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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Tennessee Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Balinger, Peter Sergeant E, 6 Liberty Tennessee
Baxter, Daniel Private K, 40 Infantry Ansley Tennessee
Beeler, J. A. Private C, 8 Liberty Tennessee
Beeler, J. W. Private C, 1 Infantry Blue Springs Tennessee
Broyles, I. U. Private I, 4 Infantry Kimball Tennessee
Bryon, David Private C, 12 Reserve Grand Island Tennessee
Bunden, Henry Private B, 17 Infantry Pleasant Hill Tennessee
Burker, T. B. Private B, 50 Grand Island Tennessee
Button, W. T. Private A, 1 Artillery Bloomington Tennessee
Callihan, Samuel Private F, 21 Cavalry Grand Island Tennessee
Cameron, J. D. Private F, 4 Cavalry Cambridge Tennessee
Cameron, James H. Private B, 1 Infantry Wahoo Tennessee
Clevinger, William Private C, 8 Cavalry Auburn Tennessee
Conklin, James I. Brig Genl   Niobrara Tennessee
Creech, W. J. Private A, 1 Infantry St. Paul Tennessee
Davis, J. W. Sergeant A, 7 Infantry Macon Tennessee
Derryberry, J. H. Private D, 10 Whittier Tennessee
Dodge, Orim Private C, 3 Infantry Omaha Tennessee
Elkins, C. P. Private F, 3 Infantry Omaha Tennessee
Emmert, G. W. Private F, 4 Infantry Grand Island Tennessee
Franklin, Joseph T. Private G, 8 Minden Tennessee
Galloway, J. K. Private I, 8 Cavalry Auburn Tennessee
Gardner, Lobe Private K, 101 Lincoln Tennessee
Gentry, J. M. Private G, 6 Infantry Norman Tennessee
Goff, C. W. Mich Dept   Kearney Tennessee
Hammond, A. Major I, 1 Cavalry Indianola Tennessee
Hardman, W. L.     Cushing Tennessee
Harlman, Marshall Private L, 1 Cavalry Virginia Tennessee
Hillard, James R. Corporal I, 13 Cavalry Oconee Tennessee
Hilton, W. J. Private H, Cavalry Dorchester Tennessee
Humell, Fred F. Sergeant D, 1 Infantry Wahoo Tennessee
Jordan, Cicero Private I, 4 Mtd Infantry Nebraska City Tennessee
Klepper, R. Private A, 14 Infantry Devizes, Kan Tennessee
Latture, David Sergeant A, 9 Cavalry Raymond Tennessee
Price, Allen Sergeant F, 10 Infantry Seward Tennessee
Rector, Franklin Private E, 8 Infantry Craig Tennessee
Robinson, A. R. Private H, 9 Cavalry Liberty Tennessee
Simmons, I. P. D. Private I, 1 Wymore Tennessee
Simpson, John Sergeant B, 5 Cavalry Florence Tennessee
Simpson, John Captain I, 4 Infantry Florence Tennessee
Spoerry, Henry T. Private H, 13 Cavalry Columbus Tennessee
Sterns, John Private G, 4 Burchard Tennessee
Taylor, I. L. Private B, 4 New Castle Tennessee
Thomas, George W. Private M, 9 Cavalry Hampton Tennessee
Thomas, J. B. Private C, 1 Liberty Tennessee
Walker, J. B. Private 7 Cavalry Sidney Tennessee
Wallace, J. Private H, 1 E Trenton Tennessee
White, John M. Private T, 10 Cavalry South Auburn Tennessee
White, W. J. Corporal G, 4 Pawnee City Tennessee
Willhait, Emanuel Lieutenant F, 2 Infantry Round Valley Tennessee
Young, A. J.   K, 9 Cavalry Firth Tennessee
Young, James K. Private K, 11 Infantry Orafino Tennessee

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