 Hartwell Pennsylvania
Walker, Thomas B. Com Sergt E, 14 Atkinson Pennsylvania
Wallace, H. J. Private F, 6 Reserve Inf Talmage Pennsylvania
Wallace, Jas Corporal C, 2 Cavalry Cozad Pennsylvania
Wallace, Samuel T. Private M, 9 Cavalry Gordon Pennsylvania
Walsey, W. Private C, 145 Beatrice Pennsylvania
Walter, Jacob Private A, 2 Infantry Rising City Pennsylvania
Walters, S. C. Private   Lincoln Pennsylvania
Walters, W. W.       Pennsylvania
Ward, Caldwell, B. Private I, 53 Inantry Orleans Pennsylvania
Wareham, Jas K. Corporal Bat E, Lt Art Cozad Pennsylvania
Warner, W. W. Private F, 106 Enterprise Pennsylvania
Warner, William Private I, 158 Stromsburg Pennsylvania
Warrick, John Private I, 205 Infantry Blair Pennsylvania
Watson, Thomas Private C, 88 Infantry Schuyler Pennsylvania
Watterman, O. D. Sergeant I, 51 Trenton Pennsylvania
Weaver, B. E. Private H, 133 Infantry Bennet Pennsylvania
Weber, W. D. Private K, 25 Infantry Fremont Pennsylvania
Webster, C. S. Private H, 5 Osceola Pennsylvania
Webster, Samuel E. Private K, Infantry Burwell Pennsylvania
Weckerly, W. E. Private K, 148 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Wehn, John W. Private G, 192 Infantry Lincoln Pennsylvania
Wehn, John W. J. Private G, 192 Infantry Wilber Pennsylvania
Weimer, John R. Corporal C, 54 Vol Infantry Hardy Pennsylvania
Wensel, P. B. Private H, 105 Infantry Gibbon Pennsylvania
West, J. B. 1 Sergeant E, 11 Cavalry Omaha Pennsylvania
Westphal, Daniel C. Corporal D, 151 Vol Infantry Glencoe Pennsylvania
Wheeler, Hubbard Private D, 145 Infantry Grand Island Pennsylvania
Wheeler, Robert Private E, 112 Osceola Pennsylvania
Whipkey, J. B. Private C, 61 Infantry Carleton Pennsylvania
White, David Private G, 104 Ravenna Pennsylvania
White, Edwin M. 1 Sergeant A, 141 Vol Harrisburg Pennsylvania
White, John Private G, 176 Infantry Wisner Pennsylvania
Whitmoyer, M. Captain E, 132 Columbus Pennsylvania
Wiall, Silas E. Private C, 3 Artillery Omaha Pennsylvania
Wickham, John Corporal F, 9 Cavalry Kearney Pennsylvania
Wiggins, A. L. Private 206 Omaha Pennsylvania
Wilbert, Robert Private D, 153 Infantry Mabello Pennsylvania
Wilcox, G. H. Private G, 7 Cavalry Hastings Pennsylvania
Will, N. B. Private F, 61 Bradshaw Pennsylvania
Will, T. Private F, 142 Ithaca Pennsylvania
Williams, D. K. Private F, 105 Infantry Republican Cy Pennsylvania
Williams, Geo D. Private F, 51 Shelton Pennsylvania
Williams, H. A. Private M 20 Cavalry Fremont Pennsylvania
Williams, J. O. Private E, 143 Infantry Ashland Pennsylvania
Williams, R. A. Private F, 184 Stratton Pennsylvania
Williams, Robert B. Private E, 111 Vol Hastings Pennsylvania
Williams, Thomas W. Private A, 16 Cavalry Taylor Pennsylvania
Williamson, John Private G, 55 Omaha Pennsylvania
Wilson, Byron L. Private A, 137 Table Rock Pennsylvania
Wilson, Joseph D. Private H, 7 Cavalry Tobias Pennsylvania
Wilson, S. J. Private F, 22 Cavalry Long Pine Pennsylvania
Wilson, Samuel Private K, 16 Cavalry Beatrice Pennsylvania
Wilson, W. L. Adjutant 146 Infantry Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Wilt, J. A. Private G, 87 Infantry Kearney Pennsylvania
Winchester, R. Private D, 111 Cambridge Pennsylvania
Wingenfield, Adam Private I, 101 Infantry Akron Pennsylvania
Witters, George Private H, 208 Hildreth Pennsylvania
Witters, J. M. Corporal H, 208 Infantry Gibbon Pennsylvania
Wood, Abijah N. Private C, 83 Infantry Lincoln Pennsylvania
Woodbridge, Joseph Private L, 112 Artillery Virginia Pennsylvania
Woodruff, G. W. Private I, 51 Infantry Weeping Wtr Pennsylvania
Worthington, Wm Private B, 104 Infantry David City Pennsylvania
Wright, Henry Private C, 155 Infantry Nebraska City Pennsylvania
Yokem, Phillip Private K, 150 Infantry Lexington Pennsylvania
Zeigler, T. E. Private H, 143 Infantry Edgar Pennsylvania
Zentmyer, Miles Corporal C, 125 Infantry Schuyler Pennsylvania
Zentmyer, Miles Lieutenant F, 77 Infantry Schuyler Pennsylvania
Zimmerman, A. T. Private B, 184 Infantry Gibbon Pennsylvania

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