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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Wisconsin Enlistees A - M

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Adams, C. E. Private 5 Artillery Superior Wisconsin
Aimers, Robert Private G, 3 Hayes Centre Wisconsin
Albert, Henry W. Private F, 1 H Artillery Weissert Wisconsin
Albrecht, Roberts Sergeant K, 45 Infantry Bruning Wisconsin
Alden, C. A. Private C, 21 Infantry Papillion Wisconsin
Alexander, C. D. Private I, 19 Cavalry Tamora Wisconsin
Alexandria, G. W. Sergeant G, 42 Infantry Milligan Wisconsin
Allen, T. S. Private F, 13 Infantry Johnstown Wisconsin
Ames, L. L. Private E, 8 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Anderson, Charles Chaplain C, 46 Infantry Sidney Wisconsin
Anderson, James Private B, 15 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Anderson, James Private E, 31 Infantry Hampton Wisconsin
Andrew, John W. Sergeant N, 44 Infantry Geneva Wisconsin
Andrew, John W. Private N, 7 Infantry Geneva Wisconsin
Antles, Harrison H. Private C Stanton Wisconsin
Anyan, William Sergeant B, 1 Artillery Grand Island Wisconsin
Archer, Edward D. Private C, 2 Infantry Bee Wisconsin
Armstrong, M. E. Private H, 49 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Arnold, H. T. Private B, 35 Osceola Wisconsin
Ashley, Byron Private I, 19 Lexington Wisconsin
Ashton, Ben Private 1 Heavy Art Creighton Wisconsin
  Private E, 14 Infantry Shelton Wisconsin
Atkinson, Alexander Lieutenant A, Infantry Omaha Wisconsin
Austin, J. A. Private A, 13 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Austin, Wm M. Private I, 12 Battalion Ponca Wisconsin
Ayres, Caleb Private E, 5 Infantry North Loup Wisconsin
Backhaus, Henry Private H, 51 Atkinson Wisconsin
Bailey, C. W. Private K, 5 Berwyn Wisconsin
Bailey, David Private A, 53 Berwyn Wisconsin
Bailey, J. J. Private H, 16 Berwyn Wisconsin
Bailey, Jerome A. Private H, 33 Infantry Guide Rock Wisconsin
Baker, William O. Private K, 41 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Balderg, C. F. Private I, 48 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Bangs, Samuel Private G, 12 Beatrice Wisconsin
Barber, Thomas   13 Light Art Benedict Wisconsin
Barger, Winslow H. Corporal L, 1 Cavalry Hebron Wisconsin
Barjmann, Augus Private B, 26 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Barnes, C. F. Private I, 5 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Barnes, C. W. Private 5 Battalion Kearney Wisconsin
Barnes, James B. Sergeant D, 38 Infantry Loretto Wisconsin
Bartlett, H. C. Corporal H, 1 Holdrege Wisconsin
Bassel, Carter Private B, 43 Tekamah Wisconsin
Bassett, Charles H. Captain E, 16 Infantry Geneva Wisconsin
Bateman, Thomas Captain L, I, Infantry Watts Wisconsin
Beach, Henry L. Private M, 1 Artillery Newport Wisconsin
Beacher, David Private E, 47 Lexington Wisconsin
Bean, B. L. Private A, 33 Infantry Tekamah Wisconsin
Bean, John J. Private 37 Scotia Wisconsin
Bean, W. N. Corporal A, 33 Tekamah Wisconsin
Bean, W. T. Private G, 46 Infantry Eustis Wisconsin
Bearss, Sylvester Private G, 25 Infantry Glenwood Prk Wisconsin
Beckwith, L. Private 6 Light Artillery Burwell Wisconsin
Beely, John Lieutenant H, 6 Infantry Gordon Wisconsin
Beers, Elon G. Lieutenant H, 3 Infantry Strang Wisconsin
Beldin, Ira F. Corporal 22 and 3 Infantry Harbine Wisconsin
Beldine, G. T. Sergeant D, 22 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Bell, William Private G, 2 Cavalry Hebron Wisconsin
Benedict, G. W. Private 6 Artillery Overton Wisconsin
Bennett, Morrill Private H, 49 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Bennett, Turner Private A, 33 Tekamah Wisconsin
Bennett, William A. Private H, 8 Vol Endicott Wisconsin
Berkley, Alfred Private L, 3 Cavalry Alexandria Wisconsin
Berkley, Hugh Private G, 29 Infantry Alexandria Wisconsin
Berrell, John Private C, 9 Infantry Columbus Wisconsin
Bicker, Herman Private A, 3 Infantry Chapman Wisconsin
Biehle, Fred Private K, 32 Infantry Stanton Wisconsin
Bigsby, William Private D, 3 Cavalry Harrisburg Wisconsin
Birdsall, Benj Private D, 27 Infantry   Wisconsin
Birken, W. J. Private C, 12 Infantry Leigh Wisconsin
Bishop, O. E. Private C, 39 Infantry Blue Springs Wisconsin
Bishop, Thomas Private H, 33 Pleasant Dale Wisconsin
Bissett, Amos Sergeant I, 44 Infantry Tamora Wisconsin
Bitney, Eli Corporal E, 8 Infantry Neligh Wisconsin
Black, James Private H, 21 Infantry Ord Wisconsin
Blake, J. S. Sergeant Maj B, 2 Cavalry Omaha Wisconsin
Blakesley, Peter Private A, 50 Infantry Syracuse Wisconsin
Blanchard, E. L. Captain E, 3 Infantry Crete Wisconsin
Blankenbiller, George Private A, 4 Artillery Roseland Wisconsin
Bliss, A. K. Corporal C, 20 Vol Redington Wisconsin
Bliss, D. C. Private G, 2 Cavalry Minden Wisconsin
Blitzkie, Charles Private A, 18 Turner Wisconsin
Blivin, James H. Private E, 5 So Sioux City Wisconsin
Bloom, J. K. P. Private D, 38 Infantry Creston Wisconsin
Bodien, Theodore Private B, 27 Infantry Orleans Wisconsin
Bond, Robert Private E, 12 Indianola Wisconsin
Bond, Sam W. Lieutenant 2 Omaha Wisconsin
Bonner, Louis C. Sergeant E, Cavalry Imperial Wisconsin
Boughton, A. S. Private A, 49 Vol Indianola Wisconsin
Bowen, E. F. Private F, 24 South Omaha Wisconsin
Bowerman, H. Private B, 7 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Bowman, Calvin Private 3 Cavalry Orleans Wisconsin
Bownson, Eli Private L, Cavalry Alexandria Wisconsin
Boyer, George Private I, 26 Infantry West Point Wisconsin
Boyle, John H. Sergeant I, 4 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Braasch, C. W. Private B, 26 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Bradford, D. G. Fifer E, 36 Wilcox Wisconsin
Bradt, A. V. 2 Lieutenant G, 48 Infantry Ord Wisconsin
Bray, Norris M. Corporal B, 18 Infantry Farmers Vally Wisconsin
Brayton, James H. Private G, 4 Cavalry Amhurst Wisconsin
Breon, Jonas Private K, 16 Infantry   Wisconsin
Bridge, Robert Corporal H, 13 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Brink, A. L. Private 3 Light Art Wilsonville Wisconsin
Brock, J. N. Private G, 47 Infantry Bromfield Wisconsin
Bromley, A. Private E, 25 Infantry Shelton Wisconsin
Brown, Crawford Private I, 1 Artillery Douglas Wisconsin
Brown, George Lieutenant K, 12 Scottville Wisconsin
Brown, George L. Private C, 7 Infantry David City Wisconsin
Brown, H. A. Private H, 49 Brock Wisconsin
Brown, Henry S. Private H, 1 Light Art Culbertson Wisconsin
Brown, J. H. Private C, 20 Infantry Minden Wisconsin
Brown, James Private K, 2 Emerson Wisconsin
Brown, M. L. Sergeant 25 Infantry Osburn Wisconsin
Brown, S. L., Sr. Chaplain 7 Infantry David City Wisconsin
Brown, W. L. Private A, 3 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Brownlow, Joseph Private C, 49 Infantry Deloit Wisconsin
Bruce, John Private A, 32 Infantry Superior Wisconsin
Brunk, K. 1 Lieutenant E, 9 I T V Hickman Wisconsin
Bryan, Peter Private F, 7 Jackson Wisconsin
Bryant, D. Z. Private C, 37 Infantry Crete Wisconsin
Bucanon, David Private F, 27 Infantry Ord Wisconsin
Bullis, Gerome Private I, 38 Vol Redington Wisconsin
Bullock, Alfred Private F, 16 Infantry So Sioux City Wisconsin
Bunce, Edgar H. Private 10 Battery Hubbell Wisconsin
Burdick, J. Corporal I, 49 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Burke, Abdon L. 1 Lieutenant H, 3 Infantry Arapahoe Wisconsin
Burke, Martin Private K, 27 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Burmell, Gursham Private I, 38 Infantry Burwell Wisconsin
Burnett, Sidney D. Private I, 4 Cavalry Bayard Wisconsin
Burtt, George H. Private D, 27 Infantry Kearney Wisconsin
Burtt, George H. Private D, 27 Infantry Amhurst Wisconsin
Buss, Aug Private H, 6 Norfolk Wisconsin
Buss, John Sergeant B, 23 Hardy Wisconsin
Buswell, E. M. Private C, 39 Beatrice Wisconsin
Cadwell, D. W. Private E, 3 Cavalry Osceola Wisconsin
Caley, L. C. Private B, 43 Filley Wisconsin
Calkins, N. O. 1 Lieutenant D, 33 Vol Infantry Kimball Wisconsin
Cameron, J. H. Private C, 2 Infantry Herman Wisconsin
Cameron, Peter Private F, 7 Infantry Tekamah Wisconsin
Campbell, Benjamin Private F, 28 Cordova Wisconsin
Campbell, Eli B. Private D, 36 Infantry Ponca Wisconsin
Campbell, Geo D. Private M, 2 Silver Ridge Wisconsin
Camun, James M. Captain H, 41 Vol Valentine Wisconsin
Carby, Nat Private A, 14 Neligh Wisconsin
Carlile, Andrew Private E, 4 Emerson Wisconsin
Carpenter, David Private G, 46 Infantry Palmyra Wisconsin
Carpenter, H. N. Sergeant G, 41 Infantry Syracuse Wisconsin
Cary, W. H. Wagoner I, Infantry Sidney Wisconsin
Cassman, William Private I, 36 Cavalry Holmer Wisconsin
Castle, L. G. Private A, 4 Infantry Seward Wisconsin
Caty, Joseph Private I, 44 Cambridge Wisconsin
Chafee, Jarvil Private I, 46 Infantry Stockham Wisconsin
Chandler, Curtis Private H, 7 Infantry Orleans Wisconsin
Chaney, John L. Private C, 18 Infantry Bromfield Wisconsin
Cheeber, F. M. Private G, 47 Infantry Valparaiso Wisconsin
Cheever, J. Q. Private E, 47 Infantry Valparaiso Wisconsin
Cherry, William Sergeant H, 25 Stromsburg Wisconsin
Childes, H . H. Captain E, 49 Infantry Talmage Wisconsin
Childress, Charles Private C, 36 Bostwick Wisconsin
Chisholm, William Private I, 20 Infantry Bromfield Wisconsin
Church, J. M. Private H, 11 Cavalry So Sioux City Wisconsin
Churchill, G. W. Lieutenant I, 12 Infantry Clay Center Wisconsin
Clark, J. B. Sergeant G, 19 Cavalry Schuyler Wisconsin
Clarke, F. M. Private G, 81 Cavalry Hastings Wisconsin
Clarno, Valentine Private C, 31 Infantry Doniphan Wisconsin
Clements, John Private E, 50 Lyons Wisconsin
Close, John A. Corporal B, 33 Infantry Arlington Wisconsin
Clute, L. Private H, Cavalry Arapahoe Wisconsin
Cluxton, S. Private H, 8 Omaha Wisconsin
Coats, H. J. Private 5 Bat Pleasant Hill Wisconsin
Cobb, Amasa General   Lincoln Wisconsin
Cobb, C. C. Private C, 28 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Cochran, W. Chaplain 6 Vol Omaha Wisconsin
Cohoon, L. H. Sergeant C & A 19 Stromsburg Wisconsin
Coker, John Private A, 3 Sutherland Wisconsin
Colby, H. N. Private I, 7 Infantry North Loup Wisconsin
Combs, N. E. Private G, 22 Cavalry Tobias Wisconsin
Comstock, W. H. Private E, 2 Cavalry Wescott Wisconsin
Condon, Clinton B. Private B, 18 Infantry Hampton Wisconsin
Connelly, Jas Private K, 4 Cavalry Warnerville Wisconsin
Conner, John Private B, 33 Danbury Wisconsin
Conoley, D. R. Private E, 49 Infantry Bloomington Wisconsin
Cook, A. R. Private I, 23 Walnut Grove Wisconsin
Cook, G. F. Private M, 1 Cavalry Amelia Wisconsin
Cook, H. T. Private C, 32 Gibbon Wisconsin
Cooley, Rufus Chaplain 47 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Cope, James A. Private E, 12 Burchard Wisconsin
Copsey, Edward D. Private 8 Infantry Henderson Wisconsin
Corbin, A. M. Private G, 31 Infantry Champion Wisconsin
Corey, A. G. Private I, 44 Infantry Fairfield Wisconsin
Corman, L. A. Sergeant M, 2 Cavalry Nebraska City Wisconsin
Cornell, Byron Private G, 30 Rushville Wisconsin
Cornell, D. Private 3 Battery Elyria Wisconsin
Cornell, Leroy Private G, 30 Rushville Wisconsin
Cotton, Melvin E. Corporal F, 29 Infantry Lodgepole Wisconsin
Couch, ---- Drum Major 20 Omaha Wisconsin
Cox, Fred Corporal D, 37 Infantry Long Pine Wisconsin
Coyle, Peter Private B, 10 Infantry Wayne Wisconsin
Crabtree, J. S. Private D, 42 Myrtle Wisconsin
Cramer, C. D. Sergeant D, 36 Indianola Wisconsin
Cramer, I. W. Private G, 30 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Crandall, E. E. Private I, 18 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Crandall, L. A. Lieutenant F, 47 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Crandall, W. P. Private C, 52 Infantry Ord Wisconsin
Crawford, John Private I, 29 Chappell Wisconsin
Cronin, Timothy Private K, 23 Spaulding Wisconsin
Cronk, J. A. Private C, 3 Cavalry Page Wisconsin
Crook, John Corporal C, 12 Infantry Meadow Grove Wisconsin
Crook, Thomas Private F, 2 Cavalry Bassett Wisconsin
Crook, W. T. Private F, 43 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Crooks, D. B. Private B, 49 Infantry Kearney Wisconsin
Crooks, William Private I, 46 Infantry Stockham Wisconsin
Crossett, Elisha Private A, 2 Cavalry Bloomington Wisconsin
Crouse, Walter R. Private H, 46 Infantry Newport Wisconsin
Crow, F. W.     Lincoln Wisconsin
Crow, Henry W. Private D, 13 Infantry Rushville Wisconsin
Crow, O. H. Private G, 40 Fullerton Wisconsin
Crowley, Jeremiah Private C, 47 Cavalry Friend Wisconsin
Culver, D. L. Private A, 49 Infantry Boone Wisconsin
Culver, Jasper Private K, 1 & A, 21 Charleston Wisconsin
Cutler, W. H. Private H, 8 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Damero, John Private L, 1 Artillery Phoenix Wisconsin
Danforth, C. A. 1 Sergeant D, 43 Infantry Norden Wisconsin
Darnell, S. M. Corporal A, 25 Infantry Brainard Wisconsin
Davis, Henry E. Private I, 47 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Davis, J. C. Private F, 3 Infantry Ruby Wisconsin
Davis, James A. Private E, 36 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Day, S. F. Private I, 17 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Dean, L. M. Private E, 50 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Dearborn, G. R. Captain D, 7 Infantry Wilsonville Wisconsin
DeCondes, Lou Corporal K, 16 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Dedermann, Frederick Private C, 53 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Densan, Wm H. Private B, 18 Infantry Carns Wisconsin
Dibble, H. Private   Hoag Wisconsin
Diffenback, Philip Private L, 1 Cavalry Duncan Wisconsin
Dingman, J. L. Corporal B, 16 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Dodge, J. D. Private G, 1 Heavy Artillery Hebron Wisconsin
Dolphin, John Private 30 Infantry Halistown Wisconsin
Doly, F. J. Private C, 46 Infantry Wolworth Wisconsin
Dominick, Fredr'k W. Private I, 1 Cavalry Stanton Wisconsin
Dorr, P. Private Ind Pd Co Vol Omaha Wisconsin
Douglas, G. M. Corporal E, 25 Infantry Palmer Wisconsin
Dresser, Albert Private K, 1 Cavalry Albion Wisconsin
Driesback, Alfred Private K, 42 Infantry Stockham Wisconsin
Dungan, W. W. Private B, 5 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Dunkin, J. G. Private H & A, 5 Infantry Nelson Wisconsin
Dunning, Charles Private B, 29 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Dye, G. E. Private H, 28 Infantry Nemaha City Wisconsin
Eager, Amos Private D, 7 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Eastman, S. D. Musician C, 23 Lincoln Wisconsin
Eastwood, John Private C, 30 Mission Creek Wisconsin
Edums, T. R. Private H, 11 Stamford Wisconsin
Edwards, Lewis B. Private D, 33 Infantry Franklin Wisconsin
Elders, William Private I, 25 Infantry Ft. Calhoun Wisconsin
Ellee, Frank Private B, 11 Infantry Leigh Wisconsin
Elliott, Wm Private 15 Vol Omaha Wisconsin
Ellis, D. W. Private H, 49 Curtis Wisconsin
Ellsworth, E. Private 3 Cavalry Violet Wisconsin
Ely, Daniel Private 5 Bat Sutton Wisconsin
Emmerson, Isaac Private C, 38 Infantry Broken Bow Wisconsin
Engelbrecht, Ludwig Private B, 6 Infantry Crowell Wisconsin
Eppler, E. J. Private B, 26 Infantry Hadar Wisconsin
Evans, Charles Sergeant D, 42 Infantry Meadow Grove Wisconsin
Evans, I. D. Sergeant E, 49 Infantry Stockham Wisconsin
Evans, J. E.   L, 1 Cavalry North Platte Wisconsin
Evans, Justice Private C, 42 Lyons Wisconsin
Everest, David 1 Lieutenant D, 13 Infantry Unadilla Wisconsin
Ewer, W. H. Sergeant K, 24 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Fancher, E. D. Private D Lincoln Wisconsin
Farnsworth, J. B. Major 4 Cavalry Springview Wisconsin
Feathers, P. W. Private K, 22 Infantry Adams Wisconsin
Federick, Dominick Private F, 5 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Fenster, Charles Private C, 12 Infantry Hampton Wisconsin
Fernan, J. H. Private B, 45 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Field, E. P. Private H, 6 Infantry Aurora Wisconsin
Fields, Jesse Private A, 2 Cavalry Tilden Wisconsin
Fight, John Private A Plattsmouth Wisconsin
Fish, Henry Private C, 20 Riverton Wisconsin
Fish, John Corporal C, 20 Infantry Riverton Wisconsin
Fish, P. G. Private H, 1 Cavalry Marquette Wisconsin
Fish, W. J. Private D, 21 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Fisher, Laban Corporal F, 32 Infantry Imperial Wisconsin
Fisk, P. S. Private E, 42 Infantry Wakefield Wisconsin
Fitzgerald, J. L. Corporal C, 43 Infantry Lanham Wisconsin
Fleming, Frank Private 31 T N M Columbus Wisconsin
Force, Zebulon Private A, 1 Artillery Elwood Wisconsin
Ford, F. Private E, 31 Infantry Deloit Wisconsin
Francisco, D. M. Private C, 20 Infantry Inland Wisconsin
Frank, J. S. Private F, 18 Infantry Hartwell Wisconsin
Frey, Adam Private B, 45 Infantry Long Pine Wisconsin
Fritz, F. Private F, 29 Adams Wisconsin
Fross, S. N. Corporal G, 49 Infantry Bromfield Wisconsin
Fuller, A. W. Private A, 18 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Furguson, John Sailor Monitor Wis Squad Omaha Wisconsin
Gainforth, Thomas Private G, 44 Holdrege Wisconsin
Galbraith, F. H. Private F, 37 Infantry Albion Wisconsin
Gallatin, B. Private K, 2 Infantry Omaha Wisconsin
Gano, James Private K, 32 Infantry Byron Wisconsin
Garner, John A. Sergeant C, 25 Infantry Petersburg Wisconsin
Garner, John W. Private F, 7 Infantry Petersburg Wisconsin
Garner, W. J. Private F, 7 Infantry Petersburg Wisconsin
Gasch, Moritz Private G, 27 Infantry Juniata Wisconsin
Gates, J. H. Private A, 40 Juniata Wisconsin
Geib, A. C. Private 8 Light Artillery Adams Wisconsin
Geisinger, Felix Private C, 24 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Gens, William Corporal G, 9 Infantry Sappa Wisconsin
George, Dan Private K, 46 Lushton Wisconsin
George, William Private D, 5 Battery Lushton Wisconsin
Geragan, Patrick Private A, 19 Infantry O'Neill Wisconsin
Gerecke, H. Private C, 16 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Giersdorf, Joseph Private F, 27 Belgrade Wisconsin
Gifford, Ed Corporal I, 45 Infantry Cowles Wisconsin
Gilbert, George Private 13 Light Artillery Benedict Wisconsin
Gillam, J. W. Private C, 7 Infantry Germantown Wisconsin
Gilman, Byron Corporal C, 20 Redington Wisconsin
Gilman, Carl Private A, 43 Freeport Wisconsin
Gilman, Platt   I, 39 Infantry North Platte Wisconsin
Gion, Frank Private F, 35 Infantry Marquette Wisconsin
Given, Samuel Private 11 Bat Bertrand Wisconsin
Gleason, A. S. Private G, 1 Cavalry Utica Wisconsin
Gleason, S. N. Private G, 18 Cavalry Utica Wisconsin
Godding, J. T. Private B, 10 Infantry Beaver Crossg Wisconsin
Goodman, Thomas Private 6 Light Artillery Tecumseh Wisconsin
Goodshaw, F. J. Private E, 51 Infantry Ord Wisconsin
Gorton, W. L. Private D, 12 Battery Lincoln Wisconsin
Graham, E. T. Captain I, 42 Infantry Creston Wisconsin
Grandy, Levi Private D, 31 Fairbury Wisconsin
Grant, Robert Private F, 13 Lincoln Wisconsin
Grass, N. Private I, 28 Infantry Page Wisconsin
Grasser, Ferdinand Private C, 8 Lyons Wisconsin
Gray, A. H. Private H, 33 Infantry Litchfield Wisconsin
Gray, Chas A. Private I, 17 Infantry Meadow Grove Wisconsin
Gray, George Private H, 51 Hancock Wisconsin
Greeley, Peter Private A, 1 Infantry Phoenix Wisconsin
Green, Charles R. Sergeant G, 1 Cavalry Meadow Grove Wisconsin
Green, M. W. Private E, 1 Cavalry North Loup Wisconsin
Green, Peter Private Battery 6 Harvard Wisconsin
Green, W. J. Sergeant D, 39 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Green, Willet H.   1 Cavalry Harrison Wisconsin
Greenfield, C. Sergeant D, 37 Ashland Wisconsin
Greenfield, D. W. Private I, 7 Scotia Wisconsin
Gregg, R. G. Private E, 48 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Gregory, N. Sergeant F, 43 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Gregory, Stephen   D, Infantry Whitman Wisconsin
Griffin, Ed P. Private G, 8 Lyons Wisconsin
Griffin, William Private B, 23 Infantry Newman Grove Wisconsin
Grover, Asher Private F, 31 Infantry Valley Wisconsin
Gumsey, C. G. Private F, 1 Cavalry Neligh Wisconsin
Gunn, Albert Private I, 1 Artillery Maywood Wisconsin
Haace, John A. Sergeant H, 50 Infantry Amherst Wisconsin
Haas, Jacob Private I, 41 Infantry Wakefield Wisconsin
Hagerman, C. E. Private 1 Artillery Ainsworth Wisconsin
Hake, J. A. Sergeant I, 11 Infantry Omaha Wisconsin
Hale, John Private C, 2 Cavalry Edgar Wisconsin
Haley, B. Private I, 31 Infantry Holbrook Wisconsin
Hall, Alpheus Private D, 3 Infantry Johnstown Wisconsin
Hall, Joseph Captain E, 4 Cavalry Tekamah Wisconsin
Hall, T. E. Private H, 3 Lyons Wisconsin
Haller, Samuel G. Private 9 Bat, Lt Art Blair Wisconsin
Haller, Theo Private 9 Bat Lt Art Blair Wisconsin
Halley, William Private B, 4 Cavalry Grand Island Wisconsin
Halverson, John Private I, 5 Infantry Culbertson Wisconsin
Halverson, Peter Private 4 Battery Juniata Wisconsin
Hammond, Harrison Private C, 41 Infantry Plainview Wisconsin
Hammond, James Sergeant K, 44 Infantry Lexington Wisconsin
Hammond, W. B. Private A, 38 Morrefield Wisconsin
Handy, Lee Private H, 5 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Hannah, G. A. Private K, 48 Stratton Wisconsin
Hanscock, Elijah Corporal E, 19 Beaver City Wisconsin
Hansen, Paul Private F, 29 Infantry Wood River Wisconsin
Hanson, W. K. Private 4 Artillery Bloomington Wisconsin
Harding, James A. Private 8 Lt Bat Doniphan Wisconsin
Hardy, E. J. Private D, 66 Infantry Eagle Wisconsin
Hare, C. H. Corporal I, 13 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Harper, H. A. Private G, 13 Infantry Springbank Wisconsin
Harper, L. Private G, 13 Allen Wisconsin
Harris, C. L. Colonel 11 Omaha Wisconsin
Harris, N. A. Private D, 47 Infantry Lutes Wisconsin
Harrison, William Private C, 43 Infantry Verona Wisconsin
Hart, David Private K, 13 Axtell Wisconsin
Hart, J. D. Private C, 16 Lyons Wisconsin
Hart, J. M. Private D, 38 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Hart, R. S. Private B, 10 Lyons Wisconsin
Hartwell, S. A. Lieutenant I, 28 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Harvey, Henry Corporal M, 4 Cavalry Harbine Wisconsin
Harvey, R. D. Private D, 13 Cavalry Utica Wisconsin
Haskins, E. R. Private F, 11 Creighton Wisconsin
Hawes, W. A. Private F, 3 Cavalry Orleans Wisconsin
Healey, Edward Lieutenant C, 1 Cavalry Pleasant Dale Wisconsin
Healey, T. A. Private M, 1 Milford Wisconsin
Healy, Frank M. Private I, 31 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Heath, James W. Private 12 Battery So Sioux City Wisconsin
Heath, N. A. Corporal A, 7 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Hedges, A. D. Corporal A, 6 Infantry Steele City Wisconsin
Helleck, W. H. Private E, 43 Infantry Stamford Wisconsin
Henderson, Edward Private B, 4 Cavalry Grand Island Wisconsin
Henderson, John W. Private E, 47 Infantry Blair Wisconsin
Henry, Isaac Sergeant E, 12 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Henry, R. H. 1 Lieutenant H, 42 Columbus Wisconsin
Herron, John W. Sergeant K, 1 H Artillery Fairbury Wisconsin
Hibbard, L. Private G, 18 Juniata Wisconsin
Hickman, David Private D Watts Wisconsin
Higby, Edwin Private G, 28 Infantry Decatur Wisconsin
Hildreth, C. O. Private C, 28 Cavalry Bee Wisconsin
Hill, J. G. Private G, 43 Infantry Minden Wisconsin
Hill, James Private I, 3 Rogers Wisconsin
Hill, Lester B. Private C, 44 Mason City Wisconsin
Hill, Lewis Private 6 Infantry Palmer Wisconsin
Hill, Stephen Private G, 42 Gordon Wisconsin
Hilton, John Private K, 29 Bloomfield Wisconsin
Hine, Lorenzo Private H, 43 Infantry Lexington Wisconsin
Hodges, John Private I, 28 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Hogue, John T. Corporal B, 8 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Hohlfield, Carl R. Corporal B, 9 Infantry Holstein Wisconsin
Holcomb, J. J. Private 13 Lt Artillery Hebron Wisconsin
Holden, J. G. Private K, 13 Central City Wisconsin
Hollingshead, John Private A, 19 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Hollingshead, William Private I, 3 Monroe Wisconsin
Hollister, Brad N. Private C, 13 Lincoln Wisconsin
Holloran, John J. Private B, 19 Inman Wisconsin
Holmer, H. Private G, 30 Creighton Wisconsin
Holmes, Charles A. Captain F, 29 Infantry Tecumseh Wisconsin
Honey, John Private H, 51 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Hoover, Uriah Private C, 33 Over Wisconsin
Hopkins, James W. Private D, 49 Venango Wisconsin
Hopkins, Jeptha Sergeant C, 33 Tilden Wisconsin
Horn, Henry L. Private A, 48 Cordova Wisconsin
Horn, Julius R. Private B, 13 Bladen Wisconsin
Horner, Wm Private H, 5 Infantry Lexington Wisconsin
Hoskins, A. Captain H, 46 Infantry Weeping Wtr Wisconsin
Hottes, John Private K, 47 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Houghtaling, Hiram E. Private N, 10 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Howard, Thomas Private H, 7 Infantry Bromfield Wisconsin
Howe, Benj Private E, Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Hoyt, John M. Captain K, 7 Infantry Long Pine Wisconsin
Hubbard, D. W. Private G, 4 Cavalry Norman Wisconsin
Hubbell, J. A. Private B, 43 Vol Omaha Hts Wisconsin
Huddart, E. Private K, 23 Infantry Barnston Wisconsin
Hudson, Thomas Private F, 1 Infantry Dorsey Wisconsin
Huebner, August Private B, 26 Infantry Hadar Wisconsin
Huffman, Daniel Private A, 46 Oakdale Wisconsin
Hull, William H. Private K, 13 Infantry Lushton Wisconsin
Hultser, E. G. Private D, 33 Fullerton Wisconsin
Humbert, York Drum Major A, 3 Infantry Farnam Wisconsin
Humphrey, G. M. Captain C, 42 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Humphrey, James   K, 47 Western Wisconsin
Humphrey, L. Y. Private I, 47 Atkinson Wisconsin
Hunkins, H. A. Private K, 48 Beav Crossing Wisconsin
Hurlocker, Charles Private I, 20 Cavalry Tekamah Wisconsin
Hutchins, J. M. Private E, 40 Infantry Madrid Wisconsin
Hutchinson, A. W. Private A, 37 Infantry Penbrook Wisconsin
Hutchinson, J. F. Private E, 25 Midway Wisconsin
Hutchinson, Robt W. Private A, 37 Ravenna Wisconsin
Hyatt, C. W. Lieutenant D, 38 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Hyatt, J. N. Sergeant H, 31 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Hyde, George W. Private K, 1 Cavalry St Paul Wisconsin
Inman, C. F. Sergeant B Beaver City Wisconsin
Inman, E. S. Private F, 11 Beaver City Wisconsin
Irwin, B. J. Private H, 12 Infantry Elyria Wisconsin
Irwin, John Sergeant A, 17 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Jacobs, James Corporal K, 5 Turner Wisconsin
Jenkins, James Corporal K, 43 Infantry Kearney Wisconsin
Jerkins, Daniel Private 3 Schuyler Wisconsin
Jewel, Isaiah Private I, 5 Moomaw Wisconsin
Johns, Henry C. 1 Lieutenant A, 46 Infantry Burwell Wisconsin
Johnson, A. E. Private F, 1 Artillery Moline Wisconsin
Johnson, Albert E. Private D, 1 Cavalry Indianola Wisconsin
Johnson, Andrew Private A, 15 Cambridge Wisconsin
Johnson, Chester Private I, 11 Creighton Wisconsin
Johnson, John Private H, 16 Infantry Homer Wisconsin
Johnson, John W. Private E, 19 New Castle Wisconsin
Johnson, Joseph Private E, 11 Infantry Stanton Wisconsin
Johnson, M. Corporal E, 18 Infantry Lodi Wisconsin
Johnson, R. K. Corporal E & A, 5 Valparaiso Wisconsin
Johnson, Richard M. Private I, 1 Infantry Mitchell Wisconsin
Jones, B. G. Private C, 6 Creighton Wisconsin
Jones, George J. Corporal D, 49 Infantry Plattsmouth Wisconsin
Jones, Samuel Private E, 49 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Jones, T. W. Private E, 51 O'Neill Wisconsin
Jones, W. D. Private E, 27 Roca Wisconsin
Juliun, Thomas     Hutchinson Wisconsin
Julius, Henry Private C, 25 Infantry Page Wisconsin
Kaiger, William Private H, 20 Infantry Snyder Wisconsin
Kamm, Jacob Private K, 45 Eagle Wisconsin
Karten, Anton Private B & R, 51 Crete Wisconsin
Kastner, William Private D, 7 Henderson Wisconsin
Kays, John L. Private C, 25 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Keebaugh, G. W. Corporal C, 42 Infantry Rising City Wisconsin
Keebaugh, Welford Private C, 42 Infantry Rising City Wisconsin
Keepers, Hayes J. Private I, 12 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Keith, William J. Corporal K, 1 Cavalry Spring Green Wisconsin
Keller, B. H. Private C, 33 Infantry Osceola Wisconsin
Keller, William F. Private C, 1 Cavalry Trumbull Wisconsin
Kendall, S. J. Private D, 38 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Kennedy, Timothy Private D, 4 Cavalry Madison Wisconsin
Kenyon, M. J. Private G, 4 Decatur Wisconsin
Kerkendoll, Robert Private M, 4 Infantry Barneston Wisconsin
Kimbell, L. A. Private K, 4 Cavalry Howells Wisconsin
King, Geo W. Lieutenant H, 32 Infantry Broken Bow Wisconsin
King, Wm L. Private B, 4 Cavalry Grand Island Wisconsin
Kingsley, Fayette Corporal M, 1 Heavy Artillery Hebron Wisconsin
Kingston, James C B C, 18 Infantry Aurora Wisconsin
Kinnamon, A. M. Coporal F, 35 Infantry Fairbury Wisconsin
Kinnamon, James W. Sergeant F, 35 Infantry Reynolds Wisconsin
Klemp, Augar Private H, 91 Infantry Sartoria Wisconsin
Klossay, Thomas Private F, 31 Stromsburg Wisconsin
Klumb, Thomas C. Private F, 46 Infantry Farmers Valley Wisconsin
Knouse, Jacob Private 6 Infantry Winside Wisconsin
Knowes, S. E. Sergeant E, 12 Infantry Silver Creek Wisconsin
Koker, W. H. Private E, 46 Holdrege Wisconsin
Krauley, W. Private F, 29 Adams Wisconsin
Krause, Frank Corporal K, 27 Morse Bluff Wisconsin
Krause, Henry Corporal E, 3 Infantry Shickley Wisconsin
Krause, Kristian Private E, 14 Cedar Bluffs Wisconsin
Krepsbach, John Private I, 1 Cavalry Shelby Wisconsin
Kriebel, Carl Sergeant E, 10 Infantry Hooper Wisconsin
Krieger, Frank Private F, 2 Cavalry Meadow Grove Wisconsin
Kropp, Fred Private B, 11 Infantry Schuyler Wisconsin
Lafferty, William D. Corporal G, 25 Infantry Bodarc Wisconsin
Lakin, Seth H. Private E, 31 Infantry Doniphan Wisconsin
Lambrecht, Jos Private A, 45 Schuyler Wisconsin
Lamphear, A. H. Private H & A, 5 Infantry Elyria Wisconsin
Lampkins, Myers Private B, 14 Infantry Bertrand Wisconsin
Land, Joseph Private E, 3 Infantry Marquette Wisconsin
Landon, Arthur Private H, 47 Infantry Auburn Wisconsin
Landon, S. F. Private 6 Bat Lt Art Overton Wisconsin
Landon, William Corporal B, 11 Schuyler Wisconsin
Laner, John Private G, 19 Howells Wisconsin
Larkin, George W. Private B, 19 Infantry North Loup Wisconsin
Larnes, W. Private E, 2 Cavalry Ord Wisconsin
LaRue, William H. Private 6, Infantry Farnam Wisconsin
Lawrence, F. N. Private F, 24 Nebraska City Wisconsin
Lawrence, F. P. Captain F, 22 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Lawsha, Jacob Private E, 12 Infantry Seward Wisconsin
Layne, J. H. Private A, 25 Infantry Newport Wisconsin
Leake, Cyrel A. 2 Lieutenant F, 46 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Ledger, John Private 7, Battery Blanche Wisconsin
Lee, George Private C, 2 Cavalry Loup City Wisconsin
Lee, N. N. Private F, 3 Infantry Round Valley Wisconsin
Lefler, Amos Private E, 6 Infantry Exeter Wisconsin
Leglee, David Private K & D, 9 Schuyler Wisconsin
Leigh, Amos H. Private B, 1 Chappell Wisconsin
Letto, John A. Private D, 3 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Lewis, James Private B, 25 Scotia Wisconsin
Lewis, W. R. Private 5 Battery Red Cloud Wisconsin
Limbocker, G. W. Captain F, 3 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Linderman, Theo Private B, 35 Infantry Beaver Crossing Wisconsin
Lindsey, Dennis Private A, 48 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Linton, George W. Private I, 20 Infantry St Paul Wisconsin
Logan, J. H. Private C, 3 Cavalry Ponca Wisconsin
Long, Samuel Private I, 20 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Loomis, B. L. Private C, 43 Infantry Bassett Wisconsin
Lothrop, G. C. Private I, 25 Infantry St Paul Wisconsin
Louden, Stephen Private C, F H Artillery St Edwards Wisconsin
Luce, Leonard P. Captain F, 3 Cavalry Hubbell Wisconsin
Luce, Worthy Private F, 28 Infantry Tecumseh Wisconsin
Luchsinger, Fred Private K, 2 Infantry Humphrey Wisconsin
Lueschen, H. G. Corporal E, 3 Boheet Wisconsin
Luther, Martin Private H, 2 Cavalry Hooper Wisconsin
Lyon, J. H. Private G, 44 Infantry Kearney Wisconsin
Lyon, W. H. Captain A, 1 Lyons Wisconsin
Lyons, Frank W. Sergeant 132 Battalion Redington Wisconsin
Lyttle, S. B. Private 51 Neligh Wisconsin
Maddens, Robert Private B and E, 23 and 43 Campbell Wisconsin
Magill, H. H. Sergeant B, 47 Infantry Vacoma Wisconsin
Main, L. J. Private D, 23 Infantry Orleans Wisconsin
Maloy, J. S. Sergeant H, 19 Infantry Springview Wisconsin
Mandle, Theodore Private D, 27 Infantry Dodge Wisconsin
Mann, R. R. Private 8 Battery So Sioux City Wisconsin
Marking, Jacob Private C, 45 Infantry Montrose Wisconsin
Marsh, B. A. Private D, 23 Infantry Doniphan Wisconsin
Marsh, C. K. Private B, 18 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Marsh, Carrol M. Private H, 4 Cavalry Champion Wisconsin
Marsh, W. F. Private M, 2 Cavalry Lewellen Wisconsin
Marsh, W. H. Corporal D, 23 Infantry Doniphan Wisconsin
Marter, George Private C, 42 Lyons Wisconsin
Martin, Geo P. Private G, 35 Infantry Pierce Wisconsin
Martin, John Private I, 5 Infantry Grafton Wisconsin
Martin, L. B. Private C, 6 Crete Wisconsin
Martin, Presley Private B, 33 Mead Wisconsin
Marx, Fred Private H, 2 Cavalry Wisner Wisconsin
Mastic, J. C. Sergeant B, 1 Cavalry Ewing Wisconsin
Matran, H. C. Captain G, 6 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Mattes, Wm Private B, 33 Yutan Wisconsin
Mattison, Jas Private H, 16 Infantry St Edward Wisconsin
Mavis, Lewis Corporal C, 29 Infantry Stanton Wisconsin
Maxwell, George W. 1 Lieutenant 1, 12 Infantry Homer Wisconsin
McAlester, James Private A, 3 Decatur Wisconsin
McCabe, John Private H, Lt Artillery Stockville Wisconsin
McCain, W. F. Corporal F, 2 Cavalry South Omaha Wisconsin
McCann, R. H. Corporal G, 11 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
McClean, Joseph Private F, 21 Infantry Ponca Wisconsin
McClennehan, H. Musician E, 11 Infantry Chambers Wisconsin
McClintrick, H. M. Private I, 46 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
McCormick, G. W. Private A, 52 Infantry Newman Grove Wisconsin
McCoy, Patrick Sergeant H, 14 Infantry O'Neill Wisconsin
McCracken, J. W. Private D, 38 Infantry Juniata Wisconsin
McCubin, John Corporal H, 7 Infantry Ft Calhoun Wisconsin
McDonald, M. Private I, 36 Wilsonville Wisconsin
McDonnell, John Private F, 40 Infantry Fairbury Wisconsin
McGath, H. J. Private G, 3 Clarks Wisconsin
McGee, Daniel Corporal E, 17 Infantry North Platte Wisconsin
McKelvy, A. J. Private M, 1 Cavalry St Edwards Wisconsin
McKnight, Anthony E. Private R, 31 Infantry Brainard Wisconsin
McKnight, G. W. Sergeant D, 20 Infantry Brainard Wisconsin
McKnight, John T. Lieutenant B, 31 Infantry Brainard Wisconsin
McLane, James Private I, 6 Infantry Talmage Wisconsin
McManus, John   E, 28 Vol South Omaha Wisconsin
McMillen, Robert Corporal E, 30 Infantry Auburn Wisconsin
McMullen, Peter Private H, 10 Lyons Wisconsin
McWilliams, J. A. Private G, 2 Cavalry Alexandria Wisconsin
Meegan, Michael Private G, 16 Infantry Petersburg Wisconsin
Meehan, Joseph Private G, 1 Cavalry Spring Ranche Wisconsin
Megrue, C. F. Private B, 39 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Melvin, H. T. Sergeant E, 11 Infantry Marquette Wisconsin
Meracle, Lawrence Private L, 1 Artillery Republican City Wisconsin
Merges, Aster Private Cavalry Omaha Wisconsin
Messerschmidt, Ernest Private E, 2 Infantry Omaha Wisconsin
Metcalf, R. K. Private D, 8 Weeping Watr Wisconsin
Metzer, Nicholas Private I, 9 Infantry Roseland Wisconsin
Mewis, F. A. Private C and R Infantry West Point Wisconsin
Meyers, A. J. Corporal B, 49 Infantry Hay Springs Wisconsin
Meyers, C. H. Private 13 Neligh Wisconsin
Miles, John Private D, 28 Infantry Elwood Wisconsin
Miller, C. Private 51 Infantry   Wisconsin
Miller, J. S. Major 11 Omaha Wisconsin
Miller, John Private H, 1 Cavalry Archer Wisconsin
Miller, Peter Private 1 H Artillery Valley Wisconsin
Mills, B. D. Private I, 3 Cavalry Republican City Wisconsin
Milne, H. N. Sergeant E, 7 Greeley Wisconsin
Miltimore, James P. Private I, 5 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Minkner, William F. Corporal C, 4 Cavalry Wilcox Wisconsin
Misner, M. B. Captain M, 4 Cavalry Crete Wisconsin
Mitchell, Joseph Private I and B, 5 Deshler Wisconsin
Mizen, George Private I, 42 Hastings Wisconsin
Mizner, H. G. Private B, 14 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Mocket, R. H. Fife Major C, 43 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Mockett, R. H. 1 Lieutenant F, 28 Lincoln Wisconsin
Moldenhauer, W. A. Private B, 26 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Molle, Fritz Private D, 27 Infantry Snyder Wisconsin
Monahan, Robert Private B, 23 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Monroe, Samuel Private F, 16 Dorsey Wisconsin
Monroe, Wm Private A, 13 Infantry Hansen Wisconsin
Monson, Mathew Private 36 Line Grove Wisconsin
Montgomery, M. Corporal 25 Infantry Albion Wisconsin
Moore, A. C. Private A, 5 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Moore, E. Private G, 11 Infantry Palmer Wisconsin
Moore, J. B. Private K, 197 Lyons Wisconsin
Moore, J. W. Private 18 Infantry Pickrell Wisconsin
Morgan, Stephen Private H, 13 Infantry Orleans Wisconsin
Morrison, J. T. Private 7 Bat, Art Beatrice Wisconsin
Morrison, S. H. 1 Lieutenant B, 2 Infantry Nebraska City Wisconsin
Morrow, Emmett Sergeant F, 1 McCook Wisconsin
Morse, W. W. Private   Hoag Wisconsin
Morton, Francis Private D, 3 Infantry Ruby Wisconsin
Morton, Wm H. Private 22 Infantry Pierce Wisconsin
Mueller, Frederick Private G, 34 Infantry Stanton Wisconsin
Mulig, Charles F. Sergeant 1 Cavalry Waco Wisconsin
Mullen, Peter Private E, 29 Infantry Precept Wisconsin
Mumford, Jacob Private B, 23 Infantry Freeman Wisconsin
Munn, F. L. Private H, 11 Infantry Trumbull Wisconsin
Munn, F. L. Sergeant K, 40 Infantry Trumbull Wisconsin
Munsell, L. F. Lieutenant H, 8 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Muri, J. M. Private B, 3 Cavalry La Platte Wisconsin
Murley, William Private I, 16 Infantry Fairview Wisconsin
Murphy, Alexander Private E, 49 Utica Wisconsin
Murphy, James E. 1 Sergeant K, 5 Infantry Utica Wisconsin
Murray, James Captain H, 28 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Mutchie, Peter Private H, 1 Lt Artillery Lexington Wisconsin
Muth, George Private H, 22 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin

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