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1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans
Wisconsin Enlistees N - Z

Name Rank Unit 1893 Residence State Enlisted
Nash, Aaron Private K, 12 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Neely, C. Private D, 42 Vol Redington Wisconsin
Neff, Franklin Private B, 23 Infantry Hildreth Wisconsin
Neihart, S. Private D, 8 Infantry Ohiowa Wisconsin
Nelson, Henry Corporal M, 4 Cavalry Harbine Wisconsin
Nelson, Peter Sergeant B, 19 Infantry Hubbell Wisconsin
Nelson, Rasmus Sergeant K, 15 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Nelson, Thomas Private A, 22 Gordon Wisconsin
Newnhan, Howard Sergeant C, 43 Cavalry Sutton Wisconsin
Nicholas, J. H. Corporal G, 30 Lincoln Wisconsin
Nichols, John Private I, 14 Infantry Superior Wisconsin
Niles, G. W. Private 6 Battery Central City Wisconsin
Nims, John Sergeant I, 1 Cavalry Plattsmouth Wisconsin
Norman, James R. Private H, 49 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Norris, Oswald Captain G, 5 Precept Wisconsin
Norris, Oswald H. Sergeant G, 5 Infantry Weeping Watr Wisconsin
Norton, G. W. Sergeant D, 3 Weeping Watr Wisconsin
Norton, W. H. Private K, 13 St Paul Wisconsin
O'Brian, David A. Private K, 20 Pickard Wisconsin
O'Donnell, John   B, 3 Infantry Bazile Mills Wisconsin
O'Harra, D. J. Private F, 3 Cavalry Spaulding Wisconsin
Ogden, Chester Private G, 33 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Oles, Wm H. Private B, 44 Greeley Wisconsin
Olin, Thomas Private 8 Bat Light Art Tilden Wisconsin
Olson, Oluff Corporal I, 8 Infantry Chloe Wisconsin
Orr, Wm L. Private D, 33 Strickland Wisconsin
Orvis, Orel E. Private D, 1 Omaha Wisconsin
Osborn, Felix Private R, 22 Bower Wisconsin
Osborne, Jesse Corporal I, 43 Paxton Wisconsin
Ost, Patrick Private K, 13 Infantry Louisville Wisconsin
Ostenberg, Otto Private A, 11 Infantry Wahoo Wisconsin
Ostrander, W. P. Private E, 42 Infantry Pleasant Dale Wisconsin
Otis, Anson Private D, 16 Infantry York Wisconsin
Otterstein, Louis Corporal G, 44 Infantry West Point Wisconsin
Overturf, S. N. Sergeant 4 Cavalry Gibbon Wisconsin
Packard, J. L. Sergeant H, 27 Creighton Wisconsin
Page, J. G. Private K, 46 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Page, Levi Private C, 15 Infantry Kearney Wisconsin
Page, Stephen M. Corporal G & D, 6 Infantry Benkleman Wisconsin
Paine, H. O. Private A, 41 Infantry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Palmer, G. W. Private B, 23 Infantry Freeman Wisconsin
Palmer, R. L. Sergeant H, 36 Infantry Newman Grve Wisconsin
Palmerton, W. Sergeant D, 13 Cambridge Wisconsin
Parish, A. H. Private B, 20 Infantry Blair Wisconsin
Parish, E. R. Private H, 36 Infantry Blair Wisconsin
Parish, J. D. Corporal I, 19 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Parish, John G. Private H, 36 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Parker, F. H. Private A, 40 Oakland Wisconsin
Parker, F. H. Private K, 47 Oakland Wisconsin
Parker, Philander H. Private E, 1 Cavalry Dorsey Wisconsin
Parkyn, J. L. Private G, 20 Infantry Elwood Wisconsin
Parody, Alison   C, 2 Infantry Wisner Wisconsin
Parrish, W. M. Private F, 46 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Parrish, W. M. Private F, 46 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Parry, Henry Corporal C, 31 Infantry Mahila Wisconsin
Parsons, Emmet D. Private C, 19 Infantry Cordova Wisconsin
Patterson, Alex Private L, 1 Heavy Artillery Saronville Wisconsin
Patterson, J. Private F, 31 Infantry Central City Wisconsin
Patterson, Jonathan G. Private 33 Infantry Utica Wisconsin
Pease, William H. Private C, 6 Infantry Niobrara Wisconsin
Peck, Alpheus A. Private A, 21 Ogalalla Wisconsin
Peckham, Josuah Private F, 3 Infantry Peckham Wisconsin
Peetzke, Wm Private B, 37 Infantry Hampton Wisconsin
Pendleton, Joseph Private F, 10 Infantry Simpson Wisconsin
Pepper, Clark Bugler D & I, 3 Cavalry Mead Wisconsin
Perkins, C. G. Private F, 28 Infantry Pleasanton Wisconsin
Perkins, D. E. Corporal H, 13 Halsey Wisconsin
Perkins, Hugh Private I, 7 Infantry Pine Ridge Wisconsin
Perrine, H. Private F, 3 Wisner Wisconsin
Peterson, Hans J. Private H, 22 South Omaha Wisconsin
Petri, Henry Corporal D, 9 Infantry Germantown Wisconsin
Pettet, D. F. Private I, 35 Infantry Page Wisconsin
Pettis, Sedgwick W. Private F, 27 Infantry York Wisconsin
Pettis, Wm W. Private B, 43 Infantry Page Wisconsin
Pettit, E. F. Sergeant K, 14 Infantry Springview Wisconsin
Pettygore, N. A. Private B, 25 Oxford Wisconsin
Phettyplace, Delos Private B, 20 Atkinson Wisconsin
Phillip, C. Private F, 27 Wakefield Wisconsin
Phillips, Charles Private G, 6 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Phillips, Geo M. Private H, 12 Infantry Ponca Wisconsin
Phillips, Leonard 4 Corporal B, 34 Infantry Oak Wisconsin
Pickering, Milo Private H, 12 Dorsey Wisconsin
Pierce, Dwight Private H, 47 Infantry Norht Loup Wisconsin
Pierce, L. H. Private E, 32 Infantry Hay Springs Wisconsin
Pierce, N. D. Private A, 2 Infantry Adams Wisconsin
Pinkham, Joseph Private K, 12 Infantry Minden Wisconsin
Pittullo, James Private D, 18 Reg Vol Nora Wisconsin
Pitz, Peter Private B, 9 Infantry Plattsmouth Wisconsin
Plopper, Frank Private K, 14 Infantry Long Pine Wisconsin
Plumper, Anton Private C, 4 Infantry Staplehurst Wisconsin
Pomeroy, R. H. Private K, 1 Cavalry Ponca Wisconsin
Pomeroy, W. H. Private G, 13 Allen Wisconsin
Pomroy, J. M. Private B, 22 Lincoln Wisconsin
Pomroy, J. M. Private B, 22 Lincoln Wisconsin
Pope, B. F. Private B, 22 Cook Wisconsin
Poppert, Michael Private H, 4 Cavalry Stamford Wisconsin
Posson, Albert Z. Private F, 13 Infantry Fairmont Wisconsin
Preston, Edgar D. Private E, 36 Infantry Aurora Wisconsin
Preston, John W. Private B, 13 Infantry Ansley Wisconsin
Priestly, George Private K, 6 Infantry Pierce Wisconsin
Purinton, William F. Private 46 Infantry Utica Wisconsin
Purrintin, Chas Private E, 46 Infantry Grant Wisconsin
Pusko, Joseph Private A, 2 Cavalry Wymore Wisconsin
Putnam, C. W.   B, 49 Majors Wisconsin
Putnam, F. C. Corporal I, 1 Infantry Aurora Wisconsin
Quackenbush, R. W. Private F, 1 H Artillery Carlton Wisconsin
Queal, R. J. Private A, 11 Infantry Powell Wisconsin
Quimby, F. B. Corporal C, 7 Infantry Lexington Wisconsin
Quimby, George W. Captain B, 32 Verdigre Wisconsin
Raasch, Aug Private B, 26 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Radeke, Herman Private C, 7 Infantry Pierce Wisconsin
Ragan, John Private A, 23 Infantry Hansen Wisconsin
Randall, James M. Private I, 36 Infantry Gering Wisconsin
Randolf, Edwin Private G, 29 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Randolf, J. L. Private C, 25 Infantry Sumner Wisconsin
Randolph, Jasper Private H, 7 Infantry Wisner Wisconsin
Rasche, John Private C, 25 Infantry Decatur Wisconsin
Rashaw, O. C. Private 1 H Artillery Ord Wisconsin
Rasser, Christ Private D, 17 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Rasser, Edward Private M, 3 Cavalry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Rasser, Gottleib Private M, 3 Cavalry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Rea, D. W. Private E, 83 Infantry Elyria Wisconsin
Reaser, P. J. Private H, 43 Sumner Wisconsin
Rector, E. O. Sergeant H, 33 Infantry Columbus Wisconsin
Redd, J. M. Private H, 16 Infantry Grant Wisconsin
Redfield, J. B. Captain A, 8 Vol Omaha Wisconsin
Redford, William Sergeant F, 40 Infantry Seward Wisconsin
Redlon, N. K. Private 8 Bat, Lt Art North Loup Wisconsin
Redlon, Thos L. Private 8 Bat Rushville Wisconsin
Reed, L. Private H, 33 Infantry Madison Wisconsin
Rewey, J. L. Private C, 7 Infantry Wisner Wisconsin
Rhinehart, G. W. Private A, 23 & 35 Infantry Aurora Wisconsin
Rice, M. V. Private A, 8 Neligh Wisconsin
Richards, M. F. Private B, 39 Infantry Ponca Wisconsin
Richards, P. J. Private F, 42 Infantry Fullerton Wisconsin
Richards, T. S. Lieutenant B, 33 Moorefield Wisconsin
Richardson, John G. Private G, 47 Hay Springs Wisconsin
Richmond, C. P. Drummer B, 16 Atkinson Wisconsin
Rider, E. P. Lieutenant H, 5 Infantry Fairfield Wisconsin
Riley, Edward L. Private H, 7 Infantry Alma Wisconsin
Riss, John Private H, 2 Cavalry Grand Island Wisconsin
Ritchie, Thomas Private H, 7 Briggs Wisconsin
Ritterbush, J. Private G, 29 Infantry Nelson Wisconsin
Roberts, W. M. Private F, 39 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Robertson, J. H. Private I, 35 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Robinson, A. Private E, 21 Decatur Wisconsin
Robinson, J. S. Lieutenant D, 11 Neligh Wisconsin
Robinson, Jas H. Sergeant D, 11 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Robinson, John S. Private F, 44 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Robinson, John S. Private F, 44 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Robinson, R. T. Private D, 11 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Robinson, Robert I. Sergeant B, 25 Lincoln Wisconsin
Roe, John P. Chaplain 24, 1 Brig Omaha Wisconsin
Roeske, Charles Private 13 Lt Artillery Foster Wisconsin
Rohrbach, Fritz   F, 32 Shelton Wisconsin
Rolle, James Private K, 13 Infantry Stockham Wisconsin
Rollin, Geo Private A, 33 Creston Wisconsin
Rood, G. B. Private G, 30 Infantry North Loup Wisconsin
Rood, W. H. Private G, 37 Infantry North Loup Wisconsin
Rooney, William Private I, 20 Dickens Wisconsin
Rose, Wm Private C, 37 Infantry Albion Wisconsin
Ross, S. B. Private G, 3 Cavalry Alexandria Wisconsin
Rounds, Loren Private K, 30   Wisconsin
Rouse, Charles G. 1 Sergeant B, 33 Infantry Newman Grove Wisconsin
Rowell, John Private D, 49 Infantry Albion Wisconsin
Rowlee, H. M. Private G, 1 Cavalry Arapahoe Wisconsin
Ruby, Henry C. Private F, 3 Cavalry Ainsworth Wisconsin
Runheiner, Peter Private E, 36 Infantry Rising City Wisconsin
Rupiper, J. A. Sergeant F, 39 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Rupka, Henry Private F, 7 Hickman Wisconsin
Russell, E. B. Private D, 3 Cavalry Omaha Wisconsin
Russell, George   A, 31 Cavalry North Platte Wisconsin
Saare, H. Private G, 42 Infantry Newman Grove Wisconsin
Sabin, John Private B, 27 Infantry David City Wisconsin
Sage, L. B. Sergeant E, 3 Cavalry Exeter Wisconsin
Sampson, Sherman M. Captain I, 40 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Sampson, Sherman M. Captain I, 46 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Samson, S. W. Private 2 Lyons Wisconsin
Sanford, J. M. Corporal B, 11 Infantry Fairfield Wisconsin
Saunders, I. S. Sergeant I, 51 Infantry Greenwood Wisconsin
Sautille, C. S. Private H, 3 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Sawyer, John A. Private D, 39 Infantry Friedensau Wisconsin
Sayre, Harrison Private C, 18 Waterbury Wisconsin
Schad, Peter Private B, 9 Infantry Lindsay Wisconsin
Schmeling, Herman Private G, 18 Infantry Scribner Wisconsin
Schmidt, William Private E, 26 Infantry Plainview Wisconsin
Schneider, Conrad Private E, 9 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Schneider, Louis 1 Lieutenant G, 33 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Schneller, Simeon Private G, 24 Cordova Wisconsin
Schoolcraft, Miles Private H, 32 Troy Wisconsin
Schrader, August Private L, Bat H Art Hampton Wisconsin
Schroeder, August Corporal E, 10 Infantry Scribner Wisconsin
Schroeder, Charles Private 13 Battery Scribner Wisconsin
Scott, Ben Private D, 12 Infantry Sartoria Wisconsin
Scritsmer, R. P. Private C, 1 Artillery Lillian Wisconsin
Seam, G. W. Private K, 22 Infantry Peru Wisconsin
Seavey, J. H. Sergeant J, 31 Moorefield Wisconsin
Sellers, J. M. Private D, 11 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Severson, Carl Private A, 8 Infantry Wisner Wisconsin
Sexton, A. L. Private E, 22 Infantry Stockville Wisconsin
Seymour, Benjamin Private C, 42 Infantry York Wisconsin
Shadduck, Lester Private D, Infantry Hildreth Wisconsin
Shaley, S. A. Private F, 1 Cavalry Grand Island Wisconsin
Sharp, George Private H, 1 Elgin Wisconsin
Sharp, James Private D, 48 Elgin Wisconsin
Sharp, Peter Private H, 1 Elgin Wisconsin
Shearer, James H. Private A, 32 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Sheldon, K. W. Private A, 19 Infantry Ansley Wisconsin
Sheldon, O. H. Sergeant F, 22 Infantry Vacoma Wisconsin
Sheldon, William C. Private F, 2 Stratton Wisconsin
Shelley, S. A. Private F, 1 Cavalry York Wisconsin
Sherman, Edward Private H, 1 Cavalry Arapahoe Wisconsin
Sherman, Silas T. Private H, 13 Orchard Wisconsin
Sherwood, D. A. 1 Lieutenant E, 37 Infantry Alexandria Wisconsin
Sherwood, Daniel Corporal G, 2 Infantry Ponca Wisconsin
Shiede, August Private K, 3 Stanton Wisconsin
Shindoll, J. J. Corporal M, 4 Cavalry Endicott Wisconsin
Shrader, C. D. Private A, 41 Infantry Logan Wisconsin
Shreve, E. Private B, 12 Infantry Broken Bow Wisconsin
Siecke, C. L. Sergeant C, 16 Infantry Wisner Wisconsin
Silvermail, Geo H. Private K, 5 Gibbon Wisconsin
Simms, W. A. Private G, 8 Infantry Strang Wisconsin
Sincock, William Private A, 41 Eddy Wisconsin
Skeede, T. F. Private D, 29 Infantry Seward Wisconsin
Skinner, W. H. Private I, 46 Infantry Grant Wisconsin
Skirving, James Private K, 43 Infantry Stuart Wisconsin
Small, James Sergeant I, 20 Ashland Wisconsin
Smith, C. A. Private K, 1 Infantry Douglas Wisconsin
Smith, C. H. Q. Corporal 5 Lt Artillery Valentine Wisconsin
Smith, D. W. C. Captain B, 5 Infantry Taylor Wisconsin
Smith, Francis G. Private B, 18 Infantry Stockham Wisconsin
Smith, G. A. Private G, 1 Artillery Neligh Wisconsin
Smith, George Private D, 38 Friend Wisconsin
Smith, George Private F, 5 Infantry Long Pine Wisconsin
Smith, H. C. Private C, 48 Infantry York Wisconsin
Smith, H. N. Private E, 14 Infantry St Paul Wisconsin
Smith, J. L. Corporal A, 25 Infantry Page Wisconsin
Smith, J. P. Private I, 17 Cavalry York Wisconsin
Smith, Jas H. Private D, 38 Infantry Farnam Wisconsin
Smith, M. D. Corporal K, 16 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Smith, M. G. Private D, 36 Lyons Wisconsin
Smith, Morris D. Corporal K, 16 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Smith, N. L. D. Private B, 10 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Smith, N. L. D. Private B, 10 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Smith, Phil Private D, 45 Infantry Bellwood Wisconsin
Smith, T. Private K, 20 Infantry Beatrice Wisconsin
Smith, William Private I, 5 Infantry Burwell Wisconsin
Snell, J. D. Private F, 3 Gretna Wisconsin
Snider, Casper Private B, 31 Infantry Henderson Wisconsin
Snider, Chas H. Sergeant I, 20 Infantry Tilden Wisconsin
Snider, D. D. Corporal     Wisconsin
Snider, James A. Sergeant K, 7 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Snyder, A. C. Private G, 3 Cavalry St Paul Wisconsin
Snyder, Edward Private A, 25 Lincoln Wisconsin
Snyder, Edward Private A, 25 Lincoln Wisconsin
Snyder, J. A. Private K, 7 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Snyder, Joseph Private E, 9 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Somes, Harvey Private A, 50 Infantry Crookston Wisconsin
Sommerville, J. Private H, 1 Cavalry Riverdale Wisconsin
Soper, Lyman Private K, 10 Infantry DeWitt Wisconsin
Sorenson, Christian Private F, 28 Infantry Dannebrog Wisconsin
Southerd, E. Private G, 5 Burchard Wisconsin
Sowards, D. B. Private D, 16 Infantry Albion Wisconsin
Spear, D. J. 1 Corporal C, 18 Infantry Geneva Wisconsin
Sperry, A. D. Private I, 2 Infantry Surprise Wisconsin
Sperry, C. B. A W of Bat 4 Beatrice Wisconsin
Squire, Ephraim Private E, 3 Infantry Wheeler Wisconsin
St John, S. S. Private 12 Lt Artillery Kearney Wisconsin
Staab, L. Corporal C, 45 Infantry Leigh Wisconsin
Stafford, Hosea B. Corporal F, 33 Infantry Plainview Wisconsin
Stahl, Abraham Corporal D, Artillery Nelson Wisconsin
Staley, James Private S, 46 Orafino Wisconsin
Starkey, S. P. Private C, 22 Infantry Palmer Wisconsin
Starkweather, C. Private F, 46 Infantry St Paul Wisconsin
Statia, C. L. Sergeant C, 16 Cavalry Bancroft Wisconsin
Staut, C. S. Private G, 5 Kent Wisconsin
Stearns, O. E. Private B, 8 Infantry Fullerton Wisconsin
Steece, John E. W. Private M & B, 4 Cavalry Omaha Wisconsin
Steen, Otto Sergeant K, 15 Infantry Wahoo Wisconsin
Steenis, John Private C, E 8 Creston Wisconsin
Stenzel, A. G. Private I, 1 Heavy Art Lindsay Wisconsin
Stewart, E. Private K, 1 North Loup Wisconsin
Stewart, George Orderly K, 1 Hay Springs Wisconsin
Stickel, J. H. 1 Sergeant F, 33 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Stoelting, Fred Private K, 20 Infantry Hastings Wisconsin
Stone, William 2 Lieutenant A, 22 Infantry Schuyler Wisconsin
Stork, J. Private C, 22 Infantry Palmer Wisconsin
Storm, Peter Private K, 36 Geneva Wisconsin
Story, Soloman R. Sergeant E, 32 Story Wisconsin
Stout, Z. M. Private K, 49 Infantry Milton Wisconsin
Stover, A. J. Private Heavy Artillery Majors Wisconsin
Stowell, Marthean Private E, 15 Artillery Orleans Wisconsin
Straw, H. B. Private I, 29 Infantry Nebraska City Wisconsin
Streeter, Addison E. Private E, 1 Cavalry Alma Wisconsin
Streeter, W. H. Private E, 1 Cavalry Aurora Wisconsin
Strong, D. M. Private E, 4 Infantry North Bend Wisconsin
Strong, R. M. Lieut Col 19 Omaha Wisconsin
Suby, John L. Private A, 20 Suby, Linc Co Wisconsin
Swain, Marshall S. Private K, 5 Infantry Ewing Wisconsin
Tabor, F. H. Private A, 3 Cavalry Central City Wisconsin
Tabor, J. C. Private H, 12 Infantry Republican City Wisconsin
Tagg, T. C. Private B, 44 Waco Wisconsin
Tallmadge, H. F. Corporal A, 38 Infantry Geneva Wisconsin
Tannehill, S. B. Private H, 23 Du Bois Wisconsin
Tartsch, A. C. Private E, 1 Heavy Art Plattsmouth Wisconsin
Taylor, H. A. Private C, 20 Raville, Kan Wisconsin
Taylor, J. W. Private I, 27 Infantry Clay Center Wisconsin
Taylor, W. H. Private Vol Ashford Wisconsin
Tepur, Edwin Private D, 11 Infantry Blair Wisconsin
Terry, T. N. Private G, 20 Infantry Tilden Wisconsin
Tessier, M. Private G, 27 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Thayer, A. M. Private D, 2 O'Conner Wisconsin
Thomas, Frank Corporal D, 7 Stromsburg Wisconsin
Thomas, G. J. Private B, 1 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Thomas, J. B. Private G, 47 Hastings Wisconsin
Thomas, J. C. Private C, 37 Infantry Niobrara Wisconsin
Thomas, Steven Private K, 6 South Omaha Wisconsin
Thompson, E. H. Private M, 1 Cavalry O'Neill Wisconsin
Thompson, H. E. Corporal A, 20 Infantry Page Wisconsin
Thompson, J. L. Private G, 1 Infantry Litchfield Wisconsin
Thompson, R. M. Private B, 11 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Thorngate, Henry Corporal I, 7 Infantry North Loup Wisconsin
Thornton, Liman F. Private F, 17 Infantry Orleans Wisconsin
Thurlow, Amos Private A, 42 South Omaha Wisconsin
Tidyman, R. Private E, 3 Berwyn Wisconsin
Tinney, Stephen Private E, 16 Walnut Grove Wisconsin
Tooker, A. Corporal G, 1 Cavalry Sutton Wisconsin
Townsend, W. C. Private D, 18 Infantry Stafford Wisconsin
Trafty, Michael Private 1 Lt Artillery Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Travis, B. C. Corporal F, 47 Infantry Boelus Wisconsin
Travis, H. Private B, 42 Mars Wisconsin
Travis, John Private D, 14 Infantry Ponca Wisconsin
Travis, John H. Private I, 10 Infantry Ord Wisconsin
Tremper, S. C. Private M, 4 Friend Wisconsin
Triggs, James Private B, 9 Infantry O'Neill Wisconsin
Tripp, B. H. Private F, 7 Clyde Wisconsin
Troul, M. Private D, Artillery Dixon Wisconsin
Trowbridge, A. E. 1 Lieutenant E, 47 Diller Wisconsin
Trowbridge, F. H. Lieutenant D, 39 Neligh Wisconsin
Trowbridge, Henry Private C, 8 Neligh Wisconsin
Trowbridge, Lewis H. Corporal B, 8 Infantry Gordon Wisconsin
True, William Private K, 31 Infantry Hudson Wisconsin
Turner, G. R. Asst Surgeon 46 Blue Springs Wisconsin
Tuttle, Elijah Private A, 3 Infantry Tekamah Wisconsin
Twist, Salem Private K, 13 Infantry Over Wisconsin
Tyler, J. P. Private A, 27 Sterling Wisconsin
Vail, James Private M, 1 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Van Matre, Carah Private 5 Bat Rising City Wisconsin
Van Steenburg, Robt Private E, 2 Cavalry Macon Wisconsin
Vanhorn, J. H. Private B, 48 Infantry Osmond Wisconsin
Vanhousen, Henry Private K, 44 Infantry Hampton Wisconsin
Vanleningham, Geo Private G, 44 Nemaha Wisconsin
Vanvalkenburg Com Serg G, 3 Cavalry Odell Wisconsin
Vaughn, G. B. Private D, 38 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Verley, Benjamin Private I, 38 Infantry Burwell Wisconsin
Verley, Wm A. Private 5 Bat Burwell Wisconsin
Vincent, H. K. Private E, 33 Infantry Callaway Wisconsin
Voght, Henry Private B, 27 Stuart Wisconsin
Voigtlander, Theodore Private D, 45 Infantry Geneva Wisconsin
Vrooman, B. C. Private E, 49 Page Wisconsin
Wachter, Julius Private 2 Eagle Wisconsin
Wadsworth, H. M. Private H, 11 Infantry Palmer Wisconsin
Wagner, J. J. Private K, 47 Infantry Arapahoe Wisconsin
Wagner, John Private K, 47 Infantry Creston Wisconsin
Walker, C. R. Private D, 42 Infantry Bromfield Wisconsin
Walker, Charles Private B, 33 Elmwood Wisconsin
Wallace, James Private K, 32 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Wallace, Jas Private K, 16 Infantry Cedar Rapids Wisconsin
Walsh, Francis Private B, 3 Infantry Stockham Wisconsin
Walther, C. W. Lieutenant E, 27 Infantry Sutton Wisconsin
Warner, Adna Private H, 4 Cavalry Akron Wisconsin
Warner, Henry Private M, 2 Cavalry Grand Island Wisconsin
Warner, P. W. Private 2 Cavalry Roseland Wisconsin
Warner, Samuel Private B, 1 H Artillery Ord Wisconsin
Warren, H. H. Private D, 1 Infantry Nelson Wisconsin
Washburn, G. H. Corporal C, 25 Infantry Bromfield Wisconsin
Wasson, George W. Private I, 24 Infantry Lincoln Wisconsin
Watmore, James Private F, 2 Cavalry Shickley Wisconsin
Waugh, Washington Sergeant 8 Kent Infantry Catalpa Wisconsin
Weaver, A. R. Private B, 29 Cordova Wisconsin
Webb, James Private F, 28 Infantry Tecumseh Wisconsin
Weed, W. Private K, 8 Infantry St Edward Wisconsin
Weeks, C. E. Captain B, 7 Infantry Fairbury Wisconsin
Weiner, R. B. Private L, 1 Cavalry Omaha Wisconsin
Welken, J. D. Private I, 12 Homer Wisconsin
Welland, Wm Private G, 7 Gibbon Wisconsin
Wells, A. E. Captain C, 1 Infantry Oakland Wisconsin
Wells, Benj F. Private D, 3 Cavalry Blair Wisconsin
Wells, H. M. Private C, 35 Infantry Crete Wisconsin
Wells, L. O. Private C, 52 Infantry Superior Wisconsin
Wells, Silas S. Private G, 30 Infantry Hartwell Wisconsin
Wendorff, Ferdinand Private A, 9 Western Wisconsin
Wenk, Theodore Private H, 45 Boheet Wisconsin
Wescott, John E. Private I, 46 Infantry Wescott Wisconsin
West, Joseph E. Corporal A, 9 Rushville Wisconsin
Westcott, L. O. Private H, 22 Infantry Swanton Wisconsin
Westfall, S. Private B, 49 Atlanta Wisconsin
Weston, Byron Private C, 41 Infantry Ansley Wisconsin
Wetmore, George Corporal K, 11 Infantry Leigh Wisconsin
Wheeler, Horatio Artillery 6 Battery Grayson Wisconsin
Wheeler, J. F. Private G, 1 Artillery Ainsworth Wisconsin
White, Joseph Private E, 48 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
White, N. B. Private H, 23 Olive Wisconsin
White, Thomas H. Private   St Paul Wisconsin
White, Wellington Private 3, Lt Artillery Hutchinson Wisconsin
Whitehead, Fred Corporal C, 32 Infantry Wood River Wisconsin
Whitehead, William Corporal H, 3 Cavalry Wood River Wisconsin
Whittmore, B. G. Sergeant K, 50 Infantry Auburn Wisconsin
Wickline, S. A. Private D, 21 Infantry Nebraska City Wisconsin
Wickwire, Frank E. Private B, 21 Infantry Fremont Wisconsin
Wilde, Frederick Private D, 45 Infantry Sedlov Wisconsin
Wilhelmson, John Private E, 50 Infantry Red Cloud Wisconsin
Willard, D. B. Private B, 37 Infantry Kearney Wisconsin
Willard, W. L. Sergeant I, 3 Cavalry Grand Island Wisconsin
Willer, David Private G, 36 Allen Wisconsin
Willey, G. D. Private H, 42 Infantry Grafton Wisconsin
Willey, John T. Private J, 6 Infantry Geneva Wisconsin
Williams, Abraham Private E, 35 Infantry Bladen Wisconsin
Williams, Edwin C. Private D, 3 Lewellen Wisconsin
Willoughby, G. W. Private B, 25 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Wilson, J. M. Private C, 22 Omaha Wisconsin
Wilson, R. J. Private D, 19 Infantry Loup City Wisconsin
Wilson, W. A. Sergeant E, 25 Infantry Ashton Wisconsin
Wiltse, Merritt Private C, 3 Lyons Wisconsin
Wing, S. Private I, 35 Infantry Harvard Wisconsin
Winkler, Henry Private I, 37 Artillery Holstein Wisconsin
Winter, William Private I, 17 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Wiren, George Private I, 42 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Wiseman, F. J. Private   West Point Wisconsin
Wisner, Francis O. Private D, 8 Bayard Wisconsin
Woelflinger, George Private E, 1 H Artillery Harvard Wisconsin
Wood, Alivin Clk Coms'sary 12 Wahoo Wisconsin
Wood, Edgar Private H, 16 Pawnee City Wisconsin
Wood, George W. Private D, 2 Cavalry Johnstown Wisconsin
Wood, L. D. Private D, 3 Infantry Johnstown Wisconsin
Wood, W. H. Private F, 13 Infantry Carleton Wisconsin
Wood, Warner J. Private C, 7 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Woodhead, J. A. Private I, 33 Infantry Edgar Wisconsin
Woodland, Richard Private E, 6 Armour Wisconsin
Woodworth, C. Private D, 52 Myrtle Wisconsin
Woodworth, D. W. Private E, 1 Infantry Wakefield Wisconsin
Woodworth, W. C. Private I, 35 Infantry Exeter Wisconsin
Woolover, Geo Private I, 35 Omaha Wisconsin
Worden, Sol Private D, 35 Infantry Petersburg Wisconsin
Worrick, John Corporal 5 Battery Glenville Wisconsin
Wray, John M. Corporal F, 33 Infantry Imperial Wisconsin
Wyman, E. Lieutenant O, 19 Infantry Shelton Wisconsin
Wynand, W. J. Private C, 7 Infantry Norfolk Wisconsin
Yantz, George H. Corproal K, 1 H Artillery Fairbury Wisconsin
Young, Byron F. Private G, 20 Infantry Hebron Wisconsin
Young, Israel W. Corporal B, 13 Infantry Grand Island Wisconsin
Young, J. L. Private G, 1 Cavalry Geneva Wisconsin
Young, John Private B, 18 Vol Roseland Wisconsin
Young, Wenzel Private F, 26 Infantry Hubbell Wisconsin
Yule, H. G. Private B, 16 Omaha Wisconsin
Zimmerman, P. J. Private H, 26 Infantry Ellis Wisconsin
Zweig, William Private 1 Cavalry Waco Wisconsin

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