Farmer's Hill Cemetery

As of 9-27-1997:

The following is a listing of the actual graves found at this cemetery. Farmer's Hill is located six miles south and two and a half miles east of Chambers. At present date, it is in dire need of cleaning and repair, so maybe some graves that were not found. I have been told that there are others, but since no markers were found, they are not listed.

Gibson, Edna C. 3-17-18864-21-1890
Gibson, James H.   d. Jan. 13, 1890, age 68 yrs
Gibson, Omer
Son of James H.
 Jan 12, 1888, 16 yrs
died in the Blizzard of '88
Lowery, Pairlee
beloved child of J. and F.E. Lowery
Richardson, Edward C. 7-30-18604-30-1880
26 yr. 9 mo.
Richardson, Eliza A. 7-21-18251-2-1891
66 yrs. 5 mo. 2 days
Richardson, Joseph H. 10-18-18207-7-1890
71 yrs. 8 mo. 17 days

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