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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Vermont Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Aaron, M. M. Private D, 4 Roca Vermont
Austin, Richard H. Private C, 13 Infantry Ogalalla Vermont
Bates, B. W. Private H, 14 Infantry Nehawka Vermont
Bates, C. L. Private A, 1 H Artillery Adams Vermont
Bigelow, R. C. Private C, 15 Infantry Ulysses Vermont
Black, W. A. Private C, 14 West Point Vermont
Bridges, John C. Private D, 5 Talmage Vermont
Cannan, O. S. Private A, 14 Lyons Vermont
Carpenter, S. B. Private F, 11 Daykin Vermont
Cassavant, J. B. Private D, 10 Infantry Ponca Vermont
Churchill, E. R. Private H, 1 Cavalry Kearney Vermont
Clark, Fred H. Private E, 9 Infantry Stockham Vermont
Cochran, W. O. Private K Wolbach Vermont
Collins, J. S. 2 Sergeant 3 Light Artillery Wahoo Vermont
Collins, J. S. 2 Sergeant E, 13 Vol Wahoo Vermont
Covey, Silas B. Private I, 4 Infantry Octavia Vermont
Crawford, Stephen O. Sergeant A, 13 Infantry Wahoo Vermont
Cushman, C. F. Private C, 8 Infantry David City Vermont
Cutts, F. M. Sergeant H, 5 Lincoln Vermont
Damon, Hiram Private A, 3 Meadow Grove Vermont
Davis, Henry Private H, 1 Infantry Syracuse Vermont
Deoss, Henry Corporal C, 3 Infantry Holbrook Vermont
Dickinson, N. P. Private F, 1 Cavalry Wood River Vermont
Dimmick, W. C. Private B, 13 Creston Vermont
Dodge, Geo O. Corporal G, 7 Infantry North Bend Vermont
Dodge, U. P. Private C, 16 North Bend Vermont
Drake, Orin Private K, 2 Infantry Franklin Vermont
Dwyer, Chester L. 1 Sergeant C, 1 Cavalry Johnstown Vermont
Eugene, W. Private E, 4 Beaver City Vermont
Folsom, E. P. Corporal H, 6 Infantry Ashland Vermont
Frye, W. K. Private H, 11 Infantry Grand Island Vermont
Fuller, B. H. Captain B, 3 Pawnee City Vermont
Gage, A. Private A, 14 Infantry St Paul Vermont
Gage, I. P. Corporal B, 3 Vol Infantry Fremont Vermont
Gage, W. C.     St. Paul Vermont
Gillette, N. N. Private I, 5 Creighton Vermont
Goodwin, Wm C. Private A, 1 Cavalry Dannebrog Vermont
Gray, Richard Asst Surgeon 21 Vol Infantry Ashland Vermont
Hall, C. L. Corporal E, 1 Cavalry Burbank Vermont
Hall, W. D. Corporal M, 11 Infantry Sargent Vermont
Harrington, Enos Wagoner B, 14 Lincoln Vermont
Haskins, Royal Private B, 13 Infantry Pierce Vermont
Hatch, M. T. 2 Lieutenant L, 3 Infantry Pierce Vermont
Jacobs, Frank Private K, 6 Infantry Syracuse Vermont
Jepson, Joel Private A, 4 Infantry Ragan Vermont
Keller, J. L. Private K, 2 Neligh Vermont
Kendall, W. W. Private A, 4 Infantry St Paul Vermont
Lyndon, George Private E, 2 College View Vermont
Marsh, Dan P. Private M, 1 Cavalry Omaha Vermont
McClenithan, A. Private A, 4 Infantry St Paul Vermont
Monger, S. F. Private F, 9 Holstein Vermont
Montague, H. R. Musician H, 2 Infantry Oxford Vermont
Moultrop, D. C. Private I, 12 Infantry Blair Vermont
Nettle, August Private I, 16 Infantry St Paul Vermont
Newton, J. H. Private H, 11 Infantry Shelton Vermont
Nownss, Charles Bugler C, 1 Cavalry Papillion Vermont
Nye, C. F. Captain C, 18 Burchard Vermont
Parris, Foster J. Private B, 14 Benedict Vermont
Peck, J. H. Sergeant H, 8 Infantry Humphrey Vermont
Persons, F. D. Sergeant G, 6 Infantry Central City Vermont
Plant, Peter Private D, 11 Artillery Grand Island Vermont
Pollard, M. H. Private 3 Lt Bat Nehawka Vermont
Prouty, Henry H. Captain B, 2 Vol Infantry Kimball Vermont
Reed, Charles J. Private 14 and 15 Infantry Verdigre Vermont
Richards, L. D. Private I and K, 17 Inf Fremont Vermont
Robinson, C. C. Private F, 8 Infantry Underwood Vermont
Rogers, Benjamin Private I, 1 Cavalry Hebron Vermont
Rogers, N. C. Private B, 15 Infantry Minden Vermont
Root, Calvin H. Private E, 4 Cavalry Aten Vermont
Root, Frank W. Private K, 10 Aten Vermont
Scott, C. H. Private Scout Columbus Vermont
Shatzell, H. A. Scout 1 Cavalry South Omaha Vermont
Sibley, William T. Lieutenant I, 6 and C, 1 Humphrey Vermont
Slater, William Sergeant I, 2 Plattsmouth Vermont
Small, H. L. 2 Lieutenant C, 1 Omaha Vermont
Smith, W. H. Lieutenant I, 17 Infantry Kearney Vermont
Stephens, H. W. Private C, 1 Cavalry Ragan Vermont
Stowe, W. S. Private 1 Cavalry Stanton Vermont
Stratton, H. C. Corporal 2 Light Artillery Hayes Centre Vermont
Taylor, A. W. Sergeant 1 Cavalry Wayne Vermont
Voody, J. S. Private G, 3 North Platte Vermont
Whipple, E. J. Private A, 1 Cavalry Ashland Vermont
Whitman, S. B. Private E, 2 Infantry Hastings Vermont
Whittier, J. J. Private A, 6 Infantry Kearney Vermont
Wolcott, Sidney E. Corporal A, 1 Cavalry Inavale Vermont
Wyman, C. M. Private E, 5 Clearwater Vermont
Young, G. S. Private E, 8 Genoa Vermont
Young, N. J. Private E, 6 Genoa Vermont

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