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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Virginia Enlistees

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Antill, John L. Private K, 6 Infantry Lincoln Virginia
Blanchard, F. F. Private E, 2 Gibbon Virginia
Burke, Abdon L. Sergeant T, 13 Inf Mex War Arapahoe Virginia
Cartwright, George T. Private A, 2 Cavalry Lebanon Virginia
Chipps, John Corporal A, 1 Cavalry North Loup Virginia
Dice, T. M. Private G, 10 Vol Utica Virginia
Edwards, H. H. Private E, 45 Infantry Syracuse Virginia
Garrison, George Private A, 3 Walworth Virginia
Gatten, R. Private C, 2 Cavalry Blue Springs Virginia
Grimes, J. W. Private A, 2 Cavalry Beatrice Virginia
Hermen, R. B. Scout F, 7 Tekamah Virginia
Loop, M. W. Private A Hull Virginia
McCoy, W. P. Private D, 1 Artillery Tecumseh Virginia
Perkins, John S. Private O, 6 Maywood Virginia
Perry, A. Private E, 8 Infantry Hastings Virginia
Rakes, W. J. Private B, 42 Union Virginia
Spindler, A. J. Private B, 17 Infantry Turner Virginia
Stanley, J. C. Private B, 2 Cavalry Kearney Virginia
Stausberry, Henry Private K, 14 Infantry Phoenix Virginia
Stephens, John Private A, 4 Infantry Arapahoe Virginia
Stilliams, J. C. Private M, 6 Cavalry Panama Virginia
Sykes, Tracy P. Sergeant E, 4 Hasings Virginia
Trussell, J. W. Private A, 42 Infantry Benedict Virginia
White, Jas. C. Sergeant F, 10 Cavalry Abby Virginia
Wilson, N. P.   I, 33 Infantry Johnson Virginia

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