Inman Cemetery

Inman, Holt County, Nebraska

(one large stone)
Civil War:
Conger S.L.
Clark Albert
Crandall William
Frances Lopenzo
Fellows E.K.
Gope Charles
Green George
Hollowan John
Jewell Harry
Judd Phillip
ch Anothony-to small to read last name

Spain Amer War:

Smith Charles
Tumlinson Virgil
Warner Verna
Sawyer Clifford
Pesicka Louis F.
(last names are first; first row is Civil War; 2nd is WWI; third is WWII fourth is WWII; bottom of stone is Spain War)

Auten Samuel
Bittner Paul
Clark Author
Clark Eugene
Clark Roy
Heck Robert
Mossman Leo
Richardson Frederick
Roe Reynolds
Sholes Daniel
Sholes Delbert

Butterfield Gerald
Clark Norbert
Conrad George
Couch Ivan
Kausen Arden
Kisler Hubert
Lines Dale
Myer Robert
Noring Donald
Noring Harold
Noring Robert
Noring Samuel
Reimers Herman
Reimers Reinhold
Rouse Marvin
Rouse Walter
Sholes Horace
Sholes James
Sholes Richard

Leslie H. Clark b. 12/27/1908 d. 12/5/1941
George Keyes b. 8/9/1864 d. 3/26/1925
Bertha R. Clark b. 1906 d. age 4 months
Ralph J. Clark b. 5/23/1863 d. 9/28/1911 s/s Anna
Edmaund H. Clark b. 11/24/1833 d. 5/5/1916 h/o Ellen
Ellen E. Clark b. 3/24/1869 d. 4/29/1914 w/o Ed
Anna Clark b. 1868 d. 1941
Albert J. Clark b. 1834 d. 1917
Helen F. Clark b. 1848 d. 1922
Charles D. Clark b. 1901 d. 1928
John C. Lyman 2/11.1840
Nancy Lyman b. 5/18/1841 d.??
Norbert E Clark 1921-1967 military symbol
Leslie H Clark 12-27-1908 12-5-1941
Roy H Clark P.V.T US Army WWI June 28, 1894-April 16, 1985
Authur G .Clark 4-19-1894 Oct.23,1956 father
B Meridith Clark June 30, 1866-Oct.6, 1942
Eugene E Clark P.V.T US ARMY W.W.I 6-19-1896-3-3-1975
Roy H Clark 1894-1985
Mildred A Clark 1900-?
Ellias Luther Clark b;1879 NY died;1952
-Eva May Walrath Clark b.1872 NY died;1951
Elias is the son of Frost Clark;
Eva is the daughter of Jacob and Sarah wheeler Walrath of NY.
Ellen F.Clark 3-24-1869 d.4-29-1914
Bertha Clark 1906- age 4 months
Ralph J Clark 5-23-1863 d.9-28-1911 a sleep with Jesus;
Anna Clark 1868-1941 w/o Ralph
Charles D.Clark 1901-1928
Ida M Clark 1885-1956
C. CLARK 1878-1964
Anna T Clark 9-3-1902
Anna A Clark 10-27-1868 d.10-20-1902
W.E.Clark 5-24-1882 d.age 42years
Mary E.Tousley d 7-11-1879 age 33 former wife of W.E.CLARK
CIVIL War marker Albert Clark; Authur Clark. Eugene Clark. Roy Clark all have stars next to there graves
Lillian Watson 1890-1940
Elizabeth Oster Hout Clark wife of Edmund Clark ;at rest;8-15-1834-d.12-24-1905
Eugene E. Clark- 1895-1975
Ada B. Clark 1903-1976
John W .Clark 1878-19-
Clara L Clark 1865-1942
Forest F Green May 29.1919-May 29,1919 baby
F. Ferne Davis 1910-1990
Velda G. Davis 1917-1963
Chauncy D. Clark Jun 14.1854-Jan 30-1937 father
next to ; Mildred R. 3-6-1861 Feb 19 .1946 mother
Mary Ellen McKee8-20-1920 5-25-1995
Cynththia wife of Gilbert Watson 12-12-1831;d.8-14-1907
Julio W. W. and Ella Watson (to old to read rest)
Elsie Lena Keyes 1893-1981
Ruth B Keyes 1914- s/s Ermand E Keyes 1909-1978
Jean Keyes 1926-1978
George Keyes 1927-
Hazel V 1894-1954- s/s Karl L Keyes 1896-1984
William Riley 1870-1918
H. Elwin Smith 1897-1995
V. Maurene Smith 1907-1986
Elliott R Riley 1858-1938 s/s Julia Riley 1872-1950
Louis Granger Hill 8-5-1922 9-21-1957
Louis H Hill 1885-1955
Jospene Keyes 1883-1972 s/s Geo. F. Keyes 1878-1958
Lieut F. J. Butler (no dates)
John William Kay 3-10-1826 10-27-1899
Sarah Jannette w/wo J. K 5-15-1833-6-9-1913
Irving Smith 1865-1956
Margeret E Smith 1868-1947
Charle Smith 4-10-1910 4-15-1989
James Smith 1934-1935
Earl L Watson 1891-1915 s/s May Watson 1892-1922
Estella Keyes 1888-1966 s/s Floyd Keyes 1884-1963

Submitted by: Connie Lynz
(NOTE by Submitter:  all of the Clarks in Inman cemetery are all related to one another; Ellias and Eva Clarks children are buried in O'Neil and Atkinson
surnames of Banks - Keyes -Farris -Ferris; Hill; etc)

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